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Rkhraorni Dar Evildoers Fall
Into the Toils for Minor
1 j Offenses.
I .
Dperator of Sure-Thing Ticket
Game }? ined $50 and Told
1 to Beat It.
Richniori'i Pay. like *t* predecessors,
grew its n iubv crop of evildoers. Be?
tween forty and 'ifiy names graced
Che poMce blotters at the two State
?"air police stations wh?n the sergeants
Closed trhop for the iilrrht. Most of
these were registered Ear minor in
fraetiions. disorderly conduct stid drur.k
teeing the ch.irc- most frequently en?
The sneak thief and pickpocket croft
was light. At the city police station
TV. T. Leavelle. of Hildo V. o.. Vs.. re?
ported that his hip pocket was pickrd
?f $11J la hills, the largest robbery
reported during the day. Wallace
Bruce, of this city, lost $50 hp the !
aame rou-te and T, Velines. of Ray-|
fftor. Va., reported the loss of a gold ]
watch and chain valued at Si'
Bark at the Old flame.
OlMo Jefferson. ? fourteen year-old :
negro girl, was arrested hy the county!
police upon complaint of a white wo- '
man, who charged her with snatching
Trwr purse oontsining $1*5. Ollie. ac?
cording to the saMca, is an old offender,
and figured recently in a similar case,
tn which she secured a handbag from '
a woman on Broad Street- while pre-1
tending to he adjusting her" skirt. To?
gether with eJnother negro girl named
McCrea, she was locked up In the i
County Jail.
The woman who made the charge,1
declined to give her name, on the I
ground that she did not ca-e for the
publicity. The officers retained the1
purse, and 1t will be Introduced in evl- i
dence next Monday, when the two eirls
wtll be given a hearing a< the county
on trrt house.
Pakera la Trouble,
fjoule Cohen, who gave his residence
gdj Columbia, s. C. was arrested by the
oohnty police on the charge of operat
tag a skin game in one of the eonces
atone on the Midway. He wag fined
get and costs and told to get out of
j There's a time for every?
thing and a shoe lor every
For a wet time here's a shoe
In which you can put your
foot with co n f i de n c e?the
; Berry Cordivan; price, $8.
! The Berry Shoe?now fa m -
ou6?$8.BO, $4 and $8.
! The celebrated Hanau Shoe,
' $6.80 and $7.
The Berry Shoe for boys is a
direct and considerable sav ing
In wear.
The onlyone hurt is the cob?
bler, whose work is cut in
Prices, $2 to $3.
town. He put up the cash and agreed
to leave Riehmond at once. His outfit,
consisting of several hundred num?
bered tickets and a trunkful of plated
Jewelry, was confiscated.
Charles Xojan and C. Miller, two
other concessionaires, were arrested
by the county officers on a similar
charge. Both claimed to be from
Coney Island. Neither could furnish
the required bail, and both were sent
to the Coprtty Jail. Friends subse?
quently casaa to the rescue and put
up cash enough to procure their free?
dom for the night. They will be tried
this morning at the county police sta?
tion at the Fair Grounds.
?9>m*m wmm m ftmm t ? mUmt mf 0mm ? ? ?
WUmmm Wmimkmy. 393
Fifth Am... Mm* Ymrk. Tkl'i A//.'
C. Lumsden & Son, Inc.
"Jewelers tm the Southern People."
731 East Main Street.
Invite your uiapectJoc of the latest designs
In Jewelery, Silverware and
Fine Cut Glass
Tbe stork and the price* are so varkrd that every
aad every pocket it likely to he suited.
We have many iikexpenane but dainty '- :le novelties
s, which will make excellent gift*. T 'u? i? the place
! you ran get just what you are Icokirg for.
Our store is the most modern and handsomely ap?
pointed tri *he ?ctith
State fair visitor* are extended the ireedc.m of the
while Ml the citv.
C.Lamsden & Son, Inc., 731 E. Main.
m-w m~m-m-z r-1 r-r -rt ? ?
? Pf>C3?%Tf?,p ? BY . THE
CQV&bt ifl ? or COra^tCUtrvt '?*{
IS -CMSrnTUTt A SET.. v:j...
'af rgajaaav,
Attendance Conservatively Esti?
mated at From 00,000 10
05.000 People.
j _______
Hauled More People Than Ever
Before Prom Single Point
in 'One Day.
j Attendance records lor a State Fair
j in Virginia were broken yesterday
?' when a crowd conservatively cut.mated
at between tiii.oOO and to...000 people
visited the grounds of, tiic Virginia
; ijtatc FWlr SaM'sBtlOa UM Mf|Mt
attendance t?> approximately l?.O?o at
uny single day in any previous fair.
Mara cxtiavugant estimates placid
the crowd at ?o.uOO.
At midnight the registers at the'
^treet car pates 1'ailing from the
Fair Ghreeeda g hasted ? total of 41.726;
fares brough bsck !?> Kiciimvnd. I>ur- j
ing the rush hours many pseate (
! dropped tick.-ts in the boxes and i
i pushed through the gates, more rapidly!
than the ticket choppers could rsglg
laff them, Snporintsedsal of Terminals
Her man roiiard. of the Virginia Kail
?ray und Power Company, ^aid at I
midnight that when tiic tickets are
ceaated it would be shown that his I
company had hauled sears, than iO.?00 j
people from the grounds.
Keate C'onpariaosa.
On Richmond Day last year the
street car company hauled from the
grounds 40,315 people. The year be?
fore, when Ralph Johnston's aero
I plane was the great attraction, the
street car figures showed 41,377 fares,
that being, until yestcrduy. the htgh
watermark of the company's records,
the largest number of people ever
hauled from any one point in a single
, day. There may have been days. Mr.
! Pollard said, when the total number
of fares throughout the city exceeded
yesterday, but he doubted if there had
been many.
On Tuesday the street car companv
hauled away from the grounds 12,t> 5
people, as compared with 11.961 on the
same day of the Fair last year. Mon?
day's stree-t oar figures exceeded the
first day of the Fair last year by ten j
fares. I
M. Allen ("Hl S III hei S. of the Virginia
State Fair Association, said last night
that, judging from th.- cash and tickets
taken in, the paid attendance yester?
day had exceeded that of Richmond
Day last year by approximately 10.3<i?.
The largely increased automobile
i travel was a matter of some comment,
there being in operation several well
organized motor lines doing a general
passenger business to and from the;
hotels. j
Little Coaa-eettoa la Traflr.
Despite the large crowds during the '
day. there was little actual congestion
In traffic, the great throng of people
drifting out and back without diffi?
culty. At the street car terminals the
most serious congestion came just at
the end of the fireworks last night,
jwhen approximately 10.010 people at
; tempted to come to Richmond at the
same time. Two women fainted In the
I rush, and for & time It was necessary
j for the police to stop tra-.c on the
I bridge until the area around IXe ears
was partially cleared. Similarly there
was some congestion last night at the
j ticket stands entering the grandstand,
the large night crowd having exceeded
' expectations, but there was no serious
trouble reported. Chief of Police Wer?
ner said he had never seen a more
orderly or good-natured crowd. There 1
were no arrests during the day in the
street car Inclosure, and but few in?
dications of drunkenness. Street rail?
way :nspe<-tors said it was the best
natured and most easily handled crowd
they had ever seen. There were no
street car accidents, no breakdowns,
and no blockades In traffic.
Meaey Haaled te Baak.
Not only were thero large gate re
?-. ipts yesterday, but many of the
holders of concessions on the ground-"
setrfied with the State Fair Associa?
tion yesterday. The pollco patrol
brought to the American National
Bank earl'' this morning between $3">.
0<>o and 5(o'"JO as the gross receipts
of the Fair Association yesterday.
Of this IM.SN had been counted and
tagged. The receipts from the bar
and from m?ny other sources was in
l-ulk. and trU bo counted and de?
posited this morning. The Police De?
partment loaned the patrol wagon for
the transfer of the money, end heavily
guarded by armed ofllcers. the valuable
load was brought to bank about 1:1?
A. M.
When car service wns suspended at
m.dnight. a special car was sent out
fron? UM barns for the ticket chop?
pers, gatemen and inspectors, am* it
was estimated that fully $10.000 in
money taken in by the street car com
p-ny was handlet on this car to the
company's h- a quarter? at the Rcser
p.-reral numbers and dlreC?o-s of
the Fair Ass-ocntiOn iast night ex?
pressed them??lves .?? highly pifas*<i
r Ith the great success of the day.
ami ?Ire::d> extensiv.- plans are on
foo: for site, atlons -:nd improvements
!.? \t year.
? I From Fl-?t Puv.l
Wah-.?. ' r? ."_?n i<* .snivel , !-,mor
for uiuitt-cheg ??? K.-lS. -t? -r?->?< ?
1t':"? r? .. it.i, l.igfc. ?! point, and
e> . ?:nv.?< was s we***, fns the
M. it e a - 1.0SSU..- J >
wise'- end ?.-- Kret ~n? reaai ea>
??-? ??? '? !??? .-. ??* io-.'ea frfshi'vn.
i fo.i-iep* of ?aea t . outdoor
?? ; v~" ?nn- arent ?-.j|> -nniv ??*??-.
fh? crowJJ w?--t h- . c*Tk In a s ire
ant alewly-awn lag rut rent. The Initia?
tive ecd referendum was at a dis?
raw Wee M Ite ?eat.
To o a-nor te Rirhsaoed Dar.
? ???r "?:.?:?.?:.#-t ,.; f?!r put Its
bee- > . -. jri -rrg>ed Itself
la he t '.*> at tire The radag card
was ?* ... ?r. (.,??,,, <-,.-T?r'ei
of I be tM?. end I' ? performers ? n
taw Mg stage ta freest at the greed
Stand lr.cju,,.^j at;ir,t, w-rirh ??v t?"l
to ih? ront art T?e ?;.?rlt *f re*
o?erst tor was ia MM ai? and evgar
hedv ?sa iM?at upor. ed-Me* t? the
ear's "tertsianwwt
Xhe i.ad.t e.i.i ngi rr.d rapacity,
orowda tkMittk the daylight hour?.
No display wm humhlo enough to es?
cape notice and nono who big enough
to appall. An exposition crowd la too
hardened by monatrecltles atrdJ atrooi
tUa to ?aap at anything. Ten acres of
power machinery, shrieking and putting
with exploding- gasolene, brought ex?
clamations at surprise and admira?
tion, but ao did the old colored mammy
who sat all day in a sewing machine
exhibit at the auditorium smoking a
!Fletcher's Error? Help Sex.
Fletcher wan bijken-huarled to
( night over his poor game at shortstop
tor ttrnW York. Two of his IhraS glar?
ing errors aided materially in the mak?
ing of rune by the Hid SuX.
Wagner llatrad at short for Lioston.
accepting lap rhaaaW and executing
a liriiliant play in the ninth liming,
when on the dead run he speared
ftslaht r*g gronnticr With his gioved
, hand, turned and ah >t the IBTShT. that
i Stahl alau took with one hand, uail
! ing Flatchar at iirst Uaae. There *as
I an unusual lot of base stealing In the
gaxet for a World's Be*MjS contest, live
bags to lug pilfered. Of these Haepsr
?tola two and Stahl one fur Um Had
'Sox, uhile Herzog and Snodgruss aagS
: beat Ouiiigan? throws. Hooper, for
I th. Bed Son. hau a Hold diiy. lie
I knocked out three hits, stole two
I bases, scored once and gatlien d in
I three flies in the? outfield.
Murray and Herzog SMsgd lha heavy
'hitters for the ?liaiits. Murray dupti
I cated his telling work of yesteraay
! with the sti<:k by hammering out a
single, a double and a triple. Herzog
[also got a single, a two-bagger and a
three-base hit and sent up a sacriCct
fly rpparj BBStT Mathewson's control
was perfect He did not ksSBS a base
on balls and fanned four span. Doyle
played a scintillating gaino at sccomT
for Wow Park.
"We have stopped the TCteJ Sox on
their hoaaa grounds." said Manager
iiiiieniit'.iiiK sunshine throughout the
day meant dollars for the Fair Asso?
ciation. The behavior of the sun on
all-important Hichmond Hay is the
one hat:ngnu Nerhesi?. To the ideal
Indian summer weather largely was
attributed th" 13.000 or more Increase
in attendance over the big day of last
year's Fair.
At night the thermometer fell no?
ticeably, but the blue, star-lit sky p-e
dicted no dlstui banco, and augured
well for the morrow. It was cool
enough to put Kl?ger into, tbe Mid?
way crowd, but not cold enough to COW
geal its hilarity. Ice cream cones
ware a staple article of d.oi, and Uha
cold fizz waters so'.d well. A few of
the older men affected overcuata. and
a few women displayed furs?but they
formcd a cold-blooded minority.
Mcht Crowd Waa Euenaoga.
Throughout the afternoon the crowd
stood six to ten deep against the rail
enclosing the race-track. This was tho
case not only in the vicinity at the
grandstand, but for three-fourths of
the distance around the mile course.
Viewed from the centre, the whole
race-course seemed to be enclosed by
one continuous ring of humanity clo e
agalbst the barrier.
Tho night crowd gravitated to the
region of the barker and ballyhoo, and
to the vicinity of the grandstand, be?
fore which was enacted, in thunder and
colored Are, Perry's victory on Lake
Erie. Tho multitude BsaSj 'ad tight 1:
packed through the whole program of
free acts, and did not b-oak until the
farewell piece of fireworks sputtered
its illuminated good-night.
It broke then to take to the Midway
?a mad lane of confeiti, and alive
with the sounds of the jungle, it was
the Mardl Gras again. Loony Is the
right word. Men of reapec.able stand?
ing In their community, bough' tov
i>o dies for which they had no earthly
use, lured on by the cry of the poodle
"Oh. Mamma! Buy me a poodle dug,
bring me home a poodle dog. See what,
you can get for a nickie?no license to.
Tbe Barkers Barked.
The psychology of the Midway
crowd defies aisglysl*. It was worth
'W hile watching last night. Keaaon took
flight. Men who hadn't thrown a base?
ball in twenty years wasted real money
trying to punish inanimate puppets.
Women who habitually refuse to accept
photographers which are the products
or let's than three separate sittings,
consented to enter the picture man's
booth and w.re delighted with th?
ghastly tin-S'pes.
Over all brooded the. mystic spirit
of gypsy-iand. The reminiscent tChins
of the spieler, th^ creepy tom-tom ot
cannibal-land, the discordant squawk
Of motor horns, the shrill unmusical
singing of the old plantation free
shows, the yells of the dog sandwich
man, Oie coy invitations of the "rlng
the-knife" girls, the strident offers ot j
the "guess-your-weight" men?all of,
these and a hundred other noises ad-!
de<j to the bedlam and drove icason
; oiii his habitat.
The pickpockets were abroad, too..
Not so numerous as la previous years,
hut plying their usual game. More
than one visitor missed his watch and
a half-dozen Kst rolls. At the State
Fair police Station. L L Veiinea. of
Rayr.or. Va.. reported that he had been
relieved of a g"ld watch and chain
valued at tlS. Walla- e Bruce, who
lives near Olnter Park, lost KM in bills
taken from his trousers' pocket. A
number of others registered com
Parade af Prise rattle.
The atoek e .-ent of the dav came in
the afternoon with the exhibit on the
rare-? <>u sc of fbja cattle- which had
p. a-vard.-d pr*>.ey. The review was
imp. sii'C in the extreme, and Ik?i r n it
I're?i.|. nt Fairfax's statement that tbe
exhibit of be- f and d .ir caul" this
paar eciipe-w all previous displays
Fo: thirty minutes the ribbon win
re... p ??.? |p review before the grand -
I . ? i continuous stream. Fa.-h
animal < an.. *rr?h from the rubber
hove. .1-4 each wore I*- silk spoil.- of
co |.m The JaMM Ci'i"??? and
dcr.r.- R d IT II? <->?jTlpri7.ed j< S'tmei
???? c'.as? and Clyde W. g*under*
>-?or<d hear lv v. Ith a gT"wp Of ; rlie
?? > t - ?. Th' ?!? rcfo-ds. fMiTeh
Ti l d flui a aap. s? well ss the vir.
:-i.y b eod-, ?e.r all well rep?
I ?c aww r~- a eiear* I
? .-- . .. I . r~m e- -?* *?*
H r?? ?a e .at ?e . ?WT ?eAeaw BS
I "tie *tw ran **t gur "*r wet ?
I I > ? r??. "? ?nav?^ ?aSe*.??? B
? ieaa>r<wa ?
? Fs*d ^t. Svsaassaadw
I ?S'J?C"> ms to?rJ^
II- .||Li*M| ??
ocoUtiuii ntro
Take one pound of prunes, one-quarter
pound of raisins, three tablespoonfiils of
sugar, boil in sufficient water to obtain
one quart of sysup: rsjal and mix with an
equal amount of Duffy's pure malt whis?
key. This simple formula, originally pre
f scribed by Dr. F. J. Klussman. of Toledo.
Ohio, will prove very efficient in cases of
'? deranged stomachs, dyspepsia or nausea,
'and will require no additional drug or
Warner Minor Woodward Passes
Away After Illness of
Two Weeks.
The funeral of Warner Minor Wood,
j ward, who died early yesterday morn,
in?-, after a short illness, in his apart?
ment at The Chesterfield, will be con?
ducted tlii:< afternoon at 4 o'clock from
St. James Episcopal Church. Franklin
and Birch Streets. He will be buried
in Hollywood beside the body of his
wife. The following friends of Mr.
Woodward have been asked to act as
Active? E. Lee Powell. Henry G. El?
le tt. Joeeph H. Gordon. Hunedon Cary.!
Charles E. Whitlock. L W. McVeigh.'
Clarence E. Hughes and James A- Mon.
Honorary?E. B. Addison, James
Caskie. r>r. John X. CpshuT, ?William
F. Gray, James R. Gordon. 3. W. Trav
ers. Henry L Valentine. Preston Cocke.
O. H. Funsten, Murray M. MoGalre,
Langbourn?. M. Williams. George C.
Jefferson and Howard Swlneford.
Mr. Woodward was a eon of John
Pitt Lee Woodward and Mary Mildred
Minor, and was born at "Westwood,'*
\lbemarle- County. August 14, 1844. He
was a veteran of the Civil War and
senior partner in the lumber firm of'
Woodward St Son. He had been a
member of the vostry ef 8t lames
Episcopal Church for years, and was
a leading spirit in the building of the
new church on Franklin Street. He
was a member of Joppa Lodge of Ma?
sons, of R. E. Lee Camp. No. 1, United
Confederate Veterans; a director of the
Prison Association of Virginia, and I
aifo a director of the Diocesan Mis
Ilonas j Society.
Grieved Over Wife's Deris.
A marked break in Mr. Woodward's 1
health was noticed after the death of
Ma wife eighteen months ago. and it'
is thought by friends that grief at {
the loss of his lifelong companion was
the cause of his physical breakdown. j
He was ill only two weeks. His wife.)
whom he married In 18(9, was Miss
Elisabeth Stewart, daughter of the j
Rev. Kensey John Stewart. He leaves1
five children?Stewart Minor Wood- j
ward, of Richmond, the present Junior
member of Woodward * ?on; the Rev. :
Edmund Lee Woodward. M. D.. of the ,
American Church Mission in China; ;
Mrs. Mary P.. Teueler. whop* husband
is in charge of St Luke's Hospital in
Tokio, Japan; Mrs. Mildred W. Coeh
fail, wife of Joseph S. Coehran, of'
Staunton, and Miss Lattice Lee Wood?
ward, of Richmond. He also leaves.
one brother. John Douglas W<s>dward.
St New RocheUe. X. Y.
The early years ot hie life, up to 1
the time of the c lose of the Civil War. {
were filled with stirring scenes. When |
he was five years old his father moved
from Virginia to Oovingten. Ky., and I
entered business in Cincinnati. O.. Joet j
across the river. When the war broke
seht he determined to cast in his lot1
with the Confederacy, and enlisted at j
the age of eighteen in the adventurous
and dashing cavalry command of Gen. j
eral Morgan. He followed the daring^
fortunes of this leader as a member.
of Company it Second Kentucky Ca>-- !
airy, until . General Morgan's entire j
command was surrounded and capture d j
by the Federals.
After his capture he was confined)
at Camp Douglas, ia Chicago, from
which he succeeded in escaping one
cold winter r.lght. When the news of I
the evacuation of Richmond and the j
surrender at Appomattox spread j
Ferecastt Far Virale???Falj eeesthi ;
?bowers werth sorties Theresa) er
Tharsday aaghti Friday probably fair,
colder eorth poilloa. j
Fer Serta Cerella??1Generally fate ?
Tharsday aarf Frtd-y. !
"preUI w I?d feeeeeet far fUeha-oa< |
aad vfctaOty?Fer Tharsday. Oeteher
IP Light te fresh swavherty to eoeth- ;
westerly iilaas. j
Pf-eetal l^rel Data fee Yesterday.
12 noon temperature .?
I p. M temperature . I
Mai mum temperature up to S i
P. M. ?SI
Minimum tempersture up to S ;
P. M. g
Mean temperature . *
Normal temperature . *
Exces.? in temperature. 1
Uefieiencv in tempcratare since
March 1 . **
Aee'im deficiency in temperature
since January 1 . t?*
Deflc'cney in lainfall since March
I. 3.11
Ac-'ini. deficiency in rainfall since j
January 1 .- ?.MS
|^-eal oeeervetfssa ? 1?. ?? ?esrer*?".
Temperature . *J .
Humidity .-.? ?.' ?
88 ind?direction .s
Wind?velocity .*
a) ember.r'lesr
?????* orri?*?? i* igpohTtvr crrnca.
< M I P M Eastern Standard Time.? ;
Place ' Ther II T. L T. Weather. I
Ashevllle _ ?? *? *? <"le?r
78 SI <"ear
Mlsn'i. <'lt- . St, -i rJ'*r
Horton . ?? ?*? Cloudy
Buffalo _ f* ?- 5J
e\?la-?r- . 2? J* 2* <Tl*-r
?'ha-l??ton . . . ?t 71 *: Clear
?" icsao . i6 7" on--.
-,r-.ver . *?* ?? S? t'lcodv
r>eiuth . rl ?~leudy
r.alveston .. ?? ?? IS CJear
Hatterts . ?? <"'*?'
Hsvre . . ?: -- OewfTy
.t.-rksonvtlle 71 8? 77 Oe-r
Kansas <*?t- *? *- *? C:*?r
Ueulsvtile _ *? ** Clear
Montgomery . *- tt ? Clear
JSew Orleans . '??> f* ?I r"'e?r
Xew Tern .. <*? *? ?? C10 kfy
Norfolk .?: JS ?? Ceer
oh is home _ 7? t? ?? Clo-idv
Tr^ttfhtrrgh - ? ? ** ?* Cjo'iSy
R-ieigh . ?; 2 ? ^*"r
at T.ouis . 7t ?? ??> Hese
at rsui.*? ?? -? <~>
Mn rrsnctsco. ?? ?? t* C'esr
aevsnash g 'f* Ctaar
ppeksne . M N It Clesr
Tsrros . *? W ** *?* cioady
Wsshinsrtoa . t: rs 48 o?ar
Winnipeg ... t* ?? Cloedy
Wyihevllle ?? 4: ilesr
WklATt f*F. %tM % y %? .
October ie >???:
tfimi TIDE
?nn r|sea-? 1? Mecelee ..????
Sub sets .. t it E-ealag .. .?:ST
h? WM IB ?Ms?! Vi??
Cwnfederataa ta
whloh bad far it*
?f Um Southard prat Is art at Caenpj
Hm pssims t? ta? cos fs der aar ooat
Bim hl? material prosparity, and a
?bort w-hilo after the ?tose of tho war
th* woodward family moved bask fron?
Kentucky to Riohmoad. where Mr.
Wood ward opsBad tba lata bar buataaaa
which la bow known as Woodward a
[Special to The Tln.ee-D'apatch. ]
Hratbavllle. V?, October t.?Jacob
Watts, a German, who had lived In
t'arnham for forty-five years, died at
i Iiis home this morning at a very old
t age. Ho will be burled In the came
tery at bis old home by the side of
his wife, who preceded him many
! years. He leaves one daughter, Mrs.
j Miller, and f've grandsons.
Mrs. KMaaUeth Jesse,
j Mrs. Elizabeth JeVnee. widow of
;.Morris Junes, of Ed wardsvlllc, North?
umberland county, died at her home
last night. interment will be made
at the home place, with funeral
J vices conducted by Rev. A. J Reaniy.
? She is survived by several children.
Mo>d A. W inder.
, (Special to The Tiniea-Diapelch.l
I Elizabeth City. N. C October ?.?
I Moy? A Winder died at his home in
Head .Street after an illness of seven
years, which reaaKsd from a stroke
of paralysis. Mr. Winder was about
sixty-six years old. He Is survived by
a wife and two eons?L. I* and W. R.
Winder, both residents or this cMy.
Mr. Winder has been a resident of
this oitv for the past eighteen years,
having moved here with his famiiv
Braak the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
He waa engaged In mercantile pursuits
until ???"veil years ago, when he was
sticken with paralysis, which made
him an invalid He scarcely left his
home during these seven vears.
Charles Ilesd Merles.
I tSpeciai to The Tlmes-DUpatch.J
Kredoricksburg. Va,, October ?.?
Ohas. Reed Morton, son of Mra. Lucy
Hall Morton, and of the late Rev. Chas
H Morton, former missionary to Brasil!
died yesterday at "Braehead." the home
of Mr- and Mra ft G. Howison. in
Spotsylvanta County. n*ar this city.
The funeral was held this afternoon,
slid interment made In the c'/v ceme?
tery. The eervices were conducted
by Hev J. H. HenderUte
Mrs. Mottle Merrtwetber.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.I
Buena Vista. Va.. October ??Mrs.
Seattle Merrlwether. wife of Dr. Oco.
Douglas Merrlwether, died at her
home i* thta city at > o'clock to-night
after an 'lines* which extended over
three years.
She was the daughter of the late Dr.
R. A. Sale, of Bedford County, and was
born in that county. She Is survived
by her husband and one daughter. Mrs.
W. P. Dickinson, of th?s city.
The funeral services will be con?
ducted from St Thomas's Episcopal
Church, in Bedford County, Friday af?
ternoon at 3 o'clock. The body will
oe taken from her late home 'n this
city Friday morning. J
Jaaaea W. Olease.
(Special to The Timce-Dltpatch.1
Lynchburg. Va.. October 9.?James
W. Glass, aged eighty-one years, a re?
tired business man. died this morning
cr?N\AJtD?Died at her residence. Tit
Edgewood Avenue. Parkland. Tnes
dsy, 6:4? A M. MRS. LIDIC R
CONNARD. wife of David R Con
nard. lo bier seventy-first year. She
leaves, besides her husband, four
daughters?Mrs Katy Thompson.
Cleveland. O ; Mrs. George Burruss,
Bowling Green. Va. and Misses Salllc
and Clara Connard
Funeral from the residence THIS
AFTERNOON at 1 o'clock. Inter?
ment at St. Mary's Church. Gooch
land O-unty. Friends and acquaint?
ances Invited to attend.
Philadelphia. Atlantic City and Pe?
tersburg papers cony.
ORRICK,?Dted. at his residence, on
Brook Road, at 5 P. M October 9.
1?12. JAMES H- ORRICK. In the
fifty-second year of his age.
Funeral at 1:30 o'clock FRIDAY
AFTERNOON from Emmanuel Church
Henrico County.
SEP \RK.?Died, at his residence. 21*.*
East Main. Wednesday at Pr*e
o'clock. H- A SEPARK. In the fifty
seventh year of age.
Funeral notice later.
WOODWARD.?Died, in his apartment,
at the Chesterfield, Wednesday
morning. October 9. isi;. at S:4S
WARD. In the sixty-ninth year o-' his
Funcrei from St. James Church. '
West Franklin Street, THIS (Tbure
dayi AFTERNOON at 4 o'clock. In?
terment in Hollywood. Please omit
flowers. j
BOWLES.?Died. Tuesday. October ?. I
1912. at her home at Elk Hill. Va.
Funeral from Bennett's undertak?
ing parlors THIS MDRNING at 9
o'clock. Interme- in Riverview.
TIMBERLAKE.?Died, at the residence
of her daughter. Mrs.'Olivia Hazel -
grove. tlO Barton Avenue. Barton
Heights Wed nerd ay. October 9. Isl?.
at 7 o'clock F. M-. MRS ZIPPORAH
TIMBEF.LAK E. widow of Chapman
TImberlahe, deceased. of Atlee.
Hanover County. In the eighty
fourth year of her age She is sur?
vived by four children?Mra Olivia
Hazelgrove. of Barton Heights; M
A. aad J M. fimberlake. of Rich?
mond, and B. A. Timberlake. of Atlec.
The funeral will ho held from the
above residence on FRIDAY MORN?
ING. October It. at Is o'clock. In?
terment In family burying ground in ,
Hanover. ,
DETTY.EBACH.?Died, at her residence, j
loa? West Grace, at 1? A M-. Oc?
She leaves, besides Lor husband, two
daughters. Mrs. H. D. Feiihe?mrr and
Mrs. Oscar V Kahn, and one son. Mr. ,
Louts Detflebach.
Funeral notice Ister.
Baltimore and Atlanta papers
please copy.
BROWN?Wed. bj St*r.iton. Vs.. Oc?
tober %. IMS. WALTER L. the son
of Mrs. Ella Rowc Brown and the
1st? Valentine Brown.
Services sill be held at tbe grave ,
i? ffellvwsod Cemeterv THI "
'Thursdav? AFTERNOON. October ,
ta at li t* o'clotk Interment prl- \
vate. I
Board of Directors of the Mev-haof*
National Banh. held October ? '?t;.
the following resolntlati was unani?
mously adopted:
We base learned with eine re re?
gret of tbe death of one of our num?
FELl-OW. who died at hi? rsssdwsjee
In ?Ms city on A-'gwat llth i*t:
Major Strlngfetlow falthfoR: sod
ablv served this bank ss conn-'l - d
director far ?Mrtv -ears Tke ?<!? :?
be cart as eeuBwel ccld be relied on
as accurate, aad followed with
-olute safsty. As a dlrsrtor he was
ronterratics, always reslUina th?
rssponaihilttr of hit edeW. yk?ch he
regarded aa a sacred trust We wars
Impressed with htt marvelous room
ory sod tbe clearness snd forr, of
h!s rtews He wst e men of the
nlghest Ideals. M%m&JSplmm2*
la hts ?very_ act bv a M>
of bapoT. Ho a^SBSSsdJ ssstsrrsse
and rrastos cf ereryWad^l^wav.
inststraa ss*vn fhs stwesst-frsekneee
We honored Mm tretee^ for h;?
great ?Mittles, sot tnawe esperiaile
for Ma h'gh character
Resolved. That ws i?i??hr a*j^"?w.
c^tW .hs7 awassrsal ko.sswesd ea
cor-r ha start t* htt fawrBy.
Insert a Mask Reil
Pump the pedals, move three little
T*aam mtAMjt
1 causes the hammers to strike the
strings of the pieno, and thus pro
! duce the tones. But YOU CON?
: move the lever and regulate and
! give expression.to the composition
? you arc playing.
You may no know on ? note
from another, but you can play
anything you please on the IN?
Let us demonstrate to you.
j ?Mimiii Cafcto Plaae Ce.
Mad. 2586. 213 E Broad.
at bis home here, after having hi en
in declining health for ? long time.
Jaba V Watte.
f Special to The Times-Linpistch. ]
LMichbiirg. \a.. October !?. -Johii A.
Wati*. aged nvj-nty-ono ><ars. died
yesterdai at hls home bars, heart dis?
ease beliiB ti:e raune His v-if.. and
the following shildrea s<irvivr Lp>
Fayette Watte, of British CaUuaabla.
Robert Watts, of West Virginia Harry
Watts. R. Benjamin Watts Joseph
Watts ar.d Edward Watt*, of Unch
burg: Mrs. Bass Ford, of Lynchburg;
Mrs Willie Slmpiton. of Radfurd. and
Misses Kthcl and Crystal Watts, of
Taiew??!, V? . Oc?ot>er ? ?The mnch-dis
russed question effecting the .road plant
In Bast Jeffersor.vili? Dtstrte?. wherein the
aaesasa of authority has erlsrn between the
supervisors and the Staat Hlgowr.y Commis?
sion, was a m:< ?:?>.?. settled here to-day. Th?
cru*l:?r o? the phual fa) iiNpute wttl b? le
movel to rhs rosd nur Tai'*-?!!, and thi
re?rr ?II. he !?ft on the TV'Hens Mi" fload
Another crjuher will he a??4ed to th? Wit?
tens hhfl M'.sl and another roller win bo
?<?<!< d :? the road cur town, end work
wttl begin a? once. It is believed row that
the turmoil and stnf* that has *?;?:? d :er
the pa.t tWe w-eks wi.: b* fTguite r, and
tha- the cad building will go. en e.ir.ojt
furthrr ?-ro'.bie.
Double Wedding VJrmnUed.
Lr-ehburg. Va . Oetobi-r ?-v beaattfsl
doable wedding was ?<-"T'r'red at the Meth
c-tflst Church *t ri'i'thttrr this morning, a
w?e"d'rc whf-h ther? ws? n'j'h inter"t
In Lvrhb':rg ?? we" a* ai Rvatbirg when
the daughters of Mr. ar.d Mrs. Joi.n C
trithers wrre rh? brides Th? rt.ar-iag? took
place at 10:10 o'clock, the ehureh b/'ltig giled
with friends ?r.d relativ?? of las < ontrsrvlcg
The cent Tart I r.g n?r;!?s w-rr Ifltt Stella
Withers and T J Buckle- . a traveling man
of Roaneke. and M:ss Lticle w WfthTs and
Rc/yston Jtater. Jr.. of this cltv. r
There were two Btthl rtr.a sir.a and two
ribbon girts, the ethar attendants eetng the
ushers, who w._ra Dr. VT. Lyls. of Bed?
ford City; Josarh P. hJeOaryes and S. DuV?!
Martin of Lrnehti'jrg. ?ad sfr TTmstcafl of
Rtietbnrr. ?
Mr Jester one of th? grooms is s pro?.'
Inent r<vitir attorney st law ef th's dry. ?
Mr. and Mrs BtteV'er and Mr. and Mrs.
Jester left this afternoon for N'or'oik. tragt
where th*v raj: to-morrow for a visit la Mew
York City
Oleeasn Cnaha
Vorfoik. Va.. October 5.?At the bride's
h.i'ir? at Virginia B?arh thla aftereoen Miss
Virginia Klefn Cootre daughter of Mr. sad
Mrs Wllloughby T foeke. wag married to
TTdwa-d Ke-.-tl* ftlennaa. oldest eon of Mrs.
Michael rjvrtnan The ceremenv was ner
'o-m?d hr Per Joha Do-ertv and Bishop
B-rerly rj Tucker.
They ayfJI >? st home after Norember 15 at
TTn Boifsetaine Avenue
A f t er VI easles
VN'hfioping Couyh
or Scjirlet Fever
is a critical period?weakened
throats, delicate bronchial
tubes and unsound lungs often
follow; sometimes impaired
sight or hearing.
at Saawa pigeapffj and regulauiy
after the fever subsides it
quickly and effectually re?
stores appetite, strength and
Syifaor & biidky. he.
Grace mmt\ Seiasstfi
Bruad Rock Water
Kgtaje of Utfafa, the gowest af
Total MM*

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