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%\\MB^*%TWLmw)t Ccvtae Fiel?)!.
Derm, tvcft FtcM._
IMedical CoUege of Vir-|
downs by Soldiers.
\ Lighter Eleven Shows Bursts of
Speed and Splendid Coaching
Mods Have Splendid Mate?
rial. With Best Pair of
Tackles in South.
Too Warm.
The Bluer football ?Uran. coached
(by BlUy Slttsrdlng. slightly upset too
calculation* of Pat Krebs and his
husky tri bo from the Medleal College
of Virginia by losin?; to the heavier
eleven only after Ute most strenuous
sort of resistance and then by only
two toncbdowa, from which Sabenek
kicked two seals, making the total
/?lumber of points run up just four
teen. The Blues bad never hoped to
'score against thb formidable array
tvf weight against which they battled.
IThe beat they expected was a score
Ices game, but the light gat a area aad
the even lighter hackfleld waa unable
, to stand up under the onslaughts of
the two tackles. Walker and Hedge
pet h, being gradually worn down.
It waa anything bat an ideal day
, for football. The mercury soared en
| tirely too high, and both elevens were
i spent after tb? forty minutes of hard
iptay. If there were featurea to the
> game, the moat striking of these waa
j the marvellous defense put up by the
soldiers snd the opposite weakness of
the Medicos .from an offensive stand?
point. Though the eleven may be
.whipped Into a raachine which can
make a showing against the North
-Una A. aad M. next Saturday, a
d of apeed muat be Injected Into
sen before this will be true. Yea
ty the movement of the team as;
bole waa ponderous, rather than!
waive. There was larking that |
thing almost tndsBnahkb bat
h. In Its final analysts, la spaaS
Blase Asa Pas*.
K On the other tend. Sitter ding baa
,taught his men several things which
fsjhey dMn't knew last Tear. They
j?hi his bard and ears, aad at least one
(*? their backs. Word, has a knack
/ad locating openings aad taking ad
i we a tage of them. It waa this same
ford who mart a the only real ran of
~-ea. Aha, *
made ?*? aaC^a
j In fact ?ho Saasa
jmarS laa-vT -
ffi^^beW eleewewrs^Wto
,r?B lafitensnt Is^eevahi.
far the area tor part
JUS ansl
Tale fwetbaU who mt ssisia
,weat hark ha year* with the
far Tad Cay That waa aeafty
Mack Writes Saying He Win
Await Advices D. C OTOah
erty, Local Shriner.
D. C O'Flaborty. potentate of Aeon
Tempi*. Mratie Sarlae, left laat aim**
far Hew Tork where he wlU meet
Connie Mack ia aa endeavor to ar
raaff* a fint bare h*le**u the Ath?
letic* and the Phillies. It sad been
hoped that a gam* could be arranged
between the Athletic* and Clark Ortf*
flth's Nationals, bat a ass* sags tram
Orifath enaounoe* that h* oeabt not
?et to Maek. Tbl* la probably da* to
the fact that a aeries of gam** baa
*>r-eudy been decided apea between the
two Philadelphia dabs la Philadelphia,
one ex whloh weald be transferred
bare la the event satisfactory arrange
menta can be made.
Should the cam* be arranged ft will
have to be played at l*s* park a*
Broad Street Park baa already been
cut up, a portion of It now betas; laid
with tracks of the Blsbmnad. Tred
ericksburc aad Potomac, own*** of
the tract of land. It is not known
Just how At the* eld United States
League bom* la for auch a same, but
it la thought that it oaald be put ia
condition in abort order for the gam*.
la speaking of the seepages game
Connie Meek write* ?* follow*:
Philadelphia, Fa.. October 4, 1*1 A
Oaa Malbert. Sporting Baiter Tlaaea
IXapatca, Bichmond. Va:
Sir,?Tour telegram at October 3 did
net reach me until this morning, as I
ws* eat at the oity. Wegardlng ? gam*
la your oity, will aap that Mr. (J'fUh
erty. one of the leading "Shriner*" of
your city, suggested some time ago
that our club play in your city. Am
not positiv* that such a gam* eaa be
arranged. Wo open a sertea with the
Philadelphia Nation* on Monday. Said
series will *nd soon a* one olub wins
four gam** My thoughts war* that it
might be possible to get the Philadel?
phia Nation* aad our club to your oity
for a game, but auch arrangsn?*nte
must be made through your local Shrin?
er*. Teere truly.
Clark Griffith waa willing and anxi?
ous to com* aad stated that be could
make arrangement* to bring the Maw
York Highlander* to battle with bis
youngsters. After being advised that
the Yankees would net be acceptable
as aa attraction, he got ia touch with
Mack with the result already stated.
Mr. O Flaherty expects to be back, in!
Itlslimsad Tuesday, when he will be
able to giv* definite information aa to
the arrangements he baa mad*, la any
event the affair wO not be staffed un?
til after tie* Ssurteewtk at this month.
High School Football Squad,
?am weeks as* tbtrtp at Joan
36 it 0 SCORE
Ridunond Medics Offer Little
Resistance to Institute's Fsst
Football Team.
[Special to The Times-Dispatctu]
Lexington. Vs., October 5.?Virginia
SMSBary Institute" {ook the University
College of Medicine- measure thU after
Bon. M to a The Medicos did not
wake up until the .last half, then se
eursd their only first downs of the
sagaa The Cadets scored fourteen >n
the first quarter, twenty la the third,
and two la the fourth on Bains tackle
at Xeblett for a safety. In the third
Quarter after a touch back by the
Cadets, Moore went through centre
from his twenty-yard line, eluded
three beckfleld tackles and made a
touchdown after an eighty-yard run.,
Patterson. Kinsman and Moore s play-I
lag. and White's punting, with V? ood- ?
house's and Neblett's tackling featured j
the game- The line-up: _,
Cadets. Position. *edlcoo.
Lowrey.left end.Baker |
B?rners .left tackle., w oednones'
OurJerres ....left guard.Lohmen*
<Munee> _M
Patterson .centre.... Phlpaa
< Martin >
cterfteon ;...rlgiit tacaie. rerger
Tonen .right end. Hernia
? fHerndon)
.quarterback- Seymour
.left half .?. White
right helft-- Kuttrell
(Continued on Second"' Page.)
ConteU Outclassed by ; Ooerlm
Boys in Defeat Before
College. I
ITHACA. H. T.. October B. Saa
sorry exhibition of footfall, on Cnr
aeira part Oberlin defeated Ins
j Ithaca as to-day by te- ecorr of IS to
S Oberfra bad a faat light team wits
lata of fight They ?lar~<1 as well as
I even Hl ehe first half surf
red them to the second. Pft^r
aas In evidence. o'Hearne
end stsading ant aea con
. jnesaeisn. la fart- f/rleeme
oat aa the only live w*re on
Cincinnati Millionaire, After]
Capturing Prize, Rashes to
Aid of Rival.
Big Mercedes Grazes Rear Axle
of Winning Fiat, Causing
Serious Accident.
Race Inteniatiooa]
Gr. sod Piix.
Mirwaehee. Or to bei V- Caleb Brags,
an smaaaumtes- >-??thf?J Cincinnati
millionaire, to-night h-Ms for one rear
the title to the irrend Prt? aatoaa?Xla
rood rare, the climax of throe days*
racing here, driving hta r lat first acre**
the Itae. H* area bsoaase of aa aeel
deat to Ralph tsePalssa's altreedea,
which overturned derfag the haei lap.
loot aa h* was about to pass Brass
and capture the prise maws) of IV. see
sad the boner of winatas the meet
thrilling event in resteer n
Oe Palma drwee bte ear lam
wheel ef Brasrs
mlv-op that
swap atawlr
fCeatlnwed ea
Other Spotts, Pages|
7 and 8 Sec D.
* ? . rr?:
V. P. L Qttarter Back Uses Head|
While Techs Are Defeating
[8pecial to The Time?-Di*patch. j
Black* burg. V?, October 5?V. P. L. |
defeated HaiunJap-sidnoy here this *X
bjr a scare of U to 7. Too
P*aT*d ? scrappy cam*, but j
'' | 'to atoas the Techs fcoai
early In the second half,
when they asade their -only scars on j
plays through the line. The Techsj
showed better form than in the last'
game, hat th? hackSeld hi still weak
la . blocking the interference W.
logge, at quarter, waa the star for j
the home tea as. The Line-up:
H. & Position. P. L
Driver ..left half.. Hudaiej
MeClung ......right half.:_Parish!
Corke ..fUTJ hack.-.Magill
Carrtngtou ..aaarterbuck. Legge |
Jones .left end. Hodgson
Guthrie .left tackle. Burma |
Moore .left guard. Moor
Boiling ........centre. Evans
Forbes .light guard.Whitney
Benedict -right tackle. Pick
evbel .right sad.i*?f*ovre|
Cmplre. Milan Referee. Ware.
University of Tennessee Makes!
101 Points Without Any
Great Effort
KNOW I U.E. Tcr.a.. ehrtober S -The |
Second largest score ever made by a .
Paseai slty of T>hn ?**?? football team !
wsa rolled tip this afternoon ana* net j
Ktnes )'ellege. of Bristol, when the
visitors a er overwhelmed I'M to d
The King i"?Heg? be/va were llsht.
inexperienced and in sueh peer con- |
dttton ;hat hut few playem who start- ,
ed the game were In at the nn<sh. Not I
ewce /IS KinSTK h?M the volunteer* im
douse or make flrat town*
of ij to a try VeTstiyl
Wipe* Out AR Pst
rapertal to Taw Taaai:
caee^aeta U. C QaaiSaT t.
Baa defeated Pit Idas n her* task at
tseaasa by a aeerV *f It a?
methooists are
easily whipped
Virginia Rolls Up 45 Points
Against Randolph-Mac on, Six
More Than Georgetown.
Chsrlottesvllle. Va. October (.?la
the second game of Us scheduled sea?
son the Virginia football eleven de?
feated Randolph-Macon College to-day
by a score of Xorty-flve to nothing, a
half dosen more points than George?
town roUed up against the Methodists
last Saturday.
Virginia accumulated twelve points
la tbe Orst period; thirteen in the
second; none In the third, and twenty
In the laat quarter, an aggregate of
forty-flee points on seven touchdowns
and three goals. Cook and Acree each
scored two touchdowns, while Flnlay,
Blanc hard and Harris mads one each
While Randolph-Maoon prssented a
stronger line than William and Mary,
It cannot be said that the Orange and
Blue players gave near aa goad an
exhibition to-day aa they did la the
opening contest with the WlUlamaburg]
eleven. Fumbling waa frequent, and,
at unopportune moments, this consti?
tuting the moat serious defect in Vir-j
glala's attack. While the Orange and
Blue gave Baabes of team play, the
score represents individual ability
mere than co-operative action. Cook.
Acree. Bay and Blanche rd did moat
of the line plunging, while Randolph.
Oooch, Thomas and Mason distinguished
themselves by brilliant runs la the
The forward pass figured nine times
In Virginia's playing three times
successfully. Most of them were
thrown badly, though in the mala
they were intended to go only short
^distances. Twice the bail leaded
squarely lato tbe arms of aa opposing
Randolph-Macdn's beat werk waa In
tbe third period whan they not only
held Virginia for no score, but also
gars their beat offensive exhibition.
The necessary first down waa made
only once, however. Captain Hopkins
circling Virginia's right end for twelve
yards behind good interference.
' Virginia, - Position. R.-M.
McDonald..left end.Gale
(Harris) . (Mldyette)
Bedas.left tackle.Copley
Jett.....left guard.Hears
(Brown) . '
Farrow..... .right guard. .*. .Schneider
nCuontS) - - (Ferguson)
1 Wool folk.right tackle. ..Wood house
Finley.right end.Ferguson
i (Smith) (Scott)
! Randolph... quarterback .Bane
Ooooh.left halfback.... Cleighton
I 1 Ray. Thomas)
Acree.right halfback.Ray
I iMsxson)
Cook. fullback.Hopkins
Summary: Touchdowns?Aoree (I),
Cook (2). PIiHay. ttlanohard. Harrt a
|Gean from tea ends wn?Thorns <.:>,
Randolph. Referee. Varner. Tmpire.
Jones. Linesman. Dr. Hume. Time of
periods, ten and seven mlnntes.
trims baptists
'Two Goals Prom Field Mark
Well-Played, Fast and
Snappy Game.
Columbia. S C. October W?SB s wsO
played game, the ITnleersity of south
Carolina opened the football season,
by defeating Wake Forest, ef North
Carolina, le to 1. Tbe locals scored a
goal from tbe field in the nrst quarter:
in the second a touchdown was nego?
tiated. the third was a scoreless quar?
ter and In the last Wabe Forest seored
a held goal, a'ahc Forest's goal from
tbe field was s dlffieitlt dr. p kl<-k hf
W RMdtrk. from tbe thirty-ysrd line
and cagee Saat before tbe game ended.
Vonknwittss second goal waa a hick
from placement in the fort)-ya d line
a> C Pasltlnaa, w. r.
Wohraen.right guard-Camp
(Sltgh. Portert ?Ahemetfey?
Dean.right and.Wbltted
< Fsneette ?
Williams . left guard ... . Williams
L? Hill. -left tackle.Moore
(Brit ton)
rasssnelgea ? full !??'*-W. Riddlck
(Hrard. centre .Carter
Bremm right tar hie.Holden
Lanaeton right half bark . . . . < Jo h
?Brtetow? (A l.idM. k>
ATteget ... left fackle . . Moers
4 Brit teer
wemhewltts.. left half back .... Killings
(W. Fsecette.
Bjeyward . ?serter hacS. ?..rtley
guernsrtes Tvmewdwwo ? - Passat!
asgee deal frees teaihdswa -Vewkon
nts Ooele from field Voabewntx. W.
RindteV ?Veveo. Mr. Wwrrar t Poae
eyleenits). I'sssdre. Mr. Rogers (The
Ciiafi t Mead Maiaais fDsiHssgi.
spiders beater
by heavy um
Marylanders Pile Up Big
Score Against Local ;
Gridiron Warriors.! I
Lack of Experienced Men
Undoing of Red and
Eleven?No SVatwted ]
terial for Coach Dmxlop t? P
Work Upon?Still Score- /
leas Wonders.
Matched a?ataat a tana* ?C
oatcleaaed and outplayed
stage of the game, the RoicbmoBd
leg* Spiders, yesterday afternoon
Broad Street Park went down la deJ
feat before their hosretsr spsinn" i
from the Maryland Agricultural Col-^
lege. When the dost of the traf kadi
cleared it was found that the final
scar* stood ?* to a, with the Banal
lads ratal nine their naaaaiahl* title,
of "Scoreless Wonder*."
From th* minute the hanky Many
lander*, with an adraatasja at fifteen
pound* v. eight par man. trotted upon
th* held th* sol* question In the mlnua
of th* spectators was th* ate* at the
?ser*. Th* Aggies, with a team a ana,
dred per cent better than any botaru
appearing her*, displayed a snap ana.
rigor which wore the Spader* dews,
while their speedy back* simply walkest:
around the opposing end*.
Bichmond College, a* usual. Is saf-t
ferine from a lack of mnfsrlal at eat-tj
lege calibre. The men averaging abaatl
ltd pounds, were not capable at ata*,-[
tag off their heavy opponent*. The Hsaj?
while having several veteran*, apaeaur-j
ed to be Inexperienced, the left side ?
lag woefully weak. Time after
the Aggi* heck weald go
through tackle for twenty i
-yard*, the runner meeting;
opposition. Pen**, playing
half back, put up a fine gan
end he would a nine an any team. An
carrow. playing bis Saat college g*ss*,j
proved himself _ -
gamer, although be waa out of llaiar
la full back. F-*ily. in halt wttt ssaueef
a valuable man, hi* paying at tlaassSt
being brilliant.
The gey. from tbe sastitstere wtwm f
I?? UW ?* ? ? -- - -- '
point, waa ideal. A genU* irtndbleu?.e
ing from th* North^^pu^W htts^ Bb??
players and
effect of tbe bet sun.
played with speed, time being unea,
put but twie*. Only eeo
marred th* game, ?hinley u**tata ??'
l**t yearn Aggie team, and who ps*|
up on* of tbe beat game* at aaartor \
ever seen at Bread Street Far* waa;
injared when tackled behind Ms aar??
Une. He waa removed from tee gams
and found t* be saeTertaff from a
broken bone tn tbe aakJa.
The Isanblltty of the Riet
Tcontlnuod on Third Page.)
quakers rare
hard the of ii
Find Dickinson College Far
Stronger Aggregation Tmm
Was Anticipated
i Phflad -lphta. October g?Th* TJneV
verstty of Peaarylvaela football *****
had Its hand* full to defeat El-III
son College thte afternoon, it ta S
For tbe Sret half the visitors h*M the
qnaker. seorvle-s In tbstMrdiperJbS
th. Red amd Bfu* ?tack ?et tuailSW
.ad ereeed a ^^1^?!*^?.
from Seed, and la the Seel parts* a
'second towcndwwa was added. .
t lrklawen put ep the b? aasseaaa
that runnertrania kea eeeeunternStbS*
-on. Piaswf Ivae** plaret a Baw
>Jl**j game temegbout.

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