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Judson C. Welliver Testifies as tc
Alleged Demand on J. P,
, Morgan.
It Was Harriman Who Requested
Funds After Visit to
.1 i.m...
i 11
WMhtagton, October 7.?From ?
Jialf-doieu witnesses heard to-aay by
the bennte campaign expenditure* com
snittee little imuriuauou bearing on
campaign expenditures was drawn.
Charles K, Crane, of Chicago, de?
nied the statements of K. H. Hooker
that he had given ?lO.OOu ?ach tc
fcenator La Follette and governor Wil?
son and swore that his gifts to the
La Follstte campaign totaled $2?.
?$4.40 and those to (..overnor Wilsoa's
j>rt convention campaign $10,000.
John D. Archooid. president of the
Standard Oil Company, haa been re?
called and will testify Thursday. To
?sorrow the committee expects to hear
Orrasby McHarg. primary contest
manager for Colonel Roosevelt; Kep
resentatlv* William it. McKinley, man?
ager of President Taft's preconvention
campaign, former Senator Chauncey
M. Dcpew. said to have given f?tfOOU
to the Harriman fund in l?04; former
Senator Natnan B Scott, connected
with the Republican National Com?
mute that year, and Mathew Halo,
.Roosevelt leader in Massachusetts
last spring
The controversy surrounding an al?
leged demand upon J. P. Morgan for
an additional contribution to the
Kooseveit campaign fund in 194 was
partially cleared up to-day by Charles
J?dward Russell. Socialist candidate for
Governor of New York and Judson C.
.AVelliver, a Washington newspaper
Mr. Russell had been Quoted as say?
ing Wayne McVeagu. Attorney-General
under Cleveland, was in Mr. Morgan's
office when the latter was called to
the telephone and was asked for the
contribution. Mr. Russell told the
committee, under pressure, that Mr.
Welllver. then a magazine contributor,
toad been his Informant. Mr. Welllver,
Bitting at the reporters' table, asked
permission to testify.
Ho said Mr. MacVeagh told him In
1910 that Mr. Morgan had been called
to the telephone in October, 1904, as
stated, but that It was ?. H. Harriman
who asked for the contribution. Mr.
Welllver testified that Mr. MacVeagh
told him that Mr. Morgan said that
Mr. Harriman was asking for more
campaign money aa the result of bis
visit to President Roosevelt
"What do you suppose that man inj
the White House wants?" Mr. Mor-1
gan was quoted as saying to Mr. Mac?
Veagh. "It seems that Harriman has I
gone off down there to Washington ]
and dined with him and now ho comes i
Iback and says that the President
wants him to raise more campaign
funds. He has given 150.000 and now
he wants me to give $50.000."
Mr. MacVeagh. according to the wit?
ness, told him that Mr. Morgan wrote
a check for $50.000 which he sent to;
Mr. Harriman* office. Mr. Morgan
testified last week that he knew of
no such contribution
Claries R. Crane said that he con?
tributed both to Senator La Follette
and Governor Wilson before the nomi?
nating conventions, because "both were
progressiv? candidates."
"I Just wanted one progressive to
succeed" be said.
-I did not care which it was." He I
denied having told Treasurer Hooker,
of the Progressive party, that he had
ptmtrr the palate?because it never leaves that bad -
taste so commonly noticed when many other baking
powders are used. Davis Baking Powder is abso?
lutely pure and wholesome and always gives best results.
Sold try all good Grocer*. lass* mm MKJ *.
A drive in dark suits to-day.
Prices $15 to $30.
Regardless of the other inter?
esting exhibits at the Fair, you
and every one who attends puts
himself on exhibition, too, be?
cause the "human show" is
always the most interesting part.
Here are the suits, the overcoats,
the hats, the shoes, the furnish?
ings, that will put every man in
Class A.
Suits, $15 to $40. Overcoats,
$12.50 to $45. Special opening
of winter styles.
contributed ?70,000 to each. He said
. he gave nearly $27,000 to the La Fol
; lette fund and $10,000 to Governor
A statement filed for La Follette by
J. J. Hannan, financial secretary ot
bis campaign, showed bis campaign
expenses had been about $67.824.
Ogden L. Mills, of New York:, treas?
urer of the Republican committee of
New York County, denied wholesale
charges of fraud that bad ibeen made
by Roosevelt leaders in New York. He
presented to the committee records
from different election districts which
he said he thought Indicated fraud on
the part of many of the workers for
the Roosevelt delegates.
In one district, he said, a man who
had his leg amputated on election day
was recorded as having voted.
Despondency. Due to HI Health. Given as l
Cases of Suicide.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Hampton, Va.. October 7.?First Sergeant
' Sfax C. Napier, of the Thirty-fifth Company.'
j Heavy Coast Artillery, sent a bullet into his
I brain from an army revolver in his Quarters
at Fort Monroe this morning, and died wlth
I in an hour.
He placed the Barrel of the revolver in his
mouth aad the ball passed through the
brain and out of the top of the bead.
Despondency due to 111 health as well as
a rumor that the father of the artilleryman
had disinherited htm. are said to have
caused the act. Napier was twenty-three
! years aid. He catered the army from Lex-;
I lngton. K}.. which point the bedy will be j
sent for burial.
House Leader Make* Plea for Support of
[Special to The Timoa-Dlspatch.]
Salisbury. N. C. October 7 ?The largest
crowd in Sallabury for years heard Hon.
Oscar W. Underwood in a magnlfbcent dis- ,
course to-night. The auditorium, with many
women present, was parked to overflowing
when R. I>. Dough ton. Congressman from
th? Eighth District, arose to introduce the
Alabama Representative. Prominent among
the themes discussed by Mr. Underwood was
the tariff Issue.
Mr.- Underwood took pains to expose Roose?
velt and his alleged false theories, declar?
ing that while President he had failed to
give relief from the oppression of the trusts
i and tariff as well, and that he Is still tha
i tool of the trusts.
j The speaker said he had some respect for
; a real Republican, but none for the so-calt
? ed Progressive leader, who was accused of
j stealing the term. The principles of the
Democratic party were held up as the only
relief The specker. who was la line trim,
made a strong appeal to his hearers to rally
on November 5 to the ?cause of Democracy
and elect Woodrow Wilson as President.
During the afternoon Mr. Underwood was
shown over Salisbury and Spencer.
asnee City Supervisors Sappleasea Amount
Offered by York Board.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Wllllamsburg. Vs.. October *.?The James '
! City County Board of Supervisors, In session
here to-day. supplemented the reward of S3*
offered by th* York County Supervisors foe
j the arrest of William Beverly, the negro,
? charged with the murder or W. A. S. Adams.
I by offering another $E& These in attendance
j upon the board meeting to-day were J. B.
j Valden. chairman: Arthur Johnsen and Jekn
1 Barnes. A large amount of routine business
! was transacted.
I The following compose the editorial stsff
! of the William and Mary Flat Hat. the ?roi j
' lege weekly publication: Kenneth A. Agee,
! editor-in-chief; Max Blister, of Virginia,
business manager: O.W. Fry. Pennsylvania,
assistant business manager. Associate edi- {
tors: Arthur Wilson James, Virginia; Earl >
B. Thomas. New Tork; H- Lewis Harris. Vir?
ginia: W. H. Deisrhol. Virginia: P. Lewis
[Witchley. New York. W. M. Grimsley. Vir?
' glna. academy representative.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Alexandria. Vs.. October 7.?The annual j
Association of Virginia Postmaster will con?
vene here at 14 o'clock to-morrow morning
in the auditorium of the Elks' Home. Many
of the delegates arrived this afternoon .
Pully 3M delegates are expected to attend.
The affair win last three days.
The convention wf!I be opened with an ad?
dress of welcome by Mayor T. A. Fisher.
At a meeting of the committee of members
of the Chamber of Commerce, held this
afternoon, arrangements were made to enter?
tain the delegatee during their stay here. !
The entertainment will consist of a visit to
the points of historic interest sad trolley
rides to nearby points.
The advance guard of delegates arrived i
here thle afternoon and to-night. The ma?
jority will not. however. Teach here until
morning. I
12 noon temperature. *o ;
: P. k. temperature . S2
Maximum trmpcrature up to t
P. M- .,. S2
Minimum t< mperatnre tip to ?
P M. ?ft
Mean temperature_. 71
Normal temperature." C4
Excess in temperature . 7
Peflcl'-ncy in temperature since
March 1 . 21
Accum, deficiency m temperature
ein<-<- January 1 . 4.5J
I'eftnency in rainfail elncc Mar.-h
I ..o.5 1*
Accum, tendency fn rainfall since
Jseiiiarv 1 .*..SM
I .oca l oewervaftwa S P. M. TasSsraay.
T'-mperature. ??
Hemldttv . 74
Wind?direction .?..RW.
Wind?velocity . 4
Weather ....Clear
fWDrrto** i* iaroFtT*>T rrrrt?*. |
(At * V M F.??t?rn Standard Time.)
Place Ther H T. L. T. Weather.
Ash' -llle . gs 7* *? Clear
Atlanta . .4 ?2 ?? Rain
Atlantic City . ?? ?e ??> cioudv
!'..-!? - . ..- ?? go Clear
Buffalo ...... 4? ?? 4? Clear
calrarv . S? i* 3? Cloudy
? ?harlesten . . . 72 ?? ?? Clear
(Titrtfi) . H $? !? Clear
iietiifr . 0*. ?4 M se Cle-sr
T?uluf> . ** M >? ?'leer
?uiveeton ... 7? ? 7? Oear
H?vers? . ?? TI H Cloudy
Havre . s* ?J ?? P cloudy
.... ]> . t? C4 <~l?ar
IKaneas City .. M ?2 ?? <3ear
llsasgiirii ...??5 7? ?I Oe?r
'Montgomery .7? *? ?? Clear
I N'T <>r>ans . ?2 ?< 73 Clear
V. v.:k_?3 7? ?2 Clear
Iwerfetk . ** "* ?? ^ear
lokisfceria ... ?* ?? ?* Oeadr
? Pittsburgh . M 7? ** r. raswdy
?ftaleigh .74 12 *? Hear
!*t lyouils _?a M M Oif
*t peel . M M It Clear
Pan Frsnriece. le ?? te P cleedy
savanna* .... T? ?1 ?* 0ssr
Kewheae .M ?? St Kale
Tampa .... 7? H M Clear;
Wa.hituTfn '* " M P mgm
Winnipeg ?i M !? Ctewdy
Wythe* Ue ?? 74 M P rloodp
?i>i?Ti?r %fc?*?a?r,
October ?-, IUI
stienjl TIDB
pen rises 12 Mornlas; ...JJt
Street Car Company Secures
Outside Contractor So as to
Expedite Paving.
What Is hoped to be an amicable
arrangement lor expeditlrrg the de
iayed paving contract* ot the city on
certain streets, partly occupied by car!
?racks, was reamed at a conference
of the tiuocommitte? on Streets. City
engineer Boiling and representatives
of the Virginia ltailway and Power
Company yesterday afternoon. Captain
A. B. Guigon. general attorney for
the Virginia Railway and Power Com- '
pany, stated that m response to th*
suggestion or request of the subconi
IBi 11SS, his company had secured an
offer to do the track reconstructionj
on Robinson Street from Broad to
Main, from,a reliable contracting firm..
which had promised to press it with ml
reasonable haste. '
'ihe company's new contractor was
ready to proceed next Monday morn?
ing, after tue rush of lair week, but
desired to put the committee on notice
that the work, at a time when large
tedious of track on both .bast and
M est Broad Street were being re?
newed, w ould necessarily result in seri?
ous delays in schedules and inconveni
tme to the public. The committee and
the City Engineer wer? of opinion that
some delay would be inevitable. It is
considered necessary, the contract for
the paving has already been awarded,
and the contractor has purchased the
material, borne of the cars wld be
routed over Harrison Street temporari?
Wfll Hurry Broad Street.
Mr. Boiling stated that he had ar?
ranged with X- Norman Jones, Jr..
c.iiet engineer of the Virginia Kail
way and Power Company, for continu?
ous work on Cast Broad Street in ,
advance of the pavers. Mr. Jon.-s said
his company was ready to proceed at
once, and only awaited permission to
open a new section as soon as tne
portion now opened has b -en paved
and again put into use.
Paving began yesterday with a
sma>l force on Main Street west of |
Seventh, but the contractor hasn't
sufficient blocks to finish the work, j
'h n questioned about the delay, Mr.
Boiling said the Committee on Streets
knew of the time speci?ed when it <
ordered him to award the contract to
the low .-st bidder.
Hag Only Five Men at Work.
J. B. Chewning. contractor for
sewer work on Bacon's Quarter
Branch, admitted that he was far be
bind time and that most of the sum
tner he had only four or five m?n em- j
ployed on a $5.000 contract. Lately I
the force haa been Increased. Mr. j
Boiling notified him that If better :
spej.i was not shown he would recom- i
mend to the Street Committee on
Qctober 1? that the contract txt re?
Part. Artillery Jenrnal CnpltmenU Vir- \
atsnaga Beak.
Among the many faVoTaoie reviews betas'
published of the new book. "Gunnery." by
colonel Jenntnss c. Wise, is one in the '
"Revue ?'Artillerie," ef Paria Prance, for;
July. 1?12. It Is highly complimentary in its'
terms, making mention of the Interest betas
shown by the Virginia field artillery ta the
service as shown by such an able work by1
one of Its members I
The officers of the artillery are especially
pleased at this, since Prance is the artillery
teacher of the world.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla is a tonic, ;
a regular tonic. There is not i
a drop of alcohol in it. You 1
have the steady, even gain that 1
comes from a strong tonic i
Ask your doctor all about this. j
g. CLAjee Paw UtHSaa .
Buatiiul Diamonds
We are offering some special good
values In Diamonds, having last
bought a larare lot at a very low
price; therefore we can give yon a
bargain. Call and see them.
J. S. JAKS, he
jewelers %*o ?rrrciAwa.
hei.iable irrorrt? sou* i mu.
New MdM Gas Rages
SytnMT ft AnaHswCy? a?K?
Fax 01 Cssttf
Bas6d on m&dkiot
To aar that a specific exists (or tba cure
of ronaumption to perhapa too strong ?
statement, but la Eefcmana Alterative wa
have a medicine that ha* been the mean*
of saving many a lit* to years of usefulness,
I sad In permanently benefiting a large num?
ber of Consumptives,
i Certainly a person afflicted with a wasting
' disease should be well fed with wholesome,
nourishing food, but frequently raw eggs In
quantities cause a digestive breakdown, and
than no food nourishes. Ae for milk, a very
good food for many, but a producer of bil?
iousness for some. .
i Sny diet that keeps a Consumptive well
nourished Is the right one. hut what to going
to Improve the patient? Eekman's Altera?
tive has brought about full recovery In
i many ?rases of Consumption. Let these
speak who know. Here to eae:
I 90 Savannah St.. Rochester, N. T.
"Gentlemen: On Jane I. MST. I was
operated upon for Tubercular peritonitis at
St. Mary's Hospital. Rochester, N. T. After
the operation my physician gave me up as
hopeless. I was then urged by a priest to
take Krkraan'a Alterative, which I did. My
weight at the time waa Tt lbs. I began to
Improve and steadily gained In health and
strength. I now weigh 125 pounds, and am
absolutely well. Relieving I owe It to my?
self sod othars. I make this statement."
(Sworn Affidavit) EDNA FINZER.
Erkman's Alterative Is effective In Bron?
chitis, Asthma. Hay Fever. Throat and Lung
Troubles and In upbuilding the system. Does
not contain poisons, opiatee or hablt-form
Ing drugs. For sale by Owens ?V Minor Drug
Company and other leading druggists Ask
for booklet telling of recoveries, and write
to Eckman Laboratory. Philadelphia. Pa.,
for additional evidence. I
(Advertisement.) 1
Two Marines and Two Blue?
jackets Are Slain in
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, October ???
The American forces logt two marines and
two bluejackets killed in the attach on Leon
and Chlnandega, which were occupied by
the rebels. Fifty rebele were killed and
many wounded. The ethers hare been dis?
Chlnandega Is the capital of the depart?
ment of the same name, lying about twenty
four miles southwest of L<s>n. Both towns
have been in tbe hands of the Insurgents for
weeks, and the residents of both places have
suffered more Or less distress.
According to the advices received here, a
large detachment of marlnee and bluejack?
ets, tinder Lleutcnatit-Colonei Long, prove*d
hd from Corlnto to three point* on the Na?
tional Railroad. Chlnangeda. to the north?
west. Leon to the southeast, and Chichigalpa
aimoat midway between. ChSchlgatpa was
the scene of an engagement Friday, while
the rebels were forced to evacuate the two
other towns the following day. Details ?f
tha flighting have not been learned.
Appointments Announced for
Holston Ministers by
I - Bishop Kilgo.
[Spesclal to The Tlmes-Di?p*?teh. ]
I Ablngdon. Va. October t?The evening ses?
sion of the Holston Conference was taken
op with reports from the ruling elder*. There
was so much business transacted by this
conference that the appointments were not
I read out until the last thing to-night. The
I bishop let It be knewa that he intended to
I remain until ail the business had been fln
Yesterday was a big day for Methodism.
Methodtot ministers flUed both the Presby?
terian and Baptist pulpits. There waa sot
atandlng room In the Methodist Church
! where Biah<>p Ki'go preached. After the ser?
mon the following eldera and deacons were
ordained: Deacona?Samuel D. Lambert.
Chapman K. Wlngo. Paul U. Taller. Samuel
L Browning. Ernest M. Rltchey, James H
Reynold*. Elders?Charles A. Pangle, Sam
vet A. McCealep. Oeonpa T. Jordan. William
C. Thompson. Jeremiah Stewart, James 11.
Dr. L P. Mart la. of Knozvllle. preached
In the Presbyterian Cksrsrh: Mr. Morrrli la
the Baptist; Dr. Geerge Mosrt. the evangel?
ist. In the Presbyierlaa Church at ulg?t
Dr. Stuart Is returning to regular ministerial
work after spending the quarter gart of his
life in lecturing.
The. following appointments were made:
BlueSeld District?J. B Ward, presiding
elder: Bland Street, Frank Jackson; Grace
Church. J. M. Potter: Bramwell and Coop*,
j J. W. W. Shsler; Weich, B. W. Deaae; Ed?
mund and Keystone. D. M. Holbrook; Gary,
IW. S. Brown: McDowell. E. H Wliiiama,
Caswell District?J. O. Steal ey, presiding
eider; AafWell. E. E Wiley, C. R. Brown and
I B. A. Haackie
Arweii District?J. R King. arasWag
aider. Eik Garden. H. E Brown: Levlngton.
U M. Carter; St. Paul. J. L Holdings. Po
< eahontaa, C K. Winston-: Cedar Bluff, H. s.
Johnson. Orandy. B. If. Waters lese,
Radferd District?? H CaesMy. sressalag
eider; East Radfoxe. J. W. Bader; Radford.
C B. Merreil; Palaekt X~aT. Crew*; Pearls
burg. W. D. Belcher; Princeton. I. A. H.
Shuler; Dublin. If. R Cartwiight. Hlllsvlll?,
I M. Quen berry.
! Wythevilie Dtstrsct?C. W. Kelly, presiding
! elder; WytbevUie Statten. M. P. Carlco;
iWytbevlile Clrc-urt. C. E. Steele: Marlon. T.
C shuler; ChllhAwle. G A. Maiden: Rural
Retreat. E. L Addlngten, Max Meadows. W.
, M. Coy; Bland. Waiter Hodges.
Ablngdon District?D. G. Fxsntx. presiding
'e'd-r. Ablngdon. C. B. Vaught. Bristol. State
! Street. J. A. Berlar: Mary Street. J. L.
! Harker: Emory Circuit. J. T. Guy.
Bag Stone Uap District?R P. Mart la. pre
'siding elder: Norton. W. -V ?Vhgner: Jonee
I vllle. J. L Scott": Gate City. O. L Herring;
iceeburn. J. E. Lowery; Clinch Court. WI1
I Ham Baker.
I Monistnwn District?Jena C Orr. ?resMing
iel<W. Jokesea City W. M. Morreil.
1 Knosrlile Dletrlet?T. J. Eikton. presiding
! elder. Knoxvlllt. Chsrch Street. George R
Stuart Broad Street. X. nT. Watson. Gentry
" hur-h. Theenes Beetty.
Chattanooga District?J A Barrow*, pr*
aidiag elder. Ckattaaooara. Gestry. J. W.
? Terry: Trtalty. T. S. Hasantsa.
j Ramsen District?E. A. sbugart
I With the re-eperattow of 'be Sergeant SC
j tbe eity of Rlchreowd. Major L T. Pries
i hopes to make the battalion evmntaey court
j ? -, !er the at* i>laa aa inatltuTlea in more
I tbaa aaaae Heretofore It has t?oi difficult
! to get swjawss served om narw ?nn fall er
' rSfnwe to attewd drill anl who othersn*? dia
r, asoi th-tr earns of ew:i?tn???t
By the provlelea? ef the >*?? law. where
e kattelfcs* to situated la on* siar?. tker*
as Mit owe soieimary emart >r a.' the vom
Panl'< wltk the mernm? la <-?iamaal a* ?>,
r.r captain W *' H'rhrr: I? thus ?>?? pres?
ident o* ?be coart far lb* le^a: battallea
ef the FITS* Regimes t
Sergeant Satt***? d IS giving bu help sag
sassmesisg sses. asd with the faci ttles that
afford* ef less-ata* ??*?! men what to es
gwetrd ef the**. It ss board that tb* ss-assi
attitude wii. sees b. r?ach?1 ?her?.? H
will set S* seeeessry to bar* saissssaey
courts st an.
ib?r* ef the City Ccwarii Sr* rsitod te
.**?*?* this sssiSSsg st n e'e-ieeh is the ssTtce
of Mayor SssjWl to accept tb* tsvttariM #*
the VsisSjIS State ran- Asswiarter, te sttead
t?e aunt swsy.
At s sslted ase.Uwg -f t*. Board ef Al?
lda r?s lest stoat BJSsbdsSSya was ssesiid
anakias ra-asset aw-fHetuwoas Day at tb*
Two Men and Three Woman in
Taxicab When Chauffeur Wae
Arrested fee- Speeding.
Joy riders returning tu s tax tea r>
from the Stats Fair last nicht at ?:*)
o'clock, cams to grief when they en?
countered Motorcycle Policeman C. B
Samuels. The speeding oar was seen
by the officer at Monument Avenue and
the Boulevard, and he Immediately
gave ohase down Monument Avenue,
through which thorough fare it was
said the machine was traveling at a
rate of thirty-two miles an hour. At
Franklin and Lomberdy It slowed
down to twenty-seven miles, accord?
ing to Samuels's speedometer, and he
did not overtake it until It reached
First Street.
Besides the chauffeur, the car con?
tained five passengers?two men and
three women. The driver, P. Basil!,
was placed under arrest He was al?
lowed by tbe officer to take his fares
to their destination, the Commercial
Hotel, and he was than taken to the
Second Police Station, where a war?
rant for him wag sworn out. He fur?
nished bail.
Tbe taxi which Besill, who lives at
j 217 East Main Street, was driving Is
1 owned by the Richmond Transfer Com.
Twin* Last Years TrtplsU yaw.
[Spcerlal to The Times-Dlspaich.j
Winchester, Vs.. October 1.?The stork
j whlcb iitt!? less than a year ago presented
Id sad Mrs Adolphua Peyton, of Boye?,
j Clarke County, with twins. Increased tbe
j number te-day by bringing triplets, all of
I whom are lusty and healthy.
Senate Soigeant-st-Aiaaa Vow TaUsr Lying
Dawn Than Standing t'p.
A fat stranger, with bucojlc features, wan?
dered about the lobby at Murphy's Hotel
last nignt. He mads frantic efforts to speak
to Rlchisond people, to bo always greeted
with tbe stony stare of those who do not
reopgntse the person addressing.
At last the rotund countryman approached
a citizen and besought him to listen a mo?
ment. He then insistrd thst he was Frank
B. Wstkins. sergeant-at-arms of the State
? Senate, who. a living skeleton, resigned his
! position as clerk In the nffic* of the State
Auditor two months ago and retired to the
shades of Charlotte County.
I The listener, who knows Frank Watklns
well, refused to believe the yarn. At that
moment tbtfe entered the hotel County
Treasurer Ueorge B. Rassst;. of Charlotte,
who, first being duly sworn, deposed and
said that the str?nget was really Prank
Watklns, sad that ha had dally witnessed
bis growth aad transformation. Mr. Russell,
being a truthful man, was believes. Mr.
Watklns could prove an alibi anywhere as
William E Mann, who was operating a
shooting gallery concession st the State Fair
Grounds, was arrested yesterday by Detec?
tive-Sergeants Wren and Wiltshire at the
request of the Washington poise*. He to said
to b? wanted In that city on a aambllag
charge. Ah officer will probably com* for
him to-day.
J. V. Folkes was ftned (to and (costs yes tar
day morning In Police Court for cruelty to a
(WlUlaaa Christina
William Christian, sixty-eight years
old. died last night at ?:4s o'clock at
his home. I3u* Park Avenue. He was a
member of the firm of Christian A
IBurgess, proprietors of the Old Do?
minion Tobacco Warehouse
PWaerei eg Beben Wilsen.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Gordonsville, Va. October 7.?The
body of Robert Wilson, who died at
the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs.
E. p. Wilson. In Charlottesville. on
Saturday, was brought here on the
4:35 train Sunday afternoon and In?
terred in Maplewood Cemetery Mr.
? ilson's father was a prominent mer
chant of this place some years ago.
Or. Thssaas B. ParrsaMre.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Hampton. Va. October 7?Dr. Thos.
Hanson Parramore. sixty-two years
old. one of the ruc<*t prominent den?
tists In Tidewater Virginia, d'ed sud?
denly this morning in his home on th?
Boulevard. He was stricken with
^angina pectoris and died before a phy
! slclan gould be gotten to blm Dr.
Parramore was a member of the Demo?
cratic Committee Electoral Board and
: widely known In Masonic and Odd
Fellows' circles His widow and six
.children survive him.
Bra. Elisabeth Wilkee,
I Lynchburfg. Va., October 7?Mrs
Eiixobeth Wilkee, who was eighty-two
, years of age. died this morning at 810
' o'clock at the home of her son-in-law.
j Mathew W. Carson. In Appomattox
County, where she went two weeks
jago for a visit Mrs Wilkee wag the
I widow of La ban Wflkes. who died
?nearly twenty pears ago, and she was
a member Of Westminster Presby?
terian Church. She is survived by the
ifollo*?%>ff daughters: Mrs. H. L. Zlm
! m*rm.k Bra D. P. Gregory nnd Mrs.
' S P. Baton, of Lynchburg, and Mrs
M. w. Carson, of Appsrmottox Coenty.
i Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
! Mlddleburg. Vs.. October 7.?Harry
Lewis died near Aldi?, London n Coun?
ty, yesterday morning at the advanced
age of ninety years. Two daughters.
Miss Jennie Lewis, of this county,
'and Mrs Ida Kern, of Allegheny Coun
: ty. survive him. Interment was In
Sharon Cemetery to-day. Re was a
successful farmer, aad leaves a nice es
, t?te. _ _ .
Aham ABee waye Psone
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Ashland. Va.. October 7 ?Miss Alle*
Mayo Paine, daughter of Robert A.
?tnd the late Mary H- Paine, died at
4: IS o'clock this afternoon. One
brother. Robert Pain . of New Torn.
, also survives. She was nineteen years
old. Funeral will be held on Wednes?
day morning The pall-bearers will
I be as follows, Russen De vine. Jaa
! Hughes. Jr.. Willie Fox. Morris Lan?
caster. Vaughn Pr?ddy. Charles Steh
j bins, Jr.. Andrew Ellis snd Luther
(Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Harrisonburg. Va, October 7.?Joha
H-nry Wheelnurffer. sixty-nine years
'old. a well known farmer near Mt Sid
tiATES?Died. Sunday. October ?th. st
1? p. M. at the residence of her son.
A * Ostes. Borkroe Reach. Vs.. MRS
! BETTIE S. widow of WllPam A
Ostes, in the flftv-ninth ysar of
her age The remains win roach
the rasjdssjos of bar father. A t?.
Wheeler. Bo. 2M1 Twain Street
Tuesday BjlBBMBBi She leaves, be?
sides her father, one sister and seven
children. __'_
Funeral from Letarh Wrest BsptbJt
11 A M- _ _..
Newport Hews. Washington aad
Atlanta papsrs please' copy.
ovttRBT ?Died. Monday, st ? F>. B^at
the johnstAs-Wntts gewiss rtew*. MR"
THEO OVEBBT. of Woodwarth, Pi
Tb? remains win be taken to Ber
eoet B. C, for Interment.
North Carolina papers
?'MRISTIAB ?Died. M h's besne, ISM ,
Par* Avenue. Bonder. Ottohei 7. at
? " of his aajat
I Do Too Know
What Yon
Are Missing
Listen: The music of the
'world's greatest masters It
! yours?YOU can play any of
i the treat works?you, yourself,
{ whether you have ever eat at
j a piano keyboard before or not.
I So wonderful it's hard for
you to believe.
A demonstration every day.
Cabu Pin? c*>
Mad. 2586. 213 E Broad.
I n.y. Augusta. County. died yesterday.
i He leaves three sons and (our broth
| era.
Mr a. Rose K. Edward*.
[Special to The Ttmes-Dlspatch. J
! Fredeclcheburs. Va., October 7.?Mrs.
? Rose E Edwards, of King George
County, died Saturday at her home,
after a brief Mlnees. aged seventy
three years. She is survived by one
son and one daughter
Georsre S* Bt cfcnasa.
(Spsclal to The Times-Dispatch]
Oordonsvilie. Vs.. October 7.?Oeo.
S. Beckham died at the home of his
; parents. Mr. and Mrs. P. 8 Beckham,
on King Street. Sunday afternoon at
3 15 o'clock, after an Illness of sev?
eral months with a complication of
diseases, aged thirty-e'ght years. The
' funeral services were conducted from
i his late home this afternoon at 4
o clock, after which his body was
taken to Maplewood Cemetery for In?
terment. Besides his parents, he is
survived by one brother and one sis?
ter. W. 1* and Miss Birdie Beckham.
' of th?e place.
Jaasea AfJUaa.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch)
Ktna Mills. Va.. October 7.?The re?
mains of James Atkins were Interred
at Bulah Baptist Church yeaterday
at noon. Mr. Atkins went out hunt?
ing Friday afternoon, not returning;
that night. His father and mother,
with whom he lived, became uneasy.
!nnd two brothers started out to search
i him. They soon found his dead body.
j He is supposed to have died of
Mrs. I. D. Theater.
, [Special to The Tlmes-Dlspateh.1
Am here t. Va.. October 7.?Mrs. I. D.
"Tlnsley. aged eighty-four years, widow
of Isaac Tlnsley. died suddenly Sun?
day night at the home of her daughter.
.Mrs. G K. Bowman, a few miles from
I this place. She had been very feeble
[for several moaShs past, and her death
Iwas due to old age and a general de
;cl!ne. Mrs. Tinsley Is survived by one
son. F. S- T'nsley. and two daughters.
, Mrs. O. K Bowman and Mrs F*. M.
Ware, all of this county She also
leaves a number of grandchildren,
among them J. E .Bowman, of Am
herst, and seve-ral >rr<-at-Krandchildren.
Her funeral services were condscted
this morining at 16 o'clock at her late
home by her pastor, Rev. L. H. Early,
and the remains were burled in the
family bnrylng grounds_
Safest Antiseptic
For Women to Use
In every household yon will Bad
among the toilet necessities sees* sort
sf a germicide, in the form ef either a
tablet, solution or powder. Many of
these antiseptic preparations contain
poisons, and unless the greatest car* Is
used, much harm is dens to the per?
sons using them
The value of an absolutely harmless
antiseptic powder, as compared with a
poisonous tablet or solution. Is appa?
rent te every en*, and that Is oae res
son why physicians everywhere have
strongly recommended the ? sss sf
Tyrse's Antiseptic Powder. Tyre* a
Antiseptic Powder should Bsmrsssd
Itself, therefore, to every household.
Unosnaled ss s desche. A 2* cast
package snakes two gallons sf stand?
ard solution. Sold by druggists every?
where. Send for booklet sad a*?pea
J. a Tyres. Chemist. Washingtsa. D. Q
Ik Os-tiJbfc
Dp-Towi Sere
You arc invited to call at
our store Tuesday, Wednes?
day and Thursday and see
Garrett's Virginia Dare ex?
Samples free on Thursday.
The Pure Food Store.
Get, McD. Hake
No. ew Broad Street.

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