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Instructed by North Carolina
Convention to Vote for Roose?
velt and Johnson.
Tus Thompson Nominated (<
Governor?Long State flat
form Adopted.
Greensboro, N, C, September 3;?
At the State convention of the Pro
8 ? Ivu pa ty held hire tills after
i >on about one-fourth <?! the counties
Were represented by about one hun?
dred and fifty delegates. In the
mass-meeting. Iredell Metres, of
N< w llanovi r, prealdi :, und several ex?
tended speeches Were made, the chief
sddrest being i>y State Senator Kvcr
etl Colby, of New Jersey, a strong
personal friend ol Roosevelt, who. In
:> glowing tribute to the Colonel, pre.
dieted Iii? , lection "if f"i no other pur.
pusi than to finish the great Work
which lie Started at Panama." At
telegram of good cheer from Colonel
J;.fell ?... .is . d with great
ilnthuBiasm. To convention left,
with the State Executive Committee
the riueHtton "f naming candidates for
(Rate mid Congressional offices, this
committee, to meet her? September
J" to decide what course to pursue.
' Dr. Cytus Thompson, of AitsloW, was
nominated foi Governor, and it Is un?
derstood n strong ? fi ? >r* will he made
to have the Republican convention ?t
Charlotte to-morrow Indorse Or.
total ticket was named as follow?;
At large, Iredell Mctiree, of New
Hanover; .1 I? Newell, of Mecklen?
burg District electors: First District,
ii w Swain, of iiea?fort; second, A
i Brown, of Greene; Third, D ,T.
Henry, of Craven: Fourth; VV. S.
Hal ley, of Nash; ITfth, James Ross.
, ? ? ikes Sixth, D. L> Core, of New
llonoveri Seventh, '/- L Walser, of
Davidson Bclghth, W P Watson, of j
Caldwell;' Ninth. T. N lla?lshurt?n, |
of Burk? . Tenth. V Watson, of
lion, liberal appro-,
h purposes, modern-1
tent, honest primary]
s free school book!)
. |f.g, -. ? iment in words Which i
t was charged, nil ant a whiskey
ilanh .1. K Newell and Cliff Newell,
r Mi iklinburg, mad- strong effort to
teep the plahk' Intact, but by a large
najorliy the convention added nn
,- endrhent expressly stating that th.s
alank should not be construed as in;
my Way declaring for the principle!
1) local Option in opposition to the
The following were chosen as the
?' ?
lohp B RepaSs, W. fi re-arson. V:;
\Vais#r'i''? N Wllllahisoh, W. A. Guth-i
r. iredell Mcares. Clyde* Ebyi ?iram
Worth. T. v.". VVftteon, B. s .McNInch.l
I. \V, I'eacockj .lohn I". I'owler, In
adiiitto'fn two members from each con
icssloi 11 district were named. Or?
ganisation State Chairman J. N. \VII-|
llamson declined election as permanent
state chairman; and the committee was
nuthorlzed to selert a chairman al its
meeting here September 10,
Many of the delegates left to-night:
fi I?riottc where the regular State
Republican convention Is to t,e held
AVedm-sday. The most notable feature
of the convention was the entire ati
stjni ?? of any former Dejriocrat as dele;
Kate and the presence of but few for
n r leading or Influential jjepuhltcans.
Republican* Merl To-Day,
charlotte, N C., .-i pt'iaher 2.?The
presence of spins' of the leading ftoose.
velt followers of North Carolina In
Charlotte for the Republican conven?
tion which begins to-morrow is taken
to mean that a desperate at mpt will
llfl .-nad* by them to get comrol -if the
situation, Although the P.ull Moose
wer.-- in convention to-day at Greens?
boro, the majority of the leaders in
the progressive movement were in
Charlotte, notable among these being
Colonel V. S. I.usk, Richmond Pearson
and ex-Senator Marion Rutler. Chair
nian M?rehe?d has been here for two
days, and will etil the convention to
order to-morrow ixornlnp. I.eadihR
Republicans admit on the eve of what
promises to be the most spectacular
meeting In many years tha,t It Is1 prac
t:. illy a hopeless task to get togethei
at this time on national Issue* and
presidential candidates but !t 1st be?
lieved that a State ticket Will be
airreed upon and that In th* platform
to lie adopted :i local option platt!-; u .'.I
in piano construc?
tion lias evolved
and w n for it the admiration and
confidence of the musical world.
Send for our Free Catalogue
of Stclnwuys ami other high
ftra?V Pianos.
Walter D. Moses
& Co.
10.? K. IJroail Street.
Olilvst Music House in Virginia
and North Carolina.
in Inserted for the purpose "f secur?
ing ni man: votes as possible from
thi Democrats who an dlssatl.ified
with prohibition
After Chairman Morehcad had inti?
mated hit'- to-night that the same
plan of a?-tl lii as wick followed out In
the Chicago convention would be In?
voked It, ihr. North Carolina conven?
tion to. morrow, and that only Taft
delegates would l>< seated, the lenders
or the Progressiv* ticket decided that
they would bolt and hold t Convention
of their own at Ifl o'clock to-morrow
and name an electoral ticket
'We arc her? to hold n Itepubllcan con- !
vcntlon and that Is what we are going to
do," mid Chairman Morehead when ask -
?-d as to the attitude of the Taft de?
fenders. It Is understood that thert
will be no division on the State ticket
(Continued Kr.om Pirst P?se.)
to Initiate and adopt all legislation for
the novel um. nt of the city, and would
have to provide for the payment of I
all .Hidernents and other Obligations of'
?he city, it was prop* r that body should
have the selection of its attorney. That I
It would he useless to have another;
attorney for the Administrative Board, !
as tr.e city Attorney could act for
both bodies. My recollection Is that,
without further discussion. it was !
unanimously agm-d that that act;
should glvi to the City Council th-j
power to elect the City Attorney, and'
that that officer should be counsel for!
both bodies.
I again repeat that you were in
no way responsible tor that provision.
I a m.
Very truly.
(Signed) C V. MEREDITH,
rtountree and Morris Coaeur,
September 3, 1012. \
I endorse the statements contained
in the foregoing lett? r signed by
Honorable C. V. Meredith.
i Signed i H. W ROUNTREE.
September n, I3i2.
I fully endorse everything contuini 1
In the letter of Mr. Meredith. Mr,
Pollard never, by word or act, advo?
cated the .-lection of City Attorney b>
the council I feel aggrieved that he
should hsye been charged with having
so done.
(Signed) I? Z. MORRIS.
Jin? Tlirovin From Horse
While riding a horse through Broad
Street, between Monroe and Madison, !
yesterday afternoon Charles Hay. col?
ored, fourteen yenrj old, was thrown
In his fall his head struck the wheel1
? f a wagon which was standing at the
curb ?nd he was rendered uncon- i
sclollS. He was treated by Dr. II T.
Hawkins, c'ty ambulance surgeon, and
removed to the hospital. It is believed
that his skull was fractured.
Engagement Announced.
[Special to The Tlm'S-I'lspa' !. 1
' ? hi I Sui c, \ i . September I ?Formal an- 1
?<:!.-? -? the engagement of Ml**
K!ir.it.?th clarllck FU?t, dausl.ter of Mr *mt
Mr* C B. Fleet, to M. Ii Morton, of I.: nehi
rurg. has been mafie The v-frtdlr.g 1? to
??:<?? place .T the home of the bride's par?
ents h're In October.
nepiiMlenni. nToinlnate Ticket.
[Special to The-Tlmea-Dispatch.]
Salisbury, N C September "--At
Statesvllle to-day the Eighth District
Republican Convention nominated Q: D.
B Reynolds; of Stanley, for Congress,
and named T. O. Teague. of Alexandria,
for elector on the Taft ticket. The
l';ll Moosers held a convention alter
th. ???!!? ??( fie Taft element,
and named 11 I.. Tliarpe tor eleetor.
To ? onfer Drcrre?.
Patrick Hehr? '..-dec. No. l?. Independent
Order of Odd-Felle es, will confer the Initi?
ator}- degree on several candidates to-mor
row night Frsternlty Its'.' Tnere will be
a smoker after the ceremony. The work of
conferring decrees, which was suspended
during the summer. Mill he continued
ihroUgh the lall and winter _
Both Branches at Organization Meeting*, Refer
to Importance of Working in Harmony With
Administrative Boarci---Officers Elected.
Both branches of the City Council
organised yesterday afternoon, elected]
presiding officers and adopted rules,
the belief being generally expressed
that ibis would be the most Important j
Council In many years. Co-oporatlon
with the Administrative Hoard was,
pledged, both by those who had favored;
ami thou.-; who hnd oppost*! the1
changes In the method of city govern?
ment, several speakers urging the
Councllmeri i? use their Inlluettca tu
??.eure the election of such members
of the Administrative Hoard w ho will
rellect credit on the city, will show
ability in handling its affairs, and who
will work in harmony with the Coun
? ll atnl city Oltlcials.
Tite Common Council was called to
order at i o'clock by city Co ; k Hen T
Aujiust, the certificates of election
from the clerk of the llusttngH Court
being duly read and recorded. An In?
novation was the distribution to each
mi mber of a neatly engraved card ivr
tlfylng to his election to the City
Council, attested by Mayor Richardson
ami City Clerk August, and carrying
the dates for which the member lias
been elected,
peters Elected.
Mi. I.'mlatlf proposed the name of
I!. I.ee patera a* president, and his
corted to the chair by Messrs Umlauf,
In ' xpresslng his thanks for election
for the fifth term as president of the
Common council, Mr. Peters alluded to
the niany absent faces, saying that Mr,
Pollock was now the only member
older thati himself In point of service.
"Our duty as Councllmen," he said.
? .s more Important than some of ua
B( c It, and more Important than many
of the people consider it. The people
of Richmond should feil proud of their
Council for the work It has accom?
plished, without compensation and In
many casts 'with no thank3. This
Council I regard as the most Important
I in my experience of sixteen years. iH
trust that every member will use his
b'.st efforts In the interests of the city
and continue to aid in building It up.
tnr new form of government will hav...
to be an Ideal on- to better that which
we have had, for no city the size of
ltlchmond Is better governed to-day.
and no city has more h?hest and efll'-j
dent workers In its legislative body.
Unless we work in harmony with the
Administrative Hoard, and the board
with this Council, the plan will not
stS.'Ceed. We should see to It that, so
f.u as our Influence noes, the best men!
an- elected to represent all the people
and nut any particular class.
Candidates Claim Everything,
"What have we been doing all these
years? it would seem from the claims!
put forward by some candidates for!
this board, not members of the Coun-j
cil, that they have done It all. You!
have only to search the records to find|
that some of us were partlos to thel
t-ood work, and did fully as much as
sonie candidates now trying to take;
all tb.e glory to themselves. Had Mr.
Pollock, for Instance, drawn through
nil th- jear? he has served itlj
the Council and on Iii? committees the
salary you propose to pay to members!
of this board, the city would have paid'
him $90,000. He ai.d other members
have given their time freely and earn-1
estly and faithfully. '1 he new plan
will get u? away from red tape and|
cumbersome routine, the result not of I
our actions, but of laws drawn by meni
who considered us so crooked that
they continued to devise safeauards
until our every action was hampered;
and restricted, and we were left little
room for Judgment
i ommltteesi Xol Announced,
"The committees will not be an-1
nounced until a later meeting, and the
appointments will only be for four
months, as new rule? win he adopted
on January : when the Administrative!
Hoard takes charts*. At that time hew
rU'eg will be adopted and new com-'
tnlttees appointed;'1
Mr. pollock nominated for vlee-prcs-'
Idem Morcan R. Mills, whose election;
was unanimous. Although he had op-|
ppsed the creation of the Administra?
tive Hoard nt the time that Issue was
pendlnc. Mr. Mills highly Indorsed the
position of President peters, pledging
his co-operation en the tloor and In
the chair to make the new system
ideal, urging the members to strlvei
tor harmony and not conflict.
.-'eats were assigned the various
delegations. Clav and Jefferson Wards
on the central aisle and Lee and Madi?
son at the ends.
Kor the caucus committee on rules, i
Mr. Pollock presented a report adopt-;
ing the rales of the last Council, with'
the number of members on the various
committees reduced from twelve to
seven, the Committee on Streets to
consist of eljtht members?one Alder- -
man and one Councilman from each,
Mill Ahollab Many rnmnilMccs.
Mr. rollock was of opinion that
th're would be no reason for the ex?
istence of many of the committees
The Electric Automobile
The Electric Automobile has repeatedly proven its superiority over all of
its competitors for pleasure and commercial purposes.
The severe storms of last winter did not affect it. The horse-drawn and
gasoline vehicles wore stalled many times.
Its control is ^ery simple and can be operated by women and children.
Its upkeep is nominal, and all expenses cease when not in use.
It is free from noise, dirt, obnoxious odors.
No insurance restrictions. It can be run into any building and trans?
ported from floor to floor on an elevator.
No cranking, with the ever-present danger of back firing.
Traffic conditions of streets greatly improved, owing to compactness and
ease of control.
For calls, shopping, general use on the streets and boulevards of the city
the electric is the ideal vehicle.
I Virginia Railway & Power Co.
after January I, lfc also thought It
useless to go through the form of
electing Chamber of Commerce mem?
bers of the James River Improvement
Committee to servo but a f. w mouth
all river Improvements being hereafter
under the Administrative Hoard
Mr. Jones ottered an amendment to
the proposed rules making th0 Street
' ommlttce consist of nine members
appointed at large, lit- llrst argument
was that the city should gel away
from the old ward grabbing system,
and the second that South Richmond
should have representation on the
Street Committee, it being tacltlv ac?
cepted that if only one member is al?
lowed. Mr. Pollock would be named
from Madison Ward because of his
seniority on the committee. Objection
was mudu that the law clearly spe?
cifies what shall he expended in
South Richmond und<r the annexa?
tion agreement, and the- amendment
failed by a vote of 7 to 10. as follows:
Ayes?Messrs, Atkinson, Haddon.
Jones, Moore, Pollock, Scat?n and
Noes?Messrs. F?ller, H?ber, Laims
den. Mills, Pollard, Powell, Umlauf.
Vohdcrtlehr, Welsh and peters.
The rules were thereupon adopted
us presented, and undei suspension
tin- Council adopted two companion
ordinances amending the City Code to
carry the rules into , fr-r-t ?s to the
number serving on committees' and
the composition of the Committee on
Improvement ,,f ti,,_. james River. A
resolution continuing the caucus Com?
mittee on Rules, with Instructions to
report rules for the government of
the Council after January 1, with ac?
companying ordinances, was adopted,
ns was a resolution providing for ap?
pointment of a special committee on
advertising the ?? sources of the
Aldermen In Session.
The Board of Aldermen met at T
o'clock, concurring In all of the fore?
going papers relating to rules of the
Council. "Wtlllom Ii. Adams was
elected president ar.d was eccortcd to
the .-hair by Messrs. Gunst, Orondy
and Puller. In expressing his thanks
for election. Mr. Adams alluded to
the illustrious men Who have tilled
that position and to the fact that nil
of the members of the new board are
< vperienccd in 'matters of legislation.
II- predicted a hew ?-ra for the city
and nckfl the co-operation of all the
?member--. < ^pressing the hope that
there will be elected to the Adminis?
trative Board men who will co-op
etate with the Council In the upbuild?
ing of tlie city.
J??rph K. Powers was elected vice
president. Like Mr. Milts, In the lower
ranch, he had led the tight against
the Administrativ.- Board in his branch,
hut had been converted to see many
opportunities of benefit in the new plan.
Hi spoke of the responsibility on tills
CoUncil In the settlement of prece?
dents of great importance, and pave It
as his belief that earnest co-operation
would greatly improve conditions and
that the city will greatly benefit
by the change.
Power? llaps Candidates
? if wjei have co-operation we will
have great .success." he said. s-ome
candtd&te for this board has said that
iie was prepared for war with tl?<
Council, i do riot like that spirit in
approaching so great a problem, and
believe I can say for myself and for
all the members of the new City Coun?
cil that we are prepared for co-opera?
tion for the well-being of the city, and
desire as little of war ns Is possible.
Witli the spirit which I believe pi-r
v.-ides the Council nnd a majority ofj
the candidates for the Administrative;
Board we will make the next two j
years the most successful in the his-!
lory of our government."
In the election of a clerk of the:
Board of Aldermen. Mr. Ounst moved;
that "nature be allowed to take Its
course,'' and Ben T. August continued
In the seal which he has occupied for a
Death of Don Lcnvy.
President Adams announced the
death of Alderman John 1-'. Don Leavy,
for many years .'. n honored member
of the City Council, who had devoted
much of his time to the business of
the city, and called a meeting of the
Board of ?Udormen for this morning
at 9 o'clock at the City Hall to att.-nrt
the funeral. Members of the last
Board of Aldermen, of the Common
Council, and former members, are in?
vited to sit with the Board,
Mr Adams also Instate ted the sef
geant-at-arms to caii Joint session Of
the City Council for to-night for Hie
election of Mayor and clerk to the
City Auditor.
Ships of Vtlantlc l icet Then start for
Southern Drill Grounds.
Norfolk. Va., September 3.?After
tiring on a skeleton mast erected on
the sunken hulk of the battleship s:m
Maroos In Chesapeake Bay. a dozen
Warships of the Atlantic lioct passed
run to sea to-night to begin their an
i.V.I target practice on the (southern
drill grounds.
While no official statement could bo
secured it is said that the mast w.is
completely wrecked by shell-: from big
guns on the monitor and several other
ships In the fleet. Observations o: the
havoc wrought wen- made by .sev?
eral naval officials, who will make an
official report to the department.
The Texas Towed to Norfolk.
Norfolk. Va., September 3. ?Half a
dozen tugs late to-night towed .to th.
Norfolk navy yard the: battleship
Texas, which was recently launched til
Newport News. The big ship yet un?
completed, was brought 'to Norfolk
to be docked nnd have her bottom
pa i ti ted.
She will go Into the new dry-dock
at the local yard, which Is said to be
tho largest in Ann-rica.
Knlchla of Columbus.
The Knights of Columbus will meet at the
home, sio Bast Grace street, to-night at 8:30
o'clock. All members are urged to attend.
Pittsyivania Votes
Bonds of $100,000
for Good Roads
Danville, Va., September it.?Dan j
River District of Pill?? Ivunlu Coun?
ty to-day voleil on nn Issue of
sioo.fKin to build fifty miles of road, I
Demoralisation of the phone ser- !
vice liy Btorm precludes full re?
turns, hut aggregate Agares from
two of the Inruesl of the sl? pre?
cincts show it vote of i j 7 for tu ;
no imnliiHt the proposition. The
larger uf the two prcclnels voted
In the rntlo of eleven (o one fur
bonds. The Issue Is approved he.
yoail doubt. Thin will lie the first
bond Issue for roods In Ilie county
? time* the normal rn>>rt
This downhill strain mean*
wasted enerji?tired borte*
Motor Trucks
The Follies of Animal Transportation
When a team of horses pulls two or
three tons up ;i hill, say of a ten per
cent grade, they become pretty well
tuckered out. Then' is a great strain.
The effort required to get the load up
tli*- hill would doubtless equal the
effort required to pull the same
load two or three miles on a level
street. Result: nn/ tired horses.
But if you stop to consider, it takes
also some effort for a team of horses
to hold back a load coming down a hill.
It doesn't require as much effort, of
course, as going up, but there is con?
siderable energy expended. And every
ounce of it counts with horse or animal
Every step lessens a horse's energy
for the day. At the end of the day he
is a tired animal. Through the day he
must have his rest spells?his recesses
from hauling.
Alco Trucks nre built by the
An Alco motor truck never tires.
Going up a hill is without effort.
Hills make no difference. The si rong,
powerful motor of the Alco pulls the
load up in less than half the time it
takes horses to descend.
In going down the hill the powerful
quick acting brakes hold the truck
rigidly in the control of the driver.
There are four different brakes. Two
of them are on the rear wheels in
drums. Two of them are the loco?
motive, or clasp, type of brakes.
They are on the jack shaft.
This is not presented ns a major
argument for installing motor trucks
but it is a major argument why you
should look into them and find out
what they can do. Make the start by
'phoning Monroe 2666 and ask to
have an Alco Transportation Expert
call on you. No charge.
American Locomotive Company
920 W. Broad St.,
Uutributon aL?o ol Alco 6-cyUcirr and 4-cyltndci M *
Monroe 26c5
Motor Trtirk vs. Horse?
Alco Arjitmrv.t No. .?
Three-bait hit?Mag?e, Home run?Ludcrua.
hits?Kagon, Mo ran. Wulth. Sacrl
! ??? III??Cutshaw, Kllllfer. Btblen buses?
Daubcrt, Cutshaw. Double play?Fisher to
Cutshaw to tMubcrt. Left on ba?c??Brook?
lyn, C. Philadelphia, 3 Klrat buse on balls?
>jtt Ktnnoran, 1. Struck out ?rty Kagon, 7;
by Ftriheran; 3: by Seaton. !. Tune of game,
1:30 Umpires, Klein and Orth.
Cincinnati, O. 8ept?nib?r 3.-The :u>da
bunched their hlta off Woodbtirn early in
tro- kume to-day, ami secured 11 lead which
the cardinal! could not overcome, winning I
7 to 1 Sugga was strong all lt:e way. letting '
go ?her. inward Hie end, he hud th* garni
won. Tin- Itecl? mole tlx liana on Jtogvr |
Ureinahan. Scores
Cinclnnnll. Si. 1.Is.
AB l: II OA AB 11 it o A '
Bescher, if. 1 1 i l 0 Itug'lns, ib i 0 0 1 i|
Martana, ct 0 1 ; f OGallo'y, Sb;S too 1
llob'zel, lb. 3 0 1 ? tMagee, lt.. 4 A I ." 0
Mitchell, rf 4 4 1 1 OMoivry. 3h I A 1 0 2'
Phelahi 3 b. 4 . j 1 SKon'hy, lb 4 0 0 s l|
?rant, ail. 3 Evans, rf? 4 0 0 ! 0
Egan, :b... 3 0 0 ; : Mauser, at. 3 1 I i 3 j
<Marke, c. 3 0 15 OOakea, of.. I n J 1 |
?ue,->, p.. ."Ill OBrea'On, f I n 1 5 I
Woodb'n, p 5 0 0 1 I
?Etil? . 1 0 1 0 0,
Burke, P ? ? " 0 0 0 I'
Tot.,1 a 32 II Totals ..34 1 SCI 12;
?R fo Woodburn In seventh
S<-ore by In-.ilng;: It
Cincinnati .t I 0 A : ft 4 A ??7
St. Loud*.4 '1 A i> A n 1 0 0?1 I
Summary: Two-bare hit?Marian*, Sai si?
nce hit?Egan Stolen bares?Beichte (3),
Mai-sani Hoblltzo! Clarke (it. Left on
b?a<a?Cincinnati, 7; St. Louis, 7. Double
play?Oakes to Breanalum. Hlta?Off Wood
burn, ??: Ott Burke, 1, First base on balls ?
Off -urea. !: elf Wood burn, ft, Struck out ?
Bv .*urg?. I: by Wood: urn. *.: by Burke. '.
See Eirypt, llie Pyra
the palatial
?r> luxnjry of tbo
lodern hoteln
.ttftSt JAN. 28, 1913
Visiting IM'.M'IIAL, CADIZ, <.I lilt VI?
i-nirr >*in, JAFFA, IHSVUOWP,
in ?'.(>, AND N API,BS.
$325 AuNeD
Send fer hill Information.
*. It, Bowman, 70S Bast Main Street
Itlvbuiond Transfer Co., 809 ;:. Main St
TAMPA AMI Itr.TlttN.ail.no
Sept. 17 Only !
Return Limit,
Sept. 24
Aalt any Senhoard agent, or ad?
iff, s r.R.wtn. n. p, a.,
Rntelgh, s\ C
rt. VAUQlL\NMit.OYD, D, P. A.,
. Itlchmond. Va.
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau,
uo The Times-Dispatch, 1
10? Hull Street.
Phone Madison ITS.
Alfred Tyr.es. colored, arresld on the gen
erai charge of having eighteen pawn tickets
in his possession and on the particular com?
plaint of stealing a gun. surprised Deputy
City Sergeant Thomas Neal yesterday by
leaping from n street car on the way to
Police Court, P.irt II. nnd making a safe
break to the wooded slopes of the river at
the foot of Hull Street, whore he picked ]
out a successful hiding place a close search
Of the neighborhood had proved fruitless at]
? l it- hour lsst night.
Xhe car taking Deputy Neal and his prl?-j
oner from tlie City Jail to the roller Court
roundcrl Into Hull Street from Seventh When
Tynci made a sudden break. In spit- of the!
fact that tu *ius tightly handcuffed, nnd
bet?re tue officer could give chase he had
ruu several TTlocks.
Ohl Offender Arrested.
''pen the Identification of a former pat. I
Henry Miles, colored, was arrested yosterda* i
afternoon ror mabbir.g William a Murray,]
ed, in front of n movlng-plcture show]
in Twentieth nnd H?ll Street* on August it]
of last y?ar, He wn. taken into custody by
Captain Wright nnd tftfleer \\". E. Way mack.
Innsmuch a? the victim of the cutting re?
covered from his wounds, Mites will be nr
ralgned only upon the charge of malicious
."tabbing. Miles mode his escape on a|
t. :,::it car .hist after the cutting, nnd h .s!
been living In Lynehburg
Funeral of Mr. Broaddu*.
The. funeral of Robert r. Hromldus. who
died Sundar morning ut his residence. HI)
porter Street, took plac? yesterday morning
ai :? ?,'?!",?!< from the Balnbrldgi Street
Baptist Church There was a very In re
floral offering, and the funeral was !.irge!v
Attended. The burial was In Maury Came
The funeral of Julian Atwell win take'
place ?t 4:M o'clock this afternoon at the'.
Central Methodist fhurch.
The funeral of Mr.' H.>tt!? B. Mathews. ,
widow of r>t. Thomas P. Mathews. took I
place yesterday afternoon :.t 4:S0 o'clock nt '
the Dalnbrldge Street Baptist citurch In-'
t. imem was in Hollywood Cemetery.
Hill As-iime Charge Sunday.
ricv. Decatur Hd wards, of Frederlcksburg.
Va., who was railed to the pastorate or the
? lopton Street Baptist Church some time
iigo. has written that he will arrive In
South niohmond this week and trill prearh
at both services Sunday.
Police rotirt Kant,
Oeorg* Mann, a carpenter, charged with
trespassing on the fnrm of .T. J Roberts In
Chesterfield Pountcy, was ordered to tie
turned over to the authorities there, by Jus?
tice Maurice yesterday morning
t.ttlhin Mozec. colored, was arrested by
Oft bl N'ewm.in on a warrant charging h. r
with nttenipted assault upon Alice V.'addell.
colored, with a knife.
.lohn Dean and Wilbur Hock, both colored,
?er. i i!<en Into custody hy Officer Ttaughnn
for fighting on the street.
"Wooilninn. spam tnsi tree," shouted
Raleigh Fleming at Sylvester Freeman,
colored, who had threatened to eul down a
handsome sycamore on Fleming's properly
on Old Dominion Street. Freeman took sev?
eral vi hacks at tt with an axe. and was nr.
:.?t l ah the charge of trespass and mall
clous mischte'
(iencrul New? Notes.
! Frederick W. Smith Is spending a few
dr.. ;n New Tork on business.
Justice .f T Wlllard and fnmlle ?re matt?
hur a weeks' visit to Mr. Wlllar.l'a fnm
i !n Itoeklngham r-ounty
MIsi Bessie Bfigloftoni of m Mark street,
and Miss fielen Mahoney. of ITU Balnbrldgd
Sriet:. lift yesterday for a visit In Albc
rnarie. County,
England Uns Made no Demand for
Arbitration of Canal Controversy.
London, September 3.?A complete
disavowal w as Riven'this morning by
the British foreign office of the so
called oftlclnl announcement that the
British government wdii formally de?
mand arbitration on the Fnnama Canal
tolls question?
"The lines of action which lie before
the British government are now being
considered and any announcement of
the kind is premature."
This Is the full text of the formal
statement given out '?>>? the forOljrn
office this morning In reply to requests
for ?etalls ns to the reported demand'
for arbitration.
In regard to the publication of the
report, the Officials of the foreign office
said In the Urst place It was wholly
incorrect, for no announcement of any
sort had been made. r.r,r even decided
mi h>- the British government.
The statement purporting to b?
offlclul was Issued by the Press As?
sociation nnd the Central News, two
of tho leading news agencies. It ap?
peared at an hour when It was too
late to obtain Independent confirmation
or denial and all the London news?
papers printed It this morning as n>
Instead of this helnc the case, how?
ever, the Panama ' anal question ro
mains In exactly the same position it
hns occupied for some time. Tho
government will. In all probability,
propose Its reference to tho court of
arbitration at The Hague, but the
on thod of submitting It to that tri?
bunal has not been decided upon.
The foreign pfhec has beep, through?
out unspoken In Its conversations with,
representatives c/ the press in the
statement that arbitration la the only
possible course.
!And the selections are always
of tho highest class, Con?
torts afternoon and night.
invites you. Its cooling
breeze calls you. The music
by the Chicago Ladies' Sym?
phony Orchestra will charm
Catch a Car for Forest
Hill Park.
Tanner Paint & Oil to.
1417 and Bast Main,
Richmond. V?

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