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Report That Armistice
Has Been Arranged
Appears Unfounded.
Recent Demoralization Remedied
and Army Is Well Supplied
With Food and Ammunition.
Prospects of European Dis?
tensions Become Daily
More Menacing.
Loa Aon. November lt.?The report
that an armistice had been agreed to
by the Bulgarian and Turks alone the
Tehatalja lines for the burial of the
dead appears to have been unfounded.
Uispatcha* from Nazlm Fa*ha, the ?
Turkish Commander-in-chief. show I
that the artillery duel continued
throughout Ohe day. The Turks claim
successes against the Bulgarians, but
there is nothing to Indicate that the
Bulgarians have made any serious at?
tempt to penetrate the lines. The
bottle may be ended at any moment
Its Turkey accepting the allies' terms j
for an armistice, which Is said to In-1
elude the surrender of the Tehatalja
lines, Adrianople, iMirajzo and Scutari..
There Is a possibility, however, that
Turkey may decline to surrender Tcha- '<
taljs. While her western army has,
been completely defeated, she still pos?
sesses, according to the correspondents
at the front, a homogeneous army be- j
hind the Tehatalja fortifications, largely I
composed of some of her best fighting'
material from the Asiatic provinces,
which has not yet been in action.
Moreover, the demoralization and dis?
organization which followed the Kirk
KUllsseh and L,ule Burgas retreats ap?
pear to have been remedied, and the
army la now well supplied with fooU
agid ammunition.
May Hak* Farther ?tan*.
Under these circumstances the Porte'
?nay be induced to make a further
stand In the hope of securing easier,
pear* conditions. evidently Bulgar4*
has brought up all her available forces!
to attack Tehatalja. Including some of
the Servian troops, but the task of
crushing the Turkish defense may
prove a difficult one.
The prospect of European dissensions)
arising out of the settlement of the
numerous territorial claims to he ar?
ranged after the war becomes daily
more menacing. Austria has no* pre?
sented an actual ultimatum to Servla
setting a time limit for a reply to
certain inquiries which she baa for-,
mulated. but short of that the reis.-;
tiona between the two countries are
rare strained, and Servla's evident In- ;
tendon toward Durasso will be still
another defiance of Austria.
Cuccol*. in the Austrian house, i
warned the members to be ready for;
the rise of powerful navies. This is:
one of the signs of rearrangement of
Soutbeastern^Europe as a result of the
war. which Is likely to keep the Euro-;
pean chancellories In a state of tea
?ion for a Ion?; time to come. I
Both Austria and Russia are taking |
measures so they will be prepared fori
any eventualities. It is reported to-'
night from St Petersburg that Russia
Je purchasing several hundred guns
According to a dispatch from Bel?
grade, the disposition of Xonaatlr was,
not provided for by prior agreement by j
the allies, and likely win cause trou- ;
fele. The Servians wish to establish
?festr claims, and It Is intended the
King of Servla shall make a triumphal j
entry lato the city.
On the other hand, the Bulgarians'
claim that Von astir Is situated In aI
predominantly Bulgarian district, while
the Greeks contend that the leading,
part of the population is of Greek ns-,
The Austrian correspondents constd- ?
er the breach with Servla over the,
treatment of the Austrian consuls se- i
rtoua A Budapest message to the;
?Pally Telegraph says:
"Count von Berchthold Is wont to
set without faltering when the time
for talking Is psst. The conversations
with the Servian government?If there
sttU be a government at Belgrade?
rapidly are drawing to an unsatisfac?
tory close. Servia will have it in her
power for a .-ouple of days longer to
offer apologies and make amends for
her breach of International law, but
after the lapse of thst brief delay the
Austro-Huna-artan g.-vernmcr.t will de-I
iiberately proceed to enforce rights
which even uncivilised people respect. ?
and vindicate their honor from a wan
ion affront that startled into jealous,
wstchf'ilness all parties of th. \ustro- j
Hungarian nation.
"If. contrary t?> reasonable expecta?
tion. Servla pS>ves obstinate, the ne*t
step wil! be to dispatch a summary
note in the nature of an ultimatum,
setting forth the grievance and de?
manding speedy redress"?
Ssssal to Taihaah riaaosat.
fi?-;a. November 1?.?The aiii'd Bal?
kan Ssftaag t?-da> asarnted to the j
Turkish proposal to discuss the terms
of an armistice and eventually peace.
It Is understood that the terms of j
the a lie - for an srmlattcc are moder- '
ste. and trat Turkey may sire Con?
stantinople if she accepts them
tte?p?..-tins Albania, it Is said In
well informed quarters that th- Ital
kan l???-i?- probahh will not object ?
to that country remaining; under the
??lzeratntv of tv So tan. and that thai
rowers will a coalesce in this
WialaaiiarSBilis * m Meet.
<"on?t?n'lr<p < X. v? mber is iiISS
P M . T?<e Porte tn.-norrnw will ap- I
r"?tf?. pi-.t'nl <?t ?. . ?o meet th.- |
I'-tll* ?r|?r. i<lrai|xvtentisrie? with re.
t?rd f- P erwhrMee
An '?nVIal n??e IsSWed *o-n'*ht MT?
?hat rhe rt-ttrsrl.-'it ?ot.rtin"r.i h?* re
? ...i |a the ro-rte's recent mmmisl
re?nerttf?K an armistice, and
? v-?t r.filssrls Is rendv in enter lots
rotation* with the T.? fctsh pleni?
potentiaries with a view to the can.
i safer ii Zl ?rm,wt*r* ?"? *? *s?was
Armed With Enough
Dynamite to Destroy
Entire City Block.
Courts Adjourn and Prisoners
Removed From Building While
Men Distract Lunatic's At?
tention?Finally Detective
Slips Up Behind Him and
Knocks Him Unconscious.
Los Angel??. Cal., November Ml?
Armed with an Infernal machine con?
taining enough dynamite to destroy
an entire city block, a bottle of nitro
glycerin and a 46-calfore revolver, a
masked maniac took possession of the
Central Police Station to-day and held
it for more than an hour, while hun?
dreds of occupants of the building, and
those for blocks around, panic-stricken
sought safety In distance.
When Detective James Hoslck
knocked the man unconscious with a
leather "billy." after slipping up be?
hind him. the fuse of the Infernal ma?
chine was automatically ignited, but
Detective Samuel L. Brown grabbed
the box. with its fuse sharply splut?
tering, and hurled it into the street.
Sticks of high power dynamite scat?
tered over the pavement, while hun?
dreds of spectators stood apparently
paralyzed by fright Through chance
there was no explosion, and Brown
continued kicking the sticks of dyna?
mite and Jumping upon the fuse until
he broke the connection
Manacled to a cot In the hospital
to-night the would-be dynamiter, who
gave his name as Albert Henry Davis.
Is suffering with several severe scalp
wounds, but the police surgeons say
his injuries are not serious.
Davis entered the outer office of
Chief of Police Sebastian. His face
and head were completely covered
with a grotesque mask and he carried
In his arms a large box covered with
cloth. The box was strapped around
his shoulders, and resembled a small
band organ.
Suserts Practical Jake
First startled and then aroused by
the strange spectacle. Police Sergeant
R. C. Hilf, who suspected a practlcai
Joke, asked the man what he wanted.
"I've got enough dynamite in here
to blow yon all into eternity," he said,
"and 1 want you to send for the high?
est official of the fifiuthera Pacific
The masked visitor rested the box
on a filing cabinet, and Assistant Dis?
trict Attorney Rogham, who was *s
the office, started Joking with him.
"This is no ;oke," said Davis "I
mean business, and if you don't believe
it, try to take this away from me.
My hand Is fastened in this box. and
if I pull it out?bang: We all die."
A-hole had been cut in the box and
room left for the man's hand, which
was hidden In the box. Davis then
Walked into the office of Police Secre?
tary C E. Snivel/, which opens into the
private office of Chief Sebastian, and
repeated nie request that the head
official of the Southern Pacific be sum?
moned. Sruvely naked him if he had
any preference in the man he desired
to blow up. and he replied that he
only wanted the head man.
Snlvely then took down the telephone
receiver and pretended to hold a con?
versation with Paul Shoup, general
manager of the Pacific Electric Com?
pany. "Mr. Shoup Is busy, but he
will be here in about fifteen minutes."
said Snlvely.
"Well, he had better burr}." replied
Davis. "I'm getting nervous."
In the meantime Chief Sebastian, who
had a wr*ef conversation with the
man and realised that he was in ear?
nest, ordered the street roped off for
a block either way and took steps to
have the 10? prisoners in the prison
removed- Upstairs in the building two
Justices' courts were in session, arid
both courtrooms were crowded.
Cearta Adjewra.
A detective passed the word to a
bailiff In Judge Chamber's court, where
a Ja. anese was having a preliminary
examination oa a murder charge be?
fore - crowd of his countrymen. The
bailiff whispered to the Judge. "Court's
adjourned until to-morrw. Clear the
courtroom." ordered the Judge
promptly, and there was a rush for the
stairway. A smila- scene was enacted
in Justice pYedertcksen's court.
There was not enough' patrol wagons
to remove the prisoner* from the jail
to the Deal Ht'ghts prison, and two
street cars were sent for. It was an
orderly procedure, and the prisoners
were soon on their way to the Kast
Std?-. jr"ard"i by the reserves, who h?d
been called out.
Arntn anfj removed the patient*
from the City Emergency Hospital.
Just around the corner. Th- hospital
was crowded wfth patients Injured last
night at the Are at St. George's HoteL
Rea'tzing the necessity of keeping the
man's ?tt?-n?lon until the Nullding was
rl.-?rrd srd adoptinc some p'.an for
foiling his pl*r?. Detective Snivel)- and
others in th. r'w-m carried on a con?
versation w-th Mm.
"Why dMn't y u go down to the
Southern Tactile and Mow up the aMD
you wanted r ke was eske?
"We'l/* be re riled, t tougbtfully. ~I
thought the pMi""* rolid handle It
better, and I wsnted to do a good Job.
I might have kilted the wrong on*-*
other* BPS."
While the conversation was in prog
res* S'Veral poltcemen aid newspaper
men passed throasrh the roots A pews
paper photographer even canv in and
took a picture of the man sitting
on the hair with the Interns" machine
resting ew ht* knee.
Davis fna'Ty asked that evwrgpoSy
be kept back.
TwrloKity hss killed ??ts ot people "
f?"*???tl?ue?C ew Second !*?*?)
ATI..SWT* ?V? ?? HI "IiHAM
Sr?? r???>? wm I'HMt* nan.tr?T
t*eve s> hi nee ? P ? . nntve Atlanta W:*
a ?.. Iisslsghsi 4 ??. M. n-etrtr legat?
ed *<eepts* rar. flehet sffiee. NT a Mesa ?
Readi ngof Appoint?
ments Marks Comple?
tion of Business.
Contributions for Foreign and
Domestic Work Amount to
$143,000?Use of Business
Methods to Give Publicity
to All Agencies of
Church Urged.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch ]
Lyncnburg, V?., November 19.?The
reading- of the appointments marked
the completion of the 'business of the
' 120th annual session of the Virginia
. Conference of the Methodist Episcopal
- Church South, which has been in se?
' slon in Court Street Church since Wed.
I nesday morning of last week. The
\ church was crowded with members of
I the conference and visitors this after
I noon, and after the transaction of a
I few other items of business and re
; marks by Bishop Wilson, the appoint
j ments were read by Rev. B. M. Brech
! kam, secretary of the cabinet, I>r.
Brechkam reading at the request of
Bishop Wilson.
The appointments were as follows:
Richmond District.
T McN. Slmpaon. presiding elder.
Ashland. J. II. Moss: Ashland Cir?
cuit, W. J. Boyd. supply; Bowling
Green. M. I? Williams; Carolina, W. A.
Jeffries; Charles City. W. A. McAlister;
Goochland. C. W. Turner: Hanover, II.
L W es ton; Htnrico. P. H. Clements:
Richmond?Anbury and Oakland, J.
R- Eggleston; Barton Heights. J. A.
Winn. J. E. Oyler. supernumerary;
Broad Street. F. 1.. Wells; Centenary.;
W. J. Toung; Central and Woodland!
Heights, H a Pfeiffer. Clay Street. K.
j B. Waterfield: Decatur Street, R. M.
I White; Denny Street and Fulton Hill,
I J. W. Eure. C. H. Smith, supply; Ep
I worth. D. W. Jackson: Falrmount Ave-:
nue and Chelsea Hill. E C. Carson: |
Highland Park. C O. Tuttle; High-i
land Springs; C. O. Blanton. supply.1
Laurel Street. K. M. Rowland. J. E.
McCartney, supernumerary: Monumen?
tal. R H. Potts; Park Place and Or?
phanage. J. J. Bradford. E. L Pell.'
supernumerary; St. James. S J. Bat tin;
St. Fouls. C E. Green; Trinity and
Mission, Ernest Steven* and J. W.
Diaon; Onion Station and Branch- Me?
morial. W. A. Christian. C. A. Tucker,
supply: West End and Manns, a T.
Thrift; Seven Pines, L. & Fourney.
supply: Spotsylvanla, S. H. Johnson.
Educational secretary of missions,
E. H. Rawllngs.
Vice-president and secretary and
I treasurer of Randolph-Macon College.
S. C. Hatcher. j
I Principal of Southern Seminary. E. I
: H. Howe.
Superintendent of Conference Or
. phanage, A. B. Sharpe. I
I Secretary of State Board of Chari?
ties and Correction. J. L. Mastin.
Secretary Virginia Anti-Saloon
Leasru*. J. P. McAlifter.
Field Agent Publishing Home. H. S. j
Agent Virginia Conference Orphan-'
; age and member Central Quarterly
j Conference. G. H. McFaden.
Student at Union Seminary and]
member Union Station Quarterly Con-j
ference. J. B. A very.
I Student Johns Hopkins University'
j and member of Caroline Quarterly!
Conference. Granvllle Burruss.
Student Princeton Seminary and;
! member of Trinity Quarterly Confer-j
? ence. J. R Peters.
< Student Vanderbllt University nnv
member Highland Springs Quarterly
Conference. H P. Bolderson.
Secretary church extension and
member of Central Quarterly Confer?
ence. A. C. Berry-man.
Associate Editor Baltimore and
Richmond Christian Advocate. G. H.,
Lambeth. I
< ?arlettearrtlle fMotrlet.
! M S. Colons, presiding elder.
Albemarle. C H. Arlington: Amherst.
L. H. Early; Batesvnie. C. F Comer.
Charlottesvllle. First Church. G. C.:
Kelly: R D. Smart, supernumerary '
Hinton Avenue. J. K Walker: Croaet,
H. E. Johnson: Cnlpeper. R P. Lump
kin: J. M. Burton, supernumerary:
Culpeper Circuit. W. L .tones: Flu
vanna. H J. Brown: Gordonsville. R
A. Clark, supply: Green. J. B. Lavan
der: Dov'sa. C. W. Leftwich: Madison
and Mountain Mission. L L Banks.
Mount P easant. H. V. Shenton: Nelson.
O H. Newbury: Orange. W A. Creep:
W. H. Camper, supernumerary; Rap
pahannoek. to be supplied. Scottsvilb".
T. O. KdwarJs: Sonth Amherst. E. Tt
Hopkins: South Nelston. G H. I M*v<>.
surely First Amherst, A C. J-?rdan.
West G?ww-hiand. J C. Beasley. *upp:y.
Hanover. W. C Pace. WoodvilN-.
W H. Keyser. supply.
Field Arent Conference Orphanage.
J. W Rledsoe.
Missionary I? ?'?>?". T. H Hader.
Missionary- to K'T^r. <" T Collyer. .
!>???? We nsst-'ttt.
n M iv-kbam pre*Jd!nir elder.
*"as?-?d?. E W Fl'tott f iatham. I
I? Stables. C"t-eU Street Msiiorlal H
W. Punkl-y. Calvary. II W Dsvis.
Grace. J G. Unruh Main Str??t. W R
Reanrhsmp Mount Vernon J. R Winn.
Siedd Memoria!, to be suppMed. School -
field and Stokesland. T W. Cirroli:
Danville Circuit R Drewry. East
Franklin. R L rralC J. C Ropner. su?
pernumerary. East Halifax. D i.
Travnham. Franklin. G T Kessler.
H-nrv 1 Edeshato Hyro. H F Turner
MaMtnav?l?. Rsscom Dry. North Pj
trlck. W. J Craddoeh. evpplv. Plttsyl
vanla. rt R King. Rockv Mount. J. T.
Allen South Roston. E. K Od*II. south
Franklin. Is be supplied So ith Hall
fag. A. W. UnthKmsa Svoart. J. W.
Ronidin: West Franklin. O L Rasa;
West PstrVh. J W Finer.
Mlealorerv \n Korea?V R. Tarn r
T. If retts pr? at ding ehssr.
Allen. W T. Seel** Aevninsc. Ann
Drlsroll: Atlantic. T. K. Johnson: Hell*
Haven, A I* OtePStl; Rlosom, V. L>
Marsh: CnwhilSgu, George W. Wray;
Jury Returns Verdict of
Murder in First
Four Slayers of Herman Rosen
thai Remanded to Their Cells
in Tombs Until This Morn?
ing. When Day Will Be
Fixed for Imposing
New York. November 1?.?"Gyp the
I Blood." "Lefty Louie.'" ' Dago Frank"
j and "Wbttey Lewie" killed Herman
; Roeenthal. tbe gambler at the lnsti
1 gatlon of Police Lieutenant Charles
Becker, and must pay the penalty of
death In the electric chair. The Jury
which has been hearing the evidence
j against the four gunmen so decided
to-day when It returned a verdict of
murder In the first degree, after but
twenty minutes' deliberation. The gun?
men hoard the verdict pronounced
against them without showing any
emotion. They stood at tbe bar. look?
ing straight ahead, as the foreman
of the Jury made known the result of
their deliberations, and they continued
to stare stolidly in front of them until
the formalities of the proceedings were
Remanded to their cells In the Tombs
until to-morrow morning, when Justice
Goff will fix the day for Imposing sen
j tence. they turned and filed out of
the court room with as firm a step
as when they entered.
"Whltey Lewis'?he who was the
! most dramatic of the four when he
! testified on the witness stand?alone
I walked with head bowed,
i As they entered the door loading over
i the -Bridge of Sighs." "Gyp" said
: something to "Lefty" in a sullen under
| tone which none could hear,
j Outside, "Lefty's" doll-faced wife.
1 "Lefty's" Lillian, as she is called, wept
1 on the shoulders of her husband's
, father, who vainly tried to comfort her.
j "Gyp's" wife, known as "Gyp's" LU
| lian. received the news In the house
( of detention. The two other gunmen
are unmarried.
Former aTagistrste Charles "CT FT
Wahle, counsel for the gunmen, sn
' nounced that he would appeal from
I the verdict, and as in the case of
! Becker, months may elapse before their
: ultimate fate Is determined.
' Meanwhile, they will occupy cells
near that ot the former police lieu
i tenant in the death house at Sing Sing.
Although the Jury was actually out
of the court room an hour and five
minutes, it was but twenty minutes
after their retirement that word reach?
ed the clerk of the court that they
had arrived at a verdict. This was
a 1:5". o'clock, but Justice Goff was at
lunch, and he did not return until
three-quarters of an hour later.
The final day of the trial opened
with Justice G-ffs charge to the jury,
which occupied three hours. The
charge emphasized many points in the
testimony of the gunmen, which the
prosecution In Its summing up had
declared were discrepancies fatal to
j the credibility of their stories,
j "If the defendants' contention were
i true that Rose and his companions,
Webber, Vallon and Schepps shot Ro
j senthal. would he have invited them
j to the Metropole Hotel to the scene
of the shooting""' Judge Goff asked the
jury. -Did the defendants tell the truth
when they said they saw Rosenthal
shot and were near enough to dis?
tinguish the faces of those who did
the shooting, but did not see Rosenthal
"Was the testimony of the three
I defendants in support of "Daso Frank"
j interposed by prearrangement *"
AhVaasta Said ?? Agree aa to f oaeltloa
?f Jabs ?ehraak.
Milwaukee. November 19?That John
Schrank, who shot Theodore Roose?
velt on the nlsht of October ?l last, is
Insane will he the rubstance of a
unanlmons rep-rt of the five alienists
appointel by Jndse A. C Farkus to
evan'n-- fnto the prisoner's mental j
condition, a-ss the ?,taf*rr;ent of a court |
official tVs afternoon
J:i-tee Rsckns Mated late to-d?v that 1
fj-?? T-, SB* probably would not be pre- j
sented t'- the court nntl' Thursday. '
? tin th.it be hn.| no Me* nf what the
llr-dircs would be.
T*ie >-nmrn*rs!on he!<! what was n
pect.d would l.e i?? !*?? ?cs|o?i with
Schrank to-d?y. end It w: ? even wr'lr
be Wa? belns; Sllli'erted to #urt*er
ouestlon'nc *'T the rilivstcfer., that the
report rained eurrencv that the pris?
oner wonld be ?d.,-i!*cd insane
Pre. iinln? that Schr.mk wl!| be
fonnd insane. It will Se ;miw?VMf to
Irv Mm on the ^?rr. <f Ttt-'mpT'nr 1
t . k:?! rol.,n.-i ir... ??>.*? T> - ??ni
r ". nrv/tHe hi eawftaeWfeat '-. tbe bag
p'fi for the erlmlril !-mo? ?? r??,h
y I
ChSlSI i mt WissS threes* ta On ssS
fSeevwe %StaSsjat *r"%eee PrSaeaie'va,
Jtew Tork November I? ?Three of
the seven men rec?r.:|y arrested here
In conrierTfcn srlth rI'?rM wl-e
tinplnr ?wied'es we-<. fronted 'o-day
fo? gr~*ed tareetrr the ?eee-n.1 4e.
gree. <"?*-,.?,,, C?cdo.' *PflTf to the
pal ce th? -Kin* 'he W-e Tan?
ners." ws? 4<rah|r in'lcfed One In
d?etai?nt ebsrse? htm with :nr ort
fslr.ed JtS ass fr'te Msto- Orav Pen
il'efeTi. ?f Palm PJewrh F?s . last Anetl.
Tbe second slleared that he reeenttv
swindled K f WNitv .r>d r*r J W
Powell, of ?nie^lt?*?er X C oftt of
*?j **? Cbsr-ee Wra^foed. alVs "Tent eh
Alowro." Is chars"d w"* "t ?eil eta- tea.
?as fro?i at?nc*? X Jone? of T?)tf?
PWvzh Oct-?-rr i'- 'eserh weakowsk*
rtmed SS "Joseph Gear." alls* 1 Pap-r
railse Joe" b? ekecwed with connection
with I he gMoary-Pwweii rsse ander a
Joist irrllctmenl srtth r. nSarT
Ball was 'Ued at t?? for OawSsrf
sad II t.sss eaeb for ?i sdfbi S and
Krakewskv. I? aVfautt tbe pr*
w*rs nmsssled ts tbs Teases.
Will Be Sentenced to Death
jTwo Charges of Embezzlement
, Against A. Randolph
' Shortage of Fredericksburg
i Cashier Alleged to Have
Amounted to $48,000.
j [Special to The Times-Dispatchl
Fredericksburg. Va.. November 19.?
j A. Randolph Jloward. formerly cashier
: of the Conway, Gordon & Garnett
National Bank, of this city, was to?
night indicted by the grand Jury on
two charges of embezzle?) ant. one
charging a defalcation ot $34.900 from
the bank, which, however. It la under?
stood, was amply secured to the bank
before Mr. Howard waa indicted, and
' the other a defalcation of about 914.
000 of a trust fund In his hands, part
of which has been secured.
In a few minutes after the indict"
ments were returned the accused ap?
peared in court, and Judge Goolrlck
fixed the amount of bond at 14.900.
Thlg was furnished by W. D. Carter.
W. J. Ford. Clarence R- Howard and
C O'Conner Goolrlck. and the accused
was recognized to appear In the Cor?
poration Court on December 5 to an
! i-wer the indictments
While the shortage of Cashier How.
ard -M made good by relatives as soon
j as discovered, yet the report caused
a sever- run on the bank, which forced
I It a fe-,r dava ago to enter Into a
' merger agreement by which the Farm?
ers' and Merchants* State Bank, of this
city, took over the business, and the
Conway. Gordon * Garnett National
Bank Is now out of business. The
whole affair has created Intense ex?
citement here.
s^ecssdewv? fcleet tsrsjoopj IPnye ossetal
Yeast so Oeveewer Gtstisl.
Hamilton Bermuda. November 19.?
rresldent-F'ect trl'aon d?*>*?rel to-day
thnt he is beginning to fora-et politics.
Mrs Wilson and ?'h?-r members of
the fewllv hate beep busily eneaged in
The Hilary received hi Mr Wilson
in the SBBMtjpsMBs ? Merit before th?
< lection doe* not trouble Mm S*Xf mof
The plaster covering the wo-ind on
Ms hesd eamo off to-rtav. showing
tb-? the abrrsion h?d healed
The Governoe to.dar paid an nfUelal
v'eit to the Cin\ ernor-General. I.leu
??nant-Genera! Sir rtcnrg* M Bullock
Later he had M SsM t!ie army offi?
Mr V"11? - contemplate* occ-ipytns:
much of hi* time In ?a'king .- I
ht???*t?.? up-1 p?????rlp? f'?r fut-ire
legislation Terrific w'ndr prevail.-.!
here tM? trorrlng.
?si ? ? ? Vessetiei -* eteeewtfae I oeaeaH
See> ad fetveeeMlew \mm~i ??????
TT ??he T? or. V.?r-o?r? ?r 1* ?Franrla
r VeSaM" r-r-.'-t'-* of !be fe'verslty
of X.arth Csro?ra wa? e'ectc* a mean.
ih-r ** ??"""'?? roreri'fee of the
Ve'lone* i?r?'|-''"" '?* ??*??? t'nlver
e*tles which .-'-^?1 'ts ?"i'nl rmiTfi.
tfon here TP-?** ?? T>e f'i?*I act of fh*
mnreutloe. ajwe ? eajtt hv fhtl rtnjt etwttr
h>-d? ***on r*re?M*"t Taft at the
WMte T??n?e
|Vf ?M?*.?????*, t ?*w?e* president of
tee feieeTatf' of ntleo|? was elected
sresfrat of fbe essnel-flon and It
Gar Torfer IV-nton :.-c**c,rnt of t b
rnfrer?i|- of V? -mop' secretary ant
I treasurer
Both Companies Present Peti?
tions for Additional
jLee District Main Objective
Point of Proposed
Plans for extending; tbe street rail?
way systems of the city both eastward
and westward were considered by s
j subcommittee of the Council Committee
: on Streets yesterday afternoon, both
companies presenting petitions for ad?
ditional routes. On account of the
I growth of the section of the city west
of the Boulevard, especially in the
, neighborhood of the Benedictine In?
stitute, and with the possibility of the
' erection of a West End passenger sta
j tlon st the Roseneath Road and Broad
! Street t>y the Richmond, Frederlcks
j burg and Potomac and Atlantic Coast
Uns Railroads, a proposition which
i has been under consideration for some
; years, the Virginia Railway and Power
Company asked for franchises for the
following extensions:
First, a double track line from Rob?
inson Street and Broad, out Broad
i Street to tbe new corporation line.
I west of the Roseneath Road, this line
I to be erected within eighteen months
. or earlier, if the atatlon plans ma
: ture; the franchise to lapse if the line
j is not completed in the specified time.
I Second, a single track line from the
! Intersection of Broad and Sheppard
] Streets south along Sheppard Street.
; crossing; Monument Avenue at grade
! to Leonard Street, along T/?-or>ard
! Street to West Street, and south slong
j West Street to Cary Street. Fnder
1 the proposed franchise, if granted, this
' line is to be built at once, and the
I power !s reserved in the Council to
i compel !t to be double tracked If In
j Its Judrment conditions will Justify it.
tieartce Railway's Piss.
' Th? West Krvd petition of the Rich?
mond and Hennco Railway Companv
proposes the use of the existing tracks
of the Virginia Railway and Power
?"ompanv from Fifth und Broad Streets
on Broad to Brook Avenue, one track
out Adams Stre.-t to Marshall and one
on ftrook Avenue to Marshall, a doa?
ble track on Marshall to Bowe Street,
slong Rowe to Broad, thence by use of
rr.. old company's tracks along Broad
S'reet from Bowe to Meadow Street
construction of double track on Mead?
ow street, emssins Monument Avenue
at grade, to Stun'l Avenue double
track out Stuart Avenue from Mead >w
to Mulberry, north on Mulberry to
Kensington, and double track out Ken?
sington Avenue to the Roseneath Road.
To operate this It Is proposed
to have two loop services west of the
Boulevard. The north loop calls for a
single track from Kensinsion Avenue
north on tl'est Street to Broad. ????
on Rro.id to the Roseneath Road, south
along the l.i *? n? <n B >?-! to Kenstng
ton Avenue, completing the loop The
south loop cslls f t tbe operation of
cars out Kensington Avenue to the
Resenesfh Road then by a sinsl- trsrh
south along the Roseneath Rosd to
i>otf Nvenue. east on Grove ,\veiae
In |?oo!-- \venu?-. south on Coole?
Avenue to Ta? I T or t"hasHo-swee?i ^a?*
to Sheppsrd street and north en Shep?
pard "1ie.i to Kensington, comalel
, In? the lasp.
j City Engineer Charles K. Rolling
! called attention to tbe fact I Wit the
?~ (Conttr.-e?i on Second l*?g ?
{Colored Porter Only
Richmond Man Who
Lost His Life.
|a;ll injured
resided herb
[Railway Officials Declare Thai
Engineer Mistook Freight)
Train on Siding lor Paaaaa*
gar Train and Thought the
Road Was Clear?Collision Oc?
curred at Sharp Curve, and
Engines Crashed Into Each
Other at Full Speed, Neither
Engineer Having Time to Even
Reverse Lever.
The death Hat from the
j head-on collision between Seaboard M*
{Line passenger trains No. Si. Math
bound, and No. 84, northbound, at Oraa
I lte. N. C. early yesterday morning, wan
j Increased last night by the addition
I of two names, raising the total num?
ber of fatalities resulting from tha
wreck to eight.
In addition to the victims reported
earlier In the day, messages last night
announced that A L Rountree, express
messenger, of Jacksonville. Fla., died
< at ? o'clock in a Raleigh hospital, r_n*
that Tom Boggan. a colored porter, at
Richmond, was among; those who met
Instantaneous death. Boggan'a body
! waa brought to Richmond last night
ion train No ??. which waa the first
[train to come through from tha sea tea
I of the catastrophe.
Of the six persons 'njured In tha
{wreck, si: are residents of Richmond,
and three bar* been brought here torn
I treatment Boggan was the only resl
(dent of this city to lose his Ufa.
The complete list of the dead la aa
! follows:
W. A. Fates*, of Bel sigh, lagjlsi II em
tr?te Pie. 81.
WL J. Gray,
leva mm X?. St.
i> 84?
The Iajwred.
; Those who are injured are:
? William B. Tlighman. of 2008 Park
I Avenge. Richmond, conductor on tha
j northbound train; now in tbe Virginia,
Hospital; his injuries consist of bruises
and wounds about tha bead.
Herbert Coates. of 2S07 East star
shall Street. Richmond, express mss
aenger on the northbound train; now
in the Virginia Hospital. He sustained
a fracture or bis right arm and other
minor injuries.
Joseph T. Bryant, of 114 South Bel vi
dere Street, Richmond, baggagem est er
on the northbound train; he is being
treated in a hospital In Raleigh. N.
C. for burns and bruises.
G. G. Shannon*ouae. of 204) East
Franklin Street. Richmond, conductor
on tbe southbound train; he la sMgartkr
bruised up. and Is being treated at has)
A. L. Hears, of 350S Eaat Clay Street,
I Richmond, baggage-master oa tha
| south round train; be was taken tw?
? Raleigh for treatment.
: None of the passengers on either
I train wss Injured, although some were
j severely shaken up. Lee Relnhelmer.
a cigar salesman, who Uvea at J084
i West Grace Street, thla city, was asleep
In a berth on a Pullman car attached
; to one of the trains. He was awak?
ened when a woman from a compart?
ment in front- was thrown back
through the partition into his berth
Oeetvea? fiosoy.
j According to the story told last
| night by express messenger Herbert
, Caate*. as his wounds were being
i dressed at the Virginia Hospital, the
! wreck was followed br scenes of dls
j aster and conflagration He said that
j the SoOeV of en* ?min? eanloded. hurl.
'. ins: fragments of iron and steel far
: l ttt.? th?- surr-Mindln? forest The heet
fr?im the engines set are to the d?sd
t.-avrs and underhru*h. and a Severn
forest fire w?s hareiv averred.
Oentea says he was tn tbe serssS
' car of the northbound train talking te>
' O. B Priddy and a man named Brows.
; lx?th of whom had boarded the train
at N'Tltna. The train was one hoar
and elsrlM minutes 1st-, and was mak
f ft> -n:l ?? hour in an effort to
rcaain t i- bist t me. m h?n sasdaVaH.
j without wsrnirig came late crash.
. - I) a- 1 Brown ?e-e teetsatly
Ktlb d as the car they oe*~ap4e*1 tele
: scoped under the terrific strain. Cessnas
I lost conscit.usnesa f.a* j moment. Ho
awoke to find htmeeif pinned beneath
' > m^jr.I of a?bri? Bv pushing wtth
his uninjured a-m and his feet be sac*
reeded In er i?11 n a from under tee
Too 4axed t ? take notice af hta snr
lsusdlsfa further than t? see that the
. n? ne? hvt con? together .a4 harU?d
over tae fifteen-foot enebankssent. bo
ricked h?s way to a pass reger oar la
the rear where fee settled klma 'If on
% .. nl oaa -->t moved until he
reached this ettv on a spi lal trab?
Vast night at * J* o>laeX
T> r a parle nee of CossanOter Wonssss.
8 Tilghwoa ?aa hardly seas remark?
able lie was in the Sr- -
re - fwrwarJ en train age,
shock eosna. 41 first he
te the erearnd sad
(Ceattaued on Seventh

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