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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, October 27, 1912, Image 38

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$1.25 Black Crepe De
Chine, 79c yd
23 inchc> wide, two pieces.
Cheney's 85c Showerproof
Foulards, 59c yard; inches
20-inch Tub Silks. 25c yard :
worth J9C.
10-inch Checked Taffeta, 39c
yard : wn >rth $1.00.
iS-mch Bteck Messaline,
39c yard; worth 59c.
All Wool Storm Serge,
30 inches wide. 43c yard;
regular 59c quality, black
and colors.
50-inch Satin Face Broad?
cloth, chiffon weight, $1.19
yard; worth St.50. Clack and
colors. '
Cream Lace Bands
Three to five inches wide.
33c yard; regular 45c qual
Val Insertion, 39c per piece:
regular 59c quality.
18>inch Gold and Silver Net,
69c yard: an 85c quality.
Black and Brown Marabout.
43c yard; regular 59c quality.
Women's Black and Tan
Gauze Lisle Hose. 29c;
a 35c Quality.
Men's 50c Wool Socks, 39c;
black and gray : size? 10, 10 1-2,
11 and 11 1-2.
Children's 50c quality Black
Ribbed Wool Hose, 19c.
A Four Day's Sale?Monday, October
28th to Thursday, October 31st, Inclusive
There isn't a man, woman or child in Richmond who is not familiar with Mosby Clover
Sales and their wonderful' bargains. This sale DOES NOT consist of odds and ends of
merchandise, but it is the culmination of a month's special efforts in gathering
Suitable lots of seasonable merchandise to sell at a trifle over cost price
As we've said before it is impossible to advertise everything in the sale, but every Clover Sale
item is marked with a green clover leaf sign. Some lots are limited in quantity. Shop early if you
would be sure of getting them. Watch the evening papers up to and including Wednesday for
daily announcements of Clover Specials.
Women's $1.50 Kid
Gloves, 79c
Black, white and color;
broken sizes.
i6-Button White Kid Gloves,
-pecial $2.98.
Women's Hemstitched
Initial Handkerchief s,5c;
worth 10c
Leather Hand Bags, 49c and
79c; regular prices $1.00 and
Women's Guaranteed Black
Silk Umbrellas, six-inch ster?
ling silver handle, special $3.29.
Hemstitched Chiffon Veils,
one and a half yards square,
98c, worth Si.50; black, taupe,
brown, navy and green.
All-Silk Taffeta Ribbon,
four and a half inches wide.
12 i-2c yard : worth 17c.
Pin Cubes, assorted colors,
5c; regular price 10c.
Finetooth Combs, 12 i-2c; a
19c value.
15c and 17c English
Nainsook. 934c yd.
36 inches
wide, soft, fine
50c All-Wool White Flannel,
39c yard : 32 inches wide.
. 12 1 -2c Outing Cloth, 8 1-2C
yard ; 27 inches wide, all colors.
79c Bleached Sheets. 55c
each : 72x90 inches, good cot?
22c Pillow Cases, 15c each ;
42x36 inches, best cotton.
S1.00 All-Linen Bleached
Table Damask, 79c yard; 70
inches wide, good weight.
39c All-Linen Huck Towels,
25c each: 19x36 inches, scal?
loped embroidered *nd.
$4.00 W hite W.ool Blankets,
10-4 size. $2.98 pair.
S2.00 White Bed Spreads,
$1.39 each ; 84x90 inches.
W. B. Thompson and
American Lady Corsets
and Ferris Waists, 59c;
regular price $1
Sx.oo C.
size 18 only.
B. Corsets, 39c;
Boys' American Hosiery
Co. Drawers and Shirts, 49c;
regular prices 85c and $1.00.
Women's Wool Vests and
Pants, 98c: regular price Si.25.
Infants' Ruben's Bands and
Shirts. 19c; regular prices 25c
and 35c.
Trimmed Hats. $5.00; reg
ular prices $0.00 to $8.50.
Sample Line of Children's
Hats at special prices, made by
the same concern that makes
the celebrated BEST Hats in
New York.
$14.75 New Tailored
Suits, $10.98
Diagonal Serges, Plain
Serges and English Mix?
tures ; several styles, solid
navy, black and brown and
blue and gray mixtures.
$19.75 Suits, $16.50; mix?
tures, two-tone Diagonals and
Serges, navy, black, brown, tan
and gray.
$17.75 Charmeuse and Crepe
Meteor Dresses, $12.98; navy,
taupe, black and brown.
$19.75 and $24-75 Serge
Dresses, $14.98; plain and
fancy, navy, black and brown.
$5.98 and S. ..98 Waists, $4.98;
Messalines, Taffetas. Chiffons
and nets, in checks, stripes and
solid effects, all colors.
S8.98 Full Length Chinchilla
Coats. $6.98; gray, with navy
collar and cuffs.
$16.50 Brussels Rugs,
9x12 ft, $10.75
$1.25 Axminster Mats, i8x
36 inches. 98c.
$1.35 Velour Rope Valance,
50c Matting-Covered Tab
ourettes, 29c.
$1.25 and $1.50 Nottingham
Curtains, three yards long, 99c
19c and 25c Figured Cre?
tonne, 15c yard.
60c Fringed Pillow Slips,
figured. 39c.
"The >et.~ ? i
By Res Bra. h. Harper & Brothers,
of N'e-w Yjrk and London. net j
Rex Bassel ha* long ago niad?- good |
his right and title to the good will I
of the American people. His m w book i
opens in the island ol Sicily. A wealthy
younp nWe.ill III man arrives in Pal
SrSSS and afterward at Terra Nova,
the iione of his most intimate friend,
a Sicilian nobleman. Mart.: gas If I
The two had met in Paris and had !
awgaagss intimate friends. The aaairl |
< an, by^hame^ .Norvin Hlake. is a na?
tive tit liouislana. sent ar>mad to com?
plete his education by itis family. Th' t
object of his jr"lnit to Sicily is th'
world inj; of his friend. Count Savignev
The evcr.t was to be celebrate-! with
Kre?t splendor, the fiancee of Cojnt
SavlpTici riejnp SSM *f th.- most t>ean
'iful arid the wealthiest o? Sicilian wu
?nen Her ram.- was Marjrhorita
?lust on th?- eve of tie wrddir.? tha
gro->;n. while in company With his
American friend and on ins way to
the bom?- of his lady low was cruelly
murdere-'l bv the mom'-, rs of -jti 'talian
aocir-y known as the Ma^a The Amer?
ican was horrified at tbe trageg] rh'"ti
hrooe-h' ?).e.:it th? d*at:- <-f his fri. i.d.
He saw the faces of the murder.rs and
was eeoecially Impressed hr their
'? ader. who h" ?? .1 r ajr.? that carried
d-ead t?> the hearts of S: . ili .n men
* -.4 women.
The morde- ra s?>d a great .^tery. of
course, hut lh< murderers tl ? d from
Justice -evid were ne>t appr. hende!
Norvjn Rlaki was r?- aile-1 to An.-r:--.i
hy th' lln^ss of her moti'- Ma-gher
lta ?i:r:r-; ahmet wit. he- rsmspaasoa
aid friend. l..ic-?7..a Fc-ara. whoa*
father ?as k "> ! - tax eeaaBessnattee
'?f Cos-.nt Sa ?-gr?. cl..?.-d the house
which h'id heer, th-:r horn-, hut which
h<-ld for them only painful memories,'
and crossed the --ea to New \"ork. go?
ing from that city to New Orleans.
Xorvin Bl*k?\ wearied of his attempt
t* bring th-- murderers of his friend
in justice, had returned to Louisiana.
Tin- ?econd part of the book has its
scenes, therefore, in Louisiana. Here
the paraesH who n-ara involved in the
essrlaer tragedy of the book are brought
together again. Outbreaks and fla?
grant disobedience ef the law on the
part r.f Italian Citizens eause the arr? st
and imprisonment of a large number,
who are proven without doubt to have
been the murderer? ->t Count Pavigno,
in Si. ily. and afterward <>f f'hief of
FnMta I'onnelly. of Hess Orleans, hut a
a bribed jury aeanttted t';e5i- murdei
| er?. Then the people of Now Orleans
took .tusttrt- into their own hands. They
? went into the prison. seized the prison
[?T?and executed thern thrmsel*es. thus
; ridding the , its' of a reign of terror.
This story is t"ld with great drama
t;.- fort.- and power. Thor.- is a dou?
ble retnani-f involving tl.e final mar
. i .ac<? of Marsrherlta ??inini and Norvin
Hlake. and tliat of f. b-autlfnl New Or
gtr! to a *o<-i?ty man ?f her city.
' The novel contains man> of the ele?
ments which will make jt both IntT
eafJaaj aad p^puisr.
-The BUeeaaerr? Plefcera."
ft- Eeerya st Leaprr. r. Putn?m>
Sonf. NV? York : nd London 11.25
I net.
Quit*. a rl.armirs Hughe* society
r.f.vrl w;t'r the d?"ighter of an Tngli^h
-'tired srn< "ffl--? . Ra< h'I fYennayr.c.
'as th- heroine, and teo men of fx
tr.mel- different types in love with
r.<-r as tsh principal character?. Tf.e
\ alue ?f th- book lies ?p the *a< the
*;.-h?-r b-.? presented her r*"'nt of vi-w.
Ta? of the rhars'tera. tl.e chief hero
When Your Earning Power is Gone
fAnd earning poner for all of us will surely fto somr
time> will you have a rrsmr fund to fall hack upon?
E*ery cent that VOI' spend foolishly is hanked
hy some one.
Why not hank it ynurself.;
Start a sa^nfcs account with the COMMON?
We'll help you save and add thrre per cent in?
terest yearly to mhat you deposit.
12 North Ninth Street.
\ssrf* Over One Million Dollars.
l#J East Broad Street.
Twenty-fifth and Broad S rcets.
.If 14 V\ illiarmhurft Atenue.
Commonwealth Bank
Wittern t. Walter*
F. P. McfJonnel.
S. E. Waiter*
H. C. Pi a*.lot
Vier President
\ hre-President
! Ine and an Englishman prominent in
public affairs, are the people who make
the morals of the book and its stand-1
ards. Both of them are burdened with^
responsibilities, and are associated in
life with those who only cause thero!
pain and disappointment in every sense, I
t?ut of the way in which disappoint-1
inent is met and overborne and the
game of life is played, grows the in-1
ti rest which must Impress readers who
probe beneath the mere surface of.
Carlyle is quoted as say inn; that "It's!
only with renunciation that life, prop- '
rrly speaking, can be said to begin."j
In "The Blackberry Tickers'* renuncia-1
tion proves-the unveiling of eyes and'
the perception of a "Heavenly Vision,"
helping the "Blackberry Pickers" on
their homeward wsy.
"The Fartaaee of Pfcaehe.
Bv Kllen Douglas Derand. D. Appie
' ton"* Co.. of New York. Net, $1.50.
A book especially written and adapt-j
ed to girls of fourteen or fifteen years;
i of age, recounting the adventures of a'
I little Ne?- England girl who went!
from Maine to join her uncle In Bos-1
ton and make her home, with him |
I The story is simply and naturally j
related, is handsomely illustrated, with .
I colored pirtures. and can be recom- [
j mended to girls desiring something:
that Is gt>?"l in the way of Christmas
! fading I
?The Plate Book of Days."
i By Matthew Tage Andrews. J. K. [
, I.ippinoott Company, of, Philadelphia;
I and London Net. ?1.
! This compilation is made -up of
! brie: selections in poetry and pmse ;
from a majoritj of Southern writers.;
including many from Virginia and
' other States thai are well known and ;
highly appreciated throughout the aec
tion of country which they repreaent. \
' The selections have undoubtedly been;
made with great care and dlscrlmi- j
nation. and the plan of the little sol
ume. In recalling day hy day "some.
s?ntimcnt. patriotic. romantic. hia-;
? tori.- or humorous, of Southern life and
; Southern people. Is a plan that must
i appeal to that public to whom Mat
j i hew Page Andrews has addreasad
himself. {
J -iseeeewy tltaaiaaleaea ?? Wrtt."
I K> La Sal1- t'orbei: Ptekett. J. St.
Lipplncott Company, of Philadelphia
91 is net
The name of the author ?n the title
Pare of t ili ho?,\ re. alia t> s.?u?h?rn
a omen ?od So-ithern n>' n the fact that
she Is the Wido? of oik of the most
' aaltant of Confederate generals aod
I ihat he- p-esent hook ,n 4? with
Sontrern poe's and aotliTS. hearts
J ntng with Fxi??- Allan P>? Other
I sifhoes fron? whom ?e|ectio-is have
I herr rhoaen are. Sidney lan-r Paul
|h Havre. h?nry Timrad. a,Ml am u
' sttmms. 'o** f Harrte Peatieis sVott
[ K?v. Father Ryan 1*??. Ceorge "ST Rag
hr. Margaret J. Preston and Asemsts
I BagaM n-npon
The i'tust rations are rdef urns of
' t |* -es ???vUi. d with t*>aa? author*
' The test of ?he hnok tells many P*r
?of?al .netden"? r ipeerntng them Mr?.
re-eaeft has *r 'l^eedfnglv attrae-tlee
r-.anw In wrltir.e and her iB/nrWs?'
of her suSjects 1n thra fnstane* rends
??pe? ts' fraee to I:er gaav The gs-ffefa
?ft Mr? P-eaten h> eep?< lefty *.t?e
"Oaali 1 Sahna 0? fhe n**a.- I
sty Harrison ? Marrta. J R |.,p. ,
piacot? 'wtrnany of Philadelphia sad
'.-.nd or. 11 as
TUM stt.-a.fiw Mule mitres* gtsaa
a brief nafftne of the taffe and art of i
wwaas? T MasMM Sa af Orey Crfw.|
Conanicm Island. Khode Island, and
Chester Valley, Pennsylvania. (
The autbor was United States com-[
missioner to the Roman Art Exposition j
of 1911. His book is handsomely got- ,
ten out with a picture of William T.1
Richards In his studio at Gray Cliff.
The picture is a copy from a portrait
painted by the artist's daughter. Anna
ii. Kichards. now Mrs. Brewster.
Illustrations are taken fruiq sea.
paintings of Mr. Richards on the At |
lantic Coast, in mid-ocean, among the
Channel Islands, near Berwick, Scot-1
land, on the west coast of Ireland, and,
at Kpnance Cove, Cornwall. England.'
The description of the pictures ana
the biographical sk'tch of the painter |
render the book valuable and instruc- ;
tivc. '
Joseph PeaaelPa Pictures *? the Paaa
ma C i
J. B. Uppincnt Company, ot Phil-'
adelphla and London. $l.!ii net. '
This volume contains reproductions
of lithographs made by Mr. Pennell on
the Isthmus of I Panama. January to.
March of the present year.
The author says of his purpose in
going to Panama: "I did not bother
myself about lengths and breadths
and heights and depths. I went tf
see and draw the canal, and during all
the time I was there I was afforded
every faolllty for seeing the construc?
tion of the Panama Canal, and from
my point of view It is the most won?
derful thing in the world. I have tried
to expresa this In my drawings at the
moment heforr It was opened. for
when It Is opened, and the water
turned in. half the amazing masses of
mas-nry will be beneath BhS waters
on one side and filled tu with earth
on the other, and the Hctureequeneas
will have vanished. I saw it at the
right time, and I have tried to show
what I saw."
The illustrations begin with Colon
and go in sequence across the Isthmus
of Panama. Both pictures and de-1
scrlptlve text are fine.
"VUte Robot la WOWia La?d.
By Joseph C Stndelar Illustrations
by Helen 'Imidin- l?->dge. Music by
Alvs K Rentley Be klcy-Cardy Com?
pany. ?f Chicago. 4? cVnts postpaid I
Thh? book is claimed to be a supple
m-ntary reader for second and third
krade* arwj im planned to teach the
young valuable les-ons through the
medium of .-harming starte* Rabbits
are always moot attractive to little
hildrei,. Th?v
? re an especial appeal
to them, as they can he handled to a
great 4ttr?t without tnturv and are
>"'e ard ' armless. ,
The., N(,(. uunnj. Tories and Irs-I
son, ,-. delightfully const rorted They1
will d? light and amuse the very little
one. i.j reading to them, and are also
suitable for .,en the half-grown on. s
It v. uld not rtaas-eraiton to aav '
t-a? th? eiders would eveB find them
'nf. .,-nlr-g aB ,-,cl|?.t Way to
?-P-nd an die half hour ?r so
Ti e bes?,ifn| illustration* in color
? h<1 in black and white add greatlv f?
?"?> test, and are tar superior to the
"?1 nar, ??.t,:?r,tlon? fo,1T,a ,? rh,M.
aoa* '""l**. 'n"V b""1
?net practical Unmm .?,, mr9 nni mfm,lrj,
situation, p^,,. m? mfr ^ ^
aaamBa* h*?r,,,y ro*"'
-? et said ' muj-'
*T Mar, tlalleck Foot. H.nightoa
at. trim ? omp?n-. of Ko?ton Mass
!o\sT7..H**T- l*^"1 ern.grstlon'
^ the rWctaV alope ,n e.rly day*. !
7^ZJ^TmLr"n^"t ,r-"- kM to he ;
g-Sg '???riencod gntd** were I
91 "m-rr *? h?eare aafaty fries mm**
dangers to be encountered, during
moiitaa of uoicu* travel ta -rotains
the continent.
The household of a New Engl?nder j
named Hanums ton ua* among the i
"Picked Company' taken by tile Kev. J
Mi. Yardley from his fold, at JUugda**.!
Mass. The minister endeavored la his1
cho'ce u select only such people as
lie felt would t-xert a good influence
and lead worthy lives in the new land
to which ho hsd his face turned aa
Th?- man who became his guide at
St. I?uis. Mo., and a niece of Mr. llan
nington. part West Indian and part
Puritan. by inheritance. . ompltrated
matters and brought the minister to a
hard choice in decision
The book reveals dm* knowledge of
New England narrowness In religion
;>nd harshness of judgment to those
who are temperamentally weaker than
Among the different characters af?
fording excellent studies, as examples
of heredity and types. are Bar?
bara ManivJngton. her mother. Silence,
and Stella Mutrie. the cousin and niece
Mary Halleck Koote's knowledge of
the West renders her specially fit ta,
write such a b:>ok aa "A Pickt d Com?
-i oat* and the Rac*.
By Edgar James Swift. Charles
Scribner's Sons, of Nf-w York. 11 M
net. ,
This book by professor Swift Is
claimed in its sub-tttle to he ?? * atudy
in the psychology of adolosoonoe." The I
author es plain* the purpose of the
ho >k fttlly in the preface when he
says: "Th ro!e which rsical instincts
play tn the emotions. intellect, ana
will of < hildren has been th? subject
of many investigations in rer?nt rears
by tho?e interested In the psychology
of childhood Tliese studies, however,
have had hut slight effect upon th*
methods of the schools. Th s hook la
an attempt to show the nous i hi. appli?
cation of some of these results to the
edncatlop of children. (
"The author has tried to indicate
how the s cools may help to transform
into Intellectual and nfbral forem t-a
racial Instincts which, aa manifesta?
tions of original sin. diStr*s?ed our
forefathers. Effort has been made ta
f>\ the responsibility for conditions'
that cause these primitiv? impulses to i
continue dominant beyond the aare
when lhey should yield to social ant
ethical principles of action."
The subjects treated are "The Sptrlt
of Adventure." "The Ways of Youth."!
"The Chance to flrow," "The s. ho ,| and '
?h? Commun'ty." "Vagar'.s of tbe|
School." "Pallaele? m Moral Training ~i
"The sr-'nt of the Oang" and The R*. {
lease of Mental Pottos. "*
The y...'.\ u written along practical'
tines and methods tor Improrenaent ?
and remedies given Tt wit be ?if:
xalue and Interest in all engaged In'
the improvement ?nd desrinprtent at:
ajj llrde rowlhes Thm '-nananrayt- \
Han Press, of New T >rk 91 net.
Visa r?wf*e? is a VlrgV,'? woman a'
native of RnrfcevHlle Va who ependa
her winters in Washington and ?.aa
wrlttaa a rolle, tInn of verse, pat t
Into hook form an* added another
name to the list of Ihn?, who have;
e??eted a literary remit at ton fw Vhr
The hook i.a? -e-. t.r, favorable
mentioa from eminent . - it-o* and lead-1
tna- a, holars The initial noeaa ~Ty?ne-.
written on Ihr Rlgj ha rnnaid
eted to ha?e Ufte do'r'pt'ee and mm tt
fit" fa Ms e?neept|?? and expr*asi .-? .
The a me is Ira. a poo** ch The
Venn* of atllo- ?V? op ta* g?TrV o
? "Minn dar of r>r and Mrs. Charte?;
,v?? ?f Moll.n* Va . la most interest,
ina On* that the ?et a arias Sake* re-,
morh Mi aalf Hi a m-morial ta a ?trite
don frtaVd sjasjpd Repa,
Thar* ta far too little s**s*ry wrftgsw
aad read-ia rats leta^faMarh
The book under consideration la heart?
ily commended to the men and women
of the Old Oominion. among whom Miss
IV>wlk?* has her home.
Imperial to The Times-Despatch.J
Warrenton. Va. October -j*?Mrs.
.lohn Britten and little daughter, for?
merly of Trenton. K .!.. aho have been
-pending some time at iht home of
Mrs. N"lson. left the past week for
their home. tater they wtll go to
Sandusky, Ohio, and with Mr. Uritton.
sp'-nd the winter there.
Miss Josephine Broders. who. with
Mrs. C. C. Carlln and K?ith f'arlin. of
."ajt-Jtandria. have been traveling in
Kurope, has returned to her borne in
Hugh A. Spilman went to the Uni
? vereity of Virginia In CharlotteevUH
on the post Saturday and spent aevera
days there as the guest of Mrs. Taylo
Scott and Moreen Keith, of Richmond
who are students there.
Miss Florence Sheppard. of Berry
ville, is spending some time at the
home ot W. 8. Servers, near Warren
tun. Mrs. J. I.. Marshall and two
children, who have been also at thai
home of Mr. Sowers, left this weck, |
for their homo in Cambridge, Md. ]
"The Reotoi" and "Murder Will Out."
presented at the Town Hall in Wartea- 1
%>n on the mil inst., by a caste ot
local talent, were most awatMMaafai in
every way, and a large sum was real?
ize d lor the benefit of the Aid Society
of the Baptist Church, for which tiio
plays were given Miss Eouisc Evans
coached the easts with good result*.
Miss Edith US? Butlc-i. presldeut. and
IMrs Henry 1. Hutt>>u, were chosen
delegates last week at a meeting, to
I represent the local chapter of the
' King's Daughters, at the .State Con?
vention which meets in Norfolk Oc?
tober 2?.
Miss Eucy Eowe of Galveston. Tcxasi
Mrs. Pinkney and Mian Celeatiiie rink,
ney, of Charleston, 8. C., Miss, a Blunt
and Mcl.ean, of Baltimore, are recent
arrivals at Carter Hall.
The third fixture of the Casanova
Hounds, that of laat Saturday, was set
for ? Creedmore. ' the handsome estate
of Mr. and Mrs. E. Nelson Fell, on
account of the warm day only a short
dran was run, the total distance being
not over two and eene-half miles. In
numbers, the field ira> evenly divided
between the women and atsa and In?
clude Harry Edmonds, M. F. u. ? R. c.
Dantell, \V. Q. ?.*oate-a, Win. M. Emory
and Misse? Charlotte ? Nonrse, Anno
Gordon atone. Masle Stone and Marian
Fell. After th? run Mr and Mrs E.
Nelson Fell entertained al tea lu their
v??ry handsome Beta home "Creed
Wo regret to note the injury sus?
tained on Saturday last by Mrs. G. R.
Tompkm?. She was thrown from her
trap while driving and sustained a
broken collai bone and several broken
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Pool, who ha\e
been spending some time at Carter
Hali. left lh>. past ?>vk for a fcta> of
some time in NVw York. I'pon their
return to Warrenton they will makes
their home on the Alexandria Pike.
Children's Day was fittingly cele
biated at the Baptist Church with ap?
propriate e x.-rclaee on Sunday last. A
larg.- < lai-? was baptized a* the even?
ing Service by Kev. Eug?n- B Jackson.
Mr. and Mra Euclen Keith left the
past w>?k (or Philddolphlo. where they
wtll .spend som.- time.
Mrs. Krederie-k Savage, of Baltimore.
I was recently the guest or Mrs Fred?
! erlck Twofteld at Mrs. Hugh HamU
; ton's. Mrs. Twofleld 1' ft on Tuer>day
for Baltimore and New Tork, wheie
she will spend some time before re?
turning to Montreal, where she vt ill
' spend the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. C H Tiffany enter*
tstn.-d at a dinner party at the Warren
Green Hotel on the evening ol th?
2f-th ir.st.
Mrs. Thon.as C. Plnckney. of Char?
leston, who baa bean tb. guest e.f
Mra Taylor Scott at "CUevercroft."
near Warrenton, ieft the past week
for Richmond, where she will spend
some time Wore returning south.
Mr. and Mra Frank Hardart. and
, Misses May and Errna llardart. of
Philadelphia were a party of motorists
who recently visited Warrenton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Varner. of' War?
renton. Fauquler County, announce th?
engagement and appreearhlng marriage
of their stater. Miss Eucy Mildred
Browning, to William West Bradford,
et Eastville. The marriage will take
place early In Novemb?-r at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Varner.
The Civic Eeagea of Warrenton,
held an important meeting on Wednes?
day. October 23. at the Warren Gre-ri
HoteL Tea was served by tho presi?
dent. .Mrs. Baldwin Day Spilman. a?
.". o'clewk.
A Hallowe'en party will gives,
at the Country club on Thursday even?
ing, eictober "1. Those who attend will
be in full costume, su table ^or thai
Mr. and Mrs. Harry M. Hubbell re?
turned the past week from New York,
where they have neen rpend'ng some
time. Mr. and Sirs. Hut-Veil made the
trip in their motor.
Please try *his gentle fruit laxative to cleanse your stomach,
liver and 3f feet of bowels of he sour bile, oul
gases and clogged-up waste.
Foul breathe. < ruted tongue, dull,
throbbing headache, stomach sour and
full of gases, indigestion, biliousness and
a nallnw romplesion. mean that your
thirty feet of bnneJs arc clogged with
wa<tc matter: that these drainage organs
of the body are obstructed; liver stagnant
and stomach full '<f poisonous ga*r?. sour
bile and undigested, fermenting food not
properly carried off.
Most of our ttl? are caused by consti?
pated bowels. We all need a laxative
somtime?, nobody can doubt that. The
^onfv question is. Whi>h one is the beat.'
and that isn't a question any more.
Syrup of Figs, being composed ent irrfv
of luscious figs, senna and arotnatsrs.
must art in a harmless, gentle and nat?
ural way. Syrup of Figs can be con?
stantly used without injury. Ita action
i* the actio*, of fruit -<if ra?me ?.oar>?
food?of taking exercise. It is a true
and effective liver and bowel cWnser and
Most folks rlrearf physir? they shrink
from the ta?te and after effect*. Syrup
of Figs i? deliriotls. and. I"*"-ides, y?*l
don't realize yuu have taken anything
until morning, whrn all the clogged tip
???ste of the system is gently but thor?
otifchiv moved on and out of the boweft
without cripinp or weakness.
Ask your druggist for the full name.
"Syrup of Fig> and FJixir of Senna
Thi- is the old reliable and only genuine,
j Refuse, with contempt, any other Fej
Sy rup recommended as good Thevars
irrigation- meant to deceive, yoti. Read
the label carefully and look for the iiarne
California Fig Syrup Company.?Adver
t i*e amen ? P
The Contentment of Feeling
Perfectly Shod is Yours
Throngrh "w "cnstom-fiftfikg" combined with our_
?My tOfiiplclc storfca of fr*r> rtewest rnorfH*. Many ot* our
Mvlc* arc rarefy- round outside of the rxrlim've Fifth Avenue
shofi ?si tMsl wStly St "
SrywiouT Syrle Shoe* *rr rermornirnj from ererr
\nwhrre is our quality dupliratrH at these
Pncty Sl.pprT?.
Orrs?? Sh>Bf*.

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