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mm E Main Street - ? rUcktaowd, Va.
??Igt II ?El
Local Races at Fair Grounds
Bring De Palma, Mulford
and Wisbart.
Richmond'? first automobile ran*
meet, which) will be held on the track
of the State Fair Grounds the
29th and JOth of this month, will
brlr.gr together a trio of real aptiid
? tar -. In w isbai t. Muiford and L*?
1'aJina. proii.-u ly three at the moot
proii.ln? nt guidcrs of the smoke, wa?
gons, will circle the course at a datc
devll pace for the benefit of those who
attend. Bach of these men has made
a diiititictlve iSSSfdj on the tra< k. wi3
liait Is one of th< so-cal.od "rnilli'-n
alre driver* ' ye Is just twenty-four
years old and owns and drives his owi
racing cars largely foe sport, rather
man for gain. He knows no fear a:d
literally delics time on the lace couije
?Ralph Mulford broke the worlds
pweaty-faur record at Brigh;--*?
Beach in IMS, a.nd beat his* mark of
the previous year In 1309, covei'ng
3.13* miles in -twenty-four ho'jri. In
ISIS he won Um Klgin nttional i ha;n
pi r.shlp. and in 11*11 he won the Van
derbllt cup at Mavam.an. with the won-'
derful av-rage of Tt.i'T niile? an hour.
Balgst Lie Talma has so many recordi
to his credit. Sssalts that he broke
into the game iu 19' that it would
: ? uuli? a volume to chronic!? taasj
all His first race was a v'ctoiy. In
which h'- ovieated Barney Oldfl id,
Harry Grant and other notable dr v
ers. His laicst achievmapt was W|ti1
mng the Vanderbllt cup at the recent
Milwaukee meet.
Altogether, Itichmor.d should see
some speed. A cup. valued at I-?0,
which carri's with It a prize of $1.500.
goes to the winner kr. the professional
class. Then there will fie races tor
members Of the Richmond Automobile
Clun> and the Virginia State Automo?
bile Association. In fact an elaborate
program of events has been arranged
for the benefit of the thousands who
will attend. * I
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not play op to Its standard, held well
at the crucial points The stars for
Richmond College were Berger. Ritey
end Perkins. White. Saunders. Driver.
Walker and Jones starred for H?mp
den-i*l<lney. The line-up:
Richmond Hampden
College. Position. Sidney.
George. centre .Bowling
Cole. left guard .Moore
I'uval.right guard .Guthrie
Hutcherson.. left tackle.Watklns
Carter. right tackle -Benedict
Jones. left end .Jones
?Newton. OnieU !
Faunders. right end .Ebel j
perktns.quarter back ...Saunders
Rltev . left half.Driver
Berger. fullback .Corke ?
Cobln. right half . . . Pendleton
(McClungl 1
Officials?Miles. referee: Seymour.
umpire: Blanton. linesman. Time of j
quarters. 1* minute?.
I da va.
Or election day, Tuesday, the teams fram
the Virginia l"nk>n Cnlversrry snd the
Facie Athietle <*!n? will play for the city
ehamplCTiehlp The Eagle team la tne
i'jjuput mi city teamg and the aram
r-emtae* Is he SSS of reel Importance. HI
wi:, be called at i.? ea the ucivcrvlty :
With Automobffists
The Steams-Knight car a^sin e-'ne
1 into the limelight a short t BMf ago in
th- endurance contest given by the
Pine Tret Motor Contest Association, of
Portland. Maine. This contest ran un?
der the rules and with the sanction of
j the Contest Board of the American Au
toinohile ftsgVplllgtlon. was an especially
hard one. as is show;, by tf.e fact that
during th' entire 4?: miles of the: trip,
an average of ??.3S mile* per hour was
obtained Those experienced in tuto?
mobile driving a grand average of 26
I miles per hour for 5 days oonsc cutive
running !s soroeth.uK to ! h< Id In
? ; respect, especially in slevr ol the
I fact that this car cairied womer. dur
I itig X'.f e-ntirc !r'p. an- the c o>f;St v'ns
' turned into a pleasure trip as much as
I anything else.
i In commenting upon the pcrform
' ance of this car. E. VI'. Havkett. the
Stearns dealer, who d-:-vt tr.c cr.r,
j says:
I "The fact is. we came home with a
, clean score, for which I received the
'silver cup in division fi A. Our compet?
itors were cars listed from 13.0*0 to
"This is the season for long distance
touring among Chalmers owners.'' says
B. A. Blenner. local representative of
the Chalmers Motor Company. "I have
Just received letters regarding three
notable long distance tours,
j 'Perhaps the most Interesting is the
I ?'? m&SM by Clrorge Webb, who recent?
ly drov; his ISIS Chalmers '.Six' from
New Tork to I-os Angeles over the old
; 8anta Fe trsil, covering a total dis?
tance of 4.H8 miles. The total run?
ning time was :*? hours and IS min?
"The present condition of the Euro?
pean and Ori- ntal markets points to a
record breaking season for the Ameri?
can built motor car abroad." says R.
M. Lockwood, head of the foreign de?
partment of the Regal Motor Car Com?
"For this time of year, trade is an
usutl'j brisk and I look for the 1913
season to show unprecedented devel-;
or/rr.ents !n the sale? 0f moderate
priced cars In foreign countries. Es- 1
perially In the far Fast, are the con- 1
dit'ons such as they have never been
before. During the past twelve months
the trade of these Oriental countries
has exceeded ?I expectations and the
motor car manufacturers of the United
States now hav? a hold on th's market
which enables them to compete on an
equal footing with the great producers
of France. Oermany and England"
The severest endurance run In years
outlined for automobiles tn Aroericnv
end'd October -". when the cars com?
peting in tho around Lake Michigan
trip of the rw,ic3go Motor <~lub return
Qytrjana Model 09T
Thirtv Borae-ptrwer; *e\t start rr: Ii??-inrh whr-Hbase: t?o or
hvf! p<it^enf/<rr; Hyatt .ind Tirnken roller bearing throughout.
$W5.(M>. fuilv equipped, f. r>. b. factnrv. Tvrvi?-*? ?tah<->n. 3#3
West Gary Street. Phorir Madien 7044
By a Floater Policy with Ihr Largest Fire Ire Cam Mass
*PH^E!I^ ^ marine ins ca
selection of risJis is the
Mftson why ours brtveliwul
ed to Chicago. Among the ear* to
lalls wer?- two R-C-H touring cars,
one a competitor and th* other the
press ca,r. the lowest priced cars by
seven! hundred dollars to take part lr.
th<- ev?nt This completion of the
??vent by th? two R-C-II".? brought this
car. by far the lowest priced Ig the run.
unstinted praise from the drivers and
crews of the other competing cars.
Fred A. Harris has been appointed
assistant general manager of the Hupp
Motor Car Company. Detroit.
The "fflcial." of the Nordyke * Har?
mon Companv. of Indianapolis, have
just Ieeel sod notice through George
Bakbmeteff, the F.jeslan ambassador
in Washington, of an invitation that
has be?n extended tp exhibit cars In
the automobile exposition which will
be held In {*? Petersburg In the spring
of 1913. The exposition is the Fourth
Annual Automobile Exhibition organ?
ized by the Imperial Automobile Club,
of Russia, under the patronage of H.
I M Caer Nicholas.
Culminating a year of remarkable
achievement in the making and mar?
keting of Pathfinder "to* Cars, the Mo?
te r fa: Manufacturing Compsny has
issued formal announcement of Its
plans to occupy about December 1 the
new factory buildings now being com?
pleted <n connection with the present
Pathfinder plant In West Indianapolis.
A plan of adding to the sightliness
of ts plant and 2f acres of ground
and at the same time carrying on a
necessary operation, has been hit on
by the Garford Company, makers of
Garford pleasure and commercial mo?
tor cars of Elyria, Ohio. In the quad?
rangle formed by the b!g concrete,
brick ..::d glass factory buildings 's a
mammoth basin In which fine fountains
are constantly playing. The fountain
acts as a cooling plant for the big en?
gines, using natural gas for fuel, which
furnish the driving power for the ma?
chinery of the factory.
I "That's almost heaping insult on In?
jury fo:- Um poor horse." lauglic? ". G. W
Bennett, president of the Gramm Mo?
tor Truck company, of Uma, Ohio, one
day reeentlv as he read an order for
one of the company's two-ton trucks
received from a transportation firm In
the Interior of Venezula. ''They are
j not only relegating the horse to the
<l!?ear<j hut are trying to force on him
the indignity of himself delivering his
miccesnr through t*e miles of track -
leys from the seaport."
Enough eash has been subscribed to
insure the greatest su'-coss In the his?
tory of the sport when the annual
tournament of the American Bowling
Congress Is held In Toledo. Ohio, Fob.
ruary 22 to March 12, :?1s.
It was recently announced that John I
X. Willys, president of the Willys- :
Overland Company, of Toledo, who tooK.
a 15.00 slice of stock when the cam-1
paign was formed to handle the Inter-!
national meet In his home city, had1
come forward with an offer of as much j
more taoney as might be needed to'
make the proposition successful.
Cuba has been found a profitable
field of endeavor by the Gramm Motor
Truck Company, of Una. Ohio, and
j contracts were recently signed for the
j delivery of a half dosen cars to Havana.
The trucks are to be of the Gramm
5-ton model, with electrically-operated
dump bodies and they will be used by
a con-tractor who does a great deal of
excavating In the Cuban capItoL The
flrat track was shipped Octob-r" 27.
The Indianapolis motor speedway is
to tear down the present press stand,
judges' stand, refreshment and execu?
tive buildings and all other stands
grouped near the start and finish line
and behind the pits. One large, mod?
ern pagoda building is to supplant the
entire lot.
The Palace Duekpin league opened'
laut Monday night with the Alcoa team
winning three straight games from,
the Journals.
Wednesday night ths Virginians won I
two out of three games from ths News
Friday night the Palace team won'
two out of three games from Thei
Tl mes - Dispatch.
The scores last week were eery low. ?
Wants some roiled good scores, the
score* from now on are expected to be '
higher and much better than the scores ?
last week.
Ceases Heat Wssft.
Monday. November 4. at S It. Alcos I
vs. Palace. I
Wednesday. November - ?. at ? :!#. i
Times-Dispatch vs. Virginians.
Friday. November e. at S:.>0. Journals
Sat Xrtrs Leader.
All gam's will be rolled over Nes. 3
and 5 alleys.
>'etee of Wajetey'
? 'sptsin C. Lehmann, Of ths Alcoa
led his teem to victory last Monday
T icker and I. Anderson, of the Vir?
ginian team, rolled !lke champions tn
Wednesday night's series, tying esch
other with a total of 3i; each.
<is vie, a new scout, rolled on the
A ice*, and did pretty well considering
> his first workout en a team.
Raw son. of the Journals, rolled s
? ne -s Ided gam e.
F. t><hinann. csptaln of the Journals,
had an off night in bis bowling last
Gilbert sad Irish Levy, two of the
-'?mmer League scouts, new oa the
Heginlsn team, rolled well la their
: series last week
w. Brown, caetate of the News
I *x-ad?r team, ro.leri three pretty well
I consistent games last week.
I Moor?, of the News Leader hoys, had
i high iota) for the boys last week.
Price end Huleher. ef the Negs Lead?
er i.am. rolled well last week.
Wstkins. B*asley sad C A htlller
I of OH Alcos. wers right after the pins
I last Mor-dav night.
i Murphy sr.d Oliver, two ef the Jeur
aaia sw-ithpews. rolle? well in Mon?
ds y night's series
B. Jorder. or "Fatty." dids't reli ss
wen as expected last MaeSny night
?-Fatty- Miller rolled well m Friday
I night's series fee The Times-Dhrpeten
I boys
Devisen sad F saget or roiled well
I slso. while Carito* was oh* la his spare
Cosby. ?nderst a sad Brown all roll?
ed well
Mean v the newly shfnsd *varat*r
league howler, shewed up la great
A vewaxe es? V-aapseav
Players. <l. Total Ave.
Tucker .S SI. Ivi?I
T. Anderson .1 n: lef?2
C Lohmenn .S Stt ea__?
C. A Mi;l#r .t tff t*?*
C H Coshy .t the as
inaweeei . I ??? se?t
Brown .S SIX ?4
I w Brows. ? fee ef -i
Moore .S 1*2 ?4?1
Hah-her .I fT? W??
I Oerie .ev.. ? ?T? tt
isnvastsr . ? se- i
Levy . ? ??7
Carlton . 3 -66
\V. Anderson. 3 264
P. IiOhnmnn . I 264
R Price. 3 264
Oliver . 3 2?<
Cheek . 3 254
Slaughter . ? 250
Meanly . > 24?
Watktos. 3 233
Teams. Won. Lost
Virginians .
Palace .,
New? Leader ..
Journals .
Times-Dispatch League j
There was quite a surprise sprung
in The Tttnes-Dlspatch League this
week when Helfert shot a total of 580
for his set of three games, raising hla
average to tss?l for nine games after
a low total for his first six games. As
a whole these Times-Dispatch boys are
doing wonders In their respective
ladfvtdael averages*
O Total. ?ve.
Hclfcrt . 9 1.4i7 TXT?2
Crenii?. 9 1.411 15*?7<
Hay a* .9 1.331 147? ?
Wells .? ?77 II??I
Ellis. 9 1.29& 14.1??
B'trks . 9 1.241 Its??
Elliott . 2 41* 137?2
Williams . ? 1.217 Iff;?2
Davis . 9 1.114 1241?9
Magarlsn . 9 1.20.". Mi?a
Irrltt . 9 1.190 is*?2
Hsrdwirk . 9 J.1J* 12*??
Kose . 9 i.etl 1*1?5
Won. I/O??. P>. C I
rngrsrers . s * 4?
Mcnctrpea . S ? iij
Makeep . 4 i 444
AdSJWW. 1 ? ?12
The Ideal
Home Beverage
saMR afaCWssaf (e^fsssJNvTy
?tf Clay Stistts.
What dissociates a "HIGH-ART" Suit or Overcoat
from the clothes of commerce and commonness?
Refinements of style and ?nements of finish which im?
pregnate these garments with intense individuality.
There's no suit like a "HIGH-ART", except another
"HIGH-ART9 \ They are the first word in quality and
the last word in fashion. For sale by clothiers who
are usually the biggest and always the best in their
To learn where they're sold, and why they are sold there, see "High Art In
The World's Famous Monuments," graphically illustrated in colors. Free
for a postcard. Simply address
Kahn's of Richmond
713 E. Broad Street
Strouse & Brothers
Makers of "High-Art" Clothes
Baltimore, Md.
Owing to the failure of some of the
teams in the Richmond Bowling
league to have a full team on hand to
start the games scheduled for last
week, it was at first thought advisable
to call a meeting and make definite
arrangements ss to the future of tne
league, but as so little can be accom?
plished at one of these meetings, the
writer takes authority to say all games
according to scnedule wi.i be roiled
this week, beginning Wednesday night.
Last week's games will be postponed
until the Isst week of the season.
It has been arranged that all games
will be rolled on the Newport Alleys
until the patent pin spotters sre in?
stalled at the Palace.
Some dissatisfaction and disappoint?
ment was occasioned last week by the
failure of nearly every team to have
a complete team on the alleys, but. af?
ter canvassing the situation, we find
the cause in most cases was unavold
sble, owing to sickness and business
obligations, but this week a deter?
mined effort will be made to have
each team on hand and start the
league off with that enthusiasm and
social friendship and good cheer that
should pervade a league of this kind.
There Is no reason why this league
should not be the most Interesting
of any In the history of the Richmond
Bowling Association If everybody dees
all he can to make It such.
By agreement, the gams scheduled
for Tuesday night between Richmond
I.unch and Newport will be postponed
until Friday night. The schedule for
next week will be ss follows:
Wedaesday night?Cook Printing
Company va. Palace.
Thursday night ?Remingtons vs. Al?
Friday night?Richmond Lunoh vs.
Csaasenetsl I-eoapse.
Good progress is being made in the
formation of the Commercial Lragu*.
with teams representing O. H. Bern.
Chesapeake and Ohio. Forbes ?- Co.
Klngan Company. Morris A Co. and
Slbley She* Company It Is expected
that full arrang-ment* will he com?
pleted] and schade? adopted, so as to
start games next w???*
Drear Usssi.
The I>rug Lea true has brr~ orsxn
ised. with teams from Owafhm?v
Vaughan -?Robertson and two from
Owens ft. Minor, known as teams No. 1
and No. 2.
A coropldte schedule of frames is as
Wednesday. November 6?Gwathmey
vs. Owens & Minor. No. t.
Friday, November 8?Owens ft Minor,
No. 2. vs. Vaughan-Robertson.
Wednesday. November 13?Gwatn?
mey vs Owens & Minor. No. 2.
Friday November 15?Owens &
Minor, No. 1. vs. Vaughan-Robt rtson.
Wednesday. November 20?Gwath
mry vs Vau ghan-Robertson.
Friday. November 22?Owens *
Minor. No. 1. vs. Owens & Minor No. -.
Wednesday November 2.?Owens a.
Minor. No. 1. vs. Gwatnmey.
Friday. November 29?Vaugnen-Koo
ortson vs. Owens & Minor. No. 2.
Wednesdav. December 4?Owens *
Minor. No. 2. vs. Gwatnmey.
Friday December 0 -\ aughan-Rob
ertson vs. Owens 4 Minor. No. I
I Wednesday. December U? Vaughan
Robertson vs. Gwathmey.
i Friday. December 13?Owens &
Minor. No. 2. vs. Owens & ?aSSjSaystS; ?.
Wednesday. December 18?Gwath
i mcy vs. Owens ft Minor No U
I Fridav. December 21?Owens * Minor.
No. 2. vs Vaughan-Robertson^
Wednesday. Januarv 8?Gwatnmey
vs. Owens * Minor. N<y_2 ...
Frldav. January in?Owens * Minor.
No 1. vs. Vaughan-Robertson^
Wednesday. January i v-GwatJintey
vs Vausrhan-Robert son_ _
Friday. Januar?- it?Owens * Minor..
' No L vs Owens ft Minor. N<>_2.
Wednesdav, January t-?Owens a
Minor. No. 1. vs. Gwathmey.
Fridav January 24?\ auenan-Koo
; ertson vs Owens ft Minor. Nat
Wednesday, Januarv 2t?Owens ft
Minor. No. 2. vs Gwathmey
Fridav. January ausrhan-Rob
e*t?on vs. Owens * Minor. N? 1
Wednesday. February ?>?a augnan
Robertson v? Gwathmey
Fr'day February ; ?Owens ft Jfinjor.
"Co * vs' Owens ft Minor. So. L
Wednesday February '2?Gwathmey
vs Owens ft M*r.or. N*>. 1.
Fridav. February 14?Oaens A Minor.
?c? ; <, s Vsughan-Robertson.
Wednesdav February :s?Gwathme?
rs Owens ft Minor. Wo 2
Fnday. Fehramry 21?Owens ft Mino
No. I, vs. Vaughan-Robertson.
Wednesday. February "6?Gwathme
va. Vaugha.n-Robertson.
Friday. February 28?Owens 4 Minor
No. 1, vs. Gwens & Minor, No. 2.
Wednesday, March 5?Owens Jt
Miiior. No. I, vs. Gwathmey.
Friday. March 7?Vau Khan-Robert?
son vs. Owens & Minor. No. 2,
Wednesday. March 12?Owens dt
Minor. No. 2, vs. Gwathmey.
Friday. March 14?Vaughan-Rober*
son vs. Owens ? Minor, No. l.
Wednesday, March 19?Yaughaa
Robertson vs Gwathmey.
Friday. March ?Owens * Minor,
No. i, vs. Owens * Minor, No. t.
mum to
HEAR mullingar
That's Where Smith Has
American Hounds in
. Old Ireland.
Tn the Fox Hunting Edition of
Ix>ndon Sporting and Dramatic Ns
appears the picture of Harry Ws
coster Smith mounted In scarlet
Ing togs. Th" punting expert Of
publication rays of Sir. Smith
be "thinks" he is an American,
whether or not he knows the
hunting game will be learned
It may be ?Uteri without
chanoes of denial that Mr.
know the fox and hound ga
that a* a fearless rider
try he Is in a class with the
and crsr.Iest Irishmen whe
touched pigskin.
He las taken a peck ?{
hounds to In Ur.d. and has
th? mastership et the West
Hunt, situated In that H:berate?
ing centre, of wbfccb Manias*
euphonious r.s -n?d township, m
IrgUss the rsp-elal domicile
Standard of
By >ts full
food drink.

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