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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, October 27, 1912, Image 13

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Best Shoes
Yon Ever Saw At
Lowest Prices
You Ever Paid
A big cash purchase of Wo?
men's Shoes at one-half price.
7,500 pair. High Quality Wo?
men's and Children's Shoes
bought of a factory going out of
business. Here they are, but
won't last long.
950 pairs Women's Tan Rus?
sia Calf Button Boots, high
Cuban heel, knob toe; this sea?
son's newest creation; worth
750 pairs Women's Button
Boots, in patent and gun calf;
swell "Hits" last and fancy but?
tons; low, broad and Cuban
heels; while they last
Large Misses'
Tan and Black
High Storm
Button Boots,
elsewhere $3.50.
2,500 pairs Women's Samples,
in button and Blucher, patent
and gunmetal. Look at 'em
and you will buy two pairs at
the price,
Women's Vici
Button and
Blucher Shoes;
only a few of
these on hand,
Satin Slippers for evening wear, worth $4.00 the ? j QO
pair, in all color?}?gold, pink, red, canary, etc.?only. ?PlaaFO
pair for Soft Solid Infants'
Shoes, all colors and styles.
pair for Baby Shoes, in all
leathers; lace and button.
pair for Baby Button Shoes,
patent vamp, dull top.
pair for Children's Sample Shoes
for school wear.
pair for Boys' All
Solid School Shoes;
guaranteed to wear.
pair for Misses' and
Children's Button
Shoes; all leathers;
sizes to 2.
the pair for Boys'
Scout Shoes, the shoe
for the youngsters.
Cor. 5th and Broad Sis. "King of Shoes"
Rev. Thurston U. Vaughn Con?
fesses Crime Which Carries
Death Penalty.
Greenville, a C, October 2?.?Found
guilty to-day of criminally assaulting
. three little ?Irl? In the South Carolina
Odd-Fellows' Home, of which he was
superintendent, trie Kot. Thurston U.
Vaughn, once prominent as a minister,
will pay the penalty of his misdeeds
with his life.
The trial was brought to a sensa?
tional close when Vaughn broke down
and confessed. Me named two other
victims in addition to those Included
in the indictment. The Uiry, out but
four minutes, made no recommenda?
tions of mercy. The motion for a new
trial was overruled by Judge Purdy.
and the prisoner was sentenced to elec?
trocution in the State prison at Colum-,
Ma on December 20.
Tears streamed down the face of'
Judge Purdy. named by Governor Blease
as special Judge for this trial. Mary
Jurors, court officials and spectators
alike made no pretense of hiding theit
tears as Vaughn, paie and broken, ac?
knowledged his crime.
When court ?pened this morning'
there was no l-.ttmation that the ac?
cused would make a confession. His
attorneys had fought etubborniy since
the beginning of the case to break
down the strong evidence developed by
the prosecution's little girl witnesses.
Immediately after court opened to?
day attorneys of botn sides consulted,
resulting in an agreement to let Vaughn
confess In an effort to save ji'g own
Ufa and that the rase would go to the
jury without argument. ? j
"I have acted devilishly, I have
?cted shamelessly.- began Vaughn.
"The devil tempted me. and I have
fallen." j
He pleaded eloquently but vainly with
the Jury to save his lifo. Vaughn
begged the Jury to spars Ma Ufa, aot
oo much for big sake as for hi* wife
and little daughter.
Neither Mrs. Vaughn nor her daugh?
ter were la court to-day. though they
had been with the accused at nee the
trial opened. He waa formerly assist?
ant superintendent or the First Bap?
tist Church Sunday school, one of the
largest aad meat fashionable In this
city. He waa a ministerial student and
frequently occupied pulpits of churches
in and around Greenville. He owns
considerable property.
Bairew DaBsaoi
Spring Hill, Vs, October 2?.?One
of the prettiest weddings of tha sea?
son at Spring Hill was that on Thurs?
day evening, when Alfred C. Barrow,
of Lynchburg, and Miss Ethel DuBoa*.
of this place, were united in marriage*
at the Tresbyteriaa Church, the cere?
mony being performed by Rev. H. W.
DuBose, brother of the bride, assisted
by Rev. P. Ie Bruce, uncle of the bride
The church was decorated In ferns and
palms. The processional was lej by
the ushers?John Wade, of Nashville;
James Caakle. of Lynchburg; Law son
M Clary, of Bell Buckle. Tena.. and
Edward Buckner. of Spring Hill. Next
entered the maids?Misses Liuclle Do
Rose. Mary Bran ham. of Spring Hill;
Alberta Gill, of Bell. Buckle, and Kate
Tillet. of Nashville?all attractively
costumed in pink brocaded satin and
carrying shower bouquets of pink
roses. The maid of honor was Miss
Caroline OuBose. sister of the bride, and
she was gowned in green brocaded
satin and carried a shower bouquet of
StBfc roses. The bride entered alone
and wore a creation of whit* brocaded
saktsl and veil, trimmings of lace and
pearls, carrying a shower bouquet of
rose?, and lilies of th?? valley. The
(troom entered, accompanied by Wil?
liam Caskie. of l.ync -burg, best man.
Immediately following the ceremony
;h? bridal party was given on elegant
reception at the bride's home, and fol
'??winsr the reception Mr. and Mrs. Bar?
row !? ft for a tour of tbe East, before
returning to their horn* at levnehburg.
where the groom Is engaged ,n busi?
ness. The bride Is the attractive
dauchter of William T DuBosc. now of
mm mm. if bilk
constipated, headachy aid ski
Turn the rascal* out ? t he rw j.L?. he. hil
srwisnes*. indrccMion. n:, ???Mti .n. the
tick, ?our ?om ic h and f.xil gaso,?turn
them out to-night with Caacarcts.
Millions of men and women take a
Casrarrt now and then and never Ln> >w
the misery caused by a lazy liver, clogged
bowers or an upset stomach.
Don't put in another dar of distress
wake op refreshed and fed fine. Let (_'**
Carets cleanse and sweeten your stomach;
?Csnoee the sour, c*d%rure?i and fermrat
inj f<mrl and that misery.making ?*?.;
take tar cx<t-n bile ?r im yoor Irrer and
carr> ?,7 ihr ?ieronawned w*?*e matt r
and cr*i*ti*Mtion nr*i?on from the bowel?.
Theo von a ill leef great
A <' ivarrt to-mcht will ?t reichten von
?ot In- nwirtutr^- a 10-ccrrt bm kerp?
>r?tir head rlrar. womaca ?wer*, beer and
brarel? re-ni ar .?od voa (erl raeerfaf and
bully fr-r monthv Don't forget the chil?
dren their little iwiidt. aeed a Rood,
ge-ntle cleaanaag, too ? AdvertenrBww.
I mumm??
Leishman Denies That
He Has Received Order
From Washin^n.
Believes Peeling Against Oil
Trust in This Country Is So
! Strong That Hand Will Not
Be Raised to Assist
It in Foreign
I * ' 1
[Special Cable 19 The Tlmes-Dlsratch."
I ?erl-n, October SC.?Mr. Lei ?hm an.
j the American ambassador, la an inter
I view to-day. denied the report that he
had received instructions from Waah
: tnston to make representations to the
i German government against the "war
on the Standard Oil Corporation" by
the establishment of a monopoly in pe
| troleum, which Is to be sanctioned and
controlled by the government. It ts
' learned from a trustworthy source,
I however, regardless of the ambassa
I dor's denial, that there had been speci?
fic diplomatic steps at this stags; that
'? the American embassy has been mak?
ing inquiries at the Foreign Office and
[ watching the situation closely. Inti?
mations are said to have come from
; Washington that the United fctat.ee may
make reprisals affecting German ex
' ports.
j The belief ?s expressed here, bow
; ever, that American public opinion ts
strong against the Standard Uli trust,
and that it will be pleased with Ger?
many's declaration of war on the cor?
poration, and wTll not permit reprisals
because tat country is trying to shake
off the grip of the trust. This Is es?
pecially the hope here In case a Dem?
ocratic majority is returned to Wash
' ington at the cymltig election.
It Is expected that the government
win soon announce its decision to
I participate In the Panama Pacific Ex
. position at San Francisco in 1915.
. The appointment of a permanent ex
| position com mist ion Is not favored.
. but It was virtually* decided during
! the visit here of Count von Bernstorff,
j the German ambassador at Washing
! ton, that Germany for political and
! commercial reasons could not afford
! to hold aloof from participation in the
! big show. There la lukewarm feel?
ing In cig Industrial and manufactur
| lug circles, however, and up to the
j present It has been only through much
effort and urging that they have been
; Induced to promise to send exhibits.
IHnesjs of C aarevttew.
{ ' From a trustworthy Russian source
i It is learned that the Csarevltch is
suffering- from a serious abscess in
the groin, caused by an injury, which
j he received while playing. The injury
I attracted na attention at first, as the
(boy made no complaint-;. Complica?
tions are feared The Czarina is said
to be greatly worried This recalls
1 ah incident four years ago when the
. Czarina received a shock from which j
i It is said she has never entirely re-'
; covered. It Is her nightly program j
to go to her son's bedroom and kiss|
him good night- In the autumn of
IfOt the Czarina, after she had donned I
her own* night robes, felt uneasy andj
t made a second visit to the Czarevitch's j
j room. She saw the bed empty and the j
I window open.
She ran out Into the corridor, where
a sailor whom the Csarevltch himself
had selected as a bed'-guard was stand?
ing. The Czarina informed htm of
her son's absence and then fell un?
conscious. The sailor gave the alarm
and was the first to hurry to the nark
outside. He beard a child crying in a
bush an . found the Czarevitch in his
night shirt and balf-Uazec, The mys?
tery as to how the boy got out into
the park was never cleared up. The
boy was only five years old and couw i
not have gone through tne window j
himself. The palace guards declare-! j
that they had not heard or seen any-i
thing; suspicious, but everything point-'
ed to the conclusion that some one]
had climbed one story to the window .
and took out the sleeping boy. drop
ping bin. when the alarm was given!
The personnel of th.? Czarevitch body-!
guard was entirely changed next day.
except for the sailor, who is now In
the room all night. A guard has been
posted beneath the window.
The Czarina Is said still to believe
that an attempt was made to kidnap
the heir to the throne.
Kali n Cawtisuj Esgssiis,
The Kaiser is getting economical.
He ordered his yacht Hohem?.I? rn this
week to winter quarters at KI<1 wltn
less thsn hsif of the crew which for?
merly had a pleasant and eaay winter
aboard the royal yacht. Tne Kaiser
states that his action was taken to
reduce expenses.
Knrtco Caruso, the tenor, sans be?
fore the Kaiser and h.a fsmily in thej
new palace at Potsdam on Tuesday, the
Kaiserin-? birthday The Kaiser, fori
the second time, decorated tte tenor.
As Caruso finished the "Baja.??? Aria."*;
the Kaiser .?? d up and said "Tow!
have again sung wonderfully, and 1
have brousrtit ;?q this token of distlad-J
ttoa. which I h> pe ?111 give you pleas-!
ore." He tten handi-d the ?inarer tne'
Led Steele decoration of the third class I
This ts an qnu-uaflt hi-ch distinction,
-.ltd ts rarely ?t'.ven to civilians
Putnam ?5ri?*wo|4. the Am. rkjii bari?
tone. a.n'1 1.1? ?ife ?ail??J f-?r New York
te-day un the Kraei Pilnseesin Ceeilr*.
Mahler s ~S-<.ng ?' Karth" ass hear.l
for tie first time in ?? rlin to-day. It j
vii rendered t?-. the pi ill ????u Or-j
cheetra under the direction of iFs-car;
Fried, lime OaMer ?r the Metrenoft
tan Opera House, v. as the s--l?-l?t
i Special to Th' T -r.. > ' ? IP..:'- 1
uanviu.. \a. Otselut ??--4m Ttsew
day lent Ml?e Kliza -tn t.ri'gs enter
tain.. I d~ ehtfelly in hewer of Miss
Carrie River? Harnsoi ? t eest?. Mise
Marjoric Borwel, and Miss ? ?? '?? ' -
Chewiest, at her home front I to C
The lanelor * as dee--rate?! follow?
ing the Hallow. >? 'A- a and in It were
four tab'es set fa- tsridg*. end after
sa ???joysMe gan-f M as Harrison was
found to have ?"-r. ?4 the ?r. atest
iximher of ,.o|-if? and was a ward--4 the
a-lis-- A be- ear candy was >ne< nted
te the ofHor srieeta I'rutt se'.ed and
lee et?ass wer? dls-ssaesd during" tau
event saT j
Sirs W. H Ivpwowis ar. 1 Mrs. Tred
way Gravel) grave a beasti.'sJ
teas* an W iais-fajr anoewooa Iii
?C saam Jansen Weeata. et? fte
ssw tTM ist UM
Tremendous Two-Day Sale of New Models in
Tailor-Made Suits Just Received From New York
of Model
This model, a
copy of a suit
shown by one
of New York's
highest priced
exclusive shops,
is made of a
fine, soft-finish
serge, in either
blue, brown or
black, with
beautiful shawl
revers of velvet
and two of the
new velvet frogs.
The dainty
arrangements of
the buttons in
the back, to?
gether with the
exceptional! y
pretty lines of
tbc entire gar?
ment, make this
one of the most
handsome suits
we have ever
had the pleas?
ure to sell.
Regular $22;
for Monday and
Tuesday onlv
fla.75, with
only $2 neces?
sary to obtain
it. Please come
10 E. Broad St, Opposite The Cohen Co.
Open Monday and Saturday Evenings. -
For Monday and Tuesday Only
Having just received a large number of
new Suits by express from New York, we
hasten to put them on sale before the women
of Richmond at a special price, which we can
allow for TWO DAYS ONLY.
The Suits included represent special pur?
chases from two of New York's foremost
manufacturers?and it is only this fact that
enables us to place them on sale at
$2Down-$l a Week
Alterations Free!
This special offering is being made only to readers
of The Times-Dispatch, and is limited to Monday and
Tuesday only.
The Suits are both copies of very high priced models
?and have been reproduced so that we can sell them
regularly for $20 and up. The tailoring is perfect?
the styles are not only correct, but are EXCLUSIVE?
the lines of every garment are perfect, insuring unusual
"chic" to every woman who wears one. Where neces?
sary expert alterations will be made WITHOUT
Kindly note that this special price and these excep?
tional terms apply only to THIS SALE OF PAR?
TICULAR SUITS?and can be had on Monday and
Tuesday ONLY. The quantity on sale is limited, so
early selection is earnestly advised.
Sale Starts Monday, 8:30 A. M.
by Mira Frances Patterson and Master!
William Tredway Gravely, who re- I
celved tho cards. In the parlor, which'
was decorated with pink roses, stood
Mrs. E. H. Upacomb. Mrs. James P. i
Woods. Mrs. Donald Harrison and Mrs. i
Tredway Gravely, while at the parlor:
door stood Mesdamea E R. Waddill |
and Brace Guerrant. The guests were i
ushered into the hall, where they were
received by Mrs. W. W. Williamson
and Mrs. J. S. Irvln. who then showed I
them into the dining room, where they
were met by lira. Weiler. la the din-!
ig room, which looked attractive with |
Us decorations of yellow Chrysanthe
mums, stood Mrs. Lee Boatwrlght and
Mrs. J. R Perkinson. who poured tea. I
They were assisted hy Misses I ma AI- i
len and Helen Wa.ldill. Mr*. Wiseman
and Miss Maude Miller. The guests:
wer* next received In the library,!
Get Rid of
! Piles at Home
Staate Hone Remedy. Easily Ap?
plied. Gives Quick Kancf and
Pie* eat a All Banter ir?
Ope rat too.
Send far Free Tria' Package and '
Prove It hi Yew Case.
Don't even think of an Operation for ?
wir* Rcmomler what the old family !
doctor said: Any part of the body cat I
away r* Rone form. er. One or two uppli
ration* of Pyramid P?r Kerned v and ail,
the paia. arc and torture rease? In a ?
rrrrvarkil+v ftmrt time the congested
\rm? are redsxed to normal aad you mil
eoon be alt nfht again Try thi? re
markaMr rrm*d\ Sold everywher ?
at drag ?tore* Send for a fror trial,
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the nght rrmrdv for >our ia?r. wn'
rh'Hsrh >>hi ma\ br marine a pile tru??
Just smd in' the rouoon below at onrr :
for the free trial treatment It will .-h??a
x oo roficiu-iiwly a hat P>r<*:n?d I'ik-'
Remedy win do Then you ran get the
rentier package for V) rent* at any dnu:
store. Don't softer a not her needs***
minote Writ* ecvw
Pyramid Drug Company. 452 Pyra?
mid Wdg . Marshall. Mich KindK
send me a trial trgatawai of pyramid
Par Remedv at were, by autl. FREE.
m plain wrapper, so I can p ? vc it*
Neest,!...:. \
Jjtreat. !
which was decorated with ferns and
red dahlia.*. They were received at
the door by Mrs. pemberton Penn and
Mrs. George Penn. Punch was served
by Mrs. JuJan Robinson and Mrs. John
BoswelL assisted by Miss Nannie {
Keen, of Baltimore, and Misa Bessie.
The Junior Bridge Club met on Fri-i
day afternoon at the home of Miss
Laura Garret, on Jefferson Street. j
Mi.--s Margaret ilodgea and Miss Ka?
tie Green Guerrant have returned to
the city after visiting in Greensboro.
Mrs. P. C KeSee has returned to the
city after a n ry pleasant visit to rela-,
tives in Oklahoma City.
I Miss Kilen Bell, who has been visit?
ing Miss Virginia Magruder on Suther- |
lin Avenue, went to Lynchturg yes?
terday, (>ef??r? going to rttaunton.
Mrs. Bessie TV Marshall let* yester?
day for an extended visit with friends!
and relatives in Cincinnati. Cleveland!
I and othf r Northern cities.
j f s?p.--ia! to The Tirv s-Dispatch. i
Concord. Va.. October 2?.?Mm.,
Rees, Kvans and son. of Oklahoma.]
who have been visttlnir Major and Mrs.
D. J. Kvans for the past two months,
left for their home Tuesday.
Mrs Mary French and children l*ft
for Wuefield. where they will reside
In the future. '
.Mr* B K. Wood son an<f her dangt?-'
Jer. Mr* Ned Price, of Plttshiireh. are,
spendine the week-end In I.vnchbi.rg,
with relatlyes.
G. M. Cross left Wednesday for *'
vi?lt t? friend* In Richmond
Mr* W. E. I Vice, who has been riait-.
Ire Mr and Mn?. Jessie Price, return- j
e?l to her home la Greensboro. X. f
T-i'sday *
Rev. C. A Williams returned from
L.y nchbnrs Saturday*, wh? re tv assist-1
ed Rare, Mr I pdike In ? rerlvai
Mr?. Georgia Patterson an I litt!?
dichter, of R-dford. visited Mrs. D.
H. <>?<** SaCirday snd Sunday
i* !??? The Time* Pispsti ii \ I
Wilmington. K. <*... (lotnher :?.? A |
wedding of crest Interest to Wllmtn*.-;
ton ?"<-1e(> and In W?)!e?i r>, inv *o. |et\-|
foib. ?f thi* city aartteUted. ass c~l-!
el.r.-ited \\-<<eeftday ev?nlng In Tar-}
hor?. when M'ss Isabel .'lurk, of that j
cit>. het.in - the ? ride *f J lls'ighton I
Jsroe*. ?-f Wilmington The wedding i
was ?-? I' hrsted la th* Episcopal
Church. < t Tarboro. and was a bell-1
llsnt .-ff*:- The hr'de Is a sister of
Mr* Varsden Rellaaty. Jr.. of this
c.f . aid >!' snd Mrs. RvlWmy wer?
among the attendants Others froeaj
here r-l :ded Walter Ptnrm snd Missis
laiarl'tnn llardla, Pllee Kldder snd
S-ie Prince.
If M Chase entertained Thursday *
aiaht st dinner In honor of Vts* Mar?
garet Bridgers and bar r'????? Mis*
ffell ftsrtle. of Montgomery. A'e* sad;
ntgomerv. A's .
Miss Mary ah ?es? aas? saga, of Char?
lotte ?
liams and John R. Murcbison royally
entertained from Saturday to Monday I
at the Waccamaw Club, Wananish. j
near this city. It was a jolly and de- i
lighted week-end party.
The tenth anniversary of New Han- f
over Council, Daughters of Liberty.:
was charmingly celebrated at the
council ha:i Tuesday nicht. w. B. Res;
Ister presided at the social .session.
Which followed the regular meeting, j
and a number of fine speeches were;
made. The comniittee thar*had the af- j
fair in charge consisted of A. P. Russ.1
chairman: Miss L*?titia Melvin. Mrs.:
Arline Ezaell and I? K. Congleton. j
j The regular meeting of Clarendon'
, Lodg-,%. Knights of Pythias. Wednesday
rieht, was made the occasion of a
delightful social session in honor sst
visiting Pythians.
The Boys' Brigade has planned ?V
series of social nights, which will k%
marked by the rendition of musical
progr_ms and the serving of delicto*?
refreshments. The first will take plaea*
Monday night and will be a chansd^gdM
affair. &
Rev. F. R Clausen, formerly of Sfdjjf'
York. City. ??- formally and dcHffME
fully welcomed to the pastorate of SC
Paul's Lutheran Church, this ctrjt
Mon.lay night at a bi"T reception sTivg?"
In his honor. The address of welcsaUstf
was made by H.-nry E. Bonitx and lU*s*
Mr. Clausen responded In a happy ?sisy
Hair Becomes Soft. Fluffy, Luatrous
and Beautiful Immediately After
a Danderine Hair Cleanae.
Get ? 39c Bottle Now and Forerer
Stop Faffing Hair, Itching Scalp
A httte Danderine mam mnm immedlatexy- doa?
ble the beraty of ymmr htm?No difference how
duii. faded, hrrrtl* and mammxy. fomt moisten ?
<!>th with Dandennr and caretuBy draw it
t hro-ajb yonr hair, taking one irail strand at ?
tine. The effect at iro mediate and aenataW?
vowr hair wdl ha> light, fluffy and warey and ha an
Intrn^saftae? and h-iorianre, the b-se-sey aajct
shimmer of true hah* health.
Try ** yon will after an mm?mWm ni Da a
deine, jrew canon- had ? ?Mir trace of dead raff
er ? law? m feline hnir. tmi jmm mmfs wM mmt
ft.h. et what wdlnlnt? yon most wifl be after
a few weck.?* wee whan yarn wS artaaOy egg new
Kair, hmt mwi downy at fate? -yw bwt really
new heir ?Wfcedj ?Mr the acair
Dandrrfaw ? to the haw what fre-di ?mummt
rJ rain and mmhMw are to et? .tatwa. k moca
rieht u^tW^^ h^ili-i and itremtiiene
?air te pt^8SSS^^6wSS|| aad^beaa
Gm a T% mm Ml ?f MM MH

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