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<Coa*Jaaod irrem Firn Page.)
^?e**ees to ?11 districts" except~tb?
??eond. Seventh and Eighth.
to Mm as of ssyatS?
U?tle Boca. Ark.. November 2.?It I?
estimated thai the Democratic major?
ity In Arkansas next Tuesday win be
ia excess of oo.oo'i votca
?eer-rlftaa for Wilsen,
Jackson, Miss.. November ..?in all
prababUity tour-iuuis^ot me vote cast
?eat Tuesday in Mississippi will be
Dsmociaii'. Of the inner parties, trie
' Progressives uiaoe the most vigorous
Seiidly OesserrsMr.
Dallas. .Texas, November -.?Texas,
an original wiUou state, is soltdo
Democratic, Republican and Pregics
: slve party campaigns have been quiet,
without indicating which leads. I
OW seams fee ni
Oklahoma City, OKia, November 2.?
Democratic leaders estimate that Okla?
homa aoatlaaiiy Democratic, will elect
Wilson and Marshall electors by a ma?
jority of 15.000 and the State ticket by
. practically ths same tigurea. The Re?
publican situation ts admittedly cam
.plicated. Progressive psrty electors
I were denied a p ace en the ticket
through court action, and recently sev?
eral of those nominated at Kepublteaa
electors have been quoted as assert
toe; that they would vole for Kooee-,
For Congress. Richard T. Morgan r>-'
puWlcsn incumbent In the Second Dis?
trict, will have a hard task to defeat
John J. Carney. Democrat. Tbe out
cease to the Klret 'District, where Con?
gressman Bird S- Mctiuire, Republican,
is opposed by John Davta Democrat. Is 1
doubtful. MO Progressive party candi-i
dates were named for State or congres- J
sienal offlcea
Cesapl tested la Peeneylvnele.
-Philadelphia, November -The poll- j
tlcal campaign la Pennsylvania, one ol
Vbe most interesting lu recent >'?a.'s \
closed to-night. The Republican. Dem!
ocratic aad Washington party leaders'
each claim their candidates will carry j
the State. The Progressive party can-1
dldates in Pennsylvsnla will be voted
for principally under the name of the
Washington parly. The campaign
throughout the State has been extreme?
ly active. Besides the national ttcket
great efforts have been made by the
a-'ernocrsts and Progressives to elect
their State tickets The State candi?
dates on the Republican ticket, who arej
alaa on the Washington party ticket, j
have not been Indorsed by the local;
Republican City Committee. The Dem?
ocratic candidates for State offices willj
also appear in the Keystone party col-j
All Three rtelm Delaware.
Wilmington. DeL. November 2,?-Inj
Delaware almost ss much attention has:
been paid to tbe three-cornered fight j
far State offlcea from Oovernoi down, as j
there has been to the presidency. The
managers of the Republican. l>erooera-j
tic aad Progressive parties each claim I
their forces win elect. both the na- j
tlonal and State tickets.
2?. J., November 2.?Jrs Gov?
ernor ?'Wilson's own State of New Jer?
sey, wbme fourteen electoral votes are
castsaod by Democrats. Republicans and j
iSoereeelvps alike, there will be de-'
elded else on Tuesday whether the neat
Governor of the State, should Wil?
son win, and the next Catted States
Senat TT will be Democratic or Republi?
can. In addition, voters of the State
will elect the lewer house >f the Dag
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islature and will deterarrfne th? pollt-j
leal complexion of the State Senate. I
now Republican by ? majority of ooc.
Should Governor Wilson win the na-i
tional election, the next ?resident of;
the Senate wlU succeed him as G>ver-i
nor upon his resignation and would}
continue In offtce until after the fall'
election of 191?. The present preai-j
dent of the State Beamte is a Republi- ?
can. Uaited, States Senator Brides.
Republican, is a candidate to succeed
himself. William Hughes, of Peterson,
a former Congressman, le the primary'
nominee of the DemyoratS- !
New Jersey will elect" twtfve -Rep- 1
rc*< rttativee to Congress this year, in-j
stead of ten. as heretofore. The pr?f?
est delegation from the State eotwists
af seven Democrats sad tares Ksepubli?
X? CifsHss ha Hexer Task.
New Tork. November 2-?Instead it
winding up the New Tork State cam?
paign with a rush of meetings Satur?
day night, as ha* been customary, the I
candidates for Governor on thv Repub?
lican. Democratic and Progressive
tickets will carry the fight through
without a isssstl m> natu .'ate Monday'
Tbe three-cornered ficht for the Mot?
Tork governorship has drawn presi?
dential and vice-presidential candidates
to the political forums and has di?
vided the rote of the State so that pre?
dictions of the outcome are not as
freely made as usual.
The candidates are Job E. Hedges,
Republican; Representative William
Sulser, Democrat, and Oscar S. Straus.
The Progressir| party has made a
strong 'appeal to the voters of New
Tork City and State for support of
the State ticket headed by Mr. Straus.
?teseeest ?a Msnryfeaers Htsteir.
K?Jtimore. Md.. November 5.?The
presidential campaign now nearlne? Its
end was ?v of the quietest ;n-tho
porirtca! annals of Maryland. Ail the
party organizations complain of the
lack of funds, and a noteworthy fea?
ture is the falling off in the registra?
tion in Baltimore, which dropped 6.0V0
below the last previous registrat on.
Its11st? i Ptsasriarlr \ letery,
Raleigh. N. C. November 3.?At the
close of North Carolina's campaign to?
night a decisive victory- for the Demo
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ftrmOe party wmm predicted ratbsprdsl
4entl?l election Tuesday*. On the Stats
ticket pVocreeoirea and Repbwlienne
i *oth are claiming the formal quota' at
Republican rote?. Heading the State
j fickens for Governor are Locke C
' Cralg. Democrat; Thomaa Settle, Mm
I putfliren. end Iredell Meares, Progrss-;
r.leae ta Weed VheiSli
Wheeling. W. Vs.. November #,?The
pre-election struggle la Went Yersinia
ended to-night. I
That race between Dr. H- Ik'
Mat Held. Republican, and William R.
ruompxoB, ut?errat, for the gover-?
naiShip and wttb this, the remainder i
vf the State ticket, will be close, there
Im no doubt. j
A4 u ine presidency, with Taft andj
tfjiOapTtit iii-ctorai tickets nominated, (
here areaM lui*? room lor doom tnat j
?Uaon ?iil carry mm State b? * sub-1
?itaaual pturauty, !
i iic bgsi ioi otate-widc prohibition
ii^a>- in H imtllStr ovssanauoweU lbe|
l*tM?ticaj icmw Ol tu? ?.aiu^iUgii.
< auipalga tleaee ta Ml?seafi>
t*t. L*ed?, *io., November '???*ne 1913
?Teetion canivaign caiue to a cioso I?' j
Mttaitnrl la?ama?. artui speakers of all j
parfte* waking then last appeal tor |
vmmm OoaioiirsMri Republican and
ITugnastis leasers, all declared they
wotiid Hin tiiie state. The Democrats
base their predictions largely upon the
finet I fiat tue Republican party, which
fur four years controlled Ute majority
of the btate officers, was split by the
u?vent of the Progressive party.
Bright Prospect* ta K eases *
Topeka, Kan.. November 2-?Poiitl
elaaa of *H three, parties to-edght ex
(jrsssMkl con tide nee in the outcome oi
Tuesday s election. The Democrats
ciaim that success for both national
and State tickets la brighter than foi j
years because of the factional fight
waged in Kansas between Republicans j
and Progressives For Governor the !
race seemed a close one between)
Arthur Caper. Republican, with avow?
ed Progressive leanings, and George
Hodgee, Democrat {
The senatorial race between Gov?
ernor W. R. Stubbs, Republican-Pro- !
gressive, and W. H. Thompson. Demo?
crat will not be decided until the
legislators, not bound by the popular
vote, assemble.
St Paul. Minn., November 2.?After
a vigorous presidential campaign In
Minnesota, the leaders of the three
Principal parties to-night predicted
success In next Tuesday's election.
Brpaa ta Cleee Campaign.
Omaha, Neb.. November 2.?The ac
*lva campaign will not close until
Monday evening, when William j.
?ryan makes bis last address 13 Lin?
coln, but other party activities ended
All Ctalaa TT%rngala_
Milwaukee, Wie., November 2.?Stats
chairmen-yf the Republican, Democratic
and Progressive parties In Wisconsin
?ach assorted to-night that Wisconsin
voters would elect presidential elec?
tors favorable to las particular candi?
dates Tuesday. Republicans, Demo?
crats and Social-Democrats have con?
gressional UekMs is the field. Gov?
ernor Francis E. MoGovern. Republican,
nominee for re-election, also indorsed:
hp the Progressive party, and JudgV
John. C Kaxel. ths Democratic nomi-i
nee, both express confidenoe.
Grand Forke, N. D? November fc?'
Wh ile North * Dakota la normally Re?
in till can. predietioas far Tuesday's
elections are upset by the fight In the
primaries last spring between Senatjr
U Follette and Colonel Roosevelt.
President Taft receiving a compara?
tively small vote.
The campaign has been vigorously
contested by Prog repairs. Republican
and Democratic' parties, and each la
forecasting victory. j
Oes Maines, Ires, November t.?Thp
presidentaal. State sad oongresalonal
oampaigns in Iowa closed to-night
The large corn crop, pet unbaxvosted.
la expected to keep the farmers at home |
next Tuesday -
Chairman N. F. Rood, of ths Demo?
cratic Stats Committee, to-night pre?
dicted that Wilson wduld poll ilo.ooo j
vates. Boossveit 140.06? sad Taft 125.
Chairman Ol F. Frank, of the Pro- j
grass!so State Committee, dacJamd that
the rasa astweaa Wilson sad Roosevelt |
sapass be dose. Cha
Rawson. at ths Republican State Com- |
tnjttee, would stake as
Caecasna, November X.?Final reports |
from an of ths Its esaattas In IUI
tlon wlO ha affected to a large le?
gre? by ths fight to eontral the next
ni'no*s Oaasrai Assembly, which ta to
select two United States Senators.
This situation makes more complex
ths struggle aaaang Republicans. Dem?
ocrats sad Progressives tar victory ta
oq ths natlnaoj ticket aad Gsvarasr |
Charles SL Psnsss. Rspabltsaa. far rs>
hssrewer. Is offset ta a
teat hp taping favortsej
alas aa Msvsath-hsur tide for Press-1
dent Taft gavs isatasi ta ths
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demonstrations her?- to-night. TM
three big partite S- rl meeting*, ?od
the candidate tor eatvh for Governor
wan the headline! at these meetings.
The gubernatorial rave Is between
Samuel A. Reisten, Democrat; W. T.
Durbln. Kepubllcati. and Albert J.
Each of the State chairmen of the
three' parties h?s Issued a statement,
contending that the State will support
his candidate in the election next
Tuesday. Indiana normally is Kepub
Three Complete Tickets.
Frdvldence. K. 1.. November l.?
Rh >dc- Island's complete State tickets
are In the field for the Republicans,
Democrats and Progressives. On the
part of the Progressives the final word
hare Is expected to be said by Gover?
nor Johnson, of California, Monday, f
Progressives Favorites in Betting.
Detroit. ? Mich., November 3.?The
close of the Michigan campaign finds
each of the three leading parties. Re
publican. Democrat'c and Progressive,
claiming victory. The Soc'aligta while
not claiming majorities, prsdlct the
biggest Michigan vote ever polled by
their party. The Progressive national
ticket is the favorite in the vetting
Amos Musselman is the Republican
candidate for Governor; U Whitney
WatUine, Progressive, and Woodoridge
N. Ferris, the Democratic candidate.
PassUag Sttnwtlen.
Sioux Fails, S- D., November 2.?The
South Dak-Ma political situation la
puzzling. According t3 the claims of
the rural managers, tt Is anybody's
State In the presidential race. The
Roosevelt man, who are in control of I
the maoMne, profess confidence that
the Roosevelt electors will be elected.
The supporters of President TsXt and
the Da Follette followers, who have
no electors in the field, are equally
confident that the Roosevelt electors
will be defeated and that Wilson will
capture the five electoral votes.
LMtle t hange la Vmesset.
Montpener, Vt, November a.?Since
the State election Verm ant has seen
comparatively little change. In the
State election In September the Repub?
licans secured a plurality over the Dem?
ocrats and Progressives for the State
ticket, but lack of a majority sent the
choice to - the Legislature, where the
Republican candidates ware en notes'
Ctahmsiass a Pi ill
San Francisco, CaL, November 3.?
The most disinterested observers agree
that the situation In California Is pus
sling. Piuajiusaives siippni Una Roose?
velt and Johnson seem to ha cwfldent.
Wilson men said the Democrats bad
steadily gained strength since the Sac?
ramento convention and the decision et
the Supreme Court excluding Taft elec?
tors fresh the ballot- Uncertainty
hin?*? mm the fact that woaW wUl
vote f>r the first time In a national
election, that Taft electors were barred
from the ballot sad that Taft and La
Follette supporters in unknown num?
bers will sots for Wllsea Alse that
Governor Johnson's absence may have
weakened his causa
rise11saliis fiep?fei
New Haven, Conn-. November 2.?Tbe
closing of the campaign in Connecticut
finds eoth the Republicans and Demo?
crats confident of winning and the Wo
greesives hopeful of polling U.oou
votes. Democratic Chairman Foster
predicts that Wilson will sweep the
State by at least 25.000. He'als?> pre?
dicts Governor Baldwin's re-election.
Reealt la la Dee et. |
Concord, N. H., November I.?The
contest for legislative ontrol Is at?
tracting much attention la New Hamp?
shire. In the event that none of the
five candidates for Governor receives
a majority of the popular vote, the
choice will He with the Legislature. \
Party managers scree that the rote on I
presidential electors will be unusually i
Ciausl Apathy la Idaho.
Raise. Idaho. November 2.?There is,
general apeiHy among the voters, sad
the silent vote predominates. Republi?
can, Democratic and Progressive man?
agers claim they will win. The contest
for Governor likely will be close.
Twenty Per Cent Is Deabtfai.
Salt Daks City, Utah, November I?
The Utah campaign managers agree;
that 20 per esnt of the vats in Utah;
is doubtful. The Progressives have a!
c amplets State ticket In the field and[
claim they have keen gaining strength j
at the expense of the Republicans,
while the Democratic managers claim
their supporters have been standing
Tlasseae Cessna tea Cleats.
Cincinnati. Ol, November 2.?The Re?
publicans and Progressives brought
their speaking campaigns to an and
to-night, walle the Democrats will
maintain their activity reght up to the
dawn of election day. Leaders of all
j factions express confidence
I Senator La Follette, President Taft.
, Colonel DssssvslC Governor Wimm.
; William X Bryan and Governor Har?
mon leave made numerous spssehes
j here. Vigorous campaigns have been
waged by tbe three gubernatorial can?
Idsdst Vote Bisassli d
Albuquerque. X. at-. November 2 ?
With the closing to-night of the first
[ presidential campaign In New Mexico.
comparatively a light vote next Tues
! day la expected. There are three
I tickets In the field for presidential
electors and one for Congress.
Mm* Constant ta Colorsee.
Denver. Col, November 1.?Colorado
to-night dosed a most hotly contested
political campaign,
ocrats and Procreseivee are
ing tor victory la
presidential electors, four
Uvea la Congress and
and legislativ? tickets. Far.
tuns, the voters will
preferences for United States
steady far the
Cheyenne. Wyo.. November
three partlas claiming Wj
Republicans by 30.00?. the
by 20.00? and the
small majority, the voters _
for election day Tuesday.
The main tight of the oaat]
been on the re-election of
Francas X. Warren,
John B. Kendrick. Democrat
Helena, Moat. November
ager? of the Democratic. Rei
and Progressive parties claims
tana for their respective eaadM
the close of the campaign -
The contest for the governoi
been spirited, and supporters
of the candidates claim viotory.
.Less interest Is being taken
preferential vote tor United
Maay Candidates la
Portland, Ore.. November
presidential fight is closed
State. The contest for United
Senator, so-called "single tax."
tire measures and equal suffrai
be voted on, In addition to far
other constitutional amendments,
erendum and measures. There
candidates for forty-thr?e oSta
Hard Fish? la ws
Seattle, Wash.. November
feature of the Washington
has been the savage attack
the Republicans upon the
character of Robert Hodge,
slve candidate for Governor,
tack, the Democrats say.
benefited Ernest Lister, their
date for Governor. The
are making a hard fight
Governor Marion E. Hay
Con gressmen.
Reno. Nev.. November ;.?A
otjs campaign was practically
to-tri gilt in Nevada. It was
ceded by the contest for the
popular vote for United States. I
Senator W. A. Maassy, ad lata
polntee. now seeks election as
publican nominee to
He is opposed by Key Pittmsn.
erat, and Sargus Summer-field,
slve party nominee.
Raes Clatass PtssaMty.
Phoenix Arix. November
Democrats. Progressives and
cans alike claim Arizona with a
rality. The re-election of I
Ctrl Harden. Democrat Is
No other officers will be i
constitutional amendment
for the recall of Judgea sad
giving the State the right to
in Industrial pursuits*are
carry. The vote on
Is expected to be doss.
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