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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, November 16, 1912, Image 8

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lew York
Stock Market
New York. .November IT..?Operation*
stocks win- curtailed to-day. and
?tins most of t'.e- trading prices of
leadiiiK issues changed but little
a brisk selling movement Imparted
some life to to. iiuOKi l in tne last
Stir and quotations were scaled dou n,
tough losses were not severe spe . u
?in ? inter, s: s. etro d at low ebb.
In the . ae-lr d. alms's s;.. ?< tallies wer?
Sio)' than ordinarily prominent with
Bubstantis! pains. at>d some of the t??
aac< o issues, fertilisers, equipments
and Ameri. an B??t Sugar. I.. ft: . d
Snares ?>1 the latlei were under ]t..
MpfW mad later there was er nie Belling.
In concessions ofi International pan
issues. I'l.lon Bag and Paper, common
and preferred and several of the minor
railways. The dec.im :?i hate ami pa?
per is&Ues was mos! preeip.tatc tin:
form? i falling :i points ..n.i tb. ;.tef?r
t red 7. ?'all money ram:. between
l\3 and s 1-2. with im. d. tale de~
ltit* nor t anks wer,, mt i n moderate
pur. b?<. ? - of business paper
? Prices of Americans :n London were
eiiiote.' hiirher Tb.- local market at no
time made more than she t recessions
to the higher general average of our
?tocks abroad 1? m.1? w.-re Irregular.
New York November IV? Money on
tall firm. <i fi per cent, ruling rate.
: $ 3-4- closing bid. ? 1-1: offered at .". 1-'.'.
I Tim. loans str >ng: sixty .lays ?*i < 1-2
per cent ? ninety days. r. a-4'.ifi: six
?tonihs .". ! - t '? "? !? 2 per cent. Prime
Eerrantile papei ?? per cent. st.-rliiKr
ex<*hnnae easv. with actual business in
bankers' hills at v ?^SO for sixty-day
bills, and at fit.'."", for demand. Com
mental bills, $4 SOS*. Rar silver, 62 1-4.
Mexican do] ?r. ts n-4.
B> Ri'hard W Maury.
Steck and *!.?:??! Br?ker. 101S E Main Street
Richmond. Vs.. November K, IMS.
Virginia Centuries?SOS at MH; MO at ?av
V!rsiriia-<"srolln? Chemical Co. pfd?11 at
IVirginia is. Old. <.". and R 195'. .. W
?a Centuries. ?-S. C. and R-. MM.. SI-. S4*i
A C. L. E. R. Con Trust, 4 u. e.. *
C. snd O. Oer.': M. 4?a*. K*2.Ml
Gecrria. Souther rund Fla . 1945_ IM
Georgia and Ala. Con. is. Uli.... It*
Seaboard Air I.inc 4s. 1360. k?
Southern Railway 1st 5?, 1994. 105
So. R. Dev. and G. M. 4s. I*:* ... 78
Western ?. C. lit ts. C . ?1?.1?
Kor and Ports Trac. Co. is. Ii35.. N
Va. Ry. and Power Co St. 1934. K?? ?%?
Va. Rv. and Power <"o. pfd....MO *1
Va Kv. and Pow er Ca. com-loa C i?
Atlantic Coast Line com.100 IK
Chesapeake and Ohio.MO si's ...
JCcrfoik and Western com.100 11?
Setbiard Air Line pfd.10"' 43
I Seaboard Air Line com.100 .0
Southrrn Railway pfd.100 S
pkathcra Railway com.l'*> :9
Btoad Street. 2i <? ??? 1
Br.r.1: of Commerce and Trusts !??) ... I
Centra! National Batik.UN 110 ... j
C?tcmon wealth Bank.It* H-'? 1,7 |
i rirst National.i<" "?'??? ??i j
' Merchants National.180 SCO ... |
Btrhsnlrs and Merchants.M? 3ie
National State and City Bank. .lt? III ... |
Richmond Bank and Trust Co .. ? 2SVi ... j
Rd Trust and saving* Co. Mt Ml 1? |
Savin,t Bank of Richmond. 2i 92
Union Bank of Ricbtnond.b) 3ii
West End.2? 42? 4S
! R'd Realty Corporation pfd.100 100
' R'd Realty Corporstioa com?loO 110
Va.-Car L hem. pfd. ? p. ?.100 115 11?
Va. Building and I.oar. '~o.1? 107
Jefferson Realty Corp. 1st pfd. 100 ... |
Jeflerson Realty Corp.. 24 pfd
issue 1905.10? 100
JerSerson Realty Corp. 2d pfd
issue 1*12.100 7? ... '
Jener sen Ralty Corp. cum.100 11
Quotations for interest.paying bonds arc
at a price to which interest must te added,
laconic bonds and certificates o: Indebted?
ness are Sat
Ai ls Cha mers -'s. ?' ?
American T.vbat.o Co old 4? <bid>. fc> ?
Ante rp an Tobacco Co old 6? tasaed. IM? ?
Atlantic Coast L.ne 1st 4s ibid*. *e?
A <" L-L ^nd N ?s (bid). ?i
A. L. cor.? *s ' 1" Baltimore, bid i ?: ^
Cfcerapeaxe and Ohio conv. 4-^s. Kit
Lifrse:' and Myers <*. ;*''>
Lit*' t: and Myers 7s. la>"?
iWorillard Com??)' is. t*Hs
Iaorl.lard Company '?? tbldi. l-'i:?
. Jferfolk and Western conv. 4s. 11*
Saabcar.! Air Line stamped 4s. .??.
Seaboard Air I.Tt.e ad; :?. 7?
f'Scethem Kai.ua} -is.
' Seathern itai.way is. it*
tTclted Stat-s 1 is. tjl",
K S. regis.ered ".a. 1930 (M4). Ml
U. E. registered ts. ISit ^Md). SM%
tJ S. Panama new ?s tbtdi. 101"*
?ttginIa-Br'.wn H-oe ^cefs . H
Thrglnia-Car .'h-n. .I.--. :? ?btd>- ... 97',
?a. Ry. and r- w-r"' o" .asked). :?>?,
Wat ash d< 0 U. . ??V?
BPtabasb-Pitts. Term. 1st 4s <eid>. Sea
P Hew York November If?The ? att?n mar
Set ??!? .ta". extreme.)- active ar.d ut.s-;
t'.ed w:*h prlcrj shosir.g a generally 4"?i'
^^Kt tend'r.v) ur.:: ? o -:aa and renewed
t troll ?urp?f". caused a partial re.ly ;n the
late rrsrfi: - T.-? ? ??? ??e? ??
? teat pncee still et-.oie,^ m net 0. :r .ru
SS? points T" cj--:rg -.? is'.is; jid ^??
era' months ?".d ."2" p..; ? ?-t
-?tght ? <-?' ? i ?? e.c . - -
. peissure ir. .?xk?r .* ?? ont.n
wed report.. g:
Scrtber r aims ot a >c? a tt\< d. :r.a..
Atter the pus lea-.lern oi a .
abewtr.g < ?.-. *.tl.i ? o.-?.tnptlou ?
Heeli m: 's. ? ?-' i..ar?i?; -* -u ?
lTom the e?' d- r:.a:.\i .k. ? ? ?
tteoaUen. however, srd prl est ?k. :.?
RBpJBB aader eaatinoed '.lejuldatlon. A? rirst
r3S? decline was grsdua . sj.o t ie mark, t
. attewed ?oneiderst -.?,-'t: ? - a>
SPcrkeO <ow-r.Tar-.- i... e, 'o- r^
Ojeact oecame more active, while lo.? :.??-?
Sained connd . *:r.g t . ti.o t..^
etgbt r.w\.-.? ?? ?
BBC a ti?t o?? i. . -.? '- ?
late tnsdlrg >?- a .
Seutliena ar.d ipt-?:
dared St 4* ^ . -
Oet! log became a ? ad' .
Jesdlac !???'?? ? - ? i
Ki)lne erSera nd las
e' ?."e? fealea. ra ? d . ....... -
?Bet tea er fifteen n - tins
tiort zf.owtig a r>.oi > v
Cot t< . ? ?
Opr. lilr?. 1x3? ( oee
JTe-. ?-r.r??
IV' m 9?r. Ita lie
Jer. s-:
Search .
. Stay .
Spot e*wt?r cosed -?- . . 4,. . ^ .; .
BIS* mid 11- ct. ? .
Certe- - t
SI ??????. greie?. ?er. >? .? .. ^ .
pB?eS. n?jie? eaiea. ? ^??? . , ..
Tore te-eav at a. t-rt-. v,r
SB TSt oa ?? -t ?
Sees. ?e j-nsT.-.
Sect *t> .....
?"W>r?~ .s % ... v?
ST.TS- ? s ? .
???St te Frar :?-.....,
Seat, tise^ < ?? ?- *a-.
Bleslro SB taa.e?
Tota ?? s .
Saeetpta 4 ?."7.1 .? 1 * .spr>r* x*
iiM BAST *iaih sffMnn
$le* M'K .- a ?TAKT. . PBR
Official Ratine and Sale of 5toccs in New York
?ml a*. fitock Open.
a Ills CtislsaarS. 1C paid.
Allls-ChaL. |<M.. tt paid. ...
n>.K-> Am..Van' '1' d Col per ...
v .1 Agl .. ''I .-ui.. com. .
\ni. r. l- i mh;hi', com.. M
l.it'i Am 'i n MM ?'an . ??!?"?
3ss Am . aa Can. pfd. U.'.''.,
.ti? .\i : r Car .-?"d r?aadry. sVH
11 ! i Ann t i. an Cotton *?i 1. :"i s
Am Hid> nd best h< r. it .
1 ?? i \'i ? i l< ill U <0* ' <) < til.. .
\i>i' ii.;iii Imm-i niuttvc ... t
aa liti< IitrpaaittlTT. pfd... 1">n
LMAbi r. Mali ?'??.. t.iu. aVkj
>.."* \- -lit iv. Baaadtlng . ???
H l Vmertcan ,Snuff, t orn.li'i
American sugar .
M Amor. Tel. and T?t < \?.
Amor. Tob. Man-, x 3 V < '-'?"
a merles ? ? rani" ?>. pfd.
Aiij< enda Cop;>? i' . **'?
j. ai< hVaoa .wr??
?o> Atlantic Coast Ma*.is*
a >', i? of Coaiwi i-tlavi ?
'??' Daltiaaotv and Ohio. IMi
1.3*1 ii- iiil.1.. ,n si. ?1, com? ' :
?????> ii. till. n. in Steel. i'fd .... 7'.
-.???' In UK V a in. i. Toi.. CO. .
?M Bi.hi] . IUpi<J Tranell
iw C< ntral U ath< r. < ..in . ? '?
Uaiuidiati Pi< ? ... ? ' -
1.7" ? < 'M--s.:; . i.k. ;.!,.! Ohio H%
7<*i Chicago Great Western. iv'j
Ml < 'ui. ?'?! eai w ??t-. pfd ? '
4.?Mi Chi.. Mil and st Paul... Ii. ??
i i i *ru I He s.?wl C ?r., roiu. I i*?
i.;'. Crucible Kin I. i>fd. ?
4 ?< . < ; |>, t roll mil . ?'?-??*
-. 1 .ratio 1 ii i .i?<l Iron.
Colorado and Southern.. .
Ma Coaaolidated Uaa .1?-" j
Corn Producta . ',:''?
I tea and Rio Gran., pom. .
I. and Itlo Gran., pfd. ..
l> tut Hiera' feVc. C >r.
3,:i?> Brie . ???-?.
!??? Erie, ist pfd .?
Ped. Min. and SMi. pfd.
tWo. W. II- Iroe rob < "o .
i.1i> ?o-neial Eh ? trlc . '*?-'
UM Great Sorthern, pfd.. I ?'.
:??. Cr. at Nm l'.. i ii Ur. . tfs t ,
!<?? Illloola C :. t: :t 1 . I'-'k,;i
UM Int irboro-Mel. -'.'
,m> Interboro-aiet.. pfd. <-?'*
int. Mer. Mai inc. com.
BT THOMAS branch it CO.. Bankers and Brokers.
High. Low SM AJkfcM ?ales Stock. Ooen.
i.':: .'".-.?Intel-national Taper _ 14?4
s I..', Int. Papi'f. pfd. b.'.i,
v., vi. :?.???> i~ high Valley . 174'.,
" * '-' ' ' ? '. , Liggett and Myers, com ...
UiggStl and My. rs, pfd. ...
??' - -?' 1 >i l.orilhtrd Tol.. Co.. c im. W
l- i U 41 llj* Lorillitrd Tob. Co., pfd. .
ijj ... U3*a '-- - 30? LoulavllU gad Nashville MsT4
?? ? ' K : ??' M. >i. an P. tioleuin . m%
'(.SOU Miami COapaf . ?l"s
? ? w M.y.-o.ir! Pacific . 11%
11 >*?? 100 M.... Knn ad Texas....
a * I ' ?J National lllscuit . BS
KV? H*!s M >' ? ... National Lead . ?
?i? *S ' ? - ? n. -v Voik Central. M%
*'? -v ? ,:"? ?'? " N ^ .. Util. and W estern ...
i-'a '?"? ):*; a. \.? folk and Western.'.. 1 '?'?'?
" X a i iii-rn Pacitlc . l'-'.'>'4
w Pa dh< Mail . Ml*
? Pennsyl> anla . 13H?
.? i People's tins. fWi
P., < .. <'. and St. I*. com.
I'.. i ' . i'. and St. 1. , pl.1. .
. i burgh <"oal. com.. SVi
Pi ?? ia?d Steel Car. 38
i?.'._. ' ?? . j i*n .vs. d Bte*l Car, pfd.. .
il*s i< U? Ky. S' .ei stiring, com... 3R\i
- - su?o Raadlaa . WWj
-V? -; - 1 ? Kepubi: Iron and Steel :?
,:' 1 tiuv lt?-:>ubllc I. and s., pfd . :m:.
?i '? ?" -' l? Hock Island . 3H?
, .ui1* um i:...-!. island, pfd. ?'"
H'l s *' ? Se-i Ij.ai 1.1 Air Mat, nun.
? ? i 2 Seaboard Air Line, pfd. K"i
-!?'i ?? : i rtloas-HhaffU id . M
" - ,! ? - I.SO.i South) : ii Pacific . HI
'? - Southern Railway . ???
?> Houthtrrn Railway, pfd ? ?
'?'" * Standard Oil .
t 3? .-/,? st. l.o.'is-s nithwest.
k>> Texas Pacific .
I2.m?i Pnlvn Pacific . l7-'li
9..50O United (States Rubber... ii.
. .:.>.- L'iiittii t Sat es Kta< 1 . JM4
; >i United stai. s KteeL pfd li
H.?4 ?3
Jt": -Vi
ItH'a I"
1-* i
IlieS i
lift- If ? II-'.' I?
i % i? i? iv;
:ji a
i;.", 17?%
... at
I ::\ I3S
11 ?'',
l hp
? i-s
: Pi
1 kM
Ufi '
. I
i.Oud i 'niti d i 'Igar stores
U. S. Cast iron Pipe.
TOO V'a.-Car. Chen i< a 1 .
.'4^ Va.-i'iir. Chemical, pfd..
1 a. Ry, and Power, com
V t. Ry. and Power, pfd.
36? W a bash .
i ? U'nbush, pfd.
MM Western Uloa . > "-s 78 7
Weyioan-Bruton To. Co. ... ... ??? 'M
Total sales for day. C33.or?) shares.
Total sales for weak (live daya), ;.1T..'>."' shares
; to the Continent. 1.14.VOS7 hales, to Japan.
Jg.*4? ba.s; to Mexico. 24? bii. s.
Neat Orleans. Novembei 15 -Cotton futurei
opt ned steady a* a dedin.- o* ii. 1: points
oil poor tuiilu and tile best of weather con.'
uitloue in the region. The close aas ?t.-ady
at a net decline of l$?24l point . The week-1
ly movement tnto-Mght proa -.. to b> much
larger than expected!. Bud ceased heavy
selilr.g. which continued throughout the re- J
inuinder of the monies session. Hulls with-j
diew their support, and w'irt demand there I
was some shorts w< re satisfied with their!
profits. H- bu; .rs turned sei.er?. The'
market displayed further weakness In the j
afternoon seaelon. spot e,.M.,n steudy. t?c. j
off. middling. 11 li-ldc. Site, on me spot.'
I. 150 bales and -.140 to arrive, closing bids:;
November. 11.74; December, tl 7s: lanuar
II. ?: March. 11.9?; May. 12.12; .tulv. 12.34
Neve Yotk. November IS.?Flour?Bear,
Wheat?Easy: No. I red, 11.0s? l.e?-?; Vo. 1
tthe-rn. Du.uth. SeJ'i'' Com?Easy at f.Sc
Leather and Hides?Firm. Woo! -Quiet. Pe-j
tre?leo.n,-steady. Rosin?Quiet Turpentine'?!
Easy, machine barrels. 4HM- Itlce?Firm. Mo-1
lessee?Steady. Sugar?Raw. steady: refined,
(Tuiet Coffee?Spot, quiet. Rio. No. 7. 14V .
Santos. No. 4. MtfUc.: mild, out.-t: Cordova. |
Is", tf ISc Potatoes?Steady and uachanseJ. i
Cabbages steady and unchanged. Peanuts--!
Steady and unchanged. Freights?steady and'
utir hanged 1
Cottonseed oil was easy under ?? attered ;
llejaldaUon, Induced by the weakness in cot-|
ton and continued dullness In outside trade, j
? losing prices wer. ca6 |>d!nts net lower, j
Sales ?o barrels. Prim.- crude. -1 90jjf, 00; ,
prime suniiuer vellow. spot .".aCS?.iO; No-:
vember. .", *t. PecetaWr. :.?: January, ?.t?>: I
February, ti (M: March, etil; April. ?> 12; May.
CM; prime w inter yetle-w, 4.4*04.4?: prime I
summer white f.4S4jrl4e.
i"hi'tt?, November 15. -Wheat to day for!
th? third day in succession broke 'he ]ow
vrice record of the season. The fine outlook
tor the yvlnter crop was the last straw ?n
hol.'. re Weakneao ruled at the close with
th ? market VJ !'?<'. under ,ast night l orn
showed a net lots of Hffl??r ; oat* '?it He. j
elf, and provisions varying from l-'?c. de- j
cline to the sam> as twvnty-four hours be- i
fore. j
The- leading future* rang'cl as fellows:
Open High. Low. Close. |
. K% >???*'
May . ?Vi V.H aC ?-le
July . i9% vfe, \.-'-, ?iH,
l. . 4? B 47"? 41%
May . 4^ a 47-,, 47'i
July . 4?H 49'? 4S-? tsV
-ATS- j
Lev. W. 20?? OOS ?5?!
Mav . 22', 3JS X
PORK- Per kv%l
II ?7
:s ?
L I.H-i>r 10m its
M ts
Jan.M.S 10 4? PV.V. r* ;
May .lO.ftO !?> >? 10? io ...
SHORT RIBS?P. r Pe lb*.
Nov. 10 49
Jan.1007 ;ip> 10 o; h">:
May . 9.'.. 9 v7 9*. 9 ?
c'ash grain c need Wheat?No. 2 red 51 "2
?; ; . . No I bard ?T'-'-i ?>?.. No I northern.
yfVefSSr No. I and .' -cring Mf}s7c . v.
I ?* efcaa*. ISJc darum, n>4j$9r. , v>:
I N" .'. . \? ? -!.., ,1 :*V \
yellow. sr?, I rat-.- Oats -X?. 2 w lit
Mi standard KS.Sc
BaltRner* ?;a November : ernes t?
Easier; reatract. 41 ??>?- ? om Weak: con
>rj. t. e".l'?e nomi.is: ? ?1? Steady No. :
?htte. ?*.'.,* >V * 'nr. la rd whif. fre-ff'?'.
Rye?Qatet. No 2 w.stern domestic. 7">.
No 2 neaibj. csr iots. 7'>?t74V
t\ ti. -LESAf.E Qf'i.TATI'">NS ON VIMNdE.
t \\ HE 11 -Car lerea
No 2 red. Western. .| 1?!
N. 2 r d V 'rgtn'a . flu*
NO J r'd. SI 1 Ol
. git.is tag ' ?ts . jrr a M
? a- iota
v., . w1 te. ? :?
Nu 7 white. a te
: rn.ied. O 04
' mis-4. # as
y.igi-ia . 49 J?
. ... roh. 4> te
.-.? i white. S>
Winter e> 1 ..... S? 4?
tty i. ? it :va
. .- > a
MtllMttNn ITsT M 4RKI1.
> s N .-? -aher if IK:
c ?in on tb* Tti.-k
nrsa-1 ? rii htst':
214? 4?
. Ti- set > i>e? s
. J ' s?
t.-eht ?'lover HI I'd. r*M m
. -. reived It 4P ^
? ret r. Bit sad .. 4P li IS
Kai Setep ? N-.-ntaal
es? 1 If > O
asr-1 ?? i .eg- ha>s ?114*
- e?-? so that has at deoe* r*9
steate ?:?* thae evstS reject ens
? emrfese ?-ad>s aap ia at ?rdsace
i? ?t^a A" la- ?
e mi ii f etRkrn.
? 4. Mat'KET
.' reitee sto'h Terse ?
'. ? N . ms-r 1 ;*..
. ?? er~rh merket fer the
? -1 n.-. ? . fr II
-- > ? ? i media? ep Seed. i?,S
- - ? ?^^.'' . h^t hef'-a.
? '? t a . a t"?' : cwenrr.su
... ?sei ??s**-.. latesiet
?-' ? '.enw^e te fate. i% fa. .
p ?c m.e: - |. t.?i ?
states re *? - .?? pej we.ie. r?4p
???T ?? f*~4 a ?
?. ?-d ,s (Ma
a' H-?- ..aey heps ?S
' ? ' r- ?>4 r- as. ?w?
sweep aad eie?s .? aeat leant* -\
? 7c . metbee. te e *d ?er**e. ; eemese* to
fair. rUHi&T : best shei p. 4?4\jC.; common
New York. November IS.?Beeves Stasis
1" ? higher. Bui's and cows, steady Steers,
??.. :'.w; bulls. |4f|S-S: cows. $2.a>tftVr..
Cal eg?rirm to So. higher. Wal?. I>'"?1176;
ci.lis. ?ii ?< 7.;.?; barnyards an?l fed calves. *4'u
?..">?? western*. S7i,?. Sheep and Lambs
?flteady irteady: lambs higher Sheep, J2.77
i.4 22; culis. |2'8 lambs. H9T.M; culls.
Jlni'(i;..>. Hogs?Steady at Ik'(j s.?; light
pig* sold at $7 <*.
? hi-ago. November 15.?Cattle?Market for
beeves steady; calves ."So lower. Beeves.
85.8911.00; cows and belters, J2.T0 ?7.40;
lajv.s. -4 lo2." liot:s?Market weak,
mostly 10c. lower; light trade; bulk of sales.
87 ?:'.'?/ 7.88. Sheep- Market strong. Sheep,
JT .'.Tt r;: lambs. ?S 0t> ;i 7 7l>.
Richmond. Va November 13, 1912.
Following are the quotations on the Rich?
mond Tobacco Exchange:
I.ug..17.3 '<x t m
Short leaf. 8.8? ?t i'.=0
l.ang leaf. ''1 1200
SMOKERS?Common . 7J>0 'n S.SO
Medium . I'.'.ou ><i 12.0?
Cine . 12.00 -t B.00
ri'ITGRS?Common . 14 ov a 1???
Medium . IM? 9 17.81
Kiric . 20Off f/ 23.5?
Fancy . 24 0? 9 27 0?
F1I.lkks?Common . S 00 ic.0*
M. dlum . 1100 & 12.0*
flood . 18.00 v 15.00
Fine . 18? 9 20.0?
WKAPPERS-Common . Is.00 9 20.00
M-<ilura . 22.5? if 25 0*
., j.t . 28.00 0 80.08
F.ne .32 50 ?<? 17.60
Fancy . 40.00 0 45.0?
Lugs, common to good. 0 50 @ 7.00
Lags good to prime. 740 9 8.80
Short leaf. 800 9 10.00
Lang leaf. 16.00 9 12 00.
\\ rappers . 11.00 0/ 17 58
mi an tnm&vn markets.
put Kitsiit u?; bkanct market
I (Reported by Rodder?. McCain, & Co.'
f Petersburg. Va.. November ?Peanuts.?
Spanish Market steafly. Farmers Spanish,
|l :> per bushel; No. 1 shelled. Spanish. 7c.
p. :? pound; No. 2 shelled. Spanish. 4c. pet
,.iur.ii. Virginias?Market arm. Jumbo,
i?ti for fancy. p?r pound: fancy handplck
ed t.Ujc. per pound: extra prime. 2'?c. per
pound; prime. Zc. per pound; machine pick
ed, 89314?. per pound; shelling stock, to. pet
np.v coons Markets
New York. November l?.?The cotton goods
markets were steady with trading general.
Jobbers reported a good trade In si.ks and
h.?day nov<i:i.s Worsted yams were very
nm. and cotton goods were up agatti L'n
aerwear and iioslery values were tending
fTUmlagtao. N. C. November 15.?Spirits
Turpentine Bttsdy at 3s%c.: receipts 11
casks. Rosin Steady at 85.75; r-ceipts i\
? ??>:? ?? irrn at 12.20; receipts 4 bar
? "nio? rurpestlae? Firm at 0/19X19;
:. Kf.. ? barrels
-.???annah. November 13. ? Turpentine?
Fiti a' v. k .? .t\ . ??:?.- 7*2 , .i?k?. reeetpts
t casks; shipment 4CS rasks: stock 31.7??
ska Roads Pinn; sales 5.*n barrels; re
>?< S-Oai barr-;#; thlpsseats 2,?*9 SSIll 1?.
stocks 128,3*4 barrels. Quote: A, B. C. !?! 00.
MtRINK iiiiii w 10 ?
? '>i CI' llMi'M'. A'iVKMBHn i;.. 1?12
a RR1VF.d
?i'line Brand":.. Iiarnei. Nor'oTk. mer-1
a <ii?r and passeagen frlit ITsmtatsa Han
Steamer *>i:r'.ra Carman. Peterafrorg and
, James River laadSaga r.-r.->-^..ni,.. ?
t>. C-rrnan i.lnc
5-aII. ftp
? in - HrA: ln-. Ilarn* Norfolk, mer-j
, ? ami ixissenger*. Old Iiomlnlon fane.
I Steamer ro. ahentaa. Grj,-.,s. Norfolk and
I ' hi i'l'lmn, mer-handtac and pas
: ? gel Virginia Na?1gat|an Co
j -"?<" \urora. 1'j'hm, lvtersl>?rg and
I t, .. . . e ?. . 'andtngs. merchandise Baad
:nau 1 Ins.
Heiler, of Trade.
New v.-rk. Maraoah*t la.?K G. r?:m
* ' . w.ekly trad.' review to?
il a ;. ay Business ? iintinues
1< ? :? id. unchecked !?> the Balkan
, ??r with !?* grav- raropisja tampfl
catli t T.-.i iiom??tic and fa I eaga de.
i saand for lr?n and atee'. pro>ln<*ts Is
? "? ? r taaa lief..i-e. breakitic- all
I re. urd? The railroads are mak'tia;
orrery effort to move promptly the ?r>
MM adksma IradoVe of the cenntrr. and ut
th'- > ?? aie makirc du- pri \
ration lor the requirements of the fu.
i tare Ti it are also signs of prtpn
| atlon fO)i opening o; the Panama
Carnal RwMeOsM of tbe expansion m
' Iron and ?t-ei was furnished by the
' Increa-e t.? over a million ton? In
tbe until.ed orders of tbe leadtag In?
terests las' -ri?nth Th's gall. ma>
i be aanrlhasod m part is the ntead>
. de?eiopn?en' -f i.e a <?(. ;t Ion r:? >
Heavy -.r.lera for p'.ic iron have been
played, at.d ,-i.itationsi are firm with
only moderst? ionnag*s available for
?ps.e de;.very
? i:'?i t stre-gth ?.aa developer! In
drj ?r -orla rr.anufaci .rea of testllea
belr.a ?o;g more free.y. and re-?i l?r?
?a rhPtiiga and spring wash fa r! s
are raof' general For ilastem e?
,o-t I.o Peer? i- tinned IM? W? ek
?o sale* of atardard drills ti? India,
the ml*, ellaneou? forria- mark?'s b?
'C In woo eeia. stock? ?p|'?
t si e been cleaned .-.p belt-' tr.an
Co" a-*? *re Mgher and eery
ateayt; while wiestM rams are "rm
?'r.di'ien? in foe>? wear are ?*e?
rosnlr,g stead \\ more eatlefaf t ?>? \ U
klnda ?k"? lew*her? are I? grow
?T\% derrand.
District Internal Revenue Office l.lven No. 1
tirade on Condi Mona Found.
1 As a result of a sear.!.jpg examination Of
the conduct of the office of Collector of In?
ternal Revenue M K Li>?ry a clean bill
ha? been given by the Inspector, and Mr.
bOWry highly commended for the conditions
round. The collector yeB'.erday received a
letter from the Department of Internal
; Revenue In Washington giving the result of
the examination, speaking favorably of the
efficiency and competency of the entire
office force, the excellent condition in which
the office was found, and fixing the grade
at No. L
The affairs of this entire collection dis?
trict were recently Investigated b> Revenue
Agent Edward il Miller, of Washington.
wL'Ose Undings were .-.o complimentary to
i Mr. Lowry. The examination included th?
stamp offices at Norfolk and Petersburg and
every detail connected with the district
l>i-t rid t'onrt M-ten? to Arguments on Tito
?south Carolina ('usw.
Argument on casts involving Interpretation
of South Carolina law was heard yesterday
by the t'nitcd States Circuit Court of Ap?
peals. Judges ie.tr. Pritehard and District
Judges Waddlll anu Kose were sitting Tiie
court will me.t again this morning, hut no
cases Will be called. Saturday and Monday
being devoted to conference.
W. A. Gunter, of Montgomery. Ala.; A. I*
Oasfon. of 1 'bester, s. c, and J. B. Park,
of (?reenwond. s. e" , were admitted to prac?
tice In this court.
The following cases were argued.
No. HOT?Mar. P.. Trimble et al.. plaintiff
in (-r-or. vs. Ida V. Kl'.gh. et ai . defendants
In error: In error to trie District Court at
Qreeevllle. s c. Can-, argued by W. A.
Gt-nter, of Montgomery, Ala. and A. It.
Hasten, of Cheater, S. c. for the plaintiffs
la error, and by J. B Park, of tireenw cd.
S. C, for th. defendants in error, and sub?
No. I lex Mary R Trimble, et a!-, plaintiffs
in error, vs. W ?J. Rice. Jr., et al., defend?
ant* in error; In error to the Dittrlct "Court
at Greenville. S. C. Cause argued by W A.
Gunter, of Montgomery. Ala., and A. L. Gas
fon. of Chester. S. C, for the plaintiffs in
enor. and by J. B. Park, of "ireenwooei. s.
C for the dcfendatiLS in error and sub?
Board Will Meet Next Week to Gtea Offire? i
Hirer irar Terms.
At a meeting at the Board of Police Com- 1
sior.ers. which will be held next Wednesday,
the following offkers will come up for re?
election tor t. rm? of three years, beginning
December 1:
First District?S. s. l>ar. B R Warrincr,
W T. Jones. W. S Brant ley. N Bernstein.
W. <e. Tait. R B. Jordan. W. A Toot. j V.
Ryan. S W. Tonil ill son. i*. L Tiller. P. R.
Bacead District?R W. Crafton. S. M. Car?
ter. O. I*. Wills. W. B. Whitiook. L. C.
Tarner. < B Samuels. C. H. Krouse, W. O.
Small wood. S p Flourno;.. J. .1. Smith. W.
L Krug. W. E. Brennan
Third District?C. I_ Phillips
t barged Vtith violating North < nroiina
i To hi bit ion Issw.
f Specl.il to Tne Times-Dispatch. ]
Bsltsemi'J1. N < . November 1" -Six socia.
cubs In Salisbury were indicted to-day for
violating the Ne>rth Carolina prohibition
taw Th. elaaa ?galnst which tb- a. tlon
.'.as besaget in,' ide ISM Greater Sailshu.-y
Club, the Trading ?"tub. the <>utlng i"!ub.
Belteeairy Kusine*? Mens Association e'lub
< o.. the Hunting Ctah <"o. and the Southern
? iiih Co Able counsel was letataai and the
c US ?> >.'l for trial on November Del
tpiiroachlng; Martisujre.
[Special to Tb? Tim.-s- Dispatch.]
Ifarrisonburg. Va.. November IS.?
Announcement is made of the ap
proa?-htnir marriage at the Baptist
Churcli, near St.indard?vlli?y e;rr>ne
(Vmlv. on November 2?. of Thomas
M. .larman. of Earley sville. Alaieetai'PI
Co'intv. and Miss Dolly Kli/abeth l>.ir
rette. dauahter of Mr. and Mrs Elijah
iMtrrettr. of Oreene- Count;.. The grnotn.
elect, who is a ee>n of M. M .larman. of
Elk ton. Is farmer and sta'-e mill pro?
prietor Th" families are prominent 'n
social and business circle*.
Hanhrapt Petition.
? vcurtsri petition In bankruptcy wa?
feed yes-erdav "or gamtie* H?>? of s .u"
K- hrnorn. hp Attorney ?bar:** T M'.-~?
|. th* I'nlted State? Plstrlc; Coti-t Iis..?'.
laM .?:*? ?"?? p's"?d a' MSu sr.-l I ts n? ??
at f?e?.
string* Hark F. 1 "oeoee
ratre'man Foarlhe* returned yeaterdsv
f..co Staunton. Va. with Joeeph Watson.
,- , ,eed. ?h? i? watt'ed b?re on th-ee -bare..
.(- **?oo'lng .-aid to Ksv* beer commit ted
on vpri; 1? fete Watson !? ?? cueed of s
Inc shot Edward Eewla. ?;? rrr-jd* Lary and
J ST Ha-, d-" on CSei dst? while en a ram
pae> la Sevrnteeatk Street
Will ?peak To-tfornew
l" r e-,voK. of Breek'.jn. X T. wl ' ?peak
? at the I.uMn Tr.estr* t??.morr?w at
md evening tn eeptv 't rec. ni crin
?rule h: IPV B I.SCV H-?g? In regard
? . ?>. re'lrOilj tbeoel*? <>f I'asto R:i>
? r-lr was at eae time I lc? prealelen' V
It WerteTs . hrtstWa Endeavor I'titoa Ills
? be at I e/eSpaJi aad T:e? efelerk.
la Tolire ? wart.
'? v ? 'tu a eonfe-ttoner-. wee fined fctr
a- ???? rr^'rfny meTiIrt In Pv'te*. Conn
raff ? e . the-eror ?p- ?? ? - t a
Same wf efcatrce.
H It -??"n?d $1* an^ ^oefs for vlo
n'-nw ?'' ? "?"Ice' ?erdlneace He appeal?
Seun it-"*-. -> \e we* It f?r eteatlng
tb* trajf ?rdnaaec?. eete appealed
KM M I U 1 H?M.?: TO
%>^ti?a ivo?ttinr? nrtm"
i H?ge stated last pegkf dSSI
Pe v ad re.-^?red a nnfTtl*T o* aeewayateaat
? ^aoamf Mm ea aoreasal
^ ' ?? - -. - e i"?? ?h* drtetelfie? o'
? ? ft. m ? :? f.af h? asp I ee
? '..ir'-a' e-, ?T,l?..,. r. g'lt
a 1? ?? ler- M ? Bt a. wh?e He will
preach on IBM aahjeet. "WEI We Kaeat Kar?
Other After ; -i*
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.3
Fredericksburg, Va., November 10.
The Con??y, Gordon und Garnett Na?
tional Bunk and the Farmers' and
Merchant- ' state Bank, former rivals
in business, have entered into an
agreement by wiilch the Farmers' und
Mere-hunts' State Bunk of Fredericks
burg baa agreed to take, over tlie de?
posits of the Conway. Gordon and Gar
uett National Bank, and an equal
amount of approved aasi ts of the Con
way, Gordon and Gurnett National
Bank, by doing which the depositors
in the Conwa), Gordon and Garnett
.National Bank will be fully protected
by the Farmers' and Merchants' Statu
Bank, and business- will go on unin?
terrupted, and all depositors in the
Oosvwny, Gordon and Garnett National
Bank will a* cared for l>y the Furniers'
and Merchants' State Bank and their
checks honored by the latter bans.
The Farmers' and Merchants' State
Baak Of Fredericksbnrg. Va.. thus be
? oin. s the laigrest banking institution
in this section of Virginia It is iden
11 fled with a larKe number of the most
prominent financial and business men in
thiseoiij!ininit>. It is understood that F
V 1>. Conway, former president of the
Conaray. Gordon and Garnett National
Bank, will be upon the board of di?
rectors of the Farmers' and Merchants
State Bank.
Mr. Fllott Goes Home.
.Ini n S K'.lett. president o' the National.
State and City Hank, who ?si run down
by an automobile on lower Mala Street a
week ago. waa allowed to leave the Memo?
ria' Hospital yesterday tor his home. Mr.
Ellett has not entirely recovered from his
hurts, but hie physician anticipates a speedy
recovery with time and rest from business
Mrs. HUl Improving.
Mrs. James a. BUI of Ml Fast Main Street,
arhe was rsnatrsfl Into the Virginia Hospital
the day her husband was allowed to leave
I It. Is recovering in a satisfactorily manner
: front the effects of an operation for appen?
Anniversary Supper.
The Woman's Temperance league of
America will celebrate Its second anniver?
sary on November i": by an oyster supper at
its headquarters. 15 South Third Street, to
which aii friends of the organisation are in?
vited. A small admission fee will
l:arged. The . ague waa organized ot. De- ]
?.ember f,, 1919
Cfjurrf) fioticta
Preaching af 11 A. M. and a P. M by tbe
pastor. Ic.-v. F. T M-.: FA DEN. D. D. Sun?
day School at if A. M. Bible classes for men
and women at 10 A. M. Cordial invitation to
all. I
Rev. RL'SSEI.I. CECIL. D. D. pastor. Ser?
vices at 11 A. M. and ? F. M. Sunday School
9 4", \. M.
twenty sixth and Broad ?Jtreets?.?Rev.
V,. I. I.IN.it.IC. D. D, will preach at the
morning ?er-.be and R?rv. J. W HASSELL
will preach at the evening aervtce. Ail wel-!
CALVIN STEWART. D. tt, paslor.
I'rtaehins at U a M by the pastor Rev. \
H. F WILLIAMS, D. D.. of Nashville. I
Tenn . will occupy the puiplt at S o'clock '
night Midweek service TTsrtnrsdsj at s p.
M. Sabbath School at 9;30 A M and Bible
classes tn-et at 10 a. M All seats :.?>??. a.-id
hearty welcome.
i.v. nan Church at 11 o'clock a. M. and S'
'. clock P. M. Preaching by Dr. D CLAY :
Church ? Rev. JAMES Y. FAIR. D D. paa
tor. -Preaching to-taaarrow li A. m. and t
P. M. by the pastor Welcome, j
Twelfth Streets).?Tbe pastor. Res CEO. w.
atcDANIKL. D. D.. wiil preach at 21 A. M.
and I P M. The observance of the Lord's
Supper follows the morning services Graded
Sunday School. Baraca and Philathes c.asses
ia w. Patterson, supt. >. I CO a. m. a wel?
come io all.
iln and Adams St reefs I ?THOMAS CLAO
ETT SKINNER. D. 1?. minister Services
11 A. M. and s P. M. Graded Sunday School
at S:20 a. M Organized ciassee :ur men and
wo me a Frank T. '-"rump, Supt. r>r. J K.
HICKS, !> D-. of DsavllU, Va. arBI preach
m the morning. The pastor will preach at
the evening services; subject. ""With a
Nervous H-..jse keeper - sixth !n the series
on the ''Coaversatloaa of Jesus." Quartet
choir, strangers welcome. Sea-s fre?.
(Graes and Koushee Streets; ? Rev. LLOYD
T. WILSON. D. D. pastor. Preaching by
the pastor at II A. M . subject. "In Rrm*m
br.-nc. of Him "; at I P M. subject. -'Noah
and Cot Ark.? Sunday School at Si.30 A. M.
? Hugh p Powell. Supt > Prayers-meeting
Wednesday at 8 1>. M Tne pub:lc. esperlal
y stranyers, are eordia.lv Lt-.ited to aor
sip with us.
fGrovt Avenue and Harrison Street) _Rev '
v. C JAMES, Th. D. pasfvr. Preaching;
at 11 V M nv the R-v. GEORGE ?V RIG- j
LEB, I? D . and -it S P M by the pastor, j
Sanaday School at f>.15 A M ijamcs B.
Wood. Supt.. Fraycr-m'i-'ing Wedneadav at '
s o'.lotk.
and F;r.e Streets).-Pastor. Dr. RTI.AXD
KNIGHT. Preaching at 12 A M and 9 P.!
M- Sunday School at 9.20. F. TV Duke, !
Xwnue ana Victor Street Highland Park??'
K?. SAMTE7. H TEMPT.EM AN. pastor.!
s. .-v ice? ii .\ M. and ? p. M nun fay School j
9:30 A M. Music led by orchestra.
preach a? IT A kl ?nd I P?. M. at Lelgn
Strssl B??-!st CfceVVn. Reived and Twenty-!
t-.fth Street car pss?es the Soot
(Grace Street. heiw?.r. Fuurth and Fifth'
str.?t?i. ii?-.. w t T.irxr,. n r> paa>-|
I'reaehi-.c at 11 A M hv Rev R A IT
Bl.t.V WILLIAMS. DD.?? PYederlckirbarg.
Fr... hing at s P. M by Rev. J. K HICKS.
I> D. of Danville. Graded Sunday School,
with i>rit?r.:?f1 ass. e at 9 *> A. Jf. sjl ,
seat? free. j
church - There will Ke preaching bifh -no-ti- \
iif and e-.?r.;ng. \t M A. M the pas-or.
See*. H D ?? MA- I.s' HI.AN will preach I
?>n Hie ?n.hi-ct. Heads or Hearts?" At
P M ?-v V. .T KIi-H\RDSi .X. ?|e:el a.'
r?-?ry o' ?Se Anr' -ia'o^n l^??nr. wl'I
apea? in law ksfavaSI o* Ms work. Sunday
Scboo: at >.i? A. Nf
t;r.;:M\N t'VANGELIcaL
- ,.?_?,?,. KlghTh and Mar*1-.?:?
........ Hev ii m ?THE. pastor Sunday
r ?-v?::7 c-?--narv ard Fhuriish classe?, at
9 Ts A. M "IVuitrVr GoltesaVrrssf" at II j
\ M. N.. ev. rl-.g .enrt~e.
CT-nreh of Christ. ^? entlsf. vl'l be held t?
,rv- 1 ? ?i'r? '- " ?h ?dlflc? 'enmas:
park \vr,;e tfl 'I?i<ov Sf-eett a* ni
,. i ;bfe ?. M- -?? ? an?t I-n?ortn'? **.
vVerfnesday ?venitig te?tl?nony end es- .
Jurten.? rae. ft-.g st MK The readlng
- ,-. an- ' sted a- *T?i N?r"k girth!
ST"-' asl are open ewrr w??k dar from
?<\ \ M to I*. 11 M are mrHuVr tnvtfeg..
F'ftST ntTT?RIAN e-Ht-Rr-sf (F7.r TO
?-.etv:e and l!?rr?->n P'rseti-Rer Al.BX
??-??FT: '." "A "Tt Tlr.'ater S'ib.'eet foe
. .. t?- V"- " T ? \ ! to-. ? G-e.t
n.mm i/--i"e? ?? II o r -e tt A' sea's f-ee.
Htrtt.F STtlesVA la _
\T>-F.N O P NAV Rirtt.E ?TT-nEVTS at
laiMn rhesars P M ?-d T r. P M Preach
, M V' ! ?? ? ' 'K . ? - - Iden? of
\\ ? I? '"b-ii*;?n Endeavor t'niin Aftee
...... .,>. - ?-.- '? c i?- T?-r < . on.
Inst "W |.r !>??? M I? Not In lle?leia'
asxAaai?Ki> air
ao^tbno . a .ta.as ?^a?..?..a i . .ea<? ales- ;
rnon.l aai.y: M A ML.-? to
at p ta aad ?? t.s
i ??!?-? sasaaasb. Jcii i?i'? i at'
a M - and coaches. J? SSSSvllsa [
ti a> i' ? I-esgees aad xctaa aaaa
aursafsaam. aten.phka Norihaasad is
e f-iJy ?s t* arrtva ta R<eam?a?) Sa
; m a ? . ? x a ?, ? a> p. at. ?.49 9.
1 Bank of Commerce and Trusts I
Ninth and Main Streets
I Invites Business and Savings Accounts
The Bank of the Business Han
lb a title which we have justly earned. Lach account, large or small, re?
ceives the same careful, conscientious attention?each depositor is treated
with the same degree of courtesy; but while wc arc deserving of the title,
Richmond** Strictly Commercial Bank
nevertheless we solicit the accounts of every individual and offer our de
tjositors banking service of the very highest orde-, together with competent
advice and assistance in all matters pertaining to their financial affairs.
of Richmond, Virginia.
Capital, $300,000. Surplus and Profits, $1,400,000.
3 Per Cent Interest, Compounded Semi-annually, Paid in
Savings Department.
Atlantic Coast Line
Iii? I ' Railroad of tb* South.
TRAINS LE A V E hiuhmond L>AILY.
For Florida and South: t u A M. and
? 60 P. M . 1.00 A. M
For Norfolk: ? CO A. at.. 5 *0 p. at.. 4:1? P.
For N. * W. Ry. Wot: 4:1* A. M.. ? SO A,
M . 3.00 P. at.. ?20 P. M
For Petersburg: i;00 A. at. ?:U A. m.
1:16 A M . ? no A. ML. S.&0 A. M . i 00 P SI
?10 P. M.. ?.<* P. if., 4:60 P. St.. >:? P at
11 46 P. It.
For Goidaboro sad Fey?tt*vllle: U-.Vt p. at.
Trains arris* Richmond daliy: I \m A M
?40 A. M . 10:16 A. sL *|:sT A St.; -10:41 A.
St.. ?11:40 A. If.. ?2:10 P. ML. ?IM P. M. ? 05
P. M . *.Si P. M., S.uO P. ML, ?:?t P. at.. U:M
P. M.
?Except Sunday ??Sunday ooip.
Time of arrival and departure and con?
nections not guaranteed.
C. S. CAMPBELL, O. P A., til Mala St.
Eiciunoiii,irTettencno'i & Potomac LR
Leave Richmond
?i.Nl.1. Bjrd SLHt*.
?*LdO A.M. Mala St. Hta.
?WOO A.B. Saht HLSta.
?8.40 A.S. Bjrd St. Hta.
?10.? A.B. Bjrd St. Hta.,
Mx.Oi suonBjrdSt, hta.
tt.SO P.S. Bird St. Hta.
+3.60 P.S. Bjrd HI, Hta.
it.lt P.M. alba Station.
?5.15 P.S. Sain HU Hta.
?H.SUP.S. Bjrd St. StaJ
AVrrleo Richmond
?7AO A.S. B/iaht.Hta,
ll.le A.B. Libs Hlalloa.
UJti A.S. Bjrd HLSta.
?tt.M P.S. BrrdHl.Kta.
??.IOPJI. Bjrd Kl. St*,
?d 40 P.S. bird Ht.sta.
. *9.00 P.S. Bird St..St*.
?11.17 P.S. SaloHLNta.
?U-VU alckl BjrlHlata.
?1.06 alrht Mala at, Hta.
Leave B/r4 St. St*. 4.00 P. M. for Freaerichseere.
Leave alba St*. 7.44 A.B.,?.ti P. B. f*r Ashlaaa.
Arrive B j rd Kt. Hta. H.xA A-M. Tram Pred-rlrkib's.
Arrive Elba Hta. fl.SO A.S.,t.30 ifrom Asblaai.
?Daily, t Weak day a. fSasdaea ealy.
All traiaa to or from Byrd Street Sta
' artivala ani
I tka sices.
atop at Elba. Tim* of arrivals and departarae I
?atsaaraateed. Read t
Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
":?0 A. ?Local?Dalljr?Newport -Newa
i:li A ? Local -Dally?Ch'vllle. Ex. Bun.
??00 A -Express? Dally?Norfolk. Old Point.
t!l:00 A?Local?Dal.y?Lchbg.. Lea . C. Forge.
?12.00 Noon ?Eipte**?Dally?Norfolk. Old Ft.
'1.1! ?Express?Dally?Cln.. L'vtlle
tt 00 P. ?Expreai?Dally?Norfolk. N. Newa.
6:0? P.?Local-Dally?N. New?. Old Point.
t :; P.?Loca: ? Ex. Sun?Gord&nsvlil*.
6:15 P ?Local?Ex. Sun ? Lynchbure.
??:*0 P.-Limlted?Daily?Clncln'ii. Cnlcago
?11:00 P ? Expre**?Dal.y-Cincinnati, IV villa.
?Sleepers. tPanor cars.
Eaat: S:0 A. M . 7:40 P. M. Througa from I
East: 11:10 A. M . 2:05 P. ML, ?10 P. ht Local i
from Will' 1.20 A. M. A. si . and
7.2? P. M. Through: 1.20 A. M , li:o5 a. ML 1
and 2:5? P ML
James River Line: **? M A. M . 140 r.
"Dal.j except Sunday.
Richmond & Peierstwrf Dedric Railwaj J
Cars leave Manchester. Seventh aad .'e.-rj
Street*, for Petersburg.
?4. 7. I, ??. 10. It. *i! 4. k, ; t t I t
?i.46. ?*, 7. S. ?? 10 P. ML ?
ll:ft) P. M. for Chester. 12.00 midnight lor |
Pet -r?b-.rg.
Car* leave I'eteraburg. foot of Sycamore |
Street, for Mancheater:
16.U. I ii. "IM. T:3e 1:25. ?:85. ?10:?. 11:85 |
A M: 12:36 ?1:25. 2 23. 3 S5. ?? 85. i.JS. ? ti.
?7:23. 1:26. tea*. ':#:40. 11.40 P. ML
tDal.y?Ex. Sunday* and hoilday*.
?Carries baggage and express.
"?Limited?Lxcept Sundays and holidays.
All cars from Petersburg connect with I
cars for Richmond.
Norfolk & Western Railway
Schedu:e In Effect September 2?. 1*12.
Leave Bird Street Station. Richmond. FOR
MORFOLX: *> 00 A. St. 1:? P. M.. ?4:10 P. j
A. M ??:S0 A M 1-9* P. St.. ?? 3? P. ml
Arrive Richmond from Norfolk: *11:4S A.
M **Ji P. M ?II ?? P. M. From the West:
?4.40 A M . aSrJi P. M . ?1:4* P M . t tt P.
M . f M.
?Dally, ana: y ex. Sunday. bSur.d?y only. .
CP A. Roanoke. D. P. A_ R'<-hmond.
SarbmaaB mm* Onaatiahe Bv Ms. Oev
ScbcSal* ef Electric Tralna. eSwctree Map
SI i9tj. Leav* Slchmoad. Laurel aad Bread I
t-.reeta: ?*4 ?* *- at, ?7:1? A at. Ml* a.'
at ? ? V. m-. -10 M A. m. U M a. m.. I ll I
? at- a is f. ml. ?:?? r. m.. ms p. u.. *.? ;
Y M. 6:2? p. ML, l*BJ P. ML. BtsSI p. mx.,
ffj jSJ F. St. 11:4P V. m. Leav* ASb.la*. Eas- |
land and Maple Streets: w?.Ha\. at., o Km a- I
M | 4* A M.. aS.SS A- V, 1?:?? A m.. ?U St '
A. m-. ?12:?? M . S*n*Bj p BJ.. Id P. mU S OS
P M. ? ?? F SL. at *? f. m. ? *? P m_ .-.*?!
P . ML. I *? P M . r* St P. ML, UrtS F. M.
?Dally exr.pt suuuar ?aw.aar ealy.
ee-r.i.? baatmsa.
Train* Leave Richmond.
N. B?Foi.owing arhedu.e flgures pobtlsa- 1
ed ** tntormstion and not g iaraateed: I
For the South- Dally l it A. m Locat
MSB A M Expreaa. I:* P. M Expreaa, ;
with e>etr!r .ig-hteS S.e.p!ns C?ra for At- i
lent* aad Btr-rcngham. ii 4S P. M. Expreaa ]
Week Day* !:?> P M L4>eaJ.
4 * P m ?Daily?<~onti?ctlng for Bartl- 1
more Von Wed ?nd Frtder 4 4* A. ML?Ka- ,
Pun and 2 'A F. m ? Men. Wed. aad Frida?
Tratne Arrrtve Rlrhmoad.
r- - ?h? Poatb: t to A. Ml. aad ?:?? a. M. i
2 aj p. m. t?S p ? d*iv. :: ? Ma Staa.
From West Polet: t:S? A. St d?l y. 11:2? A.
M . Moa Wed sad M : 15 F. S Fx Saa j
S K Ht-w.-.EWS. dp A.
SF. E. Mate st I loo- ??''an 27? I
on the friendly relations of the
r'ght sort of a bank. Often In a
crisis It means everything;. Th&
officer*/ of th:? bank feel a friendly
interest in each and every deposi?
First National
Ninth aad Mala.
CAPITAL AND ?l'RPLl'8 $3,000,000.
Manchester National Bank
Work for South Richmond by
becoming a depositor in ihis bank.
Commonwealth Bank
No account i? too small for this
bank to handle.
State ol North Carolina
Dated January ;. 1913, payable July
1. 1?."?3. without prior option. Interest
4 por centum per annum, payable
aassd-annually January i and July I.
Both principal and interest payable at
the National I"ark Bank. New Yoric
City. The undersigned >tate Treas?
urer will receive settled bids at BJS
i.fflco In Raleigh. X. C, for said bonds
until 12 o'clock M. Tuesdav December
IT. Itll
State Treasurer
Two Largest. Newest. Finest Steamers)
Ever Sent to the Tropics.
January 22. February S. February -\
2S and 29 days. $17". upward.
S. H. BOWMAN. %aeat. Rlrknona. Ya,
Lv. Richmond foot of Ash St. dally.7-00 P. SC.
L&ave Ne wport Newt.5 .00 A. m.
Arrive Norfolk.0:00 A M.
Connects with main line steamers leaving
Norfo.k for New York dally, except Sunday.
7.40 P. M. Connections a.so mad* by N. at
W. Ry. 3 P. M. ?nd C. A O. Ry ?t 4 p. li.
Night line steamers stop at C'aremoct to
land or receive pasaenge.-s on signal, aad will
he met by public conveyance.
March li. >?Jam. s River by daylight fos
Norfolk and O d Point. Newport News and
a.. James River landings. Steamer leaves
Monday. We<ir.. sday' and Friday at O.JO A.
hi Freight received for all James Rivaf
Mad.son 174.
Main Ticket Office. i:i Z. Main Street.
Taars. Iss-. Hotels. Shore Emrsisliss, Lea?
eat Kates.
Twin Screw S s. "BKRilDUV lO.flt
tana d'splaremcnt. Electric fans, orcbea.
tra; wireless
I aotr?t. aesrewt and only steamer landing
paswsfrn at taw dark kt Be mm da without
fallings every ave days in concectloa
with B- M. S. P. Co. Ti-.k?ts interchange*
For fo 1 Infermatlei. apply to A. K.
rinr.RBRIPi.H * CO, Agents One her 3.
a. Caw l td, 2? Bi aad a ay. New Tora,
a. It. BOWMAN. 700 Fast Mala.
i.n To m rmi n %.
Tae Moat Beawtifwl ?gas? ta tne SswrlaV
fin Mr Bowman's Special T<-ur. leav?
ing Richmond November IV Rout. 1
trip. ???'? includes all exper.se?.
Pis ?Ideat-OTIeet OA ne straw WMava la
contemplating a trip to Bermuda sbflnl
the same time. Book now. Fartlcu?
lar* on application.
S. II BOWMAN. Agent.
7*? I".. Mam streeL Richmond. Va

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