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Growth and Prosperity of Vir?
ginia Di\ision, V. U. C,
( Shown.
Various forms of Delightful
Entertainment for Visit*
inn Delegates.
^Special to The Titnes-Disnatrh. ]
H-rriM'1,1-- . s. V? . October lv.?Re?
ports of saneskS an<] committees show?
ing the ma v.'lmis growth and pros?
perity of the Virginia division of the
Vnited Daughters Of Confederacy was
the feature of tee tmlnsss StgrtiraS to?
day end rest* San r. This afternoon
more than :o* delegates visited Aahby
Monument unrt Massanotta Springs.
To-night Major .1. Ogd.cn Murray, of
Charles Town. W. Vs., addressed, the
delegates on "Pect jess Women of the
Favored ay Perfect weather. the
daily sessions have been attended: by
large crowds treat town sad) county, in?
cluding a good1 many Confederate
The second da\ of the Seventeenth
annual State convention of the Datigh-i
ters of the Confederacy spaaed this,
morning m the Sunday school room of!
the Preebvterian Church, prayer was
offered by Rev. 11. H Sherman, of the'
Harrlsonhurg Methodist Church, tifter
tvhio bthe morning ims titirn.-d over,
to the hearing of the committees.
The annual report of >]*< .\. a. :
Campbell, of Wythevllle the Sta'e
preMdent. was Instructive. Twelve
yiew chapters located and organize1,
daring the year are as follows: Oalax,
Jonesvllle. Big Stone Gap. Salyer-L.ce.
Norton and rUltville, in First District:
Xeysvllle. in Second; Stonewall. Ports?
mouth, Armistead Goode, Chase City.
Nottoway and Crewe.' In the Third:
l.ee Chapter, at Richmond, and Han-i
ever, at Ashland; In the Fifth: Lan-j
ca?ter Chapter, a: MeSaSk, In thej
?ixth. Kmory and Powhatan are!
awaiting rhat-ters. F.leven of thej
above are In new territory Three
chapters revived are Fairfax Blsek
Horse and Rappahannock.
Mrs. Campbell dwe't on the Con?
federate Museum at Richmond. The
museum fund is Increased to *fi"
Only half of the chapter* (forty?
have contributed to the year book
AH the Virginia minutes are In the
hook except the year lSS*.
The Virginia division scholarship at
State Normal School at Farmville is
tilled for the first time. Auxiliary
chapters *t? gaining in favor. The
crowning achievement of the year was)
the appropriation of $I.:>00 by the:
Knees Became Stiff
Mvr Tears of Severe Kheumetlssa. j
The enre of Henry J. Goldstein. 14 j
Barton Street. Boston. Mass.. is an?
other victory for Hood's Sar^aparilla.
This great medicine has succeeded in
many cases where others have, utterly;
failed. Mr. Goldstein says: "I suf- ',
fered from rheumatism n\e years; it
kept me from business and caused ex?
cruciating pain My knees would ?#?-!
come as stiff as steel I tried many
medicines arttkoul relief, th.-n took i
Hood's Earaasarilla soon fell muck j
better, and no* consider myself en-'
tireiv cured, i recommend Hood's."
Get it to ds) in usual lisjnM form
or chocolated tahlet.-- railed Saraatab?. j
Everything Here in Clothes far Any
Weather and Every Occasion.
Our producing facilities expand our values
15 to 25 (/c over the average merchant's
Come and see.
Main and Eleventh Streets.
St;t? Legislature for needy Confeder?
ate eomen. I
Mrs. J. Ii. K. Bett, the Statt- regis?
trar, is CingagtHl 1st the gri ut work of
preparing ? new roster. This year,
v.i??5 names are on the book, an in-1
c rease of several ti,ousand. Thor?- ute
133 chapters on the Virginia rosier.;
Of these. Halifax, No. 4, reorganized
as 123; li. h. Dickeneaa, not recorded;'
Cumberland. disbnnded, Governor Wile]
liam Smith, not recorded; Pittsburgh,
not f^econncd; M? K. Anderson, i
metrged; Bmporka, merged; Eastern j
Shore. inactive. and Montgomery. 1
merged, nine numbers to drop in all,j
leaving 124 enrolled chapters. Eleven '
new chapters have been added to
Mrs. S. A. Rtddi. k. the State treas?
urer, submitted a detailed repoit of
receipts and disbursements during the.
year, showing a balance in treasury,
now of $1.51153 against a balance of
$S56.S0 last year. The expenditures
during the year included the sum of
$!?o towards a monument to the late
Senator John \Y. Daniel. i
Mrs. J. Taylor Ellyon. associate
chairman of the Confederate Museum,
made by proxy a report on the Vir-1
gin la room of the Confederate Me-,
mortal Literary Society. Sho an?
nounced a new plan for the suppprt ot
this rfism Instead of assessing each
chapter $1. each chapter is invited to,
become S life member, the fee being
$1*>. Ttvo life mcmsctS have been re-'
ceived already. Mm. Klljson told of
the wonderful accumulation of Con-!
fed-rate relics, making it almost ncccs-'
s.-iry to have two rooms. Among ths
".010 relics is the last ration of coffee
at Appomattox.
Mrs. N. V. Randolph, chairman of the
rrllef committee. li>ld of battle before
the last State legislature In getting
*n appropriation of J-.?OO for needy
t'onfcderate women. At present'sixty
seven needy women are getting $3 a
month. More could be used. Mrs. Ran
A Cordial Greeting to
Our Visitor Merchant
a heartv iwvitattoti t.i such as would mni^lc a little business
with the days of pleasure to pay as nersottal vi-it.. Our
and cm o roplete FALL and WINTER STOCKS arc now
cn di'j'Inv and well worth looking orer.
Southern Bargain House
Fourteenth ?">} Kranklin Sts. Wholesale Only.
PPCSgNTntD ? BY ? THt: .
j TiME^ DISPATCH, O t Uth j ffi
SIX COUPONS ?F COr,.?tlC UTIVfc . : - *
dolph noted the fact that Lee Camp
Auxiliary gave over $35.0on In relief,
in twenty years. She rejoiced that the
State division had taken up the work.
There is great interest in the decis?
ion of the convention to petition the
national convention in Washington
next month to extend the time tor con?
ferring crosses of honor another year
and appoint two days for presentation.
The continual requests fof crosses
makes this step necessary.
This afternoon scores of automobiles
and vehicles carried the visiting women
and many people of the Town on a trip
to the momitkent. of General Turner
Ash by. two mites 80uihea?t of town, on
the spot where the beloved Ashby
fell in battle. The local chapter is
named the Turner Ashby Chapter in
honor of the Valley hero. After view?
ing the monument the party then drove
to Massanetta Springs, four miles to
the eest, a famous reeon. cn wnich a
magnificent 100-room hotel has just
been completed.
The visit to the State Normal School
was a feature of the week. President
and Mr.x Julian A- Burruas received
the delegates. Refreshments were
served and the visitors were escorted,
by students ta the manual arts class,
where lessons in sewing and cooking
were in progress. Work in the gym?
nasium was also viewed. ,
Southern Will Pay Members of Harris
Family gam of as.ooo.
[Special to The TiSses-Dispatch.] I
Oiarlottesvtlle. Va.. October 10.?In
the Circuit Court to-day. lt? the case
of Charles K. Harris and wife> and
llttl<V grandson. Charles Russell Harris,
against the Southern Railway, for
damages in a railway accident, a torn-,
promise verdict was agreed upon. The
amounts *war<?M were: Mr* Jr>sephlne
Harris. $3,000: Charles Russell Harris,
aged tt ye. $1,500; Charles E. Harris,
The accident, out of which the suit
grew, occurred October 31 last at a
Snuthfrn Railway crossing one ^nile
south of Govesvllle, this county, near
which place Mr. and Mrs. Harris were
going to attend a funeral. The buggy
in which the trio were riding was
struck by a southbound freight. The
horse was killed Instantly and the
buggy shattered, the oocupauts being
thrown along the side of the track.
[whet* they were picked up uncon
Sclea* Mrs. Harris had a leg fractur-.
cd and suffered a slight concusion of.
the brain. The boys bladder was
ruptu:e,i and an operation was gamae
jsary. Mr. Harris had an ugly scalp
w out d. I
Karerasti For Virginia?Fair Frf
'day: Mtirstr local rainst eefde, a?rth
I and west pertleae.
I For >ortb Carolina?Fair Frida ri i
?aterday InercBsJaa Hemdlatsat peoaw I
aMy rain aad colder erst esi lists.
?perlal i.oeai Deta far Tewierday. I
tJ noon leaf rature . ^ <
13 r. M t'-mperature . Stf
Maximum t ? rr i?<ral i if i,p to a
?'. ??. ??
Minimum temperature vn to S
j P- M..
M'-an t? mocrature .
V'rrnal t-ni|>?iature . ffj
K\. i ss in t> :np<-rat?re . I
I?en?|.ii'-y in temperature since
Me res l . i;
A-.-uni .1. fi. i. n< v in tem|e-ratnr^
sine? January t . 414
: I??-n. it ii. > tt r;.vnf.i:l rln~+ March
? ? .. .Ml
Acum deficiency in rainfall sln.e
January 1 .J.t*
Loral Ohsen at loa t? P. M IsstrrsSv
T.-mperatur<- . ;%
llmniditv . ;e
Wind?dirr-fx'o .". S
Wiu! ?' i! \ . 3
Weathei .t'lear
MiMin in>? l\ taitlRTWT 4 ITIK*.
? ?t v p .t Eastern ?t..n<tard Time.)
FIBS-* T .- If T I. T Weather
Asks Tt ?" Cl near
All* it* . T? M C< r*Ic ,r
t At lent .? t'iir . ?* ;< *? 4 "tear
Pbert ? :? ?? i< fle?r
Befl ? ? ?? Rase
Caisar? _ ?e :.t ?< Or-er
[f*waili slot T\ *? n??r
? hi. as I dB C? nsln
K'i'm . M it te Kam
T'ol "*> ?? %* IT flonay
??sl'?stofl . ta as ;%. ttear
Hatt? . ?a :? g; fleai
?!? :.r r; w .lo'idy
leek sai lie r*J ?* ?I dear
-- ? iti "t t% cioodr
la-.'?i?v|;|? TJ ?J ?? Clear
Moni?".- . ?? . ;? a? sa ('leer
\>a rtrieerts T? ?? T* needy
few V"-k . 99 T? M I cloudy
N'o-f^ii, . . ;s t? nee,
f.%,-,^rrn . ?0 t| ?? noudr
?? ' urgt. T" ?? ?4 Cloe-T
Rai. I?h . . TS pa {? _ .
*? l/wja . T4 SS S? Clear
PA Feel ?? 4* 4? rie.r
; ea-< .'rai<-|?. - *t :* ft Clear
bavsinah T. ?} <M fleer
-:???? :?: '?? z% < ie >4r
Tunis 7? ?? T*> Cleer
W a?h r rt.,r, . ;? ??
Wlni..p*g M) 4;
Wythe?,:.. ?j ts IS Cleer
O- too" It. T*l:
rug eise? 4 : | Morelog '
Bun sets ....tjB KreaMwf >< s.2t
:.? Clear
?? rjesr
Nephew of Governor Makes
Charges Against Lunenburg
District Board.
Official Summoned to Appear.
Pensioners Must Submit
to Examination.
Charges were made before the State
Board of Education, tu session at the
Cupitol yesterday, by Dr. Edwin M.
Mann against the trustees of Browns
Store School District, in I.uncnburg
County. Many papers wer? filed as
exhibits, and the specifications are
In the accusations is involved isham '
T. Wilkinson, division school superin?
tendent of lojaasserg county, it is
staged ba> Or. Made*, and the charge is
corroborated by school teachers, that
the superintendent has failed to com?
ply with the provision of the school
law which retfuires him to visit every
school at least once a year, and, in
eounties with the number of schools
now in I^uneiiburg, twice a year.
After giving consideration to Dr.
Mann's charges, the board summoned
Mr. Wlllj as OS to appear before it at'
the next meeting and to make answer.
Bod Sanit?r; Condition*.
Apparently the most serious charge
made by Dr. Mann, is that the ttustees'
have failed to observe the law promul?
gated by the State Board of Health.
OJ the tifty-llve schoolliouscs in Lunen
barg County, asserts Dr. Maun, only
thlrbeea are properly equipped. Not
one of the twenty-rive colored schools
is equipped. J
The State Bosrd of Education gave
most of its time to consideration of
this problem, which it feels is most
serious. 1
It is stated that the question of
money is serious, and that it costs at
least $10 to a school to comply with
the demands of the health department, j
Realizing that the matter must be
dealt with, the hoard at last deter- j
mined that State school funds shall be
withheld from all counties which do
not comply with the law in this re?
gard within a reasonable time. By
this drastic method, all are expected
to coma to time.
other Business of Board.
All the members of the board were
present save Superintendent Eggles
ton ani' Attor-General Williams.
The resignation of Hugh S. Bird as
superintendent of the schools of Fred- ;
oricksburg was accepted, aftdi E. F. '
Birckhead, Jr.. principal 0f that city's
school, was elected to succeed Mm for'
the uncxpiircd term.
There a-as some discussion of ttc,
pension law. Castor the new act, there
must be a medical examination every
Hafts years of those pensioned be- j
cause of physical disability. A resolu- ;
tion was adopted that as each pen- .
sioner reaches the three-year limit
from the time of the beginning of i
his annuity he shall be examined' by a
phyateAaa. and that he shall be re
examined every three years thereaf?
Maay Aeeoeatleas Msde.
Dr. Mann, who is a nephew of Gov?
ernor Mann, has many items of com?
plaint, lie makes the sanitary ?tue*- .
tion very prominent. Th*>n. he says, j
one of the young wom-n teachers j
could not get sn axe. ? broom and a,
bucket for her school unless she went i
to Kenbridge for If. One school was rB-j
ported to be closed two hours earlier,
than it should be. end. says Dr. Mann. ,
it was never investigated.
In 13ft< a picnic was pulled' off St j
Kenbridge. to which some families
were invited, and others were left off
the list. A school warrant for '
It is charred, was made out in /?vor:
of the person who furnished the pro-,
visions, the inference being that some
Of Fire Dollars, Wart. Fifty Dol?
lars to Her Now. Real
FoBowkf Letter.
Headwig. C,?.?"I suffered untold'
agonies for five or six years with womanry
troubk*," writes Mrs. Deila l-onr. of this
place "Could m* sit up but a few
minutes at the time. and if I stood on my
fort long, would faint.
I took f vOO worth of ("ardui. the wo
man's tonic, and it did me f ?000 worth
of Rood I can do my work now all the
, time, and Miffcr but very little.
I am rf^ommending Oardui to my
iriend*. and ?ball rontmue to do v> You
may ii*c ihi? Irrt er in any way yon wish.**
[t- ;'' ? cat*, of wonderful virr<? prove"
I hat. a- a tonic, for weak women. you
,i-m\<\ bnd nothing "f greater benefit to
< o-i 'h-?o < arc]..; It ft a w.-mac.'- tonir ?
; a Mrr?ig1 honing met in ine for ? omen made
, c-pc tall* f'?r women, frort ingr rdie-it
' abs H act ?pr< it* alR oei the womanlv
, organ* *r.\ ?bt|v Vit. to I et 3d ay the -so
? i ?-<!%? ?on?t tt.it tori
Von Jtrr in-.-d to fr-, Cardui tf von are
we-?k tjred. nervouv worn-out or suffer
from *nv <' the fu-m p*r thar t-i wrak
women, ?ijrh a\ headache, he'kai he.
dragging rein* rain* m ?ide. and other
?vmptom* of aomanly trmibk*.
? ? '.g t Crom the ??neja?tKc of thou
sjr.i- c'her., f ardui is sure to help % Ay
N B Wrur /e I ad*V Ad\ i?orv DeSt..
< ha)Untrere Medw aar to , C"hatlaaooga.
I Tin S-n Spvfiml tr ttrtutumt Pod OA-page
b??A. ' Home Treat meet for Wontra."
?rrtt tn plain ?tappe? oa n f|ac< - .VI
TUs GM Itecorered
Tum CmmL^Om
The makers Of Eckrnaas Alterative, welch
la doing so much -?od for Consumptives,
are continually la receipt of wonderful re?
port* of rec-overlea brought about solely
through the uae of this medicine. These
reports are always at tbe command ef any
one interested, and many of the writers In
iheir aratitude have suggested that like suf?
ferers wrlie direct and learn what it did
for them. Here la one specimen:
*li Second Ave:. Aurora. Ill
"Gentlemen: Pardon me for aet writing
??inner, but 1 wanted to aee If I would stay
cured. I can bow truthfully aay I tin per
reetls well. I wish to express my heart*.- <
thanks. I have no ?am. no cough, ue night
sneat?. na hay fever, hiaee a child ef two
years. I have bean ailing with lung trouble
which ?r?w worac as I grew older. At th?
age t>f fourteen, the doctor said if I ceuld
not he aenl South I would surely die ef Con?
sumption Brer? wlniei I would be sure to:
have either Bronchitis. Fleurlsy or Paeumo- ,
nia. I had Typhoid-Pneumonia one time. I
gad catarrh of the ?totna<-h and bowels, and
had Hay F*e\er for the last Its years; bull
hare nu: anything of the kind this year. ;
1 will gnawer all letters sent to me. ask* .
ing a hl-toi v or my case, frags any ene auf- '
firing with lung trouble-'
i Sworn affidavit) ETTA PL.ATH. t
(Ktve years kslei reports aitll well.)
?< Knian ? Alterative is effective In Bron-I
eaitia. aatbsae, Hay fever, riiroat ggf ring
l*reaa*ai and in unbuilding (he .->?!? in Uoea
???I <onl.iIn aesSeaAj opiates or habit-form
ins area* For sale by Owen? & Minor Drug
t'oinpaiiy ane other leaning druggiats. Ask
for booklet telling of recoveries, and write
lo Kckmans I-ai.oteiory. Philadelphia. Pa.,
lor additional evident e. - Advertisement. I
parties had a good time at the ex?
pense of the school funds.
Again, says Dr. Mann, the law was
violated which forbids any school of?
ficial having an interest In a school
contract. lie says, and claims to
prove by a letter, that Thomas Ti?
idalc, the contractor for the Kenbrldge
school, bought some weather boarding
from Willie Bridge-forth, a member ot
th? trustees, ami that carpenter work
was done by Collln Bag'ey, clerk ot
the board
Behind With Moaey Dree State.
On April 25 of this year, according
to a letter from Second Audltot Ro?.;
well Page to Dr. Mann, two of the
districts of I.unenburg County were
behind on payments of principal and
interest of money borrowed) from the
literary fund for school purposes. Mr.
Page then said that these districts'
were among the very few In the State '
w hich had made default In payments, j
No request was made of the county
school board, so Dr. Mann Is informed,
to levy a special tax to take care of
these debts. But he is informed some
interest hss been paid and' a new ?
agreement made with the State since
In If-OT. continue the charges, the
sum of $159.50. which was unexpended,
was held by the county on a device,
instead of being returned to the State
as provided by law. Also, some money
was paid to a teacher named Miss
Manson. which is claimed to have been'
illegal. With these transactions are J
mixed up a settlement between two,
district, for students from one taught
in a school in the other, and the devl
sion. superintendent, in a report, set
forth how it was planned to keep the
surplus money in the county Instead
of returning It to the State.
Pleads far Small School.
In a letter which accompanies his
formal charges. Dr. Mann make* a
plea for the little one-roomed schools.
He says that they have been neglected
in ord r to care for the consolidated
schools. The result Is that poor men
have to ceil their holdings and goj
to towns to educate their children,!
while negroea buy their farms. In
Brown a Store District, says Dr. Mann,
the trustees ran things to Suit them?
selves, and he could get no satisfac?
tion from them.
Then he tells of his experience with
other parties, lie wanted to go before
the grand Jury, he says, and tell his
troubles, but the attorney for the Com?
monwealth?K S. Ttirn'*>ull. Jr.. a son
of the Fourth District Congressman?
declined to permit him to do ao. Later
the sheriff allowed him to see the Jury.
That body decided to indict, the
charges say. hut Mr. Turnbull bad
not time to draw the paper that day.
so he explains in a latter. A warrant
was later made out and served on the
trustees, and Dr. Mann said It was
made out on the minor charge, which
permitted no penally. Instead of on
the major charge. The charges of
Dr. Mann reflect rather severely on the
t'ommonwealth's attorney.
Mr. Tara ball Carlalaa.
In his letter Mr Turnbull esys that
as the case was one of misdemeanor,
anvway. It wss just as effective to
make out a warrant before a justice
of the peace as to find an indictment,
since It would be tried before the
justice in any event.
Finally, there is a statement from
3. O. Blackwell. Justice of the peace,
who tried the case against the trus?
tees on the charge of not providing
sanitary equipment. Ife found them
guilty, but. at the request of thq
state Board of Health, he Imposed no
Dr. Mann sska that all these things
be Investigated. The State Board of
?BBMsM made a move e* to the di?
vision superintendent by summoning
him before It. and it began the matter
of sanitary arrangements <oy requiring
all of the thousands of schoolhouses
In tbe same condition with those de?
scribed by Dr. Mann to be properly
Kegardlng all charges gave those
referring to the division superin?
tendent, the ?t?te board can take no
action Tt baa no authority whatever
over school trustees, who are answer?
able to local courts for mlsfeaaanee
or malfessance. The 1-oard will take
up the rharges against the superin- J
Former Governor Will Spend
Next Week Campaigning j
in Southwest.
Free apr*Olntments for p'.hhr j.-a'?
in: at the more imt?rtint points In
? he Mnih Virginia Di.tilct. haw h? ' a
arranged f?r former ?*o\e net V drew
.la a-on M...ta-'i He will |e?vv thin
. ily Monds , night a no speid th* week
? erapelgnins In the mountain country
far Wilson. Marshall and Aye.-s.
teever ear Montag*? alwsye draws
good at sod crowds fa tbt r^uthwegt,
where ha lo veil kaoei. On tha aap
of tha aotalfiatiort of General Aver*
last March, the f rm r C .vergor tend?
ered htm aap se;rtc*e whim it ml cht
h* la his power ta ???? ,d ft lo now
Beel red to koree a r- ?-? <M ?allies,
wtth Mr. Meets gee as toe areskar.
He will go dlre-t to Bristol. ?a tha
T'lneaaee Bar. where he win -)e?llrer
the grat speech Tuetetar BIT*)!, in the
HsiwieBjaa Trees tr*. The syrvt momiast
h. will stan east s?os?t?i'.a at Marten.
Pens re feeiirv where be am apeak
Wednesday Mtsrht. Meat Be wtei go re
WHrtkevflle. Mr ? sasssh Tktrtiil
From WythcVllle. OonrMr Mon?
tague will take an aarly start and
drive twenty-two miles anasss twa
mountains to reach Bland Courthouse.
At 1 o'clock Friday afternoon he will
apeak there. He will have another Ion?
drive and a rids oa a lumber road to
reach Pearlsburg, Oil es County, where
the last speech of the series will he
delivered at noon Saturday. A night
train can be caught at Fearlsburg.
which will pat sir. Montague back la
Richmond early Sunday morning.
Prominent Counsel in Cose
Growing Out of Death of
Freshman by Hazing.
I Special to The Times-Dlspatcli. ]
Hillsboro. N. C October 10.?Al?
though Ita court records of the past
is a revelation of aumorous criminal
and civil proceedings of Plate-wide
concern, embracing a period of a cen?
tury or more, the courthouse at Hills?
boro /a village so rich In historic lore)
I?. during next week, destined to be
the acente of the criminal trlsl of ths
four sophomores of the State diver?
sity at Chapel. Hill charged with the
kilting of "Billy" Rand, of SmUhfield,
In the early morning hours of Sep?
tember 13. that bids fslr to eclipse
all former criminal proceedings. The
trial will be strikingly unique la the
first Instance, because It will go on
2 < cord in North Carolina as the first1
death-blow at the Immemorial custom
of hazing: In the second instance, the.
case will excite more than State-wide!
notice, because of the prominence of
all the parties Involved and of the)
promising young maa who was;
claimed as its victim; lastly, the bfil-!
liant away of counsel employed to j
wage the trial will add decided prom?
inence to the case.
The list of attorneys shows the names
of men that have prestige where
ever they have occasion to be
mentioned and the strong personnel
nf counsel will attract crowds to wit?
ness the trial of Ralph W. old ham. ot
Raleigh: A. C Hatch, of Mount Olive:
W. I- Merrlman, of Wilmington, and |
A. H r'tvron. of Wilmington, all
charged with manslaughter. A partial
list of the attorneys follows: For
Arthur H. Sfyron, of Wilmington, the
law firm of Kecoan A Stacy, and Louis
Goodman of Wilmington; for W. L_
Merrlman. of Wilmington. J. O. Carr
and Georgs Rountree. of Wilmington
Stern Ac Duncan, of Greensboro, for
Ralph W. Oldham. of Raleigh, and A.
C. Hatch, of Mount Olive. Victor S
Bryant and W. J. Brogden. of Durham,
and Lawyer Welsberg, of Durham will
also appear for Hatch. The prosecut?
ing attorney for the State. Solicitor
S. M Gattis. will he assisted in prose
cutlag the fonr boys by K. J. Justice
and E. D. Broadhurst. of Greensboro,
and & A. Wellons. of Smlthfleld. Other
counsel have been mentioned, among
the names being A. L? Brooks, of
Greensboro; C. W. Tlllett. of Charlotte.
an<| J. W. Graham, of Hillsboro. but
these names have not as yet been con?
firm sat
Solicitor & M. Gattis stated a few
days ago with some confidence that no
intimation bad come to him to the
effect that a postponement or removal
to another county would he asked for.
Consequently, the trial will come In
Its order on the calendar at the con?
vening of court nest week, the fir*t
day of court coming on Monday. Oc?
tober 14. j
[Special to The Ttmefr-Dlssateh.]
P.nanokc, Va. October IS?The annual
meeting ef the Norto.k and Weetera Rail
wsy Company was beut to-Oar at H o'clock
noon. More tbaa M per cent of the eatlr*
capita! stock of the company was represent-,
ed la person er by praay.
Present at the raeettag were Messr* Sam?
uel Bee, John P. Oreea. of the Pansaylvaata
Railroad I Joseph Weed snd O. T. McCabe.
of the Pennsylvania lines.
Tb* stockholders authorised the purchase
of the railroad property and franchises ot
the Oelumbu? Ceonectins and Terminal
Railroad Company, asd elected ths following
directors: Joseph I. Doran. Victor More
wet* Waiter H. Taylor. John P. Oreea. Haru?
ne I Res. I* B Johnson. Will Iota O Msc
ltowrii. Hoary C. Fries, Joseph Weed. W.
w Atterbury sad K. D. Maker.
Feitswlng the stockholders' meet lag the
board ef direct en stet ssd ordered the elec?
tion ef the following officers:
Preside st U B. Johnson.
Flrse Vlee-Prestdenl?WTIlSUn <J. MucDow
Second Vtce-President ssd General Maa
aser-N. D. Maker
Third Vlee-Prealdeat snd Traffic Manager?
T. 8. Be vast.
Sec sad sad Aarhttsst Treasurer?R B. Ai?
Treasurer?Joe??h B. Lacy.
Oenersl Ceesesl Joseph I. ferae
At afJ F. M. the directors lrft for Co
Could you play
anything on an j
ordinary piano?
Well, you CAN play anything
you wish it you have
rmtxom MAMM
That's a pretty s rong statt?
ment, but one we can make good
it you will give us the chance to
prove it. Priced to compete with
any real good Piano. Terms will
suit, too.
limnn table PtM* <~ O.
Mad. 2586. 213 E. Broad.
luhhai, O , accompanied bv Pr<-fM?i?t John
?on and VU?--Preal?lent and fSeneral Man?
ager Mahr-, a!?o PieaMent DanlM WUIard
and V!c. -I,re?id. nt dchrlver. Of the Balti?
more ;,ni{ Ohio, aba hJivc been visitor?, tho
Suert? of Mr. ,Iohn?on
The fo: owing appointment* arc announce)
from H*at?i Democratic lieadc.uartcri:
Knfua A. Ayeve.
Sand Lick October 11
Olm wool. <>iob?r 12 ,
Wine. Oetoher It
Pearff*;urg. OCSSNS ?
Henry C. Muert.
Luray. October I?.
Wlnchcater October ">.
Harrlaonborg. October r!
Claude A. ?????.?.
Wtae. October 14.
Jaatea Ray.
Trent Royal October 11
Warren '"ounty. October 1?
Frederick County October 14 ?n-1 1*>
Phenandoali fountv. October 1? and 19.
H. D. Flood.
McDowell. Highland rounty. Octshet A
Monterey. Highland County. October H
Buckingham, October li
Amherat. October t*.
C. C. CarUe.
Fairfax." October II.
MtnaPWM, October 12.
A. Norment Powell.
Winchester. October 12.
Aubrey ?3. Weaaer.
Harrlsonburg. octob? tL
J. Cordon Behanaoa.
Ivonenrejrg October'14.
Boydlon, October II
HUI Montag"?.
Midlothian. Oc'otx-r li.
ft. T. W. Duke. Jr.
Wlneheater. October :!
R. ?.rar Wlll'arr.
Amherat, October 14.
Alexander H. OsBSa.
Midlothian. October 12.
B. L. O
Palmyra. October B>
Palmyra. October ?
C. T. Alien.
I.anenburg. OrroOer 1?.
Boydton. Oetaber r>.
aecomac. Oci >b?r r*.
BeetiiHe. October ;?
Carter fclsee.
Floyd. Oetob-r 1*
C. t. Berkley.
Heatharli>. October 14.
Startle William?.
Pearliburg. Oetob-r :>.
Allan O. ->aaea.
Bowling Green. October :4
Pembroke Pettit
Oooeh:aed. Octob/r it.
John Lamb.
Chart? Cfc] CWItfi October 12.
A. J. Montague.
Brlatol. October IS (night f
Barion. October .< i night >.
Wytheville. October 17 < night >.
S and. U< lober H 'I P. M >
Pe?rlabjrs. October 1* moon).
J. If Brenaman. Secretary.
i hew I-lfe to the r-ody ta all
A Teats that Battds S? ths Ert'cc t,s-esj
Ale? Pias?. waeaSaV/waai
FC4JGE2A A CO. ass, *? ??
Tbe Original Pure Food Store,
514-516 East Broad Street.
The Geo. A. Hundley Co.
Practical Demonstrator
Come la aad Learn Something About This Product.
"Why complain about the high co*t of lining vrhea Ton
NITS at mo?t rreasonahle prices?
Sold by all irrst-clas? gT^er*.
Manufactured and guaranteed pure by the
Vegetarian Food A Nat Company
Waahiiigiou, D. C
How Betsy Diiaiaaatisii j at tat? Quo. A. HupJij Ceaaaaaty,
5x4-51? Haut Broad Strort
_ . _

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