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Cyrus Bentley Claims What
Client Imparted to Him Is
Harvester Hearing in Chicago
May Be Concluded
Chicago. October 21.?Declaring ti.at
information which came to him in the
capacity of an attorney is contidentl&l
and privileged under thai ruling of the
courts, Cyrus Bentley, former counsel
for the McCormick Harvester Company,
declined to answer questions regard?
ing conference s held In Now York
prior to the organization of the In?
ternational Harvest? r Company, when
he was rariss to-day ;?? :? witness
the government's dissolution suit.
Counsel for the government put a
score of questions to tHs wltnes;i re?
garding the vlxlt made by members of
the McCormick family to New York
to confer with financiers concerning
the combination of harvester manu?
facturers. l>.t Mr. Pent ley declined to
reveal any of the tecrets of the con?
Attorney Edwin Grosvenor. who
questioned the witness for the gov?
ernment, pointed ont that his under?
standing of the rule ?as that where
A third person was present with an at?
torney and tits csi'-ut. the subject
matter could not be considered confi?
dential and privileged.
"That may be true, but I do not
understand that way and nvist decline
to disclose Information received from
a client while acting as counsel." said
Mr Bentley.
After further questioning th* wit?
ness said hj was not present at th*
meeting in New York. July 28, 1S?2.
w hen preliminary Stegs were taken for
the organisation of the International
Harvester Company.
He was then excused, and William
M. Reay. comptroller of the Interna?
tional Harvester Company, produced
the apprlsals of th? pla.ots of the Mc
?Oormick. Deerin?. Piano and Milwaukee
companies, used in determining the
value of the properties when the con?
solidation was put Into effect in ISO.'.
They were offered in evidence.
K. N. Wood, secretary of the inter?
national Harvester Company of Am--ri
ca, the sales corporation for the al?
leged combination, was called to iden?
tify numerous price lists sent out to
agents between 1903 and 1311 to show
that the different lines of machines
bearing trade mark names were ad?
vertised separately and that standard
prices were maintained.
The present hearing In Chicago will,
it 1? expected, be concluded to-mor?
row, when Mr. Wood will close his
testimony, and Professor John Uee
Coulter, chief of statisticians of the
Volte? St?te*'Cenaus Bureau, and Wil?
liam Vjncent. formerly an officer of
the Aultman ? Miller Machine Com?
pany, one of the concerns aald to have
|been absorbed by the alleged combi?
nation, will be examined.
The next hearing of the case will
be held at St. Paul early In November.
Has Ucen Long Enough in
(Joocliland Jail lor Killing
of Husband.
larmvillc School Officials at
Capitol?l ighting Pre?
vents Pardon.
Oom rr.ir Mann ye.-terdny granted a
pardon to Willie Harris, a colored wo?
man in the Goochland County Juil.
serving ? term for manslaughter. She
kill?.! her hMsband, and was tried foi
murder, out the circumstances sur
roundliiK the case inlluencod the jury
to give her one year in the Slav? Peni?
Anybody I'.ad rather spend a ; ear
in the Stale prison than in the Oooch
land jail, but Willi. Harris had Ihne
small children, y> horn the desired to be
near. Therefore, on recommendation
of county official'. Governor Mann
commuted the term to >>m. of the same
length in jail.
She has served HTM months ot this
time. -Ufr physical condition .is not
good, and officer* jotti'd in th<- reutest
for clemency, j u-i<< George S. Shack
elford. of tli?- Circuit Court, says that
the public interests will not be sub?
served by keeping b?? incarcerated
any longer.
?cbool Omcials of State .Normal tall
at Capitol.
Judge Asa l>. Watklns. anrntirj
and treasurer Of trie State Female Nor?
mal School at Farmvillr. and B. ML
Cox. steward of the same institution,
visited the Capitol yerterday. It was
assumed they were .-- ..-kma informa?
tion as to when members of the board
of director* of tha school would he ap?
pointed, so that a meeting might be
i held. The board has 1 now no ?i-uo
As a result of the unfortunate condi?
tions which have arisen, the school is
said to be somewhat disorganized, a
feeling of uncertainty pervading the
faculty and student body.
I The affair was an outcome of the
contest between Judge Walter A.
Watson and Congressman Itabert
Turntvjll in the Fourth District. Mr.
Turnbull was chairman of the board,
his term expiring last July. Accusa?
tions were made that Mr. Cox was ac?
tive in support!^ Mr. TurnbuM. and
Judge Watson's friends made com?
plaint of this. The matter was taken
up with the Governor, and he gave out
a statement to the effect that he would
not appoint the directors to the four
vacancies until after the primary eleo?
tion, which was held September 21.
Tot* Fights KicUfd In hr I'rtaoae?
Sa*U Hin numettk
The Governor yesterday refused to
pardon Lovelace Young, who is serv?
ing five years in the penitentiary from
There is only OME grade of
'1 he difference in the price of the various
I style? i> governed by the exterior design
I and the size
The Steinway ha-, established a stand?
ard for ail pianoforte construction It is
; the piano i>re-emincnt in the musical
Sent for free catalogue.
j Sole agents in this territory for the
I Mcinwuy and other high grade pianos.
Walter D. Moses & Co.
IIS East Broad Street.
] Oldest Music House In Virginia and
North Carolina.
1 Norfolk on a charge of houaebreaking
1 and larceny.
The prisoner ..as served three years,
and would before this have been eligl
| ble to release on parole, but f t the
fact that he has developed a tendency
to tight with Iiis fellow-convists. Two
battles have been recorded against him
on the prison books, and destroyed his
chance for clemency. He must serve
at least one more year, and perhaps
; longer unices h'. behaves himself.
Tob?reo Costers <'kartered.
I The Tobacco Reha .idling Company,
Ltd.. a corporation chartered under
; the laws of Kentucky, was yesterday
; granted a certificate of authority to
.do business in Virginia. It is engaged
j in business at 320 South Tenth Street,
I this city. The ftrm was formerly
I ft Matthews & Sons, of New Jersey,
j Knglish capital to the amount of $10?.
i oOO is said to be employed. The con
' cern buys and resells tobacco. Wll
' Ham K Burghard. of this city, is stat
| uiory agent.
Capital Stork Increased.
The capital of the Liverpool. London
and Globe Insurance Company, of Lon?
don, has been Increased to ?15,000.01)0.
It is authorized to do business in Vir?
Goveraar Goea to Lowdeua.
Governor Mann goes to Leesburg to?
night, and will to-morrow attend a
school meeting.
D. R. Crecey Appeals from Ftae of ?10?
fa Police C ourt.
D. It. Creecy, a r*a! estate dealer, was
ftned IIOO and costs yesterday morning in
Police Court for driving an automobile
ffc*ter than avowed by law. Creecy was tr
rested Wednesday by Motorcycle Officer C
B Samuel?, who testified that he wu racln*
Ma car at, twenty-eight miles an hour In
Mor.ument Avermc. Creecy appealed from
the One.
_ Cmnberkand County Prisoners.
H. K. Adams, ?heriff of Cumberland Coun
ry. came to Richmond Wednesday night
from York. Pa., where he had been to take
charge of Philip James, a negro wanted In
Cumberland for h>usebre*k.ng. The pris?
oner was lodged In the Henrlco County Jail
for the night, and Sheriff Adams left for
Crirbjerland Courthouse witfi his charge
Ttsterday afternoon. James is already un?
der Indictment by the grand Jury for his al?
leged effsaa*.
'The People's Choice Made
Effective by the People's Money"
In these words the Democratic standard bearer, with characteristic incisiveness, has
gtruck the keynote of the movement which is supporting him and which is going to elect him.
For a quarter of a century the money of the Interests has been paying the political
bills of the nation. And the Interests have been receiving in return the legislative favors
of those elected to office by its money.
As tar as Wilson and Marshall, their ticket and the Democratic National Committee
are concerned, these things are at an end.
A National House Cleaning
Wifcoa's program calls for a National House Cleaning.
/ He has said to the people?"Break into your own house
?ad Irre there. And (want yon to examine very critically
the character of the tenants who have been occupying it.
It is a Tery big boose and very few people have been living
in h: and the rent has been demanded of you and not of
then. Ton have paid the money which enabled them to
Sre in yonr own house and dominate your own premises."
Election Day is going to be Moving Day for the old
The people are going to more into their own hoase on
?er Ich. Bot first they have got to house clean,
pa and pails, scrubbing brushes and pumice
with their dollars, dean, hard-earned dollars
will drive oat the minted ones and pay the moving
the old arrogant avaricious tenants have
in years gone by.
?1 ? ? r-r??
Tfnsj wfS pay the bills i
TfsSW wM help to spread the
fhnsr pisihiiin and ticket, ar
to the Rallying Cry
Hung hi a ills' piogtessite voters of the country, the
lent Democrats. Republicans, Progressives and
I are helping with their money the cause of right
and popular government.
of the Democratic Campaign.
' gospe! of Wilson and Marshall,
. among millions of free men, of
know the right and the wrong in this Orr
? hack cp the refusal of Wilson and Mar
i accept corporation money. They will stand hy
and Marshall in their determination to win by the
Mary or net at all.
mm give one dollar to elect Woodrcw Wilson
of the United States ? WiU you give S2. S* ?10
The People's Cense Needs a
Mffion Dollars
4? h win be easy to get h if
Wilson and Marshall does his
why the People's Cause should
fund an the Cause of toe Few. ?
you give today r
ku dollar isn't needed.
snste and the fiffht will he over. Money will
?then. We taust use it just as soon as you
PA to SSO 00
and Marshall
WiU You Be a Missionary for
Wilson and Marshall?
We need thousands of men and women who will appoint
themselves to head lists and get subscriptions for this clean
campaign fund.
Everywhere in offices and factories, on farms and rail?
roads, there is a glorious opportunity to do effective work in
the service of your cause.
Put your name and the amount you give at the bead of a
list and get your fellow-workers and friends to sign under you.
Pin the money to the list and send it to C R. Crane, Vice
Chairman Finance Committee. Democratic National Com?
mittee, 900 Michigan Ave., Chicago, III.
Strike out today for the Wilson Cause which will win ali
the more overwhelmingly with your support.
How to Contribute to the Wilson
Campaign Fund
Sign the Coupon in this comer and fill in the amount
you give. Then attach your Money to this Coupon and mail
today to the address given oa the Coupon.
tnbuuZn to*C?it. Crane. V?c*
IgsjBj A venae, Chicago, HI.
Then write a letter to this newspapei giving yocr r.atne
at a cowtr;haw?r and stating year reasons why you believe
Wood row Wilson should be elected President of the United
States. In this way yon wilt be listed as a Wilson con
tribuior. A Svovenir Receipt, handsomely lithographed,
well worth framing, wi'.l be sent to yon. Your letter wttf
heip the fifht by encouraging your friends.
Do everything yon can to bold np Wilson's hands in bis
c'-ean campaign tor the people who do ose werk and fighting
r>l the cauntrv.
Woodrow Wins Ciiii.it, Fi
Meeting at Courthouse To-Mor
; row Will Listen to Final Ap?
peal to Voters.
j Democrats of Hent ico Count) KM
I asked to meet at 12:30 o'clock to-mor?
row at the county courthouse, to ?.ear
i the linal address of Governor W?.od
; row Wilson to th?- people of the l,"tilted
? Stales. Not only members of Gov
j crnor Wilson's party, but those of any
I other political faith, are Invited.
I Chairman II. M. Fleet d.d not learn
' until yesteiday of the request of the
: Urmorratii N ? loii.tl Committee con
? ccrning these .neetinxs. and had aO
, time to prepare fee precinct aathci
i illgs. There Will, therefore, be but
I one meeting in Henrlco?that at the
'courthouse. Mr. 1-ieet. or some MM M?
lected by him. will read the address,
! w hich will oco-ipy only a few min?
From many counties and cities of
the State letters have come to State
Chairman J. Taylor Kllyson. indicating
i that lo-al parly authorities will com
' ply with the request to make to-mor
' row Wilson and Marshall Day. All
' over tlie State meetings w ill be held,
at which the Wilson address will be
read to the assembled voters. Where
clubs exist, they will meet. Speakers
will add to the meetings in many lo?
The following appointments are announced
rota State Dcmocratle headquarters:
James Ha/.
Morgan's Mill. November I, I P. M.
Berryvilie. No. ernb? r t 2;? P. M.
Pierce s School hous'-, November Z. 1 !'? M
H. t>. FUaal
Kockbridge County, November L
i umberiand. November 2.
j.<iio;iia, November 4.
K. W. H'bard.
Centenary, November 2.
Don P. Halsoy.
IIa rrisonburg. November 1.
Flo>d W. Klag.
IlarrisonlAirg. November J.
datura! Bridge. November i
1-exlngton. November 4.
Hugh A. White.
Harrlsonburg. November 2.
Thomas J. Heftla.
Ii'errlsoijburg, November 2.
C. C. Berkeley.
Gloucester, November 4.
Carter Glase,
f'ijiihowle, November 2.
Marion. November 2 (night).
Newport News, November 4.
Richard I.. Beete.
Richmond County. November 4
C. C. Carlia.
Herndon. November 2.
E. W. Saaadera.
Bachelor s Hall. November 1 (X P. at.).
Scow Creek. November X.
Rocky Mount, November 4.1
W. A. Jenes.
Frtderlcksburg, November 2.
John Lamb.
Dlsputanta. November : (night/.
Portsmouth. November 2 'night*.
HU1 Montague.
Keysville, November 2. 2 P. M.
Charlotte Courthouse. November 2 (night)
X. E. HoUaad.
Boykins, November 2.
?J. T. Clement.
Bachelor s Hall, November 1 q p a i
B. Tata Irvine
v>ryden. November 1.
St. Charles. November 2
8. W. WUIiaaas.
Coeburn. November 2.
Aiibrey G. Weaver.
Canterburg. November 1. S P yi
K. E. Bird.
Gore. November 2. S P. M
Marshall MrCortnir*.
Middletown. November 2. S P. M
. ? _ Chairman.
J. A. Brenaman. Secretary.
Wilson College Men's League
Needs $30,000 for Big Pa?
rade in New York.
A last call for financial help from
the various State branches of the
WoMlrow Wilson College Men s Leaarue
has been issued by National Treasurer
John L DeSaulles and received by the
officers of the Virginia League-. The
treasurer is making this appe.:i in or?
der to secure the $30.00') necessary to
defray the expenses of the gigantic
Wf lson-St:lzer parade In New York
Saturday, which the league hopes to
present to the National Democratic
Committee JS a gift.
The call is in the shape of a night
letter received yesterday by Lucius F. ?
t'ary. State ..rganizer of the Wood row
Wilson College Men's League, and reads
as follows.
"What piMMM to be the biggest
parade and demonstration in politiiai
history is to be i:ejd In New York No?
vember 2. Members of this sWaBM are '?
to lead the line of msrc'i, with Wood
raw Wilson at the head. The parade |
is being given under the auspices of
the Woodrow Wilson ?"olleg(. Men's
league, which is standing for all ex -
Pensen. including bands, srrandstands.
Hags, banners. iH>afs. advi rtising. etc
The c.st of the same will he In the
neighborhood of $2?.ihh?. All political
and patriott? societies sutiporting
V? .wnlms- Wilson Jre turning; out en
masse > >n?- hundred tho.is.md men are
expe< I?) t.? fall in line. It Is our pur?
pose to m.tk? this contribution to the
national ommitt'-f in the name of the
leasrue. it wo.ild he: a fitting, close :?
the sf>|en>did work IBM**)! on by this
league throughout the country. Ae
treasurer of the organization I ree4 J
all the asslstan-e and help that I ran!
po?s,bl> cet jn order to carry out our
ambition, an I I am --aMing on the nr m
Sers of the Virginia l^jjur to rive me
(loan. ;al support. IH? not fe?>l that
Satiir.iav will be the end. Vcause the
?Vila will come In next week, and that j
I* th- time that I need the m >Iiey the I
most Whatever \our organisation can !
III S. more than app?e. tate.t
lies?.- wire m- If we ran <-oorit on yoa
for th.s sau'h needled ?a* ?lanee
"JOHN L IG^AI-I-t?."
The !o--al bran-h of thin organization
-ias already collected more than $!???
and everts to in er ease this ? ontrl^n
tl.T) material!' T 'o*e wt?h-n? to bat
? share In answering rh's call <-an mail
i-berk? to \jir\m V Cary. Trave>|er?
Fii'M'ra. .->n-l -e etve ? handsota- lit ? -
graphed rn-elpt ,n retarn.
f >?>?r*a! t" T*ve Time?.rvrpatch t
I)tfif;l>. Va. Oetnttee 11 ?Via? Hop*
Lafctrlll* .Seibert was m*rr>-d aat'tl
ta Dr C X OsmMe mt TTlarti .?ho.il?
Tt C.'sjt TaneeTTtiie this afts.rweew at.
I alack by th* Rev X Mvrektawn. ?
Baayttat pastor
The fwaeriaee waa q?!f? a sieerlae. ,
tlsp $>r??$al imr'-r. wit* a r*?s*eron
tiswJO'lag ?w ? r to th' No-tit CapeTIni ,
eity at 2 A-c|*?rk Mts? *Hnert le a1
Mantis.' roam* teacher at t*>? fssmaMSle ]
ffsstltnte. and her kasfietia nee a tfswal
Bessettes* at Wsstet 4^ea?lav
- win ??
Mote Ready for Service in Pub
I lie Schools Than in Past.
Questions Asked.
laeatMUoa facts regarding the sup
I ply and <!? maud of teachers in the
p?Mki schools* with ike U.fflcuitiea ?n
couiit. red in mntls?rsll sltiMstsenm aar?
t?e.-ii o!>t;ni!.-t! by the Department Ol
i'li'dic Instruction, i'uisuilia its pol
: icy of gettiiiK iit facts with a view to
Ui- bwsjl aar?Ida, s questionnaire was
a nt out on uotober IS (a lind jut ccr
?uin fa ts.
This year for the Ural time the certi
'ti' atioii of t. ai hers in the public
SSkOakl Iii? . ? n pland directly under
ili. ? :..:r^. of ihe department, instead
<>t artta th* old state iiourd of Mjaata*
' luers. .some d<-iay and a certain
am iunt of confusion SB soon quarter*
was found uaavoidable, yet it has not
i been of s i tfl. i.n t volume to be v in bar
! raastaf.
the naoelllllll asked were for the
purpose of finding out?
1. How many teaehers were etiU
i K Mow rnsny emerg'n'y certificates
: iiad already been asked for.
3. Total number of emergency cer?
tificates that would probably tie re?
4 The names and addresses ~>t
available leec hers still unemployed.
Ninety-six of the counties and cities
have been heard from. Sad the figure*
Kiven are both interesting and lUu*
! minatiiig.
Dim.-uMIrs Fonnd.
The ninety-six count es and cit'es
I report that they still need 247 white
land .'"1 eotored teachers; that they
I have asked for IIS emergency certifi?
cates for white teachers and 114 for
colored teachers: that the total num?
ber of emergency certificates will prob?
ably b<- 22s for whites and 111 tit
negroes. They give the. names of HO
white and eighteen colored teachers
?tili unemployed and available. Many
superintendents report that their lack
j of teachers ts due to the Cad that per
! sons elected had jumped their contracts
! at the last minute. Others report
i that the fault' lies in small salaries
I or difficulty in securing a proper board -
j ins place, ft ts certainly true that
; Virginia this year has sent an unus
? tially large number of teachers to
ether States, and yet there appear to
f be en ough left to provide teachers for
I the home schools wtt!i the smallest
number of emergency certificates ever
During the year ending June 30, 1911,
602 emergency certificates were Issued
to white teachers and 2S7 to colored
teachers. The reports for the session
just closed are not in yet, but the
number is hardly as large aa the year
before, since the number of emergency
certificates has been gradually de?
creasing for several years. This year
it will be necessary to issue to white
teachers probably only one-half as
many emergency certificates as year
before last.
Colored Teaehera.
Xext year the department proposes
to take up the matter of providing an
adequate supply of colored teachers In
a very systematic way. and it is be?
lieved that a plan has already been
j suggested-that will relieve the sltua
' tion materially.
i During the summer the department
handled between 50.000 and 60,000 ex?
amination papers. This shows that
about 5,000 persons take the examina?
tion each year, counting as twj per?
sons those who try both of the exam?
inations. The heaviest part of this
work comes in August, but by length?
ening the hours and using extra help
the papers were handled and the great |
bulk of the reports sent out in twenty-]
five days. 1
The department will now put thai
information s-ecured fr >m the ques-j
tionnaire to good use> by sending the.
names of available teachers to the;
counties needing teachers, and wherever i
a fairly decent salary is offered it is;
hoped the need may be met promptly. |
Climate Failed;
Medicine Effective
?* aae been absolutely shown that rest.1
fresh mir and good food Jo help many per?
sons suffering from Tuberculosis. But it
must be admitted that the disease is seldom
more than ?arrested.- Something more la
Kckman's Alterative is a medicine made
far the treatment of Tuberculosis It BUS
conquered thin disease again sad ???In. .
Often these benefits have been effected '?
where the surroundings were not ideal?yet;
recoveries resulted. Now we argue that
Eckmea'i Alterative should be used la every
case of Tuberculosis. In addition to good,
nourishing food and fresh air which we ail
need. A remarkable ease foliowa:
"Gentlemen: Through Eck man's Alterna?
tive I have been saved from a premature
grave. On December 14. ISM. I waa taken
With Typhoid Pneumonia. My lungs became
very mach affected, my ?putum was exam?
ined and Tuberculosis BaefTll were found.
On February :i. IMS, I was advised to go to
Fort Worth. Texae. While then aa abscess
In my right Ion* broke and dVtrharged. I
grew worse, and became very mach emaci?
ated. My physician Infoi und me that I
meet go to Colorado as quickly as possible.
I left Texas June 1 and arrived In Canoni
City June r very feeble. After being there;
two weeks, mr physician Informed me that
my rase was ho,?eiees Three) weeks later I
returned nom. weighing Mt pounds the doc?
tor having given me no assurance of reach?
ing there alive.
"On July 14. I began taking F. >. man's
wonderful remedy for Cor sumption. Tn-day
I weigh IS* pounds. I am stoat and well and
can do any kind of work about my grain
elevator I have not an ache nor pain In my
lungs, eat well, sleep well, and never re;t
hrtter" .
<?wo?n sfftdavlt" ARTHTr WEBB
Eektnan s Alterative is 'effective In Bron?
chitis. Asthma Hay PWer. Throat and l.ung
Tronblee. and la anenlldlng the system. Done
not contain polsona. opiates or haMt-formlng'
druge For sw'e Ny Owens * Minor Drug!
Oorrand other leadtng oTagrtste. Ask*
for book>t teTllag of reeoverlea and write
to EVkman'e Lahore tery. Philadelphia. Pa.
for additional evtdeaeC
AsB I SI anale r or phone
i**??how to sot tula
$8.00 24-pt Tea Set;
"Thank Duke's
Mixture for Them"
Every member of your family will
date the many handsome, useful presents
can get free with the coupons now
Duke's Mixture is one of the big favorite braisd* J
both pipe end cigarettes. Men everywhere prefer i
cease of its true natural tobacco taste. Duke's
it simply the choice leaves of fine Virginia and
Carolina bright leaf?thoroughly aged, stemmed
crumbled. It's impossible to get a purer smoke.j
more likeable one than this mild, rich, fragrant
?f Myers Duke's Mixture.
, One and a half ounces of this choice
tobacco cost only 5c?and with each sack you get ? '
of cigarette papers FREE.
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present coupon. With these coupons you can get:
article described in our
illustrated catalogue of ]
ents. As a special*
good during October
and November onfy,i
will give you thia_>
log absolutely
Simply send us your
and address.
Cou0?ns from DUKE'S !
it auorttd .wit <t Tars from
from FOUR ROSES (IMm *
end other toss and coupeni tJlucJ i
Address?Premium Dept.
mJaLtWl//?sm>?mmSB Cts
News of PetersbiM
Times-Dispatch Bureau,
5 Bolllngbrook Street.
(Telephone 14S5)
Petersburg, Va.. October IL
The Sunday School Institute, under
the auspices of the Baptist School As?
sociation of this city, now Dwinsj helil
in the Second Church, is attracting
much attention and jlruwiti~ large as?
semblages. Mi.-s Williams, of Birming?
ham. Ala., spoke twice at last even?
ing's sessions. She is a speaker of
rare gifts. She spoke again this after?
noon and to-night on subjects speci?
ally pertaining to Sunday school work
and training. The Itev. J. C. C. Dun
ford, who is in charge of the institute,
spoke this afternoon on 'The (Jrade'l
School." and to-night the Rev. Dr. Ry
land Knight, of Richmond, discussed
"The Teacher's Kvangelistic Oppor?
tunity." Professor R. E. Gaines, 01
Richmond, i* scheduled for two ad?
dresses, with illustrations, at the ses?
sions to-morrow.
F uneral of Mr. O'Keaaua.
The body of R. Thurman O'Kennon.
who died of asphyxiation night before
last in the Lexington Hotel in Balti?
more, was brought to the city this
morning, and the funeral took place
at 2:2? o'clock this afternoon from the
Matoara Methodist Church. The im?
pressive services were conducted by
the Rev. Joseph Wiesham and the Rev.
Lloyd C. Moore. The burial was In the
cemetery at Mataoca He Is survived
by his wife and one daughter, at their
home in Kttrick; by his mother, three
brothers. Reter. of Matoara: William
T. of Mount Airy, X. C. and K. fl
O'Kennon. of Petersburg. Also by two
sisters. Mrs. Esther Olli and Mr-. Mary
Butler, of Matnara.
*ie %eial Deaths,
Mrs Lillian Siate. wife of J. C Slate,
an employe of the Virginia Railway
and Power Company, died at an early
hour this morning at the BlrdviLe
sjksnitoriam. after a lingering illness.
Besides her husband, she is survived
try threw children
Master <>corg? l.n< kett Jones, five
and a half years old. the son of Mr.
and Mrs. Albert W. Jones, di*d last
evening after a brief illness, at the
home of the parents on Harrison Street.
The body was taken to-night to the
former home of the parents at Win
ston-SaJem. K. C. for burial.
Herbert I .ester, two years old. son
of Mr. and Mrs J. B Andrews, died
last evening at the home of the par?
ents on Kerndale Avenue.
A message received to-dar from R.
Gordon Finney. former!v secretary of
the Young Men's <'t?risti?n Association
m Petersburg, announced the death In
Washington of his father. L H. Fin
ney. for manv >ears connected with
tho tTr.lted tVafes Vary Department.
f ast evening at ' "9 o'clock at the
residence of th- Rev. K W Moore, who
perforated the eeremony. Miss F.tU
I gnj Hundley and Ldwsrel >.inf..rJ
Ifolieman. nrere ? n 'od In marring".
The?roi;p|e wer.- attend-d >>> Miaa Ma*
Hundley, sister of the brtdnv, ?Med
J.tfms ?r*Kel|ey
It is expected that there Will be
? n imbrr of peutoral rhanae? on the
eoantv ct'. utts In the Petersburg dis?
trict at the ctwar ?f th* present con?
ference year hy reason of the esstira-,
tinn of the fo?r years' terms of see- i
With the opening of the gmSBe *.-*.!
son to-morrow ma ay haatstaea will g?
out from Petersburg to get Bmt shots!
at the fall coveys of straw. Mom s*
the farm- r? In this vtciaaty have, how?
ever, aasteel the* wants aanasawt has* J
^ ?TanSteMha, *^'^^^si^^9^S^9
Icitj* from the grove*
'asylum at Washington
I to the CVntral State.
I which institution he was
? 190fl.
i To-morrow will be
J the Lee Public School
at the lacksun School,
exercises have been art
in the afternoon, with
Mrs. Mary !?:. Baker, j
TV is . is visiting her niee
liixldard. in Chesterfleli./
formerly resided in the
f Special to The Tii
GordonsvlUe Va.. Oei?
Taylor and Miss Lul.\ Ma
of George Manley. both
erset. Were marri? d on '1
ternoon at * oVloek.
belnsr performed hy
pastor of the Gorda
Veteran mt slity-Flve
Only Ts
[Special to The TI
Harrisonburg. Va,.
W. Holler, sixty-Are
Confederate sol<lier of
and Miss Bessie Mt
years old. were marrlcdi
Rev. George F. Cdok
well-known farmer,
daughter of Isaak
Main and
The most moderst
r i reproof Storage
South. Milts for
valuables; it*
*te<m brated
other modera
care of hnusabuM |
mate on rratiaf*

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