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f He Work* Off Bad Paper, and
Gets Away With'
*35- I
JStore of W. D. Prince, at Stony J
Creek, Entered and
The Time*-Dispatch Bureau.
8 Bo Mint* rook Street
(Telephone HSd),
Petersburg. Va.. Nov&n.ber 5.
Another bold check flasher, believed
be have com* from Richmond, visited
Petersburg- yesterday afternoon after
banking hours, and left with some
money to which he was not* honestly
entltled. He went to the hardware
store of Jefferson a Joynes, Inc.. on
Sycamore Street, and representing him?
self a* "G. A. Lutz." engaged in over?
hauling and repainting the home of
?VI. H. Moore" on the turnpike in Cacs
terileld County, near Petersburg, pur?
chased materials amounting to 8*5,
which he requested to have packed,
that be might call for and take them
sat on the next electric oar. He ten?
dered a check for $100, signed by J. H.
Moore, drawn on the First National
Bank of Richmond, received $85 In
change, bowed himself out. and has
not smce been seen. Of course, he did
not return for the goods he had' pur?
chased. The firm telegraphed to Rich?
mond to ascertain If "J. H. Moore's"
check was good, and received a reply
Chat Moore kept no account and was
unknown there. Jeffere >n & Joyne*
have the check and ths good a bat are
ant $8$.
The same swindler, a well-dressed
young man, before going to Jefferson |
g joynes's. tried t? purchase a bill of
goods with the check at the store of
W. w. H?ne* a Ob., but was turned
down there. The polios are trying to
get track of the cheek-flasher, but so
far without success.
It was only a few days ago that
another rasher, with forged ard fraud
elect checks on local banks, swindled
three grocery merchants out of con?
siderable change. This man Is believed
to be under arrest in Danville for simi?
lar practices there.
Safe Robbery st Stony Creek.
Dr. W. D. Prince's drug store at
Stony Creek was ?'broken Into last
alght. and the safe was forced open
and robbed of $50 'n money and ne?
gotiable notes, and valuable papers to
a considerable amount. This morning
sons of ths notes and papers wer*
found scattered along the road, where
they had been thrown away by the
thief. Entrance to the store was ef?
fected by prizing open tbe rear door.
As yet thsre Is no clus to ths robber.
Pastoral Cstt.
At a largely attended meeting of the
aongregation of Glllfleld (colored) Bap?
tist Church last night, it was unani?
mously voted to extend a call to the
Rev. S. A. Brown, of Fredarlcksburg,
to succeed tbe Rev. G. B. Howard as
pastor of the church. Dr. Howard
some time ago resigned as pastor te
accept a call to a large church in
Pittsburgh. Pa The home of the newly
called pastor Is In Fredericksburg, and
he serves churches outside of that city.
"While It is not positively known that'
he will accept the call. It Is believed
that he will. The Gillneid Church is,
one of the oldest and one of the largest |
of ths colored churches In Petersburg.,
Bines ths departure of Dr. Howard. |
several visiting ministers have preached :
on trial for ths congregation, and thei
Rev. Brown last night received the
Years of Suitering
GMaRfc mmd Ms**) Bisssss Pnrrnrs
Failed to du?.
Mia* Mabel F. Dawkins, 1214 Lafayette
St., Fort Wayne, Ind., writes: "For three
years I was troubled with catarrh and
blood discing. I tried several doctors and
a dozen different remedies, but none of
them did me any good. A friend told
aw of Hood's Sarsaparilla. I took two
bottles of this medicine, and was as well
and strong as ever. I feel like a different
person and recommend Hood's to any one
'suffering from catarrh."
Get it to-day in usual liquid form or
'chocolated tablets called Sarau tabs.?,
unanimous call?112 members votin?
for him.
Married an Washington.
Miss Frances R. Hayes, daughter ot,
Mrs. M. a. Hayes, of this etty. and]
Hoy W. Hill, of Charleston, S. C, wer*
married in Washington yesterday. After
a bridal tour North they will reside
In Charleston.
Miss Myrtle Pillow, daughter of R
I,. Pillow, of this city, and Leslie B.
Williams, telegraph operator of the
Seaboard Air Line Railway, ware mar?
ried in Washington to-day. After an
extended bridal tour of two weeks
South. Mr. and Mrs. Williams will be,
at home In High Street, this city.
To Balld Keer Rest,
Surveys of the property of the Du
Pont Powder Company la Prince
George County having been practically
completed, and the sites tor the manu- i
faoturtag plant and other buildings
on the plant. Including dwellings for
the employes, having (been located,
the company la now preparing to build
a railroad from City Point to the plant, i
For this purpose contractors for the
construction of the road are seeking
for a large force of laborera It Is
expected that work on the buildings
on the land will be commenced in the
early epring.
Las? Quarterly Conference.
The last quarterly conference of the
year of the Washington Street M E.
Church eras held last night, with Pre?
siding Elder J. K- Jollff presiding, and
a full attendance of the board of stew,
ards. Highly satisfactory reports ot
the various departments of church
work were made and all obligations
for the conference year will be met
A resolution waa unanimously adopted
requesting that the Rev. George E.
Booker. D. D., be returned to the pas?
torate of the church.
Officers were elected as follows: Dis?
trict steward. James B. Blanks; alter?
nate and recording steward. E. W.
Butcher; church superintendent. Pro?
fessor A. K. Davis; superintendent of
Sunday school. Waiter A. WIlMatneon.
Fire Cssssslsstsassa Meet.
A meeting of the fire com mission ere
was held last night, at which much
business of Interest waa transacted.
The Council recently appropriated ehe
sum of $10,000 for the enlargement of
the force and for additions to the
equipment of the department. Cnder
this authority, the commission ere last i
night elected fifteen men to the fores, ;
elected Captain W. T. Miller as assist- |
ant chief, and appointed I? G. Shelley,
as captain to fill the vacancy caused
by the promotion of Captadn Miller. '
It was also decided to place a third j
fire engine in commission. i
Negro Eaten SesMSmsj by Climbing Fetch i
sad I* Srared Away by Ch id.
Although he had gained entrance te the
sense by climbing; to a porch roof and step
pint, through a bathroom window, a negro
buiglar wai frightened away from 30? Wext
Grace Street, the home ef R. C. Miller, by I
the latter* eight-year-old son last night at
I o'rlsck. There waa no one In the house .
? t the time except two children and a nurse. 1
The boy saw {he man la the bathroom. A i
cry from him frightened the intruder, who:
leaped from the window to the roof and slid
to the ground and escaped. j
The second Police Station was notified and
Bicycle Policeman Trayler made an InTsstl- '
ga Uon. Nothing waa missing from the res- :
ldence- i
A perfect Tooth Wash aad a sal? and
efficient antiseptic for sore months. For
mutated by the eminent
will do for
r Thai- .
teeth what no other preparation can. It
Is higltfy recorarnended and has stood the
tastier at Years.
At ReOabi*
29c, 5#c and
? %S5&3Sm iiJmTneis.il! ?? ? west!.sat ? am sag"
It _f m t. j . - -
QM* tThistrationj in the smormremgnts from day to day.)
This Dictionary hi NOT published by the original pub
bJkts of Webster*? Dictionary or by their socorsMjrs.
It fa) the OJrur entirely sew comp-Iation by the world >'
authorities from leading unirer Mties; is bound m
Leather, flexible, stamped in (G:d en hack tad
I on Bible paper, wnh red edges ami corners
durable. Besides the feneral content?, there
beautifully ilfottraied by three- |_
creme, ssjbjccts by moncaooea, 16 pages of |I"rl "f
sgsd thg Iciest Urited States Cerwos. Present laaaa
aad tfba efoC
Defense Sets Forth Reason , for j
Asking New Trial for
j Instructions of Trial Court Ob?
jected To and Evidence
Thirty-eight bills of exceptions are
filed with the petition for an appeal
In the case of Claude Swanaon Alien,
now In the hands of Judge John A.
Buchanan, of the Supreme Court of
Appeals. These exceptions aet forth
the reasons of the defense In asking
for a new trial for the prisoner, who
is under sentenoe of death in the eleo
iric chair on November 22 for the mur?
der of Commonwealth s Attorney w H-j
liam M. Foster In the Carroll court?
house tragedy of March it of this
one. regarded as the most important!
would make the plea that Claude Al?
len waa twice put In jeopardy for the j
same offense. Ue was flrat tried for j
killing Judge Thornton L Masaie. and |
given fifteen years la the penitentiary.
It Is argued that the jury In this case J
found the prisoner not guilty of con?
spiracy, since had the theory that
Claude conspired been believed, no ver?
dict would have been possible save one
or murder In the first degree, with
death as punishment. So, when Claude
waa tried for klUing Mr. Foater. the
claim is, he was put in Jeopardy the
second ?Urne for conspiracy, since It j
was not shown that he shot at Foa?
Tried separately.
Another exception is concerned with
the action of the trial court In refusing
the motion of the defense that the'
Commonwealth be required to consoil- i
data all five of the indictments against ;
Claude Allen and try him on all at.
the same time. The effeot of the
court'a declaion was that the prisoner
could be tried over and over again.i
Another excepts to the acUon of the
court In admitting to the Jury men
Who had expressed opinions regarding j
the guilt or innocence of the accused.1
but who said they could divest their
minds of Impressions and give the ao- |
oused a fair trial.
ExcepUon Is taken to the Judgment j
of the trial court In Instructing the ;
jury that if Floyd Align ref used to i
ober the court, the officers had a right!
to shoot him. and he had no right ot
self-defense, and Claude Allen had no
right to assist him. The defenss also
contends that the court should have
granted Instead of refused certain in?
structions aaked for by it, to the effeot
that If Dexter Goad# apprehended
trouble, he should have sworn out a
peace warrant and that it waa not
the proper course for him to come into
the court room armed with two pis
Dries Statssasata.
Objection Is made to the evidence
of H. C. Gllmcr in repeating Judge
Hassle's dying statements regarding
his having done his duty, and his last
message to hla loved onea at home.
It is claimed this Inflamed the minds
of the jurymen.
Legally, the delicate point comes la
the exceptions which protest against
the admission of evidence of threats
said to have been made by Floyd Al?
len against the court some months
before the shooting, when Claude Al?
len was In the State, the court having
held that these threat* were proper
In showing the motives of Floyd Al?
len. The defense says that Claude
should have been tried upon hla own
motives. Judge Staples, who presided
at the trial, has already discussed his
ruling in this respect in a law Jour- I
naL j
Points are made regarding the ad?
mission of other evidence, and the ex?
clusion of testimony offered by the
defense. Lastly, it is said, there is
certain after-discovered evidence,
proving that men who testified about a
conversation with Dexter Goad were.
not at Hillsville at the time j
Dr. 3. C Hat calf will add to the Interest I
of the meeting of the literary round table ;
at the Woman'* C'ub this afternoon by giv?
ing a talk on book reviewers The occasion,
premises much la the way ef Interest.
Special Leeel Beta far Te
12 noon temperature . IS
13 V. M temperature. 70
Maximum temperature up to ?
P. M. .ju.. 7?
M .-.imum temperature up to S
V M. is
M< an temperature. ?4
Normal temperature. (2
Excess in temperature. 2
Excess in temperature since March i
1 . ?,
Accum, dedclency la temperature
sines January 1 . 291
Deficiency In rainfall sine* March
1 .1-14 ]
Accum, deficiency la rainfall since
January 1 .(.29 I
L*e*>l oben ?atJsa S P. M. Teetesday. '
.Temperature. ?4
iH-m.dltr . M
Wind?direction .m S.
wind ? ve.oclty . 2
COXDmoxl Of ?PSMTAITT fill ?
(At I P. M. Eastern Standard Time.)
Place. Ther. H. T. L. T. Weather.
Ashevilie. M ?4 24 Clear
Atlanta . ?0 ?4 to Cloidy
! ?Ua.itlc City It ?2 ': Clear
, Sestc.n . M M 44 Clear
i Suffale .(4 1? Clear
> Calgary .2? (2 2? Clear
Charleston ... ?2 T2 L? P. c.coaly '.
Chicago .SC (S 4? Cloudy
I Culuta . 22 44 2" Clear
! 3elTeet<vg .... 72 74 7*1 Cleave
' flatteraa . ?I 71 M P at
j Hav re ....... ef || .. Cloudy
? Jacksonville . 44 74 IS Rala
Xansaa City .. SS C? it fUla
ILoutST?l? - gl 4? 44 Cloudy
(Montgomery .. Ct 74 44 CloeeT
Jtew orieaaa . <? 74 4* Cloudy
,Kew York ... M St 44 Clear
Norfolk . 44) 41 4S flee*
i Oklahoma ... 4! fS >? Clear
Mftibargh .,. is ?2 a* Oear
Raleigh - ?2 ?s M ChS>
fit Loela. |? || |4) sum
f? Psal . 4? ?4 44 Clear
ten Fran Uses. 14 44 14 Rala
Sevsnne. - 42 74 ?4P clone
So'.Vane *>?.. 44 41 41
Ts*>pe . 74
Ws*t.lrifrtaa ? 14
?I CleeeT
4t Oear
R Irrige* .... St ?4 te Cloadre
*?>?*?-Ills ... 44 94 S* CleeSy
?mir. *t.?J4?*r.
t, IMS.
? r?
. .f 41 Moi atSBj ....99
"Barry*? for Clothes'
Well, now it's all over! j
Let's wave the olive
branch of peace and
settle down to business.
The country has harvested
this fall the biggest crops in
its history!
Regardless of politics, the
tariff and the trusts, a year
of prosperity is here, and
here are prosperity clothes.
Suits from $15 to $40.
Overcoats, $12.50 to $50;
and never in the world's his?
tory was better clothing for
the price! To-day we make
a special showing of new
patterns in grays and browns
at just twenty dollars.
Come and see.
Emmet Whitmore, Despondent j
Because of 111 Health
Attempts Suicide.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Stauntoa. Vs.. November *.?Emmet Wait
more, despondent from ill health, walked
Into the toilet-room of the Virginia Hotel
enemy after nightfall aad shut himself
through the temple. He wae removed to a
lioeplfel, but is expected te die. Be was in
the hardware business in Chicago, aad was
recently summoned to hi* eld home at Par
Dissue on account of the death there of Jis
father. James A. Whtimore. He Is wldeiy
related la Blaus ton and this section of the
Fi iisabs11 of Revenae Iwuli, Wees hi Ctty, I
TsUa s< His Fire* Visit.
Edward L- Mills, examiner far the Dep
partment of Internal Revenae. descended I
upon the local revenue office* yesterday for
the purpose of checking up aoeoesta See-j
era! days will be required to complete the >
werk. Prom Richmond he will travel South !
foe an inspection of federal efflces In sev- I
era' ether revenue district*
Mr. Mills has been in the employ of the
government for alraoat fifty years He psnesd '
long enough In his work yceterday to tell ,
o' bis Hist visit to Richmond It was dur?
ing ths War Between the States, aad he
cams aa a Federal prisessr of war. His
firs', vtsw of Richmond was gained through
the barred windows of Ubby Prison.
"That was almost fifty rears age new."
said Mr. MlUs, "and wonderful changes
have taken place. I come sack te Richmond
every now and then, ss I come back te aa
old friend. Aad every time I return it has
grown larger."
Police Benevolent aVesseaatJea.
The annual meeting of the Polios Benevo?
lent Association will take place to-morrow
afternoon at ?:*) o'clock in the Hustings
Court. Several matters of importance to the!
members will be acted upon, '"-ludlng tbe
question 'of amgndlnr S?e TgftVjws
With about 10? deleft? la attend?
ance, the Virginia Conference of the j
Woman's foreign Missionary Society |
of the Methodist Episcopal -Church, be?
gan Its thirty-fourth annual meeting
In the Bread Street Met had 1st Church
last night. Ths spsalng session was
glrea ever ts adtrisiig at welcome
hospitality to ths visitors wars Bsv.
Frank I? Wells, pastor et the Beoed
Strsst Chorea.; L? T. Christian, Mm
J. U Wiltshire. Mrs. J. K. Johnson aad
Mar?, N. V. Colemaa. Mrs. W. w.
Drochsisn of Char-oiteavUle, aad Miss
Ruth Blanks, of Petersburg, reapoadsd.
Miss MaMe Head, sdacatloaal secre?
tary of the Woman's Missionary Com?
mittee, traa Introduced te the confer?
ence, and spoke for a fsw minutes aa
the three alms of ths meeting. Thar
are. she said, te know Christ, to kasw
His plan far world redemption, aad
to knew the place of ths Individual In
mjas plan. A 00mum nisn ssrvtes slsssd
ths evening.
The officers at the UsteTWl
president. Mrs. W. D. SaathsII. Nor?
folk; first rice-sr setisat. Mrs. W. O.
Starr. Newport News; sees ad vice
president. Miss Ruth Blanks. Paters
burg, third v too-presides!. Mrs Ssmae
Tankard. Frank tew a. fearth etaa
presldent, Mrs R H> Fetts. Marts IS;
u sassier Mrs. A. W. Bawl la. Lraah
feerg. corresponding secretary. Mrs a
N Brich be ass, Barf elk. aad f et erdlag
??si ?lirr Mrs Laa Bcttt. Barrels.
A featara af the coat ere ass will be
rhe talks of Miss Mabie Head, wba
will speak three Umes to-daya*caaduct
lng a mission stsdy class la the room?
ing, a oenforeaes aa methsds is the
afteraeeew as"
Alles, I*
a> am i mil 1 1 ta ?
teedav afterne
IT :>??s sT lees
Will Meet in Bluefield?Rich?
mond Members Leave on
Special Car.
The annual convention of the Bap?
tist Woman's Missionary Union, aux?
iliary to the Bap list General Asso?
ciation, will meet In Blueheld to?
morrow morning for a four-days' ses?
sion. A most attractive and helpiul
program has been arranged by the
committees for the meetings, and In
addition there will be interesting re?
ports by the officers of the year's
work. The keynote of the ssrles ot
meetings at the convention will he
"Unity." i
Many delegatea wUl leave Rich?
mond this morning oa a special car
attached te the ?:!? Norfolk *ud
Western train, among them being
lira. J. W. Wills, president of the
union; Mra Julian P. Thomas, secre?
tary; Miss Alta Post sr. Mia W. G.
James. Mrs. William Kllyson. Mra
Charles Mimma, Mra J. R. Tucker,
Miss Elisabeth Willing ham. Miss Pau?
line Powers, Mra Fox. of Ashland,
the superintendent ef the work for
Dover association, and also a delega?
tion from Frederlckeburg. The Rich?
mond contingent will be Joined along'
the routs by delegates from Norfolk.
Suffolk. Petersburg, Danville. Lynch
burg. Reanoke ajnd other parte ot
University Professors to Give
Course st High 8cbool
Lsetnree by profeaeors la the taoalty
of the University af Virginia wtU be
delivered la connection vita the pub?
lic school system af Rlobmond during
tbla winter, according to a statement
issued yeatarday by Superintendent J.
A. C. Chandler, af the Rlobmond
schools. The first of the lectures un?
der the university extension leeture
program will take place at the John
Marshall High School auditorium on
November ta, and wlU he apea ta
the teachers, pupils and patrons of the
schools and to the public generally.
Tho first lecture will be by Professor
W. M Forrest, of the chair of biblical
history and literature, who will speak
on the "Literary Influence of the Eng?
lish Bible." Ons lecture la to be de?
livered each month, though all the
dates have net yet been determined
Adjunct Professor W. M. Hundley, at
the department of political science,
will be the second speaker. His ad
dress on "Education for Cittseashlp,"
will be delivered on the night of De?
cember t. Ths third leeture, on Jan?
uary 10. will be by Professor R. H.
Dabney, of the chair of history. Lec?
ture* are to be arranged by Profes?
sor Thomas Fltshugh, of the chair of
Latin, and Professor W. H. Heck, of
ths chair ef education.
News of South Richmondj
Small Vote la Polled. Walla Oar
4*aJet With Police.
Yesterday** election was the quietest
the Southside hss experienced In sev?
eral years. The vote was unusually1
?mall, felling nearly 200 helve the;
average maintained since annexation
In all 646 votes were cast, of which
Wood row Wilson received 410. Teddy
was second wich fifty-four, while the
balance. nftr-six In all. was scattered
between the three rented nine candl
dates j
In accordance with law, the saloons
were closed the entire day Very few
persons were around the polls, and no
drunks were seen on the streets Not
an arrest traceable to the election was
The returns were received at the
?Iks' Horns by leased wire Many
?Tuest* were present to enjoy the bos-'
yltallty of the members A fine lunch?
eon was spread In ths basement, and
an enjoyable evening- was spent by all
The returns were read to a large crowd.
from the porch of the home
ta Bs'
Negroes Charged With Felony
Triad la Higher Cosrt
Two men. both colored, were yester?
day sent on to the Hustings Court. Part I
II.. by Justice H. A. Maurice, of Police'
Court, Part II. Oa* 1* charged with
breaking and entering In the night
time, and the other with felonious
shooting. I
Edward Pegram, charged with break- ]
Ing Into ths saloon of Moore ft Burke,,
2113 Hull Street, and wich stealing Sj
quantity of bottled liquors, wsa the
first tried. He was represented by
Attorney J. C Monnally. Charles T.
Page. Commonwealth's attorney, rep?
resented the prosecution. Two wit?
nesses absolutely Identified Pegram as
the guilty party.
James Pryor. accused of dangerously
wounding Charles White, a negro. In a j
poolroom brawl ten day* ago, was also
sent on for trial.
Seat Back ta Penitentiary.
After being held In Jail for twenty
days to enable the police to locate the
owner of esverel pairs of shoes which
were found In fad* possession, Jackson
Brown, a young negro, was placed oa
A Belmont "Notch"
collar in white striped
Madras. If s an
Bc.1 for Be. Onset. Peehody A Co.
$8.00 24ft Tea Set
? ABB) ??JOB? OO,
Past 4 Oil U.
trial yesterday morals*. Ths ownet |
of the shoes could not he found, and
the caas against Brown waa dropped.
He was. however, seat, back te ft* pen
ltentlary to finish his term, from whioh
he was paroled) several months ago.
Aliased Ixssatle Arteeted.
Robert M. Jackson, a peddler, waa
taken into custody yesterday after?
noon on a warrant iasued en complaint
or Or. M. P. eRucker. district health
officer. A commission of lunacy will
be appointed to examine into the men?
tal condition ef the man this morn?
Isaac Elliott, colored, waa arrested
yesterday morning by Officer Sharp,
on a charge of blocking a street car
on the Free Bridge. I
G* easel Sewn
The suit of J. W. Clary dt Co. against
A. J. Bradley, whioh was Set for trial
in Hustings Court. Part IL. this morn?
ing haa bee*n continued until Friday.
An electric light pole at the corner
of Holly and Hull Streets fell last
night about 1 o'cock. Lights through?
out the Soutbalde were put out ot
commission for a short time.
State taxes are now due. They are
payable at the office ot J. W. Brenougb.
Jr, Deputy City Treasurer.
Te Ooadwcl Sportal Siiloim
Rev. W. Russell Bowie, rector of St.
Paul's Church, will conduct a aerlea ot
meetings at the Meade Memorial Epis?
copal Church, beginning to-night and
ending Friday night The meetings
will start promptly at 8:1? o clock.
Ia PeUce Cesar*.
Might colored men. caught ia a raid
on a gambling Joint yesterday, paid
IS each Into the coffers af the city,
via the Police Court. Part IL
Walter Haiaes and O. 8. Abbott,
white men. charged with fighting oa
the streets, were each assessed 12.50
and costs by Justice Maurice.
Held fee DaavtUe
As a suspicious character, suspected
I of larceny. William H. Hudglns. ot
Danville, was arrested yesterday raorn
ing by Officers Baughan and Sharp.
The man is thought to be the party
who, under the name of Turner, ta
wanted in Danville for the theft of
a large sum of money.
Hudglns, when searched, bad 1200
on his person- He admits baling fram
Danville, but denies knowledge of the ,
orlme. He is being held In the City I
Jail pending the arrival of officers from '
Danville, j
WaddUl Mas*
A eulet but pretty home marriage [
was celebrated yesterday morning at
11 o'clock, when Miss Effie Leonora!
Moore, daughter of Mrs. Sal lie Moore. j
of 110 West Twelfth Street, became |
the wife ef Garland Carrlngton Wad
din. Ree. F. Ernest Warren, rector I
af the Meads Memorial Episcopal!
Church, was the officiating clergyman, j
The bride waa attired la a hand?
some traveling salt Immediately fol?
lowing the ceremony the young couple
left as a northern tour. They will
make their home In South Richmond. j
Cards' acnoun^'ng the approaching
marriage of Miss Hat tie Friend Lyse,
of Cheater, ta William J. Bailey, of
South Richmond, are eat. The cere?
mony will be performed at the home ef
the bride during the month.
Jaba Sampson, of Norfolk, ia visiting ;
his parents.
Mrs, E. B> Adams, wbe haa been
visiting relatives la Holyoke, Mas
has returned home
Mars than 000 aereeae again attend?
ed the lectures and classes which are
?eins glTsa at the sixth annual train
>ag school for Sunday school workers
%ad members of the Baptist Teuag
reople'e Union, la the Oreo* street
Baptist Chareh this week. The prlaet
?*l feature ef the day waa the address
>f Dr. W. J. McOlothila, ef the Seeth
,rn Baptist Seminary, ta Le-Meellia.
Dr. McOlothila Is gtvlng a series e?
ire loot ares ea the Beek of Oeeeeaa.
end hla topic last night a* 0:S0 e-elees
?ras -The Origin ef?a>
?* will talk as "The Patriarchtai
TrTl-acheea teen algbt at 0 a s
eras ander the direction at tt*? "
ef the BapUet aksraSr- -
SjsS Tenable Street.
Rest Bad. Fail saiaet
Memorial Ckarekes I?
preparing and ?erring
TMS afteraoea the seestea wOl So
gin at 4 e'deeh wMh^*^s?ai!sajej^saw.
gkInner At 4:9* aretask ssow^ Joss-ph
Watt arm talk as
Whleh Tesees la Ob?
WtjfVM mm
At 9 era
L. P. Laavell, af
We'll be glad to
play any of these
Victor Records
Mark by
The World Famous Soprano,
who will appear Monday evening'
November 11th. at the
Semirmmide?Bel raggio lusinghier (Bright
Gleam of Hope). Roesini.
Sonnambula?Ah non giunge (Recall Not
One Earthly Sorrow). Belliat.
TreviaU?Ahl fors' e lui (He My Heart
Foretold). Giuseppe Verdi.
Veepri Sicilian!?Bolero, Merce dQette
amiche (Dear Friends). Verdi
Voce di primavcra?Vaise (Voice of
Spring). Johann Strauss.
Other Records in to-morrow's
ad. Come every day and hear the
new ones.
Sa.jsj esst? Plaaa Oa.
Mad. 2586. 213 ? Broad
She Burns the Berlin in St Louis,
Costing Three
St. Loci*. November ?. ?Barbara (Bears
Arasid. aa etgbteea-yeer-eld bum girt was
kfi??t?d la-day ana charged with ravins
sst bra last Friday eight te tbe Derha
Hotel, lb which three persons lest thug?
Uvea Her arrest followed tbe discover/ at
a Urs In ths WlD4emcre Hotel early to-day
U-ir employer. K?v. W. J. Wll.lameon. bal
mo.ca blf family and the sir. to tbe '>Vlai?~
mir? after tbe Berlin Hots! was destroyed
Tbc girl said, a< cording to the police, mat
? In Bred tbs Berlin llotei oy scattering
paper through tbe ba.:s ef *he eecoad and
tblid Soors and igniting tins.. The Assure
in tbe Wlndemer* Hotel wsre extinguished
by Bra Williamson.
A. BL -Natt Served In War With Passe?*
Caaasry I seder
It developed yesterday that tbe Rldft
mood man wbo died in Washington en last
Sunday was A. H. Nott instead of A. H.
Kr.oft, as ft rat reported. Bt. Nott wss a
fotnaer Richmond merchant, havias beaa
engaged In tbe whoiesale grocery bastaees
with Charles P. Stokea
Ha later withdrew from business far bim?
se:: and became a traveiinc saleamaa, repre?
senting siass sad crocktry concern* Is* VIr?
an r.ia aad asarby Stales.
Mr. Nett was a student In Virginia Mili?
tary Instils la at tbe outbreak of tbs War
Between tba State*, but be soon enlisted is
aiusugr's oavalry command, arc) served
throughout tbe war wltb that teaser.
Mr. Neu'a wife, wbo <UsS riebt rears age
in a local hospital. ?ae a daug.ltrr of Cole
ocel Alfred Chapmen, of Alexandria Col?
onel Chapsnan was a nephew sad adoptee}
sen or Pre aidant James Madison, aad was
btousht up In Lbs household of his testet
Mr. Nett has a brother. A. J. Nott. who
lives la Baltimore. Be bad two brothers
in-law In Washington, aad a alatar living
In Richmond, Men. Edward Archer. Ths
Misses Nott. o.' SM Bast Mala Street. Were
also related to him.
CKr Bail Piartlially CieeeS.
Although all of tbe eourte were la eesslea
yesterday at tbe City Hail there was little
business transacted, the day being a holiday
l.-t t.ie various departments of the :ity sad
?ta*a government. The Hustings Court
grand Jury sat behind closed doors for a
time lata yesterday afternoon.
ef the Sheltering Arsss Boogttal
Cordially Invites you to ? Bridge
Luncheon at the tonntry Club,
Friday, Sevesaher Sj at 1 e'etee*.
Tickets. $1.3?.
West Franklin.
OU Dosmm Fiter Ca
Floors Laid, Scraped Bad FlaMssd.
Specialists on refinisbing old floors.
O. W. ALEXANDER, Msnslsr.
tit West Main Street,
Richmond. Vs. ' _
cntamfwr suomtttzp ^

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