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The Splendid Enthusiasm
Manifested at the Chamber of Commerce dinner on
last Tuesday night was indeed an inspiration, and it
la just such getting together that counts. Nothing
can be accomplished without enthusiasm, and the
man or woman who does not try to save money will
never have any. This bank is the ideal place or the
care-taking of savings for the old and young; and
mtore than that, we will help to acquire a home for
all who try to advance their condition. Every head
of the family should be an owner instead of renter.
Our plan Is the most liberal, and an inquiry will cost
you nothing. Our officers and directors are always
ready to give you their advice, based upon long experi?
ence. Postponement will not do; the time is now; the
opportunity is with you.
One Dollar starts an account.
Drafts on all parts of the world.
Safety Deposit Boxes for rent.
Travelers' Cheques issued, good anywhere.
The Savings Bank ofRichmond
1117 East Main Street
United States Depository fer Postal Savings Fords
L. Z. Morris, President.
F. Sitterding, Vice-President.
James M. Ball, Vice-President and Cashier.
Geo. W. Watt, Assistant Cashier.
James M. Ball, L. Z. Morris,
Geo. L. Christian, R. F. Patterson,
H. Theodore Ellyson, H. Seldon Taylor,
Jno. VV. Gordon, F. Sitterding,
B. M. Gwathmev, Granville G. Valentine,
Thos. L. Moore, P. Whitlock,
VV'm. H. Zimmermann.
<(1889 "Safe as the Safest" jjjjjk
Old Federal Building Forsaken
Except for Collector, Who Is
Last of Old Guard.
Aidhe and en coin passed on all aides j
by the debria of moving week., the'
offices of Collector M- K. Lowry stood
yesterday as* the last remaining ves-j
tige of Cede Sam's machinery .n the'
old. K oder a. Building- Collector of Cm- :
torus B B Arnold, w&c stood by to
the lai-t. departed yesterday for bis
permanent quarters on the second floor
of the new post-office buliding
WUh the transfer of the United
States Circuit Court of Appeals com- j
plete. the District Court began yvster- ?
day the removal of Its effects. The
work of taking down the large book?
cases Ailed with court records of j
more than a century, was aaddemy j
halte? at 12 30 o'clock In the after-,
noon when the skilled carpenters en
? gaged on the Job laid down their!
tools in accordance with the union
scale. The work ?rill i>e renewed to- j
paorrow. I
Moving day la the District Court J
brought from their pigeonholes, where]
they had rested undisturbed for a half
century, court papers yellow and de-!
crepit with age. Una hoary Ala, in;
particular, contained the records of a',
criminal action which occupied the;
attention of the conrt In 1.91?two
ysars after the official birth of the
full-fledged American republic j
The records of the District Court.:
covering as they do a period coeva.1
with the republic Itself, fill hundreds J
of filing cabinets and will require sev?
eral days to move. Clerk Joseph P.'
Brady thought yesterday that he would
be Installed in his new quarters and
be ready for buslnees by Wednesday.
Revenue Agent W. H .Chapman
moved hit offices yesterday Collector.
Lowry expects to follow those who
bare gone before, early '.Ms week, and
the outlook now Is that 'by Thursday
nothing will remain at Seventh and
Franklin to remind one of Fedora!
occupation except the name plates on
the doors and a hale or two of o!d
liar trade reports.
I Hesd-C* Case.
Clarence Wilson and William Ander?
son, bot* colored, were yesterday turn?
ed over to the authorities of Ifcnneo
County by the city police. Thev are
charged with holding >:n J. W. c.
Graves on the Brook Hoad one week
OtfO. Magistrate T. J. Puryear a ill
give them a hearing to-m*>rrow morn
Ab sei s year see T comum-ed txkssg
?tTsm for e.-senra Took ? bot-le, m sl?.
aad ssm glad fa say T did net base to Mad
??y sisgs for t:?? erst tirae In ft years.?
Thee a, Tsemreor.. HU Hai o er \v? Rtefc
? i.? Adverr?*??.er>t
Fanrhrre at Aacliea
An auction sale will be held or VFTT
T?TRSDaY. at East Mi in *Te.*t
?f an anffiaally bar.dsom<. c-?ilee-ion
?f colonial furnttnre from the home ef
?f Mrs. C S Ramsay. - Westover ' ,n
adre-t1*etn-nt of the sale ;?pp-?r? "in
?he asK'eon coloasas of this papa.-.
(AdVe-tU-. mee,' ,
ft. L Acre?, far the past sever yean
Bitted with dke Cab** Co. aati Coritj
is sjow connected with ?te CRAFTS
> CO., Ml lasjt im
1st wtl be pirated to
atw} forTfier per root.
6,000 TRUNKS
That, at Least, Is What Baggage
I Smasher Swore as He Waded
Through Rice.
> The marble apace in front of UM
d?sk at the Jefferson Hotel last night
looked like nothing so mucn as a
chop-suey house after a long distance
rice eating match in which the Olympic
Champion and th-s illustrious Fung
Fooe got mad an4 threw the contents
of their rice bow.e at each other. The
whatfor and whyfore of the accumu?
lation of rice In front of William Poin
dexter 0,uale was the arrival at the
Jefferson yesterday of twerve newly,
and quite obviously married people.
Along about b o'clock the head bag?
gage smasher came puffins UP to the
desk with wrath In one eye and a
I grain of rice In the other.
- Look here." said he, -Is this a game
I or a disease? There ought to be same
! house rc-rulation against allowing a
' . : ide to bring e.?e? trunks with her.
Why, I've got ?60 yards of white rib
i>on collected from these here newly
! wed trunks and enough old shoes to
1 start a bonflre. Can't you cut It?''
It got to be a betting proposition
before th<? evening was over, and an
! audience which swelled steadily gath?
ered in the lobby to watch the studied
' indifference of the bubbles and the
\ blushing behavior of the brides as the
? men wait zed up to the desk to write
; their first entry as ".Mr. and Mrs."
I Some wrote it with a flourish, while
; the pen trembled perceptibly In the
i hands of others.
I The funny part of the show, accord
[ lng to the who guys In the lobby.
' was that each couple was so sure It
. h v! the other fooled that none would
adroit how recently they had been
[ married Five of the six couples to
^etrister yeatwrday were front New
j Jersey.
; Ltetectiv? Tom Oriffln hoard the lat
' Mr sent' nee and grinned. - Surely this
i ain't June." he said, "bot I do hope
I the honeymoon will end soon enough
for those chaps vj go back home and
cast an honest vote for Professor Wtl
son. Not that he needs 'era. hut I
need the lavender hose ITI win from
the fly Bull Moose front Swansboro."
H. 1. Staate?, or MeKeeaey. BeUesed
to a* la Tals City.
S C. Adams, d McKenn?y. Vs.. jes
terday r .-ported to Captain -if L'etec
?vit M Mal.on that II. L ?tanton. for?
ty-me years old. a telegraph onefator
of that place, bad be-n strangely
'uissmg f.-om hi* home siaoe October:
1?. and was believed to be in Rich?
mond. .
Staaten was employed by the Sea?
board Air Use Kail* a.v. and bad been
ordered to coin-.- to this city to explain
some infraction: of the (???mniry's rale.
This is belVeved to hsee troubled Mas.
The last board frusn bias was la
Petersburg. From that place he tele?
graphed his wife for %ZjO. and since
no word has been received by his
*ees? WBS Pre
ear, Feeferted
The roster farm ot~Z2* acres 1?
Heprico County ?III again be adver?
tised for sale within a few days by
<r>,.r?fe ? ff Kcm;. who was restrain?
ed from selling ibe pronerty fcaat geeath
by an order from Jods? R- Carter
acett on the (rounds that farther in?
vestigation into the ease whs nec?
essary. __' -
The farm wsa glvea ?? swsaThty for
a bond of **.**?. which Edward Foo?
ter had to farms* for hid appearance
la BonrVso Court last Jely to Stand
? as send trial on a sjasjp ot a
oCeaat anatnot bts-A
tor flailed to any*
was set
fbr foiled. rrft nsBTE eteod r*e*seaass
Me" for tie* ssni * an? took a does at
troot oa 'be fares as lasan hfaaaetf
sgya lass, la taa the sal
jew un found
m?ge trail
Primary Expense Accounts Need
Not %o to Secretary of
[Convictions in Norfolk?\egro
C onfesses to Robbery
an?j Arson.
Judg' Walter A Wutaon. ?.?.? L/emo
| crat!c nomine* for Congress from the
; Fourth iJlstriet, has made the J's
? covery Mist the Bj rd primary election
law has superseded the Berksdul-; pure
! election law in the matter of tiling
i statements of campaign expenses. L'n
> tteff his eoaatruiHivii it am: no Ion?.r
be necessary tor any candidate, In i
Virginia primary to file an ixpens*
account with the Secretary of Mb?
> Commonwealth, but only with his local
i l?rk. It seems, if Judge Watson Id
ri<ht, that Congressman Carter Glass.
' ongreasman W. A. Jones, former j
? ioveruor A. J .Montague, Congressman
John Lamb, samuei K. Buxio?, Iffrsaat
r-cnator L?on P. iiaisey and T. ft. "Iii
Ittl. all of whom have tiWU' their;
primary campaign expense accounts
this year wun the feecretary of th-:
< "omniouweaetn, were tattler unac
,, ..i:tiud with the law at else put a
diiiertnt construction from that adoyt
ad by Judge Watson.
Writing to Secretary of the Com?
monwealth. B O. James, Judge Watson |
seyS mat on June it. %mXX ninety days
alter the adjournment of the General!
Assembly, the Byrd primary law super?
seded the Barksdale pure election* law.
?which required that candidates for)
Congress, as ?well as tor Waal offices
-houid fiie statements of expenses with]
tho t-ecretary. The new Byrd law.
section 14. says: ""Every candidate fori
?amiBatisa under the terms of tms act]
gain, within twenty days after tnej
date of holding the primary la which
lie >* a candidate, file an Itemized |
Stateute) SB in writing, duly sworn to.
v. >th the clerk of th-i coart of the
i-outay or corporation in which he re-1
<id-s. setting forth.'' etc.
Therefore, arfds Judge Watson, he is I
required only to mako statement of
his expenses prior to Juno whlcnj
he proceeds to do, under oath. He
Says that from January 21 to June 14 j
he expended $210 for printing, postage |
and travellag expenses and S100 for I
maintaining headquarters and paying j
messengers and Incidental expenses.
Total, ?310.
A statement of his expenses since
June 14 has, he says, been filed under;
the Byrd law with the clerk of the j
Circuit Court of Nottoway County.
Mere Ciaisssssas Strasse ay Bur ran la '
Norfolk Police Coast.
Wholesale prosecution of violators j
of labor laws In Norfolk continues. :
Corr.miisioneir Doherty was Informed .
yesterday by Inspector Cl'-nedinst of j
the disposition of the following cases j
la Police Court: -
Kosensitin Bros. St Co., ten-hour
law. continued to November 2; Askew j
& Ironmonger, ten-hour law, cpntinued]
to November 2. 1
All the following were cases eharg- !
ing violations of the law requiring j
sanitary conveniences:
r>r. C. Mor?after, guilty, costs pave;;
Gale-Ford Co., guilty, costs paid. for.
ty-flre days given to comply with law. I
Oranby Art Store, B. S. Campbell, man- j
ager, guilty, costs paid, forty-fivs days ;
given to comply with law; Busch'
Creekmore. guiltr, $S and costs; Vir-j
ginia Piano Company. E. H. Chase.;
manager, guilty, costs paid; "Montauk
Ice Cream Company (Monticello Laun
dry Company under same roof), guilty,
costs paid; W. T. Ham & Co.. dis-'
missed by agreement; A. R. Stansbury,
guilty, costs paid; James Sawyer,
guilty, costs paid; Seaboard Broker?
age Company, guilty, costs paid; Swift
* Co.. law being complied with; City
Hay and Grain Company. G. F. Bird
song, manager. $S and costs. Baldwin
B os . dismissed by agreement; U C'
Drake, guilty, costs paid; Atlantic I
Manufacturing Company, guilty, casts'
paid: Sperry-Hutcbins ex Co.. guilty,
costs paid. Virginia Confectionery and
Grocery Company, guilty, costs paid.
I Sea-ro Coals sets to RsMlac tad
j rag Dwelling fa Orange Cowaty.
A detective of the Bureau of Insur-!
anoe reports to Commissioner Joseph I
Button that he has caused the arr>st
of Daniel* Hester, colored, at Bar-!
boursville, V?., charged with burning!
the residence of M D. Cowherd. Jr.,|
two miles from Gordonsvllle. on e?p
i tember ; last.
After tbe arrest, the detective se?
cured a confession from tbe prisoner !
with details of the circumstances con- J
nected ?Ith tbe robbery and burning'
of tho dwoJI?a*> Hester Implicates an-!
other negru rained Albert Molen,
who was located at Havre de Grace.
Md.. and the sb< riff Sfl orange County ;
has gone to Maryland for hiss.
As part of the effort which will be!
made ro reorganise Company I. j
First Virginia Infantrv. at Farmvllle.
and t,. prevent Its impending dis--and-j
ment. the re?1rnations of the officer*
hav<- i.eep received and scc'-pted by,
Adjutant-Cnerai Bah. Th? retirine;
officers sr? ss foi<owV: ff. H Bunt.'
captain: F a. FT an ton. tim IVtrtaaawt:'
W C- DuvsL second lieutenant Their
sa-'cesetrs will b- elected t>-> th?
company ts re> taUcl ?<> the r.<jntr*dj
TUe atitt of R U Parker against the,
Cbtsaaasbe asm Ohio tiaalway for fit- *
see dsmagse wss yesterday la^ oeer
until Thursday after the entire day la
Hseries Circuit Court bad beea g.?eu
to h es ring evideaoe Tbe plaisuff in
a former mal reeeired a verdicx for
If Ige
Tbe jmn m tbe ease of W. |> Beel
BffAisjet 8*srrtb Brothers, of tbe Boats
ern^ffi s sR^ardB was sssUbsfsdyea
seas*. Tbe ess^wxa^e^var^at^tae
JsjMtgry tan. af
Eighty 1 irms and Individuals
Responded to Appeal Iwr
Larger Assessments.
Chamber Renews Hunt for *\ew
Members After Saturday
and Monday Rtccrsh.
lOlguly Arms and Individuals re- \
spondee et Tuesday night's chamber
dlr;uer to the uppeal of Busi'jes? Man?
ager I^aoney for Increase in annual
Ju-t. A compilation ajlejghwadj ycatcr
Uuy by Secretary l>unlop shows the
pe.-ceutagt. of increu.*-. l>y each.:
L?r. J C. Walton lead* th<- li&t, with an
increase of 9t>0 per eelil as/Off the
amount of his previouis ass-ssm-nt
The net result of the two-day canvabs
for new members IaM ">v>ek was an
sedition of 171 nau?es to Uie rolls. Ttm :
cornmutee? did no work yesterday.
Tnert will be no soliciting to-morrow,
but the io.irtpuig/1 will be reopened
Tuesda:. with tnt prospect that a large
number of recruits will be aoded be- j
fore it is over.
Increase Percentage*.
Following is a list of the Batasl aud j
individuals who volunteered last Tues- >
day night to increase the amount ef ,
their annual dues and Ute per<.eniage ,
of increase;
Aaamava, A. L., 100 per cent.
August Urocery Co;, aft per cent. !
American t urniture and fixture Co.. J
l'ju per cent.
Atlantic Life Insurance Co., i.00 per
Adam. Jno.. U| per cent.
Adams Grata and Provision Co., 2uU
per cent
Atlantic States Coal and Coke Co.,
150 per cent. (
Addison, W. M.. 150 per cent.
Aisop Motor Co., 150 per cent.
Bauirhman Stationery Co., 100 per
Bllley & Co., X. W., tM per cent
Berry & Co., O. H? 100 per cent.
Boyd & Co , Jas. N , 100 per cent
Bragg, W. G. 150 per cent.
Creecy. D. R., 150 per cent.
Ca meal & Johnston. 150 per cent.
Chaffin & Co.. Inc., R. B? 150 per
Chewnlng Co.. A. J., 150 per cent
Christian & Co.. R. L. 100 per cent
Clarke <? Sen Hardware Co.. A. B .
150 per cent.
Cottrell Saddlery Co.. 1*7 per cent.
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co.,
100 per cent
Crutch?eld, ?. M-. 150 per cent.
Coriey Co.. The. luO per cent
Cary. Hunsdon, 150 per cent
Crafts Piano Co., Inc., The, 150 per
Clarke Sc. Sons. Inc., H., ISO per cent.
L>ietz Printing Co., 15u per cent
Davenport dr. Co.. luo per cent?
ibar:! a- Fuusten. 100 per cent.
Forbes. W. b.. stiu per cent
Ferrandlnl, Legaaioli Co., 150 per
cent d
Green & Redd, 150 per cent.
CianB-i-ady Co.. luv per cent.
Grant Drug Co.. 150 per cent.
Haa.se & bon, Ohas., lau per cent.
Jones Bros. St Co., 100 per cent.
Jonnson Publismng Co.. B. F., 100
per cent.
Lutz & Co.. F. W.
Miner. Frank. 100 per cent.
Myers Sons, A.. 150 per cent.
McClure-Davenport-Tayicr Co., l?O
per cent
Moboy tc. Co., J. B-. 100 per cent. .
Merchants' Cold Storage and Ice Mis.
Ca. 100 per cent. >
Morgan. S. T.. 100 per cent
Xowlan Company. The. 100 per cent.
National slate and City Bank. 33 1-3
per cent.
Overman Williamson Company. 100
per cent *
Old Dominion Iron and .Vail Works
Company, 100 per cent
Peters. K. I*. 150 per cent
Richmond Advertising Agency, too |
per cent
Ricnmond Dry Goods Company. 50?
per cent
Richmond Dairy Company. 100 pot ;
cent I
Robins. Dr. Charles R-. 150 per conti
Richmond Transfer Company, luo
per cent [
Royall 4 Co.. Augustine. 150 per cent
Royal Laundry. 100 per cent.
Keenmottd Machine Works, inc., 100.
per cent j
Sutherland Irvln L-. 150 per cent. |
Smith-Courtney Co.. 167 per cent. i
Schmidt Hermann. 100 per cent
Scnwarzschild Bros., loo per cent i
Stamper, Ragland & Co.. 100 per cent .
Smith de Webster. Inc. 156 per cent,
southern Stock Yar*-s. IPO per cent.
Ppence Xusnamaker Company 100 per
sauer Company. C F., 5* per cent.
Taylor. H. P.. Jr.. :5? per cent
Times-DUpatch The. It: per cent
Virginia Equipment and Supply Com?
pany. 15? per cent.
V?:glnia-Carolina Chemical Company.
lt?o par eer.v
Virginia Schooi SnppTy Company, i?
p?r cen?.
Virginia Trost Company 100 per:
Winso * Co. J. L? 15? per ? ent. I
Williams. F.. Victor. 1-""- per cent !
Weil Cigar Company. OUT. lee pe* j
Wvstt a- orge M. mm per rent j
Walton, t'r J. C.. 99* per cent.
Williams dc Sons. J. L. 1?* per cent i
Wilson Peper Box Company. B. W..
M per cent
County Returns Show Up Well
in Comparison With Other
Virginia Counties.
Those Listed fur Taxation As- j
?as?ed Higher Than Gov?
ernment Figure
Abstracts of the tax returns of all
counties and cities In Virginia, which
have ben compiled by .State Auditor
C. Lee Moore, show that the entire
amount of money on dvvoait with
bankwand individuals, wfltch residents
of Henrico County detiar^rl tor taxa?
tion on February, last, was $102,49S
If this sum were divided between UM
St,e31 inhabitants of the county, euch
one would receive a littlo more tnsn
There are no banking Institutions
lm the county, and It is probable Jhat
most of its residents pla?.?- their funds
In Richmond banKs, ar&eee total de
iiosits on February Is amounted to
Ili.T 72.4'J?.7?. The amount <<l money
on deposit declared by Richmond peo?
ple was $749.315. The discrepancy Is
not so great as might seem, because
certsin classes of funds are exempt '
from taxation, or listed under anotner j
head. ?
The aggregate of the 113 incomes In
Henri<-o Codnty. reported to exceed $'-',
000. was $554,845. The proportion ot
Income taxpayers was considerably j
larger then that of the entire State
One person out of 207 received an in?
come above the exemption limit in
Henrico County, while the ratio of the
.-t?te was one out of 576.
Aa te Wateaes and Plate.
According to the tigu.es. one person
out of ever}- nineteen Is able to tell
the timo of day without having to In- I
quire of his neighbor. In all. 1,243
watches were declared In Henrico.
Omitting timepieces, which are listed
separately, the total value of all gold j
and silver plate, together with all'
jewelry was given In at $58,949. This
would allow each person to own
jewelry worth about $2.40, Including
the knives and forks with which he'
eats his three meals s day.
By allowing five persons to each
family, as Is the rule In such estimates,
the average value of each family's
household belongings approximates
$119.50. The total value of the furni?
ture returned was $560.291. and the'
number of families obtained by di-!
viding 23.437 by five is 4.687. j
Books and pictures are not Included
in the totals tor furniture. The en- j
tire assessed value of these articles
Is $1S,97S, an allowance of leas than
$1 for each resident of the county.
In his letter to the circuit Judges.
Vfr. Moors calls especial attention to
'he returns made on carriages, wagons,
?utonfoblles, and other vehicles. A to.
ml of 3.007 vehicles of all classes was
reported with a valuation of $120,746,
?nd an average value of $40.16 each.
Mr. Moore says the price of auto?
mobiles ranges from $350 upwards.
Sheep Rated High. {
A comparison of the values returned
I on sheep, hogs, cattle, and horses In
Henrico County shows that In many
?nstances these animals are valued
more highly than In other counties of
:he State. In company with the coun?
ties of James City and Southhamptoa.
?ienrlco enjoys the distinction <?f show?
ing a higher average valuation of
certain classes of live stock, than is
shown for the same counties, in the,
Cnited States census of 1910. j
In 1910 the census takers aacer
talned that the average valuation of
sheep In Henrico County was $4.10.
while the 378 sheep listed for tax-1
atlon this year were estimated on the
average to be worth $4.33. so that
Henrico sheep owners pay taxes on a
higher valuation than they furnished i
the government two years ago. Sheep
have increased In va.ue since 1910, {
however, and It is probable that the |
rise In price about compensates tor ]
the added assessments.
The average resident of the county
has the sum of about twenty-one cento;
Invested fr. firearms, according *> the;
returns on those articles.
The value of ail guns, rifles and pis
to is reported is fixed at $6.036. which
allows each family less than one doi- 1
lar for the protection such 'nstrumenta
Cos1 reeling; Their atetanas
The special grand Jury which has I
been inquiring Into the tax returns
of Henrico County will reassemble on
November, for the purpose receiving or!
rejecting corrections on individual *s- j
sessments. The citizens of the county
have beer, ava'ling themselves of the
opportunity offered to make their list?
ings right, since the Jury adjourn-si on
Monday. j
The stream of information seekere
to the offlcee of J. A. Leach and W. B.
Frayser. commissioners of the revenue,
has been steady since the announce?
ment of MM grand Jury that citizens
might correct theft returns Other i
officers of the county have been sub- I
Jected to numerous questions as to the
meaning of the inquiry and the na- ;
tnre of ?h? laws.
The complexity of the taxation sys- j
tern 4r. Virsinla. as JJn other States,
makes M difficult te arrive at a just
anoint for individual assessment*, anl
the universal opinion of county officials
is that mm taxpayer desires to def rau 1
the conntv of Its Just revenue, hut that ?
anv inequalities that may exist in the
original returns hare arisen fr^m
Ignorance of the law.
Belt'n or* Octeivr Jt ? Tt Is ettima'ed 'hat
*h? v-annartes Of Tai^et Coonty. V?i . have
tbta rear onset testa, value* at I. -
?7<4S? ef whfeb <X**? eases are ef romatoee
:a??a* mum Sf oara. _,
ecurit Y
ervic E
?Ving S
Do? the American fetiooa! Bank Ui we*
ceU 5?OJrUTY?td fJBequaiied SERVICE to
SAVINGS drfKtdtot.?
Y-B-S! *
Golf Outfits
We make a specialty of them. Norfolk coeta with laMt
trousers?Long Woolen Stockings?Flannel Shirta?Sweaters*
Jerseys?Gloves and Caps. Everything that fashion and coat
fort demands.
Gans-Rady Company
Meetings Will Take Up Active
Work for Reclamation of
Chickahominy Property.
For the purp?*? of putting the move?
ment for ur**na*? of the swamp lands
of Um Chickahominy Into deu'iiUe form,
meetings of tha State Drainage Asso?
ciation and of the Chickahominy Drain?
age Association have been called for
next week.
The state Drainage Association will
? av.r its sossion at noon November S
in tue tiail of the House of Delegates.
Secretary Charles A. Miller has issued
a call for this gathering, at the direc?
tion of Plasia*at Rosewell Page, of the
conservation commission.
At this meeting It is expected the
drainage situation In the Cmckahom
iny Kiver bottoms will be gono into
thoroughly and the details of the law
fully ascertained.
The following day. at Murphy's Hotel,
a meeting of ihe Cnickahominy Drain?
age Association will be held. The ac?
tual work will then be taken up.
surveys of the area proposed to be
reclaimed were made some months ago
by parties of engineers representing,
the Drainage Bureau of the United;
Stales Department of Agriculture. The I
result Indicated large boundaries of
overflowed land whica can be drained
and made valuable farming property, j
If the property-holders will agree to
the plan as laid down in the law. con?
tracts will be let fcr the actual work.
Bonds will be Issued to pay for it, ana
these will be repaid by the taxpayers
in annual Instalments, chargeable like
taxes. The land stands good for the j
ultimate redemption of the bonds.
Council Commute* Meetings.
The calendar of Council Committee meet?
ings for this week follows:
Monday?Streets. ? o'clock; Printing. 6
sciock; Subcommittee on Relief of the .Poor.
6 o'clock.
Wednesday?local Assessments, B ?? clack.
Si. John's Burylng-Grouad. t o'clock.
Thursday?Water. 8 o'clock; Ordinance,!
Charter and Heferm. t o'oioek; Markets, 8,
Friday?Light, t o'clock; Street Cleaning,
S o'clock; Relief of the Poor, < o'clock.
Daring Beeeso Coagu?mss Lamb 14
dresses Voters.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Charles City C H.. Vs., October 28.?
The Circuit Court convened here yester?
day, and a special grand Jury waa im?
paneled to examine into and report on
returns of merchants' purchase* and
I licenses for Che current fiscal year.
The grand jury not having finished Its
Investigation, was adjourned over to
I Monday..
I Dtlrlng the recess of court the Hon.
John Lamb addressed the people on the
issues of the present campaign. The
audience filled the courthouse and
greeted {he Congressman and former
county man with much enthusiasm.
I Captain Lamb made a strong and elo
' quent exposition of the Issues of the
campaign. He urged upon his bearers
the necessity of electing a Congress
thoroughly in accord with President
Wilson, and called on all his old friends
to give their support to the Democratic
nominee from this district. Captain
Lamb delivered his speech with all his
old-time earnestness and vigor.
victim of ratal Accident
Frederlcksburg. Vs., October 26._
Benjamin Mas tin. son of J. p. Mastin.
of Spotaylvanla County, was killed at
Quebec. Canada, a few days ago by
falling from a high bridge, which he
was building. The body was taken to
McKeesport. Pa., for burial. He Is
survived by his father and two broth?
ers in Spotsylvania County.
Richmond Health Officer Only
Southern Member of National
Dr. E. C Levy. Chief Health Officer,
will go to Chicago to-day to a,tend
the meeting of the National Committee
on Milk Standards, of which he is a
member. He a ill b* accompanied by
T. J. Strauch, milk Inspector of tha
Health Department, who goes as * del?
egate to tee National Dairymen s Show
from tte Virginia Dairymen's Associa?
The session of the milk standards
commutes Is primarily for the pur?
pose of having its report discussed by
the National Dairymen and National
Health officers who will gather in
Chicago this week for the purpose.
The findings of the committee, which
was appointed by the M>)k Committee
of the New Terk Legislature in th*
nop* of securing national standard*
for milk* inspection, wer* publisb??: on
May I*. l*le. in a Called Staus Pub?
lic Health :.;??.". t. The efforts of in*
standards committe* are being hearti?
ly sec cad sil by the Lnlted States De
aertsaont of Agrlcultur*.
Dr. Levy. who Is honored by being
the only men from the South on the
commute baa woa distinction by hav?
ing bis receasrneadatloris for methods
of re pe-ting bacteria oounis accepted
by the milk standards committee eael
Incorporated la Its reaort. This sys?
tem of cosating bacteria ts knows alt1
over the United States no?- as the
Lew Method" It is saht to be the
onty satisfactory met if od of counting
bactena ra milk ere' deviasd.
Two tagrisl meetings of the stand?
ards commute* are scbedile* one en
Tuesday ra conjwactlon wit* the Na?
tional Dairymen's Show end th* seo
oad on Wednesday with health sxfei ta
free? en lection* of th* roeatry
Should the rsoa?iindatioas of tb?
steads-da reeaaitttee be approved by
those rwo Impdrtaat bod lea eatveraal
isuoaettssw ts eertata to be ffa'sed far
Total of Virginia's Obligation?
Now Less Than $25,000^000.
Old Bonds Presented.
Durin?; ths fiscal year which
September 30, tbu State deb* was in?
duced uy the amount of till.514.4?.
Tins represents bunds purcnased by
the Board of Commissioners ef the
Sinking Fund with tr.o appropriations
made by tue Legislature, and wltk. UM
interest paid trie sinking Fund on pre
viousiy retired bond*.
On October 1. lall, the public debt
of Virginia was Me.lss.14s.fil, wall*
at the close of business, oue year lat?
er. Second Auditor Rose we 11 Paga
found tliat there was still owing; tho
?um of Mi.l44.elt.t7.
During the year there were PSS
sentGu at the office of tne Second As*
ditor bonds and certificates of the SIS
debt, still unfunded, to the sum (Vir?
ginia's part) of I". ?48.73. Theas Se?
curities were refunded, unoer the)
general law. by the issuance of cen?
tury bonds at the legal cucount mm
the amount of $3.032.07. Although Uta
funding act Is now twenty years old.
small amounts of the ancient debt
still turn up from time to time, holnr
found in old papers of people was
die, or buried away In garrets. Where)
pat haps they have lain since Uta Wae
Between the States Most of the re?
maining amount will probably nerves
be presented, having been buraod or
eaten by rats, or at the bottom of the
sea. But. that all may share. Us*
Legislature extends the time tor final
redemption from year to year. No In?
terest is paid until the new bonds Siro,
???ressssittee to Coa>ee Wltk
ort Ml Board Te-Morrow.
The first session of the sub
mlttee on relief of the poor, appoint*
ad for the specific purpose of reopss>i
las Ute question of the city's tsklssi
over Memorial Hospital. wlU he held.
Monday afternoon at S o'clock. This
special committee, consisting of three
teen, has been authorised to treat with
the Memorial Hospital board The of?
fer made to the clt yby the board hast
year was refused, but there are Indica?
tions that the new Council favors "Sie/
acquisition of the splendid hospital^,
Held for Oread Jary- ?
I Joseph Moore, colored, eras held tmr
grand Jury action yesterday morning;
,in Police Court on a charge of break?
ing Into a Southern Railway freisht
car and stealing two boxes of msr
Eddie Brown, colored, was sent w>
. Jail for fifteen days for stealing two
, quarts of whiskey from Charles Gunst.
Ten thousand American travelers SSW
the Canal last year. Panama etpncts ;
25,000 this year, and has'made ampin
preparations for entertaining them.
Special Cruises from New York, SMS ?
and up.
Special Cruises from New Orleans, I
I $125 and up. '
Richmond, Transfer Co., Agents,
No. 84? E. Main Street. 4
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M. 1

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