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Interesting Statistics Concerning
Central State Hospital for
Counsel on Both Side* Take
Depositions in Turnbull
YYatson Contest.
Tlmss-Dlspatch Bureau,
a Bollingbrook Street.
(Telephone 14?sj.
Pateisbu ?. Vsm October IX
The annual report of Or. VV. K
Orewrj. superintendent of the Central
State Hospital, submitted to tub spe?
cial board wi dllectors, approved and
ordered to be forwarded tu Ute Gov?
ernor, contains utterestina statistics
and a full review uf the operations of
the institution duiing the fm?? Just
clusea. Tue financial st.it? uiem aho*>*
re.ce>pis on maintenance account dur?
ing m? year of iils.5iv.il. and total
eapeaditures of tHHIilf. making a
denclt of about 13.4?;;. The per capita]
cost of the luatilutiou la sho#a tu be
The reports shows thst at the close
of toe >..*r the:e wtie thirty-lour
More patients at lue hospital than
there were a year ago- On October. 1.
sSata there were 1,443 patients and
taelve on furlough- The total number
under care during the year was LS3S.
Of these 214 were dlscha-ged and 22?
died, leaving at the close of the year ;
1.177. Compared with the previous '
year, fifty-two more patients wer? ad- \
mitted, forty-seven more under t cat-'
ment and* thirty-six more; discharged.
The applications for admission during
the year were 525. Of those admitted
about 20 per cent, or 139. are consider?
ed ln<-urable. Of the 234 discharged,
SM had recovered, thirty improved and
four were idota and returned home.
No deaths from violence, accident or
suicide occurred. One woman Jumped
from a window and broke her back,
but she was operated on and recover?
ed. Organic diseases of the brain and
nervous system caused nfty-flve deaths,
tuberculosis twenty-three and pellagra
sixteen. The average age at death was
fifty years for males and forty-eight
for females
The tuberculosis patients are seg- i
regatedand kept In colonies. of;
which there are two on the farm. At
the beginning of the year there were!
109 epileptic patients at the hospital.
During the year twenty-six were ad- j
mitted. seven sent home and twenty.
died. leaving 193 remaining, seventy
males, thirty-eight females.
For the criminal Insane there is
a new building having a capacity of
thirty-five An addition with a ca
parity of twenty more Is to be- built, j
Pellagra, says the report, has been
oc-served st the hospital since 1108.
There hav? been sixty-six cases of the,
disesse. thirteen among men and,
fifty-three among women. Three ap
parently recovered and were das- j
charged; forty-flee died. Work of;
some kind snd amusements of various j
characters are recognised as of value
as remedial agencies.
During the psst year sanitary and.
ether improvements have been made,,
and a sewerage system to the river is
soon to be Installed.
The farm and garden were less!
profitable thla year than usual, oaring.
to the severe drought. Pork to the j
amount of 12.SIS pounds was raised,
an the farm j
v PVean, Vre. WUassv
? On the 17th of'September. Captain*
snd Mrs S. A. kann, of Matoaca. sent
s huge watermelon to Governor Wll- j
son at Sea Girt, bearing the compli-j
meats of themselves and eight voting
sons sad seven daughters." In the)
rind cf the melon was scraped a life- .
like portrait of the Democratic candl- :
date drawn by Horace Mann, of Ma
toece. The melon also .bore a badge -
with the figure of the Democratic'
nominee headed for Washington. To-!
day Mr. and Mrs Mann received the
following letter of acknowledgment'
from Mrs. Wilson:
Princeton. K J., October 9. f
My Dear Mrs. Mann:
I should have written you long ago'
thanhing you for the wonderful melon, j
hut I know you would prefer to get
B latter from Governor Wilson dir.-. 1.1
and he fully Intended to write. j
The enormous pressure upon him. j
however, has made it Impossible, so
after all I must give myself the pleas- i
are of doing it for htm. and begging
MM you will pardon the delay. The'
melon wss remarkable. Indeed. We'
kept It until Just before leaving Sea?
girt, that we might show it to guests. ,
Please congratulate the artist for me. j
But. Sf coarse, the chief ronsralula
tlotnt are far the father and mother,
of "the Sight voting sons and seven
Piles tyrickiy
Cuied at Home
Mawy a had raw >4 pairs has been turetl
by jast a trial psrhagc of Pvre mad PaV
Wasiiaj. It sawsvs proses its vata* aad
saga caa art the regular sisr 50-caa* boa |
Irtan saw draggtat. sag be save yaaj get
the Usaf ywa, as. for. . mm_'
?snad yea agger and addrew to
Drag Co . 44* Py.aeaaj Rtdg .
Mr* - sad ytaj was rerrrar a
agesAils Bait as i of the great Pyramid ?b? ]
Rjaassdi ?? tan^wrapper hv return anas.
Saw yaeu^e3rTrnaa the aaaxrna-a knife
SSsf its lag tare, the dort or aad bit Mars.
SPaV swaaSaeV wsR ds it. aad
flf tsawkaaaassss raw vnaj caa
Nvst Oowd Says:
D"**"* .???r ywn' eiperienc ah?
IMS tlwt.1found this groat medi?
cine wonderfully efficient.
She writes: "I am a nurse and wish to!
tell you what Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey j
**? ff"? J? some of my older patients,
i! ?rry 1 am lar">8 for at present ia in
her 98th year, and we owe it all to Duffy's I
Pure Malt Whiskey. When *hc was 87 I
years old she had a very hard spell of i
kKknew, and but for this medicine she,
would have died. I nursed another lady.
W? years old. where the uiedirinc did her '
so much good she would not do without I
it. One old lady 96 year* old said ?he i
attributed her Rood health to Duffy's'
Pure Malt Whiskey, and she is never
without a bottle of it.
xMF,or.?}> ****** 1 Prefer Duffy * Pure
?Malt Whiskey to any other and I want
people to know what a blessing it is, espe?
cially to the aj-ed Kate Doud, Clinton.
Conn. ,
Duty* Piro ttzll Whiskey
brings health and
strength to c\cr\
?me- along life':, i>a?li
way. It aid- diges
tion, stimulates 4llf;
enriches the blood,
invigorates the brain!
builds nerve tissue,
tones up the heart,
fort the* the system
against disease germs, make* the old feel
young and prolong-, life.
?Jet the genuine; sold In- druggists,
grocers and dealer,. gljQTJ a large bottle
.Medical booklet an*j debtor t. advice free
on request.
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co.,
Rochester. N. Y.
_ Advertisement.
daughter*. " You are rich. Indeed, and
Have done the good scnlce."
Again thanking you for your kind
thought of us. 1 am.
Yours very cordially.
Depositions Taken.
Counsel on both sides have been
busily engaged to-day in taking de?
positions and affidavits in the matter
of the Turnbull-Watson primary elec- i
tl?'ii contest. The proceed in sfs in this
city referred mainly to the allega?
tions of itregulariti and Illegal voting
in Petersburg and Dinwi?Joie County. '
?Several notaries publi.: wer? engaged
st work at the same time in different
rooms, with counsel present In each,
and the probability is that the work
will be continued late in the night. I
The same proceedings are in progress
In other portions of the district. All
the evidence thus attained will be
presented to the district committee at
Its final meeting to be held in this.
city at 1:30 Monday after-noon, and,
there will probably be a mass of it.
Laval tireeke.
Several of the Greek residents in
Petersburg are holding- themselves In
readiness to respond promptly to tiielr
country's call In the event of war with
Turkey. Two of these men, John and
Peter Piakos, are officers in the Gre?
cian army. The local Greeks arc do?
ing well in business, but they are loyal
to their cjuntry and will leave busi?
ness and families to fight for it.
To rssetlee la sA'asalagrtea.
M Carter Hall, a prominent young
member of the Petersburg bar. for
some years a valued member of the
City Council and for years assistant to -
Alexander Hamilton, first vice-presi?
dent and general counsel of the Allan- j
tic Coaat Line Railroad Csmpany, at
headquarters in this city, has severed,
his connection with the company and |
will leave early in the week for Wash- j
Ington to practice his profession there.,
It is understood that he will be asso?
ciated in his law practice with the,
Hon. R. Warner Moore.
Geaeral Veers Votes.
A great deal of stock, machinery, i
farm prxluits and other exhibits at
the State Fair was brought to thia city
this evening for exhibition at the
Southside Fair next week. (
Charles Watson, who has been in*
New York for some months, is home
again, looking much improved in
The Sunday school of Washington
Street M. E. Church will ibserve rally
day to-morrow with special exercises
and an address by the Rev. George P.
Green. Sunday school secretary of tas;
Virginia Conference.
pRospERirr will
Thomas F. Ryan Believes Result
of Election Will Not
Stop Business.
iSpecial to The Times-Dispatch.J
New York. October 12.?Among the
paaaengrrs on the H am burg-Ameri?
ca n liner Amerika, which arrived to?
day, wax Thomas F. Ryan. Mr. Ryan
IsaS been in Kurope for s rest He said
Bass he hasn't seen many papers aad
therefore couldn t talk aOOSt politics,
hut said toe hoped Wilson would be
11? .ted. He also prophesied that tbe
election would not affect tbe pros?
perity ef tbe country which ever way
It goes. j
Mr. end Mrs -tsrnes Speyer saps re-1
turned on the Amerika. Mrs. Speyer'
is president of toe New \ork Women's;
League for Animal*, and with her oaj
the Aft*, rika came Mis* Kite M. " lark.;
first vere-presldtat ?f the leagur. aad!
Mrs. C. C. l"u>ler. second vtce-prest-l
dent They hate beta la fclarspe SSV-}
erat montn* lookiog' ??ver tbe varies*
institution* for tbe relief ef dumb
beast* in England. Uerasaay and
France. Mrs. Speyer want ?breast ta
July to study the foreign haroaae ta
stltstbvns. and said to-day that ah*
will ear the results ef her investi?
gation* in Use bsiMlwg of the i
sen*to> lusa here, she said that work
en the new hospital will be started
In a few weeks.
Captain Knots, ef tbe Aenartke. bj
very as ark broken up ever the catting}
Sows by als vessel of tbe fSHtlsa swb
martsje MIX off Dover light a wees
age Mast Friday. He said that R was
abortly after I e'rtork ta tat gears
in? whew thwr striirh the tittle craft
?tad west her to the bull sag. Us was)
?a the ewart-recMS*. aft ef the bridge,
st tk* time, sad p*toad osVr Mists
was so she art age In the agde light
of the essay wee entsag the eesslsg
sf the saSsssrlws * east seen
?JsssMP wTlJt"*? rttfswt fJ^w^MO %% W
C??*%sPw*aN4ew wesssw^rssew ?'?jseew tV** ssssVsl %W) I
Appointments of Directors, Due
July i. Still Held Up
by Governor.
Officers, J caches and .Students'
Stirred Over Lack of
of Action.
Ever} da; It becomes more apparent
that th.- developments of the Fourth.
District congressional primary of Sep. I
lcml>.r SJ have been sgaaaggagdg hurt- {
ful to the State Female Normal School I
at Farmillle. perhaoa the moat iue- j
< ? asful in many ways of all the Inati- '
tuttoaa established in Yigim?. The
unrest, instead of bat omlng a!lay-d,
grows day by day. and ha?. according
to persistent report, infested the fac?
ulty and the student bodv alike.
la some unfortunate way. the arhool
berann- invohed lu the contest over
the congressional nomination. Kriends
of both sides ait- angry with some of
the results, and with some of those
connected with the no mal
* is* eraer Ho Id lag i p.
No appointments have as yet been
made by Governor Mann to the board
of directors, although five vacancies:
have existed since July 1. It baa been ;
customary in past years to have the;
first meeting of the board in each
session on October IS. but it is now
too late to have the new members, j
even if appointed at once, to qualify'
and be called together bty that time.'
Not that such boards play a highly
important part, except In the election'
of a superintendent, but the slti^ktlon .
and the comments thereon have great- ,
ly affected the hitherto smooth course
of the institution.
The Governor's position has been i
nothing If not frank. lie said in a!
public statement that he was informed
that one of the officials had been play- '
ing politics, and that he propoaed to'
hold up the appointments until after,
the primary election. Since a con- j
t?st has arisen over the result of that;
election, it is presumed, and currently j
assumed, that he is now awaiting its
Unal determination by the Democratic;
State Commute here Tuesday night. {
Naturally, the next Imputation Is that
the Governor ia trying to influence j
the result of the appeal, although it
is a little difficult to see how he could !
accomplish this in such a manner.
Tnraball Was aa Board.
What gives the incident such signifl
cance is that Congressman Robert '
Turnbull. one of the candidates in the .
Fourth District prlmanry. has been for 1
years president.- in* the Farm vi lie
board. His term expired July 1.
Mr. Turnbull is very popular with the
normal school authorities. He had the
support of the officials and teachers, I
it is understood. The Governor beard
bitter complaints from advocates of
Judge Walter A. Watsjn that R M.
? 'ox, steward of the school, was very
active In his work for Mr. Turnbull. '
Mr. Caa ha> always been regarded as
a Republican in national politics. He
has deni?d pernicious political activity
in the recent campaign, and his post- j
tion is corroborated by Judge Asa ?
Wslklaa. secretary of the board and a
close personal friend of Judge Watson. ?
Hearing these complaint* the Gover- j
nc-r held up the appointments of t*he .
board. It was supposed he would reap- |
point all the old members save J. J. j
Owen, of Prince Edward, who doea not,
desire to continue. When criticised the j
executive made his public statement, j
saying that he had been Informed there j
was politics In the situation and that!
he wruld hold matters up until after |
the election.
Teacher* and Posdls Starred.
The Times-Dispatch was informed
yesterday by Judge Wafklna that no
meeting of the school board has as yet
been called. There is perhaps, no
hurry about it. hut the failure to ap- j
point the body is said to he having se?
rious effects. The feeling of uncer-J
tafnty which Is so disastrous In such
an Institution prevails everyhere- Sines
the superintendents snd the teachers 6)
not know what to expect, their sglta- 1
Won is, even unconsciously, commuhl
aaaasi to the students Dr. J. L. Jar
man. the superintendent, has made a;
record for turning out young women
who have taken high rank, and Mr. Cox
lasts Tom Oaly tte to Try ZIM0 sad
JfTawg Whs* S WtaBBsT It JaSally Is.
Apply a little ZEMO a fsw times aa
sores, that nothing else
led has ben alt sd aad
? m ?mmr days these very sorw
?a a l BsaBssSaSj gone! Theres
iaaht ah sad It. a trial of ZEMO pr
tt peattrve!/ There will not be s
la will he aa smootk
you never had] so
_ rsra?iy ha wiegt j
enj? 'Ved such g nie, hscac*e yiaa
ca n> aast everybedy know* It
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North West Comer
3rd & Broad Sts.
RichmoDit Va.
Norfolk, Three Stores,
haa mad* ana of wonderfully economic
management ef the business affairs.
It is quite certain that Judge Watson
Ioat many rotes in Prince Edward
Ciunty because of the Governor's action.
His best friends say so. On the other
hand, it is claimed by adherents of
Judge Watson that the infiOence of a
part of the school was used for Mr.
Turn bull. Both sides are in an ugiy
mood about it, and it Is doing the
school no good.
Exhibits Confined to Counties in
Fourth Congressional
rSpecial to The Times-Dispatch*.]
Petersburg. Vs. October 1 J.?The
fourth annual Southside Virginia Pair.
which opens en Tuesday at tbe Fair!
Orounda. West End Park. Petersburg,
promises to surpass sll previous exhi?
bitions, ft is an agricultural and In- '
dustrlal exhibition of Southside Vir-'
gllna, every entry, with the exception I
Of the professional horse racing and J
the farm Implements and machinery1
exhibits being confined strictly to
Chesterfield County sod tbnoe compete- j
tag the Fourth Congressional District
of Virginia A large number of en-1
? lea bare been received for every de?
The grounds at West End Park,
which jSSBSgj natural beaaty. have
been greatly Unproved] by the help of
the lanes cage gardener They have
been well laid eat. aad the massive
shade trees, grassy fawns ai?i the lit?
tle natu rat lake (p the centre ef the
rere>-c*Mr-*e will afford comfort sad
real pleasure to Vlattens
Wast End Park la sa ideal spot
for the fair ft Is erst re Mr Wat-d,
and street car lines pses the gates
The grounda will be brilliantly lighted
at alffht. n* pam? or >tsrnsr h>
heen asses e< la this connection Sev?
eral new bwOdyingv. nave been added to
the street eres al resale on the grownd*.
so that the overcrowding of evhtbrt*
Win Iba? b* overcome.
The eec* t/aek es the hew? and fast?
est half nvfle track In the .ensjth To
man) racegoers the half-mile has ad
wantagssi wear tbe sntle treeh On the
kei'-mi|e track every taoveasesjf "f the
nurses i an he seen throwghent th? en
rfre race, whereas e* th? mir? track
mm*r start end *nt*h <-sn he s<en
t*> adhraatatr* The grandstand is mm
< owetrwtod that the entire trsrk as
In ftsl view wees every ???t
Qeed raring wfB be see* at the fair
tilge swrsee ere ogfored and every re?
try faaw'lksew weit *n*4 with the^fast
Pair Just ended have been entered. A
notable feature In connection with the
racing at the Southside Fair will be,
the paying of purses They will be'
paid in cash at the finish of each race.;
Good shows are promised for the,
Midway, many special attractions be-,
ing offered. The management has also
provided for excellent free shows. The'
fireworks will be a feature, the lake:
having been put to use la this con-j
BHETMATISW Affected My Heart as l!
TeaM Not Weep.
I have taken seven or eight bettlet ef [
Mllam with such benefit and relief that f ?
feel iike a n-w woman.?Mrs. J. P. Brown.
OS North Eighth Street. Richmond. Va.?i
Advertisement. i
337 North Charles Street.
Baltimore, Mat.,
will hate a display of French and original
model*. Furs. Veilings and Boudoir Cane
October lath and 17th
At Hotel Jefferson.
Was be Osasa Wsdsissasy EiasJag
Hamilton Watch
I- iirat the *nrt of far?hfu! watch friend
rrrry man and woman nerds
Tntv nrpcniiWr Waff It
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f IS M arad up
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nectlon. providing a natural sattln?"
for the bombardment of Port Arthur
and the naval encasement pieces Spec?
tacular aerial displays and other novel
featurea will be seen. In connection
with the free shows not tbe lest of
them will be the balloon ascensions
which will be made daily. Good music
will be provided, and H. C. Williams.,
who Is an artist In his line, will
Friday. October IS. has boon aet,
apart as Richmond Day. Petersburg
citizens desiring to return tbe compli?
ment and the hospitality shown them
on Petersburg Day at the State Fair.
Many special features are scheduled
for Friday, and It la expected that a
large delegation of Richmond people
will make it a gals occasion. The fair
wUl continue for four days, from Octob?
er 15 to 18. Inclusive.
[Sparta! to The Tissas Di?steh ]
Buckingham. Vs.. October Tl?A very ea
rhuslestle meeting ef Pemenials frem differ?
ent parts ef Buckingham wse held here to?
day, congressman H. D. Flood and a party
ef friends from Appemattex arrived here la
an automobile. Mr. Flood made a sttrrtag
apeech. ta which he impressed his hearers
witt) bta hope sad belief that the Demo?
cratic national ticket will win. In passing
he paid bis respects te the Bull Meoee candi?
a lerge wneua. aSaretaall sad Flood Qab
was onrantaee. sad the outlook for Dease
eratle success ?ras never Brighter. i
For Poor Days Men Were
LssfMhl to Deck Wrtbout
Food oc Wdtei
(Special to The Tlsses-Dhjpatc h.) <
Koston. 'sotoher IS.?Aboard the.
British steamsnip Ttvsrton. which I
reached Boston than morning from ?
Froares-<. gssta. were Captain William
I Borna . nd six members ef the crew
I of tti? " r-- masted sebooser Henry
i Weiler, of Sew Tork. who were s
, cued on T'leader off Case Hatters*, af?
ter thev had bees hashed for nearly
four days to tbe deck of the wrecked
' schooner without feed er water A
' volunteer crew from the Tlverten.
! beaded hv Chief Offices? Haimar, rap
leSSsJ the shipwrecked orew Is thrill -
j tng manner The life boat, by which
I trie resets was effected, was seal if
dashed lo pie.?> when it was alammed ,
against the steamers ge*e.
i The Weller Was I aal from Dartea.
: Os.. to few Tork wRk a rargo ef kess- ;
her She met smrrtssne weather atsd
itHlod and stsMlstl te reel seer SB bps*
vessel, and as the schioner listed the
captain and crew crept over the stls.
When the masts dipped into the water
they found themselves on the ship's
bottom. Thea the span snapped off
and the rigging- and deckload of taun
ber floated away. The vessel righted,
and the crew orswled bsok on doch.
The storm continued until Tuesday
without any sign of abating, aad thh
men. owing to lack of food and water,
suffered greatly. At daybreak
day the Tlverton sighted the echoes
snd succeeded In rescuing the men.
Tickets on sale October ik.lt and la,
t'orrespondlngly low rates from QtStiS
Virginia points.
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Best Vahles a
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