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Race for Senate in North Caro?
lina Create* Great
Democrats Make Final Effort
to Hold Orange
t?peclal to Tho T tmes-Dispatch. 1
Raleigh. N. C, November 4.?Nobody
teems to know Just what to expect to?
morrow In the matter of the volume ot
the vote that will be cast for rnlted
States Senator in the senatorial pri?
m?r). Normally here is a Itv.vua Lk oa
ocratlc vote, but It is entirely pioole
tnatical as to the number of normally
Kepuw.cn voters who will vote ins
ljeawcretic ticket Just In order to take
part la the election for Senator. It
la being pointtd out thai in this State,
with the electoral rot* sure to be
overwhelmingly lor Wilson, and entry
Congressman assuredly Democratic,
there are lots of places In the State
where the Republican can forego vot?
ing his ticket entirely without Hie loss
of any Republican ciectidn. and then
can get a free pats to the senatorial
eon teat by voting the Dtiiaotrathl
ticket. Some eapect the total vote in
the senatorial primary to run up to
175,000, and poanlbly more. Opinion is
much divided as to ths probable out?
come, and just bow this vote win be
lined up on the first primary. The Sim?
mons farces ere insisting that there
will be a Simmons victory la the first
primary by 20.00? to 26.000 majority of
tae vote cast. Some of the Kitchln
leaders talk of his nomination in ths
drst primary, aad all of them insist
that be will be aa easy winner in the
second primary. On the other hand.
Chief Justice Clark's supporters are
taking the ground that be will poll]
such a strong rota in tae first pri-|
tnary that there cannot be a nomina?
tion of either Simmons or Kitchln. and
that he will win la the second. Party:
leaders are freely expressing the ear?
nest hope that the party may be saved,
from any second primary. 1
Governor Kitchln issued to-day re?
wards of 1*00 for Frank Ruark, a white J
man. of Ashe County, wanted for eriml-1
nal assault; $50 rearard for John j
Bright, wanted In Greene County for.
secret assault on J. W. Doxon, and ll*>j
reward for Walter and Prank Johnson. |
wanted in Rockingham County for the;
murder of Dave Wllkereon. The John-'
nens are negroes and killed a white
Governor Kitchln authorises a spe?
cial term of Civil Superior Oourt for
Pnmlico County, to convene December
9. with Judge Daniela presiding, to
continue two waaka. Also a Bj?ami
one-week term in Foray th County, bo
convene November 24, with Judge
Adams presiding.
Btate Chairman Charles A. Webb, of
the Democratic Elective Oommlttee.
who left Democratic headquarters bere
Friday evening tor Asheville. win re?
turn to Raleigh early election morn
News of South Kchmond
Montague Docs Not Like the
Muakc Diacuaati Issues in
Final Speech.
It -would be more effeotlva to have
tho song about standing at Armaged?
don aad battling for the Lord sung by
Si different choir, commented former
governor Andrew Jackson Montague
ta aa adtrsss last night In the cham?
ber of Hustings Osart, Part TL. end?
ing the Democratic campaign. The
spectacle of a chorus composed of Bill
man. Tim Woodruff aad their Ilk does
not, ha his opinion, pi educe a convinc?
ing taaa.
The eg seek of the Democratic nomi?
nee far Co ogress was a review of the
Issues of the national contest, with
the various remedies proposed. He
likened the country to the man with a
broken leg. aad the candidates to phy
atolaas Taft he pictured ss advocat?
ing a let-alone policy, permitting na- j
tare to da Ks work. Roosevelt would!
amp: "Ob, eat the lee off: he can get
along better with one than with a
broken aaste.** Wilson would have the
aa the ground that the
?Ml get along beat with two
aad legs.
Discussion of the evils of trusts, with
far relief, ecru pled meet of
Where Taft proposes to
diantts. Roosevelt would
regulate monopoly, while Wilson would
regulate competition. Reputation of
monopolies In existence he compared
as buying a padlock for the stable door
after has horse had been stolen.
Considering ths Roeeeveltlaa plan of
rustic*. Governor Montague said
be a matter of training, of
kip with s heart. On the re?
ef ledges, he simply said that the
President could wen recall sowie
oa Federal
Tha only reference made by the
speaker ta his opponents for Congress,
the ssasistm of the Socialist aad
Social 1st-Labor part'es. was a tri ute
dp the sincerity of those who believe
In socialistic principle*, and a few
ta tha effect that the country
K found Its development along
advocated by them, but In?
i heat plan was freedom of
th* individual to develop tae beat
there la la him.
Willis C. Palllaxn. who Introduce*
Governor Montagus, road the final ad?
dress of Governor Wilson to the
American people.
Preparatory to erecting the new
! schools la Oak Grove aad Ihren*boro,:
wells will bo dug this week. This'
will be done In ordere that the con-'
tractors will hare aa abundaat sup-,
ply of water to use for construction;
The contracts hare not ret been let I
I In the entlrity. Many minor changes
I will be made before they are signet ,
I The parties bare been selected and j
i bare been notified to figure en the I
! changes. The actual werk will hardly.
I begin before spring, although the ma-j
[ terlal will be oa tae ground in a abort.
I One building win be erected In Oak |
j Grore la close proximity to the Rich-!
mond-Petersburg line The other will j
foe. on the Midlothian Turnpike, hair-;
; way between 8wansboro and Woodland;
Heights, and will be equally accessible I
to the children of both pleesn The
total cost of the new structures will'
be Itdeted. Baad? In this earn were
I authorised at a recent election.
It Is hardly probable that the presi
[ denUal election to-day will cause much
j of a stir In South R'chmond. Saloons
have. In accordance with tbe law.
j closed their doors until to-morrow
: morning, aad tbe thirsty owes who
failed to lay In a supply will have to
j rely en their more thoughtful friends.
Southslders will probably poll their
{ usus! strength, although their Is no
j local laawe at stake. Tbe ward leaders
i bare -ecu ucttee In pressing this daty
' home.
To-night tbe Elke win bars tbe re
? turns at tbe borne by icased wire They
j win bare tbem read from tae perch as
I has been tbe custom heretofore.
IC?arged with engaging In a pugilis?
tic encounter on tbe public street*
{ Walter rantnse and a ft About*, yewng
t white men. were taken Ines custody
Atk your iifigffilMji mi ih&y cm t tell yoMt
Wmmit^ ihm) ptvper foe fiMllwi iiiAoiw ?&*?
New Church of St. Jean Baptiste,
Gift of Thomas Fortune Ryan
Hew York* November 4.?The new
Church of St. Jean Be.pt.lete, at Lex
Inrton Avenue aad Beat Seventy-sixth
Street, wktok ta m gift of Thomas F.
Ryan to the 8ool*ty of the Fathers of
the Bleesed Sacrament, Is nearlng com.
I pssUsa. It will be one of the largest
I and moat imposing Roman Cabboks
I churches la America, sceommodatlng
T.sdS persons. The cost will be about
The church ta an example of the
basilica style, constructed in the shape
of a Latin cross, with three naves, two
twin towers, aad a great dome. The
towers sre ISO feet in height, and the
dome will project thirty feet above
them. The church will be one of tbe
flneet specimens of classic Romas ar?
chitecture in America. Tbe drawings
received the gel' medal whea they
were exhibited at tbe International Ex- i
poettlon at Turin. They are tbe werk
of the architect, Berracino.
The building will occupy i)t feet in
Lexington Avenue and 200 feet in Sev?
enty-sixth Street. Beeide tbe new edi?
fice is tbe old Church of St. Jean Bap
tlste. on the north side of Seventy
sixth Street, east of Lexington Avenue. '
It haa been In charge of the Fathers
of the Blessed Sacrament for many
Ing, hl? purpose being to arrange a
parr on voting while rn Aeherllle.
Secretary W. E. Brock, of tbe State
committee, went to Ma borne in Wades -
boro to-night to vote, and will return
Tueaday afternoon to have a band in
receiving return* at Stafe headquar?
While the campaign generally closed
down Saturday night, it was pushed
right up to tbe last minute in Orange
County, Where County Chairman Rob?
ertson boasts that he will retain the
lead seen red In tbe last election over
tbe Republicans, who dominated the
county in tbe past. Tbe final cam?
paign speeeh in Orange was delivered
to-night by E D. Broadburet. of
Greensboro, wbo Is declared at State
headquarters to have rendered espe?
cially good service In ths present cam?
yesterday afternoon by Officer J. A.
baughan. The fray, which arose over
a trilling matter, drew quite a large
crowd of spectators, who blocked the
traffic lc the vicinity of Thirteenth
and Hell Streets in their efforts to
get a good view of the encounter. Bote
men were bailed for appearance In
court this morning.
William Edward*, colored, was yes?
terday morning assessed f 2.50 and
costs by Justice H. A. Maurice, In Po?
lice Court. Part II., for being drunk]
and disorderly.
tsetnelSc police Get bead
Getting wind of an interesting game
being pulled off at 1(21 Bainbrldge
Street. Captain A. S. Wright and Offi?
cer W. E. Way mack yesterday after?
noon made a raid on the house. Eight
men. all colored, were caught on the
premises engaged In various games
of chance. The men. Arthur Thomas.
Mason Anderson, George Penny, Jona
Crump, Butler Keys. Randolph For?
tune. Dave Cole and Ben Johnson, were
taken to the Third Station, where they
were charged with being disorderly
and with gambling.
Batchers Green Thlrty-ata Bears te
Vacate Old Tavern.
Two tenants of the '"Old Tavern"
property. C. A. Fortune and J. S. Folkes,
were yesterday given thirty-six hours
In which to vacate the building. The
men, who conduct stores in the lower
part of the structure, appeared in Po?
lice Court, Part IL. charged with dls
! regarding moving ordere emanating
Prom, the office of Building Inspector
Henry P. Beck. The building was
, condemned last spring, but the ten
! nota were permitted to remain until
' suitable quarters could be found. Last
: week they were ordered out st once.
I Upon their failure to vacate they were
! summoned to court. Both have as
! cured quarters, but have not yet got
; the natures in. Justice Maurice save
j them two working days In watch to
get things straight
? Bskf*skJw*T*Se^tPwdJ anvSWy f(# JfeBBhsunBhfgEe
Since Friday of fair week Jahn Toth.
seventeen years old. son of William
Toth, of Et tricks. Chesterfield County,
bus been missing. The lad left home
the morning cf October 11 to visit the
State Fair. He has not been seen or
beard from since. His parents fear
he has ni ?t with foul play. They will
I appreciate any information resrardlnr
i k'm.
i By virtue of a deed of bargain and
! sale ewe red ivr registration yesterday
j mornmg in the office of Clerk Walter
1 E. Du Vai. of Hustings Court. Part IL.
j Mrs. E Emsen ggiith and W. W. Smith,
> her husband, both of Hanover County,
i transferred to Joseph A. Dart, of South
J Richmond, their la tercet In a parcel of
? property, with improvements, known
1 as MS West Sevsath Street The lot
has a frontage of seventeen feet and a
depth of IM feet. The consideration
was placed at t?M.
fnder the direction of Assistant City
Engineer D. V. LaPrsde. warb was
started yesterday on tvtreeling the
' grade oa Batwbridsre Wreet, between
1 Tenth sad fx eve nth. The street was
plowed op and will h* dragged. The
, lower end will be raised several Inches
I aad the entrance to engine bouse. Ma
' ii, arm ha made to can for a with the
street grade. Granite btocxs win ha
Mad before the ead of the week.
Council Approves Plan of Bring
ing Suburban Passengers
Common Council Disposes ot
Unusually Lengthy
Routing of suburban street earn
arounj a central loop down Seventh,
from ilroaii to P ranklin. aiong Frank?
lin to Elulith, up Eighth and west on
Brund Stre-t. received the approval of
the Common Council lost nljsht The
Committee on Streets repotted favor?
ably an ordinance allowing a physical
connection between the tracks of tne
old Richmond Traction Company on
Broad Street and ths old Virginia
Passenger t,nd Power Company on
North First Street, allowing the use
of ths central loop by the Barton
Heights. Girier Park and Lakeside
cars. Mr. Powtll gave his reasons tor
having asked at a former meeting to
have the ordinance recommitted, and
the paper was adopted. 14 to 4. the
noea being Mc-brs. 'Butler. Powell.
Rogers and Sullivan. The companion
ordinance authorizing tue advertise- i
ment of a franchise for a single track
on Franklin Street, from Seventh to
Eighth Street, with the necessary
curve* and crossovers, was adopted.
16 to 2. the noes being Messrs. Powell
and Sullivan. The plan includes the
routing of the First Street. Highland
Park. Westhampton aud all South I
Richmond cars atound the lopp. The
special fittings a no curves to be laid .
at Seventh and Broad Streets have
bean ordered and will be laid In con?
nection with the preaent track replace?
Trees Are Doaatod ta Cemetery.
Tbe Council concurred In tin action
of the Board of Aldermen in donating '
1?0 trees from the City Nursery to j
Mount Calvary Cemetery, and In grant- !
ing permission to U. E. Bowden to
erect a stable on Grace Street between
Nineteenth and Twentieth Streets.
On report of the Committee on
Street* the Council adopted an ordin?
ance allowing the Washington Te.race
Corporation to grade at its own ex?
pense certain streets through its prop?
erty in South Richmond, the tract be?
ing that once acquired by the r. A.
Patterson Tobaoco Company as tbe
proposed site for a new factoiy.
Tbe location of the alleys through
the blocas bound by Beverlay. Ash?
land. Elm and Davis Streets was chang?
ed on petiUon of ail the property own
era An ordinance was adopted chang?
ing the nnme of Cary Street west of
the Boulevard to the corporate limits'
to Westhampton Avenue. From the!
general sewer bond issue there was'
ordered constructed in Stockton Street
a sewer to coat ?4.324; in HuU Street, a'
sewer to coat s7.CU; in Eighth S?sel
South Ricnmond. from Maury to
Semmel, to coat 92C.36s; In Louibardy
Street, from Clay to Leigh, to cost fete,
and a number of lesser sewers. On re?
port of the Committee on Streeta the
building Une was ordernd changed on
the aouth aide of Franklin ?trect from
Laurel to Staler Street, from twenty-!
five feet to twenty-one feet e.eveh
inches, this having been agreed upon
by the property owners aa a conces?
sion to the new Monroe Te. race Apart?
ment House.
City to Bay laaad O stricht.
A resolution to acunire land on the
west aide of Seventn Street, between
Leigh and Duval Streets, was adopted.
The Council recently ordered Seventh
Street graded across the ravine, mak?
ing a new atieet through to tne Loco-1
moUve work* along wbica tbe street |
car Una to Highland Park will operate, i
The City Engineer reported that to j
make tbe required flU there would be
necessitated an enormous concrete re?
taining wall to protect adjoining prop-I
erty. Tbs property in the ravine la of
little value, aad can probably be bought
outright by tbe city for less than tne
coat of auch a waiL After being used
as a dump until brought up to ths'
gtad* of tbe new street It can be sold, (
it waa stated, for aa much aa the im?
provement Witt coat. The condemna?
tion was ordered, no concluded action
to be taken until tbe pr.ee baa bees
reported to tbe Committee on Finance
Seena Appropriations.
On reeonunendat.on of the Commit?
tee oa Finance, tbe following appro?
priations were made:
Appropriating ?t,000 to remodel tbe
old high school bunding on Marshall
Street, between Eighth aad Xlntb
Street* as tae School Board headquar?
Appropriating M.0M to pay the ex?
penses of connecting tb oreeeat con?
gressional primary and to-aay'a gen?
eral election.
Appropriating ?400 for the care of
In na flat
Appropriating ?M00 to street eleaa
ing expense*
Appropriating l?.<M>0 to tbe School
Board general expense*
Appropriating $2.0VS B? building de?
partment sxpenssew
Appropriating ?>.??? to City Hall
maintenance, to complete electric wir?
ing and painting.
Appropriating 12,00? to Water Works
construction secant.
Appropriating Hie for an automobile
for the use of electrical inspector*
Approp: sxtrag JToe to pay nr. George
Barksdale for prorrsstonal services in
attending Joseph Batterb/. aa employe
Injured at the Gaa Work*
Appropriating s2*s to W. M. Can
thorn for medical atlaatlnn. na a result
of Injuns* reoslvsa at a cave la while
la Ike city's smplsy. _
Appropriating **.**+ t* tbe Gas
Works pay roll sccoaat; t*?e> to One
Works coal and oil account. 9*9** to
Oes Werk* expense socouut, aad f7.se?
ta extensions of gaa spa Ina
Appropriating |L?ee to Beard of
Healtb vncolnation account.
Appropriating f*aae to pevtag side?
AppreprteJag UM aewoant James
River Improvement, t* defray expea'ee
of committee attending Matlaanl Rivera
aad Harbors Cengrsae la Waamlsnjsea
Order Next Sunday's
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The Illustrated Sunday Magazine of
The Times-Dispatch
The Best Thete Is in Sunday Reading"
Appropriating tteo for coUcetlon of
truces expenses.
A resolution is Adopted authoris?
ing the Auditor to pay ths States taxes
lor 1913 on the City Dock property,
recently acquired and assessed la the
name of the bondholders of the Wil?
liam B. Trigs; company, and to mark
satisfied the city taxes oa the property
for the same year.
Holidays for Per Dees* Mas.
Special Accountant George & Crea
shaw reported that he bad examined
and found correct the accounts of the
City Collector, the Police Court, Part
1. and li-. aad the Street Cleaning De?
partment. In connection with the po?
lice Court. Part ft., ne called attention
to repeated delays on the part of Jus?
tice Maurice to make settlements aa
required by law. which delays be had
been assured would act scaur again.
In connection with the Street Cleaning
accounts. Mr. Crenshaw reported that
in August the Council Committee on
street cleaning granted a vacation ?r
six days with pay to the men in the
department, cost i*T the city $2,340. On
September 13 the C'ly Attorney, in
reference to a stmRar application for
holiday on the part of men In the
Street Department, gav6 It as his
opinion that there was no authority
for committees to grant such vaca?
tions with pay ?a aa> 4lern men.
Vs such practices might cost the city
large sums and disrupt the work of
the departments If continued. Mr.
Chensbsw recommended that the Coun?
cil take such action as would make the
practice of the various departments
more uniform. The paper was re?
ferred to the Commit tie on Ordinance.
Charter and Reform. Later a petition
from the Street Cleaning Committee
to be allowed to give other men vaca?
tions with pay was referred to the
same committee. It being stated that
moat of the men had had their holi?
day, while the practice had bee a
stopped on receipt of the City Attor?
ney's opinion, and an injustice had
therefore been worked on a few mem
Tt* Artlea on Pi he of Gas.
Resolutions from the Committee aa
Light In reference to reducing the price
of gas from to to TS cents were re?
ferred to the Committee on Finance,
as was a resolution from the Com?
mittee on Electricity In reference to
granting free electric current from
the municipal, plant to the Mechanics'
On recommendation of the Commit?
tee on Water, a contract was awarded
to the Lynzhhurjr Foundry Company
for cast-iron pipe and special casting;*,
costing fT.~o7.7o. that company having
been th? lowest bidder.
The Committee on Ordinance. Char?
ter artd Reform recommended foarteen
ordinances making permanent increases
In salaries, all of whleh were referred
to the Committee on Finance. Not a
stnele salary tncrease received final
approval last night, not on* being re?
ported by the Committee on Finance
for action.
The Ordinance. Charter and Reform
Committee recommended repeal of an
aaaaaaaeaaa-e?-og??-g--e-F-g--- _j . _Jgt
eertt Cstiasstt?, etc
X had set tahsa MILAN were than are*
?r rear days When I Segne w see a diets*<
l ancient franchise granted ln MS* to
Andrew Plzzlnl and others, and never
. exercised, to sell light and power and
I to place poles and wires in the street*
j The franchise has been for many rears
I a mere encumbrance to the statute
I book* and It was repealed.
Wests City to Pay Ceo*
The Committee on Printing and
I Claims recommended payment of ftt.30
' to Ruf us C Williams for damage to bis
automobile from having been run into
by the city ambulance when that ve- ]
i hide was not responding to an einer- j
I gency call. The paper was referred;
1 to the Committee en Finance. On roll I
,' call Mr. Umlauf offered an ordinance
' amending the Building Cod* which i
1 went to the Committee on Ordlnano* !
? Charter ana Reform, end resolutions ?
! on the establishment of playground* <
j which want to the Committee on |
! Grounds and Building*
I Mr. Fuller called trom the table i
! and secured adoption of a report ofj
I the Committee on Finance epproprlat
' ing ll.Oio to say a Judgment obtained
against the city In the Law and Equity
Court, and ?5.000 was appropriated to
the account of opening and widening
, street*
i Tbe Council thereupon went Into the
j election of cttlsen ? members of tbe
' Board of Public Interests, and elected
j Harry Tueker. Joseph W. Bliley and
j William Oibso* Jr.
I Held led lea ss Bassets*
I James Shaw, an Indian, waa arraigned In
' Police Court yesterday morning as s deaer
I ter from th? Unite* States Navy, la erder
to communicate with the Navy Depart meat
his case waa continued anttl Itsvembcr M>.
? 8taw was arrested by Patrolman Duke.
Ante Dealers to Bee*
?? President L M. Foster, of the Rich?
mond Automobile Dealers' Show Asso?
ciation, has called a meeting of that
body for Wednesday night at S:Jw
o'clock In the headquarters of the
Richmond Automobile Club at the Jef?
ferson Hotel. Business in connection
with the show to be held here next
?ebruary Is to bs considered.
Grand awry Belms? Tree BeM daaaaSst ma*
Caught as tibsairaasp.
! Thema? C Mann, who was arrested In
I SVh-necjady. N T . last Saturday at the
I re^crst or the tecel seile* waa ?aMelia
I v..-. rdiv hy the grand Jury in the Ho?t
' Ir.r? Conrt for as a'leged grave offense
i??s?test Palsy Seeers. Ailai J with a copy if
lha indtrrm^nt and extrsdltloa papers De-'
IulUm atisesen wt)?y left last nutht for
the prlenmr Mann W acesned of bringing |
the woman to Richmond, placing her ss an
irrpr?r.er resort and astslalsg money sad
I jewelry from her.
? i tn-l:<-;mvnts istsrast by the sraadj
? swsej a? tells as: I
BetMs Branch, aiiaa Barr Dtrh*raoa.
crand larceny: Belts Bilaas. sseiiotoes
wounding: Geerne Jene?. boiiaebreaaias:
Ard'raon Johaao* heusefereahing. Ruth
1 ."?ran. dtvpensla?; eereiwe; Season
<-?r hresklng; LWta Orerrow. rrxnd .
an I Norman Raines, grand larceny
t tailed by
Tne train 1? i ?et)?o? for Sewday
wacher? aad tbe Bases*] Teens Peeroe'o
reine. ?M ' la a-rag held tbts week ta tbe
Oeece Street Rsp'le? chaeih. hesaa Its see;
tlve etsss w -.rh *ad >cl?fee yeWerSsy aTter
I sees at ? ??eloefc. and lateri the rreniag
I si mbsj w?. i-ieeed mere than WS werarr*
) ha.J tan.a. I ??> ose er wore sp'Sker*
Bev. Lied I T WTMwe ssvnsd the meeting
! witt. a rath ea ~nJedlt?t?ee - Mw* A L.
i W - ?ew<e tv: awed with a slem en primary
: werk Oth-r apeefcers Were ptwr. I? P. Lra
I vett. er Oarer*. Mhw: Me* Jaaiab T. Watt*
er Richmond and Dr. W. J Metaastbdw. mt
I (h- Baptist ?-wtiesrv Is la sen it* K* Bias
' Wt:n?m? sssm aeMtw tent SBBbt ea Pbsd
bar the WtSdee o*~*-~m
A rhsase,
pftsram *ae the
Mr. Watts, wh*
?Ii hl? lecture*, wbteh wtli occupy the ?*
j tire hour.
Luncheon will he served every evantas SB
! < o'clock by the ladles of the dry ~
i The member- et the South
charches bad chars* of the Iuacheoa
[ Wsa
I Or. Charles R. Robins was elected a i
ber of the City School Board last sASbt
: by * joint session of the City Council, sua
cerdtas Charles Hutsler. real sued. Ks ethes
same* were presented, sad the *et*sa takes
! was unalmooe.
I James T. Disney was seated aa a member
1 of the joint session, having beea elected s
member of the Board of Aldermen to II! the
urezplred term of Alderman P. H.
Dr. Robin* is a well known
surgeon. aa*ociated with Dr. Lewis C !
snd others la the erection of the Stuart
Circle Hospital. Be ha* beea far several
years a member of the visitlns staff at the
ctty Home Hospital, sad has ctvea muck
time to the relief of tbe Indigent ?Ick. Ba
ha* been active recently la the ?nrns?I ts>
establish a public free hospital
a a* piers.
Mrs. J. Simpson, of Forest Htll.
operated oa yesterday for appendicitis at
tbe Virginia Hospital, aad Is still vary OL
The physician* are strongly hopefal ef her
J. H. Collins, ef KB Oarrtastaa Street, ta
recoveries from his erttlcsl fThnsi ta the
Vlrglnls Hospital.
?tCKOBT V w-ltTtBht
Globe Got
WWimm!** Y%
Offer* tbe best chance lor yes
vssr sets sty cnmdrJy by ssiBBttj
O D. U Wat ?

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