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The times dispatch. (Richmond, Va.) 1903-1914, November 17, 1912, Image 17

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Activities of Militant
Suffragettes Have
Not Ceased.
In Past Week Fight Has Been
Waged Against Poet-Office,
Boxes Being Filled With
Varnish and Letters De?
stroyed?No Big Or?
ganized Orgies.
fSpectal Cable to The Times-Dispatch.)
London. November IS-?Matter? of
Crest and universal Interest, such as
the Balkan war, and others of sudden
and startling appeal, such as Wednes?
day's and Thursday's scenes In the
House of Commons, are always apt
temporarily to hide away ths move?
ments of a lower growth As far as
the notice taken by tbe press Is con?
cerned, the suffragists might he
Imagined to have retired from tag
arena. But to Imaslne this would be
a great mistake. They have never
been more active and nave never
Worked and organized harder tbaa la
the last few weeka There have been
mo big organised orgies such as win
Cow-smashlns and other outrages, but
tbs militant all over the kingdom are
keeping their hands In. At a his mass?
es eetlng ln Victoria Park On Sunday,
which bad been vertically unnoticed
by the preaa Mrs. Drummosa, one or
the chief militant leaders, advocates
violence with Utmost energy.
"Destruction of property wtU ee a
particular 'Job' ln ths future," she Se?
cured, aad the great crowd was wits
During ths past week la all parts
af th> kingdom, especially ln London,!
Btrmi .gham and Dublin, the militants
have )>ursued a relentless campaign I
against tbe post-office. Pillar boxe?
by the score have been Slled with var?
nish and some sticky black fluid, which
rendered hundreds of envelopes il?
legible, an) has given tbe general
post-offlce endieee trouble in decipher?
ing the others.
t au't Get Reariag.
John Burns, ths president of ths
local government board, at a noa
polltlcal meeting In his own constitu?
ency ln Battersea, was practically un?
able to get a hearing, and bad to sus?
pend the proceedings for twenty mia?
ute? while be personally superintend?
ed the police who were throwing out
men and women suffrsglsta Even then
he could not carry on the opening,
ceremony of a harmless flower show.
George Lansbury. a prominent Labor
member of Parliament, has resigned
hi- seat in the Mouse, and will recou
test for election from the Bow aad
Bromley division in order to flgjit In
the constituency as a para suffra
Sist candidate.
Tbe current number of Suffragette
shoaat a eoTleeflon Is being made of
oc? pounds, sterling, and tbe fund
now totals 137,000 pounds, sterling,
while the local reports sever noticed
in the dally press, show that en-,
thuslastlc meetings are held daily all
over the country. At all these meet?
ings funds, big and small, come In,
Last Sunday's meeting of non-mlll
tant auffragists at Albert Hall gath?
ered an enthusiastic assembly of more
than 19.000 persons, and mors tbaa
$2?,000 was collected oa ths spot
Mrs. Fawcett. a Suffragist fighter for
fore than twenty years, presided, and j
Lord Robert Cecil made a strong end'
impassioned speecb, but no London!
psper gave more thsn a few lines to;
the meeting, and some did not notice It
at all. though a little sporadic window
breaking on quite a small seals, whlcb
occurred on the same day. secured a
fair amount of publicity, a fact which
the militants have t>een using sines to
Justify their policy of violence.
No. It must not be thought that be?
cause the suffrsa-lsts. both militant and
law-abiding, recently did not secure
much nubile notice that they hava
ceased from making trouble. It wUI
be strange If the mflltsnts da not break
out again very soon,
ttaete rats lab Heery.
Tbe Pank hurst organ. Suffragette,
this week bss for Its front page aa
editorial excerpt from Patrick Henry's
famous declaration, "Give me liberty
or give me death," tbe passage start?
ing with the words. "Shall we try
The repyrt of tbe Royal Commission
Of Drugs, Medicines and Toilet Goods
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on Divorce, though duly noticed by the
editorials. In the newspapers, has not
yet received real attention from the
general public. O. K. Chesterton,
whose opinion .en all matters of gen?
eral public interest hi eagerly sought,
says: "When I was a boy the Mly
freedom ths moderns seemed to fancy
was suicide er ths failure >f life.
The moderns have brightened np a bit.
Their idea of freedom now la only
divorce or the failure of love. That
suceess la rather more free than fail
ore and IS.times ns ire common,
they canot grasp yet. For the present
I ssa against governments meddling in
- - .1 . . ?sssssssssssssssi
BMI Otmwn VWttm%. Ttf. ttrnwrmm W*M*? 4M E. ??>?>??
these long moral Issues at all I da
not think a frankly heathea suts
ought to forbid divorce or suicide, but
the whole Christian populace ?rill per?
manently resist both and will Continus.
to do so till you literally make then
j ' '
West Point. Va. November aV?A few
year* saw Mr. Oalpla. of Philadelphia,
bought "WeferelMe" from tbe late Henry ?
Cirri family, a farm situated on a blah!
bluff overlooking tbe Pamunkey River, seat]
Sweet Hall, sot rar from Wrst Point Tbe!
boose was built by James Rafft a is fit*, snd!
is very I arse and roomy, with ?passiv*'
ft Li datloa of atone. The space between the
? walle and weatherboard lag It filled wit*
brick snd mortar. la old times tbe bouse
I waa esteemed s fortress Tbe windows wer?
bullt bigb up In the wall so that Iadlsns
passing uB sad down tbe river saigat set
stoet their arrows la
Mr Gaipin sjav? tisa? fee tbe fans, sad!
bas recently refused MC.*? foe the same. !
1-aa; spring he placed fifty pigs Is a marsh
that waa apparently of no use. They wer? i
not fed nor attended to In any Way. and j
never bad any corn but tbat thrown t?
catch them, snd s few dsys ago be sold foe
t-esb fast worth of bogs is tbe marsh, and
left fifty for bis own raising He Is going te
ferce in a part of the marsh land and es>
periment on It by farming. He may try nee
along with other things tbat seed a dams
?Ml. ?
T'.ere was for assay years pre St reed ea j
in* pas ?. and U ma> be there sow. a piece
of pig \ a. which was smelted at tbe eld
"Prlaopi.i P*uraao?." w!tb wblcb Georg?
Washingtons f?iher bad tbe contract fee
hauling ore in IS*, and as the reibt bears
the inscription "Prlr.. .pin. ITSS." It at prob?
at) > that Auguatlse Washington stay bare
hardlcd this very piece. Thtre are on tbe
place the rstas of a muck older house, ow?
of tbe bricks ef whl?h baa been pr<served,
beaiias date ?f Ha*, an i was md-ubu?. ?
la ported fleas Sogead ?oe? after the sct
tltmeat of tbe colony. These bricht were at
a g at. 1 variety aad of a p*< ?.?sr col?,
d.Bering from brlcaa made Of tbe aaUvs
Ttrre see assay of these Iwtarestiag Oed
.'anus au tbrowgh ikis sc. >??s tbat respond
rewdt,y to cultivation and ?:?vk and fruit
mi*.ng wbea cspttsl and -a-rgy happen
aioag and lead s band
Tbe ear new sals ef the p??p?rt ybe'eag
*sg ?? the estate ef tbe late Horaua Tr??l
took piece Wi la ltd ay la front ef tbe sank.
A sr. at dead ef lata rest was sjaasi ts*nee?
Tbe realty saws well, beiagssg asore ises
g-w?*.wsjaj- Witt0t #f fwe# ^9*9X^99%^ wT?aaV 'wajsjtay t#
A party ef ftsiMra Railway sgWtSsbj an
as lea., rtton tear spent s night bs West
mutt ihis week, la the party wee* M a,
? u ;c Mas. ef a raws ?b na. general snpefln- j
teneVewt; Tbnm? P rnard. ef Orosawbtrn, I
scpertniisdist of ??fc-tisi.asi gag way. 1.1
H H'-dspeth. of RH-hSt?d. dl alls fptlSSi I
Success of Balkan Allies Gives
Austria-Hungary Something
to Think Of.
Growth of Sentiment Means Life
or Death to the Ger?
man Race.
(Special Ca?le to The Tisnrs-Dispatea.)
Berlin. HeeseiSt IS.?Ts? lytf ot
tbs Balkan allies and the victories of
th* 81a* armies has caused Austria snd
Gel ssaai -seriously to think la view
of the enormous Slav aopolauoa of
Austria-Hungary. The oeerwuelmlne
victories of their brother Slavs aas
sent a "rave of exultation sweeping
ever tbe g.avs of Austria-liunga,..
and even to the Prussian Po ea There
sre 17.tea.sea Slavs la Austria-Hun?
gary, excluding Bonn'*, wko have fol?
lowed the Balk*, a votaries, equaling
and snsai Hubs exceeding the en.huni- I
asm displayed la tbe Ba.kaa states;
cities. At Prags* lb* aewspaper bu le
t'n boards wars surrounded by tarones
Sf Slavs, aad tbsasawas of d?..ars were
collect?? far the Servian Ked Croan1
Also mswlfsbtss were issued, a typten?
one bSlag as fellows:
."Hasten to tbe aastet an c? of aar!
brothers After *e* years tbe seen-'
Sera, deliverers and liberators has*
.vrieea to tbe cause of the Slavs, and,
?.heir blood Is aar blood.
Tata by causing greater an? let y tbs a1
?rear, and has crsatsd a greater do
tarnalaatioa ea tbe pan ef Germany
aad Austria t? keep tbe Polish ele?
ment la subjection, Maxlmlllaa Har
eea. tbe aaeod Oirmaa suhiWSst, ontd
tc year tOCTess'indent this week
** * er*sa~ef ^arrab for'ssT'iaar
! In*. Ia this city dog thl*Te* ax* very
active In bagging game, and the butch
er? openly pay % fair pr?c* for tb*
captured dogs. Numerous youths hav*
adopted dog snatching; as sn easy
means of making packet money. So?
ciety women no longer go to tbe?
poaag la search of their missing Pats, i
bat they send around the butcher!
shags, la tbs search ef tb* missing, to'
see If they are still ailve
Tbe Kaiser Is to get a nsw recht!
te replace tbe aincteea-year-oid Ho- {
hensollern, and the Reichstag lei
asked te grant aa appropriation of j
f 1 ?*#.?<>? to furnish che moat med- i
era and! most speedy yacht possessed;
by say ruler. In the aew naval es- j
tlmate far 1?1J. Admiral von Tirpltx,;
the naval secretary, declared that he,
was ?nable much longer to be re-.
sponstMe for the seaworthiness: of J
the Hohenxollem. which went so slow- j
ly thst ska was not able to keep up'
with the fleet daring the manoeuvres'
Tb* aew yacbt will have a tarbfae
engine and may be used mm a scout
vessel la the event of war.
?sdsslilil astsfbjts five* Afar.
Greet Britain yearly spends rffl.aSs.SSj ea
Over gf re- loss of tuba is are Issued each
rear by one ef Baaiaad'? railroads
The opesiac aad closing of ooma of tbe
galas of tbs Panima Canal is done by a
niasslie.srsa weighing gvs tona
George Westisghouse says that the ideal
venue! for tbe ocean trade Is as Americas
schooner with snxiltary engine.
Thirty the?and seeks aad pamphlets,
two-thirds of which relate to eiectficlejr.
havo been recently sdded to the library of
the Massachusetts School ef Technology.
Only about 1 per cent of tbe tots! wealth
?f tbe Called Ststee Is Invested In church
property, but. aceordlns to Booker Wash?
ington, over ? per cent ef tbe wealth of tbe
negroes of the eouatry Is Invested In this
wsy. They bsve IS.es* churches, with 3 Tan.
?*? members.
A colony of Seen front Busala is to be es
tabitsbed In Florida, presumably by tbs
Rothschilds A. Brill, who Is said to repre?
sent them. Is looking for s tecattou sultabls
for Jewish farmers from Russia.
Artificial milk made from the soja Lea?
Is a testimony to the ingenuity of tbe J.-.p
snese. and it is ssid to correspond very*
closely with ordinary condensed milk. The
beans are first soaked, then boiled in water.
Ppeseatly the liquid turns white: sugar und
pttspbate of Dotash in proper quantities ar*
added, and the boiling continued until a sub?
stance the thl kness of molasses is obtained.
New fed utirVea In West YVjgtnsn.
Charleston, W. Vs.. Jfovember at?The fol?
lowing industrial and development enter?
prises are reported Is this State for this
The Porter Lumber Co.. Cksrttotss, wss
Incorporated wttm VUK -XO capital stock to
mar.ufsetsre lumber.
The Chesapeake and Potomac Oil Co.,
Parkeruburg, ??< incorporated with tSte.OO)
espttel stock to develop oil properties.
Tbe Deceta Coal Co.. Randolph County,
was Incorporated with IISo.SO* capital stock
by Philadelphia capitalists to develop coal
Tb* Welrton Stee! Co.. Welrton. recently
Incorporated with IJtC.tSt capital stack, i rw
ganlsed to build plant for raaaufarturfsas
strip steel speclslties from band attat
Foslergraphs Foster's Fosiergraphs
Remember the Far-A way Friends on
Christmas Day
Of yourself will Irring hack tile happy memories of rrygone diys?
signify your unforgetting affection and tali their etile with golden
drcni* of future joys together. Arrange for sittings now. before the
Christmas rush sets in. Phorie Monroe 2465.
1U >J?itl. NM Sammu
KlrhtassTii, Vn,

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