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6? ?AT
(Continued Kr?n First Page.)
mortal enemy arid an underworld
Becker. !' wa.- said to-n!g*ht. haa
again luvt junie of the hope which
buoyed him up earlier in the day. He
*i" us resigned to his fate, not believ?
ing mucii in the pcs-xibl* success of
his proposed app< al. despite the more
than forty grounds ? nieh. Attorney
Mcintyre says he M ill bast- his claims
upeni. Becker, v.no was dropped from
tn? pol.ne iv.-ur to-day. saj s w.ui
gtOOja) hUloraegg that l<c is being
'?rauroaci-U ? to Sing Sum. and oom- <
plains of the treatment accorded to
both his wife and himself. It may bei
a .. e.L. at i< a?t haters the Court gf Ap- |
pea.- wiil take iroin tils nerves tue
sira.ii oi a death sentence, giving hegaj
tiic ii^;hi to another aria*, nns\ mure
over. Ins death house will be his abode. I
Claims to be I'tt'arr-s Vi He. j
t Spec.a- a 1 I- The I'.mcS - Dispatch.)
liOilltsn. October 26.?At the Old |
Street PellO Station to-day a woman j
about thlrtv-tlve years of age, with
a pronounced Anuricaii accent, applied
to the magistrate for help to get back,
to NeW York, She gave the name of;
Mary Becker, and said she was the'
wife of Lieut* nant Becker, who has
font been convicted of the murder oi '
Kosi Vila!.
The woman snij she was formerly '
an actress. She married Becker In
1?|>." ana tired on l^ong island After
Mayor naynor had reduced Backer be-1
cause Of gambling, site said, he re?
covered Iiis position und they lived
together at the Annanln Hotel. Becker,j
she said, was then getting t. o v from
Harry Thaw because he had used his
inlltienie to get Thaw removed from
the Tombs. j
The woman said she knew Roaeatba]
at that time and became aware of
part of the secret between liini andj
her husband, and the latter al the in?
stigation of the fortner. ordered her to!
K9 away from New York temporarily, i
She sailed from New York last July t
on the steamship California for Glas-j
gow. She came to London and tried)
to get work hot failed. The Church |
Army sheltered her for three weeks,
and then the Salvation Army helped
The woman added that it was not
true that Lieutenant Becker took
hlaekp.ail from ttamb.in^ houses
fa I Imir of nutrition resulUrtg in racist sugar m the Mood,
failure of food to nourith and flesh-waathie thoarh the appetite
be rood. Eaceat urine, hollow eyas, drawn aiaraad i
?kkening rweetiah odor of skin an tymptoau.
g| I relieve* attacks of this
????? disease and restores nor?
mal nutrition. S. John Recken?
dorf, 1721 South Street, Philadel?
phia, Pa., writet:?"I had dia
hetei and begin uritij? your wonder?
ful Diahete* Remedy. I took 9
bottle* snd was pronounced cured
bjr my doctor. It it a blessing."
Tki Baal hrmt CSsW HOOK Mr ?W/uW
?474 f*cti?BSS ?J <tmt fil-ftd M rtrtfl
mf SO (fn'l: m* rm rettipt cf ttttuirmlum e/
tht S*H . <Htr,dfnm tmt tmUtmjfmtmmft
if am* t/mmr mtMvut. mud U-t*. Immtpt.
Warner'* Safe Diabetes Remedy
WlmRTs Sali1 Remedies
1-fMaae ass Liver
t-Raaasasast Besses
Writs for a free sample riehea
the ssatbar of remrdr desired te
though Ii? did a lot of gambling him?
self and helped to keep a house.
The magistrate told the woman that
her story was an extraordinary one
and it would n*ed much inquiry be?
fore lie could help her. The woman
said she was friendless in London, and
applied to the American embassy,
which at first gave her tome assist?
After some consultation the woman
was passed over to a court mission-]
ary for temporary help, and inquiry!
as to the truth of her story.
( onntie* Rend Subscriptions to Wilson Cam- '
palga fund.
Contributions have tome f.otn Charlotte
and Cumberland < ountlee to The Times-Lis?
sa* ee. Wilnon campaign fund. It now sta .:s
a* follows:
Previously acknowledged.$9!? "S
Ii. K. Adams. Cumberland. 1 na
8. i> Woodson, CatlSsllaild. 1 00
?>Bal McKa. i 'umb.-r and. 1 40
a. W. 10?
W. K Srott. Charlotte Courthouse. a oo
ST, D. Kudil. Keysvllie. i 00
il. W. Carmer, Keynvllle. ?00
?V E Halley. RaysvlUa. 2 00
J. S. Moore, Keyarllle. 1 oo
C M. Arvin, Ka/saatla. 1oo
J. H Prlddy. Keysvllie. 60
n C. Harrison. Jr. j oo
Total to date.|j;g <jg
Henries Deputy will Make Havre for Office
Kemp la to Vacate.
Now that the dust which has obscured the
political rins about the office of treasurer
in Dan rife County huf cleared away and left
the hats of two avowed candidates for the
office reposing In Its centre, and 'two oth-rg
pols?d conveniently near, t'i? corresponding
?Vim ^$\Sd '
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Can Be
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the Reason
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W omen's $5 & $6 Fancy Top Shoes
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All brown suede button shoes, with wing dpa,
pearl button*.
Tan calf vamp with tan champagne kid top, but?
ton stvie, wing tips.
Parent prslt vamp with fray whipcord tops, but?
ton ery'e, wing tins.
Gun me'al calf vamp, with gray whipcord tops,
button style, wing tips.
Tan calf vamp, with tan whipcord tops, button
style, ?ring tips.
Tan calf vamp, straight lace, blind
straight tip?
All Mack ?uede button shoes, wing tips.
Patent rolt vamp. light gray whipcord
top. straight tips, button styles.
Gun rwtal vamp, with gray whipcord
tops, button style
Gun metal vamp, with gray whiprnrd tops, straight lered, blind eyelets.
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ao popular for walking hoots.
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Jphn Mnndfli Snr.lh. Maua?".
The Other
Had the SWU til SM IS that
sou now hast IM Pl.tc:\Tr. hla
Pl.W ami vou cn* IH PI ICATr
HIV MM.ISS. V. reason whv
you < an't lav a>idr something ?.?? h
wer? toward a "pro%
^f^^^ perlt? fund" with
^^wW avhuii to (,K\M* ns>
portuntt?e%. *.rt a
start to-momrw wtth
fl or morr Keep st
it. TAr help with 3 per
rrat mt ggggff.
W M Hal i.stv.n. Pre
J. fV. Kothrr?. ??t Vsr-Ptrs
J?o t, Walk'-. 2d \k.--?V
And-rw M Gar/ver, t ?shw-t
' Atwcto Orcr Two *rK?*?
/ tVoaq -trett oank Y\
ring around the aherUTs edhee eppeers
varant and Inviting. ?
t=u Deputy Sheriff W. W. Sydnor, wrio??
ivune has been the only one mentioned in
connection with the tempting circle alnce
Sheriff Kerr;p tossed hta headgear into MM
treasurer's ring, has decided tu place hla
plumed Usaaslea In the vacant spot. ?Iis,
withal, aa i? befitting the distance of the
political fray which may be dimly accntcd
three years off. .... ?
? l task*' aaid Mr. Hydnor yestarday. that
it le a little early for announcement of my
candidacy, but my frlenda tel! me that It ia
better for me to come out 00?. I would not j
take the step If Mr. Kemp hod not declared
that he would run for treasurer, but his de?
cision In that matter leaves the race for
sheriff without a candidate. 1 will make the
ruce on my record, which la open for sny- (
body to see."
Sheriff Kemp announced recently that he I
would run for treasurer In the event that |
Ii. C Hechlcr, who now holds the office,
did not do to. S. J. O'Bannon ia also ile
Hiroua of being elected treasurer, and W. C
,-amid.ra Is reported to be casting bis
fiances that way, too. Mr. Sydnor la the
Brat candidate to announce for sheriff.
Negro "Trusty- Make* Successful Kalt by
doing Through Ceal Chute.
Making hla exit from a coal muio. a necro
"trusty" St the City Jail last Thuraday
1 lornlng made bis escape, and in* po'lc- are
now aearchlng for him. He had " eon com?
mitted in default of a peace >sa4 Ho ?u
put to work In the Jsll yard, City Sergeaat
satterOeld said last night. waa n->
reason for his leaving by th s to a: chute
route, for he had smple opportunity to walk
away. It la not eapected that thefa win be
much difficulty In capturing him.
Tl-ree Negro Youths Arrented for Robbing 1
Man et SU tents.
Three negro youths were arrested last
night by Bicycle Policeman Matt on the '
charge of holding up and robbing t'harlea
Mobiey, colored, of * cents. They are ac- |
i used of attacking Mobiey about 11:30 o'clock;
at Madison and Clay Streets. While two at
the alleged highwaymen held Mobiey the
third searched hla pockets and succeeded
in extracting a nickel and a penny, it was
said. Matt, however, was sttracted to the
scene by Mobley's cries, and succeeded In
capturing the trio without difficulty. At
the Second Police Station they gave their
names as Jack Cheat ham. nineteen; Me tea
Moticy, fifteen, and Robert rr.o.nav tntnty.
Negro Bay Saya He Did It la Defense
of His Mother.
Because, he said, his step-father. '
Alexander Atoms, colored, twenty-uve j
years old, was beating his mother.
ABRAHAM?In loving memory of
husband. A. P. RANDOLPH, who died
October the 27th. 1911.
Peaceful be thy silent slumber.
Peaceful be thy grave so low;
Thou no mors shall join our number.
Thou no more our sorrows know.
Wife, MAGGIE r.
rABORG.?In loving remembrance of
Our dear mother. FLORENCE terry
rABORG, who died October 25. 1904.
Eight long years have assed away
And still we miss thee more and
But we hope some day to meet thee
On that bright and shining shore.
BY her children.
TIMBERLAKE.?In memory of thos.
C. TIMBERLAKE. died October 26.
In the graveyard softly sleeping.
Where the snnllght sweetly falls
Lle? the one we love so dearly.
Whom we never more can call
Horae> that once was bright snd '
cheerful I
Now is always sad and drear.
Lovina; hearts that once were happy '
Now are always aching here.
We know that all must part and
Christ once suffered en the cross.
To thee thy death has been thy gain.
To us a heavy loss.
Oh. loved one. thy gentle voice Is '
hushed. ,
Thy war^i true heart Is still.
Thy death has caused a vacant place
This world can never fill.
How we mls? von. onr dear one;
Yes. we miss you everywhere, j
As around our lonely fireside
We still see your empty chair.
Oh. how onr hearts are aching.
For your face no more to smile. .
And without vour loving presence
It's no more like home to as.
<Ztm Ifttr ftn ?\m**ttitmtion
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home corner locstlon. thirteen
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J hw-tweer TonnHardy and AdHson and
rjf?. ? Streets and Hsnover Aveeee:
x 1>1. care T'me*-Dispatch._
(^"MKe'piK S\LK- GF^-tNE".HHfrr:
lard snd W'r'.sh mnantaln pvjaies
frr sa'e. large and vavafl gaarwadsad
try" sTRC,Kn5Sv ?1* fcrJTkT*U?wi
' Toby Jan? Morris, Fitshugh Our. eigh?
teen years old, lost aught about 10
o'olook aliot aad seriously wound ad
bim. While the mother and son Instat?
ed that Morris had attacked the wo?
man, other witnesses declared the wo?
man to have assisted hsr son In an
attack on her husband. both were
, arrested Thu boy was charged with
attempted murder, while his mother
was held as a suspicious character,
suspected of having committed a Cel
i ony.
I They were arrested immediately at
! ter the shooting, which took place at
ii-11 North Nineteenth Street, by Pa
: trolman Koikes and Detective (ien
I try.
I examination *lio?vod thut Morris bad
: been twice shot, both builets piercing
: the chest. He was treated by l?r. U.
C. Page, ambulance surgeon, and re?
moved to the City Hospital. Ills con?
dition, while serious, was pronounced
not dangerous.
Wir Thick aad Fast as Result of Neighbors'
Aa the result of a neisnhere* qaerrsi eeoaa
warrants flew thick and fast last nl?ht in
the vlelntty of Walker and Meadow Streets.
Two teametere, Thomas l.re, ft:ty years old,
and W. G. Pippin, fifty-nine years old, each
caused the arrest of the other on charges ot
tretpaae, aaasult and the uaa of abuse lea?
Both surrendered themselves at th* Sec?
ond Tollce Station early la the evening
Both were bailed, but In a ihort while Lee
returned and declared that Pippin and his
son. Janiea 1'ippln, bad araln been annoying
kha and caused a second warrant to be
sv.om out. They later surrendered them?
selves and were balled.
Bad blood te said to have existed between
tha two men for a lens while.
Coo tree-tor lined.
F. T. Neal.lt. contractor for llueger's Hotel,
was fined ?6 and costs yesterday morn Ink
? a Pu.ice Court for obstructlns the streets
with building SaalartSl. and was ordf red to
have It removed, at once.
Marriagea m Waahlagtea.
Licenses to marry were issued yesterday
In Waabinston to Georg? ;.. Bruoks and
Louise M. Uisseltjrncht, of Richmond. Dawn
W hite and Carrie E. Crossin, ot Herndon,
Vs.; Hubert G. Knupp, of Timbcrviile, N a..
and Saille B. Coitelt. of Broadway. Va.
Mra. t rank. W. Booth,
Mrs. Ida Heining Booth, wite of
Frank W. Booth, died yesterday morn?
ing at 3:30 o'clock at her residence,
?>U(? North 1 wen ty-sixth Street. Sue
waa twenty-four years o-d.
Funeral services will be conducted
this afternoon at 4 o'clock from St.
John's Episcopal Church. Interment
in Oakwood.
Mrs. A. F. Wills.
Mra Amanda F. Wills, serenty-nine
years old. died yesterday at noon at
the residence of her son-in-law. John
B. Lear. Highland Park. The funeral
services will* be conducted from the
residence Monday morning at 11
o'clock. She was the widow of Peter
C. Wills.
she leaves one daughter, Mrs. John
& Lear; five grandchildren, and two
sisters, Mrs. Emily Wallace and Mrs.
AI. IL Monyhan.
Thoaaaa Holten Harrison.
The funeral of Thomas Boiton Har?
rison, wno died at his home, 01? West
Alain Street, Thursday aiternoon, after
a brief illness, took place yesterday
afternoon from his residence at 3
o'clock. The Bar. J. J. Gravatt, L>. P.,
pastor of Holy Trinity Episcopal
Church, conducted the services. The
interment was in HoLywood Cemetery.
Mr. Harrison had only been nick a
short time, being stricken about two
weeks ago. He was well known in
Hichinond, and up to a few years ago
took an active part in the military af?
fairs of the city, being a sergeant of
Company L>, First Virginia Keglment
Mra. Margaret Sullivan.
News has been received by J. Louis
Sullivan of the death of his aged
mother, Mrs. Margaret Kelly Sullivan,
on Wednesday, Octvber 23. Mrs. Sul?
livan was a resident of Dubuque, Iowa.
Mrs. Jennie Kirkpatrlck, Scott.
Mra. Jennie Kirkpatrlck Scott, widow |
of J. p. Scott, died yeaterday afternoon,
after a lontr illness. In the home of her
daughter. Mrs. W. F. ChaJmers. 1119
Grove Avenue. She was born In Cum?
berland County seventy-nine yeara
ago, and was a cleberated belie and ?
wlt'of the ante-bellum days. She was
the daughter of Rev. John Kirkpatrlck
and Jane Jellis Kirkpatrlck.
The funeral will be conducted from
1119 Grove Avenue Monday at 12
o'clock by the Rev. I). C. Lilly. Burial
will be tn Hollywood.
Five of her children are still living?
Tdls Consumptives i
How He Got Well
Tuberculosis Is said te be curable by sim?
ply living in the open a'ir and taking an
abundant of fresh eggs and milk. Un?
doubtedly, some persona are benefltee. In
this way: but the appropriate remedy for
Consumption is Eckmans Alterative. Do all
you possibly can to add to strength and
Increase weight: eat wholesome, nourishing
food, and breathe the cleanest and purest
air-then, to the aensible thlnga ot right
living, add the tonic and beneficial effects
of Erkman's Alterative. Read what it did
:n this case: ?
KB E tth St.. Wilmington. Del.
"Gentlemen: In January. ?0?. I wae
taken with hemorrhages of the longa My
physleiSB. one of the hading practltionera.
said that it was iung trouble. I took egge
and milk In quantities, but I got very weak.
The doctors said I would not gain In weight
an long as I stayed in the store: bat I
kept on working and prayed each day that
I might get weil. I believe my p-ayers were
ar.awered. for Mr. C. A. Lisbinrott. my em?
ployer < I.ippincott * ?*?., Department Store,
Sot to J'.t Market Street. Wilmington. Del.I.
had learned of a remedy called E-kmaa's
Alterative that had done great -good. ,nd
upor. hla recommendation 1 began taking It
at ?n<e. This was about June. ;?/*. I eon
tii tied faithfully, using no other remedy,
snfl finally noticed the clearing of the longs.
T firmly believe Etkman's Alterative eaved
m\ life. I aent my spittle later to the State
R.-s-d o' Health to be examined for taker
r.ilosi* hsrll i. and ?oe? were found. Mr
mother riled ':imi Consumption when I waa
at.'at It" years old.
"I make this statement sa that others i
n :.-arn of the wonderful merits nt Eck- i
mar.* A'trrative. I regard my recovery as
?? In? miraculous**
[gWoTS affidavit! .TAH JSQTTrRES. j
K-kmar>'? Alterative Hi effeettve tn Bran- '
ebetta l?'lima. Hay Freer. Throei and laitvg
frei I = an-l In upNuTding the system. Does,
not e?n-ai? polrona. opiate? or r.abit-form
Inv. rtr ig?. For rale trv Owens A Minor Drug
Con-pa ir and other leafllnc drnggi??a. Aak
for booklet tei'mg of racover'e?. and write
to F~k-nan Labora'ory, Pbilade.phia, I
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111-113-115 W. BROAD STREET
Mrs. Robert Clarke, of Lynebburg: Mrs.
W. F. Chalmers, of Richmond, Mrs. W.
R Shafer. of Einilra, N. T.; Waller
Scott, of Riahruond. and Chester K
Scott, of Norfolk. She also leaves two
sisters?Mrs. John H. Flood, of Lyneh
burg. and Mrs. Mary K Parrveh. of
Henry CafJtea.
[Special to ThsS. Tissas Daepatsh ]
Lancaster, Vs, October Z*.?ilenry
ChUton. one of the best known citi?
zens of Lancaster County. ?lied Thurs?
day at his home near Mt-rrj Point, in
the seventy-first year <?: his a*;e. For j
several years he hud been in declm-'
in.- health. lie was a gallant sol-,
saar In the Coniede-rate army and was
brother to YVil.:am Chilton. clerk of ;
l?ancaster County; Mrs. it. O. Norris. |
Sr.. of lively Oak. and Mrs. tfpicer'
Curlett, of Morltco. He is survived
by the foliowin? sons and da'^nters:
A. R. Chilton. Colin C?Hton, Mrs. Ein?
est Qresham and Mrs. Lyle Ficklen. of
Lancaster, and Mra George < .realm in
and Mrs. J. Manning Dunaway. of
North Carolina. His remains were in
terred yesterday In the family bury?
ing ground with military honors L>y
Lawson Ball Camp. Confederate Vet
crane, of which he had long been a
prominent member.
Marten Franclaes.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1 ,
JJanville, N. C. October -???Marlon
Francisco, an aged and widely known
resident of Danville, died at the home
of his son. Leon Krancisco, at an early
hour this morning in his seventy-sixth
year. He had been la aMaS>aaaaj health
for the past several months lie waa
torn in Rogliano. Corsica, in 18 :7. and
came to this country when be waa:
twelve years of age in a sailing vee-'
sei, flftv-two days be in? consumed on
the voyage. After landing in New,
1 ork he went to Richmond to xa into
business with his ancle When the,
WILLS.?Died, at the resMenr? of her
eon-ln-law. John s. I>rar. 1*2* K as
low Avenue. Highland Park, at noon
Saturday, October 2?, IMS. MRS.
AMANDA r WILIeS. widow o? peter
C Will*, aged seventy-nine yeare
Sh? leavea to mown their le-ss one
dausrhter. Mra. John S. Lear, and five
grandchildren?W. W. I>ear. Miss
Annie H. leser. Mrs. R'chsrd A Tsl
ley. and Mrs. ft D. Wort ham. of
Richmond, and Mrs. C. D. Man in. of
Cincinnati: alee two sisters. Mra
Emily Wallace and Mrs. M IL Meay
Fnneral sWeSejas fre.ro her late
residence MOND AT. October ts. at
ROCK.?Died. In Denver. Co! . Sands y.
October :?. 1?1X. JOHN ROCK.
Pa> erai from St Pater's Oinrcw
THIS AFTERNOON st 4 O'clock.
HARRISON -Died at Ms re-ldence.
*IS West Main Street Thnrsdav. Or?
tolan- 24. st 12 2S P M. TIIOHAK
ItOLTON H*RRTS??N. the s on o' t*-..
lata Thomas B. and *?ral? gtepte*
Harrison. He m survived by ads
wife Mary E Harrison an", one eon.
Thomas B Harrison. Jr. of Blrmlng- ,
ham. Ala.
The fanern! t?v?k place from hts
late residence yesf?rd*y nfferrvori
at I a'stock The interment was
in Hollywood Owetsry
Calptper w... and Orange. Ta.
papers pteaer copy
P*^o?fH -0*ed. (VtiheT ;?. ttis a? '
a Je A. *.. at her residence. ???
Vorth Twente -?i\ih Street. IDA
FLEMING BOOTH wif, ef Prank W
ftooth.' la the rsr. - tr '.>arth year a*
her age
Civil War broke oat he Joined Captain
?'arHeCs Battery in Kichmoad and ne
participated in many of the decisive
battles. He was imprisoned at Fort:
Delaware, but was soon exchanged <
when he joined the Army of Northern i
Virginia. In l?6i be married Mlssi
r.mma James Adams, of Petersburg-'
Five years later he came to Danville, i
where he opened a confectionary store j
JTider his own name and which it still!
hears. He is survived by one son,!
J<eon Adams Francisco, and one daugh- I
ter. Miss Lillian Howard Francisco, j
The funeral will take piaee to-mor?
row afternoon from Main Street Meth?
odist Church
Dearh off a Child.
T.Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
lleathsville. Va., October 2?.?The
youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Law son
Headley died Of typhoid fever yester?
day st his home at Com. asred thir?
teen months Interment In the seme
tery of the old Head ley home.
Robert J. Beatwrlsht.
Chariot tesvllle. Va., October 26.?
Robert J Boatwright. aged ftfty-elgbt
years, proprietor of Boatwrlghfs Busi?
ness College, died last night at bis
home or. Preston Heights, afted a tWO
weeks' illness of catarrh of the stom?
ach. The funeral will take place at 3
o'clock Sunday afternoon from the
Christian Chtirr-h. Mr. Boatwrigbt was
a native of Fluvanna County, and* was
twice married His first wife was Miss
Klls Pavne. of near Union Mills. Fln
vanna County, and h's second who sur?
vives. Miss Kate Fleet, of Strasburg.
He also leaves one brother, W. D.
Boatwrlght, of this city.
The Rich Tone of the Stief f I
Is the result of 72 years of
skilled piano building. Test
it from every angle, for ac?
tion, tone and workmanship.
This fine piano is the only
one in its class sold direct at
maker's prices. Glad to
show you. irvr . PIANOS
E C RIKE, MajJMfCT 117 W. Broad
The Original Pure Food Store
TbeGeo. A. Hundley Co., be
514-516 East Broad Street,
Richmond, Vs.
Established 1852.
king Demonstration
Pillsbury's Best XXXX Hour
Tuesday, October 2fth, at 9 A. M., and Con
Unlit Erery Day Dnahst *? Week.
The following tnena will be gfrea each day. The pubh'c is
cordially invited:
Bread sad Biscuit every dsy from 9 to 1.
Wednesday. J to 5, Hot Doughnuts.
Thunvfay. J to 5-JO. Baking Powder sad Yeast Muffins
Friday. Pastry.
Saturday, Old Virginia Pound Cake.
Ay B?T9. C rV* Ami*

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