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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, November 03, 1912, Image 2

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E Sataasl .*..???? ?
?^tr^:::::::: jg ::
WJmtaiM .?*? i??
mj ??sses* rr to choice. 2??.
V'dfhe total rote In the Electoral Col
Kilt tat* year to SSI. The Electoral
C'llee"*5. ?* o*nMl'- seaerablee In Wash
?f(ten early In January after the pres.
Heattal election formally to count the
jRjte and announce the result.
I uverttses City and Furnishes
U Instruction to Thousands
f| Who Will Attend
I The first automobile biicw of any
tmagnlt ud_- over held in Richmond is
(scheduled for next February, and it
promises to excel ?*n> eliui.ar exhlbl
I *?a orer hel? in tue ?uutn. The ss^a
! nova Horse tshow Buuaing Use been
secured for tue s..ow, and tue 1 J,uUu
square feet of space 10 rexaibnors is
StaiaaT fast. While noar.y averj manu?
facturer of note iu ibis cu-uiry baa
takea space, mere is suit pl^my of
room tail ior ui? tux-vaaoi y ??'?aa-. lec?
turers an? laeae aic ccatniiuitf w
awake to the iinporutace tu u?? coin
tag event.
In every city of (O.OOe population |
and upwards Uier? are uc.u e&nuatij
exhibitions Of tile o.ailu.11;: to OS |
shown here, ana intsc a-iu ?uct?o ?
have dune a v. undent, aura iu suies
ins; up moiurms uiiereat. At tue Drs(
show given iu .\t* I'm* t?.t.... aaai
of the manuiacturt'i s were rew'escas
ed, but now thtre .a a <crow*i? io?
spaoe at every t>uow, 10. ._c uauu-1
.lecturer has learned txai tacsc eaiu
aiueos are spiei*>ud place? to .?> be?
fore LCe peopt? tue spee-ai merits Ol
As the local dealers In Richmond
have the heyettc-r? lor most of ttu
cars that wUI be exhibited at tue
M?disc:i Garden aau the u. auu tralace '
shows, it is rarj ukoi> t^at strata u< i
Uio iirisa witimrs od laete iu<->s ?U- ,
be displyaed nere. i
There will o? cars ?*..6?.->>?'*. tr.at j
will meet tee atjeds aad ? a-?:s ox i
every person. Cars cos.ius iro... j
to IT.iuO will be snown. and besides :
pieasure cars there wU be uispi?> t (
of motor truekJ, which are revo.-tioo
ising tt?e retail and wholesale deilvs- ,
lies of goods in all large cities and
many small tow ns.
The Richmunu display wlil represent
IU least hail a mulivn of dollar*, ana .
the same decorator who beautiues Mad- ?
mon Garden will decorate the Horse
Show Building, which means that it '
will be attractive in every manner.
The coming show will give much
publicity to Richmond. There will
be hundreds of tnousndsa of stickers
a wit cards distributed advertising the
show, and laxga posters wih be placed
in ail towns witmn 10U miles of this
On Thursday night of auto show,
-Veek Governor Mann and his staff will j
be the guests of the directors of ?
the auto show. Every day ana night |
there wUl be special music- by s band ?
and orchestra, while on the night the
Governor is there a special program
will be rendered. Special features will
be arranged for the other nights, and
everything points to the 1913 auto
show being a success in every particu- '
The slogan f'->r Richmonders to her?
ald Lp their friends in distant cities
is **s\et Me at the Auto Show." You
won't retrret It and your friends will
be delighted. ^^^^^^^^^^^
Mens Overcoats
Completely Ready
New models and fabrics are
shown in one of the most attrac?
tive assortments we have ever
assembled. Those who wish to
learn what is new and proper in
Overcoats for this season will
find here an authoritative style
exhibit, interesting in its extent
and character. Attractive values
at $15, $20, $25, $35, $4$ and
All Berry-made and guaranteed in every particular.
The Berry Coat /or Girls and Misses
Striking, distinctive, man-tailored Coats of all shades of
chinchillas, kerseys and the new London overcoatings, in rough
and smooth effects; also blue and white serge?.
Prices, $7.5$ to $28.
Coats for bovs, $3-5$ to $15.
In Mind of Wocdr w Wiisjn There Is No Dcubt
of the Result?*hree Choic-S Are Open to
the Voters
New Tork. November 2.?The state?
ment by Governor Wilson, Dem jcratic
candidate for tfce presidency, issued
to-day through the headquarters of
the Democratic National Committee
"The issue is now dearly made up
and goes to the people. I for one don't
doubt the verdict The voters must
taue one yr another of thre cho?c<.s:
"First, to trust the government to
the regular Republican party again,
which always begins a campaign Witt?
promises of action, and then always
at the end draws back and warns
.igalust change, dreading tj attempt
anything at all for fear 1t should not
satisfy those who control credit and
whom it has so long permitted to act
-is trustees for the people In every mat?
ter of policy.
??3?c>nd, place the guidance of their
nflPsim in the hands of men who are
????archirg about for some new way in
which to perform other duties, all along
seas* and imperative, which can easily
-0ut? wash
~ j ->. - X ?..
!M???>vvest>?e teeth
?>???*? ^rnmri********
ajrrrtyrjC ?taMgajTMI
C reSwTH w?s*co
A perfect Tooth Wash and a safe and
efficient antiseptic for tore mouths. For?
mulated by the eminent
This wash will do for your month and
teeth what no other preparation can. It
is highly recommended and has stood the
teat for at Years.
At Reliable Dealars.
29c. 5*c and U N.
rv. 3rd
... 7 ., ,4\\
seJtfhs ?hsee cc_weh fVre(
tt'.leiAi-SW *0-???a SSi *??
if.t! : ?.kwi? ?**???? ?.^?
frees the 1st - . - V- '? '? a-"* '
5^- ?*vtt'l>\ V&>Ai*r' ? ?>
- '..?arrr.huh<?-??-?< :'r?r" dry- <Js >
"j> _ ; - ^. jT jrob.irbed by the onriral pal;
?<?"t iMctKaarr <r by tbei? ?occ??? >rv
: v :. -e!y SF"-' n ?ie wcrH
. . ? .>c 'r.r-i Iea'':T ?:rv.rTM*Kt; ii br.rrad rfl
aawaSrarea i, -eH i? a. ' or hark ai*'
? ._.??*!?? (jU UXt i^*'..T. ..exile. *a i , a;. . i or. aecs an
Ldateet EefibfB sjamd on I'.iUe paper, w. i red cxStt* arrd comer'
roor.r?'d: he^trrifol. error??, dura: If H"^.
arr rr.an? v>d ovrr rV*> ?ib?e u ueaatifaTr ;~- - f , Fj
e^y^^??!,;:^?! Stales * ?. I rrvjt
atYh, fbee SIX Ces~cwt.ee Pert eoaarr C~c~t . .4 the aWC
-ms sabject? ?aoejo*1* p?ct
? ?.er..ceroU**/?* ^gfC \ ^mmVZmgm
1 mvmwmim*^**~
t>e performed without the invention
of new methods?for example, wllhyut
shifting the w.iole energy and initia?
tive of the law to the legitsUtive branch
of the government.
?'Thira, go forward, without post?
ponement or experiment or contusion,
to eftect the reiorms which the whole
country waits for ai.J winch all par?
ties profess to believe accessary,
through the instrumentality of a great,
established and undivided party, clear
and explicit as to its purposes, wul.ng
to effect th?.m by the ordinary process
Of legislation, willing to be guided by
trie common council of the union as
a whole, the plain P'.ople with the real,
regardful of every interest, the little
at well am the b'g. because connected
with every interest by sympathy and
comprehension and jjberly determined
to obey the voice of thuughtful men
everywhere by a carefuily considered
course of moderate yet courageous re- ?
"The mere wise statement of the
choices is a prediction. We shall trust
o'irseU -a and iet the little groups et
discoverers who would have us vest
our powers In them learr. in their turn
and at their leisure to trust us also.
?lib of Daniel J. Ftupatrirk Sues a
Time for tteparatioa.
Fot the second ttsss in the .set ten years
, Mrs. Dsnie! J. FUzpatrick tiled suit for ab
1 Si lute divorce from her husband yesterday
; la the city Law sad Equity Court through
i bei attorney. E 'gar B. Eng '.ist. pleading
j tfsetts and desertion. Shortly after Flts
t petriek disappeared tor the first lime,, some
I am yesrs sgo. his wife riled suit for divorce,
be: wt-.hdrew t?e ltllgatios when she re
s false report of her husband's death.
I r.ttpatrtek returned to Richmond sudden?
ly several weeks tfi. asd after a vain effort
< a: reconciliation d.aatrptartd ts the road
Forecast i Vlrglela?Fair SandSTi
Moasay fa|r< wits rtoing temperature.
*er?h aad Seats < nrwllnn?Fair *aa
dsy snd Monde?: rlnlag temperature. ,
! 'serial Local Data for Yesterday.
: 12 no r. temperature . 47
S P. M. temperature . 4S
j Maximum temperature tip to 1.
!/. *. . M
iJtinim.im temperature up to S
1 T. M. . 43
I Mean temperature . 4S
Normrij t? rr.perature . .V
lDeficl?rcy |n temperature . r.
i Kxce?, in fmperaiur- since Mr.rch
j 1. 11
[Accum, dendency i.-, temperature
I sin ? Tar ;ary 1 . ??1
iDetlcieney i- rsinf.'.li since March
1 .?.??
1 Accum, dr'V-leney in rn'nfail since
Janunrv i.}.??
???eel ?'IVire*|tfiee a F. m. Yesterday.
. Tenaperatare. 43
tHwmfdtty . it
? Wind??!?--?* f> . N
; W t r -1 ? v e;. ?. . l<v
. We.?r>er .^?_...Clear
!co*DtT?o>> i\ p:ro?T?%T mit ?.
; (?? J P V r>'lf"l AtSwdSTd Time.,
j Place. T: er H T. T. ? Weatl -r
|Ash.v !'e .. M * M 14 **>eir
Mlar - 4: 41 4-' Cleai
Attawtsl Cat) . *Z 4? 41 C.tar
'Boston. 2* 44 39 V. cloudy
P ff !o fit n s; Clo- dy
jC:c>rj l? Jt Clooly
|<*hnei*eton ... ss its M 4*le*r
iCMcspi ...... ?4 SI ?* f*?ear
!? ? . . <t t* r enr
T? ut - . r? tj ?e Osr
?'a' -T"n . . *t "? 1? C".. ?r
tflatlerss - ."< J# Clo t I v
Hi tf ...... ?' ft $4 fondy
Ijachsor.v?"? . V?. 1? M Cl.ar
'Karc-n* City .. 4? '?? 2* Oear
?|>i!rr?|ie .... ts If ?; (i,?r
M - -cry .4? (1 ?? Oear
N ' ? ? ^nt . S3 4 4? C.ejr
N?w Torfc . gf 4? 4? 0??r
N -' it . *? V* 14 Oar
o*|*b?m* _ ?4 M J4 Clear
nttsburanj ... S* ?C jf Cloudy
rising* _ 44 Is 44 Cloudy
pi L?"ts . 44 44 m Clear
f4t rs .. . 3? 4? 27 Clear
' far Frm-mee. SS f? 4| P cloudy
ifsvsnt.ah . . . S3 4J 4? Oerr
st-dis* ..... tt 4* ft Rain
Tampa . . sd ?4 td <T
m sh.ngton 4t *? 44 P. .
?-lnr..;"?- . . . J4 2% 22 Oesr
Wjshsiitli ... 3t z? SS Clear
s?i%inT?*tr ?lojssiAF
i> *? w???Vr 1 ifli
- fflOrT TTDT.
shsn neee s SS Mil at? ...Ilm
stfaa tat? ...IM aVaaag ?11 ft
Indications Are Wilson Will
Have Largest Electoral Vote
Ever Given Candidate.
In Personal Poll Opinions of
319.321 Voters Have Been
[Special to Tr.e Times-Dispatch.]
New Vork. November 3-?The New
York Hoi aid's forecast, which will be
pufbliahed to-morrow morn'ng, indi?
cates the election of Woodrow Wilson
by the largest electoral vote ever re?
ceived by a candidate.
The next House of Representatives
will be Democratic by an overwhelm?
ing majority, and the indications are
that the control of the United States
Senate will pass to that party.
In the division of the electoral vote,
as indicated by the Herald forecast,
Governor Wilson will receive 360;
President Taft, 27, Mr. Roosevelt, 7,
and 137 are placed in the doubtful col?
umn. There are 531 votes in the elec?
toral college, and !$< are necessary foi
a choice.
As a basis for this forecast, the
Herald has had a personal poll of 319,
321 voters, by far the largest number I
that has ever expressed a preference
In a pre-election canvass. This poll
has been supplemented by the obser?
vations and the conclusions of ex?
perienced political reporters, who have
gone into every county of every de-1
batable State, and talked with men
In every walk of Ufa
In the division of the electoral vote
mm a result of the canvass the Herald ??
had given to Governor Wilson ICS froru
the eleven Southern States which are
conceded to Governor Wilson. They I
are Alabama. Arkansas. Klorfda. Geor- ;
gia. Louisiana. Mississippi. North Caro- j
Una. South Carolina. Tennessee, Texas [
and Virginia.
Added to these are the votes of the 1
following States which the canvass
indicates that Governor Wilson will
carry; Arizona, 3; Connecticut. 7;
Delaware. 8; Indiana, 15; lows, IS;
Kansas. 10; Kentucky, 13; Maryland,'
S; Massachusetts. 18: Minnesota, 12;'
Missouri. IS: Nebraska, 8; Nevada, 3;
New Mexico. 3; New York. 45: Ohio,
21; Oklahoma. 10; West Virginia, 8;
Wisconsin. 13. This will make a total
of forty-one States for Governor Wil- j
son, with an electoral vote of 360. or
ninety-four more than are necessary j
for a choice.
To president Taft haa been gtven the'
following States with their electoral
votes: Idaho. 4. Maine. 6: New Hamp-!
shire. 4. Rhode Island. 5; Utah, t;j
Vermont, 4. Total J7. j
To Roosevelt has been given the |
State of Washington, with seven elec
And His Stomach
Is All Right
Thousands with Poor Teeth Rar?
Good Digestion by Using Stuart's
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Whether or not we eat too much is a
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ate nor the quantity thereof, but one of
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they go in for those savory dishes, the
\erv odor of which starts the saliva and
make * the sf omarh fairly revel with antici
pathxa, . '."
I hi-> ii but. a natural condition. Any?
thing tlic IiordtTs upon the indifference
which fostcr? ii.itigestioQ and chronic dys
I ?saw. 1
It may 0? .-jfeiy said that it should not \
be a question of diet or kind oi food, or ?
;ee?h. or e-.en *ny of the reflexes which;
jrc -upp"s?il to have their influence in ?
dcrangiig the ??omach. It is simply a
matte af >; pp!ving the ?*omach and .t
T?e?t:' - ?en.- v. Ith those knowr. arsis- ?
- mis sn'h a- ptp>rr> and hydrochloric
acM, bath af ?htch hart a direct and;
powerful d'.'ion upon the coatcnts of the'
-r.i--,.*... ?si
1 me cratn ri a rngle ingredient hi
S iurt's i>: -prrwia Tablet* will digest;
3.000 grains of food. This ?ave? your j
" m?rh and s-vt? it the rest it weeds
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\ P. >ticn t ? the rule.
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mi rth< lit them. They are -'4d
? ? ?*? ill dri.^^.t? rvcrywhere.
?Ad?c~,.c ifH
T.e Gcj. A. BunJley Ct.
514-Me East BroaJ Strrwc.
? vears ot I f jlvert Para #1 AA
Rvr WhiAiy. gallon . #%7aVV
Mail ordre? ?Mtcit'd Prie* hat
?in ftque?;
1$ inch Gray Enaiisrled Ham
B?aleT, *7c earn.
TW l B. T-yisf Ct.
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play any of these
Victor Records
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The World Famous Soprano.
Mine, lrfarcilla Scadbnch
who will appear Monday evening4
November 11th. at the
Semiramide?Bel raggio lusinghier (Bright
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One Earthly Sorrow). Bellini.
Traviata?Ali! fors' e lui (He My Heart
Foretold). Giuseppe Verdi.
I Vespri Sicilian!?Bolero, Merce dilette
amiche (Dear Friends). Verdi.
Voce di primavera?Valse (Voice of
Spring). Johann Strauss.
Other Records in to-morrow's j
lad. Come every day and hear the j
[new ones.
Successor* Cable Pleas Ca?
! Mad. .066. 213 ? Broad
toral votes. Within the doubtful col?
umn has been placed the ioliowing
slates with taatt electoral votes: Ca.l
foniiia, |S; Colorado, t>, Illinois, twi
Micmgan, 16. Montana, 4; Mew Jersey,
14; North Dakota, 5; Oregon. C; .Penn?
sylvania, 3?, South Danoia, i. Wye in- ?
int. 3- Total 137. j
In the larger of these States, Penn-1
sylva.ni*, Hanois. Michigan, caluoruis:
and New Jersey the couicst svpcaa* to
between Governor V\ liaoa am itoose
New Jersey, the home State of the
Democratic nominee, tut? not hereiu
lore been placed >n the douuuui col?
umn. Dale reports inuicaa* a wilt to?
ward ituoseteiu ano wane it is u*t
oenoved to be eilensrve enough W j
menace the chances of Governor Wil?
son, the Stale has been put in ih? |
uoubilul coiumn. Cai ?Itirmai clashed
by uie Progressives as a sure biete'
tor noose Veu. is tru.y aoueuul. 'u?
uiuiuiuoue are mat Govciuor Wusuu
wul carry tne northern pan ol mo
Mate, i.uosoVt.it tue souuierti secuoa.
in ail me douuuui stales tbere is
a tloaung vote, laiger tuan ever bt
lois. 'lucre nave oecii raasuts in the
Ii0Hag; uijs ul lue campaign mat tu:?:
wutuu swing to iUaaaevaiL Xaa Isar '
a. a lias rua?e every puaaibie etfort lu
ueteriuino if this vote was coins One
way. and is unable to null luat it Is. I
in Illinois, Micalgan and Pennsyl?
vania the conditions vary in ths dif-.
lerent seoiions of the btata Ths re
ports show they are even ino:e likely
to go for Governor W ilson ttubo fot
Mr. Koosevclt. but tr.ey have been i
placed in the doubtful column.
The ons thing which Staads out In all
the reports, a id whicn may be the de?
termining factor of the election, is that
the Democratic party is piacucaily
united, wnils the republican party is
divided. I
The New York Evening Post to-day;
"The presidential campaign of IUI,
In many respects one oi Lac most ex?
traordinary, awaits the verdict ot
the ballot box. Judging by all the ordi
ary tests of political mathematics and
political experience. Woodxow Wilson.!
of New Jersey, and Thomas R Mar [
shall, of Indiana, each the Governor of
his State, end nominee o.* ths Democra?
tic party for President and Vice-Presi?
dent, respectively, will be elected by an
overwhelming plurality, possibly an
actusl majority of the popular vote,
and by an even more impressive major?
ity of the electoral votes of the States.
Every ordinary probability indicates
that the Democratic ticket will receive
not less than ke* out of the 621 elec?
toral votes?fsr In excess of ths 24?
required for sn actual majority."
ELEcnoN nm
Democrats Charge Republicans
With Vote-Buying in
Ninth District.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch. 1
Kg Stone Oap. Vs.. November 2.?Excite?
ment was created here to-day ever alleged
discoveries of vote-buying by Republicans.
The Democrats warm to have evidence of at
least three cases here where money was re?
assess la the last few days by Heaters or
Republican workers throu'li the mails, la
one letter BbSBS were tt. is aao'.her $M.
end In another $? Th.-re was either u?
erp snatlon ercemjacylng toe money or un?
signed IsCatrs teT:tns ItM recipient to pot
th* money where it would do the most gooH.
D> mm rtu openiy charge t est tries* sums
were furnished for co?-plies eerpowa
*.'trer by The Republican hea<5quer:ers' r*r?
or b> RepublV-an office lioeS era and other?
?h< are 'contributing la ami way to Mr.
n:p'? <-amr?a!sv. fund 1 ? ? ;? ?r f-.irtr.e:
tta? tfcl* ard ether cvwleaees indlrat* a
concerted end widespread rCert of the* Re
sahamsas t > vesteai the e'tetios a*i
a: ths parties implicated la ::-.? tiree
cases r-?ed and In ail others ye: to be
hr ig.i- to tlr* sorrss* will be pronietiy
t'jrr.rrrOned be'ore t>.* Wlte Coucty grand
Mai and a |bj| .r.vesiiaeiMM stli be aad
- . j
Damage, Amounting to $100,000,
Covered by Le*? Than
$25,000 Insurance.
(FeectaT to The gimea Otspefen ]
*:Co'k Vs . X?esl?l 1 ?One nl trie KIWI
settees eonengreilene <a ??in'?!* sln'e ins
Pstr Prsnvt Company Are lew y-ar. ecrsr
rtd to-shtbl sr ? ecleek. ones tn. statt
fni.red by a hist* Wind. S>*?r>?yeS ?*!? Iw.
stoi> brlefc l.i ,x?n# ?f ;'ie far*.- RosST
5 ntpsr-y. H R ? Rnaas ssd IrwR
K'i. I-- iwe-etwry dwelllss. rtsrt by the
Mtaatlc coast Lie. Rai.-ess. and mveret
.? ?n bes ears.
Tne lflos win smo-jnt to mar* thee !??**".
with less tnee IS.**) tesvrssee TVt? tracer
eosTpsny** lews win rwS'k fn.em wptb I9T.SSJ
men rones. M. n Owslefs ssss bj nassJ. etch
The Seemen were fcsroUeassed by lbs lew
rrsssate of water Tne wel'a of tee Sva
rterv seahthsj M :- lern rhes ten mnrates
after the Sve ?es tarn i ired- ?
John 8. Bowman, Held for For?
gery, Was Discharged as
Cured From Staun ton.
Whether Joan a ?bwiiw. aow la
Jail awaiting a hearing aa four
charges aX forgery, wUl ba triad la
court or bis mental ooadiUoa passed
upon by a lunacy commission is a
matter yet to ba determined. The
tact was established: yesterday that
ouwauut rwu? twice been contlrtsd to
lueaue asymma. He was once In the
w eater n biAle Hospital at Staun ton
and onoe la lbs t;a*tern State Asylum
at Wliilamsburg, aocoralas to loiters
received from those lasUtuUons by
cnt*?f of Police Werner.
He wu-discharged fron Staun ton aa
cured, gad was released from W11
Uamsburg on a furlough and after?
ward* uncharged. He wag sent to
Wiiltamsburg after be committed aa
offense similar to the oae he is now
accused of.
Bowman was arrested last Wednes?
day in Woodland Heights by County
Officer Jarreli. when It was found that
he was peddling steel tape lined. Cap?
tain Ml Ma hon waa Informed of the
arrest and directed that he be held,
as be waa wanted fo| forgery.
Sara Ma Pargod Orders.
Bowman is alleged to have forged
the name of E p. Peck, manager of a
construction company, to orders upon
looai hardware stores and thereby ob?
tained the lines which he had been
selling throughout the State. Twenty
three of them, so far. have boon re?
covered, about a half-dosen having
been located in Charlottes vine.
Captain McAUhon said that hs
thought it most likely that a commis?
sion will pass on his sanity before he
Is arraigned la Police Court Hit
hearing naa been continued unUl No?
vember 20.
Money Takea Owl Last Week r-e?-eess to
Come Back te Celera? Baak.
Normal conditions were restored yester?
day at the bouse of the Meehastee Ser?
inga Bank, the colored lastltutloa at Third
end Clay Streets, from which frightaned
d< poaitors withdrew more than IIS.OW last
week because a ramer bad been spread
that the sank had closed It* deera The!
sum of JlflOO taken out during the week ,
?11 redeposlted yesterday.
The amount returned te the sash yea j
teriay and the H.tWO which wsa brought
back on Friday make a total af more
thar. half th* entire disbursement occa
?tored by the drain. A datattad statement
o' the amounta paM eat on Wednesday
We invite attention to our ex?
tensive display of Fine Diamond
New designs in
Diamond Circle*.
Dtamood Bar Pins.
Diamond Necklaces,
Diamond LaVanterea,
* Diamood Princess Ring*
and the ever popular
Solitaire Diamond Ring*.
The standard of quality, which
? always maintained, and the low
net* of price* account for the con?
stant extension of our trade.
Sciiwanschild Bros,
Richmond's Leading; Jewelers,
Second and Broad St*.
SB? Thorsdey of Isst weak was Usus? BT
the bank ye*t*rda?. shewing that ta* net
sum was $:c.?r. *!lght!> less than the Sf>
ures previously issued.
A meeting of tu? bank's directors ?ras
held Friday night, aa a result of which a
latter ?u yesterday called te C. C. BarkS
da'.a. State bank examiner, thanking hint
for bis co-operation in etopplag tb* panto
among the depositor*. Thanks were also
votod to tba Am?:lea:. National Bauk and
the First National Bask for otters of *s?
It waa stated last night by John Mitchell,
Jr.. president of tha colored bank, that
every eaut pafd oa* on Wednesday and
"Mil!radar cam* from :h? reserve it the
Mechanise Savins* Bank, sad that It was
not necessary to use the funds which the
American National and the First Natioaal
Basks offt.-ed.
ntratiB News at Wistssarelas?
Election raturua wi:i st received st the
Weatmore'and Club ot> Tueaday evening, bav
glLnlog at t e&elsek. Special arrangements
hsve been made tor s private vrjrc.
Major Bowles Honored.
Major E. W. Bowl**, o/ the Richmoa?
Blue*, baa been elected an honorary member
for lifo of the Ntvyon Artl!ier>. th-. abv
terle command of Newport. R. L, orra sired
la 1741. This honor paid the Rtehmcn'i offi?
cer ta the rceuit of the reatat visit of the
Blue* to New Flngiaod. when th?y were
tukan from Providence to Newport by Seat
?or psrt of a day'* curing._
rhe Doctor's Answers on
Health and Beauty Questions
The question* answered below are general in charac?
ter; the symptoms or diseases are given and the answers
will apply to any case of similar nature.
Those Wishing further advice, Irre, rruv address Dr.
Lewis Baker. College Bldg.. Coilege-EUuocd St*.. Day?
ton, Ohio, enclosing self-addressed stamped envelope for
reply. Full name and address must be given, but only
initials or fictitious name will be used in my answers.
The prescriptions can be hlled at any weli-stocked drug
store. Any druggist ran order of wholesaler.
-AashMM wir?-?
0!?? H Co Ii drop*
?f th* following in
?rater aa hour before
, ?ach meal and your
child will aoon b*
cured ef bed-wetting: Comp. Suld balmwort.i
1 oa: tincture cubes*. 1 dram; tincture rhui- I
aromatic t drama.
Tt Ree" write*: Tor many year* I hae*
srfrered with stomach and bowel trouble,
which has been caused by a severe case af
cata-rh. My blood 1* a'so In poor condi?
tion What can be done fer me?"
Ar.?w*r: If you follow the directions riven
below you will aoon be we:: and strong aratc.
Obtain the following from any well-stocked
dlSSJ atore and mix by snaking well, then
tav.'. a teaapeonfu! f ur times da:.y. Syrup
saraapaii::a comp.. * ox* ; comp, fluid balm
wort. 1 oa: fluid ext. Bucha. 1 ox Use ta
connection wltb this the 'o lowing local
?r> itmer.t- Get a 2-at package of aatlaeptlc
vflasMj powder and make a catarrh balm by
mixing one ounce of ard or vasellae artth a
lave! teaspoon-u' of the powder and ose In
the no*trlls dal!y. Alao make a wash of one
pint of warm water and one-half teaapoon
rui of V?ana powder and ass two or throe
ttnr.ee a day until the nostrils are boroughly
cleansed aad your trcub;* wtii soon be gone
"Elsla M " writes: "I aar* euch sheet,
stringy, rtrargiicg hair and my scalp Is full
of ?aniruf.. Please ?dvi*e what te do."
Answer The best adric* I ran offer Is
simple. Oet at a *rei: stocked ?trug store a
4 oa jar of plain yellow mlnyol. direction*
accompanying and use It regularly. It pre.
motes a healthy, vigorous growth of hair
and cures dandruff. Itching scalp lustreless
bal. and stop* falling hair. If the hair at
harsh and straggling it restores a soft. Suffy
appearance and brings back the Intens? nat?
ura: color.
? * ?
"Haselte" saps: *T would certainty appre?
ciate something that wooid increase my
wt.gbt. aad take away that languid feeling
which J am subject to most of tt* Mm*.
M. blood le weak and watery aad my appe- '
tit* f* poor." j
Answer. Tear condition I? very ***TTy;
overcome M yoe Weg fellow the direction*
sjteas, b?!ow Ask your dnjgglet for i.ix
r-ntn nypo-nuclane tablets and take accord?
ing to tao direction* and your weight will
increase. These s*a*a*J promote assimilation,
j T-rp'l^ and alt ' <i'.-n. transform th*
complexion and Sjrur*. They at* prtscribed
be physicians sn?l are perfectly barm? rt.
They ?hould be tak*e regularly fer *e\*jrsl
?orth*. and you can depend upon gaining
feah a?d that lanaruld f?*:rag still vanish
<oir; et?'.y. I
~t> *? O"" writ"*: "My rh?um?.le*n Is
?ctlng worse all th* time. I eat getting se
that It makes it very sard for me te
?M around." i
Ar*wer: Dr. B*1 worry about year rheuma?
tism, ss that can be very ea*i y cared by
.'slag the fo^owing ?5e: M the drag ?tere
Iks Ingres lea ?s eam*d and saix thoroughly.
*rv4 tea* s teaspoon re ?t awl us** and
sears at bedtime ar.d yea wf*? *ooa be en?
tirely e-rrad ef that gtsasreMlile dUesee.
i rheumatism. P i.-.-hiie 2 drams of iodide of
potassltrm: one-half oauce of wine of ool
' t : -um: 4 drama of tedium taricylate 1 oav
iom> fluid balmweri; l ot. comp esaenoe
? rci-j.. aad 5 oss. of syrup sarseparlisv
Tai? has .jrtd lijusaujs sod I am sera It
stfl cure ycu.
"Xuafctsn" askt: "ran -on toil mi bos*
Its overtone a bronchia' trouble which maal
<?ts Itself after staging try ? tickMn. ia ths
-roat. hoaneRtu and a s: tgti coughT'
Answer: Obtain a Lottie of ?asecce mea
tho-lasene sod ass It pure er make hrte s
cough syrep b- mitlas with ordtaary trans?
lated sugar syrup ?r boney. Dlreet ions' fey
?Ss and hoar to make accompany tbc pack?
age It cakes a fall pint of ? : pieae
ant ecus:: syrup and cjret a.: t.-.roa: asnV
-.-op'ala. trouble.
"Mrs. O. B." srrites: "I suffer _ . . .
dee' with stomach disorder*. Heavy feeHag
?ifter eating, heart palpitation, wind aad gas
"n stomach, etc. Am rett'ess and Irritable.
Afraid to ear s hearty meal. - <rnttlsses
,-rcat pain. I fear appendicitis."
Answer: The neglect of constipation aad
ndlgestlon ts the most freouen: cause of an
:>? .-.dlcitls- It Is better to prevent than to
on by sn operation. I advise that yes cb
taln tablets trlopeptlne and take acosrdtag
to directions accompanying sealed enneev
Tbey are pir.k. white and blue, to be titan
tcomlng. r.ooc aad night, respectively: t
' ink many cases sf appendicitis ceu'.d he
prevented oy using trtopepUae ln.tealgeatiyr_
"Vra. C C." writes: 'Can yoa sf ami fog'
s tonic for one who Is sleepless, aeresmg
hysterical, this aad getting thinner. Bans
it tie appetite aad am restless say asm
Answer: The following If used for asseasj
weeks win gradually restore aad seres at hes
year nervous system: Compound syree- of
bypephosphttes. i em.: tincture -if suss.
1 es (not eardamonv Mrs. shshe well aad
tak- a teespooafsl before each meal.
Kiss C. K " weites: ~I am hardened wtt?
too moeb tat and would like a safe tressV
r:ent prescribed."
Answer: I woeld net recommend tbe es?
dlnsry table? and pills for obesity, bet asse?
ts s eulek acting formuis that accomplishes
bis. fat reductions and never can see li: fees*
Aromattr eiislr 5 m, glycel arboleas
1 nz. Shake well In a bottle and take s tea
?TK>emra: after each meal for three days.
l>,nMe toe ?lese therea'ter. Cem three t'veral
weeks or months as tt- case may redeten,
e ? ?
Teer H" wrttes: ~hTy hearth ts ver*
poor en ? '??' of s lons-standlng cusatipe
tloa. I bsve to ass ssBS or snmethaag aS)
ibe time. Csa yes prescribe something sa
take that will mre chreclc constipation f"
Answer- Cocsttpstlor. is probably the canes
of mom inaess tbsn snv ether thing Msst
.-en.edtws only reiieve Ute trouble sad sever
rare- I a ways prea- -be tbree-grais SaW
rer'. mblets Inet sulphur tablets),
round tvem most re table and
curative. They set pleases ty epd
the beweis and lrasc. wkOe pa irjlaaj
b.ued. I
Holiday Goods
Consistir g of many ur.iquc novelties and exclusive wares o'
our (ran imporXittion.
Special attention is called to nur large and varied assort
mrnt o. Bookiets. Cards and Gift Calendars.
of limited editions and sifted copies ?ifl be eadubited the "ntire
The Rkhntmd Art Co.

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