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Back in Second Place For Few Minutes
Dodgers Defeated in Opening" Game?Cubs Also
Climb by Beating: St, Louis Cardi lais?-Phil?
lies Uverc me Boston and Pirates Kail
Before Beds.
Id-Mill* Yesterday,
Chicago, 10: St. Louis. 6.
Philadelphia, 4: Boston, l.
plttsbutgh. 3': Cincinnati, 7.
New York, i ;Urooklyn, 3,
Standing of thr ( tubs,
Club. Won. Lost. P.C.
New York. S2 3S .701
I . . . ?
Cincinnati ,
St. Louis. 63 6$ .433
Xiroohlyn . ~>\ .3.63
?Hot-ton . 05 S3 .3:97
Where 'l hr-j Pias To-pay.
:i at Philadelphia
Brooklyn at XeW York.
< Inclnnatl at Pittsburgh.
St. Louis at Chlcac
lagged I t I
lortl I r. ? homr r
trace of run* In
Brook l3*b.
AB i. H ? a
ur.tl gave u;>
h Millar's
I hi winning runs,
es in three turns
night the Dodger*
Urs' inning. Score:
New York.
AB n H O A
ra*s. II. 5 v : 1 1
S 0 .Merkle, lb a
4 1 Herzog. 3b 4
: ZMyers, c... 3
: < Pli t'< r. sc, t
0 0 tDevnre ... 0
P OtShafer ...
: rth'n. cf 4 1
Kirk'ck. 3b : e
Paubcrt, lb i 0
v heat, ? c
cutsb'wi 3b 4 :
Fisher, si.. 3 0
M?lcr. r . 5 0
Ragon, P ?? 1 ft
H?cker, p.. 0 0
ILrwin .... 0 0
Totals ...? S 6 *36 ? Total* ...? 4 10 3. 13
?Two rut When wlntng run was sroKd.
tFat:-.1 for Ragon in ninth.
titan fo.r My. rs In ninth.
sfiotted !or Turtau In ninth.
Brooklyn .8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1?3 !
N?W York.0 ft 0 ; ft 0 0 0 :?4
Pummr.ry: T<vo-ba*e hltaf-Northen. Sr.od- i
gr.,f>. Wheat, Murray. Home run?Northen. !
F?<-r:flce hit?Ml:..r. Stolen buses?Daubcrt
IS), Cutthaw, Miller; Do'.ihlc play?Fletcher
ir, Merkle. Let: on boic*?Brooklyn, 5: New
?York. S, I"!r?t l ?se en balls?Off Ragon, >5
elf Ttsreau, I, Struck out?By Ragon. 1; by!
Teerest) Hit by pitcher?By Tesreau. 3;
Vy Ragen. 1. Tin.? of game. 1.3". Umpires,
Kiim ar.d Orth. Attendance, tCWO.
Chirage. August 3Sr ? Chicago bunchc.5 hits
i-day off Harmon after Si. Luul* had
i!:< n th-- >act, ai.J won om 10 to f Schulte
lade a homo run in the flrn Inning, after
hleji Harmon pitched ::cht ball until a
nttlng bee of the locals was started in the
tth. It continued through the next two
?.nlags. netting enough run* to win. 13r
5i? by Chicago und opportun,' hits by St.
ouis gave the vls'.ors their ?core, The bat?
ing of Mages ar.d W. Smith featured.
Chicago remained the a.inr.r distance be
ir.c. New York Ir. the pennant rate, a*, the
tisdsrs won lh< ir contest at Brooklyn;
St. Louis.
AB 1! H O A
Hug Ir.s. 2b 4
Mag??, t
W. S'lth. 3b 3
Kon'hy, lb. 3
Evans, r.'.. 4
Hauif r, si. 4
Oake*, of... 3
W'.r.go. C; '.'
Rnydor, e.. 1
Harmon, p I
Woodb'n. p o
?Ellis . !
AB ?
3Sherk'd, ): 4
S 3 0 Schulte, rf 3 3
3 10 Downs, ss. I 1
; Si oZlm ar., Sb. 4 3
1 3 0l.cach. cf.. 4 3
3 0 OPriler. lb... 4 3
1 l 0 Even, 2b.. 4 l
14 0 Archer, d. t 0
0 0 0 Richie, p.. 1 0
0 1 SC. S'llh, p. 5 0
0 0 1 ?Miller .... 1 0
Total? ...3C 6 13 31 ? Total* ...35 10 33 37 13
?Batted for Wo'dburn |n ninth.
'Batted tor Richie In tlfih.
Score by Innings. R
-t. Loul*.0 0 0 3 2 0 0 0 3? G
?hicBEn .: o o o : s : o ??id
Summary! Two-base httf -\v. Smith, JJIm
nerman. Thre?-ba*? hit*?Mage* (}), Eve re,
>V. Smith. Home run*?Schulte. Beach,
rnubie play?Even to Archer to Zlmmer
min. Leit on base*?St. Louis. 7; Chicago,
j. Hite-Off Richie. S In l Inning?: off Har?
mon. i In ' Innings: off C. Smith. .', in 1
nnlr.gi; otf Woedburn, 1 In 1 Inning. Pir*t
i:. '.-....i-Or Richie, 2, off Harmon, 1.
?"truck out?By Harmon, j; by C. Smith. ;
rime of game, 130 Umpire*, r.rem.an ar.l
islcejrt, ef 4 : 3 4 0'
cage. 3b.. 4 o 0 1 1
age?. If.. 3 0 0 1 0:
lller. rf- 1 0 1 r. fl
ravatb, rf 4 1 2 3 1'
jdtrus. It ." 1 3
ODeV.ln. 1!:
See Window Display
c^VrOTOR cars
Gordon Motor Co.
The buyer who knows tt
gulotaoblleu w.ll owi. a
Car Co.
Mtu ATeoiie aud Broad Btreet,
Devlin. Three-base hit?Miller. Sacrifice j
lilts?RlXry, Dooiun. sacrlMce My?Jackson; i
6tol?h base?Cruvath. Double -..lays-Cravatn
in Luderut; Devlin 10 Purdue tu Kling, belt l
,.n bates-Phlladclphla, f; Boston, 4. First i
bat? on errors-Philadelphia. 1. First base
on balls-Off Purdue, S. Shuck out-By ,
Rix y, 7, b) Purdue. ?'? Tlm? oi same, i:.J.\
Umpire*, Rlglcr and Flnneran. i
Pittsburgh. Pa., August ?.?Batting
(.1 Tob e hard and takln? advantoso of hl?
wlldtiess ihe Beda beat Pittsburgh to-day
7 to 2. O'Toole started by Issuing three
passes*and two htia In tho Mrst. and he was
,. . a|| the way to the lliilnh. Cooper,
a Columbus recruit, pitched one Inning and
fanned iwu men. Wuguvr accepted eleven
chances and Grant twelve, both playing
suort. s-toic;
Cincinnati. Pittsburgh.
?p,, >.?. ?' i ?> i a ?Byrne, so., t o 0 o 3
5 rsan. It I 112 fj.Carey, if.. ? J 1 ? J
HoVMll fl. 3 0 I 11 aHof'an, cf. 3 0 0 I 0
Mitchell rf ? 1 2 ! 0*?onlln ? o o 0 0,
r>heian f3b 3 2?: ?Wash'r. sa t; lj 1,4 7
rtwit as S 1 5 3 ?Miller, Ib.. ? 1 1 13 0
:?*,'" a o I s Wilson', rf. 3 o 2 o o1
M'Lean." co 4 0 0? (, Butler. rb. 3 0 1 2 ?
4 0 1 0 ; Simon. C. S 0 0 5 3
O'Toole. p. 2 0 0 0 4
tHyatt ???? 1 ft 11 f' 0
I Cooper, r.. 0 0 0 n 1
Totals i..ti 7 10 17 IB Totals .. 32 2 fi 27 23
? Batted for Hofrhan In ninth.
jBatted for o Tooic in eighth,
f by Innings:
put .urgh .tJJifJ}?t:?
Cincinnati .3020001 1 0-. .
. unwary: Two-base hits -Miller Suss* .
Three-base hlt-f-wagher. Sacrifice. hlta-Hob-,
llteel (2). Mitchell. Bran. Stolen b.ifes ? |
Bescher Mitchell, aren't Double play?:
Grant to K"n ?0 HoMltsel. Left en bases
Pittsburgh, I; Cincinnati. *. First base on I
errors-^Clnclnnail. I. Illts-Off O'Toole. ?I
nnlnfts; off Soorrr. 1 In I Innlni:. First
base or. ba|l*^O*To0le, 4; off Cooper. 1.
StrU tk out -By O'Toole. 2: by Cooper. 2; by
Rucks 2. Time of came . 1:60. empires.
Will Battle at Ball Park Monday
Morning?All Amateurs
The Richmond Grays and tho Col?
legians will furnish tho morning's'
baseball entertainment locally. The
; Colts will be over In Petersburg bat
I Hing lor a pennant, while the two
' members of thc Capital City League
\ will be ou this side of the river fur
I hiahlng some reul sport. Thc game
Will begin at 10:30 o'clock.
Major Lawrence T. Price, who is also
manager of tho Grays, has issued in?
vitations to tho members of ail teams
in the Capital City League. Jn ad
dltlon all amateurs in the city, coining
to the park In uniform will be admitted
without charge.
The Collegians and Grays should put
up a classy buttle. The teams are
about evenly matched and both will
I try every known method in baseba.ll to
Labor Day Qolf,
There will be a handicap medal tour.
I nament oil Monday, Lahor Day at the
1 ountry Club of Virginia. It may be
. .. -..d morning or afternoon. The first
eighteen holes to count. Two prizes
will be given, low gross and low not.
, but, as is customary, a player cannot
iwin but one prize.
The club will send a strong team of
six men to compete in the State tour
' t.nment to be held it, Norfolk on Labor
In the Minor Leagues
At Buffalo; Buffalo; 3; Baltimore 2
hrsi game). Buffalo. s; Baltimore' I
second game).
At Toronto; Toronto, u: Providence,
(first game). Toronto. 4; Providence
1 second game).
At Rochester: Rochester, 2; New
At -Montreal: Montreal. 6; Jersey
At .-t. Paul: St. Paul, 3; Indianapo?
lis, 7.
At .Minneapolis: Minneapolis 4
.Louisville, 0 (hi.-*t game). Minneapo?
lis, s Louisville, c tsecond game):
At Kansas City; Kansas City, ?2 Co?
lumbus, 4.
At -Milwaukee: Milwaukee. 3; To?
ledo, ; (first game), Milwaukee, i;
1 oled?j 7 (second game),
I At Bristol: Bristol. 4; Morristown 2
I At Knoxvllle; Knoxvllle, 1; Asho
villi ,3.
At Cleveland': Cleveland, 2, .lohn
I sort Qlty, 4.
Chattanooga 1 Chattanooga, 4: At
I Birmingham': Birmingham. 3,
Mobile. 2.
I At N< sv Orleans: New Orleans 3;
Montgomery, 5.
? i thei game not scheduled.)
At Albany: Albany, g; Columbia. 11.
.'.t Columbui Columbus, 4. Macon. i.
At Jacksonville: Jacksonville. &; Sa
? At Charlotte: Charlotte, ; Greens
Iboro, 2 <ten Innings- darkness).
I At Wlnstoh-Salem: Wlnston-6alem,
1 G 1 Iret n\ llle,
At Anderson; Anderson, 7; Hparlan
1 bUJAi. 0.
Celebrate Return Home by
Blanking Shipbuilders, I
2 to o. I
[Sprelal to The Tlnit s-1 dspatch.]
Portatnouth. fVa., August 23.?The
Pirates celebrated their return hero
this ateruooti ?Uy winning from the
liookerltcs at Ulan.! Park In one ot
the snappiest games of the season, the
score being 3 to 0. Hobby Lowe,
scout for the Detroit Tigers, was at
tho game looking for material. The i
score: I
Newport \c?n.
ab. n. H. o. a. B.
Hates, r.b. 4 0 0 0 3 0'
Eichberger, rf. 4 0 l 3 0 0j
Hooker, et". ? o o 2 o 0|
Mattis, n. 3 o o l o
pnloy, s.s. 3 0 0 1 7 l
Lusky, c. 3 0 o :t o o|
Cartnry, 3b. 3 0 13 t
l.vuiis, lb. 3 0 0 J3 n 0
Hevahe, p. 3 0 0 0 3 0
Total.'. .30 0 2 34 l? 2
Portsiuoul b,
am. r. h, o. a. e.
Keating. ?s. -1 0 1 0 7 1
HuilKlns. lb. 4 0 1 17 0 1
Wolt.-. 3b. 4 0 1 1 2 l I
Nixon, of. 3 l l o 0 o I
Castro, 2b. 3 o o 3 o
Tltinan, If. 3 1 1 0 0 0
Garyin, c. 3 o 2 i o 0'
Mtith, rf. 2 o o 5 o
Mayer, p. 3 1 l o 6
Totals .29 3 8 27 14
Score by InnlnKs: P..
Portsmouth .0100 2 000 ?_3
Newport News .OOOOOOjOO?0
Nummary: Two-base hits?Tltman.
Stolen bares ?Nixon. Double plays?
Hates to Carney to Hvans; Castro to
11 Maitis: Walke to Castro to Hudglns.
Base on halls?off Revelle, 1. Left on
bases?Newport News, 3; Portsmouth.
4. Struck out?by nevello. 2. Time of
game, 1:18. fmplrc, Cowan. Attend?
ance, 300.
Applies for Chance in Intercity
Games?Hay Barred by
Washington. D. C, August 23.?Man?
ager King, of the M ryland Athletic
Club amateur champio of Baltimore,
[arrived In Washing to) tills afternoon,
and at a meeting of th Amateur Com?
mission to-night formally requested
mat they be udmlttc I to the inter?
city series.
Their request was not granted, as
the Baltimore club is ot governed by
a commission, and th clubs have no
central body. Mannt r King stated
thut ho Is ready to play Richmond or
Washington lit their i une tow ns, .and
to pay the entire expi ise of Iiis team.
President Young slat, t that an effort
will be made to arrant games bctwobn
the champions of the series and thc
Baltimore club. ^
Cornell und Popc?, : DW tied for thc
local title In section A played a 1 to 1
tie game tills uftornoo:. before a crowM
of 6,000 fans, Inoludln. Manager Grif?
fith, Walter Johnson, Dutch Schaofer.
-Nick Altrock, Morgan Mealier, Bngle
and several other members of the
\\ ashlngton club, and Manager Wol
verton, Hal Ciiase, Sterrett, Toi Pen
dleton. Eppa Rlxey an 1 several mem?
bers of the Yankees. rhd Pcpco Club
scored a tally in the second inning,
and Cornell made its '. me run In thc
Thompson and Bart"::, the opposing
huriers, allowed live Mis, and walked
two men.
Hays, the Battle Axe catcher, who
caught three Innings lor the State
League clue, will not be able to play
in the intercity series. Under the
rules of the commission, he 1.? not eli?
gible, and President Yo ihg, of the local
body, wrote to Vice-Presldent Dunn, of
itichmond. to that cftect to-day.
While Perryman Indulges in a Few Peaceful
Moments Roanoke Thirdsacker Skims Over
Paths With Only Count of Contist.
Resolved, That it being clearly proved that a most rabid jinx is]
now haunting the unmowed lawn resting within a fence in W est
Broad, the said unmowed lawn being the habitat of a breed of
I fledgelings, which breed for the sake of euphony, has been [
dubbed Colts, that President Boatwright, or some one with |
equal authority, do right at this moment transfer from Richmond |
all battles yet to take place between the said breed of Colts and
any other breed nurtured in the Virginia League of Professional
Baseball Clubs, to Somewhere, Anywhere, Nowhere. Everywhere,
so long as said location be as far removed as the mind of man
can grasp from the home of any thing which bear.s even a passing
resemblance to one William G oat. Roanoke. i : Richmond, o.
The above merely to explain thoO
why and wherefore of the resolution
which begins this wordy fusMlade.
Sauntering more or less meekly, rather
more, Into the shadows of the greatest
city In ull the world, nestling closer
and closer to the bosom of the placid j
Jecms and seeking solace In its timid
murmurlngs, come Buck Pre.sslcy und |
the other fellows who strive for a
moal ticket up In the Magic City. The
meekness Chatter all comes about be?
cause of the three In a row thai Stevo
(irlltln annexed during his very pleas?
ant sojourn In the mountains.
i tpected Pancj Meal.
Remembering the success of Just a
few day? ogone. Urlff had every right
|to believe?us all right-minded Indivi?
duals will agree?that the figerlets
Would prove -ather nifty feeding dur?
ing a five-game encounter. Did they
.start off doing the iaydown act. os per
card? Did they even manifest any de
|slre to see the Queen City of the
[.South top the percentage column in
Mr. Bouiright's organization? Nay,
..(the small dots stand for
I tears, gentle render), he did not. and
therefore we are again peering up?
ward, nut at the unobstructed vaulted
blue, but at Heinrich Durch and those
[ peanut vi riders of his.
I It was our old-time friend. Ichabod
irginia League
Rlcfcmoad, n: Itooaoke, i.
PcterNluiru. Norfolk. 2,
Portsmouth, ,i; Vcwport News, o.
STANDING or THE n.i ns.
Club, Won. Lost. p.c. v
Petersburg ... t I 4s .?07
Itlchniond .... 73 .|s ,i;o.|
Itomiokc . 72 -,si
Norfolk .;|
I'ortHniouth . . r,-.
Newport News. 12
Roanoke ut Richmond,
Newport \nts at Portsmouth.
Norfolk ut Petersburg,
nailing. We aro, so to speak. In the !
very shank of the season. The Goob?
ers are uncomfortably close. We had
[beaten those Tigers to a pulp in their
very lair. Wo were hopeful that Per?
ry had regained some of his former
Perryman, who was responsible, and Ijuck. And wo had all of these things)
that goes literally. Pirst. he brought I game sent to tho wilds by a bad heave
from tho clubhouse that very fuvorlto st.t astue an(i Q perfectly good ball
Jinx of bis. Second, ho heaved at John |ahd a few potions from the juice of
in such horrid fashion as to give
a certain youngster just rccontly juin
ling the lloanoko outfit from the wild
and woolly, whoso name happens to
I bo KnoaVeS, the. right to live. Third,
Slept ami dreamed peacefully, while
[th.it same. Mr Keaves?front name not
the poppy.
That 0110 run was produced. 01
rather was delivered, to the visitors
In the first half of the stretch ses?
sion, which 1? t:.. same as Saying the
seventh Inning. Mr. Kneoves, evident?
ly trying to help the game get to
given?meandered Joyously to third. | lra 8t.g?ioi,.s, dumped a pillllng roller
fourth, ho continued his snooze, while Jat the foel of thc 8llm ttnd icnBtny
[tho satrio Mr. Keaves walked majestl
illy to the pan, holding our own
? Ichabod securely in his hypnotic gaze,
land scoring the one and only count
tho entire" nine boxes. And fifth,
I that Jinx vvh'ch came from the club?
house With Ichabod kept the stalwarts
I from being even remotely tucccsslul
connecting with Hertrand Qardln'a
I put tun .slants.
(inrdln u .Nice Fellow.
Of course, we havo no bard feelings
I against Bertrand. Ho Is a perfectly
sing Individual, an 1 If wo must
I admit, it is a nice boy. still it might
[have been possible for Buck Pressley
1 pi that eight or nine million
Idollars offered for the lud several
[months ago. and tn that way dispose
)f him. There arc several reasons
I why the d.fe.it particularly
hurler. Wlthoul undue exertion. Per?
ry stopped, picked up tho pellet,
waited a moriii nl or so and then
chucked with fill his might and main
Seventh Page.)
Two Games I o-Day
Tbere will be two ball games at
llronil strrrt i?nrk this afternoon
between Roanoke mid niehmond,
the tir.st beginning m 3130 o'clock,
Griffin Isis ih practically determined
upon Ituisey anil Hurry firlHIn 11?
the iitiiutiiu sclcctlona. Now (hut
Petersburg I** h.n*k in first placej
(Irin expects to ?>< least He (he
tiooiiers by winning both, if the
Goobers loir mid (lie (Uli? do Inkr
1,1.ill Hun niehmond will have quite
n comfortable lend, if (he Colts
nln both nml Ihr fiOOberS win. (hen
Ihr roll? will he (led for llrM pine*.
fj Comp any
629 E.Main St.
Richmo ndVa
s. < . GORDON
Motor Hire Service
Good Cars.
Reasonable Kates. ?
S20 \V. Broail St. Madison 539.
Win From Norfolk by Score of
5 to 2 and Take Lead
Over Colts.
[Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.]
Petersburg, Va.. August 2?.?By win?
ning from Norfolk thin afternoon, Jbe
Champions again take the icad, but by
buch a small margin as to make tho,
mobt ardent fan almost tremble when I
ho mentions It. This afternoon's game1
should have been a suut-out, and It!
\vaa only through the kindness of liar.!
yey Brooks, who was in tho box for
tho Champs, that Norfolk scored at all
Brooks hail been pitching splendid ball
up to the llfth. when he walked Wal?
ters. Blgblc sacrlllced and mount went
out, Morrison to Barnett. At this point '
Brooks became wild, and gave passes
to Braun, Uordon, Keller und Klrulier, I
forcing Walters and Braun home, With
three man on bases, lllnton ended this,
Inning by Hying out to Anthony. :
Urooks recovered Iiis form In the sixth ;
inning, and did not allow another run [
during Hie remainder of the game, The!
Champa scored their first on Morrison's 1
three-bagger und B?sch s sacrifice HyJ
In ttie third a base on balls and singles
by Burnett, Howodeii and Brooks!
brought three runs over the plate, and
in the seventh a two-bagger by Howe-1
dell and a single by Brooks added an?
other run. Score; '
Petersburg, i
AB. R. ILO. A. B.
Simmons, rf. 4 i l t 5 o
Morrison, 2b. 5 0 J 2 6 0
Busch, ss. 1! 0 1 0 3 0
Blackstone., If. 4 0 0 2 0 0
Laughlln, c. 4 0 J 2 0 0|
Anthony, cf. 1 1 0 4 0 0|
Barnett. lb. 3 1 1 16 0 0
Howodeii. 3b. 3 2 2 3 8 0
Brooks, p.t.3 0 2 0 2 0!
Totals .2S 6 7 27 14 ?
AB. B. 1L O. A. E.
Keller. If. 4 0 0 2 0 0
Klrcher, 2b. 3 0 0 0 2 0,
lllnton, ss. 4 0 0 6 1 11
Wallace, cf. 4 0 0 2 0 0
Walters, rf. 2 i o 4 D o:
Blgbie. lb. 3 o l 6 J 0 !
Blount, 3b. 4 0 1 0 3 0
Braun, c. .112 6 2 0
Gordon, p. 3 J l o 1 o
Totals .30 2 6 24 t> I
Score by innings: H 1
Norfolk .0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0?2 1
Petersburg .l o o 2 o i o x?5
Summary: Two base hit?Howedell. I
Three base hll?-Simmons Stolen basesI
-?Howedell. Braun. Brooks (6). Gor?
don. Left on bases?Norfolk. S. Hit
by pitched ball/?Morrison. Walters.
Struck out?by Brooks. 2: by Gordon. 4.
Time 0f K?me, 1:40. Umpire. McXamara.
Attendance. 1.000.
Annual Exhibition of Highland Asso?
ciation Will Open Next Week,
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.1
Monterey. Va., August 29.?The- third
annual exhibition of thc Highland
Live Stock Association will opon on!
September 3 and continue three days. I
The grounds, situated In the corporate !
limits of Monterey, arc excellent for a|
country show such as this, and both j
the track and the grounds havo been r
much Improved since last year's show, j
Tho management Is much encouraged I
from the fact that tho entries, both]
county and non-resident, are in excess I
of any former year, and with an out- :
look for a record-breaking attendance,
the. success of tho exhibition Is as- j
The Highland stock show has already j
done much to advance the Interests i
touched, and 'has resulted in a :most '
gratifying competition and friendly [
rivalry between local stockmen.
Eddie Plank Is Knocked Out by Boston Hit?
ters, While Collins Is Never in Danger.
Fisher Leads Yankees to Defeat
Ke.iult? Yesterday.
Boston. {,; Philadelphia, 1.
Washington, z-, New York. 1.
(Othec games not scheduled.)
Standing of the (nuba.
Club. Won. Lost. P.C. Year
Boston . 85 37 .?97 .617
Washington .. 70 4S .613 .421
Philadelphia .. 73 48 .604 .647
Chicago . 60 00 .500 .604
?Otrolt . 57 07 .463 .6Ui
Cleveland _63 ?9 .434 .496
Now Yorlt- 44 77 .364 .516
.St. Louis..j. .. 40 82 .323 .JP2
Where They Plny To-Day.
Chicago at Cleveland.
St. Louis at Detroit.
Philadelphia at Boston.
New York at Washington.
Boston. Mail., August S3?Eddie Plank,
the Bed Sox tamer, v. as knocked from the
box to-day. and the Red Box won the Hint
game from the Athletic* ? to 1. II Collins
opposed Plank, und was never in danger.
Bpo?ker made levers! sensational catches.
Boston. Philadelphia.
Hooper, rf. I 0 I 3 0 Murphy, rf 1 1 1 10
Ycrkes. :t>. 2 1 0 1 t C'lilrlnis. cf 4 0 1 3 0
Speaker, cm o i i o*E. Cos.ins tool;
Lew:;. If... 3 3 13 OBuker. 3b.. 4 0 0 1 1
Onrdn'r. 3b I ! : 6 jM'Inr.ls. lb 1 C 1 9 0
Stuhl, lb... 3 0 0 7 t Walsh, If. 4 0 t 3 3
Wagner. ?s 4 ; 1 J 0 Harry. ???? 3 0 0 0 1
Carrlgati, c 3 2 1 f, lThomns. c. 3 0 0 t 1
tn. Collins. 3 0 0 5 3 Plank, p.. 1 0 ! 0 1
Brown, p.. 3 0 0 0 3
Totals S 7 37 f Totals ...S3 1 ? 31
"I". Collins, second bue.
tit <"oi:tns, pitcher. '
Score bv Innings: 1
Philadelphia .OOOOOOOOl
Boston .1 0 0 4 3 0 0 1
Summary: Two-hnye hits -Walsh. VVai
ner. Oidrlng. Mclnnls. Snc.-lflre bits?Star.
Collins. Double p'.sv?Carrlsun to Wagr.e
Hits?Off Plank, C In 4 Innings First ba
on bolls-Off Plank. 3: off Drown, i. Stru<
out?By Collins. 4: by Plonk, J: by Ilrotvn.
Wild pitch?Plank. Umpire, Hart and Co;
nolly. Attendance, 15.000.
Washington, Aiifust 2Se?Losln an air-tight
grip In the seventh Inning and his r.ack'rs
clolnc likewise. FlKher led the Yanks to de?
feat the hands of the Senators to-day. 3
to 1. Up to this round Klfher had yielded
only two hits. During this round he gave
op three, and they rnrr.blned with wild pegs
for two tallies. Engls'a base on balls to
Lallvslt In the fourth cost him a shutout.
New York, Washington.
M'Mll'n, ss 4 0 0 1 t.Moeller, rf 4 0 0 3 0
Chuso. lb... 10 0 9 i Foster, 3b. 4 0 0 0 3
Daniels, If. 4 3 3 1 0Milan, cf.. 4 0 0 3 1
Pad'ock, 3b 3 0 1 3 3'Jandi;. lb. 3 0 0 14 0
Lellvelt. cf 3 0 1 3 OLap'rte, 3b 3 1 3 C ?
Slm'ons. 3b 4 0 1 3 1 Ken'thy, If 3 1 3 1 '.
Hart e!!, rf 3 0 0 1 OM'Brfe. ss 3 0 ' 3 1
Sterrrtt, c. 3 0 1 S OAlns'lth. e. 3 0 0 ? 0
Fisher, p... 3 0 0 0 3 Enge!.' p... 3 0 0 0 3
Totnls ...SO 1 ?14 10 Totals ...31 3 6 J7 14
Scon- by Innings: R
Near York.0 0 0 : 0 0 0 0 0?!
Washington .0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 ??7
Nummary: Two-base hits?t.aporte. Pad?
dock. Sacrifice hit?P|lh?r. Stolen bases?
Daniels, Kenworthy, McBrlde, Left en
bases-New York. 4; Washington, 4 First
has* on balls?Off Fffhcr. 3; off Eagle, t
Struck out ?By Fisher. 6; by Engle, 3. V.'lld
pitch?Fisher. Passed ba'.:?Alnsmlth. Time
of game. 1:36. Umpires. O'Brien and Dil
neen. Attendance, 1.000.
By Gus Malbert.
The value of L fielding pitcher was neveri
better Illustrated than In the same yester
di,y. Perryman pitched a remarkably good
Kume of buh. und should not l>e too seven y
criticised for not winning, One run Is nni
?hough to win ball games, and the club
resting under a blank has nothing to
charge tho pitcher with. Ineffective hitting
Is ?hat really lost the hall game, and the
only person who really surfers because ol
Ferryman's blunders Is ferryman. Not our
of the seven hits made by the Colts came
ai the proper time. They were scattered
along the route, ami at least two wore morn
or less off color. But back to Perryman.
He clear'.y had ftoanoko at Ms mercy. Ths
men behind him were giving excellent sup?
port. The worst he was entitled to was a
no-?coru tie.
Then something happened. With KneSVSI
giving him the easiest kind of a chance he
appeared awkward. The ban was by no
means hard to handle, and Perryman took
his t!mc about going after It, evidently ar?
guing that he had moments to spare- and
could inaka up the lr.st time by throw to
rtoiey. IPs line of nrgumont wasn't bad,
?xceptlng that he fulled to take into ac?
count that Knesves Is a very fast man.
After fielding the ball Perrymun found that
he had nothing to spare, and was forced
to throw without steadying himself. Tho
result was a poor heave, Which pulled
Itul.-v way to one side and made it next to
Impossible to cat Oh tho ball. After that
:;. .-. s-..\v wr.rk allowed tho rur.n? r to ad?
vance to third and then cap his feat by
Mealing home. The one run Is directly
chargeable to Perryman, but at that, the
tuns should never havo been won by that
lono score. .
TTmpIro OTlrien missed one yesterday He
hies been uniformly good In the two series
he has worked here, but when he called
Lafltte'S cloutli to the Inside of first four,
he was wronr. The ball was Mt fair, ntid
r*antto should have been on first and
Kneaves on third. That was In the seventh,
too, and but for O'ltrlen's decision Perry?
man nicht not have had to resort to an er
lor und slowness to allow Itoanokc to score.
riinn simply romped nwny with everything
which cams his Way. He had rix chances,
and several of them were great catches of
hard irles. Indeed, tho whole rtoanoko
elub played In grand style, while Gardln
was never In better condition, nor has ho
delivered In more effective style.
Durke'a catch, of lignite's drive in tho
fifth wns also a fine bit of work. It re?
quired a long run and good Judgment to
time the ball, as the wind was blowing
with considerable force, always a hard con?
dition for a fielder.
r.rlff sought to g..| the greatest offensive
strength out of his club yesterday. There?
fore he sent Charlie Strain to left In p'.aco
of German. Oarman is a left-hand hitter,
while Btrain smashes with his right.
Graham slole three bases .Ifneaves two
find Newton and I'ressly each one. Seven
stolen bases In one game I* running wild
aonie. >ve should opine.
Oardln -bowed his perfect control all the.
way. II? walked Orlffln twice perfectly,
but outride of that not even the suspicion
of a free trip was noted.
When batl clubs ?Ivo up hope the lighting
spirit Is badly assailed. Washington and
Philadelphia are out' of the running, and
Boston Is conceded ,the flag for the Ameri?
can League, Tim one pretty rtglit In that
omaoUatlon Will bo bctwse-u the NaJJoaala
and the Athlctlca for second place. The
Cimnta ore bavins their hands full keeping
the quintet of games to the good. How?
ever the concensus of opinion Is that the
world's series will be between Botton und
Now York.
Harrisonburg and Shenandoah
Companies Win Prizes?Reel
Races To-Day.
I special to Tho Tlnies-Olspatch.]
Kounoke, Vu.. August 2U.?Tl.c
feature of the Virginia State Firemcns'
convention hero was tho .parade to?
day, In which 1,000 firemen partici?
pated. A throng of 20,000 people
viewed the pagenl which was tho jnost
orllllant, from a spectacular stand?
point, that h.tH ever been wltnesesd
In Roanoke. Prizes were won as fol?
For. largest uniformed fire company
In parade with band?Harrisonburg
Hose Company No. 4, $75.
for largest uniformed company In
parade without bund?Shenandoah
i'lre Company, $25.
Thla afternoon tho Roanoke depart?
ment gave an exhibition drill in life
saving work. To-night a street car?
nival was in full blast.
The final event of the convention will
he tho reel races which will be run
to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock.
It la generally conceded that the con?
vention has been the most successful
In the history of tho organization. Most
of the firemen will leave here to-mor?
row afternoon for their , respective
Democratic Party More Thor?
oughly United Than Ever
I I Special to Tho Tlmes-Dlspatch]
Winchester, Va., August 29.?"Jn my
mind, thero Is no longer any doubt
about the election of Woodrow Wilson
as President of the United States at
tho election In November, and I ara .
confident tlie distinguished son of Vir
Kliilu* who is now Qovornof of the great
.State of New Jersey, Will poll ono of
tho largest majorities In the history
of tho United States," declared Llcu
tenunt-Governor J. Taylor Kllynon
while In Winchester to-day, en route
to address the Hhcnandoah liaptlvt,
Association at Ucr.-yvllle.
Speaking of condition.*; us lie llndn
them Iii Virginia. -Mr. Ellyson said that
last week he made trips into several
of the lighting districts of the State.
"I wait, greatly pleased w ith the Wilson
and Marshall sentiment In the Ninth
Dlatrlot," lie said, "und tho Democrats
never before had a more favorable op?
portunity to redeem tho Ninth than
they have in this campaign. They aro
conducting a clean and honest contest
down In the South western section of
out State, and with all tho Clements
united there Is every reason to expect
the Ninth to contribute a lutga share of
Wilson's majority this fall, and also
elect General Aycrs to Congress.
Likewise In the Fourth and Sixth Dis?
tricts, all tho party men seem to bo
eager for tho opportunity to honor
Wilson by voting for him."
"The Democrats of the country aro
now more firmly united than I have)
ever found tho pa.rty In all my experi-.
ence." said the Lleutenant-Governor;
"in fact I have not found one Demo?
crat to say he will not vote for Wil?
son. During my travels since the Bal?
timore convention." continued Mr. F.lly
son. "one thing in particular has Im?
pressed me, and that Is there Is no
great exclt? rnent among the Demo?
crats, but there is a vast amount or
nutel and sober determination. The
people of to-day arc doing their own
thinking, and they will elect Wilson
and Marshall."
Plowing b> Moonlight.
Dallas. Tex.. Ausjust 29.?Farmers
in Northern Texas are plowing by
moonlight to escape the attack o| ;i
My that la causing death of livectock
in that section of the State. Hortes
and cattle arc being driven blind by
tho pen. nnd cows refuse to eat.
Dairymen arc heavy suffering, sup?
plies of milk and butter being great?
ly reduced. The people also ure suf?
fering attacks of the ||y. Horses ure
being covered with blankets und old
clothing to protect them, both in tho
country and In town.i of the affected
section. While the situation Is re?
ported Improved In some localities. In
others it continues serious, with no
Indication of early rcl'ef.
$22.50 Suits now.S11.25
S20.00 Suit.- now.$10.00
$15 00 Suits now. $7.50
713 East Broad Street
Labor Day Excursion to
Via It, P. & P. R. R..
Train leaves Broad and Hancock
Streets Monday morning at 9 A. M.
Keturning. leaves Washington Tues?
day, September 3. at 0 P. M. sharp.
Hound Trip Farct
r.lchmond to Washington.P2.T.'>
Richmond to Fredortcksburg.91.29
Ashland to Washington.9?.23
Mi'.ford to Washington.91.78
We go, rain or shine.
Train stops at all regular stations.
Deague game between Philadelphia
and Washington.
J, M. Thompson ?t Co.,
gmutfr tTirnrsf
Game called 4:30 P. M.
Atlnilfoclnii. 25e. (irnnilsf nnd. ISe.
BIJOU ?This Week
Mntlnre To-Morrow,
The Goose Girl
From the Novel by Harold MacGrath.
Prices; Matinees, 25c, 35c Night,
25c, 35e, 60c.
Special Labor Day Matinee.
The New York Astor Theatre Success,
"7 DAYS'
A veritable scream from start to
ACADEMY?Sept. 2-3-4
Mntlnee Wednesday Only.
V French Vaudeville in Three Acts.
Prices: Mat.. 25c to $1.30; Night. fiJot
to $1.60. .
Scats Norr Sellins.

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