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?rm WHOLE NUMBER 19,174.
tb? weathu t?j ja?
Alleged Chain of Swin?
dlers Mulcts Victims
of $1,500,000.
Indictments Returned and Ar.
rests Are Made in Six Cities.
Pose as Salesmen of Stock
and Entrap Unwary Pro*
moters and Inventors.
Many Are Involved.
Cincinnati. O.. November it?with
th? arrests to-day In six cities of men
alleged by ths government to consti?
tute a monumental get-rlcb-qulck chain
ef swindlers. United States secret ser?
vice men declare they have brought to
the surface an organisation that has
mulcted small corporations, investors
and promoters of $1.(00.000 In the last
three years. The arrests were made
as the result of secret indictments re?
turned here by the last United States
grand Jury.
Those arrested wer? F. D. Mlnyard. |
at Cleveland. O : George 8- Hennaford.
Chicago; H. B. Warren. Rochester, N
V.. Mason G Worth. New York. Thomas
Flshwlck. Boston; A. Bruce Crane.
Newark, N. J. I
Indictments were returned here |
against five men who are alleged to |
have constituted one link of the chain. ;
The flve are Minyard. Hennaford. Kiel- j
wick and J. R. Long and J. G. Malcolm,
who are said to be In Canada The
other arrests were made on affidavits
of government officials. The three In
d'< ted In Cincinnati wW be returned
here for trial. A Federal grand Jury
at Rochester, It Is said, will be lm- ?
paneled to investigate the branches of !
the alleged swindle, while tee grand
Jury at Buffalo. N. Y., will convene to- j
morrow to take up the case.
Wesaea Givea Evkfteeee.
Much of the evidence which resulted
iu the indictments. It .s sake, was given
- i.r craat jury by a vornan. Mim Csra t
Kroiiagf. tortner.y employed aS a ste?
nographer by tne arm of Mlnyard.
KtaVsnt a Malcolm. District-Attorney
.v.cl'hersr.n to-day held a long confer?
ence with Miss Kronage. and it was
said she would go to Rochester to-mor?
row to testity before tne grand Jury
The pUn of operation. It Is chargeJ
in Ike ind'etments. wee for member*
of the concern to advertise their abil?
ity to seil stocks for promoters and
inventors. Those who answered the
advertisements were told that the
stock could not be sold at its true'
value unless guaranteed by a reliable.'
guaranty company. The customer then
wan recommended, It is charged, to'
George S. Hannaford, who conducted
the Chicago Debenture Company.
Hannaford. the Indictment states i
would guarantee the stock, charging
1 per cent of its par value. The pro
motor then would be informed that s.
purchaser for the entire Issue had bees j
found provided the proposition was
found worthy. A charge rating as
high an one-third or sometimes 45 per 1
cent of the par value of the stock'
would be made for this investigation I
Afterwards the promoter was Informed.
that his proposition had proved to be
no good and was dropped.
The Indictment charges that the
proceeds from the two investigation!
were divided among members of the'
brokerage concerns and the deben- I
tare company. No effort was made
to sell any stock. It declares, and only
n perfunctory investigation made ot
the merits of the different enter
The individuals and corporation,
named in the indictments here as
having been victims of the brokers In?
cludes the Bitter Root Valley Fruit
and Prod acte Company, the Folding.
Fibre Bee Company, the Goldfle'd
River Bend Mining and Milling Com- j
peny. the Tucson Consolidated Mining
Company, the Derbyshire Manufactur?
ing Company, the United Mine end
Smelting Company, the Burrell Manu j
facturing Company. Bradley. HL; W.!
H. Morey. Rockford. 111., and J H
Wlssow. MUwsukee. Win
Numerous letters edvtsing prosper-j
tlve customers to c jmmunlcate with tne'
Chicago Debenture Company, or relat-'
tag to the sale of stocks, were at?
tache dto the indictments aa evidence.
The sending through the mails to
H. K. Wlseow. of Mt.wauaee. a pam?
phlet called "Investment vs Specula?
tion" was made the basis of one count
In tbe Indictments.
Warren Is president of the Ameri?
can Redemption Company at Kocnea?
ter, an" Worth was chanted with com?
plicity in a scheme to defraud In con?
nection with tbe Rochester concern.
Government officials declare that they
have evidence showing these and other
concerns ell were Involved In the
Tbe Srm of Mlnyare, Kessler St
Malcolm, whose activities here are
seid to have resulted la the govern?
ment Investigation, weet out of huet
neae lest April, and Its members ail
left the city. Iruilng its activities the
? rms nemo ess changed several time*,
the signs on tbe otBces c ?engl ng_fr ore
9. O. Mlnyard * Co to Mlnyard.
lev ? Co.. then to Malcolm * ?
Coaspeny. and then to Mlnyard.
lev m Malcolm.
Washington November Ik?Philip M
Henry, of Louisville, K) . a frsehoaaa
at Gears*Isen University, was killed I
?e-sight white eee/lag pranks-en "
feWew-stadenta He w
Upholds Antitrust Law
in Bathtub Trust
Opinion Recites That There Can |
Be No Monopoly in Unpat
ented Product of Patented
Machine Without Law Vio?
lation, Thus Checkmat?
ing Business Device.
Washington, November 18.?In ?n
epoch-making decision to-day in the
so-called "bathtub trust case." the Su?
preme Court of the United States laid
down the broad principle that there
can be no monopoly in the unoateated
product of a patented machine with?
out violating; the Sherman antitrust
law. Justice McKenna delivered the
unanimous opinion of the court.
In accordance with this doctrine, the
court struck down as illegal the ' license
agreements." by which manufacturers |
of 85 per cent of the sanitary enameled
iron in the Cnited States were bound j
together in combination. The license ?
agreements al.ow the manufacturers to |
use a patented dredger, but only on
condition that they abide by an at?
tached price liat. would not sell to
Jobbers who bought from Independents,
would sell in certain territory and
wo-i.d sell "seconds."
Officials of the Department of Jus?
tice were highly elated over the de?
cision, which. It is claimed, will have
an important bearing upon several in?
vestigations now under way by Attor?
ney -General Wickeraham, aa wen as
antitrust suite already filed agalnat
the so-called "moving picture trust"
and the Cnited Shoe Machinery Com?
Vitally lespartaat.
The decision is regarded as vitally
Important, because of the govern?
ments claim that the "patent license
agreement" plan waa being adopted by
many concerns, aa a result of the indi?
cia- ban upon the "pure trust" plan, aa
exemplified in the case of the Standard
oil Company, of Ohls; the "holding
company" plan, aa declared invalid is
the Northern Seourit.es oaae, and the
combination of a holding; company and
a manufacturing company, aa shown la
the Standard Oil and Tobacco cases.
Justice McKenna In his opinion de?
clared that the effect of the agreement
waa to convert the in-?ependent and
competitive compantea Into a combi?
nation, subject to rules and regula?
"The trade was practically controlled
from producer to consumer," said be,
"and the potency of the scheme was
established by the co-operation of
85 per cent of the manufacturers, and
their fidelity to It was secured, not
oniy by trade advantages, but by what
waa practically a pecuniary penalty
not aptly termed in the argument
'cash bail.' "
To-day'a decision sustains the de?
cree of the United States District
Court for Maryland, abrogating the
"license agreements." and paves the
way for the retrial of the criminal
suit against the "bathtub trust." The
first trial at Detroit several montns
ago resulted In a disagreement of the
Attorney-General Wickerabam post?
poned tbe retrial until the laanea in
the civil suit were decided by the Su?
preme Court.
Ref aaed t. Eatestd Du I Idas.
Edwin P. Grosvenor. special assis?
tant to tbe Attorney-General, who
prosecuted tbe case and argued It In
tbe Supreme Court, said to-ntgnt:
"On the argument in the Supreme
Court tbe main reliance of the de?
fendants was the decision In *Dtck
versus Henry.' called the mimeograph
case, rendered by the Supreme Court
tost May. There It was held that the
owner of s patent on a mimeograph
may compel ?he pur cheep r of the pat?
ented mimeograph to buy from him.
the patentee, an paper aad Ink which
is to be nsed on the mimeograph, al?
though, of coarse, the paper aad ink
are not covered by the patent,
"The decision of to-day refuses to
extend the doctrine of ehe Dick oaae
to the arnpatented product of a pat?
ented machine. Tbe defendants la the
bathtub case, owning patents on ma?
chines used in tbe manufacture of en?
ameled ware, attempted to fix prices
and destroy competition In commerce
in tbe nnpevtented ware.
"Tbe economic effect of the prosecu?
tion by Attorney -General Wtcker
,hsm is Interesting: The combination
commenced operation In Jane, MML
At once complaints pomed into tbe
department of Justice. Tbe Attorrtey
Gencrai commenced proceedings July.
1*1*. Since tbe combination area
broken up. the prices of tbe product
have fall-n from 25 to 40 per cent, yet
to-day nearly all of the manufactur?
ers engaged in the business are ran
I nine their faetotiea overtime, and they
! are all making mosey at the reduced
prices prevailing ta this period of com
I petition " _
Ashbara. Os.. November IS?Tea I
netware, the young planter wanted
la connect or, with the death et Mis*
Minnie Marrusnaa. believed to Save
met her death as s result of tatting
t eisen, to-day surrendered to a Jus?
tice of tbe peace et Aas boy paar Sera.
CHghsra ?reo ladwtsass there v,, a?
taare frees tbe Marchreens.
aad rssjM base Seea as tested et any
thee if wasted
The yewag mm sealed basing aar
tblna to de with the death of Mh?
Msirhassa He eras eat eswaged te
the yowag new, he saht, and oarer
,hai Wit.?inrtioji wtea bee
Methodist Conference
Reasserts Demands
on Legislature.
Emphasizes Fact That Church's
Position Toward Liquor Is One
of Uncompromising Warfare.
Sale of Liquor at State Fair
ments To-Day.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Lynchburg, Va, November IS.?Tne
order of the day before the Virginia
Conference of the Methodiet Eplsco
I pal Church, South, now tn session in
this city, this evening was the re- j
port of the committee on temperance. |
Rev. J. W. Bledsoe was president pro'
tern of the conference. James Cannon
presented the following report on tem?
perance :
"Your committee is of the opinion
that it is the wisest policy to con?
centrate the thought of our people
upon two or three matters, which are
of vital importance to the temperance
cause at the present time. There is:
a great tendency, when we do not win
a complete victory, to ignore, or at
least to minimize, the results which
are obtained.
"At the last session of the annual
conference we called upon the Anti
Saloon League of Virginia to press the 1
battle independent of facuonal and I
partisan parties to secure State-wide
prohibition for Virginia. The league
instituted and carried on a mos?,
energetic campaign, and placed before
the fjenera! Assemoly of Virginia sucn
an array of facts and such monster pe?
titions that there would be no question
in the minds of any impartial persons
that the people of Virginia demanded [
the right to vote upon the question of j
State-wide prohibition. Tne enabling
act was passed by the House of Dele- I
gates by a vote of two to one, and j
was defeated in the Senate by a vote
of sixteen to twenty-four, although it |
was claimed at that time, and is be
lieved to be without question at the ,
present time, that a majority of the ,
senatorial districts desired their rep- :
rest natives to vote for the enabling 1
act. {
"The vote of the Senate has not ?
changed in anywise the fact that a
majority of the people of Virginia de?
mands the right to vote on State-wide
prohibition, and it certainly should not
change the determination of the tem
peranoe people to secure that right.
Nor should It be considered an lmpos
' siblllty to secure that right before 191s.
! The next General Assembly meets in
i 1914, nnd if the temperance people of
[ the State do their full duty and send I
up a House of Delegates which will '
repeat the action of the House of De.e
gates in 1912, and if the people will
press upon the Senate their de man da
. for concurrent action, it will be difficult
Indeed for the Senate to refuse to con
1 cur with the notion of the House of'
j Delegates coming fresh from the peo
; pie. It is the duty of the hour to re?
assert with all possible emphasis our
! demand that we be given an oppor?
tunity to vote on passage of State?
wide prohibition law."
Bejael Isspaetance.
"A matter of equal importance Is the
passage by Congress of such legisla?
tion as will prevent the shipment ot
intoxicants from wet territory Into dry
territory contrary to the wishes of the
people of the dry territory. After a
long-drawn-out battle we have at last
been able to obtain from the Commit
tee of tbe Judiciary a favorable report.
on the bill providing for such legisla?
tion. The bin has iem placed on the
aalender, and December IS has been -
set as the time for its consideration.
In view of the fact that the bill has
heretofore been smothered In commit?
tee, it la n long step forward to se
(Continued on Second Page) j
Supreme Court Denies
Writ of Error to Con?
demned Prisoners.
Give Chance to Prepare for
Death?Not Believed Governor
Will Interfere in Sentence of
Carroll Murderers?Judge
Keith Renders De?
Finding no merit in tbe appeals ot
Floyd Allen and Claude Swan son Al?
len from the Judgment or tue Circuit
Court of Wythe County, the Supreme
Court of Appeals yesterday demed them
a writ of etror. They must die in the
electric chair for tbe murder of Wil?
liam M. Koaler, late attorney for the
Commonwealth in Carroil County, and
for taking part in tbe oonsp.racy to
murder the officials of the court if an
effort should be made to place Floyd
Allen in Jail.
No opinion was handed down, th? j
court's decision being announced from
the bench by its president. Judge James
Keith. As soon as the tribunal met I
yesterday morning for the day's ses- !
sion, Judge Keitu announced:
"In the case of Floyd Al.en against 1
the Commonwealth, this court finds no
error in the record and nothing preju?
dicial to the defendant in the court |
below, and the judgment of the court I
below is affirmed. In the case of C.audo !
Allen, the same finding is made."
This waa all. Only a few people
were in the court room, mostly at- j
torneys waiting to argue cases.
With these words, the rights,of the'
Aliens in the courts of thla Common?
wealth were exhausted. The appeal I
has been prosecuted and denied, it a v- j
lng nothing more for the courts to do. ;
Respite Seeon* Feasible.
It is believed Governor Mann will !
grant a respite to the condemned men,
because of the fact that on.y four ,
daya were left to them between the
time of action by tbe court and the
moment set for tbeir execution on Fri- .
day of this week. The Governor has'
made no announcement regarding thla.'
but the supposition is he will permit
j delay aa as to 1st the men prepare
for eternity. j
Further than this, it is believed by
those who have talked with the Ex- ?
ecutive, he will not go. He has been
approached by men who desire tbe;
sentences eomnuted to imprisonment
for life, but, so far aa has been beard,
he gave no encouragement whatever,
and, in fact, they say. his attitude indi?
cated that he would not interfere with
the judgment of the courts. |
Shoujd there be a respite, it Is
supposed Mrs. Floyd Allen, wife of the
elder and mother of the younger pria- j
oner, will come to Richmond to say i
.'arewell until eternity.
Governor Getag Over Cases. j
Soon after the Supreme Court re- I
fused the writs of error asked for, the
Governor sent to the office of Clark
H. Stewart Jones and secured the peti- ;
tions and records In the two cases,
which be began to examine. He bad .
already gone over much of the testi- 1
mony. giving it his c.osest attention, j
He will have a statement for the pub- j
iio within a few days?perhaps by to
morrow or Thursday.
Not only Is tbe Executive going into ]
tbe case In detail, but the same thing ]
waa done by the Supreme Court. That '
body had given daily consideration to '
tha petition and record since the court j
met last Tuesday, indicating Its earn- j
est effort to closely examine ail the ,
legal points raised by tbe attorneys for ;
the defense.
Many petitions for commutation are !
ready for presentation to Governor
Mann. He has already received many
letters from people who desire to see
mercy exercised. For the most part, j
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Sell Their Lives Dearly Rather Than Submit to Arrest?As Climax
to Bloody Work, Man Turns Pistol on Woman Companion, Slay?
ing Her, Then Puts Bullet Through His Own Brain.
jf?rw Tern, I*?*
toM the detectives of her discovery.i would Id the hip.
a aw 11 rees? of a After a taxlcab chase to-day the deter
%m the ?loa? te-ttlves learned that the W-gels ha I
sought lodging at the Elaine-.. Hotel.
a?*?!nt C ort land Avenue and l?lst Street,
In the Bronx.
Central < Ulcers believe that Martin
j Fay and
' and Louts Gerade
The woman. lao armed, had fired
several shots, some of which. It Is be?
lieved, hit the detective
Evidentiv erased at hin ran work.
Vogel turned to his woman compan?
ion and shot. She ate shot thronen
Private Detectives John Alle..' *** abdomen and soon caplrrd. Vo?e|
made quick work of himaelf bv put
?m saw, ana i>-ui* or race wem t? me noiei in, .. ' , _ ,_. , "~ . .
m 9m\ I ting the last bellet In his ran Into
fatal- ; search of their quarry late to-night hla fcn4 f#u need
af these ehe i Louis Mondschein, the prop;ietor. told'
of the couple having arrived in a taxi
cab early in the evening, and ordered
William Butler, a waiter, to show the
This Is the outline of one of the ??tectivee to the Vogels' room.
? serivue shooting affrays which _
m_.._.hi. eit? aave ran vesjel opened the soot in
At the hospital M was said that p. oh.
the detectives of this city have
la?e to-night .
The dead men was known by several I We over tb
having registered st the hotel then grasped
for yearV so far as the conflicting I ?? ?> ?emmone. end ss Allen forced his
WofThe shoot.nt had been sift*d 1 way In. declaring that the couple was
'Tl-.-vV lender er rest, Vogel struck ?he de tec
ably all except BotVr would die
At a late hour two trunks and two
suKrases which the roe pie had at the
hotel were removed to a pol'r* sta?
tion, bet the stolen jewelry was not
The pe1l<*e sey that !n trailing the
Voeele the detectives were probably
>m< hlack.i running 4 >wn a rompM.l' organized
tine pistol' scheme r..r robbing reei.iencrs through
' - ' !T*irT_'.-* The soUce declare srhleh my en the bed His drat bulleti oat the upper West S?<te The indict
thai he waa a Pete, named Pheree struck Allen In the bead, and he fell j saeat on wbtrh the PWkeneorf gin
nuraalnslTI The weanan with him had probably fatally wounded Deterilveei waa held chanred h? with numerous
registered an bottle VegeL Vogel wasi Pay and Gerade rushed Into the rooxa,; rohberiee of Jeweie. amounting to sev
sbcat ?m sight I ears of age ana _ followed by Prose-lot or Mondschein and j era] tboeaand dollars
the wessen about tweety-nve. 'Butler. It is declared they did net} According to the police, the girl
The lilistllss were en the trail of! h>e a awe*, but expected to Seise Al-i broke down tn-al**tt and confessed
the parr suspecting them of having len's assailant They were not quicki teat ehe Voe>!? were w.th her. and
been mcompileeo"la a ilsmnnt rebbtry.t sneeerh. Vogel let go on* shot aft-r. it ??? to them she Had riven the
fwr which lighli m*mmsad sit, a do-' another, nearly every oee takln? of-1 stolen arteries The plan of opera
hebt fee the grass*) feet ray aad Mondarbela both re-| Ctoe wee fee tee ?tri to sdverekse for
the) a pi>mtiooi ee a deearettv, end ee neon
it so r?b her em
? bed* eeey ec e
I _
Outlines His Movements From
Time of Tragedy Until Cap
I ture in Des Moines.
I _ .
Instructions Will Be Settled To
Day, and Arguments May
Wythevtlle. Va., November 18.?Sidna
Allen, on trial here for the murder ot
Judge Thornton L? Mansie, to-day took
the witness stand in his own defense,
outlining his movements from the time
of the tragedy until he was captured
in Des Moines. He spoke clearly and
without embarrassment until he waa
asked if he had intended leaving his
wife and children. Then the rugged
mountaineer broke down and wept. He
denied that such waa his intention,
and stated that they wer'- after him
with b.oodhounds and with instructions
to shoot on sight, and that he Intended
keeping out of the way until things
Quieted down, when he would have re- j
turned and given himself up.
The prisoner denied that he fired
at Judge Hassle, stating that he waa
I standing talking to John Moore, a
, stone mason, about some work, when
j the dring began, and that he did not
j fire until he saw Clerk Dexter Goad
aboot at him. Then be emptied his
revolver at the clerk, reloaded it and
kept up shooting after be had left the
building. He denied ever having sap
conversation with Floyd or any one
else st any time as to the result, or j
about Floyd's trial.
! Rigid Creas rraaalaattaa
I The witness was subjected to a rigid
and lengthy cross-examination by Mr. j
! Wysor. the weakest point in his evl
, denoe being his failure to see and haar i
I much that other witnesses had testified !
i to. Under the circumstances however,
his evidence v. as given in a calm and
intelligent way without halt or eva?
Victor Allen was recalled and ex-,
amined as to the wound received by j
bis father. Floyd Allen.
Mrs. Sidna Allen was the last wit?
ness examined during the morning. Her |
testimony waa that ahe waa the wife j
> of the prisoner, a native of Carroll
I County, and forty-one years old. and j
\ on the night of the tragedy Floyd Allen I
came to their home with her bus- !
band; that they arrived after dark, aad
that they all sat la the kitchen until
bedtime. There was nothing la their
conversation she said in any way re?
lating to what occurred the next day.
She was then asked the question If aha
had at any time beard her husband
say anything relating to what subse?
quently transpired, aad the question
waa excepted to by the prosecution, aad
the exception was sustained. The wit?
ness bad. however, answered that ahe
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Governor Mann Invites Taft to
Conference of Governors
j in December.
Suffrage People Ask to Be Heard
by Conference on Their
Knowing that President William
Howard Taft wmts to see the Gov?
ernors of the several States In regard
to his plan for the advancement of
rural credits, and believing that the
Governors would be glad to meet the
President. Governor William Hodges
Mann yesterday extended an invita?
tion to Mr. Taft to attend the Confer?
ence of Governors, which will be held
in Richmond, beginning December 3
The President waa absent from Waah
lngton yesterday and cid not returs
from New York until midnight, and
has not received the invitation. It la
hoped to bear from him to-day.
Addressing many of the Governors
President Taft has sent out letters
lately asking aa many of them aa And
It practicable to call on him at the
White House while in this part of
the world attending the Richmond
meeting. He has given aa his reason
his desire to discuss with them bis
recently announced plan for extending
suitable credits to the rural popula?
tion, especially to the farmers of the
country, who do not enjoy the bank?
ing facilities of the city business
Cava See Theas Here.
This is realized to be largely a State
issue, and this accounts for the Presi?
dent's wish to see the Governors.
uouiiW nanu iu.iiu Um tuition a
executive can see a .uud man;, niora
oovernors by coming to lUchmon*.
man by staging in v? as.nugton U'un
greaa win not o.. tn?.n be giving the
i'resK.?ui snytuing to do, and bis an?
nual message to last body will be on
bis bands, tie need come but for one
a ay, if that ia the limit, or he couiu
ever, come for one night, spending a
few hours here. Besides, it stands to
reason he wants to co s* tj aicaaonu
whenever possible. The people of tnia
city have always thought well for the
Should Mr. Taft coma, be will take
I pot luck with tbe Governors who at
mat time will be entertained nere.
j Tbe city haa already many plans for
their amusement.
Sat* rase trauere Wand to Speak.
The fcqual auftrage Deague of Vir?
ginia la not behind tne President?it
also wants a chance to talk to SS*
Governors Application has been made
to Governor Mann for a place on the
program, or lor an opportunity to ap?
pear and advance tbe cause of those
who want eo.ual suffrage. Workers in
tbe cause from otner Staus will also
come if the bearing can be granted
To this request the Governor has
responded that be is not in charge of
the program. It will be a matter far
the conference itself to determine
whither or not it wanta to near the
fair pleader* fa) political rights and
privileges. There will be Governors
of States which have already adopted
equal ?ufrag? in the conference, ana
to these the question may seem stale
and one already settled, but to many
the proposition will be quite unt< ue.
FuTaafaaauFo? 64Vw*VVaa*aV(jP TCTTTsaL
Atlanta. Ga. November 1A?Hun?
dred* of friends to-day paid their last
tribute of boaor to the late former
?V \ern?T Joseph M Terrell ss tbe
Jay la stete st the Second Bap
sjas. ?"h-jrcn In this ettj Mr Terrell.
! who was twice Governor and once
(: ???! States Ser.n r from Georgia.
? i.-i vesterdsy morntng after a long
Illness, result.ng from s stroke cf
paralysis, suffered In Wssaiogtoa
I while Senator
' Tbe luaeral services this afternoon
I were conducted by tbe Rev Joha K
1 White, ?ho for yars waa Mr. Terrell's
pastor. The pall-bearers were the four
brothers i't the *"rmer Governor?
l>: V. B T'rrri:. W A Terrell J. R
,Terrell aad H W Terrell?and Hin-*
H it or Odumhta. and R. i?pive\. of
After the simple sen Was at the
ebarea. wbkh uere atteaisi by Oer
.?nor J M Brown a*nd tbe other State
house ofB,rials aad a crowd w?n. h
taxed 'he rapacity of the ehurrb. tbe
Kndy WSS *er rted t? tbe terminal ?Ta
t-on >. a i- irnpisy af the FTth Real
mmt. mate -rdTltla. and sent to Or-?an?
vil le. his former hom?. for ialeraaent
In eccftrdaece with the proclamation
of cpreeraer Brown, flags en ail p-;Ml
?uiidtaga ?f tbe .et?te were half
.masted to-day la SUSSStJ Of the SB
Its Capture Greatest
dividual Triumph
of War.
j Sultan's Hope of Continued R*>
Distance Must Be Shattered by ;
Surrender of His Macedonian
Stronghold?Strange Silence
as to Progress of /Jattle
Along Tchatalja Lines.
Belgrade, November 18.?The Turkls]
' fortress of Monastir surrendered
! afternoon to the Servian troop*,
j Fifty thousand Turkish soldiers
I three generals laid down their argon.
Monastir virtually had been
rounded by Servian troops for sev
' days while Greek troops coming fr<
(the south had cut off the Turkish Uns
retreat to Ochrida. On Saturday
Servian troops, after desperate Sghti;
throughout tne day and night, capt
! two important heights commanding t
] city. They then advanced* through
morasses upon the .uterior fortii
I tions which surrendered to-day.
Monastir is the headquarters of
I Sixth Turkish Army Corps comma
by Fethi Pasha, but many other Turk
I troops tleeing from surrounding to
which had been captured by the Scr
I vlans concentrated there. DJ;
Pasha, the commander of the Seve
Turkish Wrmy Corps, went there
many of his soldiers after the fall
1 L'skup to tne Servians.
It was thought that the Turkish
I troops would be able to stand a lengthy
siege in Monastir, but it is evident Utfir
I army was totally disorganised aaaf
lacked provisions.
Tarhlak Ho pea Shattoeed.
London. November Is.?Any i?iea that
the Turkish government may have haar
of benefiting by continued resUUMSS
must be shattered be* to-day's nwaf*
of the fall of Monastir. in the cap?
ture of that Important town the Ser?
vians took three Pashas, including tho
oommaiider - in - chief, Zekkl Pasha;
id.uuu men and forty-seven guna than
achieving the greatest Individual suc?
cess of the war.
Monastir was the second city of im?
portance in European Turkey. It wo*
Turkey's stronghold in Macedonia, aast
by Its downfall Macedonia peases com?
pletely out of Turkish bands.
What part the Greeks played la tk*
capture has not yet been ascertain***.
It Is known that the Greek army wan
marching to the assistance of tne her?
vians. and it is supposed that the
Greeks were able to cut off the Tur
kiah retreat to the south.
The Servians naturally will he
elated at this victory, which outshine*
.lie: capture of Saloniki, and must have
a great moral effect on the future
course of the war.
Another of the strange silence*
which have been characteristic of this
war appears to have fallen over Con?
stantinople, from which city brief dis?
patches have been received telling od
the resumption of the Tchatalja battle,
and that the Sultan ha* made a freah
personal appeal to the European sow '
ereigns to Intervene for the terming
tlon of the war. Quit* as little maw
be expected to come of this sppssl ee
of the previous attempt at medlatl-te
by the powers.
In IMopeswte Stseehs.
With cholera ana typhus ragtag)
within her demoralised army and m
powerful enemy hammering at the
gates of the capital. Turkey musg
again appeal to the allies for terms .
Undoubtedly the object of the com?
manders in ordering the attach en the)
Tchatalja lines waa to compel that
course It seems Incredible that Bah.
garia. for the mere glory cf a trie
umphal entry into a city she doe* nog
desire possesjlon of. should wl
take bar arm" into disease ? I
zones. Turkish reports, even the
cere' official dispatches of the
of the operations, have been s
liable throughout that little atteatiooa
can be paid to the statements regard?
ing the Tchatalja battle Issued et Con?
stantinople Sunday and Monday. The)
operation probably waa little morn
than artillery preparation, which hb
all Important battles lasts several
daya for the purpose of drawing they
enemy's fire an.l locating hta ban iris**
As the effect of the victory at
astir will be to stiffen the Servian
ernment in resisting Austrian
tions. the consular trouble* at
and Mitrovltza and breeding a
oua spirit of ill feellr.g between A
and Servta which is little calculated te>
favor diplomatic nrtoUaUone. The)
newspapers of both capitals redact thsg
No news has yet reached Menne asT
the Austrisn consul at Pi 1*1 lad The
Servian eoT.-mment has declined SB
cotnplv with Austria-* request to eha
low an A ustrian renreeentattve to Urn
to prtsrind to make' inquiries, and
practically ignores Austria's
on the snbtert
There is s report that Scutari
fallen bef.>re the Montenegrin
bet this la net confirmed.
proof that the cholera bee
the Bulgarian army eeeaea hi S
the* the noted Germ** doctor,
has been summoned to SelStrtBI
quarters to aaeiet In stamping oat tSjS
oontlr.aed all dev.
heerfi ra the city,
which blew re the
rvwTeseee de at*
sees tu
N ?*

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