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Announce Their
Tuesday, Wednesday and
November 5th, 6th and 7th.
A Special Exhibit and Sale of
for all social occasions.
Miss Kasey. our chief milli?
ner, has just returned from Xew
York with the newest ideas in
Dress Millinery fur winter,
*'Hats of Character and Re?
finement at Moderate Cost."
Public Cordially
No cards.
A Special Display of
Dress Goods
Silks, Velvets
a n<
9 ^
For street, afternoon and evening wear?for all
occasions of fashionable dress.
Personal inspection invited.
Richmond Nest, No. 1566, Holds
Memorial Services for De
t parted Comrades.
Rivi .Tiu-.d ^Jfj.st, Xo. i" iv, Order ot
Owis gatjvr?fi .:r.*rsolc:r.a meeting at
the Theato. Broad and Fifth Streets,
yesterday afternoon, to do ionor to the 1
memory of the fire members of. the I
order -who have died during th pa,-t i
fifteen month;'. la .?..Leu to Ike reg-'
tilar i.??:...?. about iO<j people !
attended the exercises.
President TT. it. i.iee. of the Kich-1
mond Nest. cai>u Um aafiaaranfi to |
arder at ? e'eiock, aad Bar. j. t. Oysi r i
Offered prayer. Sir. Ksoc presented
J. T. Lewis as chairii.an o: the *i- i
teraoons exercie*-*. Tis 7"""t.irn ,
opened with several ?<. . t.oi.a i y e>'
quartet from Ci.r.et Cm-rea eaoirj
compose? <I jJ.s Nervei, i'wrd. Mrs
Ethel Lewis. S:mv:i Mills and Waverlj I
fasllhll IL 8. Watkias anJ Mr:. Ena-j
ana Taylor sans; seess
Chairman Lew:? recount ted t-.r h!s
tory of tl>? iocal nest aad Bald et
the progress ?>: the order since .is
??rg?m?-.ti-n la this cay in pre
sented John B. Lightfoot, Jr. m be
n.adc the t.-Tncr:... ..i:.t> Mr L'Sr"?
foot spoke . : ;>. h:gn stand wl.:e::
the Richmond h*- taker, in looa:
fraternal circles and of the spirit
Sf prothert( -a which per .ad'? th
Biensbersh.p. H? referre i f?-!in?
to the depart* d ?.,n.rj(. > f
cry sf * ho?e good dc<<la the me
aaorlai exerrjs?s were " < ;:.g !? d
Attorney-Oeneral Samuel \V tvil
Itsaat s raemb? r of tb- orrt-r. f'
lowed wi:h a s-l ?' at *r.*? Pre\:om?
to the meettnr is the Thesto. th
entire membership cf th< Hier ~ic~<1
Kent met In tTe Eagie? Ha!'. I;r-w<1
snd Fourth Street*, fr^rr ?1
the Owls s??kM in s kcd? la tse
riwW fe ?ie* Retnme.
a specie! wire wfH s. rr ?
Commonw. alth <iub. wh-re the mem
*>?rs may hear the ele-tton re - .-?
t'-merTSsr nirrt
Bluecoats Will Turn Out in Spick
and Span New Winter
Chief of Police Werner announced
> esterday that the autumn inspection
of the Police department will take
place Wednesday afternoon. For some
tim-j it has been doubtful wh'th-r the
review could be held on this date be?
cause of delay in many of the *******
getting their winter uniforms.
The exact hour of inspection will be
determined to-day at noon, when the
committee on supervision of the force
will meet at headquarters.
Following the usual custom, the
bluecoats will parade through the prin?
cipal streets to give the public *
< hariVe to see their spick and span new
uniforms. There will be a strikuii;
ihange Jn the appearance ag the pa
f? Imen. cid? to the substitution of
capg for the time-honored police hel?
met. The commissioners some time ago
derided upon this change in uniform,
arriving at the conclusion that the
? a;-s will add a more metropolitan ap
; < to th-- force.
uniforms of members of the b -
<< i- sawed will also undergo a slight
?Iterat&ea Instead of the knlcker
' ken aad at* kings, it* y sjfji wea
: ~ :? ?-.r? af:;ch will ??? tucked in
H wa? ***Jf*d] this style wilt
?mfortable for winter w.ar.
DafJasBsaj v* lib street Oar While Fer
<?"?"i> r'.sagty.
I .ling to ? call to fe?
il pati-nt i" a hospital yester
?i..> ;t*-. - .-. ^ ..rter ; o'clock
'an ambulaace. owned !??? J. W. Bliley.
'?-rtrsl director, of ?oj Kast Marsr.all
? in : was r a* mt? .j i *diy wreck
, *d ? > ?**< stkaassasa car 1?. *f tk* T?r?
kin * Railway ar:d pr-,r Company.
? i >i Tirl . f, tv. I>.
M wl,? was in rliafg* of the
I am?.a 1?- v Jackson, c*i
j or?d. a-re throw?, from their seats*
i ' ? ? - .;?? 1 ii rjTT
j T'e Mce'.f^ti was Wlte?*eee1 rv m?nr
> r ? ? ??.??? it ? i ..rrlfled
I BP* .*? I that ttVr? migi.t be
< ? ? .' * mim lane- ? ;t for
l'.r.nl'l? tr.re was not
Mr : -: sa d last sight %%%% the
j osrr.**' i ? ? ambulaace wo'ild prob
|ably r?arb
'?saw rewwevt wee** Tw-Sagwt.
Th? r'ommon rV/unrll will rreet te
at ? or oek In r?g-il*r monthly
> ?*s*,~-. Th?r? nr? many eommlttee
j r?port* pending
A Jotnt session or the Board Of
1 A'.dermen and /*"rr-r.on C'''incil M csil
I ?A for ? f. p >| to re-ejre the reelg
I r.s''oT. of fhartee MutrVr as a nr?m
|t" 'f th- r?t? ??-rteol Board. Tk*
I name* of Dr. Crsrle* ft P?bln*. Jrssph
j w Blllsy aad Dr. J. at Hut
Pine Street Baptist Church Cele?
brates Forty-Year Service
of Its Pastor.
Preachers and Laymen Bring
Congratulatory Messages to
Auspicious Occasion.
Kichmond Baptists rallied in force
at the PaM Street Baptist Church yes?
terday afternoon to participate in ex?
ercises celebrating the pastorate ot
ltev. J. B. 11 utson. who has presided
over the congregation continuously for
forty years. 11c delivered his first
sermon as pastor of the church on
Sunday, November i. ISTft, He preach?
ed ag^iin yesterday morning on the
fortieth unniversai y of that occasion.
To do honor tu their leader, and to
listen to speakers who recounted with
praise his long and useful service,
members of the congregation and
church, as well as representatives from
other denominations, crowded the
house of worship at Pine and Spring
Streets to its capacity. Extra chairs
were placed In the auditorium to hold
the overflow, and the balcony was
The celebration began at 3 o'clock
with an invocation by Rev. W. L. Ball.
A special choir aided in the singing ot
the hymns. Kev. H. Frederick Jones,
of Fulton Baptist Church, read from
the Scriptures in the absence of Rev.
W. E. Robertson, who was unavoidably
detained. The exercises ended with a
benediction at 5 o'clock.
The speakers of the afternoon spoke
In warmest praise of Mr. Hutson's long
service and of his qualities us a man,
citizen and teacher of the word ot
God. Rev. Oeorge W. MeDa/ilel, D. D.,
of the First Baptist Church, presided
and Introduced the speakers.
"To the best of my knowledge," said
Dr. McDaniel, "Mr. Hutson's pastorate
is the longest In the history of the
Baptist Church in the South. In the
city of Richmond there has been so;
far only one that extended over a long?
er time. The late Rev. Moses D. H?ge,
I believe, of the Second Presbyterian
Church, served his congregation fifty
rive years."
Dr. Ryland Knight, of Calvary Bap?
tist Church, who spoke for the Bap?
tists of Richmond, brought the con?
gratulations of the local churches. A
continuous service of forty years, he
said, was evidence enough that the
pastor possessed the attributes of
"Brother Hutson and Pine Street.'
said Dr. Knight, "have become synony-!
tnous designations. I believe I can \
with truth call him the best-beloved:
man in the city of Fdehmond." I
Rev. R. H. Pitt. D. D.. editor of the ?
Religious Herald, delivered a message
of congratulation for the Baptists of
Virginia. In performing his mission,
he sketched the growth of the denomi?
nation from the early beginnings and
told of the wide activities of the'
church to-day.
From Rev. Frank L- Wells, of Broad
Street Methodist Church, came one of
the most eloquent greetings of the af?
ternoon. PJven though a member of aj
different denomination, he said he had'
felt the influence of Mr. Hutson. andj
had come to him for counsel. He spoke
of the appealing sympathy of the pas?
tor's life and teaching.
"He has not been too busy telling
his people what he thinks," said Mr.
Wells, "to preach what the Lord suys."
Dr. James Nelson was present for the!
Woman's College, and spoke at some;
length of its history and work. The
institution, he said among other things,I
laid <iown a well-defined program ofj
higher education for women ten years;
before Vassar was founded.
William Ellyson, of the State Mission j
Board, spoke appreciatively of Mr. |
Hutson's services as president of thai
board. Dr. R. J. Willingham concluded,
the speaking program with a warm'
tribute to the pastor's energetic work j
as president for the past ten years of;
the board of foreign missions, t'pon
his request the audience arose in a j
body and with the waving of a thous-j
and white handkerchiefs gave Mr. Hut.
son the Chautauqua greeting.
J City Council Believed to Favor
j Generous Policy of
! Question Whether Specific Sec?
tions or General Territory
Shall Be Added.
The flrat serious consideration of the
proposition of a general annexation j
of territory at the hands of the city
authorities will be on Friday night ot
this week, when the Council Commit?
tee on Ordinance, Charter and Reform |
will hold a public hearing on the sub- j
ject. Papers relating to ths annexa- j
tiun of Highland Park. Barton Heights j
and territory west of the city are
pending before the committee.
The Council is believed to favor a
generous policy of annexation, and.
when the matter haa been thoroughly
threshed out, it seems reasonable to
expect that a new line will have been
drawn entirely around the city, taking
la all immediately adjacent population.
Thti Immediate matter to be deter
m'ned by the committee ia whether
it will take up each of the pending
I papers and deal with the various su
| burbs separate*)-, or whether a gen?
eral plan including them all will be
Mast Have * peel fie Centmet.
In either case the Committee on Or?
dinances, Charter and Heform will
probably recommend to the Council
the appointment of a special commit?
tee to negotiate with the citizens ot
the sections to be annexed, to draw
up a definite contract in regard tu
public improvements guaranteed t<?
the new section in the event that it
immediately assumes the city tax rate.
This was the method pursued In the
Manchester annexation in 1910, the
contract with the former city of Man?
chester guaranteeing certain specific
improvements, such as the new bridge,
and in addition that a fixed proportion
of the taxea from the section an?
nexed should during; uoe first* five
years be expended in street improve?
ments, j Already the city has gone far
beyond ths requirements of tbst an?
nexation agreement, having provided
by bond issue fur a system of sew?
erage, for connecting South Richmond
with the city water supply, making
a public park. A second bridge, not !
contemplated in the annexation agree?
ment, will soon be erected, according
to present plans of members of the
City Aids Outlying Section.
The policy recently laid down by
the Council Water Committee in re?
fusing to grant tbe use of city water
to Highland Park and Swansboro will,
it is believed, give the city sn ad?
vantage in negotiations over the terms
of annexation. Heretofore the city
has furnished city water in many in?
stances; has allowed connections with
city sewers; haa aent its fire and po?
lice departments snd its emergency
ambulances into nearby sections, thus
giving without compensation to those
living near the city many of the de?
mente of protection for which Rich?
mond taxpayers are assessed.
Another phase of the annexation
situation whicn will be strongly urged
is the sanitation and policing of sev?
eral outlying sections, the population
and taxable values of which might not
justify otherwise their annexation
Richmond has spent more than $1.000,
000 in a system of drainage during
the past three years, only to have
a fringe all around the city where
the population haa no sewerage, wa?
ter from questionable sources, and no
systematic inspection of sanitary pro?
Waat Fahr Greenes fas City.
Several members of the Council have
stated that In any general annexation
they would Insist that the state Fair
Grounds be included in order that th*
authority of the city police might not
be questioned in preserving order in i
the grounls. The property belongs to j
the city, and, while city police have
always been on duty In th* grounds, I
their srrest* have to be turned over
so county officers to be taken before j
rounty magistrates. It has been freely
said during past fairs that tbe cun
tvs fee system has been a most se?
rious handicap in the enforcement ot
order within the grounds.
The Silver DoDar Contest
Everybody Who Can
Figure Has a Chance
To secure the fire-dollar prize or one of the one-dollar prizes which
will be given the eieren successful contestants in the American
National Bank SILVER DOLLAR CONTEST ending at noon Tues?
day, November 12, 1*12.
EVERY CONTESTANT sending in the correct answer will
receive a aunsenir.
THE FIRST FRfZE?$5.99 credited on the bosks of the Savings
Department of the American National Bank. Following this an
award will ha made of ten case dollar prizes, each aa an initial
deposit in the American National Bank, or hT already a dtps alter,
this sum arm ha credited your account.
? What i- the weight of the
raprut stork of the American
Nat*>rwil Bank in silver dollars.'
2. If the capita! in silver dol?
lar* ?4? piled one upon an?
other, what uoukJ be the height
cf the pile'
3. If this same sraount was
Marked in ptVs the height cf
our buiVfcn*. bow many pates
would there be?
4 If this mooev waa placed
edre to edge ia a straight (rat.
how far would it reach?
$ How assay square yards
wrjuhj d cover if placad edge to
edge on ? fist surface'
*. What m the asmmng of
the weeds, Xatutsl Stock"?
All answers must be addrttstti to
the Contest pent., American Na?
tional Beak, Richmond, Va.
Anew tri must be mailed hef ore
noon oa Tuesday, November 12,
Write oa one side of sheet only.
Names ami addnaata must be
piamly wrrttas^wkh pea sad ink.
f1.000 weighs 00 lbs.
The beurht of the A. inn ha a Ns
tioasl Bsnk BuiMag is 160 feat
TbeftT usTsf 64 usaHvr doabrv ia 1 .
m^u*\r%* foot.
50 ssSar JuBart mtasai t jBJ aarhas
tn (F^icnt.
? ?aver ckussrs equal 1 hsesr abut.
I Transcontinental Boulevard
From Los Angeles to
Hampton Roads.
All Virginia Cities Asked* to
Join in Launching Propo?
Inviting a conference of tbe cities
J of Virginia, in an effort to secure for
I this State one of the proposed trans
! continential highways. Secretary It.
j A. Dunlop, of the Richmond Cham
i ber of Commerce, sent out yester
, day a call for a preliminary meeting
j to discuss the prospects of such a
movement. The Richmond chamber
would be glad to have the conference
held here under Its auspices, but of?
fers to send delegates to any other
j Virginia city that may be preferred
by the majority.
The chamber's committee on streets,
roads and parks outlines a plan for
a transcontinental highway from Los
? >ngeles across New Mexico, Oklaho?
ma and Arkansas to Memphis, across
Tennessee and Virgin's, to Hampton
Text of Coasmaaltsttoa.
The communication follows:
Dear Sir,?The Richmond Chamber
of Commerce has had its attention
called to the great importance and to
the opportune t'me which exists for
most of the principal cities of Vir?
ginia making a concerted effort to se?
cure the construction of a transconti?
nental highway, with 'ts esstern sec?
tion passing through Virginia and the
terminus at Hampton Roads, as you
are no doubt aware, several such
transcontinental highways are already
projected, namely: i !
1. One from Seattle via St Paul and
Chicago to New Tork.
2. One from San Franciaco via Den?
ver and Chicago to New Tork; and, I
3. One from Los Angeles via Santa
Fe and Chicago to New York.
These three, it will be observed,
have Chicago as their central objec?
tive point. A fourth one is also pro?
jected from Los Angeles vis Santa
Fe, St Louis, Indianapolis. Columbus
(Ohio), Wheeling (??est Virginia).
Philadelphia, to New York. But all
of the above routes are obnoxious to
the serious objection that they are in
whole or partly north of the isother?
mal line, and that from three to five
months of the year weather conditions
render the exposure upon them too
severe for the endurance of the aver?
age tourist or traveler, if the high?
way itself is not impassable.
Prefers Southern Hexte.
It might as well be recognised,
however, that no efforts on the part
of Virginia cities can check the pur- '
pose of those exploiting the more i
northern routes; but as the logical lo- j
cation for utility and pleaaure of
such a highway la unquestionably
through the temneratt soaea of a I
more southern latitude, we can. it is
believed, certainly enlist the Interest
and co-operation of all the cities of
States west of Virginia and south of
those more northern routes, in a move?
ment tu promote a highway as fol?
From Los Angeles. Cel., via Santa
Fe. New Mexico; Amax 11a. Tex.; Okla?
homa City. Guthrie, Tulsa and Mus
kogee, Okie.; Hot Springs, Ark.; Fort j
Smith. Ark.; Little Rock, Ark,; Mem- ,
phis, Tenn.; Nashville, Tenn.: Knox- ,
ville. Tenn.; Bristol. Va.; Abingdon. ]
Wytheville. Pulaahi, Hast Radford. !
Christiansburg. Roanoke. Bedford, j
Lynchburg. Farmville. Burkevtlle, .
Crewe, Blackstone, Petersburg. Rich- j
mond. Williamsburg, to the Hampton
Roads cities of Newport News. Nor- ,
folk, Portsmouth and Hampton.
The superiority of this route can be
demonstrated beyond question, and if ;
aid by the general government is to
be given to a transcontinental high?
way because of the project's para?
mount and national Importance, this
one, on account of signal merits, de?
serves selection, snd in view of the
approaching Panama Canal celebra- i
tion at San Francisco. It is believed J
the Federal authorities will most fa- j
vorably consider the promotion of and
assistance to such a project especially
as this transcontinental highway, if!
built, would uonnect at Los Angeles ;
with splendid highways from that I
city to San Francisco, Cat; thence up |
the Pacific Seaboard to the coast cities |
of Portland. Tacoma. Seattle, etc, ?
while on tbe Atlantic Seaboard it j
would connect st Richmond with the ]
Que**c-M?aml h'ghway.
It Is. however, necessary, before we '
Invite tbe Chambers of Commerce In !
sister Statea to co-operate, that we '
In Virginia should see that our own j
house Is In order, aad therefore I am
instructed by this chamber's coan't- j
tee on streets, roads and parks to j
communicate with your honorshes'
nody and with other similar organiza?
tions at places which would be im?
mediately benefited, and to ascertain
If you will send one or more represen?
tatives to a preliminary meeting for
the purpose of Investigating ths sit?
uation snd its prospects and poten?
The Richmond chamber win he moat
gratified to bare this conference held
here under 'ts s us picea ss a central
point between the mountains aad tbe I
sea. hut will gladly send delegates to
any of ita aister cities In Virginia. :
should say other place he preferred ;
by s msjority. j
May I ask that you will kindly ad- ,
vise me st the earliest t'me practic?
able, as prompt actloa la ntarttag this
movement Is urgently necessary.
1. If your organisation Will send
one or more representatives to meet
at tbe place selected for the suggested
conference; und.
2. What is Ita preference ss ts thej
piece of meeting
Awaiting your reply w?th much in- |
tercet snd solicitude. I sax
Yours very truly.
iSigned) ft A. ntNLOf.
The monthly report af the Seaboard!
Air Una Railway for September shews
a decrassa la gross earnings at SIS.-;
tit. or from ri.sTtJSS ta 1911 to St..
:**,**? f*e ths same mouth 9a int.]
Operating expanses aad taxes Isen
od |i:.9?. making a dsennst tn
saiataga of flTfkMS.
Far the quarter ending
PS, th* gre*e earning* Isnidsil Sltt.
?gt. aad tk* SaWeWsMM fltfi.tft. I
a . at m*jm ta sat
' Digiii6ed and elegant in appeaiaiice, exclusive in
designs, and equal to the finest custom made in con?
Suits and overcoats for formal and infotrnal oc?
Gans-Rady Company
Street Committee Ne*u-ing Close
of Power Franchise
Called to meat this afternoon at
4:30 o'clock, the Council Committee on
Str?dts will endeavor to complete the
hearing on the light aad power fran?
chise, which has already been partly
argued. Charles V. Meredith will be
the first speaker this afternoon, con?
cluding the argument far the Rich?
mond and Henrlco Railway. Henry
W. Anderson is to follow for the Vir?
ginia RaUway and Power Company,
replying to some ef ths contentions
raised at a former hearing by Samuel
L. Kelley.
Keen though the hearing from at?
torneys Is concluded to-day. It Is not
! anticipated that a report will go to
the Council to-night as several mem
>ers of ths committee desire to dis?
cuss phases Of the proposition which
have so far been presented only by the
attorneys for tbe various companies,
f urthermore, it will be necessary tor
the committee to prepare a report
giving a statement of itr reasons for
whatever action it recommends, apd a
minority report >s rntlelpated. as
members of the committee have wide?
ly divergent views on the subject
Even were a report to be presented, it
Is hardly probably that the Common
Council would go into so Important
and far-reaching a matter to-n*ght
when tbe large docket of regular bus?
iness demanda attention. The indica?
tions are that the report w<Il be made
ts basts of a call for a special meet?
ing, when the matter may be fully
gone into on the floor of the Coun?
As indlcsted by the City Attorney,
the Street Committee has four alter?
nate courses: it may recommend the
acceptance of the bid of Arthur L>'p
per A Co.. at $6.000; it may recommend
the acceptance of the bid of the
Richmond and Henrlco Railway Com?
pany at $10. *n which case It must
stats in Its report its reasons for ae
cept'ng i e lower rather than the
higher bid; it may recommend the re?
jection of all bids on the ground that
no benefit will accrue to the city from
the granting of a competing fran?
chise; or. It may report in favor of
a competing franchise, hut oppose the
draft that haa been advertised. Were
this latter to prevail. It would neces?
sitate the rejection of the present blda
and the advertisement of a new form
of franchise. From questions asked
by several commltteemen, it is clear
that there are objections to the pres?
ent form as advertised In that the
burden of compelling tbe company to
extend Its lines is on the city.
Speaks in Southside To-Night,
Three Ballot Boxes at
Each Precinct,
The Democratic campaign in Rich?
mond will end to-night with an ad?
dress by former Governor Andrew
Jackson Montague in the chamber of
Hustings Court Part II., under tbe
auspices of the South Richmond Dem?
ocratic Club.
There have been many requests dur?
ing tbe campaign for a speech by
Governor Montagus oa the South
Side, and thlg meeting Is held ac?
The polls la Richmond aad through?
out Virginia win open a* t:40 to?
morrow morning, snd will dose at
5;0t o'clock In the afternoon. While
the ballots are long, the rater need
not to he confused, since the nsmrs
of the presidential electors are not
to ha touched. It *a sufficient to
mark out the names of candidates for
President aad Vice-President for whom
the suffragan does not des'ge to vote.
To rate oa th* amendments to th*
Constitution, th* voter should msrk
out th* word "for" or th* word
against," this besag sufficient The
entir* paragraph need not be
s-ratche?. Th* amendment conferring
the right of commission government
on cities can be voted Car by marking
?ut tk* word ' against" on th* sep?
arate ticket prsvtdsd tor this amend?
ment To rot* sgslast th* two
amendments permitting dtp treasur?
er, and commissioners ef the reve?
nue to succeed tksauwlras Isdefiatte
ly, mark oat the ward ?"tar** *a ta*
ballot whieh will tsatata the** two
There *.iii be thee* ballot hoses at
each piuciact On* will ceatnla the
tickets far n ssldiat. Osagi ??????
aad Administrativ* Board Cth* h?tt*r
in aMchsasai *aly>. dJsetAvsr wtfl
have the ballots oa the Limmlsalen
government amendment aad th* th'rd
tbe ballots on city sBSiaiU- _
Tk* ohVisl ballot, for Richmond
will he delivered to th* Jadges of
election this morning between t aad
II o'clock at th* Ctty Bait "?****? g
the ***** time, the booths will h*
distributed. Poll ***** are to be se?
cured from the Clerk of th* Hasting,
court ta tk* bum kaara
Th* elect*** Judges aad clerks far
Richmond were elected Mat April for
n paar, and tker* M a* change for
this elect!rm.
Salisas arm doe* at ? e'efeek tkls
afternoon. a*t ta ggg *
'ISSZtZ! sa^- w^n^^k*?day for
whses *t tk* fere* ta atd
rattag Ms petrel keys, X*. It*.
Marghall Street ?ad Allen Ave?
nue Congregations Will
Consolidation . of the congrega?
tion of the MarehaU Street
Chriatian Church with that ol
the Allen Avenue Christinn Church,
the Joint congregation to take the name
of Hanover Avenue Christian Church,
wsa screed upon at meeting* of the
two congregations yesterday. The
union is ta bo effective January 1, and
Rev. George W. Kemper, now pastor of
the Marshall Street Christisa Church.
wtU be the psstor of the combined
congregation. Erection of s asw
church sudltortum In the nesr future
Is projected.
The plan has been ander discussion
for S3 me time. The Marshall Street
congregation now owns a frame church
building, with a lot fronting sbout
seventy feet, on Marshall Street, be?
tween CHlmer and Hancock Streets
Mr. Kemper has been Its pastor tor the
' past two years.* Continued encroach-.
meats of the colored population In the
section surrounding the ehurca has
caused n large number of the mem?
bers to move into the neighborhood
of the Allen Avenue Church, sad a
' removal of the church to a new loce
| tion had been suggested. S>me weehs
; ago Rev. Hanry Pearco Atkins, pastor
I of the Allen Avenue Church, accepted
j a call to another congregation, leaving
I that pulpit vacant.
J A circular embodying the suggested
plan of consolidation had been seat to
members of each congregation an?
nouncing formal meeUnga following the
morning service yesterday. The vote
for consolidation was not unanimous,
but was carried in each church by a
very large majority.
The present building of the Allen
Avenue congregation la only s portion
of the eventual plan. This build*
ing will be used for the Joint congre?
gation after January 1. The congre?
gation owns eighty feet extending
from the present building out to Han?
over Avenue, on which It is proposed
to face a church auditorium, using the
present rooms for Sunday school and
other purposes thus completing the
original plans of the architects. The
Marshall Street property will be sold
to partly defray the coat of the pro
posed building.
The consolidated church will have
an active membership exceeding (00
and a Sunday school of about ioo. The
five elders of the two present eongrs
gaUons will remain in office, one ot
the old churches having had three and
the other two elders. Each con?
gregation, prior to the consolidation,
is to elect six deacons from Its own
membership, giving a board of twelve
deacons in the new church, and with
the five elders, an ofictal board of see
> enteen members *
i Members of the two congregations
were the recipients of many congratu?
lations yesterday on what waa gen?
erally regarded as a wise move to units
the efforts of the two congregations
Into a strong and effective church, lo?
cated in the heart of the best residen?
tial section of the dty.
Wanted lu Xorrh Cm alien
Harvey Hilton, alias wniiam Ford,
was srrested yesterday by Detective
Sergeants Wiley and Kellam on the
charge of being a fugitive from Jus?
tice la North Carolins He Is said
to be wsnted ea s charge of felony.
To be fufjy appreciated it must be
seen now bet?re the water is let in.
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