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Thomas F. Ryan, of Nel?
son, Gives in His Re?
ceipts at $152,000.
Auditor Calls Attention to Law.
Appomattox Has No One Who
, Gets More Than $2,000 the
Year?Caroline Has One.
Ten Counties Made
larle County, with a population
1 poopl-, ha? llfty-Scvetl pcr
id have in Income In excess of
n the rr,iIrs,. ,,f :, year, aceord
any of those, are professors "i
printed, but
villi Magist
people in Prince William
. ? ?
people ?. Pi me e Kdwai d
50 Iri l.unenhurft
lounty, tv tli lion popula
: I ?? largest counties '.n the
lope incomes exceed I?''01
? ?
lt.?iiii Pits* en SI,10,000,
Nelson County contains Iho tax re?
turns nf Thomas Fortune P.'. a;; the
? ?
Iiis Income is $152,000 'n the course of
a year. This puts htm second* in the
Slate. John p. Branch. .,! Richmond.
Inquiry was made yesterday at the
?Ith.f th< Auditor ot public Acrounts
ns to why the name of Aivah f| Martin
? ?
County, was not published in the ;n
com, tax Hn of Th* Time?. Dispatch
The reason is that Mr, Martin reported
he had I Incomt excess of J.'.OOO
the year, unless the commissioner of
the rsVtnue has made a mistake,
\\ hat I? I lleoine ?
Sundry inquiries have been mad- of
Auditor Moore as to what is properly
II : ? licant* I
the law on th" subject, which is plain
In reply to a question, It is held to be
evident ur.d' r th- law that the owner
of n piece of property receiving rents
from it may deduct the amount of In?
terest he may pav on deferred pur
chase monev notes on that property
from his rents before computing his
Income. The ri malndi r of th. rent,
however, is taxable In case of th.
sale of cattle, the assessed value of th
cattli thb previous year may be de?
ducted from the amount of the sale In
counting Income.
The law on the subject 1? as follows:
"Income shall include;
"First?AH rents (except cround
rents or fonts-charge), salaries inter.
--?on notes, bonds or other ovl
ae..? debt <.f whatever descrip?
tion, of tne United States or any Stan
or country, or any corporation; com?
pany, partn-rship. firm or individual,
eollected or received during the yje'ai
less the Interest due and paid during
the year.
"Second?The amount of all pre?
miums on gold, silver or coupons
"Third?The amount of silos of live
Moek and meat of all kinds, less the
value assess! d thereon the' previous
ycir i?J the commissioner of the rev?
'?Fourth?The amount of sales of
wood, butter, cheese, hay, tobacco,
grain and other vegetables and agri?
cultural productions during the pre.
ceiling year, whether the same was
grown duiinc the preceding year or
not, less all sums paid for taxes and
for labor, fences, fertilisers, clover or
other s.-ed purchased and used upon
the land upon which the vegetable and
agricultural productions were grown,
or produced, and tht repl of said land
paid by said person. If he be not the
owner thereof,
"Fifth?All other gains and profits
derived from any sourer- whatever.
"In addition to thh sum of $2,0)0 as
aforesaid, there shall be deducted from
the Income of the person assessed all
losses sustained during t ho
year; provided, further, thai on?
ly one deduction of $2,000
shall be made from the aggregate In?
come of any family, except that guard
tans may make a separate deduction
of $2,000 In favor of each ward out of
Income corning to said ward."
The name Of Mrs. Martha A. Wise
was omitted from tin- list of Income
tax returns of I.ec Ward. Richmond.
Following aie tiw sworn returns
from ten Virginia counties;
\ Ibennirle i Hunt) .
Charlotte.- ville District - I. us sc 11
Bradford, $?.4i5f?: Professot w. n
RchOlS. $3,300; Professor William M.
Fontaine, $2,412 Professor Thomas
PljKhiigh, $:-.r;e'i. Professor ? ' A
(;i ,vtj. 00; Daniel Harman. $3,000;
W. <> Harrison. $3, 025; Professor
Charles W Kent. $".r."n. Professor W.
Til. |,ile, $7,000; Professor Albert Do
fovre. $3,000; Dr. .1. W. Mallet. $.;,l&3;
Raleigh C. Minor. $t.^on: Thomas w.
Parr.. $2,000; Professor .1. M. Pago. $3.
?50; llollls Rlenhart, $12.000; Profes?
sor ?". Alphbnso smith, $2.r.no; Profes
? (i-bntlttuc! on Eighth Page.)
tl.fVO Round Trip in Norfolk, Ocean view.
Virginia Beach und Cape ll<uirv evory Sun?
day. VIS Norf..II; and Western. Two lust
trains. Tile "Atlsnlii Special" leaves at
1:10 a. M .net the "Cannen n.iit" at ? eo.
Qulrkrst time. Best route.
Mother nml ?>l\ < hlldron Lose Their
I.It cs In I tn men.
Rutherford. N I. August r,i--Mrj.
Kmillo Iftebaro and six of her seven
children, ranging from ftve months to
twelve years of ac<- met death early
t?-d?y in i lire which destroyed their
home. Dcbaro, the husband and father
and the seventh child, a boy of thlr
t, en, escaped b) Jumping from a sec
ond-atory window
Uebaro and nis family made their
honti In a matchbox-like structure not
tar from thi railroad matlon, The
itrst floor v. as us.-.i us bakery: the
rear on.- ?>t tlid two sleeping-rooms
above was occupied by Mrs Debaro and
Ho- six younger children Uebaro and
the old. st hoy slept in the front room.
i laities sweeping ovei t ... doorwu'y
to the bed awoke Uebaro and the b0>
T hey starte i to the doorway to res 10
the woti.ati and children, but a ?all
of lir. checked thehi, With their night
Clothes blazing awuy thej Jumped from
tin window So quickly did the flames
do their work that tie building was
gone liefe,., the volunte? ;? firemen
T ley searched the glowing cnibera
fbi ' < bodlta and found live of them
In a huddled heap near the centre of
the building. Thi. woman, with the
baby In her arms, lay near the win?
dow Appurentl) she had trie! death hi
a futile attempt to escape after
awaki ulna tie chlldi i n.
l it. no ti believe that :? spark trom
a pasBlng locomotive may have started
SpredloK I'oaseitger Train < rauhes im?
Wreck er?" ? revi Vcni Pittsburgh,
I'll twbiirgh, August 30. ?Three nun
?? ? killed, on. latally Injured and a
number sllghtlv hurt when the Bonn
rylv.-inln Railroad train which left
I'lttabiirgh this mornlru; from Cleve?
land oi'ei the Cleveland and Pittsburgh
unision ran into a wreck trim ?.:-.
gaged In clearing up a frei* t wreck
that had occurred a short time, before
boa i Con way, west <?'. this city.
a i. CoUghenour, Cleveland, engi?
neer .,( ; atsi Hgl r train.
T wo unidentified labors. Conwny.
he ?rech crew slightly
pliy. pats- ngi i
nick, passenger
train from the Conway
?ailng awnv the freight
? engine section of u big
Pont iiinMer-'irneral lllleheoek lor.
"?iol? Instructions to I'ostmostrrc.
Wrislilngton. August 30 - Postmas?
ter-General Hitchcock forwarded to
dilj to 2 " 10 ; istmasters in city post
<?"'?? - f the dt-t and second class de
I I Inatruct'otis regarding the hand
1 n? of Sunday mall under the lav- re
cently ennetrd by Congress providing
ttlUt the pOst-OftJCeS be closed Oil Slill
day1. Instructtoiis die calculated to
reach post-offices affected by the law
In time to hi executed next Sunday.
Thev will enable n.-wFpaper cities,
n-wt- dealers and hotels tJ obtain th-lr
Sunday niall. which is to be regarded
as "transient mail."
The plan of th. department as pro?
vided rt thi Instructions alsei will
maki it possible1 for persons expect?
ing mill of exceptional Importance to
obtain it in Ht}eTgehe} cases on Sun?
day by making application to the post
ma; *.e-r.
Adequate pfovla'oh will he made for
the prompt delivery of all nia'l mutter
sen! under special delivery stamps, i
t nnhdlan Stale??nie;u Lease London on
Waj Home.
I^Ondon, Aug ist :?" High hopes for
closer unity of the British empire for
detet.s.- ?ent with Robert l. Borden
and 1 .Ollis P. Pellties. the Canadian
Statesmen, when they left Ixindon this,
morning for Ijverpool to cnlbark for
.Montr- :i I
The 11,.minion premier and post?
master, general were cheered on their
w;,v by a large group of Canadians,
witb had gathered with in. Canadian
hmh commissioner. Lord Sirathcoiia, to
wish them farewell
The conservative newspapers to-day
expressed hope? of the result of Mr.
Borden - mission in enlisting Canadian
co-operation tor imperial defense
Brother of i nllfornia State Senator nml
\t >i|llllli I 'Olllld Mint.
San Francisco, Aug ist 30.?The sup
posed suicide of ICdward Finn, sali to
ito a brother of state senator Tiiomas
Finn mil the probable fatal shooting
of Virginia Rodrlguea here late last
night, disclosed a mystery1 to-dny cen?
tring around Bobert M. Harrison, who
is held bj tin police.
Harrison wai letaiiied after he "a<l
told varying stories regarding th.- ctr
. imetnnces the shooting, According
to bis Storps to ti-,.- police, Harrison
was in the bathroom e,f th,-. apartment
which lie .ind th. Rodriguez woman oc
cu ded as Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, when
I' inn an iel
He said he knew nothing of Finn's
presence until he h-.ar.l tin- three s'iots,
ran from tlie room and fonil Finn
dead on his kitchen door and tlie wo?
man lying at hit feet.
'?^niiiiir * i nndltlnn lleelnred to lie Slot
Hsonnaba. Wis.. August Hfl.?Reports
received here to-dUy from 1'nited
states Senntoi Isaac Stephenson's ilsh
tiir camp In tlie woods stale that the
Senator is suffering from a slight cold,
and that his condition is not as grave
as WOS first thought.
H was stilted that whin he contract?
ed 'In cold It was thought best to
hnvo physicians with him. and the
fad that the physicians left this city
hurriedly caused tlo- report that tlie
Senator's condition was serious.
The ltoln-ri Thompson tn Revive Mer?
chant \ easiel Prestige.
New York. August 30. For the first
tun- In thlrty-tlve years a merchant
! vessel flying the American flag. Is
I about to sail from New York to a
i Mediterranean port.
The steamer w hich Is to revive v. hat
I was on.-,, an Important branch of Amer?
ican shipping is the Robert Thompson,
In new lou.ooo-ton boat named, after
Colonel Robert s. Thompson, president
of tlie New v ork Athletic Club and
chairman of the Olympic games com
I mittce trom th. United states.
Five Conl Miners Killed.
(lei SonklrcliOn, Prussia. August ne.?
Five coal miners were killed and an?
other dangerously Injured by falling
down on, of the shafts here this morn
ii u The accident was caused by the
COllapSC of a wooden platform.
President of American
Woolen Company Is
Under Arrest.
Stoutly Denies Knowledge of
Any Plot to Bring Discredit
on Strike Leaders?Another
Prominent Business Man
of Boston Is Under
1 ndictment.
Boston, Mas.?., August Z".?William
I Wood, president of the American
?VOolcn Company! ""as p!ae?"l underi
, r. ?t to-day. charged with conspiracy
< >i riectloti with the a.leged 'plant
Hk" of dynamite in the city of 1*1 w- |
tnei ?luring th'e '.??>:'.?.!<? strike there]
:>t Winter. It Is charged that the
lyhamite was secreted with the inten- .
Ion of discrediting the strikers hy 1
mpiylng that tin- explosive was to hp
ised hy them to destroy property of
manufacturers Mr; Wood, who is one
.f th- leading manufacturers A wool
i gbi !s of the country, was at once
deu - d on ?3 000 hall.
Th- Indictment ag'iins*. Mr \Vood
;vas .me ot thr*.. returned ," the
- nd Jury yesterday In connection
With Its Investlgat of the alleged
conspiracy Detectives connected with
the office of District Attorney Pelletier
to.day visit. .1 the faehtouahlc romc In
Hrooltlin- of a prominent Boston bus?
iness man. who Is jiam-d in or.< of the
indictments. He u;,.s found to be 111. i
arid with, the understanding that he Is
'?? surrender next week, probably Tue?- j
daj'i servlci of the indictment was not i
made; The third person indicted, Den?
nis .1 Collins of Cambridge, was ar?
rested yesterda> and Is, In Jail in de?
fault of hall
Han *<tronir ( nm.
iHstilet Attorney Pelletier ?-all to?
night that h.- believed he had a strong
easi In support of the Indictments.
The American Worden Company,
whicn bore the brur.t of the greet
Dawrenci strike from January 12 until
Marth II. control* thirty-three manu?
facturing plants in N w England and
w y.irk State. It has a capitalisa?
tion of ITS OOOiOOO and employs 3.V.000
Operatives tVheh all the mneh,nory Is
lit motion. About 15,000 persons nr.
on 11? pa'j red!? ,,f the company's mills
Aft.r hit conference with Assistant
District Attorney MeTs-aa-. Mr Wood
? I cannot conceive what information
eould ha\o been presented to the Jurors
which in any way1 connecter] me with
the so-called dynamite plot. I .-er- j
talnly had no connection with it. and !
this fact will be fully established at
th- proper time, to the satisfaction of
the public and even to the district at?
torney. Beyond this I have nothing to
Tl ' discovery of dynamlt. in a Syrian
lodging house. n cobbler's shop and a'
cemetery in Lhwretici last January,
while the textile strike was at Its
eight, caused a sensation The strike)
leaders denied that they had any Inten- i
tion of usmg sn explosiv.- to further
their plans, and chanted that the dyna-I
m.te had bee,, "planted" for the pur-I
pose of discrediting the labor unions. I
Soon afterward .loin J Bre.-n. a
l-awrenee undertaker, was arrested on
a charge of having unlawfully placed
the dynamite In the plaee* whore it
was found. Breen was found guiltv
and fined ?500. No further court ac?
tion was taken In the <-nso until the
Suffolk County proceedings were start?
ed this Woelc.
wins a viatTon "prizes
f. P. i ode Tnkea Two In England.
Amounting t? S2.-..oon.
London. August 30,?The two lead?
ing prizes in British army av*htlon
wen awarded to-day by the British
war office to s. v. Codv. once an
American citizen, but now a natural?
ized British subject.
The announcement was made o. re?
sults of the recent army aviation meet -
itm at Salishudv plain military camp.
It showed that Mr Cody had won the
principal award, the first prize of {!.
.1 I$20.0001 in the competition open
to the airmen of the nnt're world fly- I
lug in aeroplanes of any system made I
in any country. Mr. Cody used a bl- j
piano of his own construction.
Armand Depordusslii. a Frenchman. !
carried off second prize of ?2.000 ($10,- j
fmfti In the sain"- competition in a |
monoplane of his own make.
Mr. Cody was again the winner In |
i the contest open to British subjects
only, who w?re .'.impelled to fly nvi
Ichinos built, with the exception of the
motors, in the United Kingdom Again,
with ii biplane of his own Invention
Mr. Cody won (1,000 ($5.000).
bomb in milk BOTTlE
Kxplnnlon In New lurk Tenement En?
danger* the Occupants.
>ew t oi k. August ? A nonio
' made by filling a milk bottle with ex
I plosive, covering this with wax ami
attaching a fuse, was explode! on the
top Moor of a slx-stoi > tenement on
blast Ninety-ninth Street earl' to-day,
j nearly causing the death of a score of
persons from among Hie twenty-four
I latnlllea In the nous.-. Several were
slightly injured hy fragments of fil?
ing glass.
Th- police declare they hn". o no due
I to the identity of the person who
planted the bomb.
boy killed: score in peril
M\ t OconsclotiH Persons Rescued From
Klre In lloboken Tenement.
HonoKen, N. J., Augttsi 30 ?Klre in
a tour-story frame tenement directly
across the street from St Mary's Hos?
pital caused the death early to-day of
seven-year-old Edward Dynnulsi and
imperiled the lives of a score who were
saved by Hie use of scaling ladders and
by Jumping from the windows, six per?
sons were rescued In an unconscious
condition. None ?tf tin occupants oi
tlie building saved more than th. night
clothes they wore. The blaze orig?
inated, it Is believed, from a tr.is lot
In t'no cellar, which ve.as lefl burning
during the night.
Branch's Income Greater Than Ryan s
nio.m \s ponn ve kv \n.
joh n p. an \ m 11.
Taft Followers Hope to H?vi
Kansas Decision Re?
Claim Set l'p That President's
Forces Are Being Deprived
of Their Rights.
Washington, August r,o.?The tight
between the Taft mid Roosevelt forces
tivi r the presidential i lector? from
Kansas to-day was transferred
officially from the court's ot that Stale
to the Supreme i '-ort of the tfnited
states, when tr> record 01 ir.e case
was Hied in the Cnited States Supreme
Court here. it will I ?? lushed to the
pi Inter so that the court may dispose
of the case immediately upon con?
vening. October 14.
The transf-i ..f the record of the
litigation was in response to the com?
mand of Associate Justices Van Dc
vant.-r and Pitney, given August ?'.,
at New York upon the request ??* the
Taft attorneys The decision of the
Kansas courts ?as adverse to the Taft
followers, and the main hope of the
Toft managers to procure th. electoral
vote of Kansas lies In the tight to get
th.- Slip rem.uri of the Cnited Stat-.s
to reverse tie state Suprcuv Court.
As shown bj 'be completed record
just n'.ed. the Taft forces claim thht
they have been fraudulently deprived
of rights guaranteed them by the
fourteenth amendment to tlie Cnited
Slates Constitution. t is charged that
the so-called Roosevelt electors pro?
cured th.- signatures of the Taft men
to their petitions as candidates for
electors bj pretending that they were
Republicans, and ns such, would be
bound by the rules, regulations and
customs ol that parly and would sup?
port the party's candidates for Presi?
dent and Vice-President
As a matter of fact, It Is added,
these- candidates did not Intend to re
bound by the rules and customs of
the Republican party, nor to support
the- party's candidates for President
and Vice-President, unless Theodore
l:..osev,H was nominated by the- Re?
publican part} for President The re?
sult of ths alleged fraud, it is claimed,
will be to deprive Taft men of their
tight to vote for the person selected
by them for President while permitting
other citizens to vote for the person
selected by them, nil notwithstanding
the requirement Of the fourteenth
amendment that R Stale shall give all
its cltzens equal rights and equal pro?
tection of thi law. The- record fur?
ther declares that the Supreme Court
of Kansas has h< Id the right.- claimed
nn political instead of judicial ques?
tions stich as the courts may decide. In
nnswei to this, i' is set up that If
the Australian ballot lnw and the pri?
mary election law of Kansas are to b(
s" Interpreted, these laws are uricoh
st it utloiial.
it is understood that a motion will
be made when the court convenes Oc?
tober 21 to advance the- case for Im
medlate hearing! and that the motion
will be granted so that n decision may
be announced before election day.
One Killed and Seventeen Hurl I?
'I rnln Vt reek al I rmple, I'e.v.
Temple. Tex., August 3u. -.One ihari
was killed, two seriously hurt and fif?
teen slightlv injured to-day when ii
no ih-bouiid Mlsshurl, Kansas and
Tex.,.. Railway train jumped the track
three miles north Of lo re and the mall
and two cars plunged from a trestle
Into a ravin.
The man kill'd war .lohn H. Plerci,
of Wlnn#sboro, Tex.', Hie news agent
on the train, and was oil his f'rst run.
The nlost seriously injured we're ?! O.
P, OX, Of I.'.inilc'. Texi, a passenger,
who was pinned tinder a car. and a
negro porter.
The engine remained on the trestle,
ns did four Pullmans .. . the rear 0( the
train, but two coaches and the express
car crashed Into the ditch below, a
drop of fifteen fci t.
rind i oiipl.- li.-ini Krorn \\ oundH.
Philadelphia, August 30.?With g in
shot wounds in their heads, James Mc
.Mumis, twenty-four years old, and nis
wife, Anna, nineteen, we re found dead
Rt tltelr bom, In West Philadelphia to?
day. I-Tle police bOllOVo the W"t.1
was Shot by her lluablmd, who thin
committed suicide.
Multimillionaire Swears That
His Total Income Docs Not
Exceed $152,000 a Year.
Owner of "Oak Ridge" Takes
Second Rank. Richmond
Man l.eiii? lir.-t.
Although a great deal is hoard of
the colossal wealth ?f Thomas Fortune
Ryan, the American Tobacco Company
genius and New York multimillion?
aire, ?ho le a citizen of Vlrg nlu, it
now appoi.rs that this State can produce
another man whoso Income exceeds that
of Mr. Ryan. This is John l'.ittcson
Branch, of Richmond.
The sworn tax returns reveal that
Mr. Brandl has an Income of $211,000,
while the same source Of information
shows that Mr. Ryan can only succeed
in making, from all sources, I no sum
of $ 152,. It would appear that Mr.
Ryan Is not nearly so rich as he has
j been painted nfter all At least, to say
I the tax returns.
Must Give Entire Income.
As a, resident and citizen o( this
I State. Mr Ryan is reo, lit rod to give In
i his entire Income, whether en. tiod in
Wall Street or on his farm. "Oak;
? Ridge.' in Nelson, ih- ?l52,00C |a sup.
I posed t.. represent all he can .secure
i from rents, Interest on his Securities,
? dividends on his stocks and the earn
' ii.es of tilt) sweat of his brow.
1 Tli" magnate is ., citizen of Nelson
land a voter there, lie was a delegate
from the Tenth Congressional District
to the National Democratic Convention
In Baltimore, where h? voted for Oscar
I W Underwood until the tlnal day, when
I the delegation derided. In a mee ting
I heb) in his absence, to vote as a unit
for Woodrow Wilson.
Mr. Ryan s supposed wealth. It
seems, does not exist in the propor?
tions 'n which It has been described.
His own sworn tax returns make him
play se.-ond Addle to another VlrglnlUn
I?Mr. Branch.
li will Furnish Material for Campaign
New > ork. August 80 - The liom'.
eratb- textbook for the lti 1 c campaign.
In hook of more th.n 4?'0 pages, was Is
; sued to-iay. It is the Joint p?bllcatt?n
of the Democratic National Committee
and the Democratic Congressional Coin
milt* ?-. its contents Include the plat?
forms of three parlies, the sptjehoa of
acceptance of Woodrow Wilson and
'I'noinas B. Marshall, and M mass 01
mat-rial ..u the tariff arid high cost of
At the same time the national com?
mittee gave out ah article callln? at
(tention to the publication in the text?
book of a purported receipt for a $ln ?
OOfi contribution by the United States
Steel Corporation In the Republican
[campaign fund in lrrnc
Caught by Balloon Rope
and Hurled to Death
Flint, >lleh. lugusl no.? In the
presence of hundreds of people,
foiirteen-j enr-old i bester Hells, son
of Herl X, Metis, ,,r |.-||iil. \xn? lie, i
dcntnll; caught bj the guy rope or
?i balloon lo-dny and rnrrled nhoul
?J.(mil feel Ik the nlr bet?re the rope
nntnnglrd and burled him to his
dentb. Me ernshed ngnlnsl Ihr roof
I of ii burn, und iton nIIII nllve when
j spectators reneheil hint, but he noon
i expired.
The traget); occurred in n county
fnlr, und when flu* hnllnnn und hern.,
\ en ill shot upwards, ninny people
thought ttir youth dangling nt the
end of fbe rope won u flttmnty. 'the
heroic efforts of Hie hnllonnlsl to
rescue the bo? nikui disclosed the
triilli to the crowd be Ion'. \s (he
bit: gns hnu crept higher nnd higher
the neronnut, in peril of his own
surety, could be seen working des?
perately to pull the dangling form
to the Irnpese, plnnll) the rope
swirled nwnj from the lud. und the
tine form dropped downward like n
Believed I
porter to Assault American
Portion of Cuban Press
Printing Articles Termed
Washington, August 30.?That Enri?
que Mnzn. the reporter who n'tuckcil
Hugh Gibson, the American charge of
the legation in Havana, last Tuesday
night, was merely n tool in the hands
of Cuban plotters win. are antagonis?
tic to the United states, and would like
to get the Cuban government Into trou?
ble with this country, was the nplnlcn
expressed here to-day by Senor Mur
tln-Rlvoro, the Cuban minister. He
was of the belief, he said, that Mazn
had not attacked Mr. Gibson of his own
volition; nut that lie had been urged
on by others who had marie hint think
he had been insulted and that he should
seek revenge.
t'nder no circumstances, no matter
what his provocation may have been,
said tit, minister, wtts Mnzn Justltie.I
In the action he took. That Justice
would be done in the case was the de?
claration of Senor Itivero.
The minister lias notified his gov
' rrnment of the demands of the United
[ states that the assailant be punished.
As soon as he had learned of the at
I tack, the mintster had "spontaneously
I sent word to Cuba," he said, that the
i United States had laws rendering vlr
! tually immune from attack the person
of foreign representatives her.-; and
that, on account of this reciprocity, the
full vigor of the- Cuban law should be
applied. In case of a country which
does not protect C'ibnn representatives,
said the minister, no further rliehts
nre extended to Its diplomats than to
any other foreigner, lie Immediately
called attention, he said, to this clause
in their laws
The State Department, late to-day,
whs Informed by the American lega?
tion at Havana of the- attacks that
have been made by a portion of the
Cuban press upon Mr QlVson: upon the
I American contractors, thin pressing of
whose claim for compensation cause.)
I a personal assault upon Mr Gibson, an!
I upon the United State- government and
i pooplc The officials declared that
these artb-les were "disgraceful." and
while they were not prepared at the
moment to announce their purpose it
was evident thai sonic strong repre?
sentations ure to he made to the Cuban
government against this treatment of
an American diplomatic officer
Some of th.se Havana publications
are regarded its having been written
with the deliberate purpose of trying
to force a duel lipdn the American
charge The state Department will
never permit its represontntlv< to bo
|drawn Info an;, such personal quarrels,
I an,l It will look to Hie Cuban govern
nicht to deal summarily und severe1,
with and Individual 'or newspaper
I guilty of violating the laws of diplo?
matic privilege common to all civi?
lised countries
Reporter trreslcil \giiin.
Havana. August IIP. In consequence,
of n v'goroiis protest by Hugh Gibson,
charge d'affnlj-es of the American lega?
tion here', against the release on
trivial bnl of Brtrlqhe Mnzu, the now.
paper rei ortei wl.salt tilled b'm last
Monday night. M.i/.i was arrested for
the ihl il lime to-tlnj by order of the
Aud'eiicln ("o ut. nnd committed to lull
to awull Indictment, Immediate!} after
line rerirrest of Masu the squad of Se?
cret service men, who had been d< ?
'tailed to watch the American legation
nnd to attend Mi Gibson wherever he
w.-nl. was relieved from duty. Mr
'Gibson's vigorous insistence that bis
nssullnnt be prosecuted aroused to
?lay a frotlh Storni of Indignation
among the newspapers comprising the
anti-American section of the press.
?l-h. government professes its In?
ability to slop these attack-.
The prosecution of Mazn will bo In -
gun uh soon hs Mr OthSOll makes a
formal complaint ft gainst him. Tills
pioiai.;. win be done to-morrow.
o Have Urged Re
Will Turn State's Evi?
dence to Save Them?
selves From Chair.
Mclntyre Bitter Over "Trial o?
Becker in Newspapers," Which
He Calls Disgraceful?Denies
"Gib the Blood" and "Lefty
Louie" Will Be Pro?
New Toik. August 30.?"Whitey"j
Lewis and "Dago" Prank Clrlftcl, the
indicted gun men in the, Hosenthal ,
murder ease, were reported to-day to i
he ready to tum State's evidence onj
condition that they be let ort with;
light sentences. The tuen had received
favorably, it was said, the offer of a,
certain lawyer, who visited them In1
the Tombs; to-day, to use bis influence
with District Attorney Whitman to got
them off with a light punishment in
return tor a "siiuel." Tito lawyer us
siired them thai this was their ono
chance to escape the extiome penalty
of the murder charge against them, ac?
cording to the report, and that they
could probably get off with tivo years
euch. The gun men then authorized
the lawyer to negotiate terms with
the district attorn, y. it w as said, but
owing to .Mr. Whitman's departure for
Manchester. Vt.i to remain over Sunday
no action was taken by the lawyer. ,
?lohn 1". Mclntyre, counsel tor Lieu?
tenant Oh tries Becker, Indicted as In?
stigator of the murder, issued a state?
ment to-day declaring; that 'the trial
of Bei ki . ii, the ni wspapers hits hi en 4
"Hay aftet day," said Mr. Mclntyre.
"that which transpired in the grand
Jury room is express, d broadcast, and
done only with one viewpoint?to Sii
bias and prejudice the public inlnd
that the accused will bo denied a fair
and impartial trial.
I'.very sacred right guaranteed bjr
the ?.'.Institution has been obliterated,
and every tradition of criminal juris?
prudence violated. Never in the hls
tory of the country has there boen such
a spectacle'.
"An Indictment was found somo
weeks ago against Becker, yet If we
are told aright by thi newspapers,
j every day since then, some one' who It
(a assumed will testify lor the defend?
ant Is brought to the grand jury room .
and the're. as It Is stated In the public
prints, grilled by the district attor?
Hone to Menace Witnesses.
"It is done to menace or Intimidate
to ah extent that is alarming many
I that are w illing and anxious to tell the,
I truth In behalf of the defense, it is
1 not usual fo ro district attorney to
call witnesses supposed to be for tho
defense Iii the u-uis,- of a grand Jury
1 mandate, obviously to learn what tho
I defendant and his witnesses will sny
upon a trial to be had.
"It is a most novel way of antlclpnt
! lug a defense, and. in my Judgment,
'; unlawful."
H.;:Mr. Melt-.tv. .? ib nied i thnt-l
"Cilg the Blood ' und ''Lefty Loula"
would be produced by the defense as
witne.-scs. or that any witnesses for
the State hael been "spirited away."
Becker's counsel, it is understood,
has agreed with District Attorney
Whitman to interpose no legal technl- .
calltles looking to further delay 'of his j
client's trial, when Becker Is nrralgn
e,j for pleading next Tuesday.
I Aside from the postponement of tho
I trinl of Captain Cornelius G Hayes,:
on the charge of miking a fulso
I statement to Commissioner Waldo, ln|
connection with disorderly house con-j
dlllons. Interest in police circles cen?
tred to-day upon the. appointment of.;
Captain Joseph Faurot to temporary,
command of the detective bureau.
.While Faurot, who has been in eharg.i;
! of the "linger print bureau" of the de?
partment, was officially assigned to
ink; charge of the bureau only during
I the abseive of Inspector Hughes, who
! Is oh sick leave. It was rumored that
i the appointment w ould bii made por
I munent.
?outherlaud l - in l.'ontml ot Situation
in Mcurugua.
Washington, August 30?Rear-Ad
mirai W. h II. Soutlierlaiid fas re?
iterated t-. tin Na y Department his
orlgiiiul statement, made soon after
bis landing at Corlnto, that he can
control the situation tu Nicaragua with
the forces liow ashore In that country,
and the mat im i that are en route. His
messagi Was ...!??.! i<i Corlnto, 4 P. M.
yesto da'y, and s'.it-?! il..it i 'o.nmunder
l'i rhu he, ol lh< gunboat A.inapolls,
iilreud) has succeeded in opening up
the railway for Hfteeti miles from tho
,...if.i lie has with hint a force or 500
bluejackets and marine.*, and after re?
pairing tiie tracks ami bridges, ho pro?
ceeded lust night ns far as the Im?
portant town of Oltlnahdaga, regarded
Coiiimnndei Terhunc has two loco?
motives and twenty-live, i-ars with hlin.
with nil th' facilities and material for
repairing the track., and bridges a.!*
It appear- t iat in alditlon to keep?
ing Open the cable station at San Juan
Del Sur. which is the only outlet to
the tilllcl.il dispatches from Managua
t,, Corlnto, Admiral isoutherlaiid had
another object In dispatching the Denr
vor to that cab!, point lie was In?
formed thai .? ban 1 of revolutionists
hud appeared In the vicinity and was.
threatening to capture the town. Wttti:
the Den'vet s H ins cleared for action
that win now bo Impossible.
Reported to lime lleeu Ten in < ins
luii, of Itnllnn Woman.
? ipi lous is I .a August '.Hi -Little*'
Cob. rt I mob ir. Jr.. four years of age.
Who dHappcare.l a week ago. and. ftu
now believed to h-lVi been kidnappe?),
was ? ep.-u ted I h< en seen this
itternoon wltl Italian woman near
l.obdel Sw uds accompanied
t>\ th,- c ill i'? '"-night
io investigate tho clue.

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