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?Address on Report of Education
Board to Baptist State
Minister Urges Importance oi
Denominational Colleges and
Hear Criticism
of Catholicism
Sorlallam Md I m mUETst loa* Ala*
Ularusacd la Address at Bap?
tist Convention.
Petersburg, \ a-, Movrmber 1?.?
Criticism of cat bolit lam. aoclulism
? ml I as attar ration marked tn-day's
seaaioa of Ihr \ Irclnla llaptlat iirm
eral Association, la annual conveu
tloa here. \t the cloning seasiua
to-alisht Rev. Charte? Ii Maddry.
of Tabernacle Church. Kalrlaa. X.
t., declared tkat thr Serial %e battles
for rivilUatloa v? 11? be fuusbt on
southern territory. Oar million
two hundred tkouaand Immigrants
from Southern Knropr are ciimlns
lata this rouitr) every ?rar, and
tboaaanda are moving- from eonatry
to the rlty. The congestion In
Southern eitle? within the next sen
eratlon. he derlared. will be such as
will tax the resources, men and
money of the southern Baptist
Church to spread the gospel to the
Rev. J. w. Shelburne startled the
delegates to the convention by his
declaration that be dor-* nut believe
In revivals. Pr/"olnr?t Baptist
clergymen In the Stste any he doea
not express the sentiment of tke
State association.
Ttmes-Pispstch Bureau,
5 Bol?n?broke Street,
Petersburg, Va.. November U.
This morning's ecssion of the Bap- |
tlst General Association was opened !
with devotional exercises conducted |
Ly the Rev. W. J. Shipman.
Kdcratlonoi Bonrd.
The sJS"tf' S"i Sisil annual report of
the Educational Bonrd was presented '
by J. Taylor Kllyson, of Richmond.
The report reviews the work of the
past year and states that there has :
been an Increase both in the contri- :
butions to the o'iurches and still more
notab'e Incna-e in the number of
young: men under Its care. The bonrd
has heen ab> to pay promptly all
of its obligations as they mature and
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Coats for small girls and boys of all sizes, $5 to $14.
to leave a g-ood balance in the treasury
with which to begin the work of the.
present session.
There are now under its care fifty
students: ten of tltvse are pursuing
their studies at the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary and forty at'
Richmond College. Of this number I
thirty-eight are old students and.
twelve new. The lacreaae in the nurn
bar of students is eleven more than on
the corresponding Jay of last year.;
and tills session there are twelve newt
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iffigg-PRESENTED * BY*'THE-.-'?' Iffx'-'lT'?..
[g] TIME j-JiSPA 1CH, Nov. nth I
& cwjpohs or coasuiffivi v*a smwz a seiiMl
iriA frvec 3>eT**f <
efface m >a tSa ?i>w?? t _-v? ?
_ aaaaaavd wkk ovrm ta* fJaaVl a*" the coat af ?>*?-1 .na. a
racaar*. cSe.i ,. clerk ?..? eai adkar ai i mwmf C J i.'..li
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(Ljice- ?, - ? --, ? ??-':'.^'rn?frvn ?!av to dar) Z
Thi> Dic- >- r\r i? N'jT r?ct;.:--hf1 ry the otajaMal pat
IbK-.r* r? / -rer'- ihct.--.narr or by thrir shrcrtyor?.
V It is the oxit entirely nkw rotnptlstkra by the world,'
atr-t au-' ??r?-s f?? -: lra<f;rtf, universit?r^; s? bend ia
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It la e*?<~?y t^a aar . y*__ #*> ftaj t, !? ; a ?? eiotk kir<J
at UM HH beak, ea- | T~- u*. a ae.se* I? ? j
ea tra atyta of _aad saace. aaa a. a 5
t:->aa hat atl
<af the
eat- ^.rfi-ft? ^
students as compared with four during
the previous sets.on.
Appropriate a.i-s.un is made to the:
ttsjth of Or. William E. Hatcner, who
was for twenty-six years president of
the Education Board, who is spoken
of as one who loved ail young men,
but who felt a peculiar interest In |
those who had been called to preach
the gospel.
The report calls attention to the
need of an increase, both in the contri?
butions of tiie churches and the number
of young men entering the ministry of
the Baptist churches of the blute. The
education board is declared to be the
bas:3 of supplies for the gicat denomi?
national work throughout the world.
The report recommends the adoption
by the general association of the fat-1
lowtag resolutions:
L The churches be asked to raise
for the education board during the
coming year not less than $7,00u. >
2. That the matter of helping young
men at the academies be left to the
discretion of the education board.
3. That the board be Instructed to
respond to the request of the Southern
Baptist Convention for the church ap?
propriation an 1 the students fund of
the seminary at Louisville, provided
that the increased contributions from
the churches shall enable them to do
SO. j
The report speaks ho**?fully of the
outlook for the Increatt. g usefulness
of the board In the coming years. .
Seeg of Ministry.
The main address on the educational
report was made by the Rev. W. F.
..ateoti. who declared the great need
of the church to-day to be a well
equipped God-calied ministry?men
called as were isaih, Jeremiah ana
Paul, men divinely called, and with?
out ques'ion of mercenary motive ot
salary; men given to study of the
word and to prayer. On this need ot
the church tiie speaker earnestly spoke
Dr. Battle followed Dr. Watson in a
very forcible addiess on the supreme
importance of th'. denominational col
lege am] seminary, as far preferable
to State universities In laying the
foundation of religion In the education
of the young.
J. Taylor Ellyson made a brier speech'
in favor of the recommendations in the
report. The report and recommend-- j
tions were adopted.
Orphanage Trsustees.
The committee on nominations ot'
to rerantt Virglntn?Fair San day and i
?aassl and So nth Carolina Fair Sun?
day and Monday.
*s-rini Loral Dntn tor Yesterday.
13 noon temperature . 42
I r M. t'-mperatujro . H
Ma\imum temperature up to 9 !
I?. ?. 61
Minimum temperature up to <
I?. ?. 32
Mc.m teti.p-rature. 42
Horm 'e nperature . 7
Exc.-s temperature since March
1 . 47
An .TT., deficiency in temperature
- - .:.,t ,,y i . 357
Dei;, tency n. ra<nfa.l since March
1 .S 04 ,
A' ;t def;,-2-ncv In rainfall air.ee .
January 1 .?.17
Loral <?' ?erration * P. SJ Veelerday.
Tel < r.jt-.re . 44
Hsnu-ity . -4
\v .r... <:;r?-ctlon . S.
IWino?velocity . j
t OMIITIO? |* |HP HTttT rrTIK*.
. <At s |? M r. sterr. Standard Time)
1 Place Ther H T. I? T. W.*ther.
?Ash'vllU . 44 it S3 Clear
-\t ? ? 1 . . . SS S< Cl.-ar
At.ai.tlr f'ty . SS ?; ?4 Clear
?as - .St 40 24 Cl'ar
H-ffalo . 44 ?4 S3 Cloudy
Calgary .3? 44 ?? P. cloudy
|Charl<otoa ... as .4 4? Clear
Chicago . 42 44 24 Clear
P?ster . 3? 42 t2 Clear
!?>.!?>:? . *e 44 as Cloudy
.?". ... ?4 44 4" p cloudy
{ll-tteraa-.. 4? RS 44 Clear
I Pa Ml . t* ?4 I? Cesr
Ij.r'M-fltiMl'.f SO &* ?4 Clear
K4naaas c-jt, 4? ?0 ?4 Clear
IMe ..4* s4 is Clear
V ?? ery . &S 4? S3 Oar
-..ans M C? 44 Clear
N. ? ^ rh .24 44 3? Cl?-?r
Sor'n.% . ?4 49 4? Clear
... -i.e.ma .44 .'? 44 P cloudy
? rah 4? 4? 32 Clear
Hsle'.gh . 44 (2 ?! Clear
I * 'hi.I? M ?? Clear
M Paul ... 24 22 C ear
t n reaaetoco- ?'? ?? M Clear
? '?h . . . M M ?4 Oear
a-.'k?ae .4? r* 24 Cloudy
Ts-noa ...99 7* t? Pear
v ?? -rtor, 4S 4? t? Clear
Wtrnip-sj .... ?4 24 8 Cloudy
Wytnevlila ... I? 4? Jt n?ar
srttiTiiir iiviitf,
* Jfove?#??er 17. Ifll
? Sue, r'"et . . 4-ff Mnmla? ...Iii
ilnsna ... .M? Evaahng . u;l
board* reported the following nomine
Uona jo mi vacancies la the t ran teen
of the Baptlet Orpbaaags af Virginia,
which were approved:
At Large?W W Boxlsp. W. It Ren?
al da. o. W. MoDaalel and J. & Huteon.
Concord AssoctaUon?C N- William*
and E. T. Hlgaaon. Peninsula Aseecta
tloa?C. a. Nelm* and B. W. Crump.
Petersburg Association?William P11
chsr. W. B. Daniel. Valley Associa?
tion?J. H. Wright. E. A. Bishop.
Dr. P. H. Martin was elected presi?
dent of the board.
Beards ef the Asss station
Subsequently the committee oa the
nominations of new boards ef the as?
sociation made a full report, watch was
adopted without being read. Very few
changes are mads In the membership
of the boards as organised last year.
On the State Mission Board. W. E.
Olbson succeeds Ryland Knight, and
T. C. Skinner succeeds L. B. Warren.
On the education board. W. I* Ball
succeeds BylanU Knight as second
vice-president; K W. Baffle succeeds
Dr. vvrn. A. Hatcher, and J. J. Wicker
and L. T. Wilson are new members.
Oh the foreign mission board, Vernon
J. Anson takes the place of W. A.
Smith, and J. L. King. H. 8. Drlscoll
and J. T. Anderson are elected to All
The folliwlng persons are nominated
to fill vacancies on the Baptist Edu?
cation Commission of Virginia for
three years: W. R. Berksdaie. C. T.
Sutherlin, George B. West, Maryusj
Jones. J. K. Hicks. P. W. Ferren. R.
J. Camp. P. D. Swaitney. Sr.
For the unexpired term of W. E.
Hatcher, ending in 1914. two arej
nominated: W M. Rucker and I* M.|
Sunday' School aad CelPOrtage.
Kev. J. L. SheKurne. of Bristol. |
spoke of the work being done for Sun?
day School and Colportage?work to
make a better breed or generation of
faith?and the progress Is very en?
Sunday SeLeel Beard.
Rev. W. W. Hami-ton read the re?
port of the Sunday School Board of
the Southern Baptist Convention. The
board was organized twenty-one years
ago. Its total business in 1892 a
$19.000; 1S12 Its business was $300.000;
and In twenty-one years its business
exceeded $2.600.OJO. The great pur?
pose of the board Is Sunday acbool im?
Dr. Dun ford, secretary of the board. |
spoke to the report, which was very
optimistic In character.
Dr. DeMent spoke In advocacy of j
the report und Its recommendations, j
especially that favoring a new, thor?
oughgoing, biblical catechism.
The report was adopted.
The remainder of the morning ses?
sion was devoted to miscellaneous bus?
iness, and visiting pastors were intro?
Right fessfea.
There was no session of the asso?
ciation in the afternoon, the members
going In a body to Richmond to view
the site and campus of the Woman's
College, which was the subject of In?
teresting report and discussion yester?
To-night's session was devoted to
the consideration of home missions, the
report being made by the Rev. W. A.
florae Mission Beard.
The report shows total of baptisms
of 26.S99. and letters received. 20.829,
making total additions to the churches
under home board's work of 47.728.
There were 883 volunteers for the min?
istry and mission work; 201 new
churches were constituted: 2S4 church
edifllcea were built and Improved: 764
Sunday schools were organized: 35,513
P.ibles and Testament* were dis?
In nearly every department of the
work results and signs for the future
are most encouraging. The contribu?
tions of $3?6.0S0 contrasts most elo?
quently with the total of SFS.894.
Riven In 1902: 65 per cent of the total
came In two week* of April.
The Dead of the Tear.
Memorial services, tender and Im-|
pressive. will be h<-ld by the associa?
tion Sunday afternoon, conducted by]
the Rev.. F. H. Martin. D. D., of Char
lottesville. In honor of the following!
ministers, who have died since the!
last meeting of the association: Dr.
William E. Hatcher. F.-lchmond: Dr. H.
W. Trlbble, lake City, Fla: A. T>. Rey-j
Lungs Were Affected
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J. N. DoiTermyer. died In North Caro?
lina; 1?. J. Warren, Pimplin City; J.
R Garlick. D. D., Richmond.
The paper on Dr. Hatcher will be!
read by Dr. Watson, and a tribute wlllj
be paid by Dr Corbett The paper onl
Dr. Garlick will be read by Dr. C. H.
Oflirera ad * ?rlaflss)
The officers of the Baptist Associa?
tion, Just elected, represent every sec?
tion of the Stats. They are: President.
Rev. J. IL Pi Ich er, D. D.. Petersburg-,
vice-presidents. Rev. Vernoji I'Anson,1
Norfolk: Rot. W. F. Watson. Alexan-j
dria: Ras. H- H- Seay. Blackstone; Res.
J. B. Craft, Big Stone Gap; secretary.'
Bar. Hash Smith, Christlansburg; as-'
ststant secretary. Theodors Ellyson.
Richmond. .
Incensed, He Threatens to Sue
City of Little Falls for
False ImprisonmtmL
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
little Falls. M. aV November 1?.?
Mayor George R Uann. of Sohenectady.'
after spending, last night in the Herki
sasr County jail on his conviction sf
violating a local ordinance, was releas?
ed on ball late this afternoon, pend?
ing an appeal, and left for Schenee
tady this evening, charging the Elt-'
tie Falis authorities with ass Melons
prosecution sad vowing he would sue
the dty for heavy damages for al-1
leged falsa tsapr-sonmoat.
Tio bond for his release, psadlng a!
dor Isles on the sppsaL ?ras axed st
fids. j
At I o'clock this after sous the tex?
tile strikers came oat with a saw
stunt In their daily demonstrations
About tot strong, they had a pared*
throng* too artaslaal streets Across
the breast of each marcher was a
paper badge ea ntitan, was printed
TK?n t as a seas."
The strikers saag as they marched,
sack nationality la Its earn language
At the and of the parade ossse "Big
BUI" Hay wood This was his first ap?
pearance oa farads la this otty. and
the crowd easily spotted him las
walked Isolds Was Martllda Rahta
owtta, s young striker from BilSss
?art. Conn. Arriving at the strike
has Ian* rtera, the leaders told the
ttflkeis that the kattle was nearly
won, that the mill onaeis stood ready
for sett least nt The ctty ki fall or
I swats to-n iaht of a strike settle moat
Ft Is believed that tho ismart started
hseaas? ft has hoen known for sotao
time ?hat the GITWrt Karftfaw aTTOs
wars ready to settle tho strike the
saawe dan the mon loft
^r^amsjsJhBt sdSntMod to-day ay the
that a readjustment of the wage seals
was contemplated In those mills.
Virginia odd fellows
i to visit washington
! Members of Several Loa*?* Will Take
Part la Bally oa Tuesday
rSpecisl to The Times-Dispatch.J
Alexandria. Vs.. November ??Fire!
< hundred Odd-Pellows from this ttp i
; and Northern Virginia will go to Wash?
ington on Tuesday night next for the]
purpose of participating in the -ig
Odd-Fellows' rally, which will be held
[in that dtp.
' The visiting; Odd-Fellows will aa-1
semble here The lodges which will
come to this dtp being aa follows:
Hlghlmd. Independence: Prince Wil?
liam. Prince William: Charity. War?
ren tor Marshal!. Marshall: Remington.
Rem!sjton. Phoenix. Culpeper: Acco
i tlnk, Accotlnk: Crescent, Lorton , Mt_
j VIslo| Occotjnan; R E- Lee. Dum -
Ace-mpanylng them from this city
I r ill ?e the following officers of the
State lodge A M SouthalL (rand
' mastr. Danville. W. E. Alle-?, deputy
I irani master. Ccvington. Park P.
i Dean grand master, Windsor.
Ata meeting of the creditors of the
I Emeaon Steam Pump Company, held
: yeateday in the United States Court
i room before Walter C. Varney, referee
I In binkruptcy. T. C. Smith eras elected
' trusbe. He gave bond la boa gnat af
fl&.w*. A number of claims were
allosad aad several disallowed.
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rowre oil, and m just a lew mosaassS
you hare doubled the beauty of your
Besides beautify lag the haast osier.
Pamferinc ditsulsui eoery partsrle of dsn
dnaf. cleanses, porifies and mrujormtm
the scalp, forew stopp??? ltchin*
falling hair.
irs??ye*?bsrt realty new hast I1"*18*
all orer the scalp, "'you care tor p>etry
I sr.it hair and sots of it, muayjgtt * 2>
cue bottle of tAawarhoa's Datidertaa
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tualy ace i
jvst try it.

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