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ijckr thla afternoon,
{he Bulgarian column
A tclecram from
Poclock thla afternoon,
Ina; has been advancing
from Visa. Mahmoud
l's army has vanquished
rrtan column, and nos all of
corps have been ordered to
"7'irrrnunlentlon sent by Nastm Pa
to the Sultan during tiie morning:
that the Bulgarian forces crad-|
By aero being hemmed in ?u four:
a It especially commended the
(act of his troops st Visa, who were j
to be fighting with splendid d*v>- |
?nd courage.
still earlier dispatch from the)
ridsh f ommander-m-.hicf. dated
sursday. said the Bulgarians h*J|
stained heavy losses ?: W>v.tresda:. *;
rhtlr.g at Bunarhissar p.r>j that a
ir.tity of artillery p:ecvs, r'S.-s. am- ?
?\Mition and other equipment had been
r-tbted by the Turk*
iBunarhlssar is about forty miles
utheast of Kirk-K:'t**;-h.
Marrlsonburg Va_ 1 ?
irs. George K. Huffman a.fi of it*
luckingham ma.l clerk sr.- s s;r*
eg three years in the FWdssraJ j?r:sm
.t Atlanta for stealing t-> ia the
nail near Lvrtchburg. - > *
sure to-day solicit.r; -.-:itares to-a
petition to President Tat: asking foi a
Parole for her husband. Several weeks
ago Huffman's mother sent a patheaec
letter to the Jurymen and to tr?e c-.^art
officials connected with h-.f.aais
begging them to add their names to a
Yesterday a homestead exemption
rlalm was filed in the clerk's offi.e by
Huffman's lawyers in the effort to hold
on to the 132-acre farm at Peon Laird.
Xhe papers were executed several
sysefcs ago in the Atlanta prison. A
deed of trust for $1.200. however, takes
??precedence over the exemption.
j It will be recalled that HtifTrr^n
j#s?nfessed his crime, and about IIJ.OO-.'
Wjwaa found concealed In glass fruit ;ars
sounder the Huffman home.
?Continued From First Page.)
? t national headquarters to-day. De?
cision upon a candidate before election
was unlikely, it. was said, notwith?
standing the desire of s<me members
Of the committee that a vote be taken
by telegraph.
(Continued From First Page.)
Virginian Railway tracks from Alber?
ta?a Junction of the Virginian and
Seaboard Air Line railways.
Superintendent Joseph H- Witt and
Trainmaster George Mason, of the!
Richmond division of the Seaboard;
Air Line, left at 5:30 o'cTock for the,
seen* of the wreck and directed the I
Work of rehabilitation. No. ?5 was!
"B?rry?? lor Clothes'
Fortunately tor you this
BMMRHl variety is the thing
. :i overcoatings.
There are blues, browns,
tans, grays and the new
Cambridge cloths, and a
?OIH?I ful collection of
rough novelty mixtures, all
.:. varying weaves and
But the bia feature of this
season's overcoat styles is
the belted back. in any one
of a half doze:, variations.
The belt may be sewn or
plain, embellished with a
button or t wo.div:dedin the
centre, or made in three
piece effect, but to be en
courant it must be belted
onewayor another.
Our best bet is the London
"Slip?OH*" cut a little below
the knee.Ragland Or Square
shoulders, patch or slash
pockets, and an abbreviated
belt which gathers the gar?
ment into a folded effect at
the wa.st.
Smart is not the word for
it, nor shapely, nor swag?
ger, for it is all of these and
much more besides. It is
the choicest, most exclusive
fall overcoat that ever came
from the tailor's bench.
$20 to $30.
Coats for boys, girls and
Misses, too.
in charge of Conductor W. M. White
hurst of thi? city. Engineer Tighe,
who received minor bruises, arrived
in Richmond last night with the re?
lief train, and left later for his home
in Raleigh. X. C.
The wrecked train was due in Peters
fcurg at 4:?0 o'clock and in Richmond
at 5:05. The scene of the accident is
fifty-three miles from Richmond and
thirty from Petersburg.
Dmymmmmmtmfrmt ii lilmJmffmmn m,
iklJiiwiifii 4mmnnmtmmu?tAin1itT
Jmwt ssssss?sj WUmm Wh?Amy. 303
Fifth Acm., N*m Ymrk. TKmt'm AH'
TlltlES-PISPATCH, Nov. 2nd
fVo etb*ri M- -
2? a7, ..smmIi ?Murrt fccrctti ?et opsout? strle
~*"m*mwm^u.[ M1firnir i i.?
(Like iTra-tratiotwin tre ?n-totrrrem'm? fron day to day )
SoS-r7^ NOTT??S by the onsmaJ P?b
Ucner* of Wrh'teT? Dirti^ry or by the,r succ?-s,or*
*Uh\ the wir entire'- new compilation by the world;
?"t ?tr--?.?-??. f? -?? leading ."^-.nt;: ??^"*?
Tnfl LirnpUather. flexible, ttan-.ped ;n gold rn back and
?d??ed hMe paper, w.h re-i e \S< ar.d corner,
x l~m?T'??cm. durable lW2c? the genera! mrtenu. there
l?aeV?^Si^* bea?ifc:iy .narrated by three- j?7
a,. TT>ap* aaai <?*L^^7< ^? Vr rr? n.-dones 16 page, cf [SSLTi
Dictionary Ceawiaa
It la
g.ea?eM***???- _
sax! <?*????? ? -_? ?"S^gnC " ^P^j
?m ????? U'-' ^
!? m p cloth sisa
lac. ?tsmsed m cd
and Mara. has aassa
1 aassa ul?tra
eat ail
the eoT*
Government Alleges Violation of
Sixteen-Hour Labor
[Special to The Tlme?-Dt*patch.J
I.vi>rhburg. V?., fajvember I.?Suit wu In
diluted to-day in the Federal District
('curt by District Attorney Barne? Glllespl*
I- the name of the Ualted State* govern?
ment asainit the Chesapeake and Ohio
Hallway Company, in which penalties
aruount to I13.U? for allsxad violation*
of the law forbildinc trainmen to work
more than sixteen conaecutlve hour*.
The Instance* charged In the declaration,
end there are twenty-six of ihtin. arose on
the Jemes Kiver Division of the railway
between (Jladston.- and Clifton Korse. or on
ilie main line of IBS system between Clifton
Forae and H;ntnn. W. Va., during- the
rt:<?iuh of April last.
The violations < hareed were with reitard
to the foi!owir;r trainmen: T. C McGulre.
brakt-man: II. I> Saunder*. conductor; II
W, Kern, brakeman; R. J. Hyde, brake-man;
F. B. Tjrco. Iireman; E. C. HufTm:in. con?
ductor: C. M. Ja? kson. brnkeman; C. H.
t-\>ep*tone, brakeman: ?. H. Hsyne*. engi?
neer: W. D. Adams, fireman. J. t. cireaver.
conductor: R. A. Weaver, aeakasaaa; R.
W. Horton, brakeman; 11. M Xewcombe,
crcineer; C. ft Fnead. fireman; ft- G Po!
'<>-k conductor. J. S. Upton, brakeman; E.
J Crawford, hrskeman: R. <~i. Halle, enifl
ne-er; L. L. Suiihan. fireman; 1>. II. Hardy,
conductor; C. O. Meadows, brakeman; E. H.
Helm, brajceman:; U. W. Haialitan, brake
man; V T. Wiseman, engineer, and 8. O. 1
Rvsr.s, fireman.
The rroceas sitalnst the railway company
wl!i go out of the clerk'* office immediate?
ly, and the ras.- arffl mature in time for trial
ar the next term of the District Court here
:n March.
Academy?Robert B. Montell, In "Tfce
Merehant of Venice." this afternoon,
and la "Klag Richard the Third" to
Bijoa?"The (all of the Heart,"
matinee and alarht.
Empire?1 aadeviUe.
Labia?\ aadevllle.
Little Theatre?Pictures aad seas*.
Maatell aa '?Macbeth."
After many years of heart-breaking
snuggle, hampered by difficulties al?
most unconquerable, his way barred
cy obstacles well-nigh insurmount?
able. Robert n. Mantell but a few
years ago obtained the recognition
that had long oeen rightly his, and as?
sumed what was proudly yielded him?
a most coirmandins position upon the
American stage. Confining himself to
Shakespearean and classical repertoire,
he stands to-day ,n the forefiont of
the fe:v who dare adventure that which
yi-lds the least returns financially of
all the forms an.t characters of the
drama. Therefore, he is greatly to he
honored, and all his undertakings most
respectfully entreated.
Mr. Mantell. for the first of his three;
performar.ces during this engagement
in Richmond, presented last night
"Macbe-th" before a profoundly intei-1
fsted audience, which more than a'toned
for its lack of numbers by the earnest
and understanding attention with which
It viewed and heard the gloomy trage?
dy sj it was unfolded by this master?
ful man.
So masterful and potent a man is
! he that his strangely indistinct ut?
terance upon occasions, which fell
j offener than could be wished, was lost
; sight n; in the figure of the tortured.
' haunted man who was Macbeth, not.
: Mantell. Glamls be was. and Cawdor.
scheming how to bftafj the witches'
prophecy Into fulfilment shuddering
at the deed he contemplated, and
shrinking even from himself when it
was done. anil, red-handed, he stood
trembling on his battlements Miser -
abie king he was. wading deeper and
deeper into bluod. with yraying hair
and sinking checks, striving to comfort
himself with the superstition that none
"of woman born" should harm Mac?
beth, and that he should never be
vanquished till Birnani Wood should
come to Dunsinane. All these he was
and showed them in his twitching face
and deep circled eyes, in his snaking
hands, and in his frightened moans,
until the deficiencies la his surrounJ
lags were fergottem
Forgotten wi re the shabby costumes,
the worn Settings, the barbarous
?supers" in tin and Mattered helmets,
and all the attendant evils which we
have learned to associate with the
production of Shakespeare's plays,
aad we saw only Macbeth, and forgave
him because In his racked anguish he
sometimes could not make himself dis?
tinctly understood.
Announcement was made in the pro
Forecast! Vlrgtala Fair aad colder
Saturday: Sanaay fair.
North Carolina Pair aad colder Sat?
urday t Sunday fair.
Special Local Data far Yesterday.
12 noi'Ti temperature . 71
3 P. Yi. t? mperaturc . 69
Maximum temperature up to S
r. ?. T5
Minimum temperature up to s
I P. M. 19
M?-an temperature . 62
Kansas! t> mperature . 63
Excess in t? :np> rature. 3
Excess in tempera iure since March
1 -. 3?
Accum. <;? actency in temp.-ratur.
since .Jar. .ary 1 . 4?;
Ifttalafall la>t twenty-four hours .. .4?
[DencJency in rainfall since March
1 .&J3
iAcciim. deflcleac in rainfall since
I Jania-> i .4.?S
Local ??*>?ers??lea * P. H. Yewtcrday.
T< mr-ra: ire . 6C
, Humi ity . ?e
'wind?dir.ctl?.n .X. W.
Wind- velocity . U
I Weather .Cloudy
iRalnfall Ust 12 hours.4?
?ll\niTl?\? l\ IMPORT\%T ? ITIftV
1 i.lt v P. M K.ist?rn standard Time ?
! Ii.. ? T'ier II T. I. T. W father.
A sie" He ... 44 ?2 4? Cloudy
'At.auta .4? ?? 4? Cloudy
(Atlantic City . ?? 6* '4 c "tidy
. Rf.sfm .?.t M 4? Rain
fate 4? M CH i
jCalgsry . W M 21 P. . IfJdy
?"ii?ri.st?n ... :?> >.' ?? Cloudy
Iciii ??.o.r<t f' t'loMdy
I?. nver . ?? It :l <"!ear
J I?.;luth . ?2 M N <"ieer
tialwe*t<>n ?? near
iHatterss . . .? :? 'l '"?udy
j Havre .I? S? 1? Clear
'Jacksonville t: " Tl Rain
.Kansas City . ? *? j2 near
llvoakfilsse .... ? ** *? n-..r1y
V'-T.tsomerr 12 ?* ?I Cleady
j New t?rU*ns " ? <?>?"*>
'v. w Torh ... M ?? U fjesj?e
l\r,rfom . M cloudy
K.klahoma .... S? 42 24 Cfar
n?t*: ?ritk ... *: * *! r. noudy
iRaleiah. I* ** ?.'Z?Z
,S> la.itlS
I at Pad . . S* ?* Oesr
sag?.: ? ? pg
WytteVrV ..: ?_?I M T. riawa>
?jl?l%Tt ~%i.ns\\r.
' So-.ember S? ,,,_:;a,
sum rises .
?ua ?*?.
We'll be glad to
play any of these
Victor Records
Made by
I The World Famous Soprano.
i Mae. Marcelh Sembrich
jwho will appear Monday evening'
November 11th. at the
Semiramide?Bel raggio lusinghier (Bright
Gleam of Hope). Rossini.
Son na mini la?Ah non giunge (Recall Not
One Earthly Sorrow). Bellini.
Tiaviata?Ah! for?' e lui (He My Heart
Foretold). Giuseppe Verdi.
Vespri Siciliani?Bolero, Merce dilette
ainkhe (Dear Friends). Verdi.
Voce cli primavera?Valsc (Voice uf
Spring). Johann Strauss.
Other Records in to-morrow's
ad. Come every day and hear the
new ones.
Saeeeeeor* Cable Maae Co.
Mad. 2586. 213 E Broad !
ram that the version uf the play
sed was prepared from Edwin Booth s
prompt look, and was marked by the
iMUal omissions of both text and char
*L"terS. Little, comparatively, was either
nutted or cut; two or three unlmpor
ant scenes were stricken out. several
v ere curtailed and acveral more were
run together, but, for the most part,
the text of the play wa# followed with
almost literal fidelity.
' Florence Rockwell was heartily ap?
plauded after the sleep-walking scene,
and took several curtain calls, and
Fritz Eeiber, who made Macduff a red
ull of the north, was also insistently
recalled; but the figure of Macbeth so
dominated the performance that little
eise remains In memory, and that fljr
ure remains so consistently Macbeth
that it Is difficult to substitute for it
the actor Mantel]?to think of the man
instead of the dread character that
e seemed to be.
This afternoon Mr. Mantell will be
eeen as Shylock, a role that he played
superbly here two years ago. and to
nierht he will play "King Richard the
W. Douglas Gordon.
(Continued From First Page.)
our time?" asked the Governor. "No
mandate of the people has ever gotten
through that body. You have got to
capture that citadel of private lnter
esta known as the United State? Sen?
Tainted by Purchase.
"The Senate, tainted by the pur?
chase of seats, to the shame of tho
people of the country, tainted by the
point of view of its lifelong members,!
has not In our time responded to the,
impulses of the people of the United!
States. If you postpone your reforms
Ions; you will smash every party in th--'
United States, because there- are things;
to be done and wo cannot wait. You,
will have to wait for either branch of;
the Republican party."
The Governor said his program was
to make unlawful those methods of
unfair competition through which, he]
said, monopoly had thrived, and added:'
"It is perfectly possible to find out1
the men who are lesponsible. There
have been cases tried in the United
States Senate whore everybody who
read the newspapers knew who the'
guilty persons wem except the court.
The prosecuting attorney had never:
heard of the guilty man, had appre-j
hended the wrong man, and was put- .
ting up a certain number of rather1
helpless looking dummies to be tried!
by the jury. -J do not mind putting a
dummy or two In Jail, for the reason !
that I'd like to step the traffic In dum
mlts. I'd like to make it dangerous
to be dummies." *
Some people, the Oovernor remarked,
believed the offender In a corporation
could not be found, but the nominee
suggested that a "diligent search had
never been made."
Hegalatlon of Competition.
Taking up the question of regulat?
ing competition, he continued:
"I have talked about the regulation
of competition and men have asked
me what I meant. I m|.tnt tlv- stop?
ping of competition that Is not fair.
If a great monopolistic combination
sees to It that you can't get a start
by underselling you lr. your local mar?
ket on such terms that they are thus
loslnp money there, and can do that
only because they are making money
elsewhere, that Is a case of unfair
competition. You can mike that kind
of competition criminal. A thins: that
is criminal becomes Inconvenient."
"I do not propose that the govern?
ment fix prices. But 1 d>> suirtrest that
It is possible; this country liaS to use
News of South Richmond
South Richmond Bureau.
The Times-Dispatch,
1U0 Hull Street.
Phone Madison DK
Ar. added Impetuous was last night given
the South Richmond and Chesterfield Busi?
ness Men's Association, which it w-as feared
wcnld come to an untimely end by lack of
Interest. Instead of disbanding the organi?
sation was given a boost by the addition of
ten new members. Others. It is said, are
oriy waiting an opportunity to Join. A com?
mittee, composed at Colonel F. P. McCon
nell. J. E. Red ford and A. X. Pettigrew.
was appointed to go forth and gather them
Into the fold.
Unbounded enthusiasm marked the talks
of the dozen or more representative busi?
ness men. who ridiculed the idea of allowing
an organisation of such usefulness to pass
away just at a time when, by tbe change In
th-? form of etty government, a watchdog is
needed to safeguard the interests of the
Souttiside-k Aii were optimistic regarding
the future of the organization provided It
had good so.id work to keep the interest
of the members from flagglag. |
in order that the redblooded members be
kep: from going stale from nonwork. a com?
mittee will be appointed to ?et behind tbej
smooth-paving proposition for Hull Street.:
I: is reaiiz-d that the underground work on'
ti;i: theroagafara must be completed before'
the permanent improvements are made, but
It is ;?'??..g ?? ? that now Is the time to pre-j
part for th,- future.
Montague to Speak Monday Night.
Although unable to secure a speaker for,
tic mass-meeting which was scheduled for!
to-right, the South Richmond Democratic |
Ciub was fortunate enough ts secure tho
services of former Governor Andrew J. If on- j
teri-e. who will address the voters of the;
Souttside Monday night In the courthouse.,
Tii- m?-.-tin?r wiii be open to all, aad every'
?.?erson who Is able la urged to attend. Ja.-. '
M - L.isr last summer while apeaking la j
behalf of Ms candidacy for Congress had
the largest audience that ever attended al
i>. IrfKcal meeting on the Pouslisld*. I
Willis C Pulllam aas been delegated toi
read Governor Wood row Wilson's message i
to the voters. This speech of Mr. Wilson's j
will be read In practically every voting pro- I
eta et jr. the country I
Parkkeeper J Lacy Bedford has made ar- j
rcngetnenrs to ha\e the park benches car-J
ried into the courthouse to seat tbe audl- j
er.ee. Heretofore It hss been the custom '
of two-tblrds of the people to stand Is the |
rear of the court-room, unsstle to secure
By a premature explosion of a charge et |
dynamite two men. both colored, wer? klll
el yesterday morning at S o'clock at Smith's
Quarry on tbe SoutSjern Raltwsy, Just above
Forest Hill Park. The m-n were packing
the dynamite In a crevice In a rock, prea
rrtory to blast. when It exploded. The dead
are John White and Anderson Brown. I
?"rroncr J. G. Lovina, of Chesterfield
? v-ar.ty. was apprised of the tragedy. He
v.n; at on?-e to the scene, and after em-j
paeacllag a Jurv entered into an investiga-j
;ior of the cause ef the ewploslen. Wit- j
esses were ur.abie to throw mach light I
Li?n the tragedy. A verdict ?ras returned!
de in ring the death* to have been eccl
o. mi:, and fully exonerating I J. Smith;
a ?o.. owners of f?r quarry, from all blame, j
While lived at Granite, about two mites
f-..rr. the r-'S- of the ex|sSat?n His skull
ws< crushed and both o? his arm* hrokesj. '
H~ jved nearly tpr'e-<jnarrrr* of an h-?-.r '
?>??>? is a akSBtB Csrollalan HI* hand was
tksr. i ff. Ms shoalder ?ru?h?d and BIS
Jugular vein severed He only 'reed about
twerty ml-otes. T>-.~ fcodi** were turned
over lo relatives for burial.
Agale Fax pane. ?n-Massssg f ase. {
A tv.r.a-h ?? r.vinred tl.st tfee accused teere
tectateaRp rulltjr efcarged. Teulr- 9
<; 1 .?an. of th? Swanabore Court, again
wltl r.:d his de, kann in the foxhunting case.
,1 . it ,, ?.,r,>r, ??,, < ourt for the third'
tin-, yeaterdar A't'r ? on'erenw srftk
<;ow.me>nw?s?t;i s-Attomey Mask**. R bson.
s<,-.;r, row-n w.-: reader aws av. ;?i?B
V.-\. e.-.-:ge W X'T>ar.|et. R.v h F
Jos.es W V. Fo.ter as t W rt F:r,n
? r?rr?d In s waeran*. in nkt<-?i r K fh. I
- !. -A-nj. w." ?.s\:r? j ?
BBSS rat ..'--r. prop.r:v n~ar Ceranlte !
?e ? ?????r- s Td, 4<?.n.<.nt( (ilsiHl
?? Da* n- rta but sdssjB ta aar? Spal
' ? Ti" o' ? a ra eg th-tr
4 eatered Wf<_ tbry knew
sea % - '-r elated
'antHer lgao,| a* |w
? esuap, from tile < Heater*.n
I read fore- ha? t?. n reported n.ajry F"i>afe-1
? the latest coavtet to declJ*
a- free'icm was preferable to as bar 1 rot
... M?hw.,, ?. *
Me :? e..4. ?.,ur4,r .-norarag vnilt
! ?sjto? I? Ike ajci.it, of Baa A,7 ,? "?
? irae.irr.? The sv.utk.ld. poire 1-7
s..nin? a if..:? laakoTit for the sasa wfcols
hes.'.l r!M a-ar* TT.ee Mr* s"-ear?T eom.
UT?d three_d> rlnr tVe asaek,
t eule'tsi.es Asasre Avtasase
CWsetlsBS or. the Sr.?'?irMe dur'ns tbe
past m-nfl w,r. svsaewkat tts? 5? tsS
??e a -.!ln? t.. tt. reamri mad. 3-s'ero.?
. I?-r.-.- T.-eaon-r i W ??????.eh TSe
';. "" ? '-:<??? r- '"'"? * r '???.
? IT-T^w " r:rnm ewrretn rate? wyitr*
itiilea rwitsaseat esses ssisssntiag ,0
' ? ewiwrred *? Mm ur T r WaJ
Tke SeitvfTkea toe fwekne CaarL Fa-l
s' " '? > '- ? - 1... ,m>. -n
j .1,: f-ea recieed taroagh Jar?H-e H ?
? Msursr. Tb. e..rk s fees la sTustiaea ~
1 Psrt II. staeaared r
netted a total of tT>~ 47: doc taxes. $7 7S. and
wagon taxes. The tots! amount collect?
ed icai ly.otj.,!.
An election officers will be n?Id to?
morrow afternoon by ihe bsSral Temperance
Lrf-gicn. arnica' will hold ttj regular meeting
at 3 o'clock at the Central Methodist
Celebrate Wedding Anniversary.
Mr. and Mrs Charles T. Jones last night
gave s reception at their hc?i" In honor of
the twentieth anniversary of their marriage.
A large number <>' guests were prisrnt and
enen- an enjoyable evening.
At West End Church T<>-Morrow.
At the West Jtnd M thodl-t Chureh ths
pcstor. Rev. fhsr'es Tins??y Thrl't. will
preach at both services to-morrow. In the
morning the subject w!i> be "The Glory of
God's House." The Lord's Supper will be ob?
served. This I? the inai communion service
for this conference year, and every mem?
ber is requested to be present. Evangelistig
services will be ht!d st night. A cordial In?
vitation is given men to attend the Eible.
Mies Margaret nailer, who has been the
g?st of Miss Oil' la Gregory, has returned
t> her home in Lawrencevllle.
Miss Pattle Haskfos. of ClarkrvlHe. Is the
srcest of the MI*s?s Betts.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy D. Gregory will return
from their wedding trap t!*is morning They
will make their hom<- at r.l> Tortur Street.
Climate Failed;
Medicine Effective
It has been absolutely shown that rest.
fr??h air a:;d g-.o.l food do h<!? many per?
sons suffering from Tu.ier'-ul.iSls. Hut it
must b? admitted thst the disease is sel?
dom more than ?'arrested.'' ^omethin? more
is r.ecded.
Eckman's Alterative is a medicine m.ide
for the trestment of Tuberculosis. It has
conquered this disease again and again.
Often these benefits have been effe< ted
where the surroundings were not ideal?yet
recoveries resultiert Now we argue that I
rV km are's Altenritive eho-ild be ue<-d In
every rase of Tuberculosis. In sddition to
good, nourishing food and freah air. which
w? all need. A remarkable case follows:
"Gentlemen: Throuarh Ccknian'a Altera?
tive I have been saved from a premature
grave. On December M. ISN. 1 was taken
with Typbold Pneumonia. My lungs became
very rauch affected: my sputum was ex?
amined snd Tubercu'peis Bselili were fonnd.
On February T. IMS. I was advised tn go to
Fort Worth. Tex. While there an abscess
In my right lung broke snd dlschsrged. I
grew worse, and hecame very much emaci?
ated My physician informed me that I
mast go to> Colorado as qul'klr ss possible.
I left Texas June 1 and arrived in < anon
City June j. very f?et>i-^. .\':t i.eing there
two we^ks rr.y physician Informed me that
my rss~ was hopeless Three weeks later I
returned home, welshing Ifl? po-mds. the
d'etors having gi\en me no assurance of
resrhlna; there alive.
"On July It. ->'.'. I Segsn taking F.ck
rr.an's wonderful remedy for Consumption.
To-day I weigh IS* pounds. I am stout and
well snd esn do any kind ?.' work about
my grain elevator I have not an a<-h? nor
pain In my lungs, eat well, sleep well, and
never felt better."
? Sworn affidavit* ARTHI'R "WEBB
R'kman'f Alterative Is effective m Bron
el-itl*. Asthma. Hay Fever. Throe: and I.ung
Troubles, and in uj-ht tiding the system. Dors
not cotitstn poisons, np'ates or hahlt-fortn
Inj drags. F?r sale hy Owens * Minor Drag
i 'mpssy and ether .eadlne druggists. Ask
for booklet telling of recoveries, and write
??> Ecnman laboratory. Philadelphia. Phi.
for additional evidene. ?Advertisement.
M yotsr Quin mrm mot, lot m
To Elect Officers.
Personal Mention.
Weldon. Hi.
Crosse? style places you
among the Brotherhood
of the Careful, where
fashion's in favor.
Crossett comfort gives
you front rank in the
Out-o'-door Army where
man is known by the
milestones he passes. '
Pick out your Crossetts
North Abinston Haw.
its raw material. Hs r?w material
must l>e accessible and it is perfectly
legitimate for the government to say.
?you can sell you raw material at an>
price you please, but you have got t<>
sell it to everybody at the same price.'
"Th>t is not interference with the
rights of property. That Is interference
with the rights of monopoly, and I
stand absolutely on the sentence In thn
democratic platform that says private
monopoly is indefensible and intoler?
able. I pledge myself, if ever I hsve
power, to do everything honorable to
break up the private monopoly In the
United States.
"Then what will happen? Tou say
big business will be damaged. Do you
mean to say big business must rest on
the basis of monopoly, that It can't be
successfully conducted on a great seal
except by monopoly? The men who
have depended or these methods w'll
have to depend on the character of the
poods th? y manufacture?, the prices, the
efficiency and energy with which they
organize their business and seek the'r
markets, and so far as I am concerned,
they are welcome to grow as big asj
they please by these means."
The Governor and his party left atj
12:10 o'clock for New York.
'Continued From First Page.)
tiling to get money. She said she had
met a rich old man and wanted me to
go out witn her and to mtet b_m snd
another man. 'Con' was furious at
that. He said I did not have to make
money that way. I was washing dishes
at the sink. 1 heard a fall. 1 went
into the bad room, and Sophia was ly i n ir
there. My husband said to me: 'Hurry,
let's get our tiiinKs and get out before
she gets conscious ' We did not know
she was dead 'Con' never meant to
kill her."
The confession says the pair then
fled from the city with $1S which they
took from M.ss Singer's effects and
two suits ?f clothes belonging to W.
K. Worthen. Miss Singer's fiance. They
went to Hammond. Ind.. in a street car
and then from place to place till they |
reached Lima. Ohio.
While the alleged confession was ^
Mnn Elisabeth Maygeld.
Miss Nina Elisabeth May-field, daugh?
ter of the late J. M. Mayfleld, died yes?
terday The funeral will take place
to-day at 3 o'clock from 1307 Grove
Jobs W. Kincheloe.
Rectortoti. Va.. November 1.?John
W. Kincheloe. twice a member of the
Virginia legislature and for many
yearn moderator of the Potomac Bap?
tist Association, died Wednr:flay at his
home m Rcetortown. at the age of]
Mr. Kincheloe bad been ill about |
a week. He Is survived by two broth?
ers. Thomas J. and Elisha D. Kinche
log, of Fanrjnter County. Va.. and a
sister. Mrs Annie Hutchinson, of Bal?
Mrs. Joseph l>. Taylor.
f Rpeeia! to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Bristol, Va . Nnv. ruber 1.?Mrs. Jo-'
seph D. 'Taylor died soddenly to-day |
at her home on Pennsylvania Avenue.,
ag.-d forty-five years. She had not!
been wei: for a year, but was in her
usual health, and was able to b
out drivins: Thursday Heart failure
was the raus? of her death. She Is
survived by her husband and one son.
Claude Taylor. Her husband In a
prominent -nerchant here. She was a;
daughter of John W. Roman, an aged |
and hlsrhlv esteemM citizen.
Wr% ?atlJe F_ Taylor.
TFperlal to The Tinten-Diapatch.l
TTnnover. Vs.. November 1.?At Han?
over Courthouse Mrs. PalMe K. Taylor,
wtdow of John It Taylor, died In the |
eiahtv-second vear of her age to-day. .
The fnneral will take place tn-morrow
afternoon at ? o'clock from St Pauls]
'?pedal to Th? Times-Dispatch 1
Winchester. Va.. November t.? Wtl- i
Tlnm. R. Timberlnke. eighty-two years
?.ld dl? d la?t nlaht near Whltepnrt. I
Clarke County. Tie w*? married twice, j
r.?!h wive* being dead. The latter I
wns formerly the widow of William;
Kerfoot srd was the mother nf the
late Mr* WTtUnro G. Conrad, wife of
the Montana millionaire banker and
copper hin? One *<m and three j
danabters by his Ars? marriage sot- |
Tire htm.
r*r>ee!al to The Tlnses-Dlrpatrh. 1
Fred- rlehshnrg. Va November 1.?
John CsThrmn. s well-known Confedoy
at- refornn of this cite, died euddentv
Isst nlrftt at bt* bame bore, being
f ormd dead la bed fbta momlnw. He j
wm eisty-oeven years edd and I* aar- |
vived bv bis wife and als children
f Hps rial to The Tlmoe-Dlspatrb 1 |
A lew* n d-la. Vs.. November V?Wr*
Jane F.. F^'rfas. *lTty-*ove? yesr* old.
died last nlgbt at per Lome. A rent Ink.
Fairfax Cwuntv. Her
I being wrung from thowoman, Conwa;.
cowered in a cell, healng the screams
and pleadings of his wife, but he did
' not kfiuw what was gling on and was
deni. d the privilege sfbpeaklng to any
! one. The police expel him to break
d?wn soon and make statement. The
assertion by the wonto that she St
married to Conway till be verified,
as If she Is his wife sjr cannot testify
against him.
i Wife of Late John It. Taylor Passed
Away Yeateday.
Mrs. Sallie K. Taylt, one of the
??Mest and best known 'om?-n in Han
>ver County, died at fee- home, near
danovi-r Courthouse. vsterduv morn
t\x in the eighty.sscaf year of her
?ge. Mrs. Taj lor was the widow of
lohn It. Taylor, who 'as for many
"?arg clerk of the covn in Hanover
County, and whege gor Clarence W.
Taylor, now holds the sine position.
Mrs Taylor's funeral will r..- held
'his afternoon at 4 o'c-eii from St.
Paul's Episcopal Cht? h. Hanover
Besides Clarence W..Mrs. Taylor
?eaves two other sons, crcy A., who
.s In the employ of t Richmond,
Trederl- ksburg and Fottiar BalIroad.
-tnd Marshall, who lives n Texas She
.eaves four daughters-Mrs. !>abney
Kehols. of Clifton Forg. Mr? n. R
Cowheri. of Columbia. V; Miss Marv
D. Taylor, and M.?a Sal!) F. Taylor.
Mra. Taylor waa relatl to a num?
ber of well known persts in ST near
this city. Amonjr then are Harland
B. Taylor, of Bartrm IMus. R Card
well Taylor, deputy clel of the Su?
preme Court of Appeals: 'Irt A.. War?
ren I', and Ashby Taylt
LEVERING.?Died. Frid . November
1. st S F. M., at his Pt !enCe. m;
West Avenue. aRTHCICL \RENCE.
in his sixty-eighth yes H? is sur?
vived by his widow. Ige S- hneller.
and three sons?Harr: v.. Rjv A.
and Fred S.
The remains will b taken to?
day at noon to Bethlem. I'a.. and
Interment made In Xis'- Hill Ceme?
tery MONDAY, Xoventr 4.
MAYFIELD.?Died. Noveber 1. 1S12
daughter of the late J,| and V. S.
Funeral TO-DAY ?Sardayi at 3
P. M . resielence. 1307 Cfce Avenue.
Lynchburg papers cty.
KAY. -In sad but loving membranes
of my husband. W. E. BY. who de?
parted this life three >rs ago to
div. Xovember 2. 19P?.
Gone, but not forgot!
_? WIFE.
The Geo. A. Honey Cs.
514-514 East Broad Jeet.
5 years old Calvert Ptnt*^ Ail
Rye Whiskey, gallon.#?7aW
Mail orders solicited. Priiist mailed
on request._
Nursery Fenders. _
75c to. xilaWI
The L B. Tayr Co.
The Best in Heart at
Jwes Bros. ^ lie.
1418-1420 E. MaiSc.
Children's Seht!
Shoes, ll.Ot

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