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? ? I
Authorities Are in Deadly Fear
of Outbreak of Vio?
Lives of Sultan and All Connected
With Government Believed
to Be in Danger.
{.Special Cabin to The Tiroes-Dispatch.J
Constantsa, Rou mania. November 2.?
Except for Uta cavalry patrols which
Blattered constantly through tha
Streets, Constantinople was sealed up
like a tomb lo-mgut. It was stated In
messages from the Tuikish capital.
The auiborltlea were la deadly feat
0t an ouibieak uf violence as a result
?f the final leaking out of the news,
which they have tried so hard to con*
eeal, of the continual reverses which
the Sultan s tloops have meet with at
the front.
The people were bustled unceremon?
iously Into their houses shortly before
10 o'clock, wltn a peremptory warn.a*
that any cue found aoioau alter tuai
hour would be summarily shot.
Ti e "draw" In the unuge across the
?olden Horn, which separate* the na?
tive city, Stamboul. fiom the foreign
business and residence sections ot
Cialata and Pera. was ?peia:d, and
armed guards were stationed on bclb
ahores to shoot down any one who
attempted to close it.
The cafes which usually run day and
Bight were ail ciosed. The shops In the
aristocratic avenues were not only
locked but secured by big iron grat?
over the Sultan's palace, a heavy
dVtaeanent of troopa kept watch.
Another surrounded the ministries
?where light still blazed. Occasionally
a mounted courier dashed up, or a
Closed carriage with armed men en
jSlrcilng it on every side, roiled heavily
The authorities were in more fear of
the Turkish troops, which man their
own fortification, thirty miles west ot
tht city, than of the Constantinople
rabble which Is not. Indeed, very
?Tvrruldaole. since every aburf-bodied
roan has been drafted for service in
the field.
But it was not aione of a massacre
and looting that the government lead
?rs were afraid. There were hints of
revolution in the air. The older ele?
ment of the Turks is convinced that
Turkey's misfortunes date from the
deposition of Abdul Hamid, and bis
successor's life and the lives of all
Che men connected with his govern-1
Bient were considered in danger. Ab- i
diu:, the deposed Sultan, brought to
OisilsiiUaisli to-day mm m\ ******
?aal. from km f ormor prmoa kooae to
dalonilu. where It ty fears* ko might
foil Into the Greeks' bands, was sal sir
shut tap to-night ia a salaee aa tka
Asiatic aide of the Boaphorua It was"
said his guards had strict orders to
shoot him at the first indication of
aa attempt hp any one to rescue him
or on his own part to mcaaa.
He Is Admirer of Taft Because
of Latter's Work in
(Special Cabls to The Times-Dispatch >
Roms. November 2.?A Kornau pro?
late who is supposed to bo ?n intimate
j terms with Pope Pius X. has told
your correspondent that His Holiness
j Is not interested in the American pros*
idential t.ection for the simple rea?
son that be doesn't know the differ?
ence between tka Deoaocratie. Re pub
lican or Progressive parties. As a
I matter of fact, although the Pope a
knowledge of American political par
| ties may be slight, his interest in
i the election, however, is very con
j siderable. The Pope's sympathies are
lor President Tali, whose work la
I connection with tne settlement of the
Philippine friar lands question ia
1 greatly appreciated at tue v aticaa.
Air. laft has mauy friends in lbs
.sacred College from who nithe Pope
has derived valuable iniormation about
1 the President, whoa he admires srent
! ?* I
Colonel i.?jo?evelt is decidedly per?
sona non gram at the Vatican, where ne
' is known only because ot the Bellamy
Madras scanaal and the lamentable af?
fair in connection with his prospective
audience with Ahe Pope in LMfc Oov
ernor Wilson is entirely unknown, and
Is regarded as an enigma. |
The Pope does not influence the
I Catholic vote. Recently he was re?
ported a a saying: "Hitherto every
President has not limited in any way
.the. freedom of the Catholic Church In
America. This policy will surely be con?
tinued In the future." The Catholic
electors, like the others in America.:
therefore ars free to vote for a candi?
date of their own choice.
As far as can be ascertained, if Pres-j
ident Taft is re-elected His Holiness!
wIU cable bis congratulations. I
Big Ban of Meaaadea Flak.
f Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Heathsville. Vs., November 3.?For
the past week the "catch" of menhaden
fish has been phenomlnally large, so
much so that fishermen are much en?
couraged and say, if the run con?
tinues as good for the next two weeks.
It will more thsn counterbalance the
lll.lunk of the early season.
WHI ?V*99T H?? tfce ?Ii? thfc. weefc
November 5 Wfll TeB the Tale
There'll be fire-works and a big- noise?the air will
vibrate with excitement end suspense?and whet It s ail over
we'!! know the most popular man tor President ta the
minds of Aroerican men. Bat we don't bare to watt
until November 5 to undent the most popular wkaktj.
was elected way back is war
araadVatrieTcastfcJsecss esaTtfstena*' saflM.
neaeJwwBMcrr tn America. Tans it wsa seasons fc
wm best. Teaay S ? sfS fly east. Be, na ? ?mi
fJ/fiA ?TfTtS ?vrcr *""OfSJ eVjaf a^l^atasaVwaW* %mW^mm ft VWfM wBt
rC*sV W ??-fas Sea* ef eM
I tContlnuod From* First Page.)
them would bo et e Urne of a general
Curop?an conflict.
Premier Polneere conferred through
i out the entire day. and vu atlll con?
ferring to-night with the diplomatic
? eproaaataUves bore of the powers and
of the Balkan states. Lade to-night
: they had no definite Information to
i Viva out
From London came a message saying
! foreign Minuter air Edward Orey bad
'been holding a long conversation with
the Russian. Austrian. Turkish and
Bulgarian representatives there. Sir
Udward. it waa said, bad abandoned
bis usual week-end trip to the country,
and would spend Sunday In Lontfqn. a
decision, for a British statesman, which
could only have bees dictated by some
tremendously urgent necessity.
Foreign Minister anagulliano. of
Italy, It was stated la a dispatch from
tier.in, was expected st the German
capital Sunday, for a talk with Foreign
Secretary Kiddsriin-Watcher, of the
Kaiser's Cabinet, relative to the Bal?
kan situation.
Of the powers' anxiety there were
ample Indications, but there were no
signs that arty material progress was
being made.
Farto are salewcod.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
> Sofia. November 2-?The forts at
I Adrianople have been silenced. The
' Turks are said to nave ran out of
Calm far Few Haare.
I London, November 2.?Alter the four
days' decisive battle of the war there
I is cairn for a few hours, and no news
j comes from the field of Ute recent
> fighting. Constantinople officials suit
j refuse to permit messages dealing; with
j the Turkish defeat to be sent out of
> the capital. * How far the Ottoman!
I army will be able to pull itself to-1
1 gather, and whether it will make a
stand tn the forts outside of Constant!
; nople are questions unanswered.
The Servian advance toward Salonikij
j continues. The Greeks elaiB to
pushing steadily forward, but Turkish I
messages insist that the Greek army |
has met with a repulse; that the
Crown Prince ran away, and that too j
Greek position Is precarious.
Adrian opts ana Saloniki are mow
surrounded by the allies. The Turk?
ish army in Macedonia is cut off from ,
all sides. Servians hold all of old
Servta and are administering the gov- j
eminent from the ancient capital. Us- j
kub. Reports of massacres by the re?
treating Turks with barbarous details
are piling up. !
Diplomacy has dons nothing in the
direction of stopping or limiting the
war. The powers now await the ex?
pected finals which will force the Turk
to at* knees. The allies proclaim their,
determination to hold all they con?
quer. Eur>pean sentiment?certainly
English?appears to indorse their am?
bitions, if Austrian interests can be
All the sailors of the British de?
stroyer and submarine squadrons oa
leave have suddenly been ordered to re?
turn. The action of the British ad?
miralty has caused a stir, but It map
have no relation to the war.
BrateUke la Its Fwry.
(Special Cable t J The Times-Dispatch.)
Berlin. November 2.?That no war in
modern times has been marked by such
bloody hand-to-hand fighting, by suck
total indifference to the sufferings of
tfke wounded or by such shocking cru?
elties to noncombatants as the present
BkdBaaB struggle was indicated to?
night by many messages from the
vicinity of the great fields of hostil?
ities. 1
In their display of ferocity In battU
the Bulgarians and Montenegrins have '
?led ably with, the Turks. The Ser- j
tea ss and Greeks have show a more I
regard for the recognised rules of mod- j
am warfare in their choice of wea-'
poos. Of ail the combatants the
Greeks have the best hospital service I
The Turks' apparent disregard fori
their own wounded has perhaps been 1
due to the haste of their retreats. The
Bulgarlana appear to have bean In too
great a hurry to follow up tea ad van- (
tagea they have won to trouble con-j
earning the sh>t and stabbed. The Ser- :
vtans, whose advance* bare not been
so swift, hare been less opea to crit?
icism. The Montenegrins bare hardly
bad a hospital service at alL For
the Inhuman brutalities practiced oa
noncombatants the Tarka have bean
almost wholly to ?Ilms
Men who saw the fighting oa the
field about Adrianople and Kirk-KUis
seb during the first few days of the
war say they could not bare believed
human beings could display such brats-,
like fury or such after contempt fori
The Bulgarians fairly foamed wrth
rage as they charged. The Tarka,
before their flight, mot them like homi?
cidal maniacs. The men's anger ap?
peared personally dfrostad against oaa
soother, ft mm niaiMnailljr harassed.
? wounded mu cried (er ?aerUr. hie
adversary usually only laughed madly
end cut or shot him down. There ems
nothing of she soUnee of warfare?et
leset during- the host ex bettle?in tile
engagement. It er** mors like en
enormously magmued riot to which
halves end ?uns figured instead of
nets, stones and clubs.
Doctors and nurses express ths
opinion that thousands of wounded
who might by proper sttentten have
been saved wsrs left to die, some
of them alter days of exposure, on
ths battlefield.
An ar?a of approximately eighty by
flftv or sixty miles. It is said, is lit?
tered thickly In places with the corpses
of the 1 urks and Buigarlau*. either
killed outright or the victims of bum
i painful, lingering deaths from their
! wounus. The hospital corps, ot course.
! did their best, but they were simply
* a amped with toe maatnltuae ot t.-eir
I task. That the siaugnter would oe
? on so huge a scale prooaoly the war
! ring nations did not themselves 1m
' agine.
i If they cannot hold the Sultan's
European territories, ths Turks have
seemed determined to lay the enure
counuy waete. ?ulchcrej ruen. wo?
men and cnildren have been left In
heaps and villages have named behind
.them everywhere they have passed In
their retreats.
Adrlaaeale Mast FalL
Bulgarian Army Headquarters. Mus
tapha. Pasha, November 1.?The fall
of Adrianople may be expected next
week. It might have been forced
sooner by a ruu-less bombardment, but
King Ferdinand ordered that the city
b? spared. The siege has been com?
plete for several days, and the tall ol
Demotica. whence the Turks after ths
defeat at Kirk-Ki.leseh had taken
Se.000 men to the main army at Luis
Burgas, removes all fear of Turkish
'Interruption of Ute siege operations,
The Bulgarian artillery continues
the bombardment of the Turkish works
on the northwest front. Ths outflank?
ing and pursuit of the defeated Turks
[toward Constantinople has already
progressed so far that a Sedan (a com?
plete encircling of the Turkish army)
may almost certainly be prophesied.
Reverting to tne battle of Bunar
J bisaar-Lule Burgas, jne must again em?
phasize the heroic Bulgarian assaults
on the Turkish centre at Kavakdoe In
the second day's fighting. Three umes
a Bulgarian infantry charge was re?
pulsed, yet undismayed and unshaken,
the Bulgers charged a fourth tims and
captured the heights of Kavakdoe
after a terrible tight at close quarters.
Aettvhty at Pertenaeeta,
Portsmouth, Eng.. November 2.?Un?
usual activity In the Portsmouth Dock
Yard is reported In s special edition
of the Evening News, which says prep?
arations are being made to get the
destroyers flotilla ready for sea.
"The official explanation," says ths
News, *'ls that this la being done
merely to be In readiness for the quar?
terly mobilization on Monday, but ws
understand that the preparations are
9t a much more wailike nature. The
active service ratings have been re?
called by notice and special messen?
ger since 2 o'clock In the afternoon,
and the men have been directed to
proceed aboard ship by 1:15 o'clock
this evening.**
The News adds that It Is rumored
that the flotilla will sell to-night under
sealed orders. Notices have been
posted ordering all submarine men to
return to their boats at once. The
paper also states that ths men on leave
have been recalled Vy wire to other
naval ports.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Raleigh. N- C November 2.?Asked
for estimates of the vote on the sena?
torial primary on Tuesday, the man?
agers of the three senatorial candi?
dates to-day expressed their respective
opinions sa to the outlook lor their
Manager Walter Clark, Jr., of Judge
Clark's campaign, said:
"There will be no nomination la the
first primary. Judge Clark will lead
heavily la the first primary and win In
ths ascend by a large vets. In coun?
ties where the Judge will not run first,
he will he the second man In Tuesdays
election.** x 1
Manager McNtnch. of Kltehtn's earn-,
palgn. said:
"Assurances from oar managers
and friends In every section of the
State convince me absolutely that Gov?
ernor Kltchin will be nominated. I
baveat the slightest shadow of a doubt j
about It, I don't think a second pri?
mary will be necessary."
Manager Rogers, of Senater Sim-'
mons's campaign, said:
"Senator Simmons will be nominated
by a majority ranglag from to.oeo to
Se.eee over both his opponents. The
majority may be larger, but It will be
a bis earn.
Fatally Hurt on His First Trip.
Other Injured Men Are
{ Improving.
Judges and Clerks Appointed to
Serve in Election on
? Tuesday.
Time*-Dispatch Bureau.
? Boliiugbrook street.
Telephone 14*1.
) Petersburg. Vs., November a
The body of L> L Pegram. ths ex?
press messenger, who eras crushed to
death lo the accident yesterday after?
noon on the Seabjard Air Line Rail
f way, near Kress, in Brunswick County,
j was shipped this afternoon to his lato
homo in Hamlet. N. C, after bavins;
I been prepared lor burial. He was
thirty-live years old and married, and
lost his life on hi* first trip. The two
Injured men. Express Messenger T. A.
Williams and Fireman Wallace Ste?
vens, are in favorable condition in the
hospital here, though the former is
seriously hurt. The traffic on the rali
way was restored early this morning.
Palice Arreste.
The report of the chief of police
{ shows a t Mai of 2*0 arrests tor ail
I crimes in Petersburg in October, olas
I siried as follows: assaults and batter?
ies. If: drunks, 10?; felony. 8; fugitives.
' 4; larceny, 1?; lunacy. 5, misdemean?
ors, 27; peace warrants. >; trespass.
2; vagrancy, 2; ordinance novations,
j 25. The proportion of drunks U other
offenses is large, and yst very Uttia
drunkenness is observed on the streets,
I Most of It occurs on Saturday oignta
Cbareh Aaaivenary.
j The celebration of the twenty-eighth
anniversary of Mount Olive, Baptist
Church, colored, of which the RdB. T.
iL Bowman is the pastor, begins to?
morrow and will be ontl&ued through
several days of the week. The mem?
bership of the colored church la
Petersburg Is large in proportion to
the population, and some of the
I churches of the different denomlnatDns
I are handsome edifices.
I Judges Appels tee.
I Judgea end clerks havs been ap?
pointed by the electoral board to con?
duct the elecUon in the six wards of
ths city next Tuesday. Petersburg
will poll Its usual vote, though hardly
as full a one. It is thought, aa was
cast in ths congressional primary of
September 11. and will give Wilson
a handsome majority. Taft will run
second in tbs race hers and Roose?
velt third.
As between the Prohibit!osJst and
Socialist candidates for President, the
vote wUl Os very scattering.
GeaeraJ less Netaa.
Transactions in real estate this week I
were few and of not muck importance,
Mrs. Rebecca Levlnson and husband
sold to E- J. Wall a lot on Halifax
j Street for $2.600, and Martha A.
i Starke, et sia. sold to Georglane Dead-i
mon a lot on Oak Street for $2.080.
Edward Kommen, negro, who de?
serted bis wife at Stony Creak to
marry another woman la this city, was
this morning; sent to the Hustinas
Court to be tried for bigamy.
Hugn R. Smith and Job W. Friend.
Jr., who were ordained as elders, la
the Second Presbyterian Church this
week, will enter oa their office at the
meeting of the session oa Monday
Ths Patterson Bible Class at the
Second Presbyterian Church baa de?
cided to devote the entire collection
on the first Sunday la aaeh month to
foreign missions, and baa selected aa
' the spec 1*1 beneficiary the boepHai con?
ducted by Dr. M. Wilson, at Kwaog-Jo,
The Federal offloas were dosed from
noon to 4 o'clock this afternoon la
respect to the lata Vice-Pr?siden?
I Sherman. j
I Congressman John Lamb, of Rich?
mond, addressed a good crowd aa D4a
: putauta last night, spssgfclna; ander
j the auspice* of the Prince Georgs WO
< son-Marshall-Watson Campaign Cisjb.
?ATS ara ami mm
Chicago, November t 4~harlsa Oon
way this evening" ooafeased that be |
struck Miss Sophia Singer, the Beits- '
more heiress, knocked her senseless '
with a eieth-oorered door knob, staffed ,
a towsl in her month sad bound her.
Lske Charles, lev. Wsosmbsr t-A
L. Emerson, president of the Broths*
hood of Timber Workers, and his sight;
associates, charged wish mur*er aa the
result of the Grabow labor riot July7.
were acquitted this afternoon, The,'
Jury took less than an hoar aa erlag '
la the verdict
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Life-Savers Near, but Heavy
Seas Prevent Their Rescue
of Schooner's Crew.
Cotter Fighting Wsy to Aid Dis?
abled Steamer and
Its Tow.
Norfolk. Vfc, *?
tnmftv reeySpg mmymmmt Jeta Mnxweu,
. Captain OmtUrmJ, from Norfolk to Savan?
nah. Go., coal laden, so-night Uos a total
wrack throo-auartera of a mile southeast of
the New Inlet Ufe-Bavin? Station oa the
Ncrth Carolina coaat. with her crew of
aevoa ssuls j>rt>b?Jjly all lost- With the fall
of alght the solo aarvlvar-ea age* maa
t was still dinging to the risslas of tue
I sunken vessel, hat with all hope of his sas
rroen the time of the Kaaweirs discovery
eartr tt 1st satll a ark the Ufe-saven re
i mslaofl oa the beach awaltlnc aa opporto
aity to launch a lifeboat, but the angry
I waters made sash aa attempt eertala deats.
and those still ailve en the Maxwell bad
1 to be left to their doom. Effort was made
I t_ aboot a Ufa Use from shore, but the
: aissllloa of those alive oa the Maxwell made
It impossible for them to taka advantase
I ef tale. Vor hoars two mas elans to the
roxchsS. bat anally one of them was seen
to Jams into the water almost as If to
grown himself. He was not seen scats.
The washing ashore of wrecks** revealed
the Identity of the Maxwell, which has
broken la twe sad la faat going to pieces.
Xno Maxwell's crew shipped la New York.
The veesel's owners are A. H. Bail * Co..
of Now York, who place the value of the
Maxwell at about $10.0*0. She was a vessel
Ml feet leas and oft aet macese. ?
Word was seat to Norfolk, where the navy,
yard s wireless flashed the piifht of the
vessel aad men so the Atlantic fleet ea the
Seathera drill ground a News came beck
neve that one of the ships would eteam aa
sear the eboele aa possibls and attempt to;
rescue the mea from the sea. The coaat
wise telegraph also brought word that the
lei sssa cutter service *?c " seed a vessel.
-S, O. a." Sternal.
Wane this bottle against the leasents was
being enacted the wireless picked ap from
the deeded atmosphere "S- O. a" etxnsl
f*em the Diamond Shoals Lightship, flfteen
safJea off Capo Hat terse. The vessel report
oa that a ship was la distress nearby No
details were slvee, set tt wee learned here
that the revenao cotter Cemtsoie. of the
North Carolina coast, had hurriedly put
forth to aid. ' _ _
Meerawhlle the ?eveaeo eetter Onendaga
was flshtins her way Seyond the Capes to
etvo eld to the datable* at earner Nereus?
aad her tow. the foIl-iiSTted sailing ship
OlenlnL The Noreoea. bound for Mexico, and
carry las probably thirty passengers, bad
collided with the sailing vessel early In the
asernms. as the storm was st Its hetcht.
Both wore badly damared The Oleaiai's
Sew was carried portly away, aad her held
flmiil Nearly ell bee rtgglag aad sterr
lag goer was carried away by the shock of
tk- impact, sad she asas helpless. The
Nereuse, bereelf bettered, res a hawser and
te?k the sal ?r la tew. This afternoon the
strata of ao'llne serai not towering waves,
proved tee mach, the hsessi parted, and a;
sale wairiod the helpless Oloelol away The;
ffsi?age gave chase, aad far hours eeacht
seals to catch her tow.
Reports te-t>ight wm that Ik*'
setter Onondaga and several ?
war* aiding thaav
[Special Cable ta The
Berlin, November
they have been driven to
by the conditions la the
atrlcai and operatlo world, the i
! actors and actresses are pre
j ask the Reichatac to adopt
lation for their relief,
bill which they desire
vide some sort of state
I the dismissal of actors sad
' shut out those is ekln? talei
vent overproduction,
minimum salary, to
egement to furnish the
make allowances tor
to prohibit engagements to
singers who desire to peafes
salary merely tor the sake at
That there is a
who Is acting as the
who are willing to pay |e.aej
wards for obtaining certain dj
and papal titles, orde.*a and
tlona was the sworn tea
this week by Criminal
Kruger. of Berlin, and ethera
The case was tried at Alx-Iai
eile, Isidor Faso,
was charged with frasdnlswtls'
ing to have the ability ta*
distinctions. Among the
quoted were the Order of t
Sepulchre, carrying the title
for lu.OOO; the Loretto Oros .
ing the title of baron, for fT.es*. <
title of nobility in one of too
German states for $16.OOS.
Herr Kasa when he took
declared that be acted aa
of a certain Herr Moser, of ]
who could and did perform the
lses of obtaining the distinct
missioner Kruger. while ho waa sjs* J
stand, stated that be was
compelled to substantiate
of the sale by titles- In bis
he stated that it was a
that considerable money
Berlin by persons who took tt>
thetr Influenae in securing
Upon this evidence the oat
Herr Pass on the ground that ko
acting In good faith and
performing his part of aa
to secure a title or decoration.
Petrrtcal Rally ad
rSpecta: to The Times-Dtasjataavj
Alexandria, Va? November a>**aV4
Democratic rally waa held
at the Opera House, under the
of the Wilson. Marshall aad
Club, and during the eveatng
were made by Senator Martt?? Of
gtnla; Representative Joha If.
Texas: Representative C C
city, and Robert a. I
nassaa Woodrow Wl
the American people waa
ort S Barrett The moot
sided over by William B
president of the eluh. 1
first snd last political mWf
this ctty during the
The Little
With the Bit rip*
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