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T ASTE 0_F ? AC AT 10 N
But He Will Leave Beverly To
Day to Keep Speaking
Beverly. Mft"? . August 27.?President I
Taft to-day got Iii? first real taste ot j
vacation since Congress convened last j
December. He reached Beverly, had
breakf;iM with Mrs. Taft and his son,
?hartes, played eighteen holes of golf
, and to-night with Mra Taft took a
lone motor ride.
The vacation comes to a temporary
! ?r.d to-morrow, und for the next ten
days Mr. T-.ift will he In Beverly only
iU>out half of It's t'me. He will visit
several eitles to keep speaking en?
gagements made long ago.
To-morrow's trip takes the President
tu Columbus, O., where he will bo tho
central figure in that city's celebration
of its centenary as a State capital. He
Is due In Columbus nt 7:30 Thursday
morning, will breakfast with Governor
Harmon and other officials; hear iJer
man s'.ng'ng societies serenade In Capi?
tol Square, visit the Statu fair, lunch
?with tho State Board of Agriculture,
watch the races, hold a reception In
the capttol, and dine with guests of
the centennial celebration commission
at nicht.
Leaving Columbus early Friday
morning, he Is due In Boston Saturday.
Uli principal speech of the trip will
be made at the dinner.
on the tth of September the presi?
dent will open at Washington tho In
ternat'onil Congress of Applied Chem?
istry, and will hold a reception nt tho
White House that afternoon for elole
gates to the congress. Leaving Wash?
ington on the morning of tho f>th,
he will travel to New York, board the
jmeht Mayflower and steam to New
Txindon. Cohn., where on the r.th he
will address the Atlantic Deeper j
Waterways Association. From New I
London" Mr. Taft probably will return !
to Beverly on the Mayflower. For two !
weeks after his return from the New
London visit the President expects to I
I !V(i few interruptions In his vacation
; ' uisj He Is looking forward to many
days of golf and evenings of motor
oermnn Sovereign ^unerlnu Prum At
tiiek of Muscular Itlienmattnm.
Cassel, Hesse-Nassau, August 27.?
Emperor William is Suffering much
piin from the attack of muscular rheu?
matism v.l.Ich has affected him for
Fotno days
The doctors In attendance have ad?
vised Ifl? Majesty that It is necessary 1
to avoid as much as possible exposure 1
d::r:ng the prevailing bad weather
The Emperor has therefore taken strict i
precautions ng"tlnst cold and wet, as
he docs not wish anything to Interfere '
with his sprrortchlng visit to Switzer?
land to attend tho army manoeuvres
No change has been made in His
Majesty's arrangements to return to
Berlin August 'J.? for the autumn pa?
rade- of the Berlin and Potsdam gairl
The report of the Emperor's condi?
tion issue yesterday says tlie muscles
fend elands of His Majesty's heck are
causing him great pain. The affection]
began with a chili Friday, which wasj
followed by pronounced Illness.
The- patient's general condition, which
was considerably disturbed. Is now '
'.-tter. The fever has passed off and'
the Inflammation Is diminishing. Nev- |
rrtheless, the pnlns In the neck mus?
cles continue to be so great and the ,
movements of His Majesty's body are'
fco hindered that he has be-n compelled I
to cancel all parades and other e'.iga'ge
ments this week and to take a complete'
rest for some time.
J. n. Atkins. Machinist, Caught iie
neiitli llenvj l.oek-Gnle,
When he w-as caught beneath a
heavy lock-gate! yesterday afternoor
about 4 o'clock while at work at
Twenty-i-lirhth and Dock Streets, J, li
Atkins, a machinist of Rlfj Decattlr I
Street; South Iti.hg-edid. received lh
Jurlcs which fejlin.tcd ?t Ma death a!
ft v hours lat. r-. "
Atkins was employed by j, -p. Nuck
r,:. a contractor, and was engaged In
repairing one of the- pates of tlie City
Dock In some unknown manner one
of the heavy pieces fell, eatcbjlig him
benSath; H<- mis Quickly drncced out
!?;. fellow-workmen. Dr, H. A, Bul?
lock. Cite Hospital ambulance surgeon,
responded to an emergency call, lie at
once saw that tho man was danger?
ously Injured, and rushed him to th.?
Virginia Hospital Ho died last night
about 8:30 o'clock.
Operate on sir. Soberer To-Morrow,
7t has been determined to operate
on Luther L Scherer. general claim
ngehi of the Chesapeake and 'duo
Hallway, at Johnston-Willis Hospital
tb-morrow; Mr S h- rer'.? Impatleno
to be up and out has hastened the
eiperation. wtilch K for gallStom
Phvsie|:,r!f do noi hi lit vo the results
Will be serious.
"Berry's for Clothes'
Tho styles that are going Inj
Now York.
English models with raglan
sleeves of Scotch mixtures,an?
other in regular sleeves andl
notched collar.
Othors waterproofed, in ox-,
lord, tan and olive.
Special styles with short belts
and big patch pockets, Gnbar
dine and London dusters.
For the chauffeur also thei
cor rect outfit.
New York style less the New
York profits.
Come and 6ee.
rir?i Itcglmcnt -\\ in Da iiuttlc With
Pierre llrilskltih.
Arrangements were made last r.Tcht i
for a desperate battle. Including A
nicht attack at Forest Hill l'ark
Thursday night. The various lodges of
Hod Men in the city, will unlto In their
annual, outing Thursday, nnd a com?
mittee has Invited Company F. of the I
First Regiment, to furnish the spec- j
tacular features at nicht.
H Is planned to capture some el'.ai
blc palefarcs and burn them at the
Stake, Including appropriate tortures I
There will be an attack on tho camp
and some sh'jotine. Captain A. B. j
Cousins arranged with th-- committee
last night who Is lo be killed.
STOItM I \ T 11. TO 'PI I It EE.
tle\elmid Visited by fierce t.nle nt
w lad ami llatii.
Cleveland, t thlb, August 27.?Throe
people lost their lives during a terrliic
wind and rain storm thnt swept over
the city yesterday. Virgil Bellows,
twenty-tpree. one of a party aboard
the yacht Bed Head, was knocked over?
board by a sv. inglng boom and drown?
ed. Michael Shor, forty years old. was]
struck down In his bedroom by .1 bi It
of lightning as he closed a window,
.lehn M?lnlx, slxty-s'.x. was killed by
llchtnltig on Ills way to work.
Trees were blown down and much
property less suffered.
stnte Official Reported I? Serious Con?
dition nt C'barlottcsvtlle.
Dr. Allen w. Freeman. Assistant
S'tnto Health Commission. :, was oper?
ated on for appendicitis Monday nigh I
at the Jefferson Hospital. Charlottes
vllle. He stood the operation well, and
was reported last evening as improv?
II is recognised, however, that hi:
condition Is serious for there are com.
plications which will require draining
Of the wound.
nine,, Besame nriils.
Th? R|chhipnd Blues Have resumed
drills, under orders from M.ilor Bowles
Company A put on uniforms last ni^ht
and went through th? manual of arms.
?inj Me I? Incorrigible,
C t. Ooodllff. a ulnc-feen-ycar-old
youth, was arrested yesterday by Pro?
bation OfllcersPoltlaux and Whehlton
nt ib.- request of his mother on tho
rharge of being Incorrigible. He was
locked up at the First P.dice .Station.
Ilnbttlerx s|1;t,|K,.,.|n^.
\ touring tiarty. f..rty stronc from
[Indianapolis, Ind.. ram.- to Richmond
j last evening from Washington, and
will Spend, to-day sltrhtsec-tna. The
party, which Is at Murphy's will leave
on the boat to-night for Norfolk.
f,cor?re I Indsev Here.
Oeore.- Idndsey, fer yenrs journal
I clerk of the House of Delegates and
ti?iv commissioner of the revenue for
IMstrict No. i of Norfolk County, was
In the city yesterday making hit set?
tlement with the Auditor of Public Ac.
I counts.
Slicr'fT Knap Plcnl? Host.
Sheriff I/. H. Kemp, of lle.-!"i County
will take n partv of t?tw?on -!>.-v nnd 10
menibera from the Bunds? school o! Mont
rnie Presbyterian ' hiirrh to Forest HI'
umnoi t at ww o> i '.'wi
A perfect Tooth Wash and a *afe and
efficient antiseptic for sore mouths. For?
mulated by the eminent
This wash v.ill rlo for your mouth ant)
teeth what no other preparation can. It
is highly recommended .md has st-y.J the
test (Ol 40 Years.
At Reliable Dealers.
25c, 50c and $1.01.
The Power Behind (he Dnu^h?
* WU
Unequalled in leavening quality?makes lightt t, most
wholesome and delicious biscuits, cakes and p...;:ry.
X/A lb. 5c.? '.; lb. 10c?1 lb. 20c.
All good Grocer I nil it or will tfrt it for jou.
Another Trial for W. C. Nichols
May Be Demanded by
State Department.
"Washington. August 2T.?Tho State.
Pepartment. It was learned to-day. Is
preparing to mako representatives to
the Mexican government to bring about
a now trial for W. C. Nichols, an
American convicted of murder at Tnni
plco. Nichols was sentenced to eight
years Imprisonment for killing a man
responsibility for whose death Is nald
to have been confessed by a Mexican
Tho department has taken up the mat?
ter at the Instance of American Consul
Miller, at Tamplco, who reported that
tho trial of Nichols was In violation ol
all the rules und Justice of Mexican
The Mexican alleged to have com?
mitted tho murder! whose name is un?
known to tho Slate Department, Is de?
clared to have publicly admitted the
crime. Dater It Is reported ho ap?
peared In court and gave testimony
In the case and he has not been ar?
Nichols was empowered to p.rrest the
man who was killed?Cevallos by
name. By the consul's report, Cevallos
was n desperado, and 11 Is stated that
charges were pending against liltn III
almost every city In the vicinity. Th? i
Information from Consul Miller regard- ]
ing Nichols's conviction which came to
the Statb Department did nut give
Nichols's official status further than to ?
state that ho hnd authority to make
the arrest of the man who was killed.'
It is believed hero that the Mexican
government will be called upon by ,
the United States to sec that Nichols
receives a retrial, and that all tho |
evldenco in the ease is given due con- j
slderation by the court. Tho State j
Department's Information regarding'
the trial was that evidence In the ac- '
..us.d American's favor apparently was]
utterly disregarded.
Itoonevclt Lenders Asked tu Stove Into
Independent Column,
Topeka, Kan., August HI.?Tuft fol?
lowers won in the Republican State ,
party council here lb-day when a res?
olution wus adopted. 4u to ill in tho
committee asking the itoosevclt lead- ]
era to resign from the Republican
ticket and move Into the Independent
column for the general election. Wti- j
Ham Allen \\ litte, national trjommit- '
tooman for thi Progressive party In
Kansas, announced tnls action meant
practically a third party State ticket ;
tor KnnFil!_,_
nkes Look nt New Prlxon ond *>rea
Heavy Main.
Governor Mann, with the members of j
he board of directors ?*f the State j
enltentlary, except l? D. Behcrer, paid ;
v isit to the State Prison farm in '
oochlnnd County yesterday, some
ivorlng rains have put the crops then
i fair condition. au<i the Governor
xpressed himself as pleased with the ,
ondltlon of things.
The personal appeals of prisoners,
eretoforo a feature of these visits
re no lontr.r permitted.
A new prison Is being built at the
arm. 40 by 203 feet, deslirned to ac
ommodate 250 convicts. It Is of coi|
rete. The trip of Inspection over the
laco was broken Into by a heaw rain
tiring tho afternoon.
Italian t lub to Hear Candidates
Candidates for the Administrative
Board will address the Italian Club of
Btohmond nt a meeting to hp held t?
nicht .In Fraternity Hall The club
which has now enrolled nearlv all the
Italian-Americana of the city, num?
bering nearly gpn voters, experts to
have a meeting of the same success at
thai of a month ago. when the candi?
dates for Congress spoke.
MUm KlUabeih It. Spnldlng.
Ashland. Va , August 27.?Miss Kliaa
beth Rebecca spnldlng died at 3
o'clock this morning in the home of
Miss Marlon W. Fisher, nfter a week's
llllie-l She IS survived by several
SiSteis, among them Miss Frances
- Ildliifi ef Ashland The remains
will lie taken to Norfolk on Wednes?
day morning, and the Interme-nt will
be made there.
I'firecaaii Virginia?Pair Wetlnfsdnj
and probablj rhuradayi warmer
l hursdM).
.North and South i srollna?Generali]
fair \\ eduesduy and Tburaday,
Special Local Data for Yrstcrdnj.
1 u noon temperature. jo
2 p. .\l temrierature. 75
Alaxlnium temperature up to 3
P..M. &;
Mliiliiium t< mperature up to &
Mean ti mperature. gjj
1 IXcess Iii ti mperatui i
in tempt ratur..- since
in deficiency in temperature
ifall last twentv-four hours...
ClOlicy Iii rainfall since March
im. u.:i.ci. ncy in rainfall Hinte
rnl iiliHcrvntltin s p. >|. Vrsterdi
Vinq. direction.Northeast
? ? '
>il last twelve hours.f. .02
? 't ? i' :,i ICflstern standard rime. >
' la .? 'Hier. II.T. D.T. Weather
i :loudy
}'. clOtld
1-, f lout!
< 'b a r
Bit ,ir
< b.udy
Ciea r
t 'Polity
?I t N I \ I I III
I Ulli? . . .
Here is the SCHEDULE and ITINERARY of the Special
Train of Four Steel Sleepers, Two Diners and One Baggage Car,
with which the
Will Make Their Four-Day Tour of
North and South Carolina
Town. Arrive. . Leave. Stop. Running Time
F? , p\ RICHMOND. 12:30 A. M.
irSt UaV Rocky Mount . 7:00 A. M. 9:00 A. M 2h. F.om
M, J Wilson. 9:35 A. M. 10:00 A. M. 25m. To..
rtnriAV Washington.11:45 A* M. 12:10 P. M. 25m
UllUciy Newbcrn . 1:20 P.M. 2:10 P. Mj 50m
. 1 (L Kinston. 3:J<> P. M. 3:50 P. M. 30m
^ept. I U GoMslx.ro. 4:30 P. M 5:30 P. M lh.
Washington.11:45 A. M. 12:10 1'. M. 25m. lh. 45m.
Newbern . 1:20 I'. M. 2:10 P. M. 50m. lh. 10m.
lh. 10m.
Raleigh . 7 15 I". M. Night lh. 45m.
Raleigh. 5:00 A. M.
Fayetteville. 8:00 A. M u:50 A. M lh. 50m. From
Max ton.11:00 A. M 11:15 A. M 15 m. to lh. 10m.
Bennettsville.11:55 A. M. 12:2.5 I'. M. 30m. 40m.
Darlington. 1:15 I'. M. 1:44 1'. M. 30m. 50m.
Florence. 2:15 P. M. 2:55 P. M. 40m. 31m.
Sumter. 4:05 P. M. 4:55 P. M. 50m. lh. 10m.
Columbia. 6:25 P. M Night lh. 30m.
Columbia. 5:00 A. M.
Newberry. 7:00 A. M. 9:00 A. M. 2h. From
Clinton..". 9:50 A. M. 19:10 A. M 20m. To_50m.
Laurehs.10:35 A. M. 10 55 A. Mi 20m. 25m.
Greenville .12 15 P. M. 1:15 P. M. lh. lh. 20m.
Spartariburg. 2:30 P. M. 3:1(5 P. M. 50m. lh. 15m.
Gastonia . 5:40 P M. 5:55 P. M 15m. 50m.
Charlotte. 6:30 P. M. Night 35m.
Charlotte. 5:00 A. M.
balisburv. 6:30 A. M 9:25 A. M 2h. 55m. From
High Point .10:25 A. Nl 10:50 A. M. 25m. To . lh
KJm. 25 m.
Second Day
Sept. 1 7
Third Day
C , 1 Q Spartariburg. 2:30 P. M.
Oept. I O Gaffncy. 4:05 P. M. 4:20 I'. M. 15m
1 Iilack4mrg . 4:35 1'. M 4:50 P. M. 15m
Fourth Day
1 hursday l}:i.- ?
Sept. 19
Durham. 1:30 P. M. 2:30 P. M. lh. lh. 45m.
Henderson. 4:05 I*. M. 4:15 P. M. lOrh. lh. J5m.
RK'UMiJND. 7:40 P. M. March iu Auditorium 3h. 25m.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
? itiancock. Va.. August '.'7.?Samuel
J. Lambdcn, the only Mexican War!
veteran on the Shore, died to-day at I
the horn.- of his daughter. Mr.?. Frank I
A. West, of Infirmities Incident to old!
a?e. having phased his eighty-seventh,
birthday August ;. Mr. I.ambden was I
born mar Pocotnoke City. Md., arid
was a page In the Maryland Senate I
for a number of years. He was on at
visit to relatives nt Fort Worth. Texas.
when war was declared with Mexi.i
He enlisted and Served through tio
whole war1 Hi !? . General Zachary I
Taylor. i
Always faithful to the memory "f
his cominander, no had a plcturt of I
the general hung In h'n bed-room.
Mr. Lambden ? tarried Miss Sallle M< ? -
rill, and aftei her death her sister,
Miss Mary Merrill, both of Pocomoke
City. After the death of his second
wife he spent his time traveling In
the West for thirty years. It was his
at Folks Slim
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it.i Him.>!on Kith Puiti
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exercises; no starvation diet: no
sweating garments', ho pills, oils,
cathartics, salts no medicines of any
kind. I lost 11 enormous weight In a
-?hurt time and have never been steint
since. Over two hundred thousand
vrrateftil customers proclaim my treat?
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time fat men and women rejoice nt
the reduction iny treatment gave
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m> FHKK Ii M.k containing all par
ill. iilars and |n| me send you all I offe
?I Mi until. II VMII.TOX.
Suite 103 lit vein it. . Deliver. Col.
boast that ho had visited every StateI
In the L'nlon except three.
On one occasion he and a frlendl
Minted from s.tit i,ako city (orI
Chicago on bur roes. When they had
BfOni only a few miles their hut.
were taken from them by Indians |
TKey covered the distance if toss the
prairies on foot, with knap-sacks on
their hacks and guns on theii shoul?
ders. Mr. Lambden was an inveterate
walker. He called the distat.ee from
Ononcock to Pocomoke, thirty miles,
"a little step out." in his seventieth
year he marie the distance after dinner!
and went coon hunting that night,
returning at dawn the nimblest and I
least fatigued man In the crowd, Being
a man of some parts. hi? reminls
cencles were both interest ->g and In
strui tive.
Funeral services will be held from
his late home to-morrow, Rev. J- C.
Dunawny, of Accomac Baptist Church,
conducting the service, lt.- is sur?
vived by threi daughters, .Mrs. 1*. \.
West und M s-. Julia A. I.ambtleli, ..f
Onaiicock, and Mrs. Knima Wails, of
Wilson, .v. rj. !
Sirs. Criamond Davenport,
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Frederlcksburg. \'a.. August ?7.?
Mis. Crlsmond Oavenport, of Quantlco,
was brought to the hospital here a few
oays ago for treatment, but her con- |
dllion was such that littie relief could
be afforded and she passed away to?
day. She was a daughter Of Mr. and
Mrs. Uriah Knight, of Stafford County,
and was twenty-ono years of age. She
Is survived by her parents, her hus?
band, two brothers and seven Bisters,
The body was taken to her home in
Stafford County.
I'.nil of i)r Hatcher.
The body of Dr. W< K. Hatcher, who
died on Saturday at Fork Union, will
arrive In Richmond at 10 o'clock this
morning over the Chesapeake and Ohio
Hal.way. From the station It will lie
taken t.. the Ornce Street Haptist
Church, when- it will lie In state from
li o'clock this morning to 3 o'clock
this afternoon.
The funeral will be conducted from
the church nt -1 o'clock, and the burial
will take place in Hollywood.
Thomas .1. Moncure.
i Hpi clal to The Tlmes-Dlspatch. I
Frederlcksburg^ V?., August 27.?
lion. Thomas .1 Moncure, a member
of the Constitutional Convention and
one of Stafford County's most honored
Citizens, died to-.lay at his home In
Mali.ml County, mar tills illy, us a
result .,f nn accident, in the eightieth
y.ar of Ii 1st age. He was struck by
a runaway horse with such force that
lie lived but a short time after the
accident, He Is survived by two
broth, i s - lllc-hai d Monctirc, of near
Itlchiiioiicl; .indue l-l. C. Moncure, of
Bowling <li'iTii ? three sons?VV, A.
Moncure, of Philadelphia: State Senator
ft, C I. Moncuro, of Stafford, and Hon.
Itoblnson Moncure, of Alexandria, lie
ha.) a large family connection.
Mrs. Frances 13, l.nvrson.
I Spec-la I to The Tlmes-ntspnioh.]
Alexandria, Va., August '-'7. ? .Mrs.
Francois E, l.awson. widow of josephus
liowson, died yesterday afternoon at
the local hospital aftc-r a long illness,
i She Is survived by one son. Barton
i DaWson, this city.
Mrs, Mar? A. Tru\ern.
[Special to Tb.- Tlmes-Plspo.tc.hi]
Alexandria, V.l., AtlgUBt L'7.?Mrs.
Mary a Trav.rs. sixty-three yonrs obi.
wife of Alonzo II, Travers, died yester?
day afternoon at her home, 330 North
Henry Street. It. sides her husband she
i Is survived by eight children. The
funeral win take place at 0:30 o'clock
to-morrow morning from St. Mary's
; Catholic Church.
Vlrw. t Miln??- Kemper Gibbons.
[Special to Tin- Times-Dispatch.1
I HnrrlsonhtllK, Va.. August "7.?
Mis. I'.tnni. K?mper Glbbonn, elghty
| two years old, widow of Robert A.
I Gibbons tiled yesterday, after a stroke
I of paralysis suffered the day bofore
j Hho IcuvfH four children?Hoben .\.|
(Jlbbons, .>r HuniHunburg, William A.j
Gibbons, ?! l".t)uhoke. Mr*. Fannie V.
i.>a\ls. of Hpuhokc, anii Mrs. William
B. Vuncoy, <>t llurrisonburg. She was.
In member of tile McGaheysvlllo Metli-.
odlsi Church, Sh- belonged to the]
Kemper family and m-ni her life in]
Fast Buckingham on the ?hcnandoah]
River. The faintly Is a prominent or.t.j
D?rid Maiden;
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlap?lCh.J j
llarrlsohburg, V"a.:, Ausu?t ?Da-i
jyld Maiden, eighty-four years old. a]
former magistrate or .Stonewall Pis-!
j trlct, li deiid at Swift ltun. Rocking-;
i ham County, lie was a highly re -!
spectcd u.ii/.eii and leaves nls widow,
who was Miss Amanda Uaugher; a
brother. John T. Maiden, or Hwift j
Hun, and a sister. Mrs. Jerry Cook,
at Furnace.
Mr*. Jaule M. Payne.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.j I
I CharlbltOsVllie, Va.. August -'???-!
I Mrs. Jatilo M. Payne, wife >.f William j
IT. Payne, a local employe of the
I Chesapeake and Ohio Hallway, died
yesterday atter a distressing illness'
of tince weeks. Site was before mar
I rlage Miss .lanle M. linden, daugh- i
j ter of the late M 1 i. iiaden, of Eving-j
ton, eighteen miles south of I.ynch-|
burg. Besides h.-r husband und In
funt, she Is survived by her mother;
and one sister. Miss Mary Louisa Ha?
iden. The remains were taken to
Evingtoh for Interment.
E. A. Terry.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.] j
Charlotteavllle. Va., August 27.?11.;
A. Perry, age(j seventy-six, one of the
old. si residents Of Charlottesvllle. j
di.-d at an early hour this morning
at the home of his daughter. Mrs;
llnttie Coley. In Atlanta. Ca., follow-1
in? a stroke of paralysis. The fun-'
eral arid interment will take place In
Atlanta. Mr. Perry was a native of
Baltimore. Mr. Perry married Miss
Hat tie, Terrell, sister of N. A. Ter?
rell, of this city. She survives, with
live children- .Mrs. May .Smith, wife j
I of Rev. Bernard p. Smith, pastor of
the Christian Church at klnstoh, N*.
C.;i Mis. lluttie Coley, of Atlanta;
Eugene A. Perry, of Hot Springs;
I Ryan Perry, e.r Washington. D. C. arid
Randolph Perry, of tills city.
William Ci Shackelford, ?gel icveniy
B?v?n years, one of the most promi?
nent ph\slcians and farmers of AH'i
marie County, dim of apoplexy ..t
1 16 o'clock this morning at his home,
"bovednle," one mile fast of Stony
Point, after an Illness "f one month.
The funeral will lake place at tu
o'clock Wednesday morning from the
residence, the service to be conducted
by the itev. W. M. Forrest, D. I?.. of
the 1'nlverslty of V irginia. I i
Shncktilford Was horn at "bovedale,"
the home oi his father, ihr iat< u..
Zucharlah Shiickelford, and was edu
dated at thr University of VlrglnK
and at the University ef Pennsylvania,
receiving his degreo In medicine from
the latter Institution, lie enter, a
upon the practice of his professl n
one year before the beginning of the
Civil War. Entering the service of
the Confederacy as a private in Com?
pany K. Second Virginia Kegiment, ha
was later promoted to surgeon of his
regiment. He served under Generals
Fitshugh Lee, Wlckham and Munford
and fought under Stonewall Jackson
j In various campaigns In the Valley of
Virginia and in Pennsylvania, notably
at Chambursburg and Gettysburg.
l>r. Shackelford married Miss Sarah
1 J. (loss, daughter of the late Jntnott
j Gobs, of this county. She survives,
. With eight children ?Mrs. O. C. Shuck -
i elford ami W. C. Shackelford, Jr., of
Stony Point: Mrs. Jennie C. Far rar, of
New York; Mrs. Minnie It. Sampson,
of Campbells; Grigsby C. Shackel
ford. of Alexandria. John W., A. Col
qultl and Miss Mary A. Shackelford,
of Albemarlo.
Children Cry
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