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Prosecution* Will Be Had
Against Those Not Reporting j
Birth? and Deaths. I
Officers of the Ststs Board of Health
are Investigating complaints of report?
ed violations of the vital statistics
law, and ars gathering evidence with
which to prosecute offenders who have
failed to comply with the law as to
It waa said yestsrday by State Reg-]
latrar Ennion O. Williams thst he
hoped the policy of co-operation would
enable him to enforce the law with?
out recourse to the penalty provision.
"We have found that most of those
who have been accused of neglecting
the law," he said, "did so through ig?
norance, and we are unwilling to .be?
lieve that the medical profession and
the funeral directors will (all to file
the records so essential to the legal
rights of tbosu they represent. At the
same time, we intend to uphold the
local registrars In their laudable ef?
forts to procure certificates of every
birth and death 'n Virginia"
July birth and death certlflcatea just
tabulated at the offices of the State
Board of Health show a marked in?
crease In registration and Indicates
that Virginia will soon be recording
at least ?0 per cent of all deaths oc
rurlnt in the State.
The vital statistics law became ef?
fective on June 14, and from that date
to the end Of the month. 1,030 deaths
and Leal births were recorded with
the State registrar during July. This
record was Improved and a total of 2,
231 deaths and 3.205 births were re?
ported. In view of the fact that births
and deaths had never been recorded In
more than one-nfth of the State, the
friends of the law profess themselves
as much gratified at this showing.
(Continued From First Page.)_
itor McCabe'a power." Finally, he
said, to keep out of the courts, the
opponents of the law appealed to Sec?
retary Wilson end President Roosevelt.
"Shortly thereafter." be oniinued.
"I was asked by the Secretary of Agri?
culture to go with him to the Presi?
dent's office. Solicitor McCabe and
Associate Chemist Dunlap were alsd
of the party. There we met Mr. Cur?
tice, of Rochester. N. Y.; Mr. Crovenor.
representing Williamr Brothers, of De?
troit, and James S, Sherman, at that
time a member of the H^use of Rep?
resentatives, appearing in the interest
of Sherman Brothers, of Oneida. N. T.
They had spent the previous evening
with the President, showing him how
Wiley was ruining Republican busl
SjMSS This particular Republican busi?
ness consisted of putting benzoate of
soda and saccharin Into human foods.
The President stated the object of the
m.-etinyr and summarized the conversa?
tion these business men had held with
him the night befjre. He then turned
to the Secretary of Agriculture an*
said: 'Mr. Wilson, do you think the
addition o? hensoate of soda In foods
i? injurious?* The secretary answered
Tea." Then, turning to me. he said:
TJT. Wiley, do you think the use of
benzoate of s>lx in foods is Inju
riousr I answered. T do not think*
I know. I have tried it on healthy
young men. and ?t made them ML' The
same question was asked of Solicitor
McCab'- and' Associate Dunlap. They
both answered In the affirmative.
Claaeiaea as "later."
"Then turning to the Republican
representatives of business, and strik
ing the table a ringing blow with his
fist, the president said. ?Gentlemen,
if this drug in injurious you shall not
put It In foods.' Had matters stopped
there, ther.j would have been no Rem?
ser. Board. But at this Juncture Mr.
Sherman interposed, 'But, Mr. Presi?
dent, how about the saccharin? My
firm caved $1.090 last year by using
saccharin instead of sugar.' I unfor?
tunately 'butted in' at this Juncture
and said. 'Yes, Mr. President, and
every one who eats these products is
deceived, believing he Is eating sugar,
and moreover, the health la threatened
by this drug.' Turning upon me In
sodden anger and fierce visage, the
President said. 'Anybody who says
Many People Die off Acute Indigestion
When MI-O-NA Would Have
Saved Them.
Never mind
what caused
that Stomach
distress, that
terrible feeling
that somethir.g
i- < lutrhir.? at
your heart and
squeering the
very life out of
with you all the
time. I*on't go
away nr to work
without them,
for ao matter
how great the
heaviness j how
much the arrumuUtion of gas: how mia
rraWe the sourness: MI-O-NA STOM?
ACH TABLETS wiH give* you joyful
relief rr. a few minutes sad ouickh/ drive
awav all agony or distress.
?old on money back rasa: ase dress to
end any Stomach dierornfort, Indiges?
tion nr Catarrh of the Stomach
Large box for 50 cents at TragJe Drug
Co. aad druggist* eeerrahete. Trial
treatment free from Booth ? Mi-o-na. Buf- '.
ialo. V Y. Alliwiaisssat
Mom. Luit?
Who has made
one of the great?
est successes in
operatic history,
says of the
? . The Hardman is my
choke. . . . The Hardman Con?
cert Grand v.as used by me with
the greatest success in my tour last
year. ..."
That Tetrazzini should prefer the
Hardman above all others for use
in her concerts is the greatest
tribute that could be paid to a
Send for free catalogue of
Hardman and other high
grade pianos.
Walter D. Motes & Co.
1*3 East Broad Street.
Oldest Musk- House In Virginia
and North Carolina.
I saccharin is Injurious is an idiot, Or.
i Itixey gives It to me every day.' Hav?
ing thus had my mental classification
, officially defined, I withdrew.
"Two days thereafter the Remaen
{ Board was gazetted It was received
j with a shout of acclaim from the
I throat of every adulterator and mis
brander of foods in the land. Inatead
of having to go to the courts to defend
their nefarious practices, they were
now the wards of the great father at
Washington, and from that time to
thia have continued their activities in
poisoning and defrauding the people
under hia protecting wing. All prose?
cutions against, the uaers of benzole
acid and its salts, sulfurous acid and
its salts, alum, saccharin and aulphate
of copper were suspended, and the
mercenary Interests, comprising not to
exceed 600 people, were authorized to
poison and cheat the other ?5.000,000
of our population. This Is protecting
the people's rights against the preda?
tory Intereste with a vengeance."
Sin Agalaet Panlle Health.
Charging that he had been directed
j by the Secretary of Agriculture to
? make no reference in hia public ad?
dresses to the possible injurious ef?
fects of the drugs mentioned, and that
upon the appointment of the Remsen
Board he was directed to stop his ex?
periments upon young men. Dr. Wiley
"Who committed this unpardonable
-sin against the conscience and health
of the public? The great tribune of
the people. Theodore Roosevelt, arid
his Cabinet officers, d am naturally
not greatly enthused with the pros?
pect of the continuation al this crime
?irainst humanity by the return of
Theodore Roosevelt to supreme power.
The Imperious way In which he wield?
ed his power when President, his well
known contempt for Congress and for
law. and his dictatorial control of the
convention which nominated him. for
President, do not augur well for the
permanence of the republic under his
further dictatorship. Roosevelt is Just
as apt to support the bad as the good.
He is not guided by principle, but by
impulse?and he Is essent'allv dan?
gerous to free institutions. He who
disfranchises the men that Abraham
Lincoln died to set free is an apostate
from the party which honored him
with the presidensv."
Daadap aa Interloper.
Of the appointment of Assioclate
Chemist Dunlap bv Mr. Roosevelt, th*
speaker said: "In order to appoint
this interloper to his high position,
the President of the United States
had auspended the civil service law.
I was informed in writing that Dr.
iMinlap was not my equal, but my
superior, and I was directed to fur
r.ish him with everything he asked
for. an' t!?at no letters or other busi?
ness connected with the Bureau Of
|Chemlstrv. relatlner to food and drujrs.
i could ko without the Initials of Dunlap
and McCabe. Thr.s. by acquiescence of
the Secretary of Agriculture and by di?
rection of the President of the United
States, two great laws, each intended
ta protect the people, were set aside to
place in supreme power two of the most
malicious men that ever disgraced the
public service When the legislative
committee of the American Medical As?
sociation went to the White House to
psk that this action be rescinded. Dr.
It lley declared. "President Roosevelt
became violently angry and. livid with
rage, said. 'Tou jacks keep your
bridles on.' Throughout the remainder
of his term Mr. Roosevelt continued
to be guided by those seeking to
emasculate the law," added the speak
After telling the story of the "What
is whiskey?** Investigation and prose?
cution, which were pending when #Mr.
U< oseveit went out of office. Dr. Wiley
said. "President Taft lost no time In
utterly repudlatine- the only point on
which Mr. Roosevelt had upheld the
law. He directed Solicitor-General
Bowers to hold a trial, summon and
eamxine witnesses, etc This led Jus?
tice -arlan. a few davs after the com?
pletion of tb?s unholy work, to say
to me. *What's this I hear; they have
been holding court at the White
HouseT I replied. *Mr. Justice, you
know as much about this matter as T
do?vou nave read the papers.' To
which he responded. "Well. well, it's
aboat time this ouestion we* coming
up to my court.""
faoeei Frees Rash Osaee.
In most of the whiakey cases, the j
speaker said, appeals were pending
when President Tsft was Inaugurated.
-Pres dent Taft." he added. "has
prided himself on Ms confidence In.
and support of. the Judiciary. Yet.
knowing these cases were pending, he
stooped from his high office to do a
favor to the worst lot of adulterators
in Christendom, and ordered the whole
matter dropped from the dockets.
vit is impossible, therefore, that T
should have confidence In th<- coming j
conduct of thee* two candidates, no j
matter how profusely they may prom?
ts* to be good and work for the com?
mon welfare. By their fruits not
promise** ?hall ye know them. And
these fruits have been scabby, worm
eaten and rotten at the core. I??t the
laboring men of the country and those
of small meana on whom the burden of
debast ' foods and dru*s prlncipallv
rests, think aoberlv and deeplv before
d.clejlna to cast their votes for one.
Who. when In power, abandoned them
to the avarice of the adulterator, to
the ma I tee of TdcOahe and to the du
pllcttv of Tbnnlap.**
or Wiley dwelt at some length upon
the pare food fleht In Indiana, and
the rconnection of the Department of
Ae-rlcultuT* with It. and rraised the
attttada and work of Oovemor star
shall. Trie concluded with a blah
tribute to Representative ?"?? of the j
Terra Want* Plrtrlct who was chair- I
man of the Hoes* Committee on Ex- |
pwndttere* la the Department of Agri?
culture, and had charge of the in- ,
vestlgatlOT. which pevceded Dr. Wllev'a ,
exoneration on charges filed with J
President Taft In an effort to brine i
about the pars food champion's it ta?
les Iber L Weherer ?aa recover-d ??f
flctentlv from the effect* of a recent
aesrailon to leave the Johnston.Wim?
Hospital and aw ta th* State Perm a*
the a a eat or the manager *?> Scherer
hellere* that a few wewfes of com pi et?
rest and ioi leatto* at the ?arm win
make H peewfaie far htm to resume
hl, duale*
trrtai tabor llltlira traaa ail part, of thr cou?try (or lllesal tramaportatlaw
of DraaaaHe.
Indianapolis, Ind.. October 2?Thir
j ty-four venlremen had been excused t
land twelve remained In the box Btlll ?
under consideration at the conclusion!
( of to-day's examination for the selec- j
i tion of a Jury to try the forty-six;
' men accused by the government of ?
j complicity in the -'dynamite plots.'
It was thought the Jury might be
I completed to-morrow or Friday. The ?
j trial of the defendants, headeri by ,
j Frank M. Ryan, president of the In-1
ternational Association of Bridge and
Structural Iron Workers, and includ?
ing other officials of that union, to- j
gether with members of two other'
unions, will then begin.
District Attorney Charles W. Miller
will open the case for the government. 1
His opening statement, already pre- j
pared, contains 800 typewritten pages
and will cover the ground upon which
the prosecution intends by testimony
to sustain its charges that the dyna
nrite conspiracy continued fX>r five
or alx years; that Ortle E. McManigal'a
confession of working in a "dynamit?
ing crew" Is corroborated by persons
from many sections of the country:
that the McNamaras were not alone
in financing and arranging for a
widespread system of blowing up the
works of employers of nonunion la?
The 'reading of the government's
opening statement is to occupy sev?
eral days. The defense has not yet
indicated whether it will present an
opening statement.
News of South Richmond
Southslde Bureau.
The Times-Dispatch,
lO'.'O Hui! Street.
Phone Madison 175.
Confederate veterans, their families
and friends from all over the county
ye?terday Journeyed to Chesterfield
Courthouse, where they were the
gu*-sts of Cester.ield Chapter, Daugh?
ters of the CorrTcderao.--, at the annual
basket picnic. While Woolridge Camp,
of Chesterfield, greatly outnumbered
the other veterans, Johnston Camp, of
South Richmond, and A. P. Hill Camp,
of Petersburg, each had several repre
These People Relieved of!
"I have used ail kind* of iintmenta. and ;
the best I ever tried is Near-, a Liniment,
j It kill* paia and !? ?:?-. excellent tor
? sprained JoJnta"?W. E. Hooker. Danvi.>,
i V?
; "Neah a Liniment la tine for lame and
iaore muscle*, and I have u>r(] it with best
rerults Tor scratches. Srulses. stiffness, etc.
It la the beat BaaaaaSM I have ?Ter used. '
. and I hav* need most of them."?F. J. ,
j Shaasboeaay. Roanok*. Va.
Stiffness of Joints. Lamenest
of ail kinds cause much suffer?
ing and make life miserable.
Baseball players are best judges
of good remedies for these trou?
Noah's IdDiment
is used by ail athletes and Is !
highly recommended by them. j
Noah's Liniment penetrates
and requires no robbing. Glee it I
a trial. !
is the
trat rer-edy for Rheu?
matism. Sciatica Lame
Back. Stiff Joint? and
?Ol- >? Sore Throat.
'o)d?. ct.i.- a fpraina.
Cats. Brulaea Ostia
'* r a.rr. a a. Nearalfia.
Toothache. a a d all
Xerve. Rone and JSua
r e Ache* and Pains
The senates he* Noah *
Ars on ev??r p>a -rase j
and Toe.k? yr sjOj cat.
but baa a FTP tmnd as
?f seekace aad
? 1 tabanH ' a I -
?raja In REP Ink. Be?
arer* of imttateaaa Ss'd
or ai< des'era is medi?
cine. ?- Sc- and t SB
Guaranteed er monev
refunded by Xeah Rem?
edy . Rirh tror : Va
Can CJtncer Be Cured?
The rsssrd of the Keiian. Hoetltai at
without parallel la bist cry. laving
cured to star eared permanently, wita
can tea aaa af the knife er X raj. ever
?S per cent af the raaay handr*da of
_ ft
tosaf d toftet tno> aaset jaTtse? naea.
We feave eeoej eeaeoveed ay taa 'aaaata
to. Wtiair
present, ?ho were aV>le to
hold up their end in recounting the
' experiences of the war-time days.
Former Governor Andrew Jackson
Montague, who was unanimously!
chosen by Woolridge Camp as the ora- |
tor of the day, was greeted by a crowd
which filled the courthouse to capacity,
while numbers stood at the windows
and doors, eagerly taking in the words
that Moated outside. Mr. Montague paid
a touching tribute to the gray-haired
veterans which drew out the famous
Confederate yell. He was followed by
General J. Thompson Brown, whoso
speech was warmly applauded.
At the conclusion of the exercises a
dinner, which will long be remembered,
was served on the lawn. Many an old
soldier who was never known to turn
his back on the enemy was forced to
admit defeat when he tried to empty his
[ heaping plate, which was constantly
I kept filled by attentive Daughters.
Speeial eiertloa Te-Day. I
a special election wiil be held this
morning in Manchester School District
Ids determine upon the issuance of 140,00)
bords, for th* purpose of relieving the
congestion in the schools of the dis?
trict. Tnis election was autorised by
the Cesterrield supervisors at a recent
meeting on petition of the district
school board.
\V. p. Bryce. chairman, and J. P. Rob?
ertson and W. C. Moore, members of
the board, after coasulting Superinten?
dent of Schopls \V. G. Owens and many
prominent citizens of the district, ar?
rived at the conclusion that it was either
necessary to issue bonds or to raise
the school levy, it waa thougt that
the people of the district would rather
pay Interest on the money and create
a sinking fund to retire the bonds at
maturity than pay extra taxes. Their
decision on the question will be given
Te Fare xiaatrr Csart
Charged with failure to attend
drills. R C. Traylor. twenty-two years
old. a private in Company a. First Vir?
ginia Regiment, was placed under ar?
rest yesterday on ?~omplalnt of his com?
manding officer. Captain W. C. Herbert.
Traylor. who is an electrician by trade,
was arrested by OIBcer C. T. Tlnsley
while at work. He was taken to the
Thtrd Station and there turned over
to a deputy sergeant of Hustings Court
Part IL
When taken before Judge Ernest H.
Wells, the young soldier was admitted
to bail in the eum st ties, with Wal.er
K. Smith .is bondsman. He will appear
for trial at the hands of the summary
court Monday night,
lafnatw Body I? Fssssa.
In a badly decomposed condition, the
body of a white infant girl w** found
M'Midav afternoon on the farm of Spe?
cial i ?Ihrer J. P. I-ane. near Forest Hill.
In Cheeferfield ?"ounty. The dlrrovery
?J" made by ytr Lane's son-in-law.
who at once notified the Chesterfield
The child was probably sis months
of aare When found. It was wrapped
in a piece of can*a" ft had appa?
rently been dead for some time From
its condition it *i? impossible to a?
r. rtain the cause of Its death. Coron? r
J G. living, who made the examina?
tion. d"-em-d an in'jvest unnecessary,
and" ordered tae body harte?.
WeaHy Tseeadete Harass*?.
Deeds of bargain and ?ale registered
yesterday in Hustlnes Court. Pan II.
P .%. Fore to p. f. Tone* a lot
fr?stln* ?% feet on the north line of
eleventh Street. t? tween Hull and r>.
rater, for a ronsiderst'on of f i.|Se
Charles , Jones to Irene C Harris.
XI feet or. west line of Twentieth Utr.-et
for a consideration of fee*
|r|^e**a? Ss V V e" I1 % ll*pE?MssaVVatael vl*WvDVBBvr*
\rgament? of demurrers In the salts
of Mancinio. administrator against J
r Phaup. and K P. etruhb* against th.
George \ Fuller <\f?reany. lac srlll ?
be h'ard tVs morning by ledge
Ernest II Wells in Hosttnc? Coert. ,
Par; if James *u ?nerton apd D. U |
rulliam. repreeentlna th- plain tig and
John A. Uisk the defendant ?in be the ?
opposing attorneys In the farmer and
Benjamin Lovenstein sad l<o?l? O >
Wendenbura- for the plaintiff sad V
? Beferd. for the defendant! la the
latter ease. _ j
Mr are? Mr*, ft R ftisiws ?Vesser?.
Uta marriage of their daughter Rath'
let alia, as Philip W. Malhiwa Tbej
eeramesy was pi i isi mud by the fcrvjj
**? i . ."?v? ????' ? ^v*?/?' ? ? ?'^\~
|)]( i IN
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brlde's? grandmother. Mrs. K. Morris
eette. Tuesday evening at S:S'i o'clock.
Owing to a recent b-r? a%-em.-nt in th
groom's family, th- en Tiony aas wit
nessed only t>y the immediate families
The hride was dr< s.sed In a ut:fu
brown traveling s.i ?. and carried lilr^s
of the valley Mr. aid Mrs. Mattow*
will be at home to their fru rids a'ter
October ; at North Thirty-s-rond
Elb? te Haw T?re? In a.
The s-7ni-.iii:<'iai l>u?,n.?/ aesstCfasj of
Manch-ster Lodge. Xo. B. P. O. ?.
will i> beM to -night at Bike* Han.
Fleventh and Bai:it>r<dire S;ree:?. After
tne traaaaatttaa of tar business a social
meetlliK Will be held. plenty of go>n1
thine* to eat have been arena red by
? 'hief lx.tr! ii per die) and a musical
program has be. n arrtn??*d.
Feeeeal ee* wsaa VheeOnt.
The funeral ot Miss Kditha Parin',
the i m<.-r-> r.ir-oM daughter of Mrs.
Maggie Pacinl. whe died Mondav
mortui? at her h-?me tn \V<> ,.|
Heights, aas held vesferda) mornliiii
at !*? or lock from the >*rred Heart
<"hV'h. Tie- pill hearers were er-[
lerted from her former srhoolmite?
The in:--rm?r>t was !" Moan; t'alvary. j
Ul.-t Oa-rett. ?f New <>-Tea-s is
the gw-et or his asst. Mr? \r:h?r "Jar.
rett_ ?;? I?erster Street.
?*laud? ?'!? tner.ts <f Washington I?
viettinK n.s * ster. Mrs. I J. IXrk
Mr- 'd y. e-hompsoe Mrs A P.
f ;en? !i ard M.-?t-- !????.?% Thorns*.*!,
nf tlalvrst"l. Teva?, are the gtsests of
Mrs t T l*aMI.?m. ??: Woodland
Misa Lila Mayo has returned from a
trap ta Vafllo L'thta Springs
Mt?? T'-'t.T.-.i iJT.j' (Laasan, of
.tbingdon_ m hn baa *?-en tv n?i??i ?r
her ?.sf.-. >|e. l{ }| i:-rh i-rlson. has
left frr Cheaterr.eld v O'l-thosae. Where
she will teach this session
t eesaa fsi? te eeed so Isaroe laeaeard
l>etertite-Hereeaal W i|e> returned
l?et night from FaraaslUe. Va. with
r^rl Kraft tw. nt) rears aid. who
is wanted here on a charge et grand
larren> The prleower. aha wae ee?
rlo) ed as a d-ie?r by the Richmond
Dairy ?'oirpaar. *s ailesTed ,? tjaaaj \
etelea 171 frees his eatseeyers and left
tewn. He was Iweted ta Kane,-Hie
police. Kruft hart just purchased a
Messs*. for Jefferson. Texas, v. hen hv
?RH .arrested in Farraville. JL- is said
to have admitted the theft. \\ heir
?rarr'icii. S<". in currency SjSbj fount! I
in hiv |>?H'ki t.
W ho ?ball Par Tan ?a Treefce I eed far
Who shall take out li' t n.o s for au?
tomobiles la^ned by motor companies
to prospective buyers for demonstr.i
t:on purposes? a oue>ti?n srhich !*??.
lire ij.-i - CrutchtVld trill hsre to
decide Representatives of four c?n
eerns ? trordon Motor fompany. Shen
andoab Motor Company. Oakland Antat
Company and toe Eastern Motor Com?
pany?were In police Court yesterday
morning to answer the charge of oper.
atlng cars without licenses.
It was shown that the concerns
loaned the vehicles to local cone a raw
and permitted them to use them far
.?ome time?as Ions: aa one month?in
order that they may decide whether
they will buy. in this manner the Tea
Mesas a> operated without a license.
Whether the owner of these tracks of
the concerns getting the benefit from
them should buy the license Is the
ouestlon which confronts Justice
? 'rutchfleld.
In order to look farther Into the
matter he continued the cases natal
Pctoh. r K. ._I

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