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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, October 08, 1912, Image 3

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Telephone Madison 630
Annual Inspection of Volunteers
Shows Smaller Percentage
? Than Ever Before.
Militia Discouraged by Some
Employers?Drill and Equip?
ment Good.
As his concret* opinion of the c-on
nitton of the Vlruinls Volunteers, th
sennit of this rear'* inspections. Ost
onel Jo Lane Stern finds that they
are better drilled, ar ? thoroughly
equipped, show less discipline and
have a smaller percentage of attenJ
ance than ever before in "his expert- j
; ence of many years. This 1?, in brief, j
I what he will show in his annual r ?
j port to Adjutant-General W. W. Sale. 1
I Colonel Stern's year's work was
'finished last night with his <nspectian j
of the Richmond Howitzers, the last j
of all the Stat ?'% commands to under?
go annual muster. He has visited i
every command. His report will be I
ready within a few days.
The fact that the men ar? com- |
, pletely equipped a? soldiers is not J
surprisins;. it hue been the policy or
I Adjutant-General Sal - to sec that all
the requirement* of the War l>epart-|
Jment in this respect have 'l?e-n car- j
?rted out. and that its resources sre I
Jt iken advani.ie-e ,?f Xor is it r<-m?rx
irMe that th ? dr:l?lnir i? in good ?harw.
; in view of th?- jor- complete work
Ion* by the arm- sn--?reant? on duty
, with Viru ri..-> romnand*. and the in
rrea^ina- lnt--r?st .-;inonc oflV rs ;n
drill matters as the result of the offl
SOI WrX Cery Street.
State Fair Tickets
Are on Sale as Below
Hell*fern Brae..
Srvenih and Recrirl S?reet?
Hornropafhk- PrtarmTcy.
501 East Main v.r. -i
Tarmnt'n Drut <
1 Wr^: Hrrxrf Street.
Saunier? St Cramp,
401 Wr?t Bro?<1 Street.
R. E. Chelf.
Harmon an i Rrnad
W. S. Hnnt.
1657 West ?irar* Street,
w*. V, w?ffitter.
202? Gftr Armor
W. H. LoweTT,
IIOI We-t Main St met
WMfclflM St Enrty.
Pv k MftftWr Dna? Co..
S34 East Mass street,
trat? osar Co.,
922 East Main Street,
r. D- Creanthnw. Inc..
1100 East Mam Street.
tatst D tat Cnv,
1201 East Main Street.
T. C Sailirt.
U01 East Main Street.
W. K naaaOnw
U2V Eata_Masn Street
320 Xorr* Twenty *r*t Street.
icers" ramp of instruction.
Pass? Attcsdaa'
But Colonel Stern fe.'ls that the
small percentage of attendance is ?
evrious proposition. He attributes it
to the fart that so large a proportion
of enl'St.'d men belong; to the element
that rove* thout, going from job to
Job. They enlist, and as soon as they
get a position elsewhere they drop
out and do not appear at inspections.
Were the enlisted men taken largely
from cl-rks in commercial houses and
banks, this would not happen, in the
opinion of Colonel Stern. But this in?
troduces another serious prob'em?
which is that the class Just mentioned
Is slow in enlisting because of the
opposition of employers. The remedy
would seem to b?- a rior? thoroutrh un
derstan'llriK amotie business m-n. pro?
fessional men snd bankers of wii.it
i the militia is and what it is Intended
to do. and a more forapl'!-' knowledge
of what it does in th. way of benc
l fits to the men who belong to it.
Way Saw- < assaawssrm.
Colon*l St-rn dor.? not think th?
1 order recently given htm to Inspect
1 two companies with reference to their
I disbe.ndm.nt. nccrssaitiv means thai
j they wti: as mustered out. He rrrom
I mended the disi>andment of the Har
risonbtirg company because he war. re.
<ii?ire<; to do so uniler the law With
I but nineteen m? n prea.-nt at inspei -
j lion, he had no choir*. Vet this com?
pany had ??v?iit> -s*\? ti men "n Ha
roils, ar.d it is relieved thev on h?
gott. . .?tber und? i n?w leadership
.\ btter fror? ? olon?l R f l*~<t:.
commanding the <:*<-.>nd Trifantry. In?
dicate* that this will Ke done. ftixt*
day* is allowed to g.-l the Cmpani
!n sbap*.
The other compar.v to whlen the
order refers i* lnat at Fariuvtll*.
which has ben ae>er? for some time.
fol..ne| Stern Seemed to Ilk* the
lo-ha of th" Howitrer* l*?t ni*h1
??tri tlsassil my I Irr.
f S-C IS) loT>." TlTeS-l>iS|>?tCh. I
I.? neht urg. Vg. Ortoh-r 7 The
boiler room of th* Lytse-bberS Ml'llnc
? 'ompany traa dam?g*d ? or.*id*rsb4y
by fire vesteedey. tfc* damage being
ronf>B?e) In s*?'ral b'itidr*<i dollar* hv
g..o<J sort) <.f I he fire i'.-:?-ln*-t
The mill proper was not a^nsc, 4 by
i he Mar*. .
News of South ftchmond
South Richmond Bureau.
The Times-Dispatch.
ICS Hut! Street.
Phone Madison Re.
Two special policemen to do duty on tbe
*oathatdc during; lair week have keen ap?
pointed. The new "?opo" are H A Clem
ason* and Orsn: Jackson Byrd. The men |
were Btted out with uniforms and went oa
darjr yesterday morning. They will be kept ?
, on Hull Street to amuse the busy throngs.!
j end. If necessary, to remore some of the |
! throng t-> the Third Station to amuse the ;
; Podce Court haagerons the next day.
: ^Officer* J. V Manning. C. T Tlnsley and ,
C F Sharp have been ordered to report at
, ;he Fair Grounds for duty during the week
?Officers ssB be stationed at seventh and
I ferry Streets to watch ont for the safety'
o' visitors arriving over the R ten mood - P?
tersbsrg line aad the Southern Railway. It I
was estimated that ".*.co? persons casse ever
? these laksnj ,yn Rirasaoad Day :a?: year.
Bs*Ssjsjegiosi of Pisotee Is T^espesse.
j The resignation of the Rev. James W. Dur
hST-. *hn ar.nnonred from the pulpit of the
BainSrMge street Baptist Church Sunday
right that be had received a ca:i from the
I i Baptist ? hsrrh. of Roaaoke. which
he h?d accepted, was reereived with sincere
w-nw by snenaher? ?f his congresstIon and
h?? narneeoos friends. Tbe aanenncentent
war rt?rt ?n?xpe'tcd ?ni took everybody
t?v rurp-i??.
Mr :? rii.iti has he es pastor of the Bain
?>-;?. c. street ?~horch for five rears, coming
her- fr<-m routine. PJ. wh-re he Sited ntt
nr?' partorat' Whi> la this city he has
m. <1? mm ern lows reeled the ?undar fhon!
? it i? -> i;?r~?n Its ona-ten and the m?m
?"-?'ill> e* iK? ctinr^h reesr t Increnped in
rrw -ntf -?Mf>
I *tr f>--*K?m I? itr aeeotit ?entheM? pas
? - t- a s??rl *r?w a Baa wake eharch
In pe?- mmm ft Tr.-ce wr<ks as* the
?:?? I t ?"!? ps?:or rf the Porter "tree!
} fi ? "hi !? i BS ? "ii-k onwowei'-ed htg Hit'?
tion to S'.ept a <-?ll extended htm hr the
?SV.?! Knd i"lr *i T h'lr seeresasies have wof
Tel Y~r-.?
pW*'*r* rkwero %ssBeOBjesajesjS
I Be' T. Ernest w srren. eeeter of the
1 Beaslc W-m :r:?: Kt 'wops I fTiwreh. was yes
?e- ?? '?ec-ed "ol the e-fWn ef the Pro.
? ->?? - i r ..f ??? *-|r? hehaa
use n-os'T e*o?ea) to S'T the sflV* of s-r.
rw'tr (nsi* ts-ssjt hv The trsete death ??
?th' Ree Mi ?' f? I* B? ?Cseren
*p? He. * reeio, ef ih-? BeeSe Weo->-?>
,< >?re?i fee ahnet H'1-.? mett'hs and SJ the
? - ;ng. ?? metpher ?f the chyeVes.
?-r of e> "yirees Ml the sett ? ' Wo?,
he'mer ?r?lr?' ?' *? wee Meere hef-re
J?.d?e Fries! M ? -.'? -UKrtjt I? IfSBW
tngr. ' ' ?! tVi Attorney S. s
r pstfeon for l?>e ploHtrMT. snd A. W. ?).,
! ford ? h? d-'endeet had eetshed their arse
' oire?? ??? t?v o-es so 'st son* that Jodce
> ? r? so reed kB Si BBSS' which win be
r)' .1 -?nt ????
Owl eg te the fntr ee> Imp* et set raei a hsis
?wee ?et for this wee It The osoart wsjl
pfohahry etose Blehesoe* Oey
i Ose IpaBBB^psPB pssoZ^WiViiiisj hp
the Sonthsld* mail carrier*- Following th?
?nomine delivery she men will Be excueed
from dutv for the rest of the day In or?*.ar
that they can take In the fair. The office,
however. WSJ remain open the entire day.
The clerks *?? be given heltdaye when it
will not interfere with the busine??.
An examination to till a vacancy of rurai
carrier at Chester and to make certlflcatlon
te All other vacancies as they may occur
la the county of Cheeterneld. will be held
' November ?. The age limit la eighteen te
tftv-flve years, and the examination :? open
to all male rirlsens.
Rralhae Bestens SM Wlllllg.
Routine matter? only were considered
yesterday by the Ch-sterfleld Board of ?u
pervlsors. mho rn?*t In special session at
chesterfield Courthouse. The hoard had a
ma?? ?f accumulated business, which was
?artla v c>ancd up. Wlilla C. Palliam. rep
i resent :t? the Virginia Ball way and Power
; Company which la aeehlaa to extend its
; Ha:! Street line lato the county, was be?
fore the board, but his proposition was not
taken BP Th* Richmond and Beartre com?
pany, trhlcji intimated |tj desire to en?
ter CherterV '-onn-y. SSSSJ not represented
With a la rx' attendance the schools of
f>ak Gr?>ve and Pwsnab-ro opened yesterdsy.
The majority of the old eeholar* r'turnef- ,
end tltere li every Ingestion fhet the ?um-1
Der oTa*w one. who report thU morning ,
will be greatly In .ace*, ef ??*f"*?
term. The condition* are not a? had asilaat
ye? arrangement, fer handling: the over-1
now having been made prior to the opening. f
Several room, have been engaged In OaK
i Grove. They have been whitewashed and,
put in a aanltary condition aa far m *?*v|
albie The Weatherford Memoria! Church
1 baaement 1* again In **? la Swan.boro ,
fnwil ef WV?mm Carter
I The funeral of William L. Carter who died |
tsundav afternoon at the home of hi* par- ,
?nt* m Ea.t Fifth Street, will be held thl.
' l??7? a. t o cloek from the home. The j
! burls: wtM be in Maury Cemetery.
i Mr farter was twenty-two year* 0..1. He,
wf. employed . Ul ? ?. !
m for aome time. His mother "?f f? me. |
I B Carter, la new ill at Orace Hospital.
I Rev. F. H 'Reynold*.' of Havre de Oraee^1
Md i. visiting hi. dajghter. Mrs F Erneet
Vtarren of >f Porter Stree*
M ? ? Mice B?hmer Rurtd and Cornelia
Hancock will leave thl? morning for Harris
onburg. where they will repr-?ent thes
ter.le.d Chapter. Cnited Daughter, o. the
confederacy, at the annua^Ptate convm.ton.
j centre Hi" Bui dir.? Corporation. r#t'n
1 harg. Vi. Capita.. $'.?.** to ?:*-*? ti. s
Seward. president: G. C bright. ?j?-PJ^?''
dent- W. D. Blank?, secretary and ?ress
arer-all of Petersburg. Va. Object: Beal
estate business.
Amendment to charter of the FJf? >?"5*/
Star PuMUhin* Company, of f1***^?*"'
burg. Va.. Increasing Ha capita! He.es? ta
Amendment to charter Hopkins -?*? ??
oeptacie Company ?Inc.?. increasing Its capi?
tal stock from SIM.*** to 9*?m and chang?
ing principal office from WayT???bore t*
; Chariot teavllle.
i The American Typewriter Escbasg*
ilnc i. RIchmend. Capital. *.*5J te PBPBB
J. F Howlson. president: A. Ja. Hewlsea.
vice president I? X. Bauch, secretary. Ba
ger.t Jones, treasurer?all of RKhmond.
Forest Park Land Company <I?c.?. F??-ts
mouth. Va. Capital. ??.?*? to $??? W. O.
, Parker, president: E L. Laah. treasurer: J.
! William i.eich secretary?all of Portsaiowtb.
, Otjeet Real estate business.
E Dillon's Sons (Inc. ?. Indian Rock. \a.
capital. r?.e*? to rw.es?. Edward Dtllew.
?resident; J C Dillon, vice-president: U P.
i Dillon, secretary and treasurer?all of In?
dian Rock. Va.
! c alborne Mining Company ?Inc ?. Rosn
; oke. Va. Capital. IS.ebJ to tl?.?*?. W. C.
i l.*? ?on. pr-siden: O. A Kerns. Tiee-Sftsl
jdent; st. v Caldwell. secretary and treaa
i urer-all of Roar.oke
Foreign license doro?sti.-ated The S>T
ifhants' Mercantile Agewcy. t?'not? cerpe
ration, with a <-api-i' stork of ri.?s? S. ?
r Patteson. State a?e?'. Richmond.
?:' 1 to have j ?a try tho many
new p a-?? I? "i* arrest sfo.-h
Ttitre are ?r! ?rmf?????I! depend,
able, all aus-srteed. awrfl a4t ja
psr ??at aaa*f? ?raw f n??
L ""'in W^tnaa Sarwt
77ie Finest
in the World
At Maker's Prices
rnnairW the international reputation of <? eff Piano*, the many
rtoJd m. .1-1 awards, their e\,-:u?'\e uv hv t*i? New Knrrlarrd Oona. r?a
Jory. th?lr adoption, hv the Jefferson Motel. Rlrhrnond Hotel, the
M ?? a and yoaj'M realize that from an arti?ti.- standpoint

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