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Faculty and Students One in De?
ploring Defacement of
U. C M. Building.
^iS'evv College Leaves Punishment
of Red i'aint Vmttt
to ML C. V.
Incensed by the odium wh:h has
feeen ivin-i t- ?> upon tu.- mstiuuktn as a
%bo?< t-:- ; va.. .,i.:s.in...itt> d
TbJi s-:.. i.ignt .-a tae i iiiiii?.l) ?.'."?
??ege. o. Ai?dicines beauuiui new build*
?Jri*. Vi bt.Ii 1.0 painl was smear. U od
9ptV entrance to the main uuilaing uf
%nc I'm. t> College ?i iVieuicine, lh?i
': faculty ai.?s mu.tents . : t:.e -indica!
Coilte'e ol Vllfe.i.la UMt< ?1 yesterday
In the lictel'.'li.oil le UlSCOt'Or til*
perpetrators : ; ? <? de.d. it tney o. -
iouti to liieii itu.iKi-. and visit suiu
gsary uiii.isiiuient upon in em. If stueWau
?t tue ul? coi.ege Mere guilty 01 be
Shpatlering the stone portal of the
VftlMiMt; C.iegc ?'1 -u< uu in.- with
reo pa.til, in- .-.-iu.-iit n-.-i;. i.iid tue
fae ..*? w:il vin.i.i at- th. honor of tue
Medical L\ulege of Virginia by disprov.
int; a.l responsibility tor ti.e act and
puuisbiri* tlie offenders.
L?r. Christopher ionii>kins, dean of
the faculty oi the Medicai College of
Virginia. s.:i-J .ast mgnt that n-.' would
call a ii.? > -ting of toe faculty at on es
to lay the inalter bet?r? the o.'tio.-rs
of the old s.hool. Dr. Tumpkins re?
fused to give an expression .f opinion
one way or tfe other, bat said that
the faculty wouid de..l with tt:? situa?
tion uniit sitatmgly From tin- ? \pi-rs
gions o! opinion among students 01 tue
?id ecliege. it is evident that they
feel that the honor of their college
ahts been Igned and are d--l*:nirie i
that th.- m.ii.clous act of proba.uy two
4>r three men shall not be laid at the
door of tr.e who.e college.
Keeling Kuua High.
With both Dr. t-tuart atcGu're, th.
faresident. and the Rev. Wythc 1>. An?
derson, proctor, out of the city, it was
difficult to obtain an official statement
cf the. course of action to be taken by
Ca.- faculty of the University Coiieg?j
of Medicine. it is the general opm
? tea, however, that the) faculty will
meet, consider the matter an-- present
It formally to the faculty of the old j
beilege for action, believing that the!
? Medical Colieg* of Virginia will leave
no stotie unturned to bring the offend?
ers to justice. While feeding ran high
among the students of the new college
yesterday, ccul judgement prevmUeo,
and it was dveteed that the punish-;
ment of the p.-rpetraters of the deeil
be left in the nands of the faculty and
Students of the old school.
Thursday afternoon the football !
teams of tha. two medical colleges j
Clashed in their annual battle, at;, the
Old college triumphed, lifter a bitter?
ly contested tight Yesterday morning,
hen the students trooped Into lee?
res at the rew colleee. the score of
e game, painted In flaunting red let- i
s, glared from the white stone en- '
mce way of the building. The stone
lumns were bespattered with red
.Int. the steps coveted with the score,
id insulting sentences, atid even the
Oedwork and gluss of tue doors bore1
**arks of the paint brush.
An indignation meeting was hel<i.
ind the hotter heads were for descrrd
ing straightway upon the old college
lad ?.offering Ii?ttlo- to wipe out the
affront, but it was so^n shown to
?very or.es satisfaction tnat the aet
fould only have been committed by
iwo or tl ree students cf a maliciously
randa! turn of mind. So the matter
was eferred to the faculty for action.
LTp to 'ast. niiht the tiaint had not
seen removed, except from the wood?
work and giass of the doors Tbe
?rospects of discovering the offenders
appears slight, un.es? the students of
ihe old college do detective work.
I>r. Price Kiplainn.
-Aeeo.-iir.s to Dr. I.r.wnnce T Price, a
m*mbe- ? ?>?? W:'ry f-e Medical ?-.,'
age of Virgin:* th< painilng of ih.- r."W
?liege if. tra-pr-'. an lnrider.t which .'o:
Benjamin Franklin ?oir!?"A per.r.v s.ned is two pence
earned"?and yet time people continue to pay 25 to 45
cent* for orhers,--uh? n 20 rents per pound will buv
that car. be made at any cost.
Sold by all good Grocers. Insist on having It.
PRESENTED frgE? T^tL yov^vyy.
1 1 *^Sa??,
"Sx coupons g,coriSLam\t imatisrnug Assj^tj
CsiestnW iic-? e-h r-.n.wttS fW? viersef c?ri?r-:t;-?,?"<? p-otnt ?
SV?? at tfcii effica w r? it-., -t--^.- ?null l?ww ?>t ar-*r?.*e ear? it-r"^ ?I
of Diet ~bwt wVct-4 '?-V rl.te?. -i-:.. . ??? ??! i'? <?? t of ' -y. r-.preaa *
fjsas. AW factory. rl?Vit. ci?> . - ?- I c'.???.- sc-rcew-y l-X?-.->fc>?fc.n??? *
ead wxi.ii? imt<i ?.ic ? at toes*SWa* fcaol-i:
>???<^a^.. .. ..??-..-_.: ??'iiagtSfrfr-fr- ?-* ?????>
H Ac $4.00 ? Jjt ) *
Th;? Dicilor.-rr it ..OT pv.?.;. ! - l ?.y ; , mjv?
_Saber* f.f \'. ? er'? I n?r? of try ?wre?sor?.i
.VARY It i? the OVU t the ? ?rV.
?rveS t i e*J rit?ea front leading a : h bnn?e in 4
|,a?# PJaiaoi 1 '-'''*? and Z
??was? BJasasns tides, j-r.-ited on Bi ?e T>v er. a; 'i * s ! rr.rrs ?
tnmr.dei; beavvi'u!. " ? ** '' -a'> i ? . th't'"
are roap* an<! ?
color p!a:". mirerf r ' ? ' f -*?**??!
edwkra! efcart* and the latnct l States Cen?n? < - tlJ^T";
St tfci* Snkl SIX Cosiwy.itt Dict.oasrm. Ceanort ana tSe i?OC
t* r t>* 8SS3? Ts? M f.fl
ir? f. * ?? * ***ww
m tho St>W of
i .'?sjs???S.tcJ>
?Rsr ksj
i nit ttarsajis
111- arr?t? a)
^si, 81c '?ls^^-?a 48c i
Aaa tana kp ssssL Sis I
IWe go to any length to suit boys in , ^ T
Long ones are Fashion's favorites this season,
but we carry every style and size that a boy pre
I fers. Some, of course, belted like those for men.
Some have fancy collars?all have the same i
careful workmanship.
Reefers in chinchilla, $6.50 to $12.
Long Double-Breasted Coats, in rough chev?
iots, at $5 to $15.
Knee length?the boys' special, with convert?
ible collar, $7 to $15.
?Something distinctive, $7.50 to $28.
Middy Suits for Girls, in best serge, richly
trimmed, $10.
Reefers for girls, $3.50 to $10.
Raincoats for boys, girls men and women?
the sort it pays to buy.
lowed the V. P I.-Medica! College football
gam.. ? Ml. h w?s won by the Midi.-es. Af:.-r
the rtme In BacksLurg. according ti? Dr.
Price, some cxulti'is* student or student*
aaJaled sreen lett.-rs the ?cor? of the eoa
fl'ci on the aide of the building now used
..- the dertia. ulspensa'-y of th*? Medical -
kge of Virginia. A night or two later soma
onc?believed by the .student* of the u;d
college to have been a student of the Dew
college?painted out the score of M. C. V .
B-V P. I 0. and substituted In red paint.
V. P 1 . 5-M C V.. 0.
In retaliation for thle act on the part of
student! of the University College of lfedl
clre. said Dr. Price, two or three students
o: the old college proceeded to decora'.' the
front of th* r.? w college with the score of
Thursday '.? game in the Celebration which
followed th? victory.
It appear* now that the removal of the
Uiangurlag1 paint will entail a heavy cost,
the red liquid having sunk Into the pore*
of the concrete ..!? ars and refusing to re?
spond to the action of turpentine, alcohol
? tili acids appli. d vestei'dav.
RAISED TO $5.000
Meherrln. Va . November 1Z?O. O. Barnes.
charged with, the murder of K. Newconio.
who di.d at th. Mem. rial BosattaJ in Rich?
mond a few days ago. was rearrete.ed by the
?tierifT of this county to day and taken t.
ten Ball "ammissloaer V?. B. Perry, and
was again r< >asc,j after his present bond of
?:. o?i was aised ?o ii.ooo.
T: is ea<v will be ra!"?d at ths Jar, j?ry
term o: court, and It Is expected that he
be Indicted and tried during that ses?
v string arrav o' course; has be<n em
!? aved t"> defend as well us prosecute the
chars* j
Chicago, XoTfrnber 15? Mrs Margaret I*.
Kirby, wife of the president of the detunct
Kirby Savings Bank, to-day in the United
siates Judg? I.andls s court related an in?
volved story Of banking and gambling,
which reached a point ol dramatic iaLea
si ty late thie afternoon when two SUSpactSd
swindlers were brought before Mrs. Kirby
anu the court for tdeatlncattoa.
Mrs. Kirby could not Ideality the two men
whom she hud charged frith swindling her
Basil or hugiand 01 HMM through a fake
?raVi - tapping scheme. Kirby and his
nephew, Pgnfel Kiroy, also failed to Ucii
Uf} the men. Kvery sentence of the wo?
man's confession to-day also implicated her
?IISSSiiil In the failure of his private savings
bank. She toid of how she trustingly made
bunk ?:>?>*!:? under tlctitious names under
her huskund'a ordsra In simple narrative
style toid of wild night rides in taxi
cabs when she carried frum llo.OW to $a>.0?0
in a small black handbag, hurrying to Kir?
by that h,- might have more funds with
which to engage In the alleged wire-tapping
Mrs. Kirby averred to-day that she was
almost penniless, and had even gound over
her Jewelry to her mather In order to ob?
tain money with which to employ counsel.
The case will be continued to-morrow.
-a- J
Anspielen? Character.
Pas ate Carter, colored, nineteen years old,
was, arrested yesterday by Detectives Bailey,
hi. iton and Gentry and held el the First Po?
lice Station as a auspicious ( harter, suspect
: d of naving committed :?reeny. 1
_ ? I
Married In Waehlngt in.
A marriage license was laiaed In tVashtrg
ton ytsterday to Arthur W Hamn-r nn.1
M.ss Grace ?. Hawks, of WT West Marshal!
Baraca Class Rntertained.
The Baraca Class of High.and Park was
entertained last night by Mrs. Ffcnnle
Pleno. The evening was spent in the
ainu-ementa customary for such occasions.
A supper was ?erved at 10:3t> o'clock. Sev?
ers: readings marked th? program.
Prominent Virginia Lawyer Dies
Entrance to l'nlvemlty College of Medletae, bed.-bed with red palot hy Taadala. ^
Further Hearing on School Board
Contract Next-Monday
The matter of purchasing pianos for
the use of the public schools, over
whicjh there was some wrangle at ths
last meeting of the committees on
buildings and furniture of the City
^ School Board. h;is not been settled. The
committee will meet Monday night,
when Lee Fergusson. of the Lee Fergus
son I'iano Cainpany, and others who
have not heretofore* been heard befor.
the school authorities will attend.
There is some controversy as to
which is in actual effect the lowest bid.
and from the terms of the various bids
It would appear that? this Is devtenrit-nt
on how many pianos axe to be pur?
chased. It is claimed by some that tho
lowest uill submitted to the School
Board was that of Stultz & Co.. for
pianos at $14S.7S, offered by the Fer
gusson brothers Company?not the
Loo Fergusson Piano Company. This
price was quoted for each piano, re
gardllQa of number.
Tho Caule Company, of Chicago, re?
fused t(. cut the price on Its Welling?
ton piano, which was accepted by the
board, to less than JU.V). but for adver?
tising purposes the Cable Company of?
fered to give the School Board one
piano with each one purchased. OMef
this offer it would be Impossible, for
the board to secure three pianos for
$375. as the bid waa approved1 by the
school Board at $-30 per instrument,
accepting the offer of an additional
piano for eai h on* purchased.
The piano contract under which the
City School Hoard has been operating
unt.I new bids were received a few
weeks ago was a contract made in ltd!
with the Cable Company, tbrougii J. G.
Coriey. local repres- ntative. Mr. Corley
not having been at that time a mem?
ber of the city School Bo.ird. The eM
contract was for $3.J for or.o instru?
ment, with the understanding that the
Cable Company, for advertising pur
;>ose.\ nouid give otic additional piano
with every one purchased.
1 Caster th.- new bids It Is now claimed
that the Calile Company is the lowest
bidder, provided the School Board <1e
sires to purchase two or four pianos,
bet If the board should determine to
purchase an odd number of pianos,
there are lower propositions pending.
Objection was made at the last sitting
o? the committee to having the city of
Richmond made a recipient of charity
or the pianos in its schools used for
advertising purposes.
It is expected that the piano deal?
ers will be out in full force on Mor.dayt
night, when the matter is again N
be gone Into. |
sue* iapjsaamaj Ceaseway.
S -It was brousht yesterday In the Law and
Foully Court by E. D. Sampson asalnst the
ti< i.era.. Accident. Fire and lelfe Assurance
Corporation tor damagea laid at tiOVA No
d-'.arat.on has be. n filed. The p air.: iff Is
represented by Mc?;uire. Rlely A Bryan
Itamare smtt Filed.
1 t*nit w-js br?_.*,..t f -st-fday :n the law arc!
' Equity Court by J.?! n H lelnkous asalnet
? the Virginia itntJi-e and Iron Company for
l dar.av? laid at fis.is*. Jto Ji'iinitlo., has
been ileid. The p.alntlft* is represented by
fcrrmett s. at. n
Reperted ?'heft ef eg.
Mr*. .1 T W Cirtis. of IS Vorth Twenty
tnintt. atieet. reeterdap rf.irt.a to the po
. 'ha- she ban been robbed ef Pt in sas>
-et. Mrs Curt:*, aoe.irdli.a to the report.
I r*rpte?i that in. money ha.1 he. a taken
I fcy a Jomewi'-. re.-~nt;? employed and who
I saddeniy disappeared.
Though a Young Man, Had At?
tained High Honors in Political
and Professional Life.
tSp?-<-iai f> The Times-Dispatch,]
.Suffolk, VtV, November 15.?Hon.
Robert Walter V\ tthera, Common
srealta'e. attorney of the city or Suf?
folk, died to-n'ght at his home on
Ali-i.-i Street at b o'clock. In the thirty
aevent'i >ear of his age. He had been
.1. f ? ul. :.caith for more than a year.
Much of his for the past many
months hau been spent in Cats whs.
Ashevllle, N. C. and Silver C'ty. New
He i-s survived by his wife, who was
M^bs Louise Mc Ada ms. of Richmond,
? i.tuyhter or Mis James B. McAdarns,
? >f UuhmonJ. nVce of John I*.
Blanch, of that city; one child, a
da ijjhter, his mother, Mrs. M. T. With?
ers, twa brothers. ML R. Withers and
J. T. Withers; tnrte sifcters. Mrs. Ar?
thur W oolforu. Mrs. Herbert Darden.
of Atlanta, Ha.., and M'ss Nan Wiihera
Mr. Withers was a son of the late
A. C. Withers and a nephew of United
State., Senator R. E. Withers. Mr
Withers, though a young man. had
; attained h'gh honor* >n the profes
i sional and political world. He was
elected to the Virginia House of Dele?
gates as representative from Nanse
mond County 'n 1903, and rerved in
[ that body with distinction for six
, years. During that time he was wide
; ly known fdr his eloquence and ac
? tlvfty in public mattere. He was Jo'nt
: patron of the Wlthers-Lassiter good
roads bill. He served as Democratic
1 elector In ltOt, and was one of Vir?
ginia's most popular commissioners at
'he .tarrestown Exposition in 1S17 He
j was a law graduate of Washington
i.-iml Lee University, having won h:?h
: est honors 'n his clasa He was an
?esjoeed anl brilliant member of the
Snffeth bar, and his loss win be felt
IhlSjniliiiiit the State.
The fnmStal services Will be con
idacted from St. Paul's P. E. Church,
i Suffolk, on S-.m<!*y afternoon at 3 30
I o'clock, md interment will be in Cedar
I Hill Cemetery.
Charter* 11 SJSS,
?' ??oi 'tone rcmpanj Unc.t. Danville.
T.' CanfMl Ma*;m-itn. *"AS?. mininum.
}????'?? A J Prrklnson. president. <l. O.
Ten.- e. \; r''*:?le-t. A. F Pattaa serr?
You Know
What You I
\ Are Missing
Listen: The music of the
world's treatest masters Is
yours?YOU can play any of
the great vorks?you, yourself,
whether pu have ever sat at
a piano keyboard before or not.
So wonoerful It's hard for
you to beJive.
A demonstration every day.
CaMe Plea. Oe.
Mad. 2586. 213 E Broad.
laty and treasurer?*i; tt Danville. V?
Amendment to charter of Bay Shore Hotel
i.'on.p.iu;. Hampton. Va.. tncr. an ins Its capi?
ta, from $!(? wo to I16.0W.
Now 11Uli ?aal Kstato Mark.
The r?ai estate firm of A id & H.tgby
ant:ouneed ye.nrduy a new nigh record for
Main street property, the lot and building st
Ml Kaat Main Street, bow occupied by tbe
?tore of TSiTisr a- Uruwn, having; bean aoId tiy
Chariea Ml.lbiaer to Kapnaei la*vy for $1?,
o3u. The lot ha* a frontag? o' twenty-nine
fee: and a depth of 1U feel, to an SJkty The
price therefore ? Bt,i;; per foot, a near mar*
tor Klchmoiid real estate
Mrs. Mary tt. Ada ate.
Mrs. Mary Bethel a jams, forty-eight
years olii, died eariy yesterday morn?
ing at her home. 1711 Beverly Street
Besides her husbfmd. she leaves ont>
child. Joseph Adams, and one s'ster,
alias Annie Bethel. The. futwal will
take place to-morrow afternoon at 2
o clock Creaa th? Sacred Heart Ca?
Mrs. D. W. Farmer.
Mrs. Kila l>e Farmer. w lie of David
W. Farmer, died yesterday afternoon
at her home. 417 South Pine Street.
Besides her husband, sue leaves tier
mother, two brothers, one stater and
five it.lid re ii
loss in the death of MK. T. WIL?
LIAM I'EMBERTON, our codlrector.
the board o; d'recfors of Hollywood
Cemetery Company wish to put oti
record the expression of our high
appreciation of his worth, and his
interest in and devotion to the work
of this company.
Therefore toe it resolved. First.
That we bow in bumble submission
to the will of Him who doeth all
things well, and la too w;se to err.
Second. That In the death of Mr.
Pemberton a loss ha? been sustained
by this directory and company.
Third. Tnat we wish to bear tes?
timony to his faithfulness and his
tonslstent walk and conversation.
Fourth. As a man ani citizen no
one stood higher in the estimation
of thjs community as a cultivated,
schclariy. CnrietUn gentl-man. we
shall mise h.m In our business as?
sociations and as a friend.
Fifth. We desire to extend to h'a
sorrowing family expression if our
sincere and heartfelt s> mpathy tu
their great bereavement.
Sixth. That a page In our records
be set aside to tbe memory of Mr.
I'emberton. our Issta director, and
this tribute be recorded therein.
Seventh. That the president and
secretary are directed to present a
copy of the action of this board Of
directors to the family of Mr Pem?
berton, and to have it published In
our city papers.
Gl'NDLACii.?r?ie.l. at her home. J?t>4
Wiiliamaourg Avenue. MKS. BERTH A
GCNDLACH. wife of W. R (iundlach
ag?d sixty-two years. She leaves
a husband and four sons?Lewis R.
Otto W. Albert F.. Herman P.: one
grandson. Herman C.: one brother
Rudolph Herrlch. of Peterson. N. J.
2:30 from St, John's German*Luth?
eran Church, corner Eighth and
Marshall Streets. Interment in Oak
ADAMS.?Died, at her residence. No.
1712 Beverly Street, at a A. M . MRS
forty-ninth year of her age. Leaves,
besides her husband, one child.
Joseph, and one sister. Annie Bethel.
Funeral from Sacred Heart Ca?
thedral it 3 P. 11 SL'NDAT. Friends
and acquaintance* invited to attend.
ROELKER.- - Died, at her residence.
l.'.OS Hanover Avenue. Richmond.
KOF.LKER. widow >t Resr-Admlral
Charles R. Roelkor Interment at
Arlington National Cemetery.
FARMER.?D'ed, at her home. 417
South Pine Street, at 1:40 P. M. Fri?
day. November IS. ELLA LEE. wife
of Davli. W. Farmer Besides her
husband, she is survived by her
mother, two brothers and one sister
and f've children
Fur.ersI pottle later.
changed on call.
T ? " "
p?^S| Breakfast Cocoa
For all those whose occupations require dear
heads and steady nerves, as well as those in poor
health or of delicate digestive powers, it is the ideal
beverage. Prepared with milk or cream and sweet?
ened to the taste, it is delicious, whdesome, abso?
lutely pure, and of high food value.
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