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must be rata
C r Company Told to uet Out
bide Contractor if Its Force
, : *'1 Is Inadequate.
Cfy Has Paved Twenty-Four
1 greets This Year Not Blocked
5 by Car Tracks.
8 1 _
Z Realizing the important" of paving
~R(|bii?on Street this year ant. the ein
5barras?lng position in which the citj
2 ha* keen placed with its contractor
j?thr:>ugh the delay* of the street car
JTtu|r:p?uiy la renewing its rails on that
?tt|?.-eti lh>- speciul committee on in
?\cgiigation of delays in street coi^
c.t.-s' u yesterday afternoon directed
B^1??1?* City Engineer P. P. Tah.iferro
Etotlake up With the Virginia Hallway
JStina PoWOg Company at Stets the ques
Jtiaji of paving that thoroughfare ar.d
C-ostertaln if i: could nyt have its tracks
Tri-iaid by an outside contract At a
?previous meeting A. K. ouigon. sttor
S; ? for the company. s"ated that on
ggcfour.t of the enormous aincunt of
5".. & ty v. ot k in other sections it had
?!be^n found Impossible ti get on Rob
?i:i*on Street, and Chief Engl-leer T.
?tN?fraan Jones estimated that with the
JfoKe the corr-pany now has at work
3it .would be practically impossible to
?i- f:acc- those trucks this year.
~ Has Bought the Material.
2 It was reported to the special com
?Xtiittee yesterday afternoon /hat the
^contract tor paving the ciy's part ot
iiHobinson Street from Broad to Main
^Stre?t was awarded by the Cammlttee
Son Streets to Captain Charles Gasser
JSon: April s. He entered into negotia?
nt .fcr with the car company, which was
?0:<tn petitioning the committee to be i
Sr. Ilci-tid of the necessity of placing
?concrete under Its tracks and to bs
a!.owed to substitute broken stone, and
?lie^was finally given a contract by the
rompuny late in August for paving Its
.^?art of the roadbed.
J; j^s a result of these contracts Cap- I
-ta.ti Gasser stated he had purchased
:.?noxc than 111.000 worth of material. I
r*vhuch he now has ready for delivery, j
3lle; had experienced no difficulty in I
#f curing all the stone needed at the j
-local quarries. In view jf the state- J
iriiefat. of the car company that it would ;
Jfcc impracticable to relay the tracks on
;?:.'t.:.so:1 Street this year with its j
ST^eeiit construction force, the Lee;
:u vgr<i delegation of the Committee on !
5?t*?-ts had announced its intention it'
?ifkin:-, that the fund set apart for that 1
jitreet be transferred to grading Park !
Would Posh Werk Forward.
Captain Gasser merely wished to j
know where he stood and what was
i to be done with the $11,?00 of mate?
rial he has purchased, lie has been
ready with men and material s'nee the
contract was signed in April, and has
been waiting the reconstruction of the
uCai" tracks, and under the circutnstances
?jltd; not feel that he should be blamed
0>r that he should suffer the loss of a
Statutohle contract.
Vi In view of the importance of having
Sthe work done and the admitted ina?
bility of the car company to relay its
21 racks with its present force, the com?
mute* directed Acting Engineer Tal
3nferro to take up with the company
3he question of bringing competent!
Railroad contractors here to do the'
9 ork without Belay. Little or no elec- j
lineal construction is required, as it
3js proposed to electrically weld the
%*Us at some future day. a competent
Contracting firm, with an adequate!
3force. it was believed, could dj all the
y-ork pending ir. a few weeks.
~ I ee Streets to Wash Tar Windows. I
5 The committee also Instructed the'
?acting City Engineer to look into the
If you want to see a group of good styles for
boys come in here now. Our display is complete
?nothing neglected in quality, durability or style
?no good points sacrificed for cheapness.
The prices as low as the values permit.
School suits for boys from 8 to 17 years at
Overcoats $5 to $ 14.
Raincoats $3.50 to $12.
For the younger ones all the novelties.
For girls and young women our tailor-made
coats are taking the eye of the town!
$7.50 to $25.
reported constant blocking of Beverly!
Street with cars. It was reported that j
the street was being illegally used!
for the storage of cars, and for wash?
ing windows and cleaning cars not
in use.
The committee took up the matter of
a contract awarded A. W. Maynard for
a sewer in Second Street between
Grace and Broad Streets, awarded Au?
gust 1. to have been completed October
1. and not yet half done. Mr. May?
nard reported that he had been stopped
by a building contractor who had ma?
terial stacked in the streets. No
record could be found to show that the
contractor had ever been reported to
the Police Court for blocking a pub-1
lie improvement, and the good offices
of the Chief of Pllce were requested
to get the street cleared of obstruc?
Very slow progress whs reported on
an Important sewer in Allen Avenue
from Colorado to Wallace Street, con?
tract for which was awarded to L. ?
E Brown & Co., on August 19. Mr.
Brown said he was making better
progress now. having been delayed at
first in getting brick, but would not
finish within the contract time.
?tgssi After Caafrsrt Expired.
The reports of the engineer's office
showed a contract given to W. P.
Veltch for grading south Harrison
Street given out April 22. to have
been completed June 22, and on which
work was not actually begun until
Shipments dotty from our large
fresh stocks.
ft Mouthmelting Genuine
Smithfield Ham HTwO^f
The Reel Smithflesd
them from 7 to 18
at 33c
County Hnxns nt 28c pound. Lot ? ulict on* for too.
Dsjktom hoc or arid. Simply?for erhml taschso!
Tone Port, $1
Now D?1 Picklcf
Welcome news to those
feta? COUPONS Of d
after July 1. The work is not yet |
completed. It was stated that the
contractor was also doing some work
for the Water Department which had I
had preference, und that he had been :
delayed *>y the Engineer's Department j
in getting lines and grades. Messrs. j
Clay and Steele reported a contract for
grading Nicholson Street to the Na?
tional Cemetery Koad, awarded last |
April. The work was held back by
the fact that the Cpmmlttee on Streets
secured bids and awarded a contract
without first having the damages as?
sessed, and the repprt of the assessor
was not approved until August 16.
Complaint was also made of the
contract for paving with bituminous
macadam Beverly Street, awarded May
10. to have been completed August It.
and yet far from completed. Assistant
Engineer Todd said the work was held
back by the necessity of lowering
Water and Gas Department house ser?
vice pipes. Mr. Haddon. of the com?
mittee, who lives on that street, stated
that his service pipe had been moved
three separate times by gangs of
men from the water department.
Working on Main Street.
Concrete work was begun yesterday
by Contractor Cheatwood on the long
delayed work of paving Main Street
from Fifth to Seventh, and Contractor
John J. Curley promises to begin
pouring concrete in Broad Street atj
Tenth on Monday morning. Mr. Cur-1
ley stated that he could concrete and!
pave all of the northern half of the
three blocks prepared by the street
car company In a week or ten days
and expressed regret that he would'
then have to disorganize his force and;
lay off his men while waiting for the
street car company to reconstruct its
tracks on the southern half of the
street, on which no work has yet been
done, under instructions from the En?
gineer's office.
Acting City Engineer Ta?aferro re?
ported to the committee that while
as a matter of fact, only one brief
piece of paving on Ashland Street has
been completed this year In any street
In which there are street car tracks,
as a matter of fact, street roadbed
paving has been completed aad paid
for on twenty-four other streets
throughout the city, sixty-two im
Per North CaroHs
Friday sag Sates day.
awtetal Local Data for Tsetse Say.
12 noon temperature. 72
3 P. M- temperature . 75
Maximum temperature np to ?
I P. M . 74
M'nimum temperature up to S
I P. M.. 61
[Mean tempersture. 42
i Norms] temperature. 45
! Deficiency in temperature .?. 2
, i?ehclenrv in temperature since
March ' 1 . 42
I Accum, deficiency In temperature
I x'.nre January 1. 474
Deficiency in rainfall since March
1 1 .*-"7
I Accum, deficiency in rainfall since
?January 1 .t-64
i Temperature . 42
1 Humidity ._ 4?
? Wind?direction ..-S. h,.
Wind?velocity . 4
(weorriaNs iwroarr %%t ctitbs.
fAt * P. M Eastern Standard Time)
Place. Ther. H. t. 1? t. Weather.
.Ashevtiie. 42 74 42 P. cloudy
{Atlanta . 74 74 ?2 Cloud/
Atlantic City .44 4? 54 Clear
Boston . ?2 72 44 Clear
iRu'falo .?4 44 64 Rain
! Calgary . 44 74 44 Cloudy
'Charleston ... 72 74 44 P. dowdy
r hlcago . ?2 44 64 Clear
! Denver ...... 72 44 42 Clear
iDutoth ". h R Clear
l<*:ve?to* .... 44 44 74 Clear
?Matteras - 74 74 44 Clear
Havre . T4 76 44 Clear
Jacksonville .7? ?? 74 Rain
{Kansas City ? 44 74 40 Cioar
ll/uisvi!le ... 74 74 64 CTeer
M'-nteomery ?? 74 71 44 Cloudy
iNew York*... 42 Yf 44 Ooar
'Norfolk .?4 h h Quer
I Oklahoma .... 76 ?4 64 Clear
Pittsburgh ... 44 72 44 Cloudy
Rsletgh . 74 76 62 Clear
st Louis.b ? 8 if Sff*
?t Paul.44 TS 66 Clear
gen Francisco |t 74 6* P ote
Savannah ... 74 Tt 44 Cloudy
.fciiass 42 6? ?? Oewdy
iYamp* . TS SS 71 Cloudy
v. .?hingt?? .. 44 74 44 Clear
Winnipeg 64 44 44 Clear
WythevlTi* .44 72 ?? Cloudy
fcun rises ...4 44 ? Jf?
aar. est* .6:64 Brears- ...lid*
portent contracts of to* ataglneerlng
Department far either partner er curb*
and ?Utters, awarded sines the new
budget wss signed In March, having
been completed and paid (or. showing
that work has been prosecuted with
fair rapidity sars 1b the streets whert
delay wan occasioned in negotiation
with the street car company or m
waiting for track renewals. j
Weed* Centralise all Pa via*.
Chairman Vondsrlshr stated that as I
was In fi.voi of changing the rules ot
the department and having all paving
of whatever character done by the
Engineer's department hereafter, the
work to be measured and bills to be
rendered to the street car company,
or to the Oas or Water or Electric
Departments, as the case might be.
for their proportionate share. This,
he believed, should include the re?
placement of paving over all pipe,
trenches, so that the Engineer's de?
partment would have direct charge ot
all street paving throughout the
city, and could hold its contractors
directly responsible. At present the
city contracts, only for its proportion;
<>f the roadbed, and weeks of delay
und negotiation,' have intervened be-J
fore the car company has made its
contract with the same man for pav?
ing: between its tracks and for two!
feet on either side.
The committee will meet again on'
Monday afternoon at 5 o'clock. I
morgan's sifts
made without
bop[ ot pa
(Continued Prom First Page.)
the Republican national campaign ot
1904 ?
Mr. Morgan adjusted his glasses and
looked at a paper.
In October, l y04. I gavs $100,000.
on November 1 I gave another $50,
"Any more?" asked Chairman Clapp.
"No, that is all I know of."
Me said hs supposed the first con?
tribution was paid to Cornelius N.
Bliss as treasurer of the Republican
"To whom was the second contribu?
tion made?"
"I don't remember. It was paid in
cash-in money."
Mr. Morgan said he did not know
who solicited the first or second con?
tributions, 'but he believed "Mr. Bliss
and Mr. Odell got the money." He said
that he believed the bulk ot the
second contribution went through the
national committee but was paid over
to the New York State Committee.
Mr. Morgan could not recall con?
tributions in 1904 by his associates.
"Did you contribute in 1*04 to the
congressional campaign " asked Sena
tor Clapp.
? I recall no other contribution that
"What contributions did you make
in 1908?"
Gave ?80,000 In HH
"The only contribution I made la
1908 was t>0,000 to Mr. Sheldon"
He said he made no contributions to
the congressional fund in 1908.
"I remember Mr. Sherman called on
me once" he said, "but I can find no
record of any contribution. If there
was one made It was insignificant."
"Did you make any contribution to
the pre-conventlon campaign of any
candidate for President this year?**
"No. I was not even in the country.
I know my Arm made no contribution.'
As Senator Clapp closed his exarnl
nation. Mr. Morgan said emphatically
that he was "sure" there is no truth
in the story of a telephone request for
funds from President Roosevelt."
Senator Paynter asksd if ths $50.
000 wss part of the so-called Harri
man fund raised for the New York
state Committee.
?'I have no record" said Mr. Morgan,
'but I have no doubt In my own mind
that it was part of that State fund."
"Tour understanding was that the
$50,000 went to the national committee
but it was really paid over to the
state committee?*' suggested Senator
"Tee. I refused to have anything to
do with It unless the money was paid
to the national committee" said Mr.
Morgan. Tt was my understanding
thst the national committee did not
need funds but that the State com?
mittee was badly in need of money.
I had a great deal to do with Mr.
Cortelyoa during the campaign but I
do not know whether hs was present
at the mooting whan ths $80,000 con?
tribution was discussed "
Mr. Morgen said bis relations with
of (Hands; How Wen
If yes are s saaToror treat Qlsadular Tu?
berculoses, or know of say ose so afflicted.
It might be we? to Investigate this case,
where the writer declares after a year of
suffering, he found permanent relief sad
fall recovery to health by using Bckman's
A iterativ?, a medicine which has been ef?
fective la many esses of Tuberculosis:
"87 Lanjstoh St. Phlla*. Pa.
"Oentlernen: la March. IM, I was taken
sick and my doctor pronounced ssy ease
?TobereotostB In the Oissde' Medical treat
meat did not help me. sad oa my doctor's
sdviee I went to a hospital to he operated
upon, bot relief was only temporary. I lost
streasth aad et times would hsve> cold
sweats and fever. la April. IKS, I niim* i
to the hospital, bat the continued operations '
were not benefiting me.
In the meantime, a Mead of mine ad- '
vised Bckman's Alterative, ssytag It wae;
good for Tuberculosis The woeaAS In my j
Beck were still open and la a frtghtfel eon
di:i >n when I stsrted to S>k> It. After I
eslnc two bottles. I found I Woo tmprovtns- ',
navln? galaed weight, could eat tad was'
sMe to eleep I continued veins It oatll I
wss well, which was In November. ***? Be. I
fore 1 took the medicine I hag three hem- I
orrheees: since I hsve bees taking It I have j
not had any. On November 11. IIS. I start-1
ed to work, and since that tithe I havo not '
;o?t one dav'a work throogh sickness. I caa !
hieb It recommend Bckman's Alterative to!
aar one who Is safferlag from TeherewiosSj j
or ft load trooMe, providing they take It so1
directed. I win giedly rarraBBoas' with enr j
party destrlas farther Information of what '
the* medicine did for me." J
(?worn affidavit > JOggPFI ? WglTB
Behmaa's Alterative is effective Is Bros-1
ehltta. Asthma. Hey Fever. Throat and Least
Troubles e?d is opbelldtag the system. Doos
not rent sin poisons, estates, or rsMt-form- I
leg dross Per sole by Owens St Vtnor Dreg 1
Cosnaear ead other leedtag dreegisce. Ash
for booklet teiitsg of reeeT?fiea sad write
to Eck me* tobsrotary. Phlieewtslnn, Pa.. far
ssditHssi evUesw ? Adi ?nitimiai._
Sech Thoraas Ma- An g***
hogairy Clocks.#OeUU
Ik 11 Tajfar Ct\
The Haaftoi Watch
?, hot
Cost nory fl5.tt and ?p
Ten* ?T|miiiint - ?? B. Mesa
Witness Before Committee
the elder Cornelius X. Bliss had been
very intimate; that Mr. Bliss and his
father had <been associates, he said,
and "whenever they wanted anything
they sent Mr. Bliss to me."
"Had you supposed that Mr. Bliss
and Mr. Cortelyou kept from President
Koosevelt the fact that you contri?
buted to the campaigning- fund?
"I knew nothing ?.bout that" said
Mr. Morgan. He had not discussed
campaign contributions with Mr. Cor?
telyou in 1904.
When Senator Pomerene took up the
examination Mr. Morgan leaned for?
ward In the witness chair, with one.
hand cupped over his ear. But he
failed to hear and finally he got down j
from the witness chair saying:
"Can't I sit down hers near you?|
I can't hear very well"
He took a chair from oa* of the offi?
cial stenographers and moved it to |
within a few feet of Senator Pomer?
Senator Pomerene then asked who-1
tfaer other members of the firm of J.
P. Morgan 4 Company, specifying I
George W. Perkins had contributed in J
1904. Mr. Morgan did not know.
He F-auada for Other Parties
"Did your firm contribute to the j
campaign funds of any other political |
parties la 1804?" asked Senator Pomer?
"No, sir, I did not and I bars no
knowledge of anyone else so con tri-1
butlng." Mr. Pomerene asked sheet |
"conferences" with George B, Cortel?
you. Mr. Morgan said hs talked with
Mr. Cortelyou in 1907 over the fi?
nancial situation but that he recalled
only one conference over politics.
"Did you talk with President Mellen.)
of the New York, New Haven
Hartford Bailroad ia 1*04?"
"Did you talk with representatives I
of the big Insurance companies about j
the political situation during that
"I can't tell. I talked to many peo- ]
pie. Many peopls came In to set me j
every day."
"Do you remember any conference of
big financial Interests at which was
discussed the question of whom the
Interests would support for President?"
"No. I remember no such conference"
replied Mr. Morgan,
"When was It first determined that
th* financial Interests would support
the Republican nominee" asked Sena?
tor Pomerene.
"I never had aay conference oa that j
point" returned Mr. Morgan.
The $100.904 contribution again waa|
brought ap sad Bsnefnr Pc
asked if Mr. Bliss were osllacMng aay]
Special fund. v
"No, that was the contribution we
would make la the regular course if
we wer* especially interested In the
campaign" said Mr. Morgan. "We
made the same contribution la 1904.'
"Were you especially Interested in j
the campaign of 19*4T'
"Tee, we were."
"Was Mr. Harrtman especially la-]
forested la that campaign?"
*T really doa't know."
"Wore the Insurance companies
peclally'Interested In this campaign?"!
"I doa't know. There wee never any
concerted action by me with aay of
the insurance companies la that matter
st that time." said Mr. Morgan em?
phatically. "Of course. Mr. Perkins
was a director of th* Mew Tora Life
Insurance Company, sad he probably
talked with me about their Interests,
bet I can't remember aay specific con?
Senator Pomerene naked If he b*sM
aay talk with Mr. Harri ma* at thaTi
time shout the effect of the campaign
on the railroads.
*T doa't remember any. but It is not
at all unlikely." answered Mr. Morgan.
He kaew nothing of any contribution
by Mr. Harrtman or Charles ? Mellen.
"Did Mr. Harrtman ever tell you he
hod a talk with Mr. Roosevelt shout
railroad interests." asked Senator
"I remember so each conversation."
The financier her* Interrupted the ex?
amination to say:
"Mr. Chatrraea, I wast to make a
?taterneut right her*."
-proceed." said Chairman Clapp
! "I want It distinctly understood."
said Mr Morgan, emphatically, "that
J P. Morgan a Company never made
a alngl* subscription to sny election
with aay ?rtsssaa or expectation of aay
I return. In say shape or manner, and
we eever. made a subscription unless
1 we tbewgbt It for the best interests
of the g*?Tarnest and th* people W?
never had a eommsnlratlnn from aay
candidate: we never had an applica?
tion from any candidate The only i
Interest we hod was In the welfar* of
the subtle, W* never asked any cOrs
;?Usesel. we sever expected say re- j
itaraa sad we never got sny"
"Dei lea this camp*ism was tt
'say Intention on jmir part to support
the D***oeratic candidate" asked Sea
4? ?*"*T sPwJ|BSl?*?l^?we.
" never heard of It If there sraa"
Mr Morgan, smiling. "If
thought the election of a D*mo
i* far the h?*t interests of th*
wos|g hare contributed to
**snr\ SJers^r. --?: -. -? io ?n*ther
S* Sheet "a conference." said
apt to know If there had heen a small >
conference of large financier*" looking
Ig the election of Colonel Roosevelt,
but he had no knowledge of such.
'Did you or Mr. Mellen or Mr.
Harrtman call on any of the financial
men In New York in the interest of
the Republican campaign that year?"
"I doa't think so; 1 never heard of
such a thing."
"Was there at any time any con?
ference among financial interests look?
ing toward the nomination of a Demo?
cratic candidate who would be suitable
to the financial interests of New
"I know of nothing of the kind."
"Were you'at the office of the Union
Pacific Railroad Company In lseir"
"No. I was never in that office." re?
sponded Mr. Morgan.
"Did you ever meet Mr Harrtman
and Mr. Mellen In Mr. Harrimaa's of?
fice to talk over these matters T' asked
Senator Pomerene
Mr. Morgen responded he never had
been In Mr. Harrlman's office. He said
he talked with no one representing the ,
"national nominee" except officers of
the national committee. He said Chair?
men George & Cortelyou came into his
office "several times" and thought the
visits were before the contribution of
"Was anything said by Mr. Cortelyou
as to the amount they desired to
"I don't think there was any hint."
replied Mr. Morgan with s chuckle
*T think they would have taken any?
thing they could get-**
The committee and spectators! join?
ed. Mr. Morgan In a laugh.
Dnder ouestions by Senator Pom?
erene, Mr. Morgan repeated he had been
given to understand that the "Harri
man" 1240.000 fund was being raised
for the State committee, but was being
given to, the national committee.
"You understood that though In?
tended for the State campaign the
contribution would eld the national ,
campaign, did you not?"
"Oh. certainly." said Mr. Morgan.
He did not know of any other funds i
subscribed during that year to the Re?
publican national fund.
"Do you know the amount of money
the Republican National Committee
was trying to raiser*
"No- I never asked. My occupation
was gone when they got from me what
they could.*"
Mr Morgan said $50.000 wee ell that
Waa "given to the 1?08 campaign, one
contribution being $20.*00 and another
sea oo4
"These contributions were Sil under j
the direction of Mr. Perkins. I speak
of those because I resnessbe these. I ;
don't know what Mr. Perkins may
have given." .
Mr. Morgan said ho knew of no con- I
fereace of financial leaders in_New |
York to decide who they would support
for President la ]^J**?*\l2tiSZ
Parater took ?P the examination Mr. |
Morgan moved bis chair ap to the com- >
SltteT table, sad. resd^ hi. elbews
on the edge, he leaned toward Ms qr?
"didn't you isn^estrmte to any one
when the SM.00? contribution was
?aide that Cwm?S had been pretty
liberal?" asked the Senator
^?Oh. I did that orlglnally^^d Mr
Morgan, laughing. Ho added that
when "they came for the *s
had -sotten used to It and didn't ob
*ima Mr. Bliss end Mr. Cortelyou
express any l^tad* ^^L/TL^m
consented to ^* ****** *****
already given IISO.SOO?" _
"No I never experienced much
gratitude IB this coaaeetioa. returned
fclSer^-rater referred toMr Mor
e^s remark that he had beealeter
Sted onlyln -what was good for th*
country- we oft*, think
whet we want to best for the country r*
asked the Senator.
-I don't," replied Mr. Morgan, laugh
m -l often want a thts^tbatl
,.fnk 1 ought not to have, ead I try
to get over wanting t. _
Mr Morgan sold the second contr -
[button of^.o*. was toir>e*M wat fcy
"the fear of the effect a Democratic
! victory !n New York would hove on
I the country "* . . _.
senator Clepp then esked the usual
formal ooestloM s-to any further
Information th* wttness P'*"* I..
"I know of aethtng further." said
Stmsto Bttto house remedies usually
do more to^oaserve th* complexion
rh*n expeisrrv. l?^?*'
pecially to this tree of a spurmex lo
Ueefcr the too*, eeek, arms and
1 n*?dO Thto faLr^^aJ^hSToiat
I four sea oss ss si at as toto sae-hslf pint
witch baeel or hot water, aad adding
1 two tessaooafsto glycerine Th* spar.
1 m*t Hrtwvals In viol hi* when on. and
impart* a delicate and ?^*"t?n
.5 to th* tfkln. ?t* wr- l^lsbe. s^l
complexion speets a*d protects the
?kin fr*? chaps and . ^
?ssa -s*s?s2S
- a bright laser*, rich, cveo^eelOT awd
ten -off Yob o*e f**\Wjggg**\
your owe stamp*** l^#S^?ls**i
teeapweafal osathrwg to * ?s M
water Oeeswtoaal n***^***v*^
You Are Invited
To y'-mt our INNER-PLAYER
parlor, on the Moood floor. It it
a very beautiful room, especially
fitted for the demonstration of the
Which are shown exclusively at our
I You will be fully repaid for the
time by the pleasure and informa?
tion you will receive in investigat?
ing this wonderful musical instru?
ment. Call and see the INNER
????mir? Cable Flu* ce*
Mad. 2586. 213 E. Broad.
to give the committee any further In?
formation I might have."
"You may be <-xcueed for the pres?
ent," *ai<i Chalrm: rj Ciapp.
'?Can I go back U) New York;" asked
the banker.
"We'll call for you If we want you,"
said the chairman. "You know you
are entitled to your expenses for com?
ing down here,"
A genera! laugh went around, in
which the committee and Mr. Morgan
Joined heartily.
"I srutss that will be all right." he
said as he shook hands with the Sena?
tors and paused to thank them for
their "courtesy."
He did not wait to sign the nenes
sary voucher for his expenses as a
witness, and left the building with Mr.
Daeli en Staad.
Charles H. Duell followed Mr. Mor?
gan on the stand.
Mr Duell, who m 1*04 was assistant
treasurer of the Republican National
Comro'ttee. knew there had been "sev?
eral contributions of $100.000 each."
and that the insurance companies each
had given $50.000. ? -
"Did you know any members of
the Standard OH Company beside Mr.
Archbold who contributed to the 1*04
campaign?** asked Chairman <71app.
~I think H. IL Rogers contributed,
but I do not know the amount."
Other contributors he remembered
were Dr. David Jayne Hill, former am
besssdor to Germany. $1.000; White law
Held, ambassador to Great Britain.
$10.000; Cnlted States Steel Corpora?
tion. $10.000.
To the "Haniman fund" "lodge Duell
.thought Mr. Haniman had given $60.
'000; Senator Depew or H. McK Twora
,'bly. $60,000. and Mr. Morgan. $60.000.
The committee adjourned until to?
morrow at It o'clock, when Colonel
Roosevelt is to be a witness.
Corporal Joseph A. Dowdy, of Com?
pany G, Twenty-ninth Infantry, has
been assigned by the War Department
for service in Virginia as non-com?
missioned officer-instructor to the
Virginia volunteers. The department
maintains two graduates of the army
school at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., con?
stantly In this State, instrsctinar en?
listed men _
Corporal Dowdy relievos Sergeant
Mike Powers, of Company L First
; United States Infantry, who has been
In Virginia two years. Sergeant Mike
Powers Is transferred to Company G.
; Twenty-ninth Isfhntry. nt Fort
'Niagara, while Corporal Dowdy is
!transferred to Company E. Third In?
fantry, for the purpose of Siling va
leancles among the sergeants in that
command. _
Ufeely te> Ssjoeoed Soteev If Lerrtev Is
Made eksssnssnw. '
Should William Sulser. now Demo?
cratic nominee for Governor of New
York, be elected, as seems Probable,
and should the next House of Repre?
sentatives be Democratic, as seems as?
sured. Representative H. D.
the Tenth Virginia District, will be
chairman of the Committee on Foreign
Affairs. He is the ranking Democrat
on the eoswmittee. and It eras stated
nt the opening session of tbjs present
Congress that Mr. Flood, who wsajal
ready ranking member, withdrew from
the contest for citairman la the inter?
est of party harmony, grving the po?
sition to Mr. BWner
Instead, the Virginian took the
chnirmnnshlp of the Committee on
Territories. In wnioh' f^?^.*? *K
almost worked himself out of n Jon by
seeming the admission of Art sons, end
New Mexico as States._
Walter eT^ds^^sTaTomb^^ tho
city tiro department, fflels jg***
fat voluntary baaAruptcy Fee^srt^yln
the Untted States District Conrt rfvtng
Ms liabilities as $l**-40 No assets are
rgpeelsJ to The Times IHBjpatch.1
WUra-aTburg. Va^ Octab? ^--Cm
November 1 rursU *>Hjery
8 w*U bo established oat of Wlllkssss
burg. coVertnV BrutonDls^ Tork
County, n very populoos ?ertlo? Tke
lonai isslrrs at Magroder and Onktree
rural carriers for '**'"?J in^Fil
Iwni be held nt the post-ohlco In Wll
Itamsburg on November X-_
Street Car Strike in Augusta
Settles Down to Teat of
Augusts, Gs. October J?W'th the
local street railway company sndI Its
striking employes ss far apart an they
were at the bsglnalng of the strike,
nearly two weeks ago. cars were op r
sted la the ma'n portion ofthe c'sj
to-dsy. All ths cars csrry gtisjd* a ^d
In addition the Hnssero .f?^*?**?.
motntrl^tjsene, sworn la ss mares
b7Aecordlng to *~t?A?*?l*m*22
the strike has settled down to a less
?ToSSM ?tT^?Tn^ ?'an
company declsre they *"
^eL^?"*^ S mu7tneen
I u. Alken. S, C. beleg stnrtod fog sere
',Tkwtomnftary cosrt to-day twlodod
taktw? ^^^^^Si itr^i
th* two oeScwrs and f?fI?gL.?*'y.!f
men. owder rhei see tn sew sort ton w?th
t^ hOMoe ?* tkres eltlsewe during
i the trolley strlhe. The cwsrt * finding
will be ssade pobltc thtssgh_tho Owe
?rusr'l nSAee. The CSSI1 ?U BO* SO
\f2mZ n*M rsn*rnrted en to |W Ihv
|peee4 of seveml seiner seees swneFsss.

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