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It is well to not* that the IN*
NTJRr PLAYER brings out the
imitators; even though a repro?
duction of the name and the style
of the type used in our trade-mark
ia the limit o their involuntary
la away above comparison with
any other instrument containing
a player device.
Of course you'll see and hear the
INNER-PLAYER before you buy.
We invite the moat critical investi?
313 E. Broad.
Many Catholic Church Digni?
taries Will Attend Exercises
at Alexandria.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch]
Alexandria. V_. October 5.?Many
dignitaries of the Catholic Church will;
come to this city Friday next for the
purpose of participating In the cele?
bration of Foundsy's Day. which wiuj
be held under the auspices of Fitz?
gerald Council. No. 4St. Knights of
Columbus. An elaborate program of
exercises has been prepared by the
local committip of arrangements.
A feature of the program will be the
placing of a wreath on Washington's
tomb by Mgr. Bonxano, pspal dslegate
to this country. He will be accom
panled on the trip, which wUl be made
from Washington in the palace car
Mount Vernon. by his private secretary,
together with the following: Rt. Ree.
D. J. O'ConnelL bishop of the diocese
of Richmond. Mgra Russell and Mack
In. of Washington. Ear. Father Noon,
of the Dominican House of Studies.
Brookland. D- C. and Judge William
If. DeLacy. of the Juvenile Court.
Washington, together with those com?
posing the committee of arrangements
representing the local council.
The special car will leave Washing?
ton at 2: OS o'clock Friday afternoon
next, and will reach here at i:W
o'clock, after which It will proceed at
once to Mount Vernon.
The papal delegates will, at 4:M
o'clock, tender la ?steptton to the
school children of Bt Mary's Cathollo
Church In the Toung Men's Lyceum
Hall. At 5:10 o'clock, he. together with
the other visitors, will take a trip
around in the city in sutomobiles. Ths
visitors st 7 o'clock will be tendered a
banquet at the Hotel Ramm el. and at.
1 o'clock the affair will be concluded!
with a musical and literary program,
which will be held In the Toung
Men's Lyceum Hall, at which Urns an
address will be mads by Rev. Father
Noon, who will take for his subject
"The Life of Christopher Columbus.
Addresses will be made also hp the
papal delegate and Bishop O'ConnelL
A special musical program wlill be
given under the direction of Miss Glen
non. of Washington, assisted by the
quartet from St Patrick's Catholic
Church, that city.
Plana for entertaining the delegates
who will attend the annual meeting
of the Association of Virginia Post
masters, which will convene here Tues?
day next and end Thursday ware com?
pleted yesterday afternoon at a meet?
ing of the board of directors of the
chamber of Commerce- It la expected
that between I1?? and 800 postmasters
from every section of the State wlU.
attend this meeting- _ I
Representatives of Virginia
Schools Called to Gather at
(Special to Tho Times-Dla-patch, J
Chaj-lotteaviUe. v*?. October *.?A
big educational conference will be) bold
at the Unlvor.lty of Virginia oa Oa
tobar St and at. At President Aider
man's direction, lnvltationo vor* aent
yesterday to all of tho aaoredited
school* on the unlv*r*lty'* raoorda.
both public and privat?, a* well as to
ail first grade high school* not pat
affiliated, and to all second grade blah
school* that are working towaxda tha
standard for accrediting.
Representative* from ttveao insti?
tution* will unit* with tha university
faculty in round-tabl* diasuaaloaa of
every phase of the educational prob?
lem a* it appear* ia Virginia. Thar*
will (be no fixed program, no prepared
paper* and no long speeches. Tha dis?
cussion* will bo Informal aad inti?
mate, and will touch upaa all the
question* that may be perplexing
achool teacher* and superintendents
and the university faculty.
Oa the *venlng of Ootohor tS
delegate* will be lb* guest* of the
university at dinner, after which tha
round-table dlacn?loaa will be ooa
Professor Charles & Muphi*. pro?
fessor of secondary uduoutlou, baa
general charge of the ooafaroaoe.
Spanking of tho aim aad purpoo* of
it, he said:
"The publio school system ad Vir?
ginia ooaalata of tha elementary
achool*. tha high aahoola, tha
normal achoola. tha technical achool*
aad tho State university. Between
them there la a logical ??queues,
and there should be a do**
and Intimate relationship. Baah should
bo a co-operating part rather than an
Independent unit in order that the
most effectlv* result* may be obtained.
"Between the high school* and tha
University of Virginia. especially,
there should fee cordial aad sympa
thetlc co-operation, and It la tho da
air* of President Alderman aad tha
faculty of tho university that the re?
lationship shall at all time* be mu?
tually helpful. The university Is able
j and anxious to help the high achool*
i and other achoola of tha State urith
their problem*, aad they may assist
tho university in seeing more clearly
the ever-changing social and economic
problem*, which our educational sys?
tem must solve, because they are
nearer to many of them. ,
"To the end that this friendly and
helpful relationship may be further
fostered and co-operative affiliation
more completely established, tho presi?
dent and faculty of tho university
have issued aa invitation to repre?
sentative* of all those unit* la our
great educational system to moot at
tho university for a conference."
rSpecial to The Timas-Dlapatcn.]
Lexington, V?_. October S?Prepara?
tions are being made far a Bible study
conference to ho held nt Washington
and Lao. October tl-November *. uader
the auspice* to tha Y. M. C. A., at
which practically every college and
> preparatory achool in tha State will
be represented. Tho purpose of the
movement la to consider ways and
mean* of encouraging Bible atudy in
| the college*. Time will also be devoted
I to mission study aad a study of social
General Secretary Carp aad Pr?si?
dent Miller, of the local Y. M. C A.,
are busily engaged in formulating
an attractive program which will bo
completed within a f*w dmya A num?
ber of prominent speakers, including
Dr. Henry Louis Smith, president ot
Washington and Lea; Dr. Charles W.
Kent, of the Cniveralty of Virginia,
and B A. Ackerly. State Secretary of
the SUto Y. M. C A., will make ad?
dresses on the various auvjact* ander
consideration and a successful meet?
ing la anticipated.
?aaaa ciwa manning
[Special to The Tlmes-Dlspetch.]
Keyavlllo. V*_ October 5.?The Dem?
ocrats, of Keysviiie Precinct In Char?
lotte County held a meeting last night
in the Town Hall and organized a Wtl
aon-Suundera Democratic Club. Tbl*
meeting waa very largely attended and
more genuine enthusiasm was shown
than at any Democratic meeting held
In the county for a long time. H p
Peteru waa elected president; W R
Staples, vlce-preaid'nt. H. W. Farmer,
?eeretary and W Hailey. treasurer.
TWs dub will hold meetings every
Friday night aatil tba afcattam
-Smeh as Only Sufferers from Rbe?mstris?i Know." Remarkable Cure of
Weil-Known North Carolina Farmer.
The Milam Medicine Co. Inc. Danville,
Gentlernen.?About eighteen year* ago
I was taken with a severe attack of Rheu
rnatssm, since which time I have been
i mmm il to ray bed a greater part of the
trine, suffering as only those who have
had Rheumatism My physicians could
only give me temporary relief at times,
and I have also tried every known rem?
edy recommended to roe. with the same
resorts. About free months ago my son.
who is ? drnggist in South Bot on. Vs..
gjijiul roe to try Milam. and. like a
ro ironing roan grasping at a straw, I
i uaanml to do so. I want to say for the
tisro.it of are friends and all who suffer
an I have, that Miaro has done sfl you
crohn for it. road asjore. It has been a
God-send to ne. I sm seventy years of
age now, and can walk about my farm;
my appetite is good; I sleep well; the
swelling has left my limbs: my joints
have reduced to their normal size, aad I
fed confident that Mflam will make a
complete cure of me, even at my advanced
age. I have commenced oa the fifth bot?
tle, but will continue to take it until I
am entirely well. I have asked my
friends who come to ate me, and I want
to say they are many, to tell their friends
about the good Milam has done me.
I am writing this letter to you that
you may be the means, by that, to relieve
some poor sufferer, for they certainty have
any syrnpathy.^ ^ _
Gratefully ytmrs,
S. L. GR15TE,
OKxxmuuty. N C. R. P. D. No. I.
At* Tom Druggist for the Noo-Alcoholic KiMify, MILAM.
fjfg ~ Carbolic
^1 ?anmvl^V ?*Ptfc^w**rt ao other mtmpmtnxjtm at
-'- -*???mWMmTlK#m^
29,000 Square Ft.
Floor Space
Official A. A. A.
incorporated ? ?/
1217-1223 West Broad Street
Phones Mad. jjq7
Packard Service Station
Court Demand* That "Key" to
Report of Vice-Commission i
. Be Produced. !
CHOI*. October (.-The crusade ***in*1 j
vice, conducted by States Attorney John E. |
Wivmu. yesterday took a etsrtllns torn
wb?-Tth? requeet ?* the State s ?torney
Jodee Henry C. Heran, ef the Municipal
Court, leaved subpoenas duces teetrm for the i
production ef the key to the report of ft.
rice commission which was ??**? psslle:
about two years eae. The her has since ;
remained in the archives ef the j
Whea the report Brat publishedit cen- j
tamed mach tutor mat tee of a atartils* na- j
tore- Many Inmates sad resort keepers fur
sashes most of this Information, their Ides- \
titles betns; concealed throuph the medium |
of numerals Is place of names. ?
In order to hsve the beneSt ?' this tafor- j
nation the rubpoenss were Issued acaiast J
SiasWalter T. Sumser. sf 8t Peter and;
Paul Cathedra?, and Edward W Sims, form
er United States district attorney here. Mr.
Srses was the secretary of the commlssVon.
Is response to the ssbpoeos. Mr. Sims ap- j
the commission disbanded In WS the key..
whleh etrtuelry Is a directory of ail 'he ?wn
7ra hVepera. disorderly betel, and the* In- ?
mates is the city. ws. place* In
of a committee ef ??e ef ?? ? ?
member. The trfermstten. he seid. was not |
ohtamed for the purpose ef V'??'**- |
was the resell ef privat? tnv.stlsatton .nd ,
eisen In the belief thet the ceTsmls?t-n
wou?d net divulge the namea '
?ares*, that Mr ?ms eheutd speek to the
o^beTmembers of Ms committee and see If
they willing th' hey should be gi?n,
to tiles prOsr*<*utr>r'? oiTT**.
"The essence Is la eawten-e and IPS hSsrs
a rieht to use It as lona as th? e>feeden?s,
do ist base t? ta?? Ska stand against tben.
se'vee.- Assistant Wslrs Attorney A two d ,
itC "We want to use If In SJ! the rases,
where It win he sdmlssJM- as
Jude? Morsn oostinoed the res? nnt?, Mon?
day whew. If the commission stl Is <1et?r
mined not to r-lessr SM key. I'gs! ergu
ments weald have to be m?se
UTMK.V? ?l^KISARt ? -
twMa oi.*h.%m
Dnrham. |f C. -October S ?
Secretary, fa S- Psdgett h,, SCTtvod
in Durhsm snd sMtpjl headquarters
for the Laymen a Missionar- *ove
ment Convention in the 1 w < is
batldln* where th- work of prepar?
ing fee the big jWI WISTS eSsyrese>?k
to be held here Octoh-r si end .V
vemher 1. will be carried on Th* ^rf?
parts are that a ?real *",hJTn* ?
the church men of rentrai North Car..-,
Has will be the outcome of th:s pro-,
poeed convention- The camp* *n *
on. A large streatner has h**n P??r;'1
serosa the sidewalk in front S f*
headquarters to aeaeune its lo--atit??r
Other streamers will b- tWssgaa awSSM,
the city calllna; attention to th- Oc-j
teber-Moventher eotrvention.
The toymen ef aU the church-a. in
towns and esrentrv. 'n 'be territory
embraced In the twenty rw? r??nnttes
a die cent to Durham whi?-n sr. invitee
to participate la this toymen a ?m
vent Ion are aek*d ?*? ar?- *? them?
selves to the Import a ops of this w rfc
aarrrvrt.Lst ?*?%* r.tmm \*rv
AshevlTle w c OrTOhwr vDeeper.
d-n? harass' of ill health whleat r?
ratted In lonsj period* of tna-.nsnla 1'
Reeyera Oreet, forty-eirht rears eld.
preiddsnt ef the tyrant Realty Cam- !
pane, af this c?ty. shot himself shnriir
after noon vote easy. mnVtlnar woonda
which eeeelted I? his d>sth at fie Mis?
sion ifoapital two heejr* later He was
found lvftre; la the woods ef th- Vie
terto s*"?lon with two haltet
la the rtaTht teen pie. freea "
were sanstewM tos? Mr ^JJJJ^JJ*-j
Exhibits Remarkably Good?Ex?
cellent Showing by Corn
Club Boys.
[epeela! te Th* Times-Dispatch. 1
Cha?e City. Ts., Ortober S.?The exhibits
at the Mecklenburg County Fair, held st
Chase City, which closed yesterday, were re- .
markably rood, considering the drouxbt of
the past summer. The live stock exhibit'
waa a greet Improvement ever last rear,
aad many of the entries here will ge to the |
State Fair at Richmond next week. The i
Beys' Corn Club Association fer Xecklea- ,
burg county, ander the sopervlstoa et T. O. [
sandy, elected Norman Williams. Jr.. as the
young men to have charge of Its exhibit a*
the State Fair in Richmond. Governor
Venn waa lead In Ms praise of the excellent ;
showing made by the Mecklenburg beys. j
X. D. Pott? won first premium fer red
pole cattle: N. H. Williams aad C P. Gor-1
den won first premium for cow*. The pre- ,
mlum for Berkshire hogs was wee by T M
Rand: sow* by J. A. Price. The premium
pole ehina hoes ?on by J. A. Price. C. S. i
Gordon and N. D. Potts esptared the pre?
mium for sheep.
The Judges of the live stock exhibits were I
Oslisjsl J. T. Geede. J. A. Wlmbush aad R. 1
L. Jeffreys.
One te?mre of the exhibit* whieh sttrsct- .
ed a laree number of visitors and much at- !
tentton was that hr the Southern Railway
? ompany, which occupied art entire build in e.
shoo-in*- many kinds of fruit which had been
raised tn ?*uth?lde Vlralnls !
On. of the larceet bindings on the around
waa ?w>? as the woman's buildinx. oa one
side of wbteh was a display showing what;
the women of xfeeklenbuea; County could sc- i
rempti ?h with th'lr ne-dle. for which thirty '
premium* were awarded On the opposite I
s*de o' this bull dins ai rane?d In attmrtrr-J
forma, waa shown ihe ?.-|er>-e of the kitchen. (
'or whl<-h thlrtv o-td premiums were offered.
Th- Urs: premium winners of the tobacco. \
">m aod corton exhibit were J. V?. Bram-.
W. T. larrej-, R B Hat "-h?-gon aad J. t.. I
locking fra- a big nr?pnrtnnrlY to huiM a i
safe, permanent and prrditaraV rni?tne?? ,
of votir own? !f 'ou have $IVl capital ,
to imvM we offer to a rrtiaMr man in I
each town an c,p*w?rttinitv to btrild a teg- :
paving hsi-rrK-o?; aornethmg new; enor- !
moos demand everywhere. exclusive right* 4
awarded: rhan>e to make up lo fc'/svi
\earHv Make appti<-*t ton nnm. N'YTAN t
DAT I FTTrlR MFG. rn u< Hr,s?d ?
wav. New York, N. Y.?Advertisement
Drtsriou- I > nnhaven Oy*ter*. fresh
ee?r> day. .wcvei m nunv ?tri*?
It is a delight tuet to vT*tt otrr cool
and pleasant dmiisx root*. The (nod
tonka hetter and ta?tes Hrtter he, *<rw
of the pUsasawt *ui TtsuBdssgrx. and
reatlj IS tamer
asaiasT>eaa Mdfi a toawartt. stalls, JSc.
f root It A M to ; P M
1P*Trom,".lA. M. ? 2 P. M
feood Servsre ksrevtent Loostiag. I
Moderate^ Pt sre*
[Sum of $75,000 Promised If an;
Additional $100,000 Is
Ablngdon. Va.. October 5?Matter?1
of Interest to Emory and Henry Col- !
lege were distinctive In the proceed- |
Inga of Holston Conference here yester- i
day. The general board of education j
I promised tso.ooa and Andrew Carnegie ?
i 125.00.) in caae an extra $K>0.0 -o can ,
' he secured from ontaide sources on or I
, by Jun? 30. 191).
I Thirty thousand dollars of the re- |
quired amount has already been raised.!
! and the conference board of education j
i urged that the conference commit ?
; itself fully to th?> great task of raising
'the extra $7#.J0J.
Committees and subcommittee*, were
I appointed and active preparations were
I made to push the collection of all sub- j
I soriptions. both small and lame. '?
. Twenty-seven men were appointed to;
compose the hoard of trustees of I
; Em ?ry and Henry College, those men
I to have terms of office varying from
! two to six year*.
Quite a number of applicants were
i admitted or. trial, and so,ne wi re pro
1 meted to the second year and some to
the third.
) TVwis j Bernhardt conducted d'vo
I tionsl eaeretueu in the afternoon, and
Bls'nop Kilgo preached at night. More
than 2*d delegates are present, and
; grout interest is maifTfeeted both by
i the conference- and th-- people,
I -\elle-Hsrt.
I Stevensburx. Va.. l?rto:.er 5.?A
? beautiful marriage waa ???ietT,nt.r.e.i ??n
tWeerauudu) in tee Bantl't ?htiroh at
' *?tcv? nshiirs. th- principle* N ijii! M'*i
A rohe li a Rolling iltir: and f>r. Urvtfle
;Xal>. The chuic'i -as adorned .v-t.i
grcalnc r'ant* *nd running nln*.
Three *rch. * ****** arranc-tl and ?in- 1
der th.ee on th. r.uht jpd, leTl Were
?at**. e?eh opened hy Inn littl. ?Irl?,
a* feile?* laNa Burton and Kuld
Ho? map. N'ell'e Bs t\.-aj\ .nnd Mildred
Jone*. ' ? ?. |?elleve Me" wsj* sung by
Miss lies*;, VtTlls iust |.r<-i je^j* |? ill
entrance .-.f the bridal part
The welding :nai'*h ?.is r? nderrd ??'
Mrs tjK-ie.-;a r?avl?. The besutlfnl
rln* service WW4 performed hj
iQeoigp M Hurt, fat ?r M t'-- heb.
? n-1 te-t.it of the eh"-.-h I. ttie Is*.--'
Wlllt* was fl"?er aiM. and tlie wed
din* ri.ig ?as torn* <..i a silver ?r*y
b\ Hut" ?iill? Jr
u.** ijtu-a H'j't. eater of tie hr>d
was maid of b~n ??<- ?I * 1 ''?er ll-.-rt
of r?urham N ?'. a u? "f ?h. beide. I
wee motion of I|"B*t Mason .Nalle.ll
of \< ASh.ncton I? COU*tn of the I
arrooni ?? a* best inn. and f*** ?ts'-'Crs
?ere f?otg ii'd-n ? in Hurt, bret
of tbe fcride Irvine r,*er ? rid . .r.r.l.,-,
*V.|.i? "b. ?> -Varna Sit? Mi-**?
s>i?*i. R-dler* o; ft**)** h Ml' -Irin* }
f?j|ow Kiorenee 'A-iri* *nd Uudaay;
? iordon
The brMe-* gnwr> waa pose, white!
rheereens. e<?b la e fr n-nln*r* H?r j
?nt> t-r name tit was a haedwortie eameo
worn bt her ant-mal grandmother on
her weddmu d? . stxtyi#ls -.ears ago.'
Tbe beide $ f?r,d the flig-r . With
Her brother ?ee r(t tV Hurt. Who gate'
her a?*?
The bride Is v ell known thro igWO'Jt i
Vtewlrt* ??N? i? s nie. e of Her. John
Jeter Hurt of Durham. V l.. and of
J'idge ivrton llotmon af I ranhrovd.
K. ? Tbe trwim .a a gradual- of sued-1
Idee *f the J ntverait- of Vlrvlnla a
brother of the Igte ?eeneral M il ia n
NaT** and one of the ?uai prominent I
h'ralnesa teen of ? ?ntpeper. ?
pa* and Mr* Hort entertained for}
eeveral data at the r*ar*otuc< a houev j
part* consisting of a ausaher efi
feiend? and relative* Amowg the m I
tbe paternal grandmother of the bride j
uho ha* aiva? fowr s*uu to the fteo I
net nstetatry. |
bridal party repaired to the home of
the bride where a luncheon wee served,
after which Dr. and Mrs. Nolle left
for an extended Northern and Western
After October 1? Dr .and Mrs. Nalle
will be at their home near Brand)'.
An Appreaeaxan Marrlaarr.
rSpecis.1 to The Times-Dispatch |
Blackstone. Vi., October 6.?An ap?
proaching weddiiw of much Interest
to many friends throughout the South,
will be that of Miss Pauline Beatrice
llethorn and Alonxo T. Mc-Neny. The
ceremony will be performed in No?
vember at Connlston Hall, the home
of the bride'e parents In Lsunenburg
County. A feature of the wcoding *HI
! be that throe of the ten attendante
will be dames of honor, sinters of the>
bride. These are Mrs. John W. Buch?
anan, of Norfolk: Mrs. Edward GL Bag
ley. of Kenbridge, and Mrs. Wilfred;
tt Epes, of Blackstone.
Miss Hethorn is the third daughter
of Captain and Mrs. William Hethorn.
?be was educated at the Southern Fe?
male College. Petersburg. and baa
traveled extensively. She Is of English
parentage. Mr. McNeny la fron?
Charlotte County.
After a trip In the citsgs ef the
southern border of Canada. . Niagara
and New York, the young couple will
make their home at Kenbridge.
Fair Visitors
Are i <>r<!iall\ im ite.1 to make our ore- borne hf*rl?':arTer? while a
Rk hmmiii. wee tKe r mail addressed in our tm\% make use of our
rng-rnom. leave p.i ul- with tr*. etc.
\\ r wi!l lr Mf] rjlgrl to have you call ^nH inspect our new
anrl -ce a motiern med? irw pUnt--:n the heart oi the ity. Ma
ncv. jv-t-^fwr. ! jnk?. hotels, railroad ?tat tons, etc.
?\ <m wij! iie .??. proud <4 the new hr>mc of the < rreat Sonirtern
Rcmed> a* we >Nir?eJ\r? arr.
A hott!?- c4 Nnah'? I.mimet?? free ha. adult*, .inti a licautrful set oi
rojored jihiujI card's to the < htlrfrrn who call
Ill South 12th Street Richtaioti,, V?.
Real Tailoring?
I? \r-T.r t<i? m.?V !n a TAll OR. or ta wmt eweet ?Hop m Chi
New ^ "*k KaHmtoar'
I v ill rnekr ? on a >urt m m> ??VYN ?hop, rajbt on the pie mi ?es. ead R
wan he the Ute*t Mrk. Nah in . .it and aaettlial. I GlARANTEei A
Popular Prion
M\ pewes are a? kr* aa naaatw with foad work?"pi Vtmjr" at
fuUref aew.w of the weed
i all ead in apart the ncrwent eeanrtaamt of the let rat and onem pa
lar abrara

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