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ichmond Chamber of
Commerce Strongest
in South.
$30,000 A YEAR;
[Total Hcrnbarahip of Thia Great j
Buainasa OTfaniration Will
Soon Reach 1,400?-Commit?
tee* Striving Hard to That
End Canvass Ends
With more than ?00 new members
already enrolled, the Chamber of Com?
merce approaches the end of the most
remarkable membership campaign in
its history. The canvass comes to an
end Wednesday afternoon with the bet
tins 10 to 1 that when the returns are
In the total new membership will be
considerably la excess of the 600 mark,
which tha- chamber has set tor itself.
Viewed from every angle the canvass
now drawing; to a close is the most
momentous ta the chamber's history.
With a membership slightly in excess
of SS0 at tha start. It will finish with
a roster of nearly 1,400?an Increase of
nearly go par cent.
Expressed In terms of annual dues,
tha campaign will show an oven more
striking result. Before the memorable
, chamber dinner the annual Income was
910.000. This was enough to pay fixed
expenses and provide a modest margin
for development work. The augment?
ed membership, together with the in?
creases subscribed at the dinner, will
mean 'an addition of more than tio,
000 to tha chamber's annual receipts,
and place them at approximately $30,
Laads tha Santa.
As a result of the campaign, the
Richmond Chamber of Commerce takes
Its place as the most powerful and
wealthiest Institution of Its kind in the
South, excepting possibly the organiza?
tion ta New Orleans.
'"Without authentic figures from like
institutions to aid me," said Business
Manager Dabney, "I will even make the
statement that not another oity in the
United States the slxe of Richmond,
has a Chamber of Commerce with as
large a membership and as large an
annual Income, as the Richmond cham?
ber will bar* when the present cam
paign Is over. I know of no organiza?
tion of Its, hind In any American city
as Baps ruble In slxe with Richmond,
that has annual receipts amounting to
With fixed expenses remaining prac?
tically what they were before, the en?
tire Increase will be devoted to adver?
tising and development work. It will
make possible a more thorough cam?
paign for new Industries, and will j
permit the advertising of Richmond)
sa a market place on a wider scale, j
Caeasalrtces Warb. Hard. j
Second only to the co-operative spirit!
displayed by Richmond business men.i
-the officers of the chamber commend
the work of the nine campaign com-j
mittees. Day after day the eighteen)
men composing these committees have j
left their business to give unselfishly
?f their time and efforts In the inter?
est of a stronger Chamber of Com
To these committees." said Mr. Dab?
ney. "Is due in great part the success
of the canvass. They have given a!
high example of unselfish citizenship, I
and their work hsa aroused the ad- j
miration of every business man in!
Committee No. ", composed of Na?
than Simon and S. S. Rosendrrf. has
led the other eight in reault-getting.
Arthur M. Cannon aad W. M. Myers.
Whins; up committee No. 1. have so
Bar taken second honors. Committee
No. a, R. W. Spillman and Alvin M.
Beat In. stands third.
Tha lead of one committee over an- I
wther. bywever. Has been small, and j
ail have done remarkable work. The
committees will resume the can-!
to-morrow. These Include, be-1
tha foregoing: No. S. J. O. Cor-1
lay and W. H. Schwarzschild, No. 4. B. j
W. Wilson and Aaron Clarke: No. 5.:
SL B. Florshelm and W. A. Crenshaw;!
No. 7. Julien II. Hill and W. I>. Cren- \
SJhaar; Ny. S. Horace F. Smith and Fritz
flrtterdlng. Jr, and No. >, J. T. Palma
tery aad W. H. Adams.
The new members Include a large
number of Individuals who are mem
| beta of Anns and corporations whicn
\ hare been long affiliated with the
chamber. The list below include only
i those whs were reported at the last
meeting of the campaign committees.
1 Thons hare since secured a number or i
Too ShOBld Hare
Seen the Pimples
Bat Now Her Face Is the Fairest of
the Fair, Due to Stuart's
Calcium Wafers.
Those dimples are like pearl* in a ruby
cluster when Stuart's C al< ium Wafers
dear the face of every pimple, spot and
blemish. And even if you haven't dim?
ples, the clear, transparent akin of a
healthy Calcium Wafer complexion i^
more radiant than the deft touch of an
artist to the most exquisite Hater color.
Stuart's Calcium Wafers act directly
upon the sweat glands of the skin, since
their mission is to stimulate the excretory
ducts. They do not create inspiration,
but cause the skin to breathe out vigor?
ously, thus transforming perspiration into
a gaseous vapor. The calcium sulphide of
which these wafers are composed con?
sumes the germ poisons in the sweat
glands and pores, hence the blood makes
a new, smooth skin in a surprisingly short
; time.
You will never be ashamed to look at
yourself in a mirror, once you use Stuart's
Calcium Wafers. Nor will your friends
give you that hinting look, as much as to
say?for goodness sake, get rid of those
There is no longer any excuse for any
one to have a face disfigured with skin
eruptions, when it is so easy to get rid of
them. Simply get a box of Stuart's Cal?
cium Wafers at any drug store and take
them according to direc tions. After a few
days you will hardly recognize yourself in
the mirror. The change will delight you
immensely. All blemishes will disappear.
All druggists sell Stuart's Calcium
Wafers at 50 cents a box.?Advertisement.
new members who do n?t appear
in the list which follows:
Nen Messbern.
Aetna. Life Insurance Co.; Alcatraz
Co., The; Anderson, Jas. H*.J Adklns &
Co.. S. 15.; Ainslle, George; American
Glass Works; American Steam Laun?
dry; Anderson Isabel Printing Co.; An?
derson, Julian C. & Co., Andrews, Ed?
gar M
Berkeley. K- C; Boulware. A. L:
Blakemore, Neville; Binswar.ger. M. I*;
Buell, H. P.; Burch, Bros.: Bellevue
Park; Briggs. Andrew G.; Cadges &
Button; Bailey Furniture Co.; Batkins,
Claude I?; Beadles. F. H. Dr.; Binns.
W. It; Blackwell. B. T. Dr.; Bloom?
berg * Jlutzler; Boschen. l.ouis II.;
Bowen-Vadon & Uta; Bo yd. Jas. N.;
Bose. E. aVi Bradley. C. W.. Briel, B.
and L.; Bristow. B. C; Broaddus. W. B.;
Broad Kock Mineral Springs Ca:
Brown, L. R.; Brown. Wallace F.: Bur?
nett, Jno. S.; Burroughs A Mankin:
Byrd. Richard Evelyn; Bluford, 1.
Crawford. G. W.; Combined Realty
Insurance Co.; Clark. P. E.; Currin. E.
O.; Camp. Win. C: Carrington. Fred
W.; Cary Phillip CO., The; Cary, \V. M.;
Cassclman A Co.; Central Publishing
Co.; Cheatham. I.. W.: Chanel Co.;
Chesterfield Motor Car Co.: Chlchester.
a M Clarke. Aaron; Collier. H. L;
Commercial Photograph Co.; Cook.
Walter E.; Copclar.d Co.. The; Corey.
H. & Dr.; Cottrcll. C. C; Craig Co.. P..
E.; Crass, J. E.; Creery Shtrt Co.:
Crenshaw. W. I>.; Crenshaw a: Ricks;
Crutchfleld, Knot; Crump. Krank T.;
Crump. Wm. W. .
Dletrick. Thos. P.: Dunn. W. A.:
Dobbin, Jas. C; Donati. David J, Jr.:
Dean. Claude M. Dalton A Co . F. S.;
Dashiell. R- Grayson: Davis. W. BenJ.;
Davis A Archer; DeSaussure. W. P.;
Dickerson. Henry G.; Dickinson & Co..
C. T.; Drew. Leslie H-: Duke. T. W.:
Duke A Co.. T. 11.; DuVal. W. E.
Eastern Motor Sales Corp.: Kllett.
John S.; Evans. W. H.; Ehmlg, Geo. C:
Klam, Samuel S.: Ellett. Chas. a.. Dr.;
Kpps-Epps A Co.: Kpps A ?nidcr:
EzekieL H. T.
Fidelity Loan A Savings Co.: Fun
sten. O. H.; Foege. John; FUlton Brick
Works: Fergusson-Lee Plsno Co.:
Fitzgerald. D. D-: Florence, R. I...
Folkes. E. C.
Goodloe. T. B: Greenwald. Aaron. Dr..
Gordon Motor Co.; Gresbsm, Thoa.
Gray. Alfred 1?. Dr.. Galln. Joseph
G?rnett A Co.. Gathwrtght. M. E :
Gatewood. J- M.: Gay. Ware B-: Gayle.
John B-: Gill Bros.; Glnter Park Resi?
dents' Association: Gordon. John W.:
Gordon. Walter L: Gunn. Edgar G.
Hopkins. W. B. V.. Hapks, Theo.,
llardaway. W, H.. Habllston. W. IL;
IloennlgeT-Sizemore Co.: Herndon
Johnson Electrotype Co.". PJalleti. Mar?
cus; Haw A Haw. Hawkins. J. O.. Har?
ris. W. E.; Harrison A Bates. Harrison
i Rutherford. Harrington, Geo. M-. i
m. Helsdl ft Co.. P. a?; Bmsaiaa, A. *.;
d.Highland p*j* h?^y
Hob: HUl. O. B.; Hill W. C ? HRJ. W?.
hL; Hlllsman. J. M.; ?nchman. J. ?.
Dr.; Hirschberg. John; Hoadly. U. iL
Rod?*?. J. Allison. Dr.: Holsaday. Wal?
ler; Hotcbklss. K. How* * F?.
Huloo. H. 1?: Hundley. Quo- *
Hunt. O. J-; Huntor. Morris; Hunter ft
Interstate Advertlains Ajronoy; nm,
E C; Irvin-Baln Investment Co.
Jone. Motor Cur Co.; Jumee. A. a
B. Jeffress. Thos. I* j Jeffries. W. UI
jr . Jelllson. B. 1*5 r'aaif
Johnston, D. R; Jo.*-, a Jatar:
H. Stewart. Jones. Wm. UUi SonJ.i
Joiits ft -Clemeui*
Kehn. Ous Company; Kennedy. Jam
L.- Kucnier Atoior C?uip*?y. ?S>a4n
John, msndier. Thomas N.; ^mch.
Fred H; Xinuig, J. Kirk-r-ar:nsn
Company; Kiruey, J. R. Klein. N. a
b?boehr. Charles B. Company; Llght
foot J B.. i-imb. John Lancaster.
Geo.' W-; Luna* t root. John; LaPrade. W,,
W.i Laugnton. P. W.; Dee, at. Duncan; .
Dee W. Oarnett; Leonard. Joseph tit '
Davy, C. C; Levy. Dr. K- C; Lewis.!
burnett. Lewis. J. T.; Lewltt. Jacob
A son. Dove. Samuel B.
MoCU-lland. A. J.; MoConnell-Brown |
'ng Engraving Company. Mcreuith A
Co.; Mooreiieid & ?iake. Marun. aulea; |
Miller. John M. Jr.; Morrow. Charles ,
S.; Manchester Mills: Mann. Dr. D. I
>lea?lf; Mann. Dr. Herbert Mann; Mann. ,
M. C; Maynard. A. W.; McCoinb. Jas
n.; McCotton. J. R ; McComb. John W.; j
AUK wen. Chas. D.; McNeill. W. B:
Melton. H. W.; Metropolitan Engrav
ins Company; Miller. Dr. Ulf ton M;
Moran. J. W.; Morton. John W.;
Mosiniller, Frank; Myers, Wm. M.
National Adj. Wlbdow Corp; Nelson
Maauiactarins Company: Nolting,
Frederleh K.; North State Distilling
Company, Nor veil, C. <R; Nucklea, C.
R; Nunnally ft Bra; Noah Remedy
Old Dominion Die tilling Company; |
Office Specialty Company.
Poliard. as. J.; Powell Bros.; Pace, J. I
B.; run ish, \V. M; Powhataa Clay
Mfg. Co... Plnder. W. &.; Poilard, H. At
Jr.; Page. Chas. |?j Page. J. C. & Co.;
Palniatary, J. T.; Paschall, Lee; Paul,
Gto.; Peers. O. C; Pilcher, P. P.; Fin?
der. John R; Piszinl, J. F.; Pleasants.
Fred; Powers, Jos. E.: Powers, Maurice
A.; Powers. Pal lip &; Price. Laurence
. T.. Dr.
Ratcliffe, John I*; Redd, T. Crawford
& Bro.; Reed. C. C; Religious Herald
Co., The; Richmond Bag Company; |
Richmond Coid Storage, Richmond |
Pepsi Cola Bottling Co.; Robinson. E. j
D.; Robinson-Nelson Co.; Rose, L. &
O.; Rosenbaum, M. OBL: Rosendorf. S. 6-;
; Hestrup, Carl J.; Ruffin ft English.
! Ruffin a Sloan. Ruth, Lewis; Ryan,
Edward 1?; Robertson. John C; Rich?
mond Lunch Co.; Ramsey. J. T. & Co.;
Richmond Auto Co., Richmond Trust
and Savings Co., Richmond OH Co..
Raab a Co.. Inc.; Ragiand. W. L; Rose,
J. E. ft Co. e
Smith. Geo. G.: Schmidt. E. F. ft Co.;
Sadler, Jos. P.; Shepherd Ice Cream
Co., L. R ; Success Novelty Co.; Slckel,
Chaa. 8.; Smith. Wm. B.; Smith ft
Gover; Sale. W. G.; Sands, O. J.;
Saunders. W. David; Schefer. Edward
C : Schorn burg, Lewis B.; Schultz Bros.;
Schwarzschild. W. H.; Shea ft Keegan:
Shield. H. M.. Shere, L: Simon. Na
i than; Sizer, J. G.; Smith, Alvin M;
Smith. Irrin B.: Smith ft Rohleder;
j Smither. W. G.: Srrlvenor. Arthur;
Southern Hardwood Lumber Co.;
Southern Pipe Covering Co.; Southern
Sttel Products Co.; Southerland, W.
j Ross; Speneer. C. A. Jr.; Spence, Leslie
& Son; Spilman. R. W.; Spitzer, Chas. j
at: Stein. Moses; Summerfleld, M. J.;
Kurman. H.; Swlnk. O. A.; Syele, R
j F.
Tinsley. .Tames; Turner. Wilmer D.;
Tarrant Dr ig Co., Tyler. John. Taylor,
H. Seldon; Talcott. T. M. R.; Taylor. J.
R Co.; Trevvett. E. J. ft CO.; Tldwell,
H. F.; ToiiipKins. G. H.; Tracy, Inc.;
Travers Wood Co.
Cmlauf, J. A.
Valentine Auction Co., Virginia Auc?
tion Co. i
M'allerstein. Henry S.: Woolworth.
F. ST.; Whittet, Robert. Jr.; Worth
Elec. Vehicle Co., Woodnn ft Scott.
Whitmore & Garrett. Winston. John G.;
Whltlock, Howard L: Welsh. John B.:
Wendenburg. L O.: Wallace. BtaxwaB
G. : West Knd Bank. Ward. Channing
M.; Westham Corporation. Walker.
Herbert T.. & Son: Ware ft Duke, Win?
ston. W. M.: Willis. Chas. K.; West.
Wm. C: Walsh. J. F.: Wright. Marcel?
lus E.; Wilson ft Pullen. White. David
Meade: Walthall. E. C: Wright. Chas.:
! Williamson. O. W. ; Wort ham ft Mun
ford. Woodson-Craig Co.: Williams,
Ennion G-. Dr.: WITbon, F"eld; Wtn
free. G. W.: White. G. W.; Warren. An
I drew J.
i Toung. Wm. E.
Charter? by the State.
rSpecial to The Times-Dispatch.]
Raleigh. N. C. November 2.?Six new
enterprises for North Carolina were
j chartered yesterday, ss follows: The
Peeaftrh Ice and Cold Storage Com?
pany, Greensboro, capital 875.S00. by
E. C Sykes. Howard Gordon and oth?
ers: the McCanless Real Estate Corn
pan v Salisburv. capital f3(t.0ft0 author?
ize! and $I.5"S subscribed by W. A.
sseCasdsWl snd others: the Person
l'ni?n Tobacco Company, of Roxboro.
Person County, capital fto.SOS author?
ized and $^?? subscribed by W. II
Fruit, Shade and Ornamental Trees. Evergreens,
Grape Vines, Small Fruits, Shrubs,
Plants, Roses, Etc.
Fine specimens, grown under our expert supervision. Our pro?
ducts are selected and you are assured of healthy, strong plants, shrubs,
trees, etc, when you purchase from us.
4 By careful attention we are enabled to make absolutely certain and
to GUARANTEE that the variety of tree, shrub or plant sold is
true to its name. We have for delivery?
All the best varieties of Apple, Pear, Peach, Phm,
Cherry, Apricot and Quince Trees.
Fine Nat Bearing Trees* #
A fine list of the best known and most hardy
American varieties of Grape Vines*
An excellent list of productive SMALL FRUITS?
Strawberries, Raspberries, BUckbenries, Goosebeii.es, Cur?
rants, etc*
A selected list of best Shade and Ornamental Trees*
Vines, Creepers and Shrubs*
Many of the finest Roses, both bush and climbing.
Packing of trees, shrubs, etc. for shipment is handled by experts,
insuring against loss from damage during transportation. Our busi?
ness has grown until we now have over 500 acres under cultivation?
making ours the Largest Nursery in the South. Correspondence invited
regarding the variety of fruit trees, shrubs, etc. best suited to various
Send For Illustrated and Descriptive Catalog--FREE
Old Dominion Nurseries
Ginter Park Richmond, Va.
Moore and others: the McKethan Tur?
pentine Company, of Fayettevilie. capi?
tal $100.000 authorized and $5.000 sub?
scribed by J. A. McKethan. R. F. Sim?
mons and otHers; the Reldsvitle Cos!
and Ice Company, of Reidsvllle. capi?
tal $25,000 authorised and $3.000 sub?
scribed by Robert Halrston and others.;
Suncky Service*
to City ChoTchet
Services as u*ual wtll t?e held to-day In
St. .lames Episcopal Church at the corner of
Fifth and Marshall Streets The pastor.
Rev. Wiliiam Meede Clark, will preach both
morn n* and evening, and Sunday School
nil. be hssl at the regular hour.
The ronsregation of the Allen A venu?
Christian fhurch *"$? vote this morning on
consolidation with the Marsha:: Street
Christian Church, end for th:s reason a
Urse attendance Is desired, Rev Henry
I'tarce Atkins, the pastor. SfQ preach on
"Another Mile." His evening subject will
bt "The Hardest Field for Christian Ser?
Dr. tV. J. McGIothlln. of Louisville. Ky.,
who will he one of the teachers in the Bap
tist Sunday School Training School this
week. ?Iii preach at the evening service In
the Grove Avenue Baptist Church. Dr. YT.
<\ James, the pastor, wii! occupy the pulpit
ir. the morning
Rev. J. M. Row'and. pastor of the Lau
rr; street Methodist Chaeeh. wi:i preach
ihn morning on the subject, "Hindrances
in the charca.' His topic at S o'clock this
evening will "Jonah Paid Hi* Fare."
The morning service to-day a* th- Centra.'
M'thnd'st Church, of which Rev. Henry C
Pfeiffer is pastor, will be a communion "ser?
Rev. H. D. C Mselaehlan will preach on
th,> *plr|tna! Issues underlying ths gene-al
e ertlon on Tnesday at the Seventh Street
< hrisMan church to-night. Hla select wl'i
i-e -We Stand st Armageddon.'*
Strength Equal to the Days" will be ths
Your Pleasure in Owning a Piano is
Measured by Your Ability to Play it
The ability to play the ordinary phrio and thu? achie<-e *hr maximum of
enjoyment is only attained after manv, many hour* of -tudy and practise
With a Player-Piano
fay yam can play all the old-time f*?oritc>. toRt-ther ait!; the \-rri latest .ind
><^t m music with but a ?tnt;1e k-^-on. Play them with all the rxprnsion of a
tilled pel fis it i. too. by the jlrrK?t instinctive manipulation <<{ the tone levers.
The pAPyev action is built ?ithin the uv. and in no way detracts from the
, i ireacc or im erf er? with pla - r:c by hand ?her desired. The sesasjsslaa
one of these "etway? read*." Playr^-Piano. not onlv a?ure^ \ti a maf
r.rrntly toned piano, but a .-killed performer a> well, to play for you ju-t what
.1 want, jost arisen you wan? it?a continual ?<*jrre rt pleasure and mter
? ??nment for ewery member of the hou-r+iold
?nrtrate fbem far yam and point out their mam- point* of Miperionee.
Mail orders recrivr prompt strentinr.
The Opera. Comic Opera, Vaudeville
and Musical Recital
in fact, almost any form of entertainment you desire is yours whenever you fed
like it if you poajtm one of these versatile instrument*,
The Victor- Vktrola
With one of these instruments you can participate in all the pleasures of
the metropolitan taeatie-foer without lea vine your own fireside. The foremost
performers in the world have contributed their best efforts for the entertain?
ment of the thousand i of V krtroU owners.
You Can Own a Victrola Now on
Easy Terms
Ju?t write, telephone or call aad ask us to explain our eavr-pavment plan,
er still, come in aad let as show yon the
Three New Models
Vlrtrsan X.. 175.
The very latest aad beat
so<ind repTodwt ion.
?Tr.?trurt?on. Wei
me * o-ir record?
Vlctrots XL. fit*. Vlrfrola XIY., SIM.
productions of the irren? Victor factories, with improved
?ised facilities for films; records aad latest ideas in
phry yoor fsvorire selections and assist you m choos
VV^nr-VkTmeas. $15 to $2tS.
Ask for dewjiptive matter and lat?
est fist of records
subject of Rev. W. J. Young's sermon at
Ortenary Methodist Church this morning.
To-nijht he will preach on "The Motion's
Evangelistic services have tosen in pro- >
g.-ess at the Third Christian Church dur?
ing the past week, and will be continued in?
definitely. Rev. David Francis, the pastor,
nil1 preach this morning on "At Base in
gins," and this evening on "The Great 6*1
vt lion."
Rev. Alexander T. Bowser, of ths First
L'r.itarian church, will lake for ths subject
of his sermon this morning. "Saving Faith?!
?Vhat Is It?"
A lull choral service will be given to-night
at 8 o'clock in the Church of the Holy
Comforter. Episcopal. The soloist will be
Miss Josephine Enright. Venerable A.
v -L.sl.an C o.ston wiil preach.
Rev. Henry Rearce AUtlos will apeak at
ihs men's meeting this afternoon at S;*>
o clock in the auditorium of the CaatseJ T.
M. C. A. building. His subject will be "The
Rerli of Character.*"
First Exhibition at Clarhe Osepsry
Girls' Canning Claas.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.J
Berryvllle, Va.. November 2.?The
first annual exhibition of the Girls*
Canning Clubs of Clarke County was
held last Saturday at Beyce. In the
hisrh, school auditorium, which waa
decorated In green and red, ths slab
colors, with scarlet sage and white
chrysanthemums. There were nine
judges selected from different parts
of the county, and the prizes were de?
livered by Chas. R. Hughes,
Interesting exercises were held and
instructive addresses were made by
Graham Blandy and Geo. Harrison.
The exhibits consisted of canned to?
matoes, fruits and catsups, which were
tastefully arranged on tat lea Quite
a crowd was In attendance and great
Interest was shown.
The following appointments are
from State Democratic heath
ST. a\ FIsssV
Lexington. November 4
Br. Themas shjsses Trage.
Newport November * {sags**.
Floyd er. Bas*.
Lexington, November ?.
C C. tVrfca
Gloucester, November 4
Newport News. November *.
sUebanxi L. Been
?Ich moos' County. Neves
Rocky Monet, November A
^out-h Rtcfcfcoond.' ?o?Vmber 4
eT. JC. BB^s*tt4svlTlalal. St Cl^tae!****
r. at
[Spoctal to The Times-Dispatch.]
Big Stone 0sp. Vsv, November
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Letch ST.
Norfolk, returned borne Monday, after
a visit to Mr. and Mrs. R. T.
and Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Lloyd,
Percy M-Georg*. of
of she seevseveeer .evens
Cordially invites yon Is a
Luncheon at the Country CTree,
rnaay, iiuats a. as at s*vaee
Apply MRA KK*?*eTI\J"JI onCRR.
West Franklin.
hag ihwuiuj to
Telrpbone i7W
. BnHjes. Structures, Rairoaaa. Caef
Min??. and PropeTtnrs,
pesehj fciStlingWs? CSC*
?pent several daTs la the Gap this
week on business connected wltb bis
targe land holdings la this vicinity.
John Pox. Jr.. returned borne Fri?
day night, after a visit of some length
to New Tork City. His sister. Mrs.
C. C. Moore, of Washington. D. C re?
turned with Mr. Fox for a visit to
her mother. Mrs. John W. Foot, 8r.
IJoyd Rove, of Newton. N. C Is vis?
iting his brother. C L. Rowe.
Itev. J. W. Rader aad wife and son
l?ft Thunder morning for Rsdfor*.
where htr. Bader will hnvo charge ol
the Southern Methodist Church for taa
coming rear.
TD. Tacker Brown, ef Richmond, spent
several days In the Gap this week.
Mrs. H, S. K. aldrlson has returned
home, after a visit of several d?ys ta
Gate City.
Mrs. J. S. Webster and children, of
hflddleeboro. Ky., who have been vis?
iting Mrs. A. K. Morison for several
Every Reason
here why yon merchants, will find this the logical bank
for your specific requirements. More when you drop
in and "talk it over" with our cashier.
aaaaaaataaaaa Bread at sixth.
Uelmtrntmrmmt Try Us.
FeiiUHIft Assets over two BiiUions.
eg J. W. Hotnert.
fji First wsee Brseldstit.
Jno. C. Walker.
Second Vlce-PTesident
Andrew M. Glover.
; Broad SSS Bank
Six Million Feet of
Pine Timber
Westell tMt< iptaCQ fof
a^VoCtoOO Seslo Os* sOCs) sMkCl
Atwood-fouredy Co^ be,

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