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r imp >W%0R-1b$mM
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Coroner Taylor Shocked When
iic lb Called to View Body of
His Grandnephcw.
Rutherford Witiglielii, seventeen
y. ira old, Kori Mrs ICmnin Whig'1
i ? ill. SIS West Main Street, was
t.: iwhed yesterday afternoon at l::lfl
i 1 k white bathing In the Dock .it
tin fool of r went .v-six tri stu -t
WiitKlieiO, who was employed in llio
tided t" tili- a swim, a hit hit which
'Ho v ;-.id been in bin n few minutes
when bis companions saw him disap?
pear beneath th<( water, and when ho
did not ctttne ko the surfnoi In a few
minutes theiy became alarmed, 11 was
was shocked to ilhd It thai ..f his rela?
tive! In Ms official capacity Ol Tay?
lor determined that the youth had s f
ferod an attack oj i ilffestlott of tin
grtttidmothorj Mrs. AleN i inns
Cftlonrl stern Pletisfld ?Ith Rererd Sind) Us
first Itnltnlltiii.
Ploughs Through Roof cu
??Winnsville." Near Kork Union.
Inmates Escape Unhurt.
The guardian iiiijr'i I, .1 . ich nn entity
exists outside of lietloti. was strictly
? ?
years, In particular h? stood with1
drawn sword over ''Wdiihsvilip,'' 111 - ?
ancestral liohu:j "i lir, joint K. Winn.l
The lightning bolts ploughed through!
the root of this old mansion burying
the bed in one of ihii ^Vicst rooms tin?
der 1th avalanche 0! inlilng piaster.
I'm tun,Hi lv the rOoth kvuii unoccupied I
and nottcj of the inmates in the house
received anything but a had scare.
"Winnsville' is situated in a grove
of stately oaks heat I'orlt Union, ami Is
occupied by Misses Willie, Luck, Anna
end Elisa Winii. l-ihilltp /, Wlnn. a
brother, lives near by, but both his
dwelling ami Hie lidjolnlng drugstore
which he conducts escaped the storm
ol U Union, broke .shortly,
clock 1:. 'he. n ornina and last
I 1 ?;.. r ?, . ,;, ; <.\ nil uts an.I to I ' lib
. ?
1 would hardly go into an Cl<
[ tlon to-night.
R., I. & !'. Takes Was
Noi Reached'.
All-JJay Discussion Ucsti
Nothing to Lie ?lachi
l to 1
i <>ili Mil, UcpiCHelUcd.
' t rtior .Malm. J? ?-? It. ti. lTUillia, Judge
leid and Mat tili i'. Uttrks, tile lattiir
(of Washington .nut Ueo University. A 1
illt-Stl ttcIV ptcS-lll. US u ??!'?.? l'l'CMldcllt
I William )i. VV litte, Asslsiuiit to the
i'icsi lent \V. l >. LiuUe, Alexander;
I if nmllton, director ami counsel, and
! A. i HniMnii, attorney, relireseill.il!;
Ute lUcriniond, Frcdeiicksiburg und
Tn. State's commission, constituted
j by an net of the last Legislature, be
gun Its nice ting .a 10 o'clock, being
; lolhfd an Hour later by the railroad
I people. Tin' discussion continue i li ti -
'ill 2 o'clock, when the entire party
went to the Executive Mansion for
: lunch, as the musts of the Governor
.mi Sirs, Munii. Itoluinliig at :t o'clock,
the conference was resinned, continu?
ing until iieuri) i o'clock last night.
Apparently I'niieii.
It was ,|iin. evident that the partlos
did not y. : together, ami that other
I con fere ht-se must bo held. This Is
rather disappointing, since It hud been
hoped thai the disputes of half a cen?
tury between the State and the rnil
rdad would tit last he en.led. However,
it may he that only minor differences i
? xlst, this b< lug a matter of surmise.
There Is a belief that on,, of the
dlfllcliltlca of, thi- situation Is the feel-:
ihg of the counties through which the|
railroad runs that they nh tild have .,
part in Hi.- precedes of the compromise;
which may he effected.
The law Under which th,. special
commission Is pro,.Uhg provide*! ,
that In no event should the road pay)
less than the nmount of State fran?
chise taxes for the years Uli und I
:: ! ' This leaves nothing mandatory,
so far at the counties and the cities
of Itlehinoiid and F rodcrlcksburg are
? io.I Still. |t Is hardly thought1
probable any public trensury Bavo
that of th- Si.,te will be benefited ill!
the collection of bade taxes. All lo-|
call ties will gel full taxes In the fu?
ture, If any agreement at all Is ef-1
I'eeled, since It is provided as a pro?
fs*, islia 11 ?I settlement that the
i hmond, Froderlcksbtirg and Poto-1
in lie l:.nil- :ol shall B?fre^hder Its rih
..tit charter, which exempts It from;
nil taxation, mi.! gel a itcw charter,
rending In Court*.
Th- Sun- clillms soniolhlriK like a
quartPi .?! million dollars in franchise
t ices, running buck over the years j
since th. adoption of the new Consti?
tution Judgment for the Common-j
wealth was given by the Supreme
Court of Appe.'ilS of Virginia, and ah
appeal ? as taken to the SupremeI
Court ei the United States, Where it'
is still pending. The probabilities of j
winning or losing these play their .
part tn the perseverance of cither side \
In urging its claims to compromise.I
The :i:.->t proposal came trim the;
'railroad, which offered to pay the j
ftatt. his- nixes for 1911 and 1912?i
' minimum under the statute. TMs,
of course, ivas retuBed by the special
ominlsslon, which made a counter]
proposition, involving. It is said, pr ie- 1
ti. nlly the entire claim of the Stnte.
Thin was also rbtusedj und yesterday's
Conference was held f"r the purpose
of trying to t together. It evident?
ly falb.I t'Jr the present.
Promotion? Take Kffrrl an soi>n sa .Men
si.uni Kviinilriutioii.
Mlnij of
int nig)
Jr. ilr^i
No. 10.
up any Mfo. 12, to t
.v.. l"i Frank
fudge Watkiiis Does N'ot Believe
Steward Con Guilty of
Political Activity^
Will Have Statement To-Day.
Directors I lave, Not
Tried lo Meet.
Denial is made by otllcinls of Iho
ol lo (orward ;!>?? cnndldue.v ..t lt? pre
... i.
Judge Asa U. \Vatklns, seCretury und
?.. .il. i <.i ill.; school.
. ;.:i opinion to tin- effect that no
tjuOfutn of the boat*.] 01 directorsexl i?.
Kin'ue no such question has arisen, No
meeting of the directors lius been hold
? o attempted to t>v held, ami none will
lie held uiitil October 15. There Is.
men. no occasion for alarm if the
board has no quorum, since it will not
be called ?pOii to do anything for more
than a month.
Further. Judge Watkins states that
he iooi not believe n. M. cox. of the
school, has been politically active.
tlnvcmur'm Act Ion IJImcukmciI.
it has inen charged that Governor
Mttlill is holding up appolntim nls of
board members to till Vacancies hi' e.x
i pirntlon of terms. In order to play poli?
tics In the Fourth District tight Oho
of the directors whose terms have ex?
pired Is Mr. Turnbull himself
Tho Governor said last night that
he would probably give but a statement
In regard to the matter to-day.
It has been reported for weeks that
Mr. Cox, who is steward of tin school,
and Is regarded as a ltepubllcan( had
been actively working for the renoni
Inatlon of Congressman Turnbull. it
.- Hi rtaih as anything can be that hit?
ter complaints of Mr. Cox's activity
have been ihh.de In high oillcial places
by friends Of Judge Walter A. Watson,
Mr. Turnbull's opponent, who Haye not
hesitated to say that they feel in ho
good humor toward the school and are
disinclined to help it.
The explanation would >.>..m to he
thiit these complaints came to th
Governor. He had promised to reap
point the old ooard members, Includ?
ing Mr. Turnbull, hut was told that
the activity of Mr. COX would irt.atlv
It 1 ?::??? the school. It seems now like?
ly that he will hold up th- appoint?
ments until after the primary.
The point seems t i have been missed
?that the Governor found or heard
there was politics and held the mut?
ter up until ht could Investigate, or un?
til no political work can he effective,
.Indue Watklus'a letter.
The statements In Judge Watktns's
letter, which contain information on
the subject, are us follows:
"To the Editor of The Tltnes-Dtspaten:
"Dear Sir. ? I have been connected
with this Institution for twenty-seven
years, and bclluvo I know the men
who are connected with its manage?
ment, and knowln - them as 1 <io, T
say without hesitation that the sinte?
rn? nt concerning the activity of Mr.
B. M. Cox, In support of Sir Turnbull.'
Is without foundation, In fact. I am'
Informed that Mr. Cox Is In sympathy
11!i Mr. Tumi, il!. Which, In my OPlh-j
Ion. Is natural, inasmuch as Mr. Turn- j
b 111 has 1.11 the president of the J
board for many years, and Mr. Cox
has during nil that time been its faith- j
ful and oniolcnt steward and th. !: re-j
Irtlonshlp has been most pleasant and
"Of my own knowledge. Mr. Cox
has not been active In tVUs political
controversy, or any other political
controversy, either national, State or
county, since his connection with this
school, which has been for more than
seventeen years, and has voted only
onci during that time fbl a presiden?
tial candidate, nnd that candidate was
at that time voted for by many who
are now prominent In the Democratic
"The lnaecurary of another state?
ment should receive notice. The
stntcnii nt that I cave it as thy "opin?
ion tl.Mt no fiii?rum war present" Is
without the semblance of truth No
question of that sort has arisen' or
could arise, inasmuch as no such meet?
ing was had, attempted to he had. or
eve,, contemplated. Fo- twenty-seven
years of my connection with this
school nti meeting of the board bus
ever beeti held at the beginning ol
Manx Cases Pending on law and Rqtitt;
< a.ort Borket.
.tiiclc.. Beverl! T Crump, after having
spent n vacation of ae.ve.ral weeks nt Kock
bridge rtaths, up tied the September tern
of the Law n-l Ktulty COltrl yceterdnj
mornin* The term ?VIII prehnbly contlntli
far thri ?? months! An unusually lau
docket was called ar.d many eSaeri act fo
i nnd f.erdli '? Ctrtrnett qtihllfiei
to prai lie! lav P this flirt. Pructtcolf!
token tip It: the hearlnt- nf rome botpmoi
taw cnae ?lhci thi Hist day 'if Inet Feb
rourt ril! nf these except iwehty-eeven hav
In? been arfiin'h tried; ni.alrto this, ther
. i, ? of ihc coon Plnee .''ids? Crump'
npt'olnltnent on November M 1911, lite reeoi
?the 1 id." '?, ,h( p|ly Hj,h,
"h Uatattwn Friend
ago (a ni< lily good otic, by the way). We thank hi til.
? ,trc ofoiiit? to Use ii. VVc wan I liiiii to know how we ap
?cijlle hi- interest, <?<>? ?1 will is the greatest tiling in the
rid. It is that intangible something which is the fburida
;i inf nil business?it is ah asset from the thousands of cus
hers ? f the
American National Bank
of Richmond, Virginia,
lioil canilol he estimated in figures, (live us your GOOD
HJ.: wc ate endeavoring in every way to ronler YOU *
i Complaint of Slow Work
i:i Track Reconstruc?
Pavers Charge That Quarry
Lobby Is Holding Up
t ity by Delays;
The ilr.-t sltipmcht of asphalt blocks
t-'i privliig thu roadbed ot Broad Street
.I yesterday and were Stacked
tin sidewalk, west of Ninth
Street; There has been much cont
i lulnt at the slow progress ot (he
tni i It i. construction on Broad street,
and at the small force of men emplOy
. . . ihe work of replacing the conduit
system. *
Building material blocks tnn south
side ,.i It road Street m several places,
the conti actor fur tn?? iieiv theatre at
Ninth aul Broad having spread his
supplies over three city blocks?alon-t
Broad, Capitol and Ninth Streets. Even
with th. precuatious which nave been
taken It would be very dltllcult to gel
the lire apparatus out of the Broad
Street engine house in case of sudden
Dandle inrr Worn.
Mope has apparently been abandoned
of c\< r finishing the repavlng of Main
Street between Fifth and Seventh
Streets A few nogroea dawdle about
the Job. resting much of the time, but
ti e;, have managed to complete a largo
tractors have never failed to secure all
Irai :>*. Tfu part outside of the car
tracks la Untouched.
Although the contractors for city
street having are getting a much
hlghei prit ? per square yard this tea
sc n than they have ever before ob
ilncd, th.- work has never been so
unsatisfactorily executed. The city
Englhoor has brought case after caee
<>f delinquency to the attention of the
Committee on Streets, hut the con
lilcors have never failed o secure all
the extensions they have asked for.
In fact, doubt bus been expresse 1
whether any penalty could be collect?
ed under the form of contract used
by the city. No such penalty ever has
'?? < n coll. cted.
Combine nt Critnllc ?t unrrlrs.
The contractors?there are a half
n or more firms doMnquent on
street paving contracts?say they are
unable to g< t the granite blocks from
the quarries, am! charge that a com?
bine of the quarry owners has been
formed to Increase prices and hold up
the city. The fact that all bids for
street paving were much higher this
year than heretofore was repotted to
the Committee on Streets some time
ago by Cly Engineer Charles E. Boil?
ing, but the committee has not taken
the trouble to look Into the charge that
there Is a combine of the granite
quarry owners.
The paving of Rohlnson Street from
Broad to Main, ordered last April, has
I never been touched, nnd there. Is no
material on the ground. Broad Street.
; west of Hnrrlson. has been torn up for
ithree months, and only a portion of
the paving has been done. Contracts
for paving a half-dozen alleys nre un?
touched, though months of open sum?
mer weather have elapsed, It Is con
? d. d that many city Jobs are now so
long d.day-i that they will remain
ti through the winter, and that a
? onsiderable part <?'. thiji year's street
fund will revert to the treasury.
Itabney to Spenli ut sail-burr.
B ? ?M rWilliam T Dahney. nf
the Chamber of Ci.inTo. rr... will leave here
to-m?rro? nlsht for Failtibury. N. <? . where
he will se the riiiat nf th< Salisbury Indus
Club on Thursday nleht. The occasion
be n Mb meeting tor tr* purpose en?
tnimmt new members, nnd Mr. Dahney will
be .-,ne et the principal speakers. Incident?
ally hi-, will have aomethln*; to say rCffardlnif
the Roosters' tout, nh'-y. Is soon to Invadu
that part of the country.
Health Hoard In Session.
The Hoard of Health was In ?e??!on last
nlrrht for a few minutes, transacting only
routine fcuslnr'S.
judge Waddill
Returns From Sunitner Wander?
ings to Take Up Fall Docket
of District Court.
Judge Edmund Waddill. Jr., of the
United States District Court, accom?
panied by his family, returned to the
city yesterday after a mouth's absence,
at White Sulphur Springs, Atlantic
City and other resorts. lie spent a
short time in his office In the Federal
building yesterday, g' Ing over the bus?
iness which bad accumulated in his
The regular fall term of the United
Sintis District Court begins the tust
MO tula] in txtoij. r, v. itli a number ol
Imporlani Cast's oh the docket. These
Include indictments against several
distilleries, two from llenrlco C?un
The prosecution win at ihli term be
conducted i y United Slates District
Attorney l>. Lawrence Crones, who was
recently appointed 10 succeed Judges
Uunsford L Lewis Mr. Groncr has
not yet announced his appointment for
lite assistant district atlorncyshlp to
llll tin vacancy caused by the resig?
nation of Assistant District Attorney
Robert M. TaRey.
No announcement of Mr. Tnlloy's
essor, .1 is exported, will be in ado
mull a floe iiiv conclusion of tho Oc?
tober t? i-i)> of court. Mr. Talloy's resig?
nation wits' 10 hiiVo gone into off, ct
on September I, i>iu lipon the urgent
request of Mr. Croner he deterred nis
withdrawal from the government bit
vlcc lo assist the now district attor
1 m the prosecution of the cases
which will come up during the Odo-,
her term.
.\ number of Norfolk lawyers, as
well ns one or two from Richmond, it :
is reported, are after Mr. Talley's joh.!
The ap'polntmonl will be made by At
t?rhey-Oeneral Wlckersham upon ino
rcoommcndatlon of Mr. omner.
IV. K, < inrko Klerled Policeman.
Vi', R, Clarke. 61 Clay Ward, wai ysior
day elected a paliolman to succeed '?",
Martin >t .1 meeting of iho ricnrd of I'ollro
Commissioners, He will he ntislarned for
duty In th? Second District Martin re?
The Student's Wants
Can be promptly supplied here. All necessary
Fall Apparel to take away with you. Every?
thing right in price and right in style.
Gans-Rady Company
Philip P. Winston Quickly
Rallies, However, and Is |
Now Recovering.
Philip P. Winston. Clerk of the I.aw
and Equity Court, suffered a severe
attack of kidney trouble at h's ol'.lce
at the city Hall yesterday afternoon
just IbCtore <j O'clock, lie was removed
to Grace Hospital, and after treatment
tp hla home, l'JOT Grove Avenue, where
it was stateij last night that the at?
tack hud yielded to treatment, and that
he was resting comfortably, it there
is no return of the trouble, Mr. Win?
ston expects Vo be at his Ofllce again
In a few days.
Although eighty-four years of age, |
Mr. Winston has appeared In his usual j
good health s'nee returning from a
brief vacation trip In the mountains .if
Virginia, and has been each day at his;
ofllce. Yesterdny the court opened fur j
the (ail term and there were many
duties which kept him closely on
guged throughout the day. Mr Win-1
ston had complained of being 111 dur- j
lug the day. but remained at his ofllce.]
When the attack came, aid was sum?
moned from th< Board of Health bfllce
Just across the hall, A taxlcah was
ct.led and he was taken at once to
Grace Hospital where he received
treatment which was so successful that
he was later moved to his home.
It was staled that Mr, Winston Is
subject to these attacks. While sell- |
pus in their nature, it was stated that
hla recovery wai prompt and that ills j
condition last night was In every way
Mr. Winston has been for half a
:entury one of the best known men
In Richmond. He was born In Hanover
County May 20, 1 % - s. coming to Rich?
mond in 1M". He served as deputy
sheriff and sheriff of the Clt j :? r
thirty-live years. He lias a gallant
record as a Conti derate soldiCr, and is
past commander of George E. Plckett
lamp, Confederate Veterans. He was
appointed clerk of the Law and Equity
Court v Judge II C. Minor on Ma: h
12, iS94, having slnco been re-elected
without opposition.
bxptatna Shortage In Uli Arroiintn utnl
Charte I? Dropped.
William C. Dnrnelt, manaa>r of Bernard.
Frances 4 Company, who wag arrested Sat?
urday oh a wsrrnr.t rha.-T(nic him with
Mealing 11?. '.mi acquitted yesterday morn?
ing la Police Court.
The warrant for arrest ??i sworn cut
;by J. C. W'Ue and Arthur M Cannon* re
"I' d! o! Thr Freed Company, aliened bank?
rupt, of which Bernard-Frances: is a part.
.They had found Darhett, they eworf; short
In hu a-eoun!? Barnett, however, aatlifac
lorllj explained the situation lit had used
the mon?> with which to purchase stre 'a
f-.r the store.
Ills explanation all accepted, and the re?
ceivers requested that the chared ?xalna:
i h:m bo dropped.
Vesrrnen Pay sum, Pinea for I arrylng
Concealed Weapons,
1 Oarland White nn-1 Herman Taylor, both
colored, were fined 1100 and cost* each yes?
terday- morning In Police Court for carryllng
concealed weapons
Jacob Harvey, colored, of I?" Brn/)tc Ave?
nue, and Alle Her*, colored, si ::l Henry
Street, were each lined ?1 ?nd casts for
maintaining objectionable resorts
S. *. Itosendorf and W IV Learhan were
arraigned on a eharte of fighting at the
llroad Htreet Park. The latter was fined 110
kr.d costs, while Itosendorf was dlamlssed:
F. W. Lewis, in Voluntary
Bankruptcy, Declares Assets of
$1,148, Liabilities of $59,029.
F. W. Lewis, of Morattico, Lancas?
ter County, member of the firm of
Lowis-Lnnkford-Tuli Company, now In
the hands of receivers, filed a petition
In voluntary bankruptcy In the rnlt
ed States District Court yesterday,
naming 159.029.62 as the amount of
his liabilities and $1.1IS.5S an the to?
tal value Of his assets.
The petition follows a similar pa?
per filed about a month ano by F. O.
Laukford. substantially the same crert.
itors being named in both. Together
with A, 10. Toll, of Lancaster Couh
ly. they Jointly Indorsed paper for
Iure? loans from banking houses, and
individuals In the eastern section of
this State and In Maryland, putting up
tin capital stork of the embarrassed
Lnwls-Lankford-Tull Company as se?
curity. A paragraph In the petition
filed yesterday by F. W. Lewis sets
forth that the company Is probably
Insolvent and the stock wortnieas. ?
Gordon Tull and .1. W. Chlnn. Jr..
of Irftncaster County, were appointed
rec< Ivors for the Lewis-Lankford-Tull
t'ompany by an order of the Circuit
Court of Lancaster, entered last Sep?
tember. In the schedule of assets
filed yesterday by F. W. Lewis. ?100
is entered aa the estimated value of
Till shares of the capital stork of the
1 ompnny, having a face value of $ir,.
The principal creditors nnmrd in the
petition are: L. P.\ Munford Hanking
t'ompany, Cape Charles. $26,313.33;
Conway. Cordon A Qarnett. Freder
Icksburg, $:'..10n; Farmers' Rank of
Somerset. Marlon Station. Md., $?.000;
1. W. Gunby Company. Salisbury. Md..
$1,953.48; Farmers' and Merchnnts"
Hank. Kilmarnock, J2.5S6; C. W. Lank
ford. Franktown, $700; A. B. Tull
Oyster Company. Marlon Station. Md.,
$10.171.76; Williams Brothers. Inc..
Norfolk. $106.05; Estelle Smith.
Mealhsvllle. $r,,000, and W. K. F.og
eis. p'rederlcksiiurg, $1,600.
Judgment Rntereil.
Judgment WS? entered y?sterd?v In the
Law and Kqulty Court In f?\or nf the Blt
urdlng-Carneal-Davta Company agulnst W.
*$. eimmi for ?lM.Ta.
Richmond Line Must Pay Its
Viaduct Engineer $2,000
and Costs.
By virtue of the act of the Supreme
Court yesterday In refusing a writ of
error to the Citizens Rapid Transit
Company, now the Richmond and Hen
rico Hallway Company, mat concern
must pay to \V, r Marshall the aum
of j2,uou. together with sundry costs
and Interest. The money was earned
by Marshall as an engineer In the
construction of the company's viaduct.
The l-iw and Equity Court ol this city
gave Marshall Judgment, which must
now be puld.
In the early days of the Clt'.Z'.ns'
Rapid Transit Company, when :t was
trying- to get money to carry out Its
plans. John C Robertson, a promoter,
employed Marshall as an engineer.
This was on May 25. 1301. The hoard
of directors ratified the agreement
with Mai shall at a meeting held on
September 10 of the same year, at u
price of 1200 per month, subject to
the consummation of a deal to finance
the proposition. At that time a con?
tract had. been made, but It faj'.o 1 to
secure the money.
Pleaded Limitation.
Marshall worked until April t. 190?,
when his services were dispensed with,
He did not bring ."lit until August,
1903. *nd It was plonde 1 that the
statue of limitations applied in fur?
ther defense, the company pointed to
the fact that the plan for financing
Its affairs had fallen through, and that
at iast. almost In despair after the
franchise had been renewed three
times, aome of the stocknolders or?
ganized the Richmond and Henrl-o
Railway Company. transferring- its
franchises and privileges to the new
concern In return for one-twentieth
of Its profits.
Marshal; charged that this transfer
was '.one by \V r. Jer.ltlr.s, John <"V
Ilagan. W. S Forbes and 8. I. Kellcy.
owning nearly r.Jl the stock In the Cit?
izens Rapid TritSisli Company, for tin
purpose of hindering, doinvinir end
defrauding Its creditors Rather in?
cidentally. Marshall claimed that tho
transfer <->f the franchise by the City
Council was Illegal.
The Law and Equity Court, having
learn<-l that the company had futids
In the Main Flreet Rank, directed that |
they he used to pay the claim of Mnr- j
Marrlnsje Liren**?,
' - foltpwln? marriage Heehief wer? If*
? :??! y?flterday In ?>.. . N-rK'n .?fTlc of Tl-?
HufilnKf Court: .To in H Tlrnir. of Rooky
Mount, V. C, and .Vmni* Virginia s-inmn,
: v Henry N Ttirkor snd n??i*! t,
Kuhn Kdward I. Mamh and Mona K. M
Daniel; Kdward \v. Farmer nr. 1 Lillian 1'.
Around the World Cruises
Eastward October 13th from New
Westward February c. 1313. from Saa
llo days??650 up.
AH necessary expenses included.
For details consult
??on i:?,( Main sirr.-t.
Redipped Roofing T'n
Reliable in Every Respect
McGraw-Yarbrough. Co
Wholeaole Plumbing Supplies
122 South Eighth Street,
Richmond, Va.
Phonos: Madison and Monoe 929.
Shoe-Repairing Service
No nail work. All sewed
Men's Shots Half-Soled; 75c: Heeled,
Women's Shoes Half-Soled, 6.r,c; Heeled,
Wagons call and deliver everywhere.
Phones Monroe 13.1S and 1353.
Good Roofing
and "Pearl" Roofing
the Same.
Gordon Metal Co.
Richmond Corrugated
Paper Company
817-810 N. Seventeenth St.
Works, Office,
Phone Moijroe 327" Madison 725

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