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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, October 09, 1912, Image 5

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na the
eane?tas .
? 9uam:
akn ???Tilt
' BBne*?h? bsc
Dr. Oeorc? a McDsaiel ?J*I
Tss* arid* Will enter the sswsHnn*
en** with Mr fttmt ?C JnmMt. Mr*.
U?jrn ?attrick. Her wMiMlng
flawa I* ms sssoisHe sCsir of white
'fcssss orMrassusa elahorsSsly sssbroM
mmt M rssss and seed pearls, sod her
" *? masts* sriH ?01 frees ? Juliet
With stance
Will he s shower of
ths TSJIer and White orchids.
wiM ?reer s coves of
ts panniers of hiss ssd
she will
ef Im, Prases
win ettead
will tske ?atee Ml S
. . st ose end of the draw,
where an lmpswriaed altar
jaUsas aad white ehryasati^snbt
srffjx ha nrrnnced. Four cathedral
ecadsts arm be ased on
ta# window wUl he
SeSflir aast white
AS of the Hants will be fastsenad
Li wUft swlhMi and white flowers aad the
andjstels win bars French deeerettons
an*1 entilsx ssaV ferns The arehways
WMC w* ah??** with esaJlaa. aad a
?ad erchestra win play the wed
Mr. MsUea and his srtee wttl leee.*
tnes is spend their hanairBaaoB in
Went. They win ?Ist* CaJtforsle
Tanawstoae Park aast other
of Interest before rstMraJnc t*
L . ' * ">"* ? I
f-towa cuesis here far. the
include Mr. and Mrs, W. a
ton. Miss Knickt, at Parm.
Mlas Plorrle Tele, of Tale. 4m..
A. P. Bowen. of Lyochbora. Mr
Mas. a. a Msthtseen. ef 8*rss
hea, Ga: Juds* and Mrs 3. M. Mullen.
sUsd Mullen and Mr. aad Mrs. M. Car
. Miss Annie k Kirk ts teachlnc Bntr
thsfe and history at St. Marys Seanl
i nary In St. Mary's City, Md.. thU wln
& bar. Miss Kirk was in the ctadssttnsT
elans of Cslmabte University. Kew
^arlr, in lMS->li ?- -??* ?
E. & Tal&V Ct.
*Sbs Gm Ictjeij
? AT ?
AW***Co. sac.
Ui?T i^mmidi. and" earrtedTn" sh*Wjir
of Brt4> renn*,
wa* * " "
Jfft of the r~o?*. TV B^
l^&tron of honor wore '#111*, im?**?
Boot*? ?od carried bouquet* of bBNs?
; ekrymnthemums.
? Mr. ?Ad Mrs, Barrow left *t one* for
.a* entended bridal trip, and urill later
faaake their >?om.> In Blue Seid, W. Ve.
OB -the evening; preceding the wedding
*> dinner ?m given the bridal party,
followed' by an Informal focoptioo.
'Tke** present beeide, the bride aad
groom wer. Misses McOarfoM. Helktrk.
. Mrs Wilco*. Mr*. Ho.Baeu, lira,
i Charle. Bowers, R. R CekreroU. Bra,
ftsatsis William, Rev. J?l*qdk*gy Jam*
Jdattle Payne Copennnupr, Char lea
Bpwer*. Ilia* Anna Smith, Dr. George
Barrow. Miss Pearl Field* aad Brown
Selkirk. .
Mr. and Mr*. K. J. Urn don *arn*nn*o
engagement of ; their *eaua*e*t*r.
i Manna*. 40 Sam LowenWiei. Mr. Laar,
eathal resides in Pearson, Md. -
A qnlat but pretty wedding aoak
peace Saturday morning at 11 o'eioek
la the paraonaae of the Falrmount
?ajrttat Oh arch, when M*a* Fea*nca*"Be
Bra Edward* and Robert Franc** Bar
Tin were married. The beide 1* a
: daughter of Mr. aad Mr*. IwlT. B*
I ward*, and Mr. Dur v in i* a eon of Mr.
' and Mrs. Theodore Darein. The Bar.
I William B. Burrell performed the cere.
] mony. The bride wore a travellag swR
I of blue clot*, with hat aad gloves to
match, aad carried a ebower bouquet
of Bride roses Mta* Georgia Edwards
attended her slater a* ayaM of Boa or.
Site wore a gown of a aft. marquisette
trimmed la real lace, and carried pink
carnation*. Horace Dorwia. brother of
the bridegroom, Wad best bbbb., Only
the immediate BBaatttea war* uissuat
at the e*r*n*oay.
Mr. ana Mrs. Durvin left oat she noon
tram fa* Wanutmgeon. Be** snare asm
! other Nerthem etutee. They wtO make
their, home in AtteaSh, Go., on their
I return from taear wedding trip.
Mr. aad Mrs. Jam** H. Orrock an
noance the engagement gad approach?
ing n.-trrtage of their dauarhcer. Mar?
garet Grey, to Robert A. Indd. Jr.!
Owing to the feeble condition of htt?
Orrock. the weddiag wBl be quietly
celebrrted at Emmanuel rectory at i
o clock *a Saturday afternoon, Octo?
ber IS. The Rar. & B. Osgood will
perform the ceremony.
nUas amaflanVk* a BiHiaaasH |
Mtes Katkleea Hardwlcke. of that
city, waa auM of honor at the wed-,
ding of Mim? Mabel Baas Benham.
daughter of Mr. aad Mr*. Frank BL
Feut.am. aad James Alfred Jackson,
aaa of Mr. and Mrs, J. F. Jackson,
of this city, which took place In *??
terbarr. Conn., test Tuesday evening.
The coremony. which waa celebrated
si th- home of the bride's parent*,
waa performed by the Rev. Jab* Ov
Daveaport, D. TA. and decorations
ware in pink and yellow Sower*, ta j
tho reception-room wk*** tho cere?
mony took pi*** only watte cttryaan
Iksauim* Were n**g>nfl the bride and
groom roeolved ander a bawar at a>**ta,
nwwara. -
*** hrnae** sawn wan whJJU aatta
made with a *cmrt tr?te earn trtmmod
,-ia dachen* arm ms* point lace. Dar.
' truBe veil fell from * cap of real,
tec* and <**^}*>**^tm^J??Z:
rted a booqae* of gnrdeatea and -Htes.
Mrs. George Tsoaas wlnao?. af J**a-j
gatuek, weariag a ?prent af y**???,l
chormeu** alts aa overdr*** of ekeui-(
; tllty lace, waa matron Of honor.
ebrysau>tkomunaa. Tke
Mm* Hardwlcke. waa go an at he ntnhx
cnarmenae draped In white chiffon with
a can of teo* asm oanrted white ehrya
aatbemums. Little Janice Wlgmora
was flower girl Baa warn mrta^ mtm~
brotderod batiste aad ?oATled a Fron*?
basket of daisies caaght with pink
The bride and bar attendants
pcended the wide stadrwny. VMc*
decorated with gailiwk of pink nsst
yeuewe- flowers, and entered the re-,
c<jpM*n room, where the weanuay waa
performed ta the presence of ?lan?
Btmrrrr of relative* asm friends-;
The ushers were George Wlgmore aad
Harry Hartman. of J^Jg* ?**
they held the ribbon* forming tne.
***** for the brtaal pekty. A cecep
Uon fusion ed tke earmaony.
hV- and Mra. Jackaeta Wl "*??\
tor a wedding trip, and wtn reside m
en Ooftr retarn.
and ktr*. John F. *??????. Was
Srg ^tesnradekej>*?J^
Hardwfcka. of Btcinnnad^Mra. Harry |
Hnrtnmw *f "^21? i
WtelkT of aVbrnectady. W. T.. sara.
B.asfwA of Utclnkrfd; Mr ?
B. X: Bans KBa
? 0. B. ntr. aaa.)
fTsrrt? Buateai. *g Oisansitek;
Mra caar**n>s ?M ^""TTT
TmrZ' m?^*r*?7^ M nmran-.]
recital of
Fain in Toptat-s music ---
pence *n Friday afternoon free* 4. to .
?tS? ?reseek at 11 Borth Tn>aa?ty-alnth
Streit The pnatera ware B
with tan rose*. *** ? "/E
others in leaverJU?3K powei, in parity
Slid wholesamctiBBSj sod is used
generally in fomflins, gnrriosiVely in
the most celebrated boosts and res
taurants, oy toe united states Army
and Navy, and wlMaew the test
and tiiiest food is tfeojiiitaed. Teachers
of cooking schools lecturers upon
culinary rnatters ui
mend the Royal.
Royal is the only
rnade Iratn Royal Ofape - Croatia of
Tartar. It is ao^ttsdl^
most ht%dthfal
When you know what mm 6**t
Sttfwtlaa- pr??*?? wss rendeve<i>Mr.
Oootf* sane; -Sdhubcrt s Serenade.-*
H^nere'^wlll be no meeUnj of the
Ladies' Auxiliary, Order of Owh, to?
day on aceoaatt of the State Fair,
ltecaber* wOl be notiflid by cards an
to the exaet date of the next meetlna;
of - the aaxiliary. Tsnsm. '
hire. Robert Feerrajo and her danxh
ter. Miss lists Pesjram. have returned
from Newport, where they have been
since early in Jans.
Captain J- W. Foster, of Leeeburr,
Is the ansst of relatives in this city
for a weak. /
\ Mr. and Mrs John H. Redd, of Bar?
ton HeisThta. hare retnrned after a
mouth* \ ahaeace vistttna; relatives in
Prince Edward Canary and Danville.
k OJtn M BJlUiardnoa naa ratarned to
, Ricbmowd after . ?MCM? relative* far
, Ahuntden and Boannks.
I Mr. and Mr*. Archer Bobeoa are at
|**Buek Hia" ^ where they expect to
I sties Sarah Tasstfer is ttos sruest of
her cousin, Mrs. Ed**r tafferty. on
West Avenue for several weeks.
i Mra/jenenh EV WTOard and Mssess
. ??? j - -. Ty-.
Betto and Fltnshoth Wilier*, eke
sp&nt tee aiunmer et tike Bet B?rta?P*.
ere new . in the Aateoartsrhs tor
Mrs, Kdward Pslraer, of Waruceboro.
Is spendls* sere**! ?Urs here ?ialtlns
Mrs. Ol J? Statten.
. Mr. SSM Mrs. W. P. Wrlgfht, of this
city, ere ?Isttins; .rekuieee to Idrnen
bar*- for some ttmk.
Mrs ' W. X Maade, *f Danville. Is ties
rnest of Mr. end Mrs. T- B?rnsen Jose*
en Flor? Avenue.
Mr*. F. U C**w. of Wsyneshoro. is
spendin*- some tints tiers *S the ?ruest
of Mrs. Charles Lefsm
Dr. ? *s4 Mrs, Biehard A. Urejahart
renn? rstursnt- to Belli saws sftsr
nsstexin*: Is Vlrsrlaia.
MrsJWllUrd iwt Wriabt le Stettens
her dsj>rtt*r. Mrs Xv R inumsser. In
Puitsiiioiifh fnr sneers! weeks.
Howard Evan* Btentou. wh? wss **
e ret st en n week saw for s*iinHrttls
st St. Lakes HusnltsJ, is now inplaiv
improvl**. ' . ? -,
Stephen Pratt, of Predericasbnr*-, la
spemdln? several ears 1* this city **
the sraest if frUad*.
Archduke FerrJiTumd's Action
Piuvu Fkbity of Recent
Persistent Ruiimit.
st la MABjRrrsK d? rroirrfmoT.
Anlirtln of *o pronounce* a
Cxech Natiooaliet aa aha Right
Bar. Dana. Staaowsfty of Jens>
?enrlea aa principal totor to tab*
charge of the education of afa tea-year
old saav Prlaee Be i Imllaa. of Hohoa
her*. of the eight-year oM Priaee
Breast, aad of the eleeaa-year oM
Pilsum fhiathlo. isnstliatce another
iadieatioa of the fahdty af the ateeiee
which ?ra perpetually hems ctreahUed
in tho_ satire aad foretga press, to
?dW*S fJaBe5*2C ?awa*? \mW3 m9 ^fkmr^JCVm^?mmMwtkm *%\\%
hie aioe?loa to razee ate
wrfe. the
place heaMe Mai eai the
Suiartee of Aaatriaaad Qjma? at
gary. aad to great a* hta-dadMrea the
rank of faM ft*aged artaee* aad arla
ceeaea of the Meed, and
the Bee ad eeeeasetoa he
?s'S^blRP^PBBV BaBW OatafeOaaaS BSsaeBp
ef the rmTOar
re aaadaet the Caeeha. that
Praacas^Per?I^M woalg
Altstetten. If the Du
here;, were to become1
end her children princes and ;
of the bleed, they would be
to fee in the remits of the
Church st Vienna, alone; with
Marie Therese. Joseph IL. Francis I_ j
and Charte* VI. The pisparatlsus far j
the reception of their minaliai at Art
stetten are a stleat and pat alssMtiat)
asaarance by the' bear ssbaiaat that [
daspUu all luaaera to the
wfll remain tree to
Sale of Men's
Men's Wool Uudctoedi, em
Men'8 Half Wool Un- JT
[(Jerwear, sale price.- I ?#C
Men's All-Woof
Men - Ribbed end Fleece
[Lined Uixkraear, good CA
I and warm; per garaaesrt datvC
ibplw l^aamhR CaV
7 West Bread St.
Cash orCratXt
" Mbssrtto tI??tkrot*?.?<1
hi* clttdnn ip ???? la Um Um af 1
Captain fltr C"n*rfos Cnat, third baro?
net of bm Una. automate at George V..
fron? the risse that the latter Joined,
- ? aavr. nan ttw Kings principal .
jerry and gtnllsmsii-in-waiting (or ,
..?enty years paar, baa been appointed .
by bin sovereign ta be the comptroller j
and chief of the household of the ?
young Prince of Wale*. There !? no j
mesfber of the entourage of the King
who enjoys to a* great an satent the,
complete intimacy and cenadeaee of
both their m*j*stiee as Sir Chart**.
Por be has beea with them throughout
their married life, sad ha* known the
prince of Walas front hi* teadareat in?
la spite of bis antiee at court, as is
a typical sailor, shows In his hearing,
in bis manner, and in his mingled
frank**** sad ettmretten. all the eu*U
tier of an Enslisb naval ofaoer. and Is
last the sort of man * salts at to sot
as sb extremely safe ?needs* of the
' heir apparent, while there Will be so
danger of h*s "babying** bit* tan much. ,
or of bis keeping bis* too tlgktly re- ,
?trained hp Inadine strings. A ?slier
himself. It we* manifest from the out?
set that Klag George weald choose a
sailor as chief of the household of bis
eldest sen. whose entire training until
' bow baa been of a naval character.
It had generally been supposed that
Cxeptala Campbell, at the royal navy,
another former shipmate of the Kins,
would have received the epperatment.
But now that Sir Charles Cast he* ob?
tained the post, everybody la salted in
praising his select'on.
His father. Sir Leopold Cast, was
gentleman-ln-waHlnsj to Queen Vic?
tors, and his grandfather. General Sir
Edward Cunt, trat bar*sot of the Una.
was the Ute Queen's Master of the
Ceremonies for many yearn. Sir
Charles, whs Is unmarried, represents s
younger branch of Us house of Cast
of which the Marl of awen*ni*w_ls tha t
chief, his grandfather. Sir Ksrwsen,
having beea a younger son at t?
flrst Lord Brow alow.
Another member at tha family w
Henry C?^kayne C^U^puiarft^owa
a* -Graanls^ Cast, whose editors*ip
of WUUam Waldorf Aster's Pstt Mall
Gsxette. In London. **?ZS*ZZ
axasperatloa by Aster. Oraaale*s prtn
c^^al^Uoa fr the edltorahlp of
\f^reSn? Set
w\s tlat he knew nothing whatsoever
about joiirnsilsm. but as has always
sees as absolutely osttsjn of hhnaetf
and sf Ms ability tn do everything
hatter tbs^ anybody eta*. UmthUS^c
ond name of **Co*ar*y s*** was corrupt?
ed at Eton into ?^XteehaTars."
Grannie Cunt, who has represented
theSUmSerd d*vtaiou sf Unoolnshlre
Irr?i ta the neat 1heir to the
earldom and great estates of the chnd
Naa lest? Brownlow. Hs was a class
male of Kimj ?~"?g&
aromar. the Duke at ASbartT. at cam
ZZS:"sad on* at W.
friends, bus s valuable reputattonfor
'ntellectual ability, wit, and quickness
jTgm^ M ^t**gx s^ast^
iovel^Doete? Crcptc."* ?***?*? r**?S-_'{
at oaa tin* to be shoot to asavrry
?Dooe-* Tennant, now ?*
Premier Aassith, belong > ?g V**<***V> j
sent' auotbnr ussmbsr at -tha C?ugt
C$mm\\%m\n\&t*** J\\ Kamt* m>WJmm\ "' M
who was for several years dJraetsr at
thTltottoiial Portrait Gallery to Iess>
Ashrets* Purk, which M uatoue to thai
respect: that white tan jrxeat assu*
ifmstf te to the Coamty
tha Stahles, the nrnntar part at tha
garden*, and the park, are tothe
county sf Hertford. Edward1 beat a]
Parllameat at *??>^'2**M"
tbexe that Qsoea *a****^J*i*l?1
SLLUsslon to the crown map hstn in
glided ceptlvtty until trnuufsersdl to
Sa^Tuwsr* I*^^'^*aS
?Bass *?y*era^ulpnered ra the B*er
tenTs-sd^ bathed
of the hMerten Barla
to the late lewd Brewntew. uslir the
curious ^swtettea *^ *******
tain a dukedom. On the strengt* sc
mtpulatioa hia ifherttaaoe^was
eoaUtodlby the ether heirs, natu tos
iimtlsn about the token am ?ja ??
trarTte public snUcy and ss sack ls
I mentioned I* these letters the ether
any that Lord CkSnita'a jsrgnsni asm.
Major Robert Cstogas, nf tha Tenth
Hussars, bad knsn inj H"?'-. ?*?"A*
to'xno^rtnco of Wate?, ?ad tto totter
sttn iitsrms the ?' " ??-?*?*??*?**? ?* *"?
extremely taR _^
Henry BtaaneA who **^
?f Wstes. Bsrawty. tha eMter keotkor of
King Henry vTD.
(Copyrtgnt. MM. ?*?**?
ytf^SseeTmto sbbss s^tBe r-amja**.
U ^*mtmuwm^ wm^assT nrnT"
M*fVsr a wtpes Msw Teva CUy. Ma and
Louis Satchel! Is
Unknown hkfrocs/Wto
Make ffsTiffT
(Spotta! to TU? Timce-BpapaUh T^
Cspe Charles, V? . October ?.-I - ~ ?
eil. Sfty-eight years old, i
?aulted and robbed by two
while ob bla way from Puncoteagae I
ler Station to catfch a train sheet P
yesterday morning. He we* walks
a lonely stretch of weede when he
dealy pounced upon by hie asaa
were hiding la the boahe*. Be
a boot the head and body with a
?troroent and reedered aaeoandas
aeereee then rtppea hie pocket*,
wallet containing 1*0, and autda the
The aathoritiea of Keller ware
the araaatt. sad two seapeete
SateheU ie employe* by the
aad Ouaae Company, at
formerly ncalded la Baltimore.
Pulaekt Vs.. October a?Be*, a
tea. far several years neater et
Baptist Caaiach here, f adored '
tlea last Bight at a bestow
the nifheta The leatgnai
psctedly. aad la to tea* esTest i.
air. Peyton will femora to his
aryadaie. aad latar take a* aj
It there is onefJtnarJ
"Good Lot*** |s
that one ose is ia
Aad, Oy tbe waj?'_
have satna foad
pan far dusaar* witsJ
crust, 'tfart-trH
?ys esteem' of jroor ?
Good akaaaeteaa^
' *teOe*I*r*^ a**T
' aii ?sh^WafT

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