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itcher Donnelly Weakens, and
Chicago Hammers Out
Needed Tallies.
Beat i ? idgcrS; and I 'iri
rounee Phillies in Ten
inning I7ight.
es VVISHarrif. Me Don
Off 'hi h#y. ?' off Ii
i lift ?>? pltcher
I'hllnili Iphla, 1'if Mmrcli.
A U It II <> A All It II
? ? I '
?4 ?. ?.* i3 :o
St. I.olllk. Nest York.
All It 11 O A A B It
: 7
- .
Mar'nrd. r : o o 6
VYIltte, ji l o 0 o
National League
Itrsl I.TS A KS1 >:UI) \ V.
?tiklj n. I: < Iii?-1iiiwi11. 5.
Yt rk. :ti SI. I.
Ilonton, t hl. ui:?. It.
Plillndvlplilii. Plllsburgb, 0 (?<???
III lllllUM.
I lull
? i imiim;
I 11*1. VV.
( lilengu . i. .
i luclnnhtl ..
\\in:iti: TIIKY Pl.Al TO-n.\Y.
Pittsburgh ni Rrnoklyn,
< Iticlnnutl in Philadelphia.
i hlniKu in Vfii York,
St. I Olli? lit llOStUI
Attendance Breaks Previous
Kecord?Prospects for
Football Team.
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.]
Ashland, Vai, September 13.?At the
tolling or the bell for tho opening
of the eighty-first session of Hun
dolph-Macon Coll ige yesterday a
:.?:ge;- number of studvpts took their
si ats tii.iu during any previous year,
and every train bring* new nun. Kev.
\V. G. Parlier, of Pirk Place; Rev. II.
0 Pf.'.trcr. Hi .. Earliest Stevens and
Kev. vv. J. Young. D. p., of Richmond,
occupied seats oil the platform and
participated in lac opening services.
Dr. Young delivered an Inspiring ad
di :s- to the young itieri'. The. formal
announcements tor the session were
made by President Ulackwell.
The prospects for the football team
ari- v^ry bright this year. There are
four lettered men in the back field
ready lor work, including Captain
Ivca at left haii. Clciiton and Blount
at right half, and Hopkins at full
hack. in the line there ivi ? a num?
ber ??: lettered men hack. Turner, a
-."-pound fae-kln, is In tine shape, and
will be a tow, |. df strength at left
tackle. Copley, with two years' ?x- i
porlence at right tackle, will steady I
the light sid,- of the line. Y'aughan, I
Walker. Gajie ate! W.-ay all made
their letters .in the ends, and are back !
In line trim
Of the second-team men YVoorthouse.
Bruce, Duyerlc and Hooker all look!
lit for the line. Among tho new men
there are- .-.viral husky ybungstei
who have good reputations.
1.. vv Itless; v. p. i s coach last
year, has been secured to coach the
Yellow Jackets this year. Coach
Warren. ,,( last year's team, will he
greatly missed, Mit In Rless It Is
thought a worthy successor has been
The team lias ai'rc-ijdy started work
under the direction "f Captain Ivos,
itifiss will be in Ashland the 14th.
Vance Pitches in Old-Time Form
and Needed Run Is Scored
in Ninth.
(Special to The Tlmes-Dlspatch.J
Petersburg, Vi, September 13.? with
Vance pitching in old-time form, Pe?
tersburg won the third of the BOrlOfl
from Anderson this afternon. for
six innings both Uamstiy and Vance
pitched lino ball, allowing only live .;it.->
< a.-':., aim thej were so .-. ..tiered that
no one wa.-s enabled to score. In the
seventh, McCoy for llic visitors,
singled, stoie second and scored on
Dannau'.?, two-bagger. The ex-Champs
t ? o the score in their half or the game
Inning on Uronnngnn's single jtnd Sim?
mons'* three-bagger, In the ninth, Hie
ex-Champs caught on to Ramsay and
singles by Spencer and Hreiinagan,
Vance being hll by a pitched imll. Ulli d
the bases Simmons'* bunt resulted in
: I ' ' er being thrown out at the plate,
hut Morris..n ended the agony by hlt
tlni a hot or .- t? third; which Damrau
failed to handle, and ttroiiuagaii cross?
ed the ;.!:rre ivIth ta- winning run.
.-?core by innings u. h. fcj,
i Anderson .0 0 00001 00?l s l
: > sliiirg -1.O;0 0 1 ? I??> l l o
Hattorlcs: Vance and Uremiagun;
1 Ramsay and Malcolmsbn, Umpire,
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Honest Old Quaker
Race Constitutes Fastest Two
Heats Ever Paced by
a Marc.
Syracuse, n. v.. September 13.?Three
world's recordB were broken to-day by
Evelyn w.. in winning the free-for
all pace at the Grand Circuit meeting
held in ebtinecti'On with the New York
State Pair. Her time for the mile, L'.OO
1-2 ill the second befit, was the fasten
heat ever paced by a mare, the fastest
second heat by pacers of either s-x,
and tin raCi constituted the fastest
two heats ever paced by a innre. The
timi by quarters: 31, 1:1)0 3-4; 1:30 3-4;
2:00 1-2.
The lirst mile was In 2:03 1-2; last
half mile In &?) 1-2.
It was The Pel that forced this bay
mare to extend herself, the two speed?
ing side by side around the mile
circle. Evelyn W. was the lirst t'> 'lie
wii'c in each heat by a narrow margin
Tiie summaries;
2:0S ttbti purse S1.2o0?Oakdale. g. g.,
by Nomanco, lirst; Marigold. I,, nwl
second; Todd Mack; br. s., (Valentine),
third. in >t time. 2:0" 1-1.
2:06 pace, purse $1,500?Don Pronto,
blki in. by 'I'lo Director General, (D?r?
fe? '. first; VVldrnd, lilk. s., (Valentino),j
secondS Jones Gentry, b. p., (Murray);
third. Pest time. 2.03 1-2.
2;0S Hot, purse $1.200?James W. by
Slinmorc, (Spragne), list; Baron Aber?
deen, b. go (Drlnkwater), second; MM*
Davis, idk. m.. (LaSalle)i third. Time,
2:11 1-4; 2:1h 1-2; 2.1'1 1-4.
Free for all pace, purse $1.000?Eve?
lyn W.. I) m. by The Soy. (Stink),
first; The Eel. g. s? (McEwen), sec?
ond; Independence, liny, c, g., (Valen?
tin. i. third. I'.. ?i time. 2:00 1-2.
FINE l.Mi .l\ll. SENTENCE,
Prlstol. Va., September 13.?In the
ease of T. xiis Bondurant, one <>f the
live women who appealed from the fine
and jail sentence imposed by Mayor
for keeping of c-rtain reSOI'tS,
a Jure In the Corporation Curt to-dn>
lined the woman }.'"'(>. the limit und- r
the law, and sentenced her to six
^c_lis in .tall, as the Mayor had done.
The tine is now double what ih" Mayor
made it.
a motion was made to have the ver?
dict .-? t asld. Judge Kelly will hear
argument on this motion later.
The :ive women ran now look I > ;
Stat..- Court of Apieais as probably
their only hop!.
Ministers and business men gave tcs
tlinuhy tlgnlnSt the Itondurant woman.
Appalachian Leaguers Shut Out
Virginia Pennant
I Spei i.ii td The Tlmes-nispfttch.]
rtoanoke, Va . September 13?The
Bristol pennant winners of the Appa?
lachian League, won the fourth and
deciding game of the *..?-i>-s froth Itoa-'l
in.ke by shutting out the Tigers. Brls-,|
tol cinched the game by scoring
runs in tio- ninth. The game was well:
pliiybtl, but til" tin. pitching of Wil-'
llams wotl for Bristol. Oreen also
pitched v.ell, and an error started the'
scoring in the ninth, ivhlle an error
was responsible tor Drlsioi's lirst run
in th. nrth, a double-header will
play.-.i to-morrow.
Score by innings: p. Hi E.
Itoanoko.) 0 0 0 ) 0 0 0 '??0 4
Bristol .^O'OOIOO I <. ?
Batteries; Green and Lafltte; Wll
Hains and Mtltison.
1 I ? W . 1 . t. to Ercci Three-Story Uor
inntory HUlldlng.
Building and r.-pair permits were
issued yesterday as follows:
W. A Neil I, to creel a onC-story
storago on the wcsl side of Hull
Street; between Eighth und Ninth
h 1 ? -. to cost $350.
Young w..f .r.'. Christian Associa?
tion, to er. et a throe-story and base?
ment brick dormntory building on the
I north side of Cory Street, between
Adams and Jefferson Streets, to cost
James Fox ,\: Sons, to erect a two
story brick carpenter shop oh the
jinst ride of Twenty-fifth Street, be
tweeii Main and Franklin Streets, to
cot $2,00,0.
.Mrs, A: nl. Steinbrecher, to repn'r a
brick fltoiei 20D West Broad Strcot, to
icost $350.
T; J.Wttlkcf. to r. palr a brick Stable,
I '.?-'?. Park Avenue, to cosi $500;
1 Henrietta Jones, to repair a brick 1
dwelling, 1013 st. .lames street, to cost 1
will attend to bosses |
Boosevpll >m.is the, Will lie Hellt Two ,
1 10 I'in- ut 1 lie Polls.
1 Ogdch. Uthhi September 1". "We nro
going i.. beul th> bosses two to 6tie'
at the pou, next November," Colon '
1toosev.1t prophesied to-diiy, Me said I
th; 1 in the r-lnst Co Progressive party1
would "attend to the bosses," and |
ir;.,,| tile people of the WoSt to dO
likewise. While the progressive move- .
m. nt h id Originated In th.- West, he
1, 1 11 ? 1. epri udlng ilk'- ?flltlft.ro in
t)i. Rhsi-."
Colon. : 1:.veil made his prophesy
at til.- closi of his long tour 'tl the,
Northwest, tile outcome of tyJtlch ho
said pleased him greatly lie fume
to-.lav in t:tnh from llolse, Idaho,
speaking on tl,. why at Itlnckfoot mull
1 ,. |< Do, Idaho. II. itoppl 1 in 1 igdi u .
pates io the Progressive State ronven- ;
r. i io !. 1. f( for' Bi tic. Nov.; on ins 1
way' to the coast. j
111.<1 1. Killed.
Mounted Patrolman 1: W. Allen
?. ? ierday afternoon shbi a mad dog
which had be n terrorizing residents
In Grove Avenue Whlli the animal
bitten no One, nor attempted to
.1.. jo, "!: f|ir "H ''""!: he learned, it
was frothing 11t the mouth nnd a vctor
li iry S irgV on had pronounced it rabid.
It was found by the other under a
porch at 20?S G.-ove Avenue, and kill
? ? without difficulty.
I Iren,an Hurt.
Lieiitenhht William Ktirrj of i-.r.cine
Company No. <t. was slightly hurt about
t'. l. 1. yesterday afternoon ab..it 1
o'clock while responding to uu alarm
' ? fin Dli arrangi tncnl th.- har?
ness canned the horse- to draw the
npp irrttus el.osn to the door
? aid Kerrfs leg was canp hi as
I It Pi "? I Though Ills Injury was
T-n111 fii 1 Korr remained on duty.
Receive Notional ftunrd,
I A C i ,(;,. t.,-:,,,,,.,..,, w_ Wj si?e uns In Sn\
i i W4?r:^',v rtrrnngirtat tMth n local rein?
ig j 1 ..f ihr. National
! '/ 1 * Ist n of I hi I*n|i. A Stn ten,
in Hint clt) mr:y In Ii?
t Early Season List at Virginia Is
Increased to Twenty
Eight Men.
I .Special t?. Th.- TiniOM-Oispatch. 1
ChaiioltesVIllo. Va . September l::.?
lri. v. n udditlonal candidates for Vir?
ginias football tenth to-day swelled
tin- early souson list t , l weiity-elgh t,
and for nearly three boms the pluyeii;
woiy put through a llvtdj practica
in weather more ilk. October than
middle Si ptcillbi :.
Tin. new iiialerlal included fconii
likely looking play rfi, notably Maiden,
who hails from Mobile, and "Jack?
Brown, a live man from the l-lplsoopnl
High School, The former intended
Kmory and Henry College, this State,
several years ago, where In- alternated
at guard und tackle. Tib past wiiitoi
h< was a member of th.- Mobile Young
Men's Christian Association Basket
i>.ili nulnt, which tuptmed tin- Baiuh
ern championship. Despiti his 222
pounds, ho Is very active and should
"in a place in the Virginia line;
Brown also handles hliiiself very w<-II.
lie weighs ilsO.
Other candidates reporting Were
Lunktord, a l-rotlier of Burnley Lank
ford, a fc rin. i Virginia halt-back. <;;1
letto, vx-cuptuln of the Uandolph-Ma
con Coll,;;, team; Uumbough, a track
man and winner of the crosscountry
run last full; Harris, troth Wood berry;
Golden, of Columbus, Go ; and Grbhe.
Another player who will report to
morrow i.* Green, a forward from the
Georgia team.
Cuptaln Todd was played at quarter
on the lirsl team, which contained one
to w candidate; Gillette at end, The
second eleven was coached by Honakcr,
and judging fiom th.- pace tin- men
wire sent through to-day. a scrim?
mage may be looked for by Monday.
Football and Baseball Star Was
Greatest of the
11 % IUI IMP Hill CK.
Who ?111 be I h. Kam White of the
1311! football season'.'
.-'at.ford B. While won the football
championship for Princeton1 last year,
and for himself he I recognition
as the most brilliant athlete in the
annals of American collegiate sport '
His individual work won both the Yale!
and Harvard football games .if 19il.
Many experts say that this year's hew
rules will oblivfate this individual
starring; that the team whose players'
? ire of the greatest average strength I
Will do the winning.
Now. it is only th,- truth that these j
experts know Very little about What
football Is going to be like this year.!
da:.-: the 111 w rules, ways may be j
discovered to revolutionize the gtid-j
iroil game. These experts no doubt j
thoughtfully in doping out the end ofi
Individual prominence, but still it is;
the writer's humble opinion that more
than one of the important games of I
11112 will bi one-man victory's, and j
tn.it i.' M Thanksgiving will see a mw
collegian crowned tie. hero iit fOOtbail
dom, it was .Sam White last year
and Ted Coy th..- year before, and it
w ul e soiu, ou?; else Ulis year. There s
new one every year, liven when the
hi ru of oil" aeasoii lias another year in
the, game, lie doesn't repeat.
The most Important change that will
lie brought about by tne new rules
is the allowance of tour downs instead
of three In which to advance the bail
ten yards.
'1 tus. it is widely claimed, puts a
premium on the old-tlmo game?tho
klll-tht-taeklc mass plays?giving a
.ued advantage to the, heavy teams
that nie best at straight football. This
argues that the 1&1? star will be an?
other catapulting lyic-plut.g. r of tho
Ted C">- type- A little thought, how?
ever, will make 'i clcai to the student
eil till guiuc thai the iiuskj- tuilback is
t.-.t the logical candidate. A compara?
tively light man i--> more likely to be
tin owner if the. fi.ee favored for dis?
play on the November sport pages. He
will probably be a lithe, shifty sprinter,
v. Uli .me.a ability :*i riod-lii", und
shaking off tucklers, and a particular
knack bi batching the forward pass
and got ting away with it fast.
Tin r< ason lor this lies in tlio fact
that tlie forward pass will reach its
greatest development this year. Tins
is Hie play tiiat Is goiiig to make the
high scove-s, mid that is going to win
games. And it is tin- star performer
in tins play who will bo the star of Hie
hui seasbii. The four-down rule,
coupled Wim the new rule which al?
lows the attacking side to make foir
v. .ml passes ot unlimited length, oven
across the goal line, opens up unlimit?
ed possibilities for the forward puss.
As tin rule protecting the receiver 01
the forward pars ;? still in force, th--.
offense is givi n Vast liberty fn the use
of this play.
Th. right of the offense to make for?
ward piisses over tin goal line, will
make it necessary for the defense to
Kiep its second line back instead t>'
massing us whole strength on the Uno
m tin manner that caused so many
failures lb score last year after the of?
fense had carried the ball down to the
t. n-yiird lino.
Pr'ncetori won't have Sam White this
\?ai. le t she may have his successor.
Walter Ctlmp one.- said, "Por bril?
liancy of achievement no teams have
produced so many stars as those of
Princeton." Princeton had had men
McMann, McXalr, Moff.it. Lamar,
Allies, King and DeWitt, who alone
havo won a great game, and it has had
a Poc, who alone defeated Yale two
years in succession, but never before
White's time has Princeton or any
other college had a man who, by in?
dividual achievement., won two baae
hnli games from Yale and a football
i-iimr fr>m br>th Yale and llarvrd.
PnrrelPn Decisions,
Auburn, N. Y. September is.?Chair?
man .lohn )I. Parr. 11. of the national
board of arbitration of the National
Vssoclatlon of Professional Baseball
ItengunSj to-night handed down the
ill iv nig decisions:
Claims allowed- Perryman against
Danville, Vn,; Dessau .against Atlanta
(allowed in parti; Vetton against Tnl
ladega, Ala.
Claims disallowed?Purroy against
Albany, ('??>.. H, Brooks against Peters.
' Iiurg.
I Tno app.--.-il of Bristol from Knoxvllle
i decision la disallow cd.
Columbia Players Take Four
Out oi Five From
Country Club.
[Special to The TlmOs-Dlspntch: I !
Washington, u, ??.. September in
Co iimblu golfers captured nine bill of j
t? -11 mutches in tue Middle Atlantic (.l?If
Association to-day, when tii- y ?von I
four matches "lit i<t f'vo from the
Country Club 01 Virginia <<: Itlchmond,
in the uiternboii niul look the in mi ,
trie set-to from the Hermitage Holt
Club by default. II> victory Co?
lumbia tumps from :t:th place in tue
utiindiim to second. Summary:
Culuiiibln C. C. ?"? mil. .us. Hermi?
tage H. C., ii i forfeited i.
Columbia c. (!., t mutches iMrgln'u.
l Kddle H. Kyhon, jr., oi C?>Hi
defeated VV. ii. lulmer, of VlrgliPu, by
t up; a. .-v Mattlngly, of Colutiiblii, ili?
leiited Captain Doiiglaa CiU; of Vir?
ginia, by up and -2 to play. Captain
John Davidson Columbia, de?
le. ,1..! H. S. Jones, of VlrWliiia, by ?'?
up und t.. piny; Dr Li ? i. Hainan.
..i Columbia, def.at..I K T. Olgnln.
of Virginia, by ?? up ut.d to play,
f. J. D. Muckny. of Virginia, defeated
A. It. Loci, of Columbia, b) ll up and
j to pjay
After the matches the Virginia mctn
be.t'i were cntertalhod at ditilier by |
tb.. p.i al t. am.
In the Minor Leagues
At M? iriphis: Memphis. :.. Vtlantn.
At Nashville: NaShVllle, ;i. Chatt
hoogti 2 lte?l inning.-.'.
At Moblll Mobile. ; N< ? Orleans,
Birmingham-Montgomery; not tchj
tiled to-day,
At Torontw; Toronto. 7; Monti
At Bochestnr; Bochesteri o. Buffalo,
At Jersey city; Jersey City. 7; Pro
At Louisville. Louisville. 2. Toledo.
?i (second gitrne; called m.'i. dark'
ness i.
a: Kansas City: Kansas City. Mil?
At Louisville; Louisville, ll; Toledo, I
At Columbus: Columbus. ;,. li.-i aiil
apolls. 3.
Pressure Brought to Bear Upon
State Department by Con?
tractors in Cuba.
'.Va.-i, .i-.gto!.. .-? ;)?., :nb.
i:ig t!,.- ? !.:..:. ? <l seltl
Klley claim against tin
ment, which led t" ?? P?
/ ?
:uba lias
al allotmt
?? ?: n? mat
:.. contract,
ihd thie.it. :.s
uugh th.- en
ll<l labor.
the ha i Is of
in liaviiha,
Involving about 115.003,000
i h' . ohtract was let to
duili.g Heiter.ii \Vood-s adm
In quba. and it was! later
provided In tin- treaty with
the contract ivotild cot
force by the island gbvc
It Is now said inat
money to pay l;.'- ;.. i . i
til.- work progi uses,
tors, notified by the Glib
of the prospects ai d t
tinue tue w irk, . ?? i
would be in violation oi
as w.-ll as t h,- t: . ? ..
heavy lOSS fbl tlo in til
tolled Mi. Ill ? . ?:' pi.lilt
The subject, is now ii
the American leguiio)
which is expected to bring it to
attention of the Gomez goVernmen
It is -aid at th- .-tot. Depart:.!
that no formal request ha* beeti
ceived from the C: >nh goverhnii
for permission required by treaty,
float another foreign loan to r.'li
the present financial situation In
island. 1 Uncials refuse to Ihdic
what answ.r would be returned
such a request; Ii would involv,
considerate.f whether it might
necessary for the I'hitcd States
again Intervene in Cuba, In a lliiuh
instead of , political HClISC, and V
tin- purpos. >.f rehabilitating
Island's linances and placing the g
eriiment in a position to meet its i
1 standing obllgiil Ions
It Is the Impression her.- tint a
Cuban presidential elections within i
months may change the polities of
government nothing is likely to
don.- in Washington it present to c<
plicate the situation
>< It I lids UK I : It % ?
Mam III.- \\ onilll
Jill) 17 Mel
ISpecllil to T
Danvill-. Va.
John a. Scrtlt.
parts unknown
\\ bo Left II.one un
!.> Her It un bund.
- 'I'm..- s-l dvp-it. h. 1
Septembei I.!.?.Mrs,
who left this eltv for
... r husband on July
., arrived in the city last night and
witjj met by lor husband at the depot,
She was accompanied bv h r second
eldest child, Lois- who left at fr., name
time with her mother. Mi- Scruggs
to-day declined to talk on the subject
but stated that his wife had been ii
visit to friends In a city which ho
would not name, and that she know
nothing of the whereabouts of missing
City Tr. astirer pnyiot
629 E. M*in Street. - - Richmond ,Va
Gordon Motor Co.
American League
iii?si i.Ts \ i:sTi:un \ \.
< blcauo, -ei-. > nrl:, <>.
i lev? l-iii.i. |0| IMitliihVlliblti, S.
SI. I iiuin, jj Boston, li,
Detroit, Iii WiiMhlugtoii, S Iten ln
nlii-;-. i.
ST IMIIM, Ul' I l.l US,
? liibtt. V. on. I oil. l'< . 1 car.
iiokidii . im) um ,7 in . is,-,
Philmlelphln . '-i r.i .noil ,ilita
\\'iinIiIiii;(iih m .ri'i .mi
'Ii'1?!:" Ii.'. IUI ,|M5 .llllt
Dolri'll ,. , . . , ii* r - . 'ii:) .ijilij
(ii'i flniiil i*ii 7-, ? ?-, -.::n
?n Vork. is sn .:;.-., ~,Jn
Louis Ii: ss .". i:t l-.ii,
w in i. r i m; \ f \ \ i ii.ii \ >,.
\VitNliim;(iiti in ii,troll.
l'klinil 'l|ilil:i ai i Irvflumi
>'?? York ntji ?.'
II.i--i.iii in si, I.oiiIn.
during Three Days' Exhibition
Attendance Readies
?vda the largest a
?xhlhliioii in the h
Oe/iirgc Bdwnrd Sllll
illwa'y, leaving Hie
thera petting tiielr
B. b. s
m . \V. B MIHI r; i 1,1; Doll
Lottie Mi. h nil. T. J, J 11 1 ii
Anna I'.ilUu i. l> m l!a:r ah
Eattle-Axe Team on Edge for
Return Games at Broad
Street To-Day.
Itldhihoiid, with the 1'cpcoa, o:
Washington, III thy double-header at
Proad Streut Park thin afternoon at
30 o'clock, Tin' local players at.- lie I
ierinlin .1 to make an evei bi ak ?ith
ii..- capital t iu'ad by selling t>-?th of trie
contests itrid the) lotlresrl early last
nlgiu with bright visions of victory
ami their restoration to the pcdestp.1
from which th. y were abruptly hurled
in ths course of an afternoon's sport
last Saturday.
The Pcpcos will arrive in IMehmond
tins morning with the hbnildehcc of
Washington fans and tin- morul sup
port "! two conquests behind them.
Tirei will I,.- ihei ai the ?tatlon by a
committee troth the Amateur Baseball
Commission and will I,.- accorded the
? irnt: hospitality Hint was shown the
Itlchrnond boys on their excursion
across tin- Potomac The team will
leave he:-, to-morrow afternoon, and
If It drops both games It may bu that
it will cotrii ilgalti. The city having
turned out tin largest iittondnhce will
be th'- sen.' ,,f the deciding gam . and
:.. probiibli thill Itlchinplld will be
on hand to-day with a crowd that will
far exceed the number of ndntlsslbhii at
Dr W 11. Parker, m.innger of the
Baltic Axes, hits put his team through
sonn- pretty stiff prices during tin- past
week, ami In- believes that it Is in con.
ditioii to phi) the kind of ball that
would at lensl havi won one of Ihu
games Of the tirsi double-header,
Ifulchcr will pilch oii< of I.he games,
and If his showing during the past
Week Is any criterion, he will be nil
there wheii he steps Into tie; box. If
lltilcht-r Is In form, it is a safe bet that
he will hold tic visitors down to a
paucity of lilts, and his teammates will
be there with n practiced eye in give
him the best of support. nimmt or
Baur will twlii-oiie of the contests.
The B.ttlle Axes are not attempting
to prove an alibi for last .Saturday's
gam's, tier are they endeavoring to
escape "ii any legal technicalities, but
th'v i*x thai they did not put up thu
article of ball of which they are capa?
ble. They believe that with the homo
rooters Shouting for them In full force,
Instead of minimizing their i-fforts,
lin y will lie able to inn a couple over
on PepcO.
The teams will play with the fol?
low:-^ Old, rsi
Battle Axe ?Oratly, shortstop:
Schmidt, left Held; Bauer, rlghi Hold;
mount and Ifuifcher, pitchers; Dowden,
second base; FOfd, first base; .1. Wb.it
flold. centre Held; I lay. catcher; Ij.
Whit Held, substitute.
Pepeo? Murphy. sVCOnd base Martin
or Olli, shortstop. Fury, right field! Mor?
ris, bft field' Si-it.-, nrsl base, Clroen,
centre Held; Howard; third base; Munch,
catcher; Barton and Sullivan e,r Bell,
The umpires will be "Shorty" Hughes,
of Washington, and Hicks, of Rich
Bedient Is Effective All tliq
Way, and Browns Arc
Tr< miiccd, 6 to 2.
Kaps Have Easy Time With"
Athletics, and Doves Win
From Browns.
!<mbc| !?-Th" Kfd Sox t-M
?ry to Iholr pennant march
eins ihi Urown? a to ;'. ite
?outhpaw, had two
? nt?! und >-|ghth. when sis
thr.e doubl??, produced flvw
fffccllVi with 'i?n on
f S I 0 2 l\
':i? * 1 9 : 31
n>" ? 0 1 10 01
? ? 1 u t g
P? 0 ? 0 s
fntaijt n ?. 9 n ll
"M 0? ! Of o_j
Verk'e? A'rxnn.
!"c hlt-Lewt?,
i.eft on hat.s
rat bat? on balle
t. i. Struck out
r.t. 5. Time o<
1 **nd Kran.
fptemb?r 13 ?Waahlnf tot,
' I" r-.f It . ;.:,.r to.
I.i , r ??id lost th?
.1T1 *6n In tbi
'sventh b.jmi i n,
? to 1. Two hits, two
atk Irl 1)14 r?ftfr? lor It ,?h,
f t ?n<J Kit. On.lo
?Sin In the t*nth. 1
In? ? ar.j Kotier'?
\\ s?b<ncton.
1 Z Innlnjrfc Flr?t na?e on
? . or l|-tirh^?. 3. ..ff llneV.
-By Kr-'.?-. : hy noeh'.r, I
r| 11 I 1 : S> vi nth Page.)
Sunday Excursions
to the Seashore
\ in Norfolk nml Western Railway.
Only ihre, m ire Sunday seashore
.\ lirslohs will be operated from Rlch>
moiid this season by the Norfolk and
W< itern Railway, viz: September 15,
and j9. The through coach to Vlr-j
glnla Beach has been withdrawn, btifc?
roUnd trip ticket^ to Norfolk. Virginia.!
Beach and Ocean view will be sold 011,7
above dates', at rat.- of ft.50. good ont
trains leaving Blchmond S:'.0 and 5:on5
A .V . and leaving Norfolk 4:15 andj
.' 10 i' M. as usual, except that here-J
after Virginia Beach passengers willj
change cars at Norfolk.
District passenger Agent.
received another fall shipment of
Cufturn Shirts
Nifty designs,
Let us demonstrate it to you.
No. 7U E. Broad St.
BIJOU This Week
Best Seats, 50 cents,
tint I nee Saturday^
James Porbes's Comedy Drama,
"The Traveling Salesman"
A Riot of Comedy,
week?"The Angelus."
The Little Theatre
5c Afternoon '?c BvenlngM
?z to 7 P. M. ' '<> 11 P. M.
Pour moving pictures and a Bun/,
two pictures of which are brand-now.
Special seats reserved for r.ursoii
with children, 6C each until 7 P. M.
Intercity Championship,
Two Games. i
Saturday Scntrmber 14. 2i30 P. M.

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