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mim rius
fCuatlauad Fret* Fifth Pm?)
near upen the face of the certificate?
themselves. Borne of the Informalities
Just allseed appear In the certificate*
from precinct* end ward's In wrlch
your petitioner received a majority of
the vote*, as well as from those in
which the said Walter A. Watson re?
ceived a majority of th? votes, all of
which will emphasise the error of the
ruling of this committee In refusing
to cause the eanvasa to he made from
the poll hooka themaelves. so that the
actual facta might be ascertained and
th* true r ?Bult declared after such
corrections had been made In the re?
turn* a* sre allowable by lau. and
such return** as could not be corrected,
so that the true result thereof might
be ascertained, had been rejected, and,
on his part, j our petitioner deslr -s
that auch canvass, correction and. if
necessary, rejection of illegal returns
be made, fairly and impartially, vi;h
out regard to the result as It may
apply to him.
?. That at Am Ha Courthouse Pre?
cinct, In Amelix County. William Hail
?nd Isaac Noble, two paupers, were
permjtted by the judges of election to
vote for the saij Walter A. Watson,
In said primary election, notwithstand?
ing they were paupers and disquali?
fied to vote by section 23 of the Con?
stitution of Virginia*
Big Vote la .\*it*w*y.
7. Tour petitioner calls attention to
the fact that the county of Bruns?
wick, in which he resides, has a con?
siderably larger voting population
than the county of Nottoway, In which
the said Walter A. Watson resides.
In the presidential election of 1908
there were polled for the Democratic
electors In said Nottowar County only
481 Demooratle votes, and for the Re?
publican presidential electors there
were polled 118 votes, almost one-fifth
of the aggregate vote: In the guber?
natorial contest of 1909 there were
polls din Nottoway County, the home
of the Democratic nominee for Gover?
nor, a man of unusual popularity In
his own county, only 628 Democratic
votes; In the congressional election "of
1910 there were polled In the said
rounty only 245 Democrstlc votes.
In the latter ease, however, there was
no opposition to your petitioner, who
was th* nominee of the Democratic
Tatst petitioner la Informed that In!
the *ald county of Nottoway on the
said 21st day of September, 1912,
there was held a special election also,
for the determination of the location
of the courthouse of aaid county.!
which election excited considerable \
Interest and brought to th* polls a
considerable portion of the voting
population of ?ald county, regardless
of color or political affiliation: and. In
view of the fact that the published
reports showed that there was only
a difference of twenty-six between the
number of votes cast In said special
election and the number reported to
have bean cast In said primary elec?
tion, your petitioner having been de?
nted access to the poll books of said
primary election by the action of your
committee, and believing that he
would he able to ascertain from the
sfflcial poll books, which must have
la P<
b**a k*pt ia seid sp*ol*l .lection, the
r\mm of p?c**M who war* permitted
t* trot* ta Mid ejection. *o *? to give
ta th* aatd Walter A. Watson th* ua
usually tar*;* vote which he I* ae
oredlUd with from *ald county, ap?
plied through hi* agent to the
clerk of th* Circuit Court of Mid
county of Nottoway for the privilege
of Inapeoting the poll hook* kept In
?aid special election, when, to his sur?
prise, hi* agent was informed by Mid
clerk that even the official poll books
In the special election could not be
exhibited to him for the remmon that
they were In the pn*?e?iston of Mr.
Hunter H .Watson, attorney at law.
and brother of the *aid Walter A.
Watson who. the clerk stated, had all
the papera in hia posaeseion in con?
nection with said special election, for
the purpose of formulating the neces?
sary papers incident to a contest of
the legalin of said special election, so
that, unless your petitioner is in's- .
taken In the information which he lias i
received, and upon which this alle-j
gallon Is based, it would seem that in!
Nottoway t'ounty every avnu? of in-!
formation has been closed against!
! your petitioner; and the pregnant fact]
! also appear* that the validity of the i
j said special election In which the |
] same electors participated, is. accord- ;
i ing ta this information, belns assailed;
h> the citizen* of Xottowaj County,
themselves. '
S. Voiir petitioner further alleges I
that since the forgone portion of tills:
i petition had been written. J. W. Bailey. I
j one of the Judges of election who con- ,
ducted the primary election held on)
said 21st day of September. 1912. at i
l'Mmunvi's Store Precinct, in the coun-j
ty of Brunswick, has made an afhda- '
vit. which he lias furnished to your pe- j
titloner. respecting the manner in i
which the said primary election was,
conducted at tho said precinct, which j
affidavit Is hereby adopted by your ?
petitioner and maide a specific allega?
tion of this petition, and is In the fol?
lowing words:
"State of Virginia, County of Bruns?
mick, to-wlt:
"I. J. R. Owens, a notary public, in
and for the county aforesaid iti the
State of Virginia, do certify that J.
W. Bailey this Cay personally ap?
peared before me In my county afore?
said and made oath that he is one of
the Judges of election appointed to
conduct the congressional prlniaryi
election st Edmunds Store Precinct,!
in the county of Brunswick. Va.t on |
September 21. 1912, snd that when a
person offered to vote at said pr|-|
mary election he first ascertained1
whether he was registered and had |
paid the poll taxes, or, if he was snj
oH soldier, he did not require any pay- J
ment of the poll tax. and th* affiant
further stated under oath;
"I then put to each person offering
to vote two quest ons, the first being
?Are you a Democrat?' and the sec?
ond, 'Will you support the nominee of
this primary?" Unless they answered
both of these questions In the affirma?
tive, we would not allow them to vote.
I was the Judge of election who put
the questions to the persons offering
to vote. In consequence of this ruling
on the part of the judges. I recall that
F. J. W. Hawthorne, G. E. Jones. A. I
H. Hawthorne. M. L DaffoOn and G.
S. Daniel, who desired to vote for
Robert Turnbull as nominee of the
Democratic party In aakd. primary, were
refused th* right to vote in said pri?
mary by the judge* of election at
Mid precinct. I will go further andj
say that to the best of my knowledge,
and heller, if these men had not been
j denied the right to vote, at least
twenty (28) other persons would have
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voted for Mr. .Robert TurpbuU et Ed?
mund's Store Precinct, who rwere slm
llsriy situated, but whether or not
they had ail voted for the Democratic
nominee for the House of Delegates
in the last general election. I am un?
able to aay. Mr. F. J. W. Hawthorne
told me this morning that he did vote
In tha next preceding general election
for the Democratic norntnjee for the
House of Delegates, and would have
voted hut for this ruling. 1 will fur?
ther state thai in making what I now
see was an erroneous ruling. I was
misled by the words In 1Jhe instruc?
tions to the judges sent out by tbe
district chairman, under the) head. 'Who
may ?vote.* "All lawful Democratic
"The affiant further statnd that since
the said primary election he ascer?
tained that the same rule was not
applied In the county of Nottoway and
stated "in conversation with Mr. H. H.
Seay. one of the judges of election at
Blackstone Precinct. In Nottoway
County. I was informed by Mr. Seay
that H. I- Jackson, the negro chairman
of the Progressive party in that coun?
ty, was allowed to vote for Whiter A.
Watson, and that he, Mr. Seay. re?
quested the said negro, Jackson, to
vote in said primary for the said Wal?
ter A. Wktaon-* Given under my hand
this Sd day of October. 191*. My com?
mission expired December 11. 1915.
(Signed) "J. R. OWENS.
?? Notary Public."
ETIw ?<*<>?? 1 await I ? v? tlOssrmU
Tour petitioner further allege, that
not only has ho been prejudiced by
the erroneous Instructions siren to
the Judges of election by this com?
mittee, and the unjust and ?legal dis?
crimination practiced by said Judges
of election as heretofore alleged, but
facts have come to your petitioner
from the most reputaht* sources
which Justify him upon Information
snd belief in charging that ha was
fraudulently deprived of three (2)
legal ballots cast for hire at Monks-1
Neck Precinct, |n Dinvrlddle County. I
In support of this allegation your pe-1
titloner charges that at said precinct
he received nine (9) votes, the said
nine votes being caat lay the follow?
ing persons, who were ejualified in all I
respects to vote In sard primary elec- !
tion. namely: T>. P. Wilkinson. T>. H. j
Wilkinson. J. P. Haddoa, T. B. Scott.'
B. T. Scott. G. W. Chanwell. J. B. Nor?
tis. E. H. Chambers and B. 6. Major.
At the closing of the. polls it was as?
certained that only thirty-one (31)
votes had been cast at said precinct. I
but after the ballot box was opened
it was ascertained that thirty-four j
C34> ballots had beam deposited. In I
said ballot box. and, V> solve the diffl-!
colty with which there were confronted.)
the judges of election at said precinct
summarily and Illegally destroyed
three (3> of the ballots which hart
been lawfully cast far your petitioner
at said precinct.
"Tour petitioner r?leges what must
be apparent to thid committee that in
making this contest, be is greatly pre?
judiced and embafcrass-'-d by what he
regards as the Erroneous ruling of
this committee In refusing to require
that the result of said election as ap?
pealing frcm the poll hooks should be
canvassed. ?r.?i that the poll books
should be laid oprn for public inspec?
tion, and he has twen th?rehy deprived
of the means of. ascertaining definite
Information with respect to many mat?
ters pertaining to said election and
appearing from'said poll books neces?
sary to enabla him to specify in de?
tail the var1?*is grounds of contest
upon which V> relies. He. therefore,
respectfully insists that his legal
rights as a ettlsen of this Common?
wealth be granted him by this com?
mittee, and that the ssld poll books
snd ballots he? opened and Inspected
hv their comautee. and a recount of the j
vote appeartrut from said pop books
and ballots ne had. but without pre?
judice to has right to insist upon the
irregularities*, errors and frau-'s here?
in above aOeged. or any others which
ntav be developed In the progress of
this contes* after the said poll hooka
and ballots, have been opened and in?
spected as? impeaching the result of
said primary election, as It may ap?
pear from |hc face of the returns as
shown ft*? #n Insnectlen of tbe said poll
hooks act ballots.
aTaSMUd to Two ftsghts.
Teur petitioner Insists that h? 1?
entitled wy virtue of the Constitution
and laws, of this ?t?te to these two
rights: Jlrst. to require thst the re?
turn* rdj staid *>rimar - election, as
'shown hy the poll books. *e first ?MW
canvassed, aad the result ascertained
therefonwt. before this committee, act?
ing; In the capacity of a canvassing
hoard. Jn authorized t* award a cer?
tificate of nominatloa to either can?
didate aad. second to Impeach the
rrtnrna so made for niegalltv or fraud
*efore this committee, sitting as a
judiriad tribunal to hear and deter?
mine ?bis contest upon any and all ef
the grounds hereinbefore alleged, and
tipow ear other ground* which may
r- developed after said poll hooks,
and T>allots here been opened aad
produced for inspection.
Ti '-emsMera'Ion of ths premises,
voir petitioner respectfnlly requests
> our honorable committee to convene
ist a* early a date as possible in Vrw
of ehe short time before the regn'ar
eieeiiea. to aear aad determine this
ennjteet. that the said ?.o|| book* and
batfot* used In said prlmarv election
**> req sired to he produced before
jmis committee, that they be opened
smt inspected and c*nv***ed. and that
all such evidente mav be heard by
vr-ir committee a* wiu he admissible
ufsou the tswue* tendered by this ae
im\*m And ? our petitioner ladulgee
? Be hope that this r*?iue*t will be
?eoned In By hi* competitor, who. pre
wioualv to the *atd primary eject loa.
pereiatestly proclaimed hi* nawlllrng
fsa*w to aeee.pt the nominaUea unless
1 to- ***** were I* all I e*P**t* a fair
crpeesaion ef the wislv-e ef the teas*
Jtera at saht teert* CiBSfsBSlissai B?rl
trict. qualified to vote and participate;
in said primary.
Respectfully submitted.
Augusta, Gs,. October 5.?Repeated
acts of violence, in which the lives
of the Georgia Railroad employes were
placed in Jeopardy, late to-day result?
ed *n orders being Issued to the mem?
bers of the Brotherhood of Locomot've
Engineers not to operate any trains
on that road "until adequate'' protec?
tion is furnished. The order was Issued
by Fred A. Burgess, assistant grand
chief of the brotherhood, after an ex?
change of notes with General Manager
T. K. Scott, of the Georgia road. Later
he modified the order, permitting any
engineer to go out at his own r'ek.
The situation to-day became so crit?
ical that Mr. 8cott telegraphed Gover?
nor Brown, urging him to instruct the
sheriffs and mayors along the line to
use extra diligence and see that order
la maintained. The Governor replied
that as there was no demand for mar?
tial law he had no authority to take
the initiative in such a matter.
The afternoon passenger trains
starting from both Augusta and At?
lanta. Tt is stated, will be taken to
their destinations, but !t is expected
that no more trains will be started for
the present
Further efforts at mediation were
made to-day by United State* Labor
Commissioner Chsrles P. Neil!, J?ut
without result. The chief trouble to-day
developed at Union Point, where sev?
eral trainmen on passenger traina were
badly beaten by strike aympathlcer*.
Freight trains started from Atlauta
and Augusta were run onto sldinc*.
switches locked and trainmen driv? n
off. Sheriff Hlxon. of Greene County,
has declined, it is aaid. to go to Union
Point and protect railroad property ti
I the request of General Manager Scott.
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