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?)emocrats Will Sec If Federal
Officeholders Are Assessed
as X'sual.
Fources of Income Must B<
Given?Expen>es Are Limited
to $5,000.
Democrats lri the Ninth District are
keeping- a watchful eye on the sub
JeCt of election exp. nditures from the
standpoint of the campaign publicity
act of Congress. Especially are they
?ievotllig borne attention to the niatle!'
cf assessing Federal' Jrticelioiders to
jay the cost of tending a Republican
to Congress from the Southwest.
It has been repeatedly charged In
previous campaigns, and Tat denied,
that the holders of Federal positions
in this State have been expected, ad
Biomshej gad otherwise persuaded to
contribute a sum equal to a certain
p< rcentag.- of th-ir salaries to the Re?
publican Mate Committee. The chair?
man fo:- a decade has been C Hascom j
fcK-mp, representative la ClingrOSO from j
the Ninth. Under his direction the
?campaign funds have been expended '
Math Got Good buss,
la congressional years there have
boas nghts in only two districts?the!
Vi::;: and Ninth. Rumor has always
assigned, the giants share to Mr.!
Hemp's own district, where D. F. S e,rf- .
mers. former collector of internal rev- j
cnue. hela sway and knew where con- 1
tributions would do the most good.
The sum capable of being secured in
this way is great. One thousand post?
masters mean 1,000 contributors, and
this is but the beginning. There are j
X>ost-office clerks and assistants and
Janitors, revenue collectors, agents and :
clerks, offici rs of United States courts, I
Storekeepers, gaugcrs and deputy mai - !
Bhfcls without number. Nearly all of:
th^se are Republicans, and most of them j
know, or are soon made aware, accird- !
Jng to the general understanding.;
that they are expected to be patriotic
rnough to contribute to the party's wel?
fare. Otherwise their services may be
found to be distinctly unsatisfactory. 1
Must File Statement. ?
Now there are certain laws on the
Federal statute books, put there by the
I?emocrats. One of these requires
every person who is a candidate for
nomination before a primary car cm
?vention or for election as representa?
tive in Congress to file, not less than
ten nor more than fifteen days before
the primary or general election, with
the clerk of the House of Representa?
tives, a detailed statement, correct
and itemized, of all moneys and things
of value received by him or by any
one for him. with his knowledge or
consent, in aid or support of his can?
didacy. Further he must report his
detailed expenditures and promises.
Besides, csmpaign committees must
repsrt receipts and expenditures. The
names and addresses of all persons or
corporations who contribute $100 or
more must be reported, and all expen?
ditures in excess of $10 must be like?
wise Itemized. If votes are as ETgh
In the Ninth this year as they were in
191?, there may be a good many such
Items of $10 or more to be given in.
No candidate for Congress may ex?
pend, use or promise more than $5,008
In serurina his election, excepting that
Iis personal traveling expenses, his.
fee if In a primary, and his printing,
peel age, telephone and telegraph bills
are r.ot counted.
All candidates for Congress mutt
comply with this law, and no doubt
? II those in Virginia are fully in-j
formed thereof. **
Trouble Is Ahead. |
Tt Is. anticipated that Mr Slent' an*'
IV.s -committee will encounter several
dlffl-ultles this year. In the first place, j
a very large number of Federal em?
ployes !? Vlrglals are followers of The?
odore Roosevelt. Perhaps a majority
began office under hi? administration.]
To give to a Republican campaign fund j
will -ot be at all to their liking, and j
a good mar.y are likely to refuse, es- j
penally If they feel that Mr. Taft's de- 1
f-at Is certain and that they stand no
chance with him In any event.
And then, the watchful Democrats
may have a leok at the ststement filed
t?y Mr. Slemp with the clerk of the,
tio-ise ari see whence the fund came
_ I
A Ooeble Marrtnre
Hsrr?so-.burr, Va October 13?An- ,
Ttour.ce merit Is made of a. double mar -
riaa-e at the home of Mrs. William J
Wright, cf TTmh*r TVIfre. when her
daughter. Miss F.va M Wright, became
?he b^de of ?""laude M Baker tri Miss
TTdna <"? Mundy became the bride of
Wlb<rt C <*i:ne.
?'Berry's for Clothes'
jthat make $15 suits retire In
envy and $23 sims retreat m
Never before so much in
style and quality for twenty
, dollars!
All new patterns and fabrics
and exact New York styles.
Yes, some Norfolks in the
' class -dandies, $20 to $30.
_ i
-?? .
Sing; a.song of maladroit millinefy?
The town is struggling In the throes of
a new feminine feticli which threatens
to unsettle the sense of fitness which
is the common heritage of all Virgin- '.
iana. It lx>ks like the Latin Quarter.
and stands up like a deflated balloon.
But the girls have adopted it; it Is all
over town.
To state the grievance concretely,
there has made its aopearance in Rich?
mond, without due warning and with
no advance notice from the fashion
journals, a peculiar style of nead cov?
ering, red in color and shaped like a
jellyfish. It is affected alike by the
girl who lias just entered high school
and is studying algebra and the spin- j
ster who has stopped having blrtJT-1
days. a
It is like no other hat or cap under 1
the sun. All during last week, while .
the city was crowded with visitors, the
monstrous lid drew glances of pained
surprise and sent thousands to their
homes to carry back reports wkich can
only do the town harm. No kidding,
of all of them, sheath, hobble, pannier
and the rest, this one is the worst.
Ken of nice discrimination have re- :
marked upon the striking similarity'
between this form of headgear and that
worn by the diving girls at the fair.
The fact, however, that the craze
dawned on Broad Street some time be?
fore the Pattec troupe came to town
precludes the possibility of infection
from that source. Somebody else is
responsible. Whoever it was had a
sardonic sense of humor, for the new
! lid has all the seeming of a bathing
cap on a spree.
Just here's the rub. Why should a
girl, or a spinster even, who has nice,
fluffy hair cover it all up under a hid?
eous, shapeless, wobbly, watertight
tent of red? And then, when the tent
is down, why should she bind it around
the bottom with a rubber band which
circles around the head Just above the
nose and a centimetre above tne ears?
She might at lesast stick a hatpin
through it for the sake of the conven?
tion. !
The craze has gone far enough in
give citizens serious concern. In the
chopping and theatre districts the af?
ternoon processions suggest tho board?
walk at Atlantic City, a manifest ana?
chronism for an inland town In Octo?
ber. The masculine protest has now
found voice. The freemen of Richmond
decline to take kindly to a bathing
cap without the proper stage settfng.
They are ready to stand for real caps,
had not for the scenario of a tam-d*.!
shanter. i
John W. fia tea's Nephew Finds Havel
Care fer Hseatshhntsoi
I Colorado Springs, Col., October U.?
Henry R Baker, of St. Charles. Ill,
nephew of the late John W. Gat's and
a beneficiary under his will, was mar?
ried here yesterday to Miss Nina Carl
ton, also of St Charles.
Mr. Baker was brought to Colorado
Springs several months ago when
threatened with tuberculosis following
I an attack of pneumonia, and Miss Cari
iton. a trained nurse, was sent to care
for him He leased a louse on Wood
; Avenue and settled down to recover
h!s health.
! Miss Writer, became homesick last
w*ek and announced her Intention of
retiming to St Charles Mr. Baker
nronosel. and now she will r?maln In
Are you worried over the high cost of living ? PracticeT
economy by using
Best quality-goes further?costs /?**; a whole pound
for 20c?', lb. 10c.?M lb. 5c
AI food Grocer* ocO it or will get it for re*.
j Counsel for Becker Intimates He
' Will Introduce fto
I Evidence.
Mrs. Rosenthal, Widow of Mur?
dered Gambler, Will
Testify To-Day.
New York. October 13-?The possi
? bUtty that the case of former Police
; Lieutenant Charles Becker, on trial
before Justice doff for the murder of
Herman BaaSBlhal willgoto the Jury
without any defense having bsea pre
i sented by Jolin F. Mcin'.yre, Becker*!
I counsel, was indicated in a statement
! made to-night by Mr. Mclntyre.
p "H'e may contend,'' he said, "there
is not enough evidence to warrant
a conviction and go to the jury on
the people's case, if at its conclusion
i the State's case is no stronger than
I it is at present, 1 don't see that my
] client has much to answer for."'
i Mr. ilclntyre made this statement
after analyzing the testimony given
yesterday by "Bald Jack" Rose, the
gam.-ler. whom District Attorney Whit?
man la said to regard as one of the
State's most important witnesses
against Becker.
Mrs. Herman Rosenthal, widow of
the gambler who was murdered July
It is expected to be the principal
witness to-morrow when the trial Of
Becker is resumed before Jus?
tice tjoff. This fact was indicated to?
night by District Attorney Whitman,
who will call Mrs. Rosenthal to the
stand in expectation that she will
corroborate the testimony given by
"Bald Jack" Rose. Through Mrs.
Rosenthal's sworn story the proaeou
tion hopes to convince the Jury that
Becker had a motive in ordering, as
alleged, tho killing of Rosenthal?
this motive being that the gambler
was about to furnish the authorities
with information which would lir>k
Becker with a system of levying graft.
"Bridgle" Webber, the self-confessed
owner of thi gambling house where
the gang which slew Roaenthal is al?
leged to have met on the night of the
crime, also is expected to give t anti?
mony to-morrow.
Mr. Whitman visited "Brldgle" this
afternoon in the Wist Side Court
prison, and talked there with Harry
Vallon and Sam Schepps. two other
prospective w'tnesses. who. with Rose.
Vallon and Schepps are to be call id
after Mrs Rosenthal and Webber.
After them, it is expected. Harry Pol
lok will be called upon to explain
Rosa's presence at his home, where,
it is alleged. Rose, after the murder,
received messages direct from Becker.
Justice Go re. it Is said, will hold
night sessions this week in an effort
to have the trial completed by October
21, when the extraordinary grand Jury,
whidh will investigate police graft
charges, probably will begin its' hear?
ings also befor? Justice Goff.
Threats of intimidation against John
P- Mclntyre, Becker's counsel, and
against Giovanni Stanlsh, who testl
fleld against the accused lieutenant,
were told of to-night
Mr. Mclntyre said that a man un?
known to him threatened to "blow his
brains out" if he should call as a
witness for the defense a certain wo?
man, wife of one of the witnesses for
the prosecution. This threat, said
Becker's lawyer, was made when he
was gathering his papers after ad?
journment of the trial Saturday night.
Only a few men were in the trial room
when the stranger spoke to 'him. .
? guard for Stanlsh, who on Fri?
day identified "Whltey" Lewis as one
of the gang who killed Rosenthal, had
been provided by Mr. Whitman. The
prosecutor said to-night Stanlsh told
the district attorney he had been fol?
lowed by strange men ever since leav?
ing court Friday.
"It is an expensive task," Mr. Whit?
man said, "but I am determined that
all my witnesses shall have all the
protection the county can give them."
Reading. Pa, October 13-?In a last
desperate effort to frustrate the plans
of her mother for her marriage to a
wealthy thirty-flve-year-old widower
with three children, whom she does not
love, pretty Mary Form an. seventeen
years old. visited police headquarters
here yesterday and tearfully Implorea
that she be saved from such a fate.
The girl, stylishly attired and well
educated, sobbed constantly as she toi.i
her story- She said that when she re?
fused her mother's demand that she
marry the widower, life at home was
made so unbearable for her that she
finally consented, and the banns were
announced in a local church.
"But the more I thought of the
matter." she explained, "the more 1
realised that I could not Snarry a rr.nr.
whom I do not love, and I esked to b
released from my promise. He refuse.;
To escape my mother's errath. I rani
away from home, and here I am with?
out my clothing and with nowhere to
"My mother wants me to m a - ry th?
man because he owns a numbe? of
houses ar.d earns S3 SO a day. But
what is all that compared with the life
T would bnve ?o lea.1 with a husbiird
whom I would not rare for' Besides. I
am too vouni to marry.
"When I told him I did not love him.
he said h- did not care. He wants I
> young wife because he says such a
one can be drilled rasier and would
i be able to care for his children. Tils
first wife ha? beep dead nearly two
! The poiire listened to her sto-y jsd
then went out and Investigated, and
were satisfied it was true The girl
was placed at the home of the Touns
v."omen's '""hrrstlan Areoclstion
Wildcat rhases Girls
Crow. Prlec* fMM Adelf ?.d Prtaeee. ?? Swede, e.d their le-llr. The ?H.?- 1. the III !**l|>
o( the Duke ef ConnauKht, end im considered very hendeeeme._
(Continued From Flrat Page.)
came out early to-ni?ht regarding
events within. Early report* that
several men wer? killed had not been
confirmed several hours later.
Reign of Terror.
Persons coming into town from the
south .bring stories of a. reign of
terror in the country districts. Riders
have been sent to the ranches for a
radius of several miles, warning the
owners to be prepared to defend thelt
property. Several parties who went
south to-day on horseback or in car?
riages returned to-nlajht afoot, their
horses having been stolen by the con?
The escapes of yesterday and to-day
appear to be the result of a general
plot inside the prison. It is not known
how the pr.soners who made their
break for liberty this afternoon got
the guns with which they were well
supplied when they dashed from the
gates. It is possible, the local officers
believe, that they ki led a number of
guards after overpowering the cell
house keeper and took their weapons.
Another theory is that the guna were
smuggled into the prison by friends
of the men who escaped yesterday.
Warden Alston has been in the hills
since last night, and has not been lo?
cated, although couriers were sent out
to-night to tell him of the events of
the day. A deputy warden said to?
night he did not know the exact num?
ber of the men who escaped. It is be- j
lieved the ringleaders in the delivery ;
am some of the men who several days '
ago lynched inside the prison walls
Frank Wigfall, a negro who had at- j
tacked an aged woman.
Several weeks ago several of the'
most desperate prisoners had their
sentences cut down for aiding in put- ;
ting out a fire in one ?f the buildings,
thereby saving the penitentiary from
probable destruction.
Danger Mlnlaatxrd.
Cheyenne, Wyo.. October 13.?An]
official statement of the prison break
at Rawlins was issuer from the Gov-!
ernor's office to-night. The statement I
minimizes the danger of the situation '
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Times-firspatcb upon the (Treat educa?
tional value of the rent are _
The secretary of one of the best known
rivk uplift organisations in tbe city easJe-f
to-day to ft* a serood copy of tbe work
ist office sae She said that she would
1? kept busy trying to satisfy the ifc
r.and* of ber frirrtd-' tch'> ban wen her
com- of the book. ^
' and varies in some partlculara from
the account sent direct from the scene
of the outbreak. It follows:
"Eight convicts escaped from the
Rawlins prison this afternoon. In a
running battle one convict was killed
The convicts rushed, some citizens
who carried guns, bdund for trap
shooting grounds, and killed one citi?
zen and took four guns. They have
scattered, going soifth.
"Warden Alston was not at the
penitentiary when the delivery oc?
curred, being out with posses hunting
the convicts who escaped yesterday.
The Mayor of Kawlins adked permis?
sion from the Governor's office to sur?
round the wa'ls of the prison with a
cordon of armed citizens.
"The Governor, being out of town,
was reached by telephone one hour
and a half after the reports reached
the Governor's office. lie at once au?
thorized the Mayor of Kawlins to sur?
round the prison, if he d'-em-'d wise,
with citizens. He also authorized t-'-e
deputy warden to lock all the con?
victs in their cells and keep them
there until the return of Warden Al?
"The first reports that reached the
Governor's office made it appear that 1
many more convicts had escap-d than
the actual number. It waa at first
thought that the military would be <
necessary. Company K was ordered
to be ready to go to Rawlins on short i
notice. The company was assembled .
and in waiting. Later reports showing I
that conditions were not as serious as '
was first reported caused the Governor j
to cancel the militia arrangements i
Governor Carey is expected home to- J
The last report of the warden of
the penitentiary shows a total of 360
convicts confined.
(Continued From First Page.)
been clothed, equipped and armed with
modern rifles. All infantry regiments
have machine gun sections. Transpor?
tation by land and sea has been prompt,
and the efficiency of the mobilization
has raised the morale of the troops
Gala Flras Fee the* a.
Podgorltza. Montenegro, October V
?The Northern Montenegrin army, un?
der General Vukotitch, which recently
crossed the border into the Sanjak of
Xovlpaxar. gained a firm foothold last
night by capturing Byelopole, >ne of,
the chief towns of the province. The
town was taken after prolonged fight- ,
Ing. but no Information has been re?
ceived regarding the losses os either
aide. The Montenegrins base set p
there a provisional government. The
Serb Inhabitants of Byelopole wel
coined the Montenegrins as liberators
from the Turkish yoke. A church ser?
vice was held and prayeres were offered
for the Montenegrin King.
Deliver Reply To-Day.
Belgrade. October IS.?The Cabinet
Council has drafted Servla's reply to
the Russo-Austrlan note, and it wftl
be delivered to-morr>w. The reply
expresses regret at Servls's Inability
to comply with the terms of the note
because the Kusso-Austrlan proposals
fall to provide guarantees for the exe?
cution of the proposed reforma
Simultaneously with the delivery of
this reply a memorandum will be pre?
sented to Turgey demanding autonomy
for certain provinces under control of
the Balkan States.
Village la Bnraeo.
Constantinople. October 13.?A dis?
patch from Scutari of current date re?
ports that the Montenegrins have
burned the Mussulmans village of Kra
nia. several childrea perishing In the
flames. The fighting in that neighbor?
hood is visible trim Scutari. The
forte will reply to the collective note
of the powers to-morrow.
Note Handed te T?rke}.
Athens. October 13.?The Greek note
to Turkey was handed to the Turkish
legation to-night.
Will Answer First Call.
Savannah. Ua_. October 13.? Fifty
three (Jreeks took a solemn oath be?
fore the Gre-k flag and the Blb> here
to-day to respond to the irrst call to
arms. The meeting waa held at the 1
Greek Orthodox Church, arvl was at- 1
tended by bundreda of patriotic i
Greeks. Only those who have had ex- j
perience in military work were en- j
rolled. The command can leave for |
New York within an hour's time. I
Terrible Battle Feasrht.
London. October 14.?Reports hare
reached Cettlnje. says a dispatch from
the Montenegrin capital to the Express,
that a terrible battle was waged Fri?
day evening, the Montenegrins attack?
ing the Turks st the fact of Shroka
Mountain, forcing them to retire wjth
a loss of 300 men. The Montenegrins
took many prisoners. The casuallties
list on the Montenegrin side is esti?
mated at 100 killed or wounded.
Tewa Is DeaaelUbee.
London, October 14.?A Podorttxa
dispatch to the Daily Mall says 06
town of Schicerik has been practically
demolished by the Montenegrin guns
s.nd that 260 Turks hare been taken
prisoners. A blockhouse at Arorazi
also has been leveled.
Describing the capture of Detchltch '
Mountain, a correspondent at the front
says the final charge of the Montene?
grins was so furious that the retreat- :
Ing Turks had no time to disable their
guns, and they were actually fired at
with their own guns by th* Montene- ]
grins as they endeavored to make i
Will Christen Battleship
You will naturally discount the
statements we make regarding the
merits of the goods we sell?proba?
bly more on account of the extraYa
gant statements made in advertise?
ments than for any lack of confi?
dence in us; therefore, wa say:
Test Our
with the most difficult composi?
tions. Compare them freely with
other "Player" pianos you may
have u ed, and judge of their merit
by your experience, not by what
we say of them.
L-et us "show you."
Im-mnm Cable Pieao Cm.
Mad. 2586. 213 E. Broad.
tbeir escape to tbe south.
The noted Macedonian leader, Todor
Lasaroff, committed auioide Frlda>.
says a Sofia, disp ich to the Chronicle,
because the mlli.ury directors refused
to enroll him in the army, owing to
the fact that he was suffering from
tuberculosia He left a Utter saying
he could not remain behind to die In
bed while his brothers wer? fighting
for liberty.
The Incident has acted as a spur
to patriotism. T.'.e body Is lying in
state In the ancient Church of St
George, where great crowds have been
viewing It
?26.000 HERMIT goes BACK.
WUI Still Sell Pepaersalat In Prefer?
ence te Peeper's Let.
Pittsburgh. October 13.?Peter Lle
bach has been released from the county
home, and yesterday took up his resi?
dence In his shack on the top of Mad -
son Avenue Hill. Peter appeared again
at his old stand in the Allegheny Mar?
ket House, with his bunches of pepper?
mint, and say* he is going to stick *o
this business.
The police took the hermit to the
poorhouse several aays ago, when
kindly-disposed persons said he was
starving and could not make enough to
live on. Yesterday the police visited
his shack. They got a wagon and haul?
ed to the bank 126.000 in currency that
Peter had hidden in tubs, buckets and
other reeeptattas. In an old book was
found }.r',0u0 in bank notes.
The police decided Peter waa able to
care for himself, but that the bank
had better be guardian for his 'fortune.
Funeral of Rates Gray.
Tho funeral of Rufus I. Gray, who
died at the Memorial Hospital Thurs?
day night, was held at the home of his
mother, Mra A. J. Gray, Vontey, Han?
over County, Saturday afternoon at -
o'clock. A large concourse of friends
gathered to pay their laat tribute of
respect and esteem to his memory.
The funeral services were conducted
by Rev. W. H. Lawson, and appropriate
rouaio was rendered by Misses Ethel
Trevett and Butler and Arthur Bnwn
and H. M. Fleet.
The following friends acted as pall?
bearers :
Active?P. C. Omohundro. A. M.
Woolfolk, Logan Lloyd. Robert Lleyd.
H. D. Toler. R. T. Broaddus, W. C
Taylor and W. F. Pumpbrey.
Honorary?Dr. J. H. Wlnfree. Dr. E
K. Bowles. John Purcell. Hudson Nuck
>ls. William P. Shelton, Eugene Broad?
dus. A. M. Brooks and W. L. Hazel.
Mr. Gray is survived by his mother.
Mrs. A. J. Gray: two brothers. Lind?
say and W. Alfred, and two sisters.
Mrs. W- E. Broaddus, of Glen Allen,
and Mrs. C. C. Bowles, of Vontey.
Alf Crawford.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Burlington. N. C. October 13.?Alf
Crawford, one of the oldest citizens of
Burlington, died at his home here lest
night. His remains were taken to his
old home in Orange County for burial.
Hs leaves a wife and several children.
Or. Tkesaae D- Hskkari.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch]
Lynchburg. Va.. October 13.?Dr.
Thomas D. Hubbard. for fifteen years
one of the leading dentists of Lynch
burg, was found dead in his rjoms
this morning, death being due fo angina
pectorla He bad been ill for a week,
but was believed to be about well. Ite
was unmarried and was a native of
Pittaylva'nia County.
FR *iXKLP"?TXed. Oeeeb-r U. t9ti. ?t
12:8? A. at bar residence. West
hamr-ton. Henrloo county. \a. MK>
JAMES F. FRANKLIN, in the eev
er?tv-frrst year of her age. She is
survived by her huabasxl and three
?-MMren. W. J. A. B. and Miss Etta
Franklin, all of Weethampton also
one brother. J. P. Jennings, of South
Richmond. _
? Funeral THIS (Monday) MORNINO
at 11 o'clock from Ridge Church.
-Asb-ep In Jesus."
MOORMAN?-Died, at h?-r father * Vmi-.
1-1? Third Avenue. Highland Park.
Sunday. 4 30 P. M. MRS. LTLB E
MOORMAN <nee King?.
Funeral notice later.
DAVTE?Died, at the reetdence of her
daughter Mrs Frank Ferra-idirr!. 415
~rfh First atreet. MRS sMafatM
FORD?Died, at the residence of his
daagbter. Urs. J. R Strang. Rettery
Street. Pulton. P H FORD, tn ttr
atxtr-riinth year of his age ?
Funeral notice later
SKIMP?Med at the r??M*"? of her
daughter, Mrs. Annie Adam* 2?l*
venable Street. Ootober JX IMS. at
< P M . MRS ?ART.A SStrWT aaw
leaves one beotbar. Lewis T Mil r
one daughter. Mrs Annie Adams. -Sd
live grandchlldrea.
Funeral frotm Cbrlst Ohurch s". 4
ff> M. THW AmttSOO* loterment
in oabHraa-i.
REXNOW>?5----EaSsrad Itrte reet at his
oordoW aVrJvWOLTja. eare-i ststy
Or-rroa fnn*shss4 r^s*s Ittreata).
TPKSDAT OKlSir 11. at 1] A. M
Kiadly oaaM ?Wwera
Children Ory
Ftt niTwVars

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