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Only One More Witness to Be
Examined on Behjlf of
Few New Facts Bnught Out
During Trial of Sidna
?tt Allen
Wythevllle. V?,. November 15 ?
After tho examination of one a-itness
to-morrow the State ?Xpert? to rest in
the trial of Ktdns Alles for the mur?
der of Ju?'e'f> Thornton I?. Maasle. A
large number of witti-adt-K were ex?
amined to-day. all but one of whom
had testified at previous triads grow?
ing out of the Hlllsvllle tragedy, and
their evlderi'e was a repetition of
what they related when on the stand
Just before adjour:;ment last even?
ing Judge I?. W. Bolen was recalled
for examination to show the position
of Sheriff Webb with reference to the
position of the other aflsaeee of the
court. Sheriff We: b wan shot in the
back, and the defence will contend that
many of the, wc.un'ls accredited to the
Aliens were !nil!>t><l by the wild shoot.
Ing of the court ofrl< ers. and that the
bullet extracted from the excelsior
padding of .Judge Massle'H chair and
which entered from the ieft side bears
mute testimony to this fact, as th?
officers occupied position to the left
of the Judge.
ICH A i'uckett. a member of the
? arroll Jury and examined !n those
cases for the first time, coroborated
Krank Fowler and H. K Lindsay as
IS the shots flred at Judge Masaie
after he was down, to the extent that
at he was lying on the floor with his
head near the Judges stand where he
had thrown himself when the firing
began, some <in? came up near the
stepe and fired several shots, the empty
shells falling In his face. He d'.d not
recognise Sldna Alien, nor did he see
anyone shoot, or any weapon except
?he one lying by Sheriff Webb after
he was down.
Rigid CTess-Exasseaatioa.
W c. Queent-erry, deputy cletk. tes?
tified in the main as a; the former
trial He was In the habit of going.
:nto the court room, and was in that
room the afternoon before the tragedy. |
and noticed the Aliens, except Claud*. !
and on this morning he went in and j
attain saw them occupying 'he same
positions as the evening before, and
''laude was then present at the side of
Sldna. He went fu.ly into detail as
to how things occurred, and an to hisj
:>art in the happenings This witness j
wa? subjected to one of the most
t.ttiij cross-examinations o? the trial,'
und without Important change frum,
former evidence.
W. F. Nester, another member Of
the Carroll jury stated he saw Claade
.Allen have a whispered conversation
with his father, and then return t< :
his former position In the northeast '
corner of the room, and saw F!o>d.
draw his postol and shoot several
t:rr,es In the direction of W. M. Foster,
f'ommonwealth's attorney. Immediate?
ly after shc^s from the northeast cor
!i* r "This was the only man." he]
said. "I saw shoot"
F. A- Seag.e. the undertaker who
The president says, eat Turkey
and be thankful on Novembei
Great country, this!
Plenty to eat and plenty to b*
thankful for!
Eat your neighbor's turkey, H
irou have a chance?if you're1
not expected," or his coop If
locked, eat your own.
Be thankful in any event.
Thankful for blessing you hav<
received and for calamities you've
Thankful that you've such i
satisfactory Clothing House a1
this, that -tands ready U> supprj
? our wants in Clothes. Hats aiu
jaggery at surh reasonable prit <
Kirk-Parrish Co.,
627 E. Broad St. Near 7th
prepared Judge MasMe for burial, tes?
tified as to his wounds, describing
them In detail, his evidence being a
rtp_tltlon of that given In other trials.
It. J Wllkerson. cashier of the
bank, gave evidence of the action ?!
Floyd and Hidna AJlen after coming
from the courthouse. It was not ma?
terially different frpm former evidence
of himself or other witnesses.
8. W. Tompklr.s gave evidence as in
other trials, without anything par
titular to note us importance
sera Means i,, webs.
3. W. Marshall, treasurer of Carroll
County, save his version of what oc?
curred in the court house, which cor?
responds with h:s evidence given In
the former trials II? also saw the
pistol which was found near where
Sheriff Webb was lying. The witness
stated that he was shot at by Sldha
Allen after they had left the court- i
house, while >1 iss Aycrs and another!
woman were standing near him.
.lames B. Blankeiiehip. who kept the
livery ..table, was questioned a? to
what took ;oa<e there when the Aliens
came and demanded a horse after the
Shooting This witness did not vary
any fron; his former statements
J. F. Cockerman kept the restaurant
at which FYiel Allen and Wesley Ed?
wards took treakfast. He stated that
Allen left before he finished. A* to
Edwards he did not know.
J, G. Avers described the wound of
W M. Foster with accuracy, as did
S. D.' Gardner those of Sheriff Webb
The direction from which these shots
came was the object of Interest, as
We wish to inform the general public
that we have but ONE STORE in
Richmond, which is at
8?West Broad Street?8
Special Saturday Sale
Choice Pot Roast. . 10& 1 lc
Sirloin Steak.17c
Round Steak.15c
Shoulder Steak.1 lc
Pork Chops.18c
LEG OF LAMB . .15c
BEST BUTTERINE . . 20e""2&:
Richmond Savannah Jacksonville Tampa
' bearing? upon the of who fired'
thorn, baaed upon tho location of the
parties as previously stabil Shod.
Solomon Ay era next testified as to
; the wound of hie cousin, who died
I sbout twenty-four hours after she wee
Floyd Land ret h waa next examined
as to his efforts to procure the pistol
of Webb and Footer and h<s failure
to do ?o. LanJreth Is now Common?
wealth's attorney of Carroll.
If. II. l.n.as was examined as an
expert on tho character and calibre of
the bullets taken from Judge Massle's
leg and chair, and Mr. Turner as to
th.- dvlng moments of Judge Massif
ImriiiK the trial the prisoners wife
i-at with him. The courtroom was
falny well tilled with spectators, among
whom were several women
The Commonwealth rested Its case
> xeept one witness, to be obtained it;
the murnlng.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch ] I
Danville. Va.. November 13?V W. Jeffer?
son, the local agent of t!ie Standard Oil
(Jo late this evening was sa nddbagged and
robbed of ?112 In currency He auslalned a
slight wound on the top of the head, out
bad recovered sufflclsutly to-night to be
able to talk. He stated that he was carry?
ing the money SI a bag t.-orn his office to a
safe In a nearby but.ding, with * pljto. in
on> hand and the money bag In the other
Saddeall he waa struck from heblnd and
hhi rendered uncoi.sclou* Wnen he reco\ -
ere<t his sense*, fifteen minutes :ater. he dis?
covered that his money waa missing
Jefferson, who recently tendered his resig?
nation to the ccmpai.y. does not kno.v
whether he waa struck by a white or colored
man He was taken completely by surprise.
Grand Jory Takes I P Matter of Hetarns to
[fcpscla. to The Times-Dispatch J
Washington. Va, November li?The Cir?
cuit Court, with Judge E 8. Turner presid?
ing, has been busy since Monday with a
grand Jury Investigation of the assessor's
I'ooka Almost every prominent business
raer. and progressiv? farmer In the county
has been summoned to ascertain whether
they wer? giving the Commissioner of Rev?
enue the prop?r amount of property for as
msmeni In .many Instances people are
giving In additional money end bond* and
I other evidences of debt for taxation, and the
books wli! be sevfwStsd to that extent, and
Iln quite a few Instances Incomes are being
given In for a*ee.??m?-et. i
I Little Fal.s. N. T.. November IS?Mayor
Oecrge ft Latin, of Schenectady. is spend-;
Ir.K te-alght in the Herklmer Jai:. He re?
fused io pay the $60 fine Imposed on him to
daj lr. the local r?cord?.rs ocurt for vlo- :
lating a rl?y ordinance, and chos? to begin |
servir.g the alternate sentence of fifty days
la Jail pending the perfecting of an appeal.
The Mayor said lie noped his appeal wou.d
b* brought t.'-fore a higher court and acted
on tomorrow so that he could be In Sehe .
nectady Sunday to cori'duct hi* usual services
a: the Feop . . Congregational Chunoh there. !
-1- Ij
l>r. -mith Slightly Improved.
[Specisl to The Times-Di?patch. J
I.ynchburg. Va, November 14?Dr. W \V.
Smltn. who continue* critically ill at the
Rtndoiph-Macon Woman's College, passed
a good night last night, and was reported
'?> be somewhat improved late to-day. Dr.
Smith's condition, however, continues criti?
cal, and no hope is held out that his tem
;. .rar:, improvement can be permanent.
Cox Will I? detained.
[Special to The Timea-Dlspatch. J
Bristol, Va, November 14?In a special 1
rm of the Circuit Court si Blountville.
? Ivan County, to-day. presided over by'
.,'..?;?* Dana Harmon, the case involving the
of the late R E. Cox was decided. The
sriU, bequeathing BsSkCttoaUS the entire
-.- ate of $r.2?0 to Mrs Charles Ljcn. who
?? ? foster daughter, was sustained. Those,
contest fag were a sister snd nephews of th?:
?Jtator. j
Arnual SSSsSBSS at Portern ?uSb
'- r'o.k. Va . November 16 ?The Seaooard
Al ? Line Federation, composed of reprosen- 1
;atlve? of all the shop trades eaip'ovrd br ?
that system, began its annual session at :
i'crtsmouth to day Officers wl.; be e.ected j
to morrow, a new i?( scale demanded by 1
th* trades cells for as increase from JS ;?j
M cents an hour.
Judgment Entered.
Judgment was entered In the City rjreutt
'"curt yesierday in the case of R. 1. Peters
sgatsst ti. W Lambert for I479.S
Forecast: \ Irglala?Fair Saturday j
and ?nniis' ; little rkangf in tempera- '
fit re.
>nrtk a>d >oatfc i amliaa? I .ilr >at- I
n relay a Bat Saa4ay. j
?optM-lal Local Data for lesfcrday.
12 Svea temperature . 4$ ;
.. I' M. temperature. 4?
Maxim um temperature up to 1
P. -M. 48
Miii-:n>:m tetnpe rnture up to 8
I" M. ,3
Moss tetaperatssre . eg 1
Xormal temperature . 49:
Dencieaca is temp-rature . 3;
Excess In teeaperatnri stars March
1. ;?I
Accnsa oefsrtesjcy Is temperature ;
Bjaea January 1 . .... ."?:>?
l>encteSsCJ it. rainfall sin-e- Msrch J
1 .?.?;
st ?i fl'itm-y in rm11L.il suice
Jar nary 1. . . ? li?
l.?er?I imnrroilos S IV JfJ. trstrrdsv.
i'. m;.eraturr . 41
H tin. iel.1 y . ii
>i i a I Stre> tion.H W.
j \\ |o,l velocity . I?
j .. t at her .Clear
( ,IMIITIO\v |> IMI1I1ITIV1 fllli;'?.
, ? \t I 1 . ML llastr-n Staad r.: risse ?
j Place Ttrer. H. T. UT. Weather.
Ashevllle .i* I? .:z i>sr
{Atlanta .4? ?2 M Clear
r:tic Cit> . ?4 '% Cioti.ly J
KeMt?H . 4.' in ;^ Cl.>Bd)
I ..u . ?!?? .21 e-. 2: ?
ICalsjnrj ...... it J* 1? Oar ?
1 11 -?t'eji ... ?V?t J.S 4o e'lesr
? ? f?;.. . 4S 4; 24 t lenr 1
Urnvef . 4? ?2 3<t Clear
lo.jic.h .._ 2? 5? ;j Cet-ar
jveiti*.-'. 11 .... ?* ?-' ?ei clear
Ji*tt ? ? . 4? -N 4? i>jr
iachana*Ule .. ** ?: 4< OetST
il^e; ^ . . iJ <?? i'-esi
I/- ' .44 .14 e'ieg,
l.sswi ? ii-ry . ie ??? a?t n??r
1 \. ? ?. - 1 es . *e ?? .tear
|!C w t'-rk ... 4? te 4e '^I.stedy
No : ..? .1? 4* Is ly
lejdgLsh roa '9 J< 'tear
[ilttat.ti. ,(h . I? "1 C oaajy
La ck . ?: H ?l-'r
tft. Louis . 44 Jet -4 <"iear
?t lls'll .. . . 4? 4t :i <l..nde
Sag >i?nc!?wo ?e *2 ed ''lesr
I "et -. nr.:-h . . SS 3W 44 C'. sr
: .- ?' me ._ ?I 4? =t d, . ;r
T?mr- i? ?? .-.4 Clear
t\ ut.-n . 4* 4? *> f c otid?
W irte. C ... tt *ef 2* T* d't'sdV
? ? He . IS 55 ;e C e?r
?IMIT. K? tl.M t\ %r.
Vovembe- )? ?etj
Itup rises .? Hl Morning ?,ll
Sun rrt?.4.id Ktenlne; . ,.|#n
Look for the spear
The flavor lasts
It refreshes your imwlli lMtilf**-**1*' your
teeth?eases digestion after breaklaat?lunch
The fragrant mint leaf Jtrice purities your
breath for the evening kiee ~ makes your
food tastier*
?of any dealer. It cost- less.
News of South Richmond
llrmormlir Club ??cud* Out Lance <ob?
salttee DrimmliK I p Recruits.
The South Richmond Democratic Club
last night, at a meeting held at the
club's ?luarters in Lafayette Hall, ap?
pointed a special committee whose
duties will be to secure recruits to
march under the banners of the Organ?
ization in the Democratic parade and
celebration on November 16. The com?
mittee was als > instructed to keep a
lookout for persons who have fuil'H
to pay their capitation tax and to se
that they were pr6perly qualified as
voters before December 7, whor. the
books close.
The club will meet next 'Wednesday
nicht at the same place. The commit?
tee, which is .ilflcially designated as
wdividuaT 1
"A Quality Smoke
that brings more money
over the counter than
any other cigarette!
The inexpensive package al?
lows us to give more*
Ask | ? . r or Phorie - eass***
PM .v ' M to get ? s
$8.00 24-pc Tea Set
?wF.tiM ?x mnr. ?r> ?*n ?%???? t o.
? Kasst lease Wises.
the steering committee, will then make
a report on the probable number which
will represent the Southslde. It is the
intention of the club to have the South,
side contingent the largest in the pa?
rade. When ?Jrover Oloveland was
elected, the "Kagmuftln" brigade, an
organization of men in fantastic garb,
was one of the features jl the cele?
bration. Many members are still liv?
ing, and there are hopes of Its revival
for the occasion.
t ruits ef His lasse leathered la aad
"old by Anothee.
The many friends of W. 11. Fiynn.
tlie doughty Chesterfield policeman,
are hugely enjoying a joke at his ix
peatse. It seems that Flynn. wh > Is
a noted hunter in his section of the
ragesJ. reluctantly Jumped from be- j
neath the comfortable covers of hfs
bed yesterdaly niosjhlng long before i
the rirst streak had lit the eastern sky.
Donning his hunting togs, he set fortn '
with his trusty gun and still trustier |
hounds after deer. The d.ics were j
soon on the trail. Leaving Flynn far I
in the rear, they overtook the deer. |
a nn>i buck, and cjrnered him In
barbed wire fence. Just as Flynn
reacr.ed the spot where the baf?ig:
hounds stood he saw the tail of J j
wagon disappear down the road. In
IM W ag tu was t?le buck, wlitch had
been captured by the driver. Thej
animal was brought to South Rich-))
mond. where many Juicy steaks were j
broiied last niglit. Flynn sits iioth.r ic '
to Iauch thout.
Te Lecture en Temperance.
So-ithsiders are Inlvtod to attend a;
cre.it union rally to-morrow miming;
?\ tie Central M-ttiod:st ?'hurclt. Rev.
Kdward J. 1 Ct- hardson. superintendent
.?i the uorthem dlstrl.-t. Virginia Ann
Saloon Ie-Hcue. will deliver one of his
test evaded crayon lectures No j
mission will be ef-^rged Mr. Richard"
son Is h'-ralded as a strong sp*ak. r.
wh ? handles Iiis subject in a mastertc
and attractive manner The smallest
ehild. It is said, will go home wifH
a lasting Impression of the truth d --
Meted I
t.raslte >fn? Its?,
He\ Mr. ?ampbell who j-as bs?n
conducting t*i-' tlranfte Sunday school,
?^.is he.-n ' all-d aw;ij f??t a f? ? da\s.
II- v Mr. !-?!> aster will He his subMt
A very d?ltch'fu! party was stv. i.
T lesdav night at the home of MS', i
Mel. n. UaehSS and <*lara Kao.lo ?
latKe number rf guests were present
??n?j lua-iy amusing carries w.-re plage*.
Itefr- shments were served at a lat ?
M?s- Mami- ?.-av and Mj?- I! SS
f.?r?! "f Kkhmoiul. spent ??>'? '? ?
Miss Kll> n Kennte.
Miss Berne? I', ttlsrew aas OlS
if he: gr.indfath. ? ? i ? *
Hi. , ?liidajr
te ^'taeel tfeevlly l?t I e>e?l??-i
> I. ?Jtso'i. who raised a '?? St ' - t
n . -day nicht ^: - ?I th
Twlfc. and II ill st-. : sra
day rtned %? and ? ? - 'i 'I *
?wedhjct and ?** awl Peaga Is* ,arr>m
:. r?.. I w. ?:?.,? 7 ' t..l m ? ?
which he pgM severs
? rt' was qsfte a a*a: sees far
a fee patentes ?p*>it
riu-s. I <.M ? ? -"laj Sent
:h ......d f-e la - - tor eg.
lereeew V*.
Mara'. Hotteme Bett
>.in ? .1 ? ' '
fnrd last tiisM SejPt
pnlli e ef the Thir.l I'istrVt. A war
-?ni harglnc ?h? a "run with araeui'.
?.s ? .r emri.m; ? ? ? isseed earlier i-i
the day. Parah. with ? htrwe gaeh in '
her heed. Wae under th- rare of a phi - 1
?rt<tan when eke h> ard that -he ?*?;
wanted Crawford Is eeraseJ ef in'-'
flitting the Injury on the wyman. In
Police Court. Part EL? yesterday morn?
ing- his case was continued until the
woman could b<- located. He wan
bailed In the sum of $250 for appear?
ance this mornig.
Fixing t> Sen Plant.
The Cameron Stove Company Is
rapidly pushing forward the improve?
ments on the building formerly occu?
pied by the Blair Glass Company at
Twenty-second and Decatur Streets,
i The concern, which has been located
of the Southside for about five years,
started on a small scale ami has In?
creased the output each year. They
j recently sold the property In which
! they are now located and secured the
! new building which will have triple
' the floor space. It is being overhauled i
throughout. The plant will bo mod
era and up-to-date, anx! will be one
? ?f the most complete in the South. |
Tramm Coanln? Cityward.
The frost and snap in the air >s
driving many homeless persons city?
ward and the SouthsKle police are
planning their annual raging of tne
slums Last year the police net gar?
nered some sixty souls, wno, not hav
iny any apparent means of support.were
sent to the City Jail for terms averag?
ing six months each. By this method
many of the petty crimes are prevent- j
ed. according to the police.
?ppealerl Case la Diaruts'teri.
Gilbert Cole, who was tined $lo<?
and costs by Squire \V. A. Jacobs in
the Forest Hill court last July for dis?
orderly conduct, arising out of an al?
leged attempt to set tire to his wife
during a quarrel, was yesterday <ils
misserl by Judge Robert <?. Southall
in the Chesterfield Circuit Court,
where the case- was heard on appeal
Mr. Toaey >ot a Candidate.
I?. I. Toney. whose camiidacy for!
the post mastership of Richmond was
, announce*: by friend?. is greatly
J amused a! the report Mr Tone-, last
I night staled he had no lnt.-nti.rn ct
Seeking the position, especially as he ,
[ W'.uld h ? Compelled to give up his
I business interests if wticc? ssfui At
I pres.-nt they are in tea ibi-.r-ishitig a I
condition to be r-im riished for a pn- ;
I Bttea] Job
{ Temperance I nloa to Meet.
atsSJtltlltS l't:io:>. V C T c will ;
meet Tuesday night at 8 o'clock at !
the reaMeace of Mrs. j. c. Lunsen.
::!?? West Twenty-second . treef Wood
lare. Helehfs
State |V. ?ident William H Rice paid
an ofhVia' visit last night to Washing?
ton Camp, V' .U. Patriot!.- Sons of
Am-rica. which met at Robben"?
Refreshments were served.
Bsss-Tsylor Marriage.
At the parsonage of the
Street Baptist Church, htlss
Ernestine Taylor, daughter of
M. Turner, formerly of Fla
County, was married Thursday
William I* Bass. JT. The Ren;;
Haley officiated. Mr. and Mra.
were given a reception after
money. After a short Nor
they will make their home in
Und Park.
Tampa November li ?Documents
the effects of lieutenant Fred de
who committed suicide at a local
ly to-day by shooting himself
head, identify him as the son of
M Haaaerfelt. or the personal sU
Oscar of Sweden. Other papers
;< ? was a member of the Swelisb
tn<- reeerit Olympic ?am.es at Stock
The .?-.?.! man had been here only
days, and little Is known of bha
>.l letters auJreased to two dtlsess '
<irai.de. Fla. where he la believed t*J
i" ? .. sp.'ndlnK a vacation. He
note to the manager of the hotel ap
for bis act.
No reply has been received to
to the Swedish capital notifying rata
M.:r.nerfr t's act.
I Si... ia; to Th- Times-Dispatch.] '
-f..Ik. Va. November 15.?A
' r!air.a?es beeauev of breach of
larrv was rendered In the City
t here to-ilay aaainst J.
thy jaioon keeper In South X?
r of Miss Ullta Olasser. \
w trial ?a? overruled, and
? My ko t^ the Supreme Coal
hM(i?t. Ms ?-ffe hsving died1
y. The weddln? was to hav
May !?.
: rom
"arter a .-rested yestes
.h.irfin? him wtth
? Blrasasad Dalrr i n
Two (Mranrttees Mast,
The ? ..,!.. i-orrmtrteea nn Light
i ?me;?rie!. held brief meetings u
Tii- (?Mimitt-. on Markets fai'ed of
sear* la
Virrtnta !!??-:
of Se-utb Hill,
relic 1U? receatftr |
.r. ikinx raJ ~
The Light for the Home ^?n
use?the best lamp you can buy is the Rayo.
There is no glare: no flicker. The light is soft and clear. The
is a lew priced lamp, bat you cannot get better light at at
Rayo lamps are light rng rrtor> than three million homes.
Save the Ouldren's Eyes?mod Yaw Osm.
Ras/b Ump
Lic-nTed wttbnat ra
?hod* E?ty to

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