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iBcnton 1- W ild, "but Gregory,
Who Relieves Him, ['itches
L Fine (iamc.
elding Is
hber s ?i"ltic!r\n?ti
:r :rr>m Chicago
I ? i. r g?r> , who
M tn
Umpire Urcnnnn fer dlip-.i::nc a defr
t -lit uKn. t'lucllKjpll.
?U i: lib A AJ! It 1
Shcck'd, < ; ? .-, 0 ?(?*? hi r lli i
Miller, rr.. :? p i a i Kai? y. ef.i I
[Tinker. 4 C ! . : 11 . T I. lb 5 I I
(SSIm'an, 3b. 8 c 2 o MUuli'i, rf:
iSnlrr, lb . 1 a ! C D PhclBn. 3b J i !
? ?
) i ? - ??
?ver* H
?<?:!. Ml;
ilil'ii, I I
Hi fc ir Fti
ininii -.o-.in: . to
?from ihtj first Ir
jecunlr.' "ieln nil
l?i ror.?.
.Inj: nv* !!? :;cr..v
to.it:>.. and then 1
jail the nail
lenrey ant! \\ ???:.?
St l-ou'?.
the Caraiftali by win
rhc |:a:nc w.i, p farce
<? four pMjttB in the!
itlti wai . iLttcd In In
All U a ? A
or..- . -
atasee, :t f
fSml! . .ib 1
Kint j. :*.
Xviiu, rr .. 4
i Hau?. :. s'
?I v a y, . . I
tvinc- e . 4
v ibu'rn pi
: 1 2 0 BS rn . .'
i s o : Di nils,
itte yt'afeiier
3 0 Wilson, rf I.
0 g c ?? tonlf, p 1
n l Hi nd'x, r -
n 0 ' .ir.ir.it?. p '
.... 1 0 1 0 S
(let Irl? 4 In JS Inntnt?; "ft Woedburti.
In S Inntnts first bane nn balls?Off
teelr. 1: otf caniiiltx, j; pit llendrlx, 6; off
f*< I of) v. ... Ibtirn, l. Struck out?Ily
?i.'l ' ir:-.. 1: by (Vrlnrr, 3; by Hondrlx, 4;
>? Camnlt*. - Wild It?Steele, P?ised
til?Simon Tim ? ot tit me. .' Ijo?rti Unt?
re*, O'Brien end .ini.n?tnni-.
Itlehmoutl (inn (.'lull.
The shoot yesterday afternoon was
.-ell attended, and those present had
he pleasure ol witnessing five e-xpcH
hots on the tiring Hue. a very uuusunl
iccurrerice fdi a local siicmt. Miss
itl mad
th< s
Clarke. Ctoodlor ami
11 shot in gtiod forth
id showing fur the coin,
present. Clarke w.n
hi? Ilfty straight in Iho
Stori foi thisi iionor,
8oj hl? tola. scoi. was ninety
Wiltjti 'yeas SM'COltii high With
3-. '
T!o> 'i
< It
Gordon Motor Co.
National League
kksi I ts t BS1 KI?D v ? ?
n. i oiils. nytttilMirph, 13.
i Inclnnntl. i": ' hUnis?, f.
Other uiiiii.? not -
iii il.
ii tiii: < i i im
< Ii
i Mcnuo
< liifliinntl
> rnr
. tot
>?. HI3KK I IM.? I*t JA * I "-Ii \ 1 .
Ilohton nt Phllnth Iiibin.
Itrtitlkl? r? :tt \i v. t ork.
Other Kinnen nol ?ehetliilcili
mm race
Three America!:- and Three
I'rchehinen lo Conipclc for
W< irld's i hampi< mship.
Speed Contests Will lie Held on
Course at Clearing. 111.,
Gordon-Bonnelt Race
llmr fur vrorld chatnplorifthlp niut
15,000 frimcs *ll?cr trophy, donated
in inn- bj jnmr* cordon Hennctt,
\atlann eon test Ins?America nml
rill presem
mi hour.
Jules Ve
? rili
iii-nnrti coarse?iis-i.n
miles, reqiilrinK ihlrt; Inps around
ii 4.14 miles course, marked bj sis
p ? Ioum nf *tccl.
Prct'lnn* wl n tiers?(.lenn II. Pur?
lin, Inter lea, in inoiti t InuHe firn
bump-Whlte, l nulluni in lOIOi
Charles Trrrm U e? mnim, 1 merles,
In I(l|I,
Chicago, September s.?Everything]
is in readiness tor the Qvd?h Bennett!
championship aviation r;tr.' at thcl
Aero riuli of Illinois course nt Clear-1
ing. Ills, to-morrow. There win be six
contestants, three Americans and three]
Frenchmen* The American team se- \
lected to-day consists of Glenn Martini
who will ily the Chicuiro Defender;
De Lloyd Thompson, who will complete |
In Newport machine, and Paul Peck in
a Columbia. I
I'ranee will he represented in the I
raise > Jules yddrlhes and .Maurice
Provost driving Deperduasin mono-,
plun'csi and Andre Kre'y, driving a|
Hatirlot monoplape.
The contest committee of th< A * i i
Cliih of America hold several meet-1
lugs during the day, at which Until
rules for tin race were ill elded upon.
The race may he run any lime be- j
I ween half an hour ajfter sunrise and
half and hour before sunset, ttccordlngj
in the iiil-!-. If the weather Is fiiv.-l
oriiblt the raci will, It is said, be rim
bet we. ii !>.:3? and 11 ISO A. .'.1.
J isles V'edrlttes, one of the French
entrants, mail. several trial spim.
around the curse toidity at a speed ot
108 miles an hour Audi,- made! sev?
eral iticuits of the course ;it speed
of : I miles an hour.
The Chicago Defender, which will
be driven by Olehn Mai tin has nol
I" i n given ii trial, Martin spent tn
ditj supervising a it mil overhauling o
tt.,. 160 horse-power machine with]
which lie expects lo win ih. pri/.e. j
lliiii.tleiip Itnees.
monoplane and biplane handicap races,
I It hep
f mil i h 11 no a, ropla n
given by James (lord
Cl idi .White, Kngiand'g best
known Blrman won In seventy.one
minutes four seconds in the first 100
horsepowci Uieriot monoplane built.
Mfred dane f France, led in the
;ac.e in a s'.nilrir machine up to the
Trnpbj (..us lo Dnsiand.
ted l"i in lali on tie laid oi Blioppy
: it Kiistchurehj hil< I, ??buries Tor
] Anici Ii an entrant
I .gain, went up in a lOO-horscpowcr
' N in itioplaiie and captured the
i It.:' line (,,; in? 1 :?') U'lonie -
I tier was elghty-om ro\niitea lhiriy-slx
Si- Opds, a spen i .of sevi nty-i Igiil
I mill - an hour, limn a world's record,
Lol anr iitfntn alter the world champ
1 lonship, hud to contest himself With
Champions of the James River Valley
THE ??( OTTS^ I l.l.i : 11 VSKn.M.I, rr \ m.
Outclass Rivals in American ?
League in Getting Bases on '
One of the reasons the Boston lied
Sox have scored so many runs this
season and ure tu far out tn front (n
t! < American League pennant pursuit
Is thai the stuhl warts outclass their
rivals in obtaining free passes from
Opposing pitchers. Records compiled
to August 111, inclusive, reveal the fact
that the pace-setters have had 440
bases on balls lavished on them since
the campaign started, and that their
regulars -Tils Speaker* Duffy Lewis,
Larry Gardner et a).?have worked
twirlers f><- transportation oftbner
than 11 the members of certain sec?
ond division teams?Cleveland, for in- '
While the Red Sox were obtaining
4i" passes, tie- Nationals were acqujr
Iris and tii- White Elephants 879.
The individual pass lift shows clear?
ly *.vhy Tils Speaker, whom nVOn>"
persons have the hunch will be the
winner of tlie Chalmers car that is
presented to the player in the Amer?
ican Dengue who is m ist valuable to
his team, is the hading run-getter
in thi junior league, and also show's
ebrurlj why Eddie Collins, oi the Ath?
letics, who hasn't come anywhere
near making ills 200th base hit. has
managed to eri.ss the plate over 10O
Neither Speaker nor Collins, how?
ever j Lad-; the American League bri?
gade -if pitcher workers. That honor
Is held (or was nn August 31) by
Morris Rath, ChtieogO's '.. Ud-?fl man.
who hriti received eighty-one passes.
Owen Hush, Detroit's diminutive short?
stop, with eighty gilts, was a very
close second. Collins, with seveihty
IIve bases "n balls t" his credit, was
a mighty good third, and then followed
in the oi.ler named Sliotten, of St.
Louis, 71. Speaker. of Boston. 55;
Hooper, of Boston, .*'4, Harry fiord; 1
of Chicago, 53: Hansell, of New V"rk.j
51, and Gardner, of Boston, 60 other j
good waiters are Milan, of Washing-|
ton, lind Daniels, of New York, these
men biilhg sine to receive more than
liflj pusses this season. Dahlejis has
everybody lit the American League
heilten In obtaining red cross passes,
having been awarded first hare lh|r-i
teen limes because he has been hit byj
pitched Kails. Collins, oddly enough.;
hasn't beeil In contact once this year]
with a wild}' Hung sober.-. Here are
tlw me p.-. ' Walters on each team to
August el. Inclusive.: i
Boston - Speaker, Hooper. 64; j
Gardner, 50: Wagner. 4<;; Lewis, 16. j
Washington Milan. 10; Moeller, 15;
roster, i- Morgan, nr.; fhanks. j
Philadelphia- Collins. 7:.; Strunk,
I".. Baker. II; Barry, l.nrd, :'.9.
CliiengO Bulb, SI; Lord. 53; Bodlc,
/.? ?.iii. 37: < 'oil Iris,
Detroit ?Bush, 80; Deluhanly, 42;
.ion. s. 30; crewferd. 3i>! Louden, "7.
<?;? eland Grnhoy. ilackson, 361
Grip p. Itynn, 26; Birmingham, 28.
N? ? \. VorH -llarlzcib 51: '/inn. I?.
Daniels, 15; Martin. 12; Simmons, 24.
St Louis Sliotten. Ti; Wallace, 2?;
Austin. -V ll?gnn. 27; I'ratt. 2".
.id, being two minutes Slower
Can Weymann.
Speed alone determines the winner,
tbeijc i.eing no restriction on the cohf
i Con of the aeroplane. Because of!
the high speeds attained, few nvtn
The hydroaeroplane, or airboat, aVI-1
outside id the military lionllietUlphS, I
trhiiH-nt machines, Th4 contest}! mm t j
i continue live days, during which races
and contests arc evolved to demon
stritt? how tlie multiuse machine play
be guided on the water, he raised Into
the air and flown ns a Hying craft. i
In addition, rfllclency prizes havo j
been offered, the contests being the
I number of passengers carried, the
length f time one. two and thTco ex-!
'tin persona may remain aloft, and oth
! er similar competitions.
riu in ... flexible, short stiff-bosom
11 attached, with separate
' collars to .n.it. h,
IOur I nbei is Vour Guarantee.
No. 713 F.. Broad St.
classes will be
Horse Show and Race Meet to Be
Held by Albeniarle County
H unt.
[Specltil to The Timcs-Dlypatch.)
Charlottesville, Vu.. September
The Albermarlo County Hunt will lydd
another lior.se show and race meet on
1'hursdky. October 17. at .Madison Park,
just west <>r the University ol Vir?
ginia, which promises to even excel the
one w'hlch was held there on June 1
The event will mark the opening of
the fall hunting season, tirid society
will be out in full force. Among tna
women who art expected to ride ar-.
Mrs. Reginald Brooks, of "Mlrador," one
of the l>nghOriia girls; Mrs. B.I) Tay?
lor, 0f itichmond; Mrs. Sidney J.' Hollo
way, of New v>rk. Miss Itoma lluselton,
01 Plttsburg; Mrs. Allen Potts, of "llap
pj Creek Par'm," Gbrdohsville; Mrs. Ju?
Han Morris, of "The Oaks", ami Miss
Hilda llollowdy. of New Voik;Mlss Her.
ta earth, of "lngleslde,'? and Mrs Uh
Ham Pitts, ol t:;i- city. Tlie following
classes will be shown:
Class l ? Ladles' hunters. Ladies
only to ride.
class 2?Hunt Team. In hinting
costume. To be shown over natural
country about on, mile.
class J.?Corinthian Class. To b'.
shown In hunting costume, over nat?
ural country about one mile. Only
members uf recognized hunts to ride.
Class 4---Steeplechase for thorough-,
brcdS, About tWO mlbs.
Class ;e -.lumping Class. Open to all.
class 6?Steeplechase for half-breds 1
About two miles. I
Class 7 ? Halt-Mile Unco For Karin-,
crs. Thr.e prizes to, be given.
Class S?Mule steeplechase. About
1 1-2 miles.
Six handsome silver cups have been
donated by the following parties: Mrs.
Kotiert Crawford. of Kcswlck; Mrs.
William Harth, of "lngleslde"; Thomas
C. Coiilon, of this city; Edwin i>. Meyer,
..f eEdnam"; ,no Madison Park Cor?
poration and Hie Rod-Land Club. Mrs
Crawford's cup has been received. It
is a handsome sliver vnse. IS Inches
tall And viiluel at $100. This is to >???
given i>... winticr of the ladies hunter
Nearly all of the classes are to be
ridden in colors.
Illahlauil Stock Exhibition.
[Special to The Ti.mea-.Dispatch 1
Monterey, Va., September ?.? rhe
third annual exhibition of the High?
land Live St.- k Association, heb! hero
last week, was the most successful one
in the history of the association. The
attendance was far In excess of last
year, that of the seeonl day reaching a
figure close t i 3.&00. Many visitors
were in ntti lidnnce from other counties
and from West Virginia, nhd they were
loud in their praise 'f the show, espe?
cially ns to tin- grace mid horsehmn
shlp of the women riders in the local
A number of fast hor?es from j dis?
tance were in the ring and afforded
entertainment for the ?? -ip|.-> not often
seen outside the classy or metropolitan
horse shows.
Whcaton, HI.--. Septemhci 3.?Kor his
detent in the (tnui annual chninpl?ll
sblp tournament of I he United States
tbdf As-o. at on by Jerome I). Travers,
of t.'pper Montelalr, yesterday, "Chick"
Evans, of Edgcwntcr, the Western title
holder, to-day gained some consola?
tion when ho won the qualifying medal
alter a play off at eighteen holes, with
Harold II. Hilton, the defeated Hiig
Itsh player, with a round of 72 to "5.
Evans's piny was brilliant and flaw?
less with the excoptlon of the seven?
teenth hole, where he putted Into the
rought G tee. then to a bunker and
then took a 6, one over pnr. Evans,
however, hnd the modal won by this
time, ns he still had a lead of three
strok.!. starting for the home hole.
Where Evans excelled to-day was in
his approaching. He picked up his
flrrt stroke on tho third hole, where
Mr. Hilton missed a putt, and at the
long sixth he holed out In a 4, after
Hilton had pulled himself together In
great shape after a visit to a bunker.
At the ninth, Evans gained his third
stroke by holding a Six-foot putt for
A 2, again Ohe under par. He was out
In :;:. to 3^ of Hilton.
Over the last nine holes play was
fairly level and par play for the homi
I hole saw Evans carry off the medal
I with hin throe-strike lead.
Event on October 8 Under Aus?
pices of Warrcnton Hunt
[Special to Th-> Times-Dispatch.]
Warrcnton. Va.. September 8. ? The
meet end races of the Warrcnton Hunt
Club, which will tnke place >n OCtobci
S on the eour.-e at W. F. Wilbur's farm,
will be the next , vent of this kind In
this section of the Old Dominion. The
entry ilht. which is in the hand's ot
the s- retarj, William S. So wet a. is
ntllng r?ptdiy, and from present indi?
cations the meet will be a most nUCjcess
fui one. i'he attendance, which, reached
3,000 In the spring meet, it Is believed
will pass this number this yen:. Judg?
ing from the numbers of Inqulrte.* and
ini irmiiiioii being sought at ihh. lime
by many from tho larger Cities, as Wl I
its all over the state of Virginia. T. ??
course and grounds are Doing pui. lit
the most porfect condition by tho com?
mute o In charge, and tiw Inn' hoon
which Is served on the grounds ul tho
recess hour, und winch la always a fea?
ture. Is In the hands of several of the
women of Warrcnton And tvlll bu
handled In tin most fdhvchlcnl and
largest bands in Washington has been
engaged mid will be In attendance tne
Whole day.
The judges have been selected from
some of the best known horsetn tii In
the country, and the races are under
the rules of the National Steeplechase
and Hunt Association. Thi events arc
as f dlowsl
Class No. l, for green hunters, h u i
thai have never won a blue ribbon?
first prize, cup; second and third, rib
Class No. 2, jumpers, open to all?
til-1 prize, cup; Second and thlid. tlb
'':.o-s No S, lightweight hunters?
Ilrst prize, cup; second and third, rib?
Cjiass N >. ??. middle and heavyweight
hunter.---ilrst prize, cup. second nhd
third, rlbbo.-s
Classes and C iire costume classes,
ajid it cup is offered for the funniest
exhibit and tho prettiest exhibit, re
| si.lively.
Class No. 7, saddle horses?first
[ prize, cup; second and third, ribbons
Class, No. s. combination horses. A
? i cop Is, presented to the win
ii. of this class by the Warren Orcon
II .tel.
The. costume 'lasses Will undoubt?
edly be the features of the tnornlng'.H
niitertiilniiiciit. The lira! race Is nn
oped race for thrce^ye?r-olds und up?
wards, cup to winner. This raci la
known as the Scramble, Tue second
race Is a htihters' steeplechase for
bona-Ilde hunt, tj* and in bo ridden by
g'entlemen riders in full hunt ||v< i Ii
The Clip for this race Is known as the
Unadvlew clip and is presented by
Samuel Wlllettn. '!'... merchants' purse
Is offered the winner .ti the third race.
Which is also nh open steeplechase for
three-y.;,t-olds and upwards. This
race will be about two miles In length.
The fourth rar.- is the Warrcnton Mil?
itary steeplechase, f?r four-year-olds
and upwards, the property of tho
United Statrs governinenl ar officers of
the army, navy or militia, ('up in win?
ner, and to be i idden by officers In
uniform The tiftli race, the master's
cup. Is a steeplechase for nuitlifled
hunters, for which a cup is offered to
the winner, said cup being presented
b\ William K. Wilbur. M, r. ii. War?
rcnton Hunt (iub. The sixth r-'ico la
the Farmer?' Steeplechase, for horses
the property of fnrinen' if Fuuquier
ami Culpeper Counties who are not
members; of any recognized hunt cltib,
horses to have been owned three
months prior to the closing of thcBo
entries and have never started in ;i
recognised race course, to be ridden by
farmers or sons of farmers. A purso
of J75 Is offerbd In this class, and for
the spring- meot this purse will be In?
creased to $150. The seventh and clos
I Irig race Is a mule steeplechase, about
I one mile. Catch weights, and ;t cup
'will be presented to the winner I'he
Army Steoplechase, which wan won at
the previous meot by t.lctftenftnl .1 II.
Dickey, mi Knight of Rlwny, Is also
an event of Interest. This ra e rne-t.
Ii is believed, will prove the bu*t of
Us kind ever held In Fouqulor Count p.
Special Mntlnee,
Margaret M.iyo's Creates! Success,
Polly of the Circus
Prices; Matinee. 25c to $1 OJ. Night,
26o to Sl.ua
American League
Hl-sl i/rs % BSTI Hl> \ ^ .
Detroit, St. Louis, I.
CIiIcmko, -I < I""??? Imml.
Otber isninen not acheduled.
STAMUXCi <>r Tin: ci.uns.
Club*. Won. I nsi. |?.C. Yenr,
IttratoM U- :is .Tos ,.|sn
1'hllndelttbla 7ii .c.o:t
WuKlilnKtwu . Tu ?l ,51M .11."
Chlviiiro . ?u <;.i .4?? ..|.,|
Detroit . Ml 72 .10!? Ji\n
Cleveland .... r.s r:t . 11:: ..vu
N.-iv A nrk. 441 s| ..T.-, | ?-,;((.
Si. I.oujn. IT, S!i ,a4(| ,o.,j
WIIKR13 TDK I PI.A1 TlbU.tr.
No Raines MVhi'iliilrd,
LTriion Write?
Superiority in Materials and Me?
thods t iiyeri as Cause of
Berlin. September S.?The brjat
squeal of The London Tiraes'a Olyi
plo games *peoiai correspondent ,1"
the alleged tootles of tho Amerlc
team at Stockholm, finds ho vestige
Oernian official recuid of ; . , tni
published In Berlin iast week;
man Amateur Athletic I!iilon, who \v
In charge1 Of the German represent
lives at Stockholm, baa compiled
200-page volume dealing with eve
opportunity he praises the Amcrli
CO in Petitors In unqualified terms.
Herr DUni Will go to thi Chit
methods, with a view to Inaug ui ati
the lsi ?; oi) mplad Iii U> rl.n.
"America,'' *al<] Her; Diem, "is n
solutcly the only country which t
anything to teach us."
1 r..- following excerpts from IL
Dlem's ortic inj record at the .St..,
holm games show whin tu? highi
Herman athletic authorities thought
tlie American performances In
Swedish stadium:
"America's rivals at Stockholm wi
wont to complain, among other thin
time tue Sturs and Stripes went to the
"I could bring myself to get <-xett?d
about this. In tact, 1 found this sort
? ?r enthiisjusrh sprang from the must
fervid patriotism, and denoted only the
enviable spult of solidarity and tri'
that my own compatriots in the grand?
stand had followed suit. 1 observed,
moreover, that the American 'rooters
embraced many opportunities to ' he> 1
rion-American winhi rs
games whs the totally tini xpectcd mar?
gin of superiority of th.- Amerb m over
the European competitors. I can only
repeat here what 1 have said Often j
elsewhere, that tin Ainerh in achieve
nonts were simply the result oi a
healthy development.
? i trie encounters frequently the view
that the American ti am at Stockholm
consisted of prodigies, freaks, and pi
fesslonals; No explaiinlion of tli feai \i
easier, none Is ??> calculated to :
.? .
disc. I wish to say lure, with till em
phAsts, that nobody's 1 pit '...:, about the
American team I? worth hcarliig who
did not see it at Stockholm fa.ee i"
"I do not unintentionally publish a
full page photograph of the American
team In this volume, lijilinjigh ordinar?
ily sucn a picture would have Interest
only for Americans. It IS pfiirfectlj
plain from this photograph thill Ho
American team eonhlsted of n group bf
rarely uniform men, trained on Up?
right physiological lines. We. can con?
gratulate ourselves If We SUOCCCd !>>'
the employment of modern training!
methods in developing human material
of the some sort. <iur men, lalt ?
them ono by one gavo splendl 1 hi
counts of themselves, only our op?
ponents, especially the Amen, aus.
ent. r. il ibetU r nu n. It was, of course,
11 special disappointment that even our
premier sprinter. Hans Braun, suit.r.d
defeat at the hands of America. Urn in,|
prloi to Stockholm, ranked even in
the Cnlted States as Invincible.
The history of the past few weeks
lias altered this conception, whether
with right or not need not be discuss-,
ed. Oraun's defeats, at any rate, were
a typical Justification of the princi?
ple of elimination in sport?the prin?
ciple which seeks out the best avor
age In a given class and continues Hie
weeding out process tin the supreme!
best Is discovered anil .levdoped
Perhaps, even a t ? a r ngO, America]
bad il" sprinter worthy of Bratin's
Btcel. When, however, America began'
pondering over the bleu?unbearable^
for her?that there was; one single'
foreigner who was superior to any?
thing she possessed, she simply went
to work by the most careful training!
I to find a couple of athletes who .suf?
ficed to humble even Braun.
"We possesH a Braun and cannot j
supplant him overnight. Perhaps
America hns not at present a Braun;
; yot it can shortly, If necessary, produce
' nix like him.
"That sums up our position as com.
pared to America'8."
The geueral conclusion at which
I Herr Diem arrives is that America
swept the board at Stockholm because
she was represented by d team over?
whelmingly superior in material and
Arrested for Murder.
Montgomery. Ala.. September 8,?A
special from Docatur, Ala, state: that
Will Lacy was arrested lb- re to-night.
charged with killing the fodr.teon-year
old daughter of S. S. Smith find se?
riously wounding the girls fathe,- nnd
mother. The CAIIRQ of the shooting
In not known as details ol the tragedy
are lacking.
In Seventh He Triples, and Tlicn
Races Home on Passed
Walsh Is ?ff-Form, While Mit?
chell Gets Urilliatit
Mi September s ? Ty Cobb
' run in Ida seventh inning to
R?V? Detroit a ? to 1 victory over
<.obb tripled tind then cum? homO
id us . ii ?j? .i pitchers' battu
?eiifiational throw to the biet? i
St, Doiun. Deli oil.
AU K " o A .? il n It o A
Sliotten, ef, :i i l ; gOmara, ?;?. 1 0 4 2 1
liliowh. ir . .i .j i i a cotnloii. Si, < o o t t
1:40 Umpires, *.v.
'''*n'\. *n<! u'?rr *'"? th? neldttis (cat
< lev eland. f bi< ?Co.
ah B 11 O A ah I>. 1! (1 ?
Turner. Jb. t ! ; o s Rat!:. 4 0 c 1 ?
'I J ' Msttl'ki cf I : i i I
>IORItl< TO i Vlimi'l STH IM.
AT M.W \ OlMt STATU I' Mit.
*a won
ond .in 1
In the Minor Leagues
. Doulsville: Doulsville, 4 Colum
Paul, t . Kansas City,
At Montgomery: Montgomcr
minghttm, _: trailed In elghtl
At New ??rl. anr; New Orl*ai
? ? .
At Montreal: .Montreal, f,. Toronto, t
(first game), Montreal, 1, Toronto, e
At Newark: Newark, 1; Providence,
7 (first frame), Newark. 8; Providence,
(second game).
At Jersey City: Jersey City, 0; Bal?
timore, c (first game). Jersey City, 6;
Baltimore, 3 (second game).
Matinee nml nlubl?"Pollj of (lie.
II 1.1? > ? .
'The Trhvelliip Salesman."
( (11.(1 \ I \ 1..
\ nndevllle.
BIJOU This Week
Rest Seats, i cents.
Milliners Tors.. Tfcnra, mill SHt.
' James ForbCs's Comedy" Drama,
"The Traveling Salesman"
The Little Theatre
vriernonn ine Rvcnlnsra
S I.? 7 P. M, 7 ?<? I I 1?. M.
Four moving pictures and a song,
two pictures of which are brand-hew.
Special scats reserved for nurses
I with children. So each until 7 P. M.

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