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KmU artlUorr Ira, Throe Buign
batteries were destroyed"
_J through Um day tu? booming of
fa* heavy cuna waa heard la Coaataa*
fjaapla It ctoned only with dark neon
The firing alone the entire Una waa
erldenUy preparatory to an infantry
Attack. The Turkish batteries re?
al lad vigorously. The Turkish ships
Fe the Sea of Marmora eheUed the Bul?
garian position* Undoubtedly, the
?eat in the Black San also took part in
the engagement, though details from
that point am lacking. In tbs after?
noon the wind shifted* and It seemed
for a time as If the battle had end
ad, bat again the booming was heard,
and the movement of the troops could
be observed not far from tne pates
to the capital. A detachment of see
erat thousand from the T -haul's lines
was replaced by fresh troops, wno he-1
been held in reserve tie*.- the city.
Tbs refugees behind the lines broke
camp early In the dsy and moved back
toward Constantinople- The Greek
elllagers. who heretofore had remained
adn irably Indifferent to ev ents, pre
parec to desert their homes. While
nalm prevailed, there whs a deadly ten?
sion In the knowledge that the fate of
the capital, the Turkish army and
those who waited anxiously in Con?
stantinople was at stake"
Several members of the legations
and other foreign residents witnessed
the art il lory duel, which they dtscribej
as magr.ltU-t r t. on th. Sea of Marmora,
and. the shelling troni height to height
across Blyuk. Chekmedve Lake ami
over the plains towards the north.
The flashes of the guns on both sides
were visible to observers over miles
of low country.
Within tne city every military pre?
caution was t/;en. Pickets were post?
ed at various pohuts and patrols guard?
ed the streets. The ambassadors held
a meeting at the foreign ministry
with the commanders of the Ottoman
gendarmerie and devised measures for
the safety of foreigners.
roadltloaa Horrifying.
Constantinople. November 1? (by In?
direct route).?There are now. more
than 1.000 cases of cholera daily in
and around Constantinople and the
death rate has reached 50 per cent.
The authorities are powerless to cope
with the situation. On Thursday last
1,000 cholera patients arrived by train
at sSan'Stefano. They would have oeen i
brought here but for the protests of |
the railroad company and the Aus? .
trlan ambassador, who asked that they ?
be sent to the lazarettos at Becos and
For twenty-four hours the patients
remained in the train on a siding at;
San Stefano without water, food or (
medical attention. Then they were
shipped to the quarantine stations. If
they had been of the lower order of
anlmaes they could not ihave been
snore neglected.
Yesterday a foreign doctor assigned
In the military hospital discovered by!
accident that five soldiers dying of j
cholera had been placed among the'
wounded. He ordered their removal. :
Bearers took up the dying men on their ?
shoulders, but their condition was such]
that he ordered the bearers to drop.'
them. This Uhey literally did. and the
?.infortunates were left lying in the j
mud for an hour, groaning and in j
convulsions, before they were removed j
on stretoaem
An extraordinary feature of condl- I
tions behind the Turkish bines at '
Tchatalja is the indifference of the
SMSty IS the preser.ee of unauthorized
?rlj.tors. Ar.7 foreigner wearing either'
a fez cr a European hat may hire a !
vetir'.e i- i ir:v? to the Turkish er.
* r? r, < ? ? - - t_s a_">i Inspect the troop-&.
"There appears to be no cordca to pre- .
e t: --s frcrs return; 3g to Con-'
S-evera^ f"r*;gn oSeers who visited
the lines Thursday aid Friday report j
t-.r *-.Ve*t:- - h->?e:ess. The tren-hes
ar* only partly dug. A huge rdle of.
"tarier wire is stacked near tr.e er.
Cine/ered r.-.rth*rn wir.g. never having
??er. to use ihe troops for th>
r.-co-st par*, are livable to work because
cholera infected soldiers are keeping
Smtcb :n the earthworks
Innumerable sick '.le groaning in the'
f.elds te the rear, some of them In ?
their last agonies. Counties* cholera ;
Infected fugitives are straggling back \
?c the fan-shaped road converging on
Jta^emkeu: from the outer forts. Thou?
sands of patients _r.d hundreds of 1
dead lie en the ground around Ha- i
At Dcrkos Lake, the chief source
e>f Constantinople's water supply, there
"was a guard of soldiers, but twelve of
?hem died and fifteen others were
?tri. ken with cholera Thursday night
There Is great fear that the whole
Some people have too much
confidence in the weather re?
port?better depend on a Berry
Raincoat at $28, or a Slip-on
at $12.
Raincoats tor boys, girls and
women, too.
Umbrellas at $1?the best
kind of umbrellas in the world
Others at $2 up to $12.00.
We've just opened a particu?
larly nice lot ot underwear.
It's medium wool at $1.20
per garment.
Motor Wear.
Golt Togs.
Riding Breeches.
watershed will be contaminated. In?
volving Constantinople in the gravest
The three physicians at Derkos have
been unable to do more than bury the
dead. Turkish officers regard further
.resistance at Tchatalja as Impossible,
but think it is equally Impossible for
the Bulgarians to occupy the Turkish
positions without endangering the
whole Bulgarian army through ohel?
er a.
Depart neat Gratified.
Washington. November 17.?The State
Department is gratified at the favor?
able replies received from all of the
Kiiropcan governments Interested In
the Balkan situation to requirements!
that protection be afforded to Ameri?
can citizens and property up to the
time for the arrival of the two Ameri?
can warships now on the way to the
disturbed locality.
( ablaet Balds Mediana.
Soils. November 1".?The Cabinet
held two special sittings to-day to
discuss the Turkish peace overtures.
So far only Montenegro hsa commu?
nicated with reference to the propose*
condition The Bulgarian Cabinet de?
sires the fullest discussion among the
allies of the terms to be demanded, in
order to be la a position to formu?
late precise and definite conditions
for Turkey's acceptance or rejection,
thus Ins using absolutely a final ast
I- is six days since any official news
has been published from any army
head'i'-Jart*rs. There are many ru?
mors that Mghting is preceedln-r along
the Tehataija lines. A report through
B.lgariac channels says a number of
TeihJsh officers and soldiers on duty
et the Palace of Tlldiz Kiosk, when
sedered to preened to Tchatalja, re?
fused, -ieclarlng that further fighting
was useless. Several of the officers
were arrested. bu? the mutinous con?
duct of the troops was continued in
ether instances
The official jOt. reverting to the
r-eaee overtures, says: "'Provided T?r?
ke- shows the necessary spirit of con?
ciliation, in particularly consenting
to all concessions immediately, she
-nay make her conquererg at once her;
best friends, even her future allies J
The news of the spread of cholerra
at the TchataHs lines has caused great,
anxiety here. j
Woateae-KTtBs Defeated.
Washington. November 17?The fol?
lowing cable dispatch was received by
Sold under the unqualified guarantee of "satisfaction,.
or money back. '1 % lb. 5c-}, Ib. 10c-1 lb. 2fhiJ
None better made at any price.
AM gaai Gwmtm* uMmm m*M got *t ?w fsm, ?
(Like iHnnntiom in the ann<*3T?< erofni? from 6*j to day )
This l>?ion*ry n NOT pnuhthed by the oritrmal pob
ushert of \\>S?ter'? Dic.i^rtrT r>r by their tnccraaore,
f It it the oslt entirely vrw cotriptlorion by the world*' ?
grrptevt setiiorities frorr. iea< irtr anrreTs:tie?; it boond m |
fall Lrmp Leather, flexile, ttamped hi fold on bock and,
tides, printed on P.tbie paper, w. h red edge* and corner, <
,.,.4] beautiful rtrong. dcrpWe. lW<Iei the general contents, tbert j
are ma-*' and ov-r 600 ?nbjecti beantirolly illustrated by three- ._ . ,
color plate.. nunwoM atibjoctl by nv ^trflr?. 16 Man of ?E*v!
adnca-.-nal chant and the lotrtt lotted Stite? Cento*. Prenrnt 'a-ft,
at dns ofibct MX Ciainaalii PUliiaert Ciaaia* anal Sbo *JOC
-?iS 81c
Ta* ai-rlTal at Stara Za-rera af a lar-re aatek at Tarklsk J.UiiHB a??ar
far araartl af Itnlaariaa aalatera._.-.
the Turkish embassy from the War
Office at Constantinople to-day:
"Constant.nop.e. November IT.
"The commander at Scutari -elves the
following details of our victory of No?
vember 17:
" 'After two days of fighting on the
summit to the east of Mus.inkey, the
Montenegrins have been completely de
fcated. They lost 1.000 in killed and1
a greater number in wounded. Among
the trophies are three flags, several I
thousand rifles, a great Quantity ofj
ammunition, tents and other military j
effects. Kaya-ar. Btroja aad Navlitz j
have been entirely occupied by Ottoman j
troop* Tbs situation la the viUoystj
of Janaal Is unchanged.'" {
Port as Captared.
Rleka. Montenegro, November 17.?A
strong Montenegrin division, after
severe fighting, has succeeded In oc?
cupying the Port ot Sao Giovanni dl
Med ua, aa well as other contiguous ter?
Before taking possession of the port,
the Montenegrins, under command of
General Marthhovltch> encountered
stubborn resistance from 3.000 Turks,
who occupied the slopes of Mount Bar
balusrhe. near the Drin River. The
Are of the Montenegrin artillery, how?
ever, proved too much for the Turks,
ard they finally abandoned their posi?
tions, thereby oponlng up tbs way to
Pan Giovanni di Medun.
A ceased -Gaaassa" ( eaddewt They WMl
New Tork, Nov-mber IT?By Tuts
day .-:ght the four 'gunmen" on trial
I tut the murder of Hermta Rosen thai
i should know their fat* Wat. and da- '
Mama hoped to-Bla;nt ta bar* too can*
In the j irr? hands by 1 o clock Tues
day afternoon.
Car Wahle aaylatr optlnsistlrally
that he erna cratala of acquittal for
h ? clients, spent the day preparing
i ? I hl? nummary of esfsnet. Thle he a,11
preeeir* to the Jury ne soon aa the trial
Is resumed to-morrow The lawyers
are expected to conclude within three
hours arter receea. the nroee'-atlon
?? mmr.g up Assistant I-lstrP t At
_tr-?n?y Moss ho pee to end Ms argument
i IV I o'ctocal. if thle program la car?
ried out. Just If e OohT oa Teesdav re wa
J I sn| mill charge the far*, which wdl
l ; then retire
i Tnwyer Wahle declared te-night that
[the Prate bad failed to eorr-.berate the
1 etory of "Bold Jack'- Koee. the la
' form er. that the are a ate s had e-Han-it
ted the crtnt Inetitrated by Police
' lieutenant fbartee Be eher Than, he
' said, only the testtaioer of the tdentl
' rytnv etl assess rBBBBjjj to bo an?H
ere* try the Inry Csaseraieej tbssa. bo
hare pro-end that Stan let] and
j t .-.'.?-, were not there Bhapire's at err
I *?"?? refuted by the leatltasui ef tbrsa
j n-.-r--t-aBehnble aMasnaea l>eptay Pa
It" ''-cm-eisel >aer DoasTberty, Teens*
? K??rer Mak tey and laiwyer Marshall
11 -ei.M see anythlatf bad eone*rtal Ttr
these ko,e ??
la their e?Oa te-aap the res ana pre.
clear. They can't Und anything but
acquittal for ua because we have told
Cod's own truth In our stories." de?
clared "Gyp the Bl->od."
"That's so." chimed In "Defty Louie."
"Next Tuesday night we will have s
celebration banquet with our families
and friends."
Counael for the defense said they
would not dslcuss the case again until
the jury's verdict la known.
ts Delivery of
Atlanta, O*. November 17.?Discus?
sion of the Influence of good roads on
the rural free delivery of mail and as
an aid to the ante ass of the paresis
poet act recently passed by Congress
premises to feature the fourth annual
meeting of the Southern Appalachian
Good Roads Association here on
Wednesday and Thursday of this week.
Jonathan Bourne. Called States Sen?
ator from Oregon, will be the chief
speaker In connection with the aid
~>f good rosds to the Post-OH!ce De?
partment of the government. The
Oregon Senator la the author of the
parcels post measure It la also ex?
pected that the question of Federal
aid to the cause of good highways will
come ap at the meeting.
Delegatea will be present from Vir?
ginia. West Virginia, Kentucky. Ala?
bama. Tennessee. Georgia. South Caro?
lina and North Carolina. Dr. J. Hyde
Pratt. Stau OeoJoaiet of North Caro?
lina, u tho president and founder of
th? association.
rConttnnsd) rraoa FVat Pa***)
up her mind to anafee tr***4e Now.
par ao attention to Bar
' 1 win sjrv* Ttm a want eterv WH
ftaun Jenrlnca Brvnn ha* sod* that w*
are |mn( to have Montl'-ello. a a* he
baa tofaraal Mr Ie-v> that ooch ha
the on**. HO aaM that ha would lla*ht
??????> he ha* branch la Ma bod7 to
have aaMUoett* oot ***** a* a aohaht
m.mortal fn> ya* got thatr*
Xra Ustl
???an had ha
ah* had) efsat
bar m hand Knar ta*
u?? nant wall p???^fi? t?* oo**o
I n<?d *?%**? ?i?atot WlUaam lavrl
aeer. who wan '>**rated ?*?*? Oar aaato
d.r?tia a?ra t?-*ar. waa ?o-da> pro
InoooM. _
the war
A Catheile Father of the Red Craaa
*Tlf??-*f- to TarkUh prisoner*, who are
nil Meeleeaa, at Stare Zanera.
(Continued From First Pace.)
rennlum, at the yearly contribution'
named shore, amounted to $307.?00. i
Other ?Baseases.
In addition to this, the Methodist
Episcopal Charon, South, has a large
number of secretaries and assistant
secretaries, some of the latter being
women, who are In charge of the de- ^
partments of missions, church exten-,
slon, education. Sunday school and hip
worth League work. The average sal- I
arr of the secretaries Is ?J.?0). and
of the assistant secretaries, 11.800.
During last year the report of the'
treasurer of the board of missions of
the church showed that It was nec?
essary for more than ?4 2.000 of ehe
contribution of the church for mis?
sions to be expended for the support
of secretaries in that department and
for the running expenses of that office. 1
The Joint board of finance in every j
conference hna renting upon it the <
work of considering the flncuriciaJ |
claims of the church In every depart-!
ment and of making out the asseea- >
merits of each conference for all of!
.three claims. The amount each con-1
ference contributed for the support of I
the superannuate preachers and the j
widows and orphans of deceased min?
isters a reo goes through the hands of
! this board. wMah decides the matter
of the amount to be applied to the
support of each claimant.
Special effort la being made in all
of the conferences of the church to
secure Increase In the salaries of pas?
tors and increase rn the amount oon
i tribute* to conference claimants, and
to hasten the time when these sum"
will compare more favorably with the
salaries of the official life of the |
church. The average salary of pas- '
tors artiv?ly engaged in the work of
this church at Jhe present time is little,
if any, more than $500 each year, and
the superannuate preachers and widows '
and orphar.s of preevchers avenr
ecarcely more than $2>0 to each
preacher, and the aame to each family
at preachers who have died.
Basis ii atst Fand.
Several years aaro a fund known as
! the ^superannuate endowment fund was
i begun* in the church, the plan being
I to secure $5.000.000 for this fund, the
Interest of which is to be used to sup
1 pie merit the support Which the oon
i fere nee* provide for their claimants
j This fond now amounts to more than
Among; the advocates of ths resolu?
tion asking that the rights of the laity
be granted to the women of the church,
which was presented to this confer?
ence sad which the conference "laid
on tos table," the opinion prevails that
the "fight" on thla question has only
begun and that It will be continued
until the General Conference grants
to the women the rights proposed in
this resolution. It Is probable that
a similar resolution will be presented
to she conference during the session
of nest year, and some believe that
It will be adopted at that time and
that the General Conference of 1114
will concede to to* request of this and
other conference* in this connection,
j while others believe final action bp the
I law-making body of the church will
I be deferred another four years
The largo suditoiium and annex of
Court Street Church wad crowded with
people ansloua to hear the earn;on of
Blehop Alpheua w. Wilson and to wit?
ness the ordination of ate caste at ths
close of the sermon.
Bishop Tienny was in the pnlptt also I
and rend the twentieth chapter of Acts
as the Scripture lesson of the day and
assisted Bishop Wilson In the ordina?
tion service. i
Bishop Wilson used as the theme ? f
Ms eerr-ion the troths found In the
twentieth chapter of Acts, nnd tno*e
whlrh h rmphssised especially wer?
j the In porUltice of salvation, which Is
s -careo eriv through the power area
llood of Jesus Christ, and the Import- '
snce of fortltade nnd rMe'itv to Jeeas 1
Chrtat end the charefc upon the part
of the ministry snd membership ||?
pleaded for the charrh of the present
to attain <mie the atnte of Paal In
Me steadiest-.ee of faith in tied ana
his life of constant service for 1'im,
under sit cnrdittens. in tlate of pare.
ctctlen as well at pea on.
P.'shop Wilson Is aim oat eighty
rears at eg>. snd Is probably the ?dJaVl
tat sreneher la the Methodist Ttpts
cdwl Chnreh. Sooth, who m In l'?e
swnatles mnk of the ministry Moat
off the preachers ef the chnreh. except
these la the splsi eaaej. are retired to
I he se-seran ? *te renfe hy tb? i?-*m?
they reach the age of seventy and
aim before t*>at its
Notwithstanding be Is feeble pbysl
caTtv. snshop Wilson retains sis clear?
ness off salad, nnd pre neben still with
mach off the feres which chnracterbenS
Thourada WQ1 B? DiMbattd
to Democrat. Under
Wilaon Regime,
[Special U The TlmeawDlanettoh.]
Waehington. November If.??Are pom
?v Democrat, and ara ran tm Una far a
poetmaaterehlp at ana of bus numerous
olUes or to-wna In Uta Unltad Statee
where Unol* Bam has * 11 tile eelab
Ushment of hts own? If you are look
In*; for something easy an a raault of
the recent election, with a nice salary
within reach, the Post-Office Depart?
ment is wllUng to give you aU the In?
formation you want to help got your?
self In and the other fellow out. ,
It must be remembered, la the first
place, thai of the very small sat of;
Unole Sam'a post-offices there are Just
62.000?all of these of the fourth class.
These offices ara scattered hero, there
and everywhere, and while the emolu?
ments that go along with the holding
of these places Is not great, the work
la not difficult, and It la really some?
thing to be poatmaater In a small town
?to be the biggest man In the town?
after all. Aak how you would receive:
your pay should you be appointed to
an office of this class, and you will oe
told that your quarterly compensation
win depend upon the stamps you can?
cel, upon the money orders you Issue
and upon the rent you collect from
mail boxes. But #v>u must not expect to
receive more than 11.000 a year from
thle eource. If you do a buelnese
which justice* you in receiving more
than this amount you will go out of the
fourth class into the next class?the
If you secure an office of the first,
second or third class your compensa?
tion will depend upon the gross re?
ceipts from quarter to quarter, but
there must be no padding. In the lit?
tle primer in use at the Host-office De?
partment It is distinctly stated that
should quarterly receipts show a big
Jump any one month you need expect
no reaultant Increase In pay, because
Cucle Sam has his eye on you to see
that he does not get the little end of
the gam a
If you get a flret-class office you will
be paid not leas than $3.000 a year, aa
a minimum wage, and this Increases all
the way up to $8.000. at New fork. If
you land In a second-class place. Undo
Sam will see that you -receive some?
where between IV-OO and $3,000. and If
you get In the thVd class you will be
paid between $1,000 and $2,000 for
looking after the government malls.
A finely graduated senle of prices to
! be paid In first-class offices la In force.
< and the more hueiness the officials can
' show he Is legitimately doing. Just In
that proportion will his hank account
, be boosted P. H. McO. j
III ?r.\?*TloK tL CA?B
Portland. Ore.. November 17 ?Four- j
teen men. a number of them promi?
nent in the business and professional
life of Portland, are under arrest to?
night aa the result of an Investiga?
tion set in motion by the confession
of a boy arraigned in Ohe Delinquency j
Court More arrests are promised by]
the prosecuting attrnSl**.
W. P. Allen, prominently connected |
with T M. C. A. work, is in a local j
hospital sufferlTsg from ?he effects of:
poison, said to have been taken by
Mm last night when he learned that
bis name was connected wMh the In?
Dr. F. H Hodman and Dr. Harry A
Jrruart were arrested to-day. Sttaut
1s in Jail in default of $5.000 boil, but
Dr. Hodman was released on his own
recimlaance. Others In Jail are men
holding position* of truat In boolues*
houses, and the expose has cansed pro?
found astonishment. Every effort was
made to keep the arrests a sersrot. but
the f ndtnsr of Allen In hie rooms nearly
dead resulted In the first pubMctty of
the affair. Six of those arrested are
waid to have confessed and to have
implicated many others.
Among- rhoee in Jail !s -Qypsy- Rigr>.
; the violinist, n"ho e-loped some ssaaaj
I agx> wtth the Prince** Chinamy. i
It Will Detevnstne 0*wfr*t of Tanner-)
sele ratvevBtty.
Nashville. Tonn.. November 17.?The!
indications are that the salt Institut?
ed In Chancery Court hers to determine
i the control of Vsnderbllt University.
! will come to trial to-morrow. The case
has been In the court* for more than i
two years, snd Is s litigation between
the College of Bishops of the Meth"-,
dlst-Episcopal Church, "oath, and the!
board of trustees of Van der bl It Uni?
versity. The courts will determine
whether the three me-aber* of tbo
hoard of trustee* elected by the floutti
ern Methodist General Conference of
1*1*. at Ashevtlle. shall be seated, or
whether the members selected by the
board will be given the places. Bishop
B. E. Hoss. the militant spirit In the
church side of the controversy., ar?
rived here to-night. ,
repectal to The Tlme?^-I>l*peteh.l
Black-bora. Va.. November It/ *????";
weather, the football ?nm* g? ?a*-!
verity ef Wert Virginia at* ,
Lyceum Coutao entertnlnment tWurday
night broeght a anmbtf of/lettor. to
the coli**? -*? ?h? w^*'r?!;B H U
Prealoent Berrlnaer. ? "m ^
Price, of the Altrlcaltara^P^?^
Atlant? last wee* tot ... ?e tfc_ Aerrt- :
euH.n? ?^?ri^^ a\ao
mlttec from boom -tn,
attended thU meeting ? ?^T^V
neld arltb reference t?j^**? * Pll.
dent of V. I?. I. to enor**ed nr. r. m-|
i^a-?T c ?bl?, ?* Bedford City.
R*T 5 .v^rkC A. n?en TV:rs
rolle?. ?SB ?* Hoaoaty"
[^ e- hoard by a tar- tmmb*r
ef the endet* aad otbera
, r p am?, went to PeternbnrgPrl
; Randolph -lieeee aad rlampdon-Bianey
j-^r^r f ferne** atodeat. bn*.
!^'*SSr. t the oeT^ Ibjjam
" _na from the WaaMnat^a
i Pinne for the cadet eorpo to ar>
tend the football frame C^tr
| own. E ^^'^'^^^TbTVim.
bar* not ye* been p^e^ted. Tb* time
peoenaary In ??*? ?*V*Tl? ^
Blecket? r? ^J^*2*"?JlJ^
n hint rallw.y lourn^ are re^deraWe
factor* la ?*? ?* *** ?*?*?***
Do You Know
What You
Are Missing
In jam bomm mj mmt kMfaJ
IM?: The music of tfct
-World's |res\teet maatera it
-your*?YOU can play any oi
the great works?you, youreelf,
whether you hare ever ant at
? piano keyboard before or not,
So wonderful it'a hard for
you to toilere. %
A demonstration every <tay?
Attend 1
Use of Cremona and "Stradt"
Causes Trouble in Labor
<Thloago. November 17.?Trouble start?
ed tn the Chicago FXierarton of La.bo?
to-day because of the discovery that
some violinists In the Musicians' Ualor.
nrere playing old Cremona violins in?
stead of Violine wtth union labels In
them. Formal complaint was sent Ir.
by the Intrtrument Makers' Union. 1
move that the communication be laid
on the table." said B C. IHUon. a mem
baa of the Violinists' t'nlon. "I play
?an Instrument that cot me 17*0. It
Is a 'Stradt.' and I wouldn't change it
for 14.100 union labeie. I would net
give It for a canoed of union labeled
"The position of the delegate is un?
tenable." replied Delegate rtdiUet. of
the Piano Makers* Cnlon. "It is pre?
posterous to suppose tnat union men
<amnot make aa good instruments as
nonunion men."
A heated controversy ensued, but
the trouble was stayed for the time by
the appointment of a committee of two
each from the Federation of Iiabor ami
the different unions of musVal Instru?
ment makers to meet with the board
of the Chicago Federation of Musicians
atnd try to effect a settlement
Ishnalswa Girl Ferfgrvea Flaaee
' Who Mailed Wrest Mas?
sive te Her.
' Baltimore. Md.. November 17.? Miss
Gladys R Rose, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs Horace R. Rose, of Johnstown.
Pa-, was married here yesterday to
Stewart Hamll. an attorney of Oakland.
The weeding wait originally ?et for
Tuesday. Kovember 5. but it was al?
leged that the bridegroom-to-be acci?
dentally placed the wrong letter in an
envelope addressed to Miss Rose This
letter, which Miss Rose received, it is
said, was intended for a former sweet?
heart. The wedding- was called off.
The pair were married yesterday
morning by the Rev. David P. Meeley.
with on'y a few relatives and friends
as witnesses.
On the evening? of Monday. N'ovem
ber 4. Hamll. his oarrnta and a party
of guests frort Oakland arrived in
Johnstown in a special car for the wed?
ding, acheduled for che next day. The-,
were astonished to learn that the wed?
ding was called off.
Edaabswnk ta evzaetlp
rtve Week*
London, November 17.?The suffrag?
ette army which started from Edin?
burgh on October 12 completed Its ?#?
mile tramp to London yesterday after?
noon, having taken exactly five weeks
to do the Journey.
Under the leadership of Mrs. Da
Fontblanque. who traveled on horse?
back, they proceeded immediately to
the Prime Minister's residence. In
Downing Ptreet, and presented their
petition demanding the suffrage for
Premier Asxjuith. nrofitlna; from hie
exaiaf* in, i of prevlons* meetings with
veto seeking women, had retired to the
country far the week-end. Tile secre
tnry. however, accepted the dm in nan I.
and there was no untoward Incident
On Board Steamship Bermndlan. nt
Sea, November 17 fWireless via fa***)
ponsck, ?. T.).?Presldeat-Elect Wood
row Wilson spent s quiet Sunday en
the steamer to-day. nearlnc the Ber?
muda.? He waa up early and] walked
the deck for a l->na; while In the atom
i In?. r>?rins the afternoon he rend In
i the snfp'a library and took n Ions; ***>
I in his cabin. The weather isattaasa
? fair and the sen smooth.
The Berrnodlan hi expected ts arrtve
at Hamilton to-morrow, and Govern ?
Wllevn probably will m direct! r t ?
his cottage nt "alt Kettle, tost mrr?
the bay from Hamilton.
Princeton, aa J. Wovombor IT.?Tbe
following letter frnea fnssldant-Oaast
Wnnsbun Wilsen to Dr. Jobs Orter
Hibben, president of Pit IHK I on Owt
verslty. was made psbllc hers Ti algal
"Sty Poor President Ribbon:
1 need not ten yon bow f lailfilsaj
H sra* to sns I* reeotvo thtengh ye*
the eaonrrstsfhtlona of my alma masse.
I baps ahm ? i if that she aaay ?*?**?
have sernotna te b* sshanted of her sanv
"Cordially yearn,

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