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\ew York
Slock Market
mcioioxb stock market.
it nr r'-r.jt.j.jiv'nc bind?
!o wr loft Int ' ? ?t m m b, ',n
?? ?'?* ... rtincatt? ?f lotivi
Official Range and Sale of Stocks in New York
BY THuMas P.ltANCH & CO., ).;.. r.kc i
< ll.ulntf.
Open. HikI>. Low. lii.j Sales, stock.
t1"1 International Paper ? 1?
l.l'" tin Palter, pld. "?
\?? i.ohiuh Valley .M
I.iti.:. tt arid Myers, com .H
UIkki ii nnd M ??'??>. ptd. II?
1 ? l.orllluiii Toll ' '?? PI*1' H'?
N itlohal
!!<"!< Isi
h' a boa i ll A i
Southern l'i
Southern Iii.
Sii ah, rn I;
s:,iiidai i i M
Teilncsi. ?? ?
Texas Pae'li
Union i'.i .:
I' 111 ? ?! .-'in :.
' ' II It I ?! Si iti
11.' lllv.
? I p
Wnbash, ,>f,i.
%: jv^terJi i:nUrsV-: |$ g? ?
{?J.Vi VVcyman-Brutoh To. Co, .,. J&
!k ... Total sales for day 400.!&'ahajri>'a'
_^_Totaj Sales for Week (three dayY)SKlsharea
--? . ??irrnoon trse market
Prl it moved up to a level of
ilnti oVer yesterday's e:o?e. which
ted much selling or. the part of lor.ss
' '? ? reullzi pr?>:'.:?. Spot cotton
an i . be* '? middling, v.v .
- ?
ps closed steady at net advance of
point*. rio??. Crp'.cmbet. lie?; Oc
Di at 11 January, H:
.. ..ir^?. it. M er M
burr; :? ; :4
hurry S3 ft 21
rs exceeding
ritOltl < K M VKKCT.
lltCAfifl GRAIN M VRRl
No. 3 <n?wl. q HI
Virginia. i>ag lots (new). ft k}
Richmond, Va.. September ll,
ilowlr.K .ir' the quotations uti the Rich?
mond Kay Exchange:
Car lots?Old or . New
No. j Timothy. u ;j 50
No 2 Timothy. jl.OO 0
No. 3 Timothy. 4? 1C 00
! 1 Clover, mixed. Sl.flO o
No. 1 Slover T.ix.-ii. 3?.M if
No. ; Clover, mixed. Nominal
No : Ctbv< r. Nominal
- clover . Nominal
? rn \W?.-..nmr- ssed . 0 s 00
?expressed, large bale*.. 1; 10 ?a
Load your cars 10 thnt hay at dobra rep.
r< >?? r.ts contents arid thus avoid rejections
? market crar>s hay in accordance
ih( National Hay Association.
(Pales at Union Sto-k Yards 1
>rt of th, ilvi stock market tor
.: ? ommon to rsur, t ?. ; ? :
? . medium to good,
in to (air. :-i u i-ic ; best co
medium to ?.ood. <irt!,.-.. co
Scptt mber 1! ? r?
^ ::.c. hither. KU
?of. Beeves
.. 4.40: weati ra d ?
II -Beeves?Receipts
low r.u ?-? ?; . pt?tloni en the Rich
Tobacco Exchange:
Ml-ftl! INT.?C5 MARKETSi
?? ? September 11?Peanuts ?
:?" Spanish. . per bushel; No. 1
, per pound; No. 5
shelled Spanish, J\c per pound Vira-lnlas
M?k.t quiet: fancy jumbo. ?c per pSundi
^ handplrked. Ifce. per pound:
TT L ; ^ POr P0Und: nrlm'- Zc - machine
picked. 30. per pound; shelling stock Cc
per pound
dry goods market
New York. September U--The cotton goods
market* are steady v.ith the trend to-w?rd
rtrmness In prices Jobbers report an active
trade with nearby retailers. Worsteds yarns
are very iirm. Knit goods and hosiery ar?
active for fall de.1v.ry. anj many s"tap:e
? mills are engaged ahead tor three.
t Rosin?Steady at a . . r*celpti
e s. Tar--Firm at $2.30. Crude Pun
? anaah. CJa.i September '.: -fTurpentl
Rica. iZ barrels
M MtlVf. in i El 1 IFKXt I
Steamer Berkeley, Shelly, Norfolk, mer
cl indite nnd passengers. o:d Dominion Line.
Steamer /.tiror*, Furman. Petersburg and
James River larding?, merchants- and pas?
sengers, Furman i.in?.
Steamier Brandon Hhrney. Norfolk mer?
chandise ?n>! passenger*, Old Dominion Line.
Steamer Pocnhbntas, Graves; Norfolk and
James Rivet landings, merchandise and r.as
(engcrt, Virginia Navigation Company.
Sti Inter Aurora; F?rrn?n? Petersburg anil
tames River landings, merchandise ar.d
: .
Second Day's Session "t ViiRUstn Bnp
llal Vssoclntlnu.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Harrlsonbure, Va<. September 11.?
With about 150 delegates here from
.six counties thlrty-seVenth ar.nuil
session of the Augusta Baptist Ass -
liitlon opened it- second day's scssb ri
hre this morning in the llarrtsonburg
it -? 1st Chtirch.
All Old officers were re-elect'd for
another year, as follows! Rev, George
> Greene, of Clifton Forge, modera?
te: Df, John W. Wnyland, of Har?
ris inbtirg, vice moderator: Dr. O. F.
'.. jjOry, f Stnunton, clerk; C. E.
Fretweil Of Staunton. assistant clerk,
i: it tiorrell, treasurer.
C !?: Fretweil, of Staunton. was
fleeted dciegnte to the Southern Bap
list Convention in St. Louis. Mo., in
Ca] Church, of Millhoro Springs,
w ? idmltted to membership in the
ReA ;Iohn H. Taylor read the report
?: orphanage at Salem, sh iwlns
185 children enrolled The new build?
ing, made possible by a cift of Sie..
by .1. C. C'nrpenter. of Cl'ftOn ForBe.
will he dedicated in October, and will
accommodate forty pupil?.
Xctv ministers enterlpg the district
? lurini the \---ar were Lev. K. C. Davis.
Pit - : Glen. Rev. R V. Hopkins'.
? Healing Springs: Rev. .1. M. Frank?
lin, of Greenville: ltev. W. L. Britt. of
? t lart's Draft, and Roy. E. C. U'ilmer.
i.f Marlhrook.
Rev Ed. .1 Riehards-on. a field sec
renrv of the Ariti-Saloon Leapue, lec?
tured on temperance last night, re
? ??? ng the work in Virginia and the
nation and regretting that the Demo
rats Were oh the wr.,nc side in Maine,
/:? attributed the wet victory In Har
Irlsonbure three! years ago to the addi?
tion of .-sixty negroes to the voting
lists, and declared that representatives
of liquor Interests from Northern
States spent Six weeks here before
tiie local option election. He men
tloned the fact that five of the State
Senators who killed the enabling act
I last winter are Baptists,
Condensed Statement of the
Virginia Trust Company
At Close of Business September 4, 1012.
Loans and Discounts. $1.702,227.32
Bonds, Stocks and Investments. 252,257.01
1 in nit ure and Fixtures. 0.000.00
( ..tsh on hand and due from Banks. 416,316.44
I oral Resources.$2,460,so 1.67
Cash Capital. $1,000,000.00
l ndivided Profits . 101,468.63
Reserve Fund. 25,000.00
Bonds borrowed to secure U. S. Deposits 6,000.00
Sei aside for interest. 6,000.00
Sn aside for Taxes!. 1,648.94
Deposits. 1,320,084.10
Total Liabilities. $2.160,S01.67
3 per cent allowed on deposits, subject to check.
Dr. Alderman Reports Demo?
crats as Self-Confident and
[Special t.. The times-Dispatch.]
< ii.irlolle.svlllc. v.i . September 11.?
M: Edwin A Aldeimam president of
the University <?: Virginia, has re?
turned home from Castine. Maine,
where he has been spending the ?um
inor. with Hie exception ot u visit t >
X. w York. t<> attend a meeting of t'l?
Southern Educational Board. Iiis wito
and sou will reach Charlottcavllle
within the next ten days.
Dr. Aldermun reported politics as
very Interesting- in Maine. lie said
that the election held >h Monday was;
uo indication ot the situation in No
vetnber; that it BCemed t.> hint that;
t ? :? was very strong probability ? >'.
the State going lor Wilson. The Dem- i
.. rats iw were hever so self-conn
(lent and di tcrmliii d.
While President Alderman did not:
ehre td rophesy absolutely ns to the
? ?
that there will u material increase >r
students. Ail indications point to an ,
exceedingly generous attendunce in all
departments. The correspondence dur- j
. :
vcrslty opens olllciitlly to-morrow, j
though lectures do hot begin until]
Monday of hext wei k. Entrance exam. :
Inatlons have, be.-n In progress slnco 1
the Oth and will conclude on the Hth. j
To-morrow, Friday and Saturday are1
registration days.
School Board Holds Tlint It Sets llnd
Example la Pupil*.
Kellogg. Idaho, September U.?
Teachers In the Wnrdner-Keliogg
schools will bo notified before the
opening of school that they will not
be allowed to attend public dances,
and the-.- will also bo ordered to put
step to the girls in the public schools .
Ising either powder or paint ^ ?
t. at t .
.i bad example for th? children, and
that the teachers are not as well
iiuailued to work the day following a
i Although there hns not been m.i'-h
? powder and paint used by the pupils
ti c bdard took cognizance of the fact
that a few have appeared In the class?
rooms with artificial beauty on th.-'.r
MKIVIIN?. OF \i. < I I ?
Officers und Ilrlcunt.-? la *>int<- < <>n
rentlon Elected,
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatchil
Amh-rst, Va., September 11.?A
1 meeting <>t the Amherst W. C. 7. U,
was held Monday afternoon at t o'clock
? at the home of Mrs W. K Smiley, at
this place, for the purpose of electing
ofTlcer.s of the organization and dele
galtet to the State convention. The
? lection resulted as follows: president.
' Mrs W, K Smileyj vice-presidents.
I Miss Mary c. Rill?, representing A seen
! slon Episcopal Church; Mrs. w. s. Og
den, representing Emahuel Methodist
Church; and Mrs .1 m. Colemah, repre
t.ting th? Amherst Baptist Church;
i recording secretary, Mrs W, A, Bal
doclt* corresponding serretary. Mrs. \V, ]
Ward Mill; treasurer. Miss Carrie .-"ray;
superintendent of medal contest, Mrs.
.1. r. B?wm?nj superintendent of flow,
er m ssl?h, Miss Mary C. Ellis; auper
I Intendent of almuhouiie and convict
ramp work. Miss. Kate d. Tallaferrei
superintendent of i>oyal Temperance
legion, Mrs T }?. Pa vis: assistant
Miss Jaris Cunningham superintendent
[:of mothers' club, Mrs. T .1 Cunning-!
ham: superintendent of press work.'
I Miss V-rn Joyner
The delegates to lh> convention are
I Mrs. W. K. Smiley, N,-s t !?. Davis
and Miss Kate Tallafcrro; alternate,
Miss Carrie Se&y.
The series of revival services In the
Presbyterian church here, conducted
I by Rev w I. McElroy, evangelist of
the West Hanover Presbytery; closed
last night. These meetings have been
! In progress for ten days, and much
>od has been accomplished.
Mayor Mkii? ReaoliltlOBS.
I Mayor Ainslle approved yesterdav
Inn ordinance authorizing the Mayor
to execute an agreement with the Old
Dominion Iron and Nail Works for
.the laying of a twenty-inch water
I main across Helle Isle for the water '
' Supply of South Richmond. He also I
approved a joint resolution authorizing
the Virginia State Fait Association to
j.-t;in-.r banners over certain streets, and j
a joint resolution lnstrurting the
{Building Inspector to submit an estl- !
I mate of the cost of r.-furnishing the
Council chamber with fitting? and fur?
niture of the type used In tl.e hall of
|the State Senate.
I IREMl.-.i. -..?uP.lcK Or THE SOUTH.
Trains Linvo Richmond,
?v. B.?Following sched?l? tiApuh.ish
> fd as information und not Kuarantcsd:
I For the South?Dally: *:.0 A M. Local
j |0:V. A. M Express c '? P. II, ii.xptess
? *itn electric lighted Sleeping Cur for ai
.aata and Birmingham, 11 Ii p, .?L Express
?. ' P. M. local.
4M P. M.?Dally.?Connecting for Bait:
moru lion. w.?. at..! Friday, toe a, it?K.M.
r>uo. and 2.1* P. M.?Mob., \v?4. ?&u b'ri
Trains Arrive Richmond.
From the South: e.^O A. St.. A St
'2:00 P. M. s 06 P. M. dally; U:4i Kl. Run
Prom West Point: 9:30 a. .%!. truly. 11:36 a
H. Hot.. Wed. and Frl.. 4:2S P. M Ca bua.
h. b. BUROESS, I, p. a..
?07 e Mala St. Piien. tt?dl?nn 2T1. 1
Norfolk & Western Railway
Schedule in Effect Auguc ;, isu.
Leave Byrd Street station, Richmond for |
norfolk: l<b:lJ a m , ??:08 a. U.. t? 0? :
P. M.. M:l0 P. Me bT.Ji P. li.
a. M.. *9:i0 a. M. ?1:00 p, m., ??;? p. m.
AriUe uuhiuonii from Norfolk: ,ill:40 A.
II.. oil a. 11., ?6;? P, m. b:o.:: p. ?|?
?ll:ao P. m. From the W.st: "t:i~ A. II.,!
?2:1? P. id.. bl:? P. II., ?t.vj p. it.. ?j.?? P j
? Iially. anally n. Sunday. MundSy only.
O. P. A.. Ronnoke. p. P. A. Richmond.
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
' J:I?A.?Local?Dailj -N ?;iort Now*.
' l:U A.?Local?Dally-^-Ch'vllle. i.l sua
'i hurmoad.
i?:00 A,?Express- Dally?Norfolk, old Point
tlo eo A.?Local?Dally?Lehbg., Lex. c. Fcrss
?12:00 Noon?Express?iDally?Norfolk Old PL
?2:15 P, Express?Dally, cm.. L vine.
H:N P.- Expreaa?Dailj -Nor I oik. N. Kcwa.
i:40 P.?Local?Dally?N, News, t,.! Polnu
Cli P. l.ecal?Ex. Sun.?eioraousvllle.
6115 P.- Local f.\ Sum?Lynchburg.
?s.io P. Llmltod?DaPj Ctncin'ii, Chicago.
?11:00 P. -Exprea? Dally?clncinaatl, L'vlll*.
??lceprra. ii'unor Cars.
Kast. b.:a A. m . 7:10 P. M. Tarough from
Basti IBM A. M.. 2:06 p. M? r, M p. m. Local
:t.,:n Wist: 8:20 A. m. "t/M A. M., fc-id
; ... P, M Through: lt? A. 2d , Uttt A.
I M, and 2:S0 P II.
] James River Line: "SiM A 11., t iO P. m.
, ??Dally c>"<pi i'utiil?.
jffnancfal Jfinancfal
A Pertinent Question
Why not insure your credit?
You insure your life, your property, your merchandise.
Then why not your credit ? You can insure it by forming a
connection with a strong, live banking institution such as
First National Bank,
900 East Main.
Capital and Surplus.$ 3-000.000
Resources .S20.000.000
Our Policy
I- t" serve the Small Depositor a? well ?s the Large Depositor.
It is our airn to serve them both well.
_ We want your Business, Personal and Savings Accounts.
?3 Per Cent Compound Interest allowed.
Bank of Commerce & Trusts
Capital and Surplus, $350,000.00.
Depository for the State of Virginia and City of
Resources and Facilities
The Central National Bank has both resources
and facilities to render to its depositors and clients
the best service in banking.
We solicit your account, allowing interest at 3
per cent per annum on Savings Accounts.
The Central National Bank
( AP1TAL,.$250,000.00
307 East Broad Stret-t.
I or th? depositors' Interests has beer, t ? ; not? of the success of
Richmond's Strictly Commercial Bank
Planters National Bank
Capital . * 30O.0OO.0
Siirpliin nn.l Profit?. ? 1. 100,000.00
hrrr |>rr I ml Interest, Compounded "???nil-A unuull > Paid In ? .ilniii
Richmond, FFedericksD's & Potomac R. R.
I.enve Itlrliinonil I Arrlvu Ittcliiiiuiid
?fi.SO A.M. Bj rd >. I. Ma.
?:,.ID A.M. Main Ml. hl?.
?8.00 A.M. Main St. St?.
?8.10 A.M. I!) rd St. Ma.
'10.2J '..M. Bjrfl" St. >'.?).
i .'.hi noon ii) r<s St. s:?
J.O ) P.M. H) rd St. Ma.
?8.60 P.M. ii) rd M >l?.
i.i;, P.M. Kl Im siatl.
?5.1? P.M. Mala si- M...
?8.40 P.M. iljrrJ St. Ma.
?7.60 A.M llyrdSi. Sta.
II.-'". A.M. Klf.a Motion.
;l 1.31 A.M. K) rd Rt. mo
?lilS P.M. Ilain St. m?.
??.60 r..M Bird St.Sta.
?6.40 r H. B] rdSt.Sta.
?0.00 P M. Byrd St.Sta.
tO.iS P.M. lUrd M. Ma.
?11.i; P.M. Mali. St. Sta.
'Ii..'." Uli-Iii II) rdM.SI?.
11 .OS nlk-lil Main M. sta.
Lear? Sfrd sr. sta. t.00 I*. 51. fur Frtderiekabora;.
: .-ate Elba Sin. 7.45 a. M..<:.?.'.', I'. M. t"r Aahlana.
\rrtie \\\ rd St. Ma. i.tt a.M. trom Krrderlrksli'?;.
.r.-lre Elba Ma. fi.Su a. II., 6.: .n P.H.from a'tiland.
'Daily. tWeekdaya. launlayi only.
All tralna tu or from Byrd Street Station
itup at Blba. Ttmaoi arrival' a.-.d departure!
aat g unrunterd. Read tat ticnt.
Atiantic Coast Line
Tbe Standard lbillroiul bl tlie ??..utb.
EFFECTIVE! august 7. 1912.
For I .onj? and ^outa: a. m. and
6:60 I'. M . 1:00 A At.
For N'..r:.i.ki 4,e:10 a. M., 9:00 A. it., *3:CJ
**. M . 4:10 P. M . ??7:36 p. M.
For N. <t \v. Hy. Welt: <:15 a. M., 8:?0
A M.. ?3:00 P. M . rJ.:H P. 41.
For Peti?-ftDUr?: 1:00 a. 11 . 616 a M
"S:10 A. II., i.16 A. M., 9:00 A. M.. 9:50 ?
m.. ?3.t? I*. 31.. ?:lo P. M . t:0i p, at ? j.
Pi at.. ?':.~ !?. at. s.su p. m . ii:? p. at
For Gr.I<l?toro and Fayettevllle: ?4:10 p ai.
Trains arr.vf Richmond dally: 6.'.? a ai
0:40 A M . 10:1? a M.. 'i:3T A. 11.. ??10 46 A.'
at.. t.:t? a. at., "liits a. ai . -iiio |> u
?-1:10 i'. at.. 6.<*i P. ai . ?:3i P. ai . 8:O0
ai . tiOO P. 11.. ??10:36 P. ai. 11 JO p. 4i.
?.i't Sunday. "Suaday only.
'i uno of arrival and departure and con
i ;i ms not R?sranteed.
C. S. CAMPUEL.L. D, I' v. ?*? Haiti St,
Richmond t* Felersiiur^ Seclnc Kaiiway
i ..is leave MancheaHtr, seventh ana Perrj
Mi.eta. lor I'.terat'iire:
??. 7. 8. ?9. 10. 11. *ij A. 11.. 2. ?3. 4. a.
?'. ' *?? 7, a. *J. lo P. At.
11:10 P. at., ror ?-ne?t*r. K;0o mtdnlfiht tor
Peti ri bura.
< a:s leave Petersburg, fort or Sycamore
Street, tor Manchester:
1i: 1a. C.35. ??J:1S, 'lli?. 8:."-S, 9:.U. ?10 a iiU
A. 11.; 13:36. ?1:30. 2:30, 3.is. ?<:j;. J;js 6 j,
a .36, 9.3?. -.O.to. a io p. u
tDaliy. except Sundayg a:;d h^.KJaya
?t arrlea basKa?.- and ?xpreaa.
??i.lraltKl. except Hun.ii.>? au.i hoililaya.
conneei wita
Rlchnionil ami Cliehaneaka it<?y iij. c#.
Schedule of Eleotrla Tralna, enecttve .May
lo. lll^ Leave Richmond, laurel and iiioau
btreeta: b ?S:06 a. .M . ?i:w a. at.. bSilD a
v.. 9 i" a. ai.. *?io 10 a at., iijio a at. i-i?
P. . 2:10 P. M., i:'ai P. m.. Ui;l0 p. m ? .,
P. at . C.J? 1*. 11.. 7:1* r. at . bS:IO p. ii"
10:10 1'. at . ll:*6 P. 11. i.eaio Athland, Ena
lan-l and Maple Str. vta: -i ... A. it.. a ,u "
11 , .- on A. at.. bi.W a. M? 10:00 a. at ??ll'OO
a. M., M-:i.i .M.. ??1:0* P. at . 2:6) !? at j'w
v. at. 4 c-o P. at.. t>i:oo p. at. ?:M p at 7 vt
P. M S:W P. lt., b?:00 P. M.. 11:00 P. M.
?Dally .xcepi Euouijr, "bajaoy only.
bCkrilea i'..s?Jk?.
Manchester National Bank
One dollar a week deposited ii
our savings department amount
to nearly .-ix hundred dollars in tei
i years.
Certified Public Accountant.
ACCOl \ 1 vt BITING,
on<. t m /1 n >.. -1 s i n>i vTiziNn.
316 Mutual Building,
Phone Mn?t. B32I. Rlebroond, Vn.
Commonwealth Bank
Your money is absolutely safe
and our banking offices are con?
veniently located.
?mitlihound train* scheduled to nave Rico
mon l dully: >:?s A. m.?Local to Norllna.
l;J0 P, M.?Sleipers and coachel. Atlantis,
Hlrminsnnm. Savannah. Jacksonville. 1:10
A. m ?sleeper* and coaches. Jacksonville,
11 ::. r. M.?Sleapers and coartus, Atlanta,
Birmingham, Memphis. Northbound truins
scheduled to arrlvn in Richmond dui.,:
7:S0 A. M . 1:30 A. M.. t:05 P. M.. i tO P. 1!..
Lot al
Lr. Richmond loot o' Asa St. aall/.l uu 1'. M.
Leav? Newport News. .iual A. M.
Arrive .i;00 A. it.
Connects *nu main line <l*ain*r* leawiig
[(orloik lor New loin dally, except Sunday.
p. M Connections also maJe ty N. %
W. Ry. a P. M. and <:. & o. By. al i P. ii.
Night Una *tenmer* ?top ?t Clarcuioni to
land Oi receive passenger* on alguel. saj
ti>: mat ay puo.ic conveyance.
vikuimia NAMOAHON ..O. (KUcCtlvs
M... . Uivor Dy w .>.,??.-,: lur
;>?ri...^ ?no eild Point, Newport News ai.J
uii Ji.i, i itUer landings St. an,or leave*
iiui.uj>. Wednesday und Friday ?t s.ju \.
Id. Freight received lor all Jau.es Klvuf
........ ig*. i a,.:.. Mudlaon 171
Mum Ticket uffi?*. til K. Mum mtml
Clark's Orient Cruise
It\- new Cunardcr "Laconia," February
15th, $-100 up for 71 days, including shore
Round World and South American
Ask MR. BOWMAN." Tourist Agent
708 E. Main St., Richmond, Va.

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