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wont they'll bo ovea ??(?r.''
??fort the Pateteon meeting th*
rernor wu onte -talned at a local
at dinner. Lur'ng the dinner
pa P. Tumulty, the Governor's
etsry, arrive 3 with the news that
hear earlier Mrs. Tumulty bad pre.
?ted him with a new ana. The Gov
nor proposed a toast to tbe new i
rhaby. and Tumulty announced hia de
sjfton to christen the boy "Wondrow |
Wilson Tumulty."
(Continued Prom Flrat Fate.)
equity rules aa a subcommittee of tu?
court. They asked every Federal Judgv
throughout the country to ?et expres?
sions frotn their respective bar asso?
ciation* on the subject, and wrote to
m*r..v others asking- for suggestions
These suggestions were collated ana
digested by W. J. Hugiiee. of the l>e
pariment of Justice, by the subcom- j
n.if.t*. The present rules came down '
i..- a karitSaTt from the courts ot
England, with one or two revisions, j
blnce the beginning of the wpubilc. !
The last revision was about fifty years
The Chief Justice particularly thank?
ed the Lord Chancellor of L'ngtanu tor
suggestion* in the revision.
Chief Justice White, in orally ex?
plaining the rules from the bench.'
grouped the reforms under four heads.
The first ass bj rejrard to the exercise
?1 power by the Federal courts In
equitable matter. '?
The second ?Cs in r -?ard to the I
modes of pleading, and was described]
as bring designed primarily to remove
all aassiniasiry steps and to bring the
parties 'juicltly to the issue.
The old. time-honored- forms of
atsadluta. the Chief Justice said,-had
beer abrogated so lar as it was within
the power of the court to do so. and
tlie most advanced and simplified forms
aulistllaiad. such as now exist In New
garb and other code States and la the
chancery courts of England.
The third reform wa* described as
beintr a restriction In the modes of
takinst testimony, particularly In pat?
ent and copyright cases In regard to
expert testimony. "The whole inten?
tion has been." said the Chief Justice.
**e bring the taking cf testimony down
to a more simplified and Inexpensive
Aiss to Eliminate Referees.
Another reform was said by the
Chief Justice to be illustrated by the
statem.nt mat the new rules as a
general thine provide for trial by the
court instead of a reference of the suit
to a referee to take the testimony and
report back to the court.
The last reform spoken of was in re?
gard to diminishing the size of records I
by which suits are taken from the trial!
court to appellate courts for review j J
by providing rules for compelling the I
reduction of their size and by exclud-'
Ing documents and requiring testimony
to be printed In narrative instead of
Interrogatory form. The Chief Jus?
tice said that the rules would make it!
possible for the appellate court not 1
to reverse suits merely because of!'
errors not prejudicial. | 1
Among new rules of procedure an-i1
nounced by the Supreme Court to-day,! '
is one not referred to by Chief Jus-1'
tice White In his explanation from the' :
bench, which would prohibit issue of i I
preliminary injunctions without notice'
to the opposite party and also restriet- j l
ing issues of temporary restraining.;
orders. i
The rules will go into effect Feb-''
ruary 1, 1913. <
Automobile Abe. I,
An automnblie afire last night Sftortiy be- j
fere ":1? o'<;q?k at Seventh and Prank::*
Streets created considerable ew-ltrnent. but i
did little damage. When Company No. J, la ,
Charte of Captain Chasle. respond, d to an i
alarm the blase had practically b-?i extln- i
Death of B. C. Sbearwuse. j
Horace Eugene Shearouse died at his I
home. 910 North Twenty-fifth Street, '
at 5:30 o'clock yesterday morning. The
funeral will take place from the rest- i
dence this morning at 11 o'clock. i
"t?te Library Closed To-Day.
In addition to the cioalis of a': State i
office* at the. i'apitnl by operation of lit.
th ? library br.ar.t has issued an order clos- I
ins the State Library.
"Barry's for Clothe*/'
Doty before pleasure.
Every ?'nadcalrabte" rttlaea will
Every ataa km believes la craft
trill rate.
Every ail wbe la Inlereeted la
eroaaollag private Breed, laalead at
Ike pahllr coed, wlU rate.
haw. rt's us ta soar at aiea to he
ea head and art la their vste
If the weather is cold or wet
here is the overcoat at $20 that
will give you comfortable pro?
Slip-ons at $12.30 to $28.
Warm, honest, self-respect?
ing suits from $16 to $40.
Here's the outfitting. i
Great Coats, $20 to $30.
Fur coats, $28 to $200.
Robes, $6 to $18.
Lap robes, with pockets for,
eet?for the chauffuer.
Gloves end Gauntlets. 1
Caps of all sorts.
Norfolk suits, of whipcords
ind cassimeres.
Moreuga in Tow of Revenue
Cutter, and Glenlin in Tow
of Battleship.
Norfo'.k, Vs., November 4.?Towed by the
revenue cutter Onondaga, the Norwegian
rttamer Noreuga. which was in collision
slth the full-rigged tailing ?hlp Olenlul
Friday morning below Hatteraa. was thirty
nliea below Cspa Henry at a late hour to
tight. The Glenlul. towed by the battleahip
Mli neiota. was a few miles further down
the coast. |
The Noreuga with Nu. 1 hold flooded, ene
julk headed carried away oy tbe atorm and
No. : hold leaking, la being towed atern
Igst IKr crew and eight passengers, moat
A whom SSI a women, were taken oft early
Ihn morning by the Onondaga.
Captain Hanaon ia still on board the
RereaaSj and is helping to make the taak
>f tlx: Onondaga as easy as poaeible by keep
n.r the disabled ship straight on her course.
The Noreuga ahould reach port early to- j
motr.ing If No. 2 bulkhead hold* out. The
ship will be docked and bar freight will he
transferred to the steamer Mexicans, which
is preparing to aaii (or Vera Crus. to which
por-. the Noreuga was bound.
Almost tn Sinking Condition.
Newport Newa Va_, Noven&ber 4.?Down by
the how and ?Ircost in a aiaklng condition.
Ihe Norwegian steamer Noreuga arrived in
H.-.mptcn Itoada late to-night In to,, of the
?i venue cutter Onongada. The ahlp >">>nlui.
with which the Voreuga was in c.-!;a.on. Is
fxpected to reach Old Point early to-mor
?av morning in tow of a wrecking tte. The
>?tt>shtp lflnn-?ot* ta convoying the wreck,
wireleaa received fctra to-night say.
"Eoon?Tiiy in the LITTLE things is what Counts."
In addition to being of better quality than the higher
price powders, saves you about half your Baking
Powder cost?a big, worth-while saving.
Sold by all good Grocers Insist on hsrio It.
I'.*nanw?*-*-i. ? .i sH
rtosoWeef <
til .ill
(Lire i7]a?rrv?nr.s in the announcements frm r're to day )
Tai? Dictionary is NOT pa>.i;4>e<i br the r.imnal pnb
lr?hrrt of WeK-ter?. Dicvonarr r* hr their ^acresaor*.
It it the ONtT entirely xiw rompi!s!i->i by the world.'
?Testest surr.-.::-!-, fr-r- .'??!?-.? v ?? i> btmd.n
fujl Limp Lrsthcr. flexii If. in y .on bark sad
printed on B?t,It parer, wn-h. re*l H^rs and comert
ttrotk*. durarV P.* >? the er-r-al contents, there
lOO ?abject* UictnV- jlltjs-rair.] ! ?.- thre-. i
oss saLjrrts by m - -on-a, 16 p-.srr* of ll"'?".
and das latert tmi'd Sutrt Cento* Present ITtT n
Pktioaary Csapssa and ska ToC t
* ._^T^i
CD lit HIT ns?tl c
, snSSnasn^S
(Continued From Plrat Page.)
sault upon a~liumber of State? to con?
trol the Legislatures, so tust tns ma?
jori ly of the United States donate may
oe swung to the Democratic column.
..gaumi Itepubituan predictions tnat
the Senate will remain Republican,
democratic iiational leaaere to-day
I claimed t-nougn .gities to five them the
I H*eaiS and to swell greatly their ma
; Jonty in the House of Representatives,
, which they captured in 1?10.
Few American campaigns have run
through a longer period of heated con?
troversies. ? The tight for the pre?l
dtucy tu terminate at the ballot boxes
to-morrow was unoer way early in
1'ebruary, and has hardly lagged since
that time.
Out of the eight men who were ac?
tive candidates tor pres.dential nomi?
nation* early in the summer, three
leading candidates, representing three
Purl'les, whose relative strength atlll
is a matter cf conjecture, remain to
solicit the voters' aupport to-morrow.
! The influence of women probably
i will be greater than In any previous
I election. Each national headquarters
I had an organized bureau to appeal to1
; women workers, presided outer by wo-'
men well known In public and aoclal
lite. In the six Western States whsre
women will vote. Wyoming, Utah. Colo?
rado. California, Idaho and Washington,
their ballots will be an important fac?
tor in the contest. In five other States.
Arizona. Michigan, Kansas. Oregon and
Wisconsin, the right of women to vote
will be an issue at the polls
Fair weather is predicted for the
mujority of States. The uncertainty
caused by the third party ticket, the
more than ordinary urgent appeal of,
party managera ta *1I voters to "go to
the polls." and the local interest caused
by fights for State offices snd control
of State maehlne-y. Indicated a record
vote in almost all sections of the coun?
try, and a popular presidential vote of
huge proportions 1
Tuft Reaches Hesse.
Cincinnati. O.. November 4.?Pres!- |
dent Taft spent the last day before j
election In a leisurely trip across his
home State addressing crowds In more I
than a dozen cities, and to-night j
reached his home city. Where to-mor-1
row he will cast his ballot.
The Democrats to-nlirht ended their |
long campaign In the State with a Anal
rally in Toledo. The Republicans fin?
ished their efforts Saturday night.
Leaders of each of the three parties
made claims of victory to-night. Gov?
ernor Harmon, returning here from Co?
lumbus to vote, expressed his convic?
tion that Governor Wilson would carry
the State, and said he believed Presi?
dent Taft would run second.
Both the Democrats and Republicans'
claim they will elect a majority of the
twenty-two members of Congress to be j
chosen. Progressive candidates for j
Congress entered the field in only a
few more than half the congressional <
Almost equal to the Interest in the
presidential election here Is the con?
test for Congress In the First Dis?
trict, comprising the city of Cincin?
nati, between Nicholas Longworth. Re
! publican candidate, son-in-law of Col
j onel RoMevelt. and th* Democratic
I candidate. Stanley Bowdle. an attorney,
i a member of the recent Constitutional
I Convention. M. F. Andrews Is the can?
didate on the Progressive ticket,
j In contrast to former election evee.
! there was but Uttls Interest mani?
fested. The bands, parades and col?
ored tire In elections up to four yearn
i ago were lacking.
Leave-Tsksns Scenes.
I New Tork, November 4.?National
headquarters of the three leading po?
litical parties were scene* of leave
takings and wholesale desertions to?
Many of the officials of the RepubU
! can National Committee had left for
their respective homes to vote Tues?
day. The Progressive National Com?
mittee gave up a number of rooms of
its big suite In an uptown hotel this
morning and moved Its effects Into
rooms where the work of distributing
j literature had been concluded.
Chairman William F. McCembs.
Treasurer Rolla Wells and several i
other leading officers of the Democratic
committee remained In New Tork to- j
day. and will receive returns here to-1
morrow night. Chairman McCombs:
will have a private suite of rooms at'
a hotel, with a telegraph wire eon- j
neeting him with Princeton. The lo- j
cation of this office for receiving the
returns and passing them en to Gov?
ernor Wilson will not be disclosed to
the public.
Teeere Tfunrtals.
New Haven. Conn.. November f.?On
election eve the voters of Connecticut
are more uncertain as to the outcome
of to-morrow's election than any presi?
dential election in recent years. De
spite claims of good ?iaed pluralities
by the various campaign managers
everythir.fr points to a close vote.
The vote for Governor Is expected
to be very close hetvgeen Governor
.sim?n fZ BaMwIn. Democratic candi?
date for re-election; Judre John P.
Ptudley, R. publican, snd Herbert Knot
?aTn:tb. Progressive.
M?*sPu?*JJulRlf f *P Ow**a*Ts'a?efu
Louisville. Ky.. November 4?State
headi':arte-s of the Democratic. Re?
publican an*] Prow receive party or
gan'zatton* to-nlrht were practically
deservd. leaders In each having
left fo- their respective homes, mhere
they w'll vote, returning to Louisville
to-mo-row night to receive returns
Tosr.ther with expressions of eonfl
d'ne- asms tbe result ef to-morrow's
conte?? e<eh of the psrty campaign
wnnsge-s h?a urged fair treatment for;
all voters at the polls.
rleer Teas Kapulsd.
r oncord w H. November 4?The
eioaeet vote for President In the hte
torv of this Stats Is expected to-mor?
row Party leaders gave much of their
attention during the closing hours to
tbe lertslatiruj cam pa Ism Unusual In
t. -e?? eentres In the representative
contest* t>ecau?e of the possibility that
the LegwtatuTc win elect tbe Cover
Man* Veto WPP. SB* Oast.
Jacksonville. Fla. November ?.?
Wth threatening weather predicted
for election dsr to-morrow. Indications
?e-slgfci wer? Iber a light vete will be
rs?t. Tbe campaign practically at said
Saturday wirb she Stare ssamdit ap
Woodrew Wilson
Fwte w ithii ksiai uses.
'?e.ldmhin. <t c.. November s?Pule
weather and a terwe vete waa predicted
to-nieb* for ?Herl en dor tessorrea
The Democratic cam pel re lusnsgera
are the enty eaes sanrmlag the gas is
For Stet? officers, the PlSMTlMi
I ticket it opposed by a Soeiahst ticket
ra meats a rtinr tjalrtrr
[ Provider! ce, R. 1, November 4.?The
death of Congressman Osorge H. Utter
yesterday resulted la the canceling- of
most of the Republican rallies planned
to-day. As a result, the campaign
closed quietly.
an eis tat Jfew jssaay.
Newark. AT. J.. November 4.?The
campaign closed to-night with
speeches in Patemon and Paesaic by
Governor Wilson. Democrats. Repub?
licans and Progressives all .'claim tu?
(State for their national candidates.
Registration is not quits as heavy as
in 190?. but Indications are that a rec?
ord vote will be east.
The Progressives have fall State and
congressional tickets in the field, and
claim that while their chief strength
will be in the nothern part of the
State, they will win throughout The
Democrats claim the State for Wilson
by ?u.?oo or more plurality. The Re- 1
publican leaders give no estimates, but1
declare Taft will carry the State.
_ !
' , ? j
Aahevllle. X. OL November ?.?Overcome
by the excitement of a big election rally
at Barnardavllle to-day. John Hureb a
prominent farmer of the Big Ivy district.
auSvred a paralytic stroke that resulted ta
hi* almoat luatant death. A great crowd
had gathered ior the raliy. attracted by tbe
fact that Hon. 1-ockc Cralg. Democratic
nominee for Governor, waa to apeak. Just
as J. J. Mackey, one of the awaken, mount?
ed the platform, a alight commotion waa
heard in one corner of the achvolhouae. and
It waa found that Mr. Hurst had reeled
over in ins seat and died. The meeting waa
canceled. !
ha waders cloaca rasas sits
[Special to The Times-D spaten.]
Rocky Mount, Va,, November t.?
Judge k W, Sauadsrs eloasd his cam?
paign to-day by an a!Ue speech of an
hour and a quarter at the courthouse.
It was the only po. iical speech de-{
llvered by h'm In lb* sounty during
the campaign. lie waa introduced by
County Chairman C. B. Willis, and
spoke to a large and enthusiastic audl-i
ence. Jude? Saunders expects to carry
the county by an increased majority,
and the district by a good majority.
- I
Boston. November ?-?Professional bicycle
riders from several foreign countries and
various sections of the United States to?
night completed tbe first ten-hoar day of a
six-day bicycle race at the Boston Arena,
the leaders passing 239 miles, a new mark 1
101 the time
All but one of the thirteen teams made'
29 miles and s laps of the course, the Wal
ttour-Collina team being two laps behind.
The twelve other teams competing are:
Clark-Hlil. Dtefenbachcr-Carmea. Pye Per
ch;cot, Moran-Fogler. Bedell-Bedell. Came?
ron-Magln. Root-Hchir. Lawrence-Drohbach.
VWHe-AiHteo. Gardaer-Loftua. Krebs-Jokus
and Thomas-Ryan.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Harrlsonburg, Va.. November 4.?
Hon. Hugh A- Whits, of Lexington,
said in a speech hers Saturday that
Virginia is not without its "Invisible
government" Mr. White created no
little interest when ha told of his
observation and experience In the State
Legislature. where certain In?
definite, but intangible, influences make
themselves fa't and keep Virginia pea
pie from getting the things that they
want Mr. White hit the ksynots of;
progressive Democracy as no other j
speaker has this year.
Thaws Tsasn aa Beads.
[Special to Tbe Times-Dispatch.]
Lynch burg. Va.. November 4.?Cooper [
Davis, colored, who stole a drummer's
trunk, containing 95.060 worth of Jew- j
elry samples, from a local hotel, to-day
oleaded entity In the Corporation ?
Court and Judge Christian sentenced
Mm to three years on the roads. Four j
hundred rings stolen are still missing. |
Jefferaea Overwhelms Fksnaarae.
(Special to Tbe Times-Dispatch.]
Charlottesvtlle. Vs.. November 4.?
On the Ftahburne School grounds ths
Jefferson football tesm won s decided
game this afternoon. 33 to 0. The gams
wss too ens-sided to develop special I
stars, but Gooch and Flanagan excelled j
for Jefferson: for FIshburne, McCor
mlck and Alexander played bast.
Fire ha Oaa Fsttaty.
Fire Of unknown origin was dlSUStsrslJSSt
night ahoet 4 ? o'clock ea the third Sear
of tbe plant of the American ess Caaapaay.
24?! 34a? Veseble Street, by f. J. stsrtass.
superintendent. A "stilt" alarm was turned
la aad Engina Company He. 11 aad A aalst ant
Chief Raffe responded The blase was pat
out after about SG4 damage hsd sera done
The Finest Made
* u7*Wee7Broael''
Tkbw. AsIharierCt.
M4?SH law? awaWi >sHW.
I Norfolk. V?,, November 4.?-Mathews
Devlne, a gunner's mate on tbe bat?
tleship Michigan, was killed at 3
o'clock this afternoon in No. 1 gun
turret Devlne was in the act of lift?
ing ammunition from a ear to place
it In the gun when the oar moved
and crushed him sgalost the side of
the turret. Mis back was broken and
he died almost iustantiy. His home
was in Somerville. Mass. The hos?
pital ship Solace went out to-night
to get the body and bring It to this
port The Mlculgun is on the Southern
drill grounds engaged in target prac?
A. H. Knelt, Wae Died ss Washlaglou. Is
Said to Slavs Bees Hlrbmand Maa.
Andrew H. Knoii. a traveling salesman,
seventy yeara et age. who died in a board
las-house at 14 Grant Place, Washington, 1>.
C. Sunday, was formerly a resilient of this
city, havlag lived with H. M James on
Sixth street, opposite the erman Church,
about ten year* ago.
The Identification I* net complete, as none
of Mr. James? family has known of Mr.
Kr.otf* whereabout* since the time he left
hlr room to tb-lr home, snd no other per?
son* who are uid to hav* known him could
be reached last eight.
He waa reported to hbve relative* living
on Leigh street In this city, but a search
railed to reveal their names in the City
Lirectory. According to reports from W??a
ington. he bad a sister living there, but she
bad sot been located laai night.
ajr. Ki.oit was a salesman, representing
glass, potiery and trunk concern*. He had
been making Washington for five yeara, and
stopping at the housa In which he died. It
is presumed th.it he waa engaged la the
same buainesa while living la Richmond.
in Washington Mr. Knott'a addreu waa
given out as 4 West Main Street. Richmond,
it. M. James lives at that number, and it
wa* with thla family that a man of this
name lived ycra ago.
Run Over by Pre got Train, l.sssset to Bad?
ly Injured.
Edward Wiley, a colored laborer, employed
b/ tba Fulton Brick Company, had his rignt
leg crushed almost complete-'y off and his
left foot mashed yesterday afternoon wh^e
he waa run over by n freight train la UN
Pulton yards. Kronr. what could be learned
Wiley was struck by a train pauing in one
direction and knocked beneath the wheel*
oC another moving ? ppo?ltely
Dr. H. T. Hawkins ambulance surgeon,
responded to an emergency call and rushed
the injured negro to tbe City Hospital. While
hit condition was aerlous It waa said he
would live.
Policemen Snrprtsea Frlends-lty Taking Bride
hi Washing.-v?.
Patrolman Luther C. i Doc") Tanner, of
the Second District, surprised many frten<i*
last night when rrord was received from
\\ aahington. D. C. that he had married
Koberta B. Simmon*, of Louisville. K>
While his relative? and a fern, of his inti?
mate associates were aware of the ap
pioachlng wedding, the fact was sent a
secret from most
Mr. Tanner I? now oa ht* furlough, having
recently been ?enoualy III. He waa operated
upon for appendleltla about one month ago
at Grace Hospital. Be waa able to leave
about two weeg* ago. Juat when h? Will re?
turn home 1? not known.
Tbe groom wa? appointed te the pollc?
force on December E IS*, and ha* i'rv.4
with credit and efficiency. ?erves
Mr. sod Mrs. Tanner wll) make their
home at j> Weat Mar?hali Btreet.
?Mvass Wire* in Great ?im??, tmr Xaw> ?
.,rr0b*b'r mort! organisations will get ease.
.IT ?tU?" than at any psVS
time in the history ef Richmond. The '"a
gL*g* to? ??SeM that this year the West?
ern Union waa hard put to it to get .uffl
??i ??eratoia t. ,i?a ?u ,h. s.,vl?s ai
DlvMine la Seaboard Air Edna Ran.
_ . way Keergenlsed.
i(,??iUm?11*; SA C- November 4? Fol
WSfO ?nnouncement of
changes in the general offices of the
Seaooard Air Line Railway. other
changes were made public to-day T
thi ^.V"^ WJi! "?'P*r?nteadent of
the fifth division, with headquarters
at Jacksonville, vice W. A. Witt, re?
signed. Divisions have been reoran- I
nlaed as follows: * J
The present Bret division from Rich- !
mond to Charlotte will be tbe "Vir- '
glnia division"; from Raleigh to Co?
lumbia, tbe "North Carolina division'*
between Monroe. N. C. .and Atlanta, the
"Georgia division "; from Columbia to
Jacksonville, and from Jacksonville to
River Junct on. Fla., the "South Caro?
lina ?division'*; from Savannah te
Montgomery. Including branches the
"Alabama division." and from Fernan
dlnn, Fla., to Tampa. sad all Its
branches the "Florida, division."
is guana
(Continued From First Page.)
the reason why Klamll Pasha asked
tbe ambassador to bars warships at
Settle Oil set.
London. November 4.?Tbe Turkish
ambassador here has been directed by
the Ottoman government to Inform
Great Britain of Turkey's willingness
to receive assistance la bringing about
s suspension of bosttlUles with s view
of striving st s banco eetUetneut.
Tewflk Paska lassnedistsly oa re?
ceiving the communication from Con?
stantinople weat te tbe Foreign Ounce
sad conferred with Sir fcdward Orep?
the British Foreign Minister, fee two
The Balkan nations and Greece are
persistent in their determtnatioa that
Turkey must arrange directly with
them the tsrsne ef pesos without tbe
intervention of tbe Kuropess powers
This attitude is emphasise* In a state?
ment from official sources, which says.
"The Turkish proposal for peace to
satisfactory insofar as It shows a de?
sire to prevent bloodshed.
"As regards foreign intervention,
however, there an ma te be no chance
of the Balkan States listening to any
foreign counsels while treating far
the arrsageasent ef conditions ef
peace. These must be settled he tar sen
tbe Balkan stales sad Turkey direct."
Berus Navaruhar 4-?Tee Turkish
sn.i.aasslar presented to tbe Foreign
< dhce thai afternoon s as asms el i ?flaa
frees bat government asking tbe
powers' good ?at ess te bring about aa
armistice Oi naaay Immediately pet
itself late eomraunicatton with Ma
wee newel a with a new to sum
Fact That No Money Is to Be
Used Expected to Result
in Clean Election. I
On Question of Their Support of
Graham Outcome Probably
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Bristol. Vs., November 4.?Indica?
tions point to a close contest in the
j Ninth Virginia District to-morrow.
SsaStl peili-vpa than at any taue In re?
cent years, with lbs exception ot two
yeaia ago, when rton. tumy C. Stuart
made it uncomfortable tor Congress*
j man Sleinp.
I Tbe iaci that no money is to be used
to influence votes, according to a
solemn agreement between the caadl
uatcs. promises tbe cleanest and most
orueily election yet. The unusual quiet
in U.iaiol on tbe eve of election would
indicate that tio agreement is to be
kept here. Few men were on the
streets to-uight, an4 tbe election was
! little diacuased.
' Tbe outcome as between Slemp and
Ayers depends largely upon what sort
of a vote Walter Graham, tbs Progres?
sive, receives. Most of the Piogres
sives who participated |b tbs Bristol
convention, claim Slemp as their
nominee, and contend tact ?a>oseveU
had no right to Interfere In behalf ot
I Mr. Graham. Uowsvsr, a vaport comes
fiom Hussell and other counties to
I night that at least a considerable turn
I her of Bull Moosers may be depeided
upon to respsct tbe wishes of Colonel
Koosevelt by voting for Graham.
It Is possible that enougb may vote
for Graham to make the election ot
, Ayers sure. However, most Republi?
cans express little fear that Graham
will be able to control a sufficient
number of votes to defeat 81emp. Gen?
eral A verse's personal popularity, his
recognised ability and the fact that
his life throughout has been such as
to heartily commend him to tbe peo- ?
, p.e. is going to havs great weight in
I his favor.
i The Republicans claim that they |
! havs qualified voters in excess of "le
Democrats to the extent of 2.80s. but
In spite of this claim, the Democrats
are hopeful, because of the disaffection ?
prevailing among Republicans In Ska.
Iaski. Washington and probably other '
countlee. Whi:e the Slemp managers '
express absolute confidence thst he has
j already won the victory, the Demo- j
I crats contend that the Republicans j
have little to make them so confident,
and that with the disaffection with |
which they have to contend, coupled
: with th* probable course of the Mooe
I ers, Ayers's chances of election are
1 Indeed full of encouragement. j
T ^
Charles Ostrandar. thirty-eight years old.
waa fined I? and coats yesterday morning
in Police Court for being drunk aad annoy?
ing women la Bread Street, at Seventh. Sun
da} Oetrander waa arrested Sunday by Pa?
trolman Bradley when complaint waa made
by two women -that be bad accosted them.
- I
Alleged C realty ta Heren.
H- Mollen waa arreated yeeterday by Traf?
fic Officer Crafton on tha charge of cruelly.
I working a lame horse.
j Aeadeaay?William Collier, ha "Never
Say Dtew?
aajan "Happy He aligns."
' aad eight.
Empire?% aadevUle,
Labia?t aadevUle.
?f Tea Mass It, YeWU Be Barry.
If you care for clean, quick, whole- I
some comedy, of the hind that makes
one laugh trip upon tbe heels of an?
other, go to aee William Collier in
"Never Say Die." If you are amused
j by the clear-cut. keen, straight comedy
j methods of one of the foremost light
j comedians of the American stags, gs
to see William Collier la -Never Say
Dia" In short, if you ars human and
: like to laugh, just for the Joy of
j laughing, go to see William Collier la
"Never Say Die.'" and go quickly, for
?Sitlei aVseal Data rar Tt
IS noon temperature. St
? P. M temperature . M
Maximum temperature up to t ,
P. M. S7
Minimum temperature up to f I
P. M. . ztj
Mean temperature. 42
Normal temperature. 52
Deficiency In temperature . 10
Excess in temperature since March
l . tI
Accum deficiency In temperature
since January 1 . S97
Deficiency in rainfall sines March
1 .
Accum, deficiency In rainfall since
January 1 .5x4
Local Ohatetatlsa 8 P. M. Tag Its Say.
Temperature. 47.
Humidity. W j
(Wind?direction. ft.:
I Wind?velocity . ? I
I Weather .Clear!
CDMDrrtowa rs i araati mm ? mm ibis. >
\ (At I P. M Eastern StandardITItne.)
I Place Ther. HeT. L T. Weather.
?Aahevllle . 4t S* tt Clear
Atlanta . ?4 ts tt Clear
: Atlantic City . tt It 4? CTear
t Boston . ts tt St Clear
Buffalo . tt SS ?? Jala
.Csiasry . S? 44 St f. eleedy
Chartestaa ... SS ?t 44 Clear
I Ch I cage. Sd M 44) Clear
Denver . ?SMS? Clear
Do lath . 44) M 44? Cesar .
Oalv-ston ... 7# 7? 7? P. dowdy
ilstterss . S4 ?f tt Clear
Havre . St 4S ft P. cleody
jsckaonvftls . 44 ">* ?? Clear
Kansas City .. ?d 44 It Qrmfr
Loa svllle ,.. S4 M 4t CTear
Montgomery .. ?? 44 tt ' CN?
New Orleans . 44 71 J* P
New Tsrfc ... 4? M tt
vorfolk . Id SS 44
S5?sT;:. ts 4t ? cujr
nttsb-rgh ... J? M J? Ctmmr
ItUtattrh . ?25 Sear
at. Lowag. M 44 4J Oaar
laa Paul . Id M 4S Ctaar
Ipan Fr-axtaas M 44 M gear
Ssvaansh .... ?? 44 44 CMmr
] Basks as . ?? ff f* "f*?
SreSsW-V. 5 S S 8S
_ ?ttnttc
4 ?? Mstslhs. ....J32
.tS4 ? lining) ,...lsSf|
P. clatgdy
[yea bars eat* eae
tor. Colliers latest Uugh-llmeuslna
was built by W. H. Poet sad, vYilliam
Collier. Jbut the Internal evidence, as
the pedagogues ssy. to ?trans that
the (raster part of engine, sssTehaia
body sad accesaoriea was contributed
by the Joint-ar tnoi -star, for the oom
: plated vettleie runs, glutens end tings
' with Collicrtsms
. True, It is very sew sad wants s
1 certain amount of tuning up; the see
! oad act curia? ts weaa, ana the piece
I to too snort by nearly n?ui an hour, but
I those troubles are the authors', not
ours. Our? not to puzzle out?ours but
to laugh, or shout
| And iauga we uiu. until, st times the
1 action of the play was stopped because
the actors could not maa?( ta?u,mv?a
beard. During the Brat ns?i hour of
I the performance, most of tue dialogue
was misuse by tn ?? who were sealed
when the curtain went up, because af
the ?lamping, clattering noise of the
Inevitable many wno came, when It
Pisased them, rege, diese of th* r?gnu
aot to ssy conn on, of others. t?ut.
shout ? ociocs, we begun to undsr
stand ths story, and toe fun 01 it
raced along with rollicking, mirthful
swiftness without a said, puneure, or
even a mienre, escepi at tn? end of
the second set to its joyous culmina?
The story of one Dionysius Woodbury
(William Coltieo. who, being told by
eminent physicians that he cannot live
more than a raw weckst marries a
charming girl, whom he wishes to help
and leaves immediately after the cere?
mony, in order tnat he may leave her
a rich widow, and then lives on and on.
is not involved, save tor the one com?
plication of his continued existence, but
It forms the groundwork, for a play
humorous to the nth degres
Mr. Collier la Just as skilfully and
gracefully amusing as he was in
? Caught in the It ..n," tn which he wss
lsst seen hers or as he always is
never falling In tap easy aureneas and
certainty of his Inimitable methods to
make the most of every potential point,
nor ever exaggerating one of them.
And ths supporting company Is most
admirable. Paula Marr?Mi a CoLlei. by
the way?is more than attractive as
the young girl, her single lock ot
gray hair but adding to her loveli?
ness; the two doctors are cleverly
played by John Clulow and Charles
Do.w Clark; Kmily Fitsroy la excellent
as the mother. Nicholas Judeis is a
volatile chef; Urant Stewart?last here
with Do Wolf Hopper in "Mr. Pick?
wick"?shows how a real actor plays
the servant, and little William Collier,
Jr.. literally steals the enow while he
is on. That boy has a conversation
with his father, la which he explains
to him that he, Mr Collier, is "Just as
nice as s dog. only different." that la
good enough to carry a whole act if
it were neceasary, which It Isn't
The settings f re beyond criticism
and the atage management remark?
able in ita perfection of detail.
Altogether, If you miaa this comedy,
you'll be sorry.
W. Douglas Gordon.
?Set Acquainted With -Harpy."
Revamped, rebuilt resuscitated, re?
juvenated, in tact, reborn, Happy
Hooligan, tbanka to the pencil of Fred
Opper, Jumped atraight from the com?
ics last night at the Bijou before a
capacity audience and choked a laugh
down the throats of the assembled,
pulling it out bit by bit or in large
handfuls. Just aa he pleased. It's a
real "girl ehow." and maybe that bad
something to do with it. but be that
aa It may, as they used to say In
Hogan's Alley, Vera Wise and the
friends she brought with her?femi?
nine. If you please?certainly did at?
tract considerable attention, entirely
too much, aaid the party who brought
her husband.
In this modernised, brightly tinsel?
ed Gus Hill offering. Dan Simons Is
the peripatetic "Happy." all the way
from the tlncan toppiece to the road
worn foot covering. He carries the
part. and. without underestimating his
ability, tt must be aaid that the part
helpa him considerably Paul Quirin,
an unusual Irishman, folia the Simons
brand of fun exceptionally well, while
Maurice Barrett doea a German aaloon
keeper with a most fascinating burr
snd other things. Then there's Vera
Wise, who says her regular name Is
May Shirk, but about which we have
grave doubts, for she shirks noth?
ing, unless It be draperies. She sings
and dances and looks, which is Just
about as much as one cou'd wish In
n reel. honest-to-goodness prims
Then there are Slate Meadow, George
A Wood. Joe Mitchell and Billy Es
sor all of whom sdd to ths festivities
And. finally, there Is s chorus with
girls not women, and they all work,
from the little one on the end. to the
sedste "chorus tody" to the extreme
Altogether s good performance, well
dons with costumes that are new and
scenery?humar aad other kind?
properly decoiated. Happy will be
tritt us all week. Get acquainted:
? ?-*
ad the gksltmaauT Arum Hesnltsl
Cordially Invites you to s Bridge
Luncheon at the Country Club,
Pstday, November 8. at it e'eteek
Tlckets |1.)9.
West Franklin._
QUALITY is more
important than
quantity. But in
Fatima Cigarettes the
simple? inexpensive
package enables us
to give you both.
20 lor 15 cents.

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