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ahtfkr Sftjs All Committees
I Dodge Issue, Dumping Trou
1 bios on Finance Committee. ,
?Ordinance Increasing Carriage j
Rates Is Again Recom?
* Ths wholesale scramble of city em
I ?tayos of oil grades to get their sala?
ries increased before the Administra?
tive Board takes office was checked
;'laat nicht by the Council Committee on
.'Ordinances, Charter and Reform. Mr.
?Puller, of that committee, protested
(against ths practice which has obtained
to a large extent, both in that com?
mittee and In the departmental com
mit tees, of recommending all requests
and leaving It to the Committee on
JJftnance to put on ths brakes
I -We ore "Imply dumping our troubles
on ths Finance Committee." said Mr.
JPuller. "We should Investigate theae
asses as they some up. and only re
oommend those that we consider inert
' Serious Those in departments which
some under the Administrative Board
should be left over until It takes office,
when It will bs In s position to know
the worth of the men who are working
I dor IL This looks to ms like s mere
scramble to get In before the Adminis?
trative Board takes charge."
The committee recommended an In?
crease for the assistant superintendent
I and three operators of the Fire Alarm
Department on recommendation of
Superintendent Thompson, but when
. Superintendent Davis recommended an
' Increase for meter repairers In the
Water Department from $2.50 to $3
per day. the committee recommended
that the psy the fixed at $2.75.
Higher Cost ad Fmaerah*.
The ordinance recommending an in?
crease In the maximum charge of hack
rates for funerals from $8.50 to $4, was
again recommended over protest of J
C. Page and C. A. Height, of the Rich?
mond Burial company. Mr. Haight
stated that the liverymen's associa?
tion at present gives every undertaker
except himself a discount of 10 per
cent but charges him full price for
carriages for funerals.
The statement as to Increased cost
*>f feed, he said, was not borne out
t>y current market Quotations, which
were much lower than last spring.
Inspector Shelton, of the gas office,
asked Dor an additional Street In?
spector and an additional clerk in the
?fflce. He stated that It had been the
practice in the past when more clerical j
force was needed, to advance men from I
Could Hardly Hear
took NTMml dlfferest medicines, giving
?ach a fair trial, hat arrow wore* until
I could hardly hoar. taste or smell I
waa about to give up In despair, hut
concluded to try Hood's Sarsaparille.
After taking tares bottles of this
mediotns I was cured, and have not
had any return of Ue disease."
Hood's Sarsaparille effect* radical
and permanent cares of eatarra.
Get It to-day In usual liquid form or
ehoaosatsd tablets called Mi'sataas.
the ??ein to the oases, as a result
he said, ho did not have a clerk who
kasw stenography or who could use
a typewriter, his help being entirely
unskiued 1st office work. The addi?
tional Merk was recommended, the
matter of additional street Inspectors
being left over to be determined by the
la Perpetual Care.
I An ordinance regulating the manner
of placing lots In city cemeteries under
perpetual care was recommended, as
was an Increase In the salary of the
stenographer of the Mayor from $65
to $80 per month.
A subcommittee consisting of Messrs
Oilman. Pollock and Pollard was
named to prepare a plan for separation
of the duties of the Special Account?
ant from the clerkship of the Finance
Committee. The Special Accountant
was regarded as too valuable an offi?
cial to be tied up with detailed cleri?
cal duties. An ordinance recommend?
ed placing the analytical chemist un?
der the Administrative Board, though
Its necessity was not apparent, in
view of the general charter provi?
The Mills ordinance creating a fund
for retirement of city employes who.
by age or infirmity, are unable longer
to perform their duties, was laid over
and copies ordered distributed among
the members It proposes laying aside
In the sinking fund a sum equal to
one-tenth of 1 per cent of the annual
revenues of the city to be Invested In
city bonds for the retirement of those
incapacitated from service after hav?
ing been on the city pa>' roll for as
much as twenty years. Mr. Gunst op?
posed Immediate action, though stat?
ing that he was not opposed to the
general plan.
Get Leave of Aaseaee.
An ordinance granting leave of ab-1
eence for six days, with pay, to such
Street cleaners as have had no vaca- j
tions this year was recommended, it i
being represented that a hardship had !
been worked through granting a holi- I
day to some not given to others. The j
matter Is a relic of the Administrative I
Board campaign, when Mr. Fergusson. I
Mr. Hobson and others Induced several.'
of the committees for the first time to J
grant vacations with pay to per diem j
men. The City Attorney decided later i
that the committees had no such I
power, and as a result vacations were ,
given In some departments and not inj
?gl?rah.* writs*
on. Kansas. "I
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vr. m STaSRdSTOX,
First Vice-President:
second Vice-President:
m im
Igfeffiy PRESENTED * BY * THE,
ItSW^TlUES^DlSPATCH. Nov. 20th
9 Sb? at Ska efsawbtatTipssa Saas? aiinasi wi- ?' -v?
t af WSJ .a Tf aaassted ?wbkdtaovessaW seaw af aW cow of *vs?sa?
X fc? she saehwy. ansaaam dark IsW ?ad saVsr ? swSSI saWsee?awonn?
X si SS I III ? J I I ' -1-IwSaw I
? ???????????SS >?w??S?????-Vie?.issse?
(Like i'ltmratiom in t-e v nrn-crmrrt^ fr-m ''sy to dar )
Tbl? LhKiioru.ry ij NOT px^usbcd by the r.ri?;r.a! pn??
li*r>er? r f V?e;vcT > D:cti'.r.a?v . r bv th-r ?i ??or?.
;Y It n the oxlv entirely xrw c m; ;:?.tinn by the wtM '
rr'ate-t autho:;'jcs from kauir.ir univervT*,; is bend im
full Limp Leather, fles., star.red m K on !a.k ard
side*, prrr.ted on Hh paper. w: h red edges ?~d corners
H ronsdetj; beautiful. 5tronr. duraiile. Be*;dr? tbc gerr-al contents there
H are reap* aid e*. er 600 ?nbjets bc-iotifu?y Uly-tra^d by three- i
color plates, najnsrxoa* subjects by nv>tv.tr.nr . ,,f |?*?'
r*- educational d mu a-?i the latest VrttetJ States tensut. i'reser.t IgSH.
If a* ?B! oftft SIX Coaeocative Dicboaary Coupons sad the 9oC
Jt :s esar.tty the
?IM M M *"*'?? ???
Is Is riaia cloth b'nd
lac. * 'aaaped ta gotd
eept tn tee styis of 5?aTaaiesjiaai at< htmrk- **L^?* Zl
t r,d!r.s-?Meh IS is ; ri7T7asTTal r"t~T- W"*"*" XI
with alive
? ?1 C ? S s-4
ofe?*?. Ab ordJnanns pMlBlfi? ffta
bulldtag code ta regard la arsotJoa at
hlUboard* waa reeamtaaatati
The corn ml tt?e appoints*) tha ?rat
Tiiesday night In Diu im aar far ?aa
aMoratton of papers reJatithg an aa
namtiwa of auburban wmilaaaWiM
mwim IIP
< Continued From First Psare.)
?ha said, "and If thia thing goes oft
there's going to be a whole lot of
them go up/'
One of the ?pootatora attracted to
tbe scone was J. Kandel. ? minin? man
from Chihuahua, Mexico.
Randal asked Part* If ft waa really
dynamite In the box.
"Yes, and its ?0 par oent staff, too."
declared Davis.
"1 don't believe It; you are bluff*,
ills'," laughed Rondel.
Davis lifted the oloth cover off the
box, which had a glass front, and
drew out a stick of dynamite. Handel;
took it. bit off a piece and tasted it.1
miner-fashion. He knew what it was,!
out dissembled in order to gain time, i
"That's not dynamite," said be con?
temptuously; "somebody has cbonted
??Light it and see," said Davis.
Kandel lighted a piece of the
"giant" with a match. It burned i
briskly, and those who had hitherto
clung to the Joke idea made a hasty ,
Plan to Trap Him.
After Davis had held complete pos?
session of tbe station for nearly an
hear and a half, a plan was devised
by the deteotive? to trap him
While Sec rotary Snlvely carried on
MM conversation with the man^c, De- ;
tectlve Hoslck tiptoed from tbe outer ;
room, which was at Davis'? back, and
struck him on the head with a "black- '
Jack." The Infernal machine dropped.;
and Deteotive Brown, who was at Ho-j
sick's elbow, grabbed it.
Davis reached in his coat pocket,
and Hoslck hit him again, and he
tumbled to the floor unconscious.
The bottle of nltroglycerln and the
revolver were in Davis's inside coat
pocket, which he had reached. As
I/a us had said, bis left hand wa? af*j
tached to tnt meciianism of the infer-,
r>al machine. The quick work of,
Brown prevented the sparks " from,
reaching the explosive. There were:
sixty half-sticks of dynamite, and anj
expert said it whs 6? per cent, and]
that there was enough to blow up a;
city block.
At the receiving hospital Davis SAidj
to-night he "guessed" the fust was'
too long was the reason there was
no explosion. He said he was born
in German/, was thirty-four years old
and had lived in this country fifteen
years. He admitted that Davis was
not his right name and finally declined
to talk about his past.
Davis said he stole the dynamite'
for the power-house from a mine or
quarry near San Bernardino several
months ago. but be rave no definite
Indications of the place. The infernal
machine was an ingenious contrivance,
with a large number of springs and a
wire lever attached to the hammer
lock of . an old army rifle. Davis'?
hand was attached to the wire that
led to this hammer lock detonating
Ouicers searched Davis'? house to?
night, but found no explosives or any?
thing that resembled infernal ma?
Two Caere Argoed and One Passed to Ju
satry Term. |
I In the Supreme Court el Appeals yesterday
' the case of the Chesapeake and Ohio Rail
! wa> Company vs. Chapman was argued hy
i George It. Browning for tbe appellant and
I b> V R. Snarkleford for the appellee, and
! submitted.
I City of Danville vs Danville Railway and
1 E.ectricei Company waa arrued by E. W
' Brown for the appellant and by William
iLeirb for the appellee, and submitted.
! Norihern Xeck State Bank va, Gilbert
< Pe~k!ng <"*ompar.y was passed until th. Jan
I uary term.
I Next casea to be called: Motley's admin
j lstrator et als. vs. < amtalrs. McCal! & Co :
Ith*- Wat?-rfront Coal Company (Inc.) vs.
I Sn.lthfl?:d Marl. Clay and Transportation
iCcmpany: Scot: el ale vs. Tlmb.Tlake et
.Is.: C. C. Smoor * Sons Co. (In<v> v?.
I J' fcriso.n. nr. rf
Kle*ater PSassaana Frurbtetked.
i Passengers In an e>v?tor in the Mutua'
; Building yesterday a'ternooo were badly i
, frightt-n?d when it suddenly droppei with
' great speed four floors and came to quick
1 atO;) when the emergency brakes acted All
I wer? thrown to the floor, but no ot? waa
? hur?. Among th? passengers were Jods?
Ikarerly T. Crump. o? the Latr and Equity
<"ourt. Thomas W' Rrockenbrough, a young
i worrar. and the conductor.
! ?rectal Local Data fee Vee terser.
I; nnon temperature .
- V M Lmp'Tature . (0
Max mum t?-rn|?e. ature up to s
1'- M. ?2
IMln'finm temperature up to 8
I P J*. ?0
Hear, temerature . 4$
N''Mna| temperature . (,
Dentlasjcy in t?-mp?-r?iture . ;
?Kx<-.-s* ?ii temperature ?iure March
I . 33
I Arenas, OefV'ewcy la temperature
I sir.. .January 1 . 3.?
Jl'.fi. i?n< y in rainfall s'nce March
i .
A'liirr detlc'en. y u. rair.fall .Ince
i January 1 .g ;?,
Leral tlkwera attars at r. w. V eat erde?.
T. n.r.. rnture ... . ;i
? HsjsnMMf . 29
1 V? md?d'rectlon . j*.
[?Wind ? ve.ocity . >
?'.V. a-nee .Clear
U oxniTictha |-? mmsTiu ?me?.
j (At ? }' Jl. fcasterr? Stan lard T.me ,
rVWae Tber H T UT. \V- ntber.
lAsbevilie . 4% SH 2\ ''l-mr
a 11 .nta . ?e ?? 41 Csesa
ill . :,tlc City . :?2 e* I" < ;...,
ajeotcrn. ._ 43 4? -a Cl-ar
Hi Ifale . 4? I* 4: Clear
? I'a.aar . I? 4< Kw r ? , d .
t'harleeton ...SI *? II Oar
:<?.? ago . -< ??? 4? ?Ve?r
Itenver . i." ?2 XI Clear
'i? iinth ... it i* n i mm
<...\..t..n . . ?2 el !? > loud}
H "-re- . 8? ???? . ? ? .
Havre ....er M 831 -a !?. cloudy
I . ksor,rille .. f.a ;.. 44 ?1e?r
1 Kansas city 00 .4 4. ? i-ar
l^ul-vtlle _ ia ?.? ?: c?e?r
M'.r.taomery ?? ... 7*, c|e?r
I Sew ?rrleans ?* ?*? 82 <lo?d
;V'w Tork .... 44 Se 22 Cleat
1 N'.-f'.lfc .51 ?O Ik C|eer
?1 k shorn- ... 8? ;? *? ? ?e?.
i-l"-r.?irgh ... $2 S* Z- Crest
? ah M ? . *'? ( tear
? l^uls . . ?? ? 4a Clee
J?t Paul . 8e be 3? Clear
Mn Prsnc'sco. 84 88 84 Clear
?evacnah . .* 44 Oar
f- .kane . . I? 'a 4? c>??d>
ampe . ** '?* 84 P. epewdy
? -eton ?* II Main
V, .nMr-Tl ?2 42 2* Clear
Tie 1? '.? ^1 ("real
"?IhSATIHn: 8lw?aj*#.
at or. en ?er 2?. 1*12
f.< -eae,. .? U
P**P lahrlsJT .,.ea>?so*.ee.>ee-e,ee... ? *4
A Double-breasted ' Over
> coat with1 wide collar that
you can turn up to the ears,
strap under the chin, long
skirt that puts you fit to
meet the blasting blizzard.
Or, turn down the collar and
you have a long lapel.
The garment is self-lined?
not as heavy as it looks?and
makes a practical coat for
pleasant days.
$25 is the price.
Others from $15 to $50.
Beautiful silk-lined Oxfords
at $25.
Motoring Coats for women
that turn December into May!
Snug Robes.
Comfy Gloves.
Thermos Bottles.
Yes, we have the stiff, non
bulging bosoms, in new pat?
terns. Yes, negligees for fall
and winter.
Yes, Full Dress Shirts with
plain bosoms.
Yes, the pleated fronts for
Neckwear, all prices?all
rich, and much of it luxu?
riously so.
Silk Hats.
Patent Leathers?.
Every Essential Elegance
including solid linen collars.
Need a bracer?
Wear "NuKfe."
Prices?for man, woman or*
Bristol. Va.. November 1*.?Deputy Reve?
nue Collectors J. P. Hurt and H. C. Weaver
returned here to-night from Flat Gap. Wise
County, where they raided an illicit distill?
ery destroying two stills with a combined
es pa City of 100 gallons. They poured out
gallons of beer, and seized a quantity of
whiakey. Monroe Church and bis brother
wire arrested. Both cave bond.
It tends to keep baby's skin clear
and healthy, prevents minor erup?
tions, and establishes a pennanent
condition of akin and hair health.
Assisted by Caticura Ointment it is
unrivaled in the treatment of ec?
zemas, rashes and other itching,
hui^Mn*, irrfantfle eruptions so often
the cause of baby's fretfolness and
ears ?aap Sbavtag ?tan. liberal
n T sraj eoaj
A W takln? one aad a Half bottles
ff Mil.AM I rained ? I-I pounds
*;* '?Siel Cfcarleetaaa, W. Va.
Reported Clash Only a "News?
paper Affair," Says
Mrs. Walke.
Norfolk Woman Still Claims She
Was Treated With Gross
I spelaj to Th? Times-Dispatch. J
Norfolk. Va.. Novemher 13.?Replying to the
report that she had said ?M Virginia D.vi*
I Ion of the Daughters of the Confederacy
would be the first choice of Jefferson 31
! Levy should he deride to give away Uon'l.
\ cello. th? Thomas Jefferson estate. Mrs.
Frank Anthony WaJke. who returned to-day
fiom Washington, asserted that she toad
never roxi? any such statement.
"What I did say," staled alis Walke,
that It Mr. Levy decided to give the estate
awaj at all he would give It la Virginia. I
naillda I have ?aiu tn.it he?ou;dglve It to
the Vlrgdaaa MsMan of the daughter*, aa
caure so tar as 1 know Ifea dr. ision aastaTt
want it. and I am certain cuu.d not keep
up the estate.
"If Mr. Levy should care to dispose of the
I estate by gift he might very weil make
the donatio? jointly to tne Virginia organi?
sations of Coionla. Dames, the Assooatiou
for Preservation of Virginia Antiquities, tue
Da ughler? of the American Kevoiutktn and
las Daughters of the Confederacy. These,
with their Joint resource*. cou,d properly
preserve tne estate ana would doubtless be
giad to get It."
As to Mrs. Littleton.
' When askod for a statement concerning
' the criticisms of Mrs. Martin W. Littleton.
[ wh<. our:tic the Da'ighters' Convention at
i Washington described Mrs Wrt.ke to report
i assa as iooils.1 ,,re: BSUp and a busybody. Mrs.
Walke said an- would retrain Irom indulging
in such controversy. She ??uA on.) state
the facts, she said.
"I saw Mrs. Litt.efon but once, then only
I for a moment, when 1 met her one morning
j in the New Wtllard tiotei. The reported
; cottroversy waa entire.jr a newspaper affair,
; anu did not occur between us personally.
"The morning I aaw her at the New Wit
> lard I to d her that I considered ab? had
I treated me with gross discourt, ?y la falling
[ last summer to notify me of the - a,iceliatl<,u
I af the .-er.ate committee n;?e::ng. at whlc.
i she bad invited me to appear, in connection
! with her movement to have the government
j acquire MonUcello. I to a her that I dkl
' not think she had acted as a lady should
I act In that matter, and thereapoa loft her
and have sot seen bar since. I have heard
from her. however, througtr the newspa
pers "
The incident of the canceled commltte?
met tins; was the origin of Mrs. Littleton's
j charge that Mrs. Wa.Ke opposed her attempt
1 to secure the Daughters' indorsement of
plans as lo Mor.tlceiio be<a is- ?he. Mrs. Lit
' t>ton, would not pay Mrs WalsVa hotel
j am
? Mrs. Walke explained to-dav that eany
1 .aa< year she received literature from Mrs.
. Littleton on Feder?; acquisition of the Jef?
ferson estate. Ldter there came repeated
'letters urging h< r to attend a Senate com
mlttee meeting on the matter a?out the
first of July. fbe wro:? the New York wo?
men, alter tnslstent persuatlon. t l.a *. she
would attend.
On tlie date eet for the meeting Mrs
Waike waa In Washington. Efforts to locale
Mrs Littleton were fntt.e. She tried also to
Hnd her secretary, and finally Mr. Litt ?ton.
but without success. H..wtver. at Ihe ap?
pointed hour she went to Iii? committee
room at the Capitol. wh*f- the meeting ws?
t? be h?ld. and was there Informed that
tue me, Tlnr had been pen-d
The -Hotel httll' rgdsisli.
I The Baltimore coavenuor, was then In ses?
sion, deadlocked in an ?ffort to nominate
somebody ??t President, and so Mrs. Walks
weat to Ha tlmore On her re tarn kons? she
s-n- Mrs Littleton s hill for her rstum trip
:are oa the Washington steamer. Having
?ia)ed at the home of a frl-nd while in
Washington. ?ii? hid no hnte. }?;,? j,r?
I.lttl. r..,i fsld nc. a'tentlon in the hi!: for
steamer fare It was sent h?w a ?? or ? time.
It ea'h > ase with aa < xpianatory sling, hat
r.oti.ns ass heard from Mrs Littleton.
That Is a'l 'here is to the T?otf I Ml:' re
ferret to Mrs. IJtt'eton. ' said Mrs
"Ar Washington ast week I opposed Mrs
Litt eta*, a effort to get the -onresjuoa to In
dense h. r movement | fid ??? . s .s. i do
n?t tninv rl.e ftauchterv ?? tN? < otif*drra y
bsv? anything to d? with afoarWJo. and for
the further reason that I thiak the estate
?I ..n -I l-ong i > Virginia or Virginia or
sarlsa'ions able to oappnrt It. If It |a l? no
dlspos.il of i: an hv Mr. Levy.
'What Mrs Littleton has said about me It
?a? nothing with her s anger o' Mr Levy"
ii? >?nr w. ?xt?r.Pi?o> n sxtit? %
mim rou i> n.%>Tust?- x tnossi
he?r> W An Vrsnn. ewa-pt sgadi at of the
Virginia Hallway and Power Cosapaar, waa
veemdsy sic red a director of 'he ptaa'ers
National Hank to soc'eed fbe 1st? T Wll
are. 1'. T.?ier:en
?. r. ?. %. Wasiwli I 413 ( sjswa.
The re sen ?' I r Taylor, agest for the
aorieiy for the Preveirton of i'nse.t? to
*rloss's ror tn* ssoe'h of cVfoaer. which
??? feesaated ysterdar, shooed ;?af dwjr
Mat 'hoi r- ' "1 he haodloj get eases Of sit
eases tskea to r.,ri oarc, i dsd sa eow
vwtntg nit. Two we-a wer? asgpt to Jail for
? dove .?es.
(Continued From rsrat Pag*.)
Richmond and Henrloo Rsllway'e plans
specify three croselnga of Monument
Avenue *t grade and that It oontem?
plates a single track la ths Bwaaaaata
Road from Broad street to Grove Ava?
nue. Parts af this road are bat twen?
ty-six feat wide, the Council having
rejected as excessive the allowance of
commissioners In the plan for opening
It to an eighty-foot boulevard. Some
of the streets proposed to be used. It
was stated, have not been graded of
dedicated to the city.
Bast Bad sUlasasssas
la the eastern part of the city the
Richmond and Hsarlco Railway Com?
pany petitioned for two extensions, the
first from Thirty-fifth and Marshall
Streets, diverting some of the cars
from the main line which now operate
to Fulton by construction of a double
track line out Thirty-fifth Street six
blooks to Dlckerson Street, the fran?
chise contemplating tho eventual ex?
tension of this line along Dlckerson
Street to Oak wood Cemetery as soon as
a ravine shall have been filled and the
street opened through- Tbe second
extension asked for proposes a re?
arrangement of the present Fulton
loop, making It run from Nicholson and
Urin Streets west of Nicholson
Street to Third Street. Fulton, thence
to Orleans, to Erin, and bad; to Louis*
iana Street; and also proposes a double
track extension along liUllnm Street
to Orleans, and thence on private pro?
perty by a single track into the coun?
ty, across Fulton Ulli to tho National
Property Owners stay Ohjssft.
Captain A. B. Oulgon. who appeared
for tbe Virginia Railway and Power
Company, told of the application ot
his company two years ago for a Una
out Hanovei or Stuart Avenues from
Robinson Street into tbe new section
west of the Boulevard, thus obviating
the necessity of crossing Monument
Avenue, out tbe plan was dropped be?
cause of the Opposition of property
owners on Hanover. Stuart and Park
W. Kirk Matthews and General Mana?
ger Sims Bailey appeared tor the Rich?
mond and Henrtco Company. Mr. Nel?
son, of the committee, said that the
objections met with in the West Knd
from property owners would not be
found in Futton. aa tbe people of Ful?
ton Hill and the National Cemetery
section wer? clamoring for relief.
Tne committee took no action beyond
requesting the engineers for the two
companies tu prepare drawings and
maps showing exactly what la pro?
posed to be constructed, together with
the existing Lines. These are to be
submitted to tnc City Engineer, who
will recommend to the committee any
changes in plan or routes be may see
I fit. Captain Ouigcn asked that the
1 new company furnish hia company
! with a plan showing what portions of
j the tracks of the old company it was
proposed to use In making extensions,
which was agreed to.
May t ostest Joint t Be of Track.
1( is believed that there will be
strung objections from property owners
to some ot the routes proposed in the
; West Bad, and that the Virginia Hall
: way and Power Company will contest
i so large a use of its Broad Street
! trackage as 13 proposed in the plans
! outlined. For the present the 00 rn
} mittlre wili not undertake public hear?
ing* until it knows more definitely
just what Is prupoaed. and what are
the relative Deeds of the sections af?
In regard to the application of the:
Virsrinla Railway and Power Com- j
puny, Captain Mills expressed himself
as opposed to franchises for singie
track lines within the city limits, or
to the granting of any franchise that
did not have a definite time limit fur
commencing and completing construc?
tion and beginning of actual opera- I
tion. j
The subcommittee before whom the
various petitions are pending consists
->f Ordway Puller. chairman, and
Messrs Mills and Nelsen
l-abor Federation and Farmers'
! Union May Ask Injunction
to Prevent It
I Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
! Newport Mows. Vs., November lt.?At a
I Joint meeting ef tbe executive eorasnlttees
1 of the State FedersUoa ef Labor sad the
' Farmen/ Educational and Co-Operatlve
' t'nlon. held here te-ntght. reeelutlens were
' adopted Instructing the attorneys of these
j organisation* to secure Injunctions to pre?
vent Oovemor Mann, the superintendent of
I the Penlt-nttHry ?nd the s. cretary of th
'. H<>*rd of ?"hantles and I'orrcctloa from en
I b ring into a leaae of the .-?> convicts tu
? private parties The three official* abeve
1 nam?d Sates, empowered by the last Legis ?
lature to recelte bids and la their ludg
! r.ient enter Ihto a 'eaee of penitentiary con?
victs, not exceeding ?M |a number.
A re?>lutlon e.as also adopted a-klng C*on
' gi-s* t?> prevent tbe Nevy Department from
1 nr.wtlng Into a contrart with Engllsb Ural
Its furnish sbellf to the navy of the Cnlted
I Stetea. ,
The executive committee ef tbe farmers
.went on re.ord as being op:>aeed to the fee
>5?tem. They decided to open co-operative
sturen at N'.wpo-i N. wa and ?"Ilftoa Forge.
Invitatlona for the next annual meeting, to
be held In January, were received fror? New?
port News. Roanoke. Daaal'le. Lynchburg
! anrt retTShurg and the committee will de
cid- at a me-tlng on Itecember 1 wblcb la
-. :? .- .-.ns to *CC<pt
! acaalenay af
owe atxM ewly.
Wljea The PredVn eaT IOI3-"
?-.aaste? J
I adeltne r>n?-e. hailed by th.- critics
? ?f KnKiand and America aa the great?
est ??f all llvlnir dancer-, w IT appear
Ht the Academy of Music to-night for
one performance only Mile. Cftic
will be ne-lst'd n?t mVy br her own
oi-ch.*tr? and ballet chorus, hut by
Alexander Vollriln and Helena sVhmol-.
itwo of the most fsnaoug of th* mar?
velous Russian dancers, nrr-l it is safe
I to predict that the performance to
?ilght will entirely -^nr*-* everv other
? f,f t. chsrhcter tb.at T?|cbmo?d hue
lever witnessed_w W O
f aas* ef hasest*.
' T?e Catted Mates <-Iranil rourt ?f Appeals
1 .omened ye?*?rday moratng at TS:*? o'clock
...? <-i-olt tadg.? >'mlT sn1 l-rttrbnrd n?d
r??*T?ct Jode?s Waddl" We Dowel! sed so
i 'n en-woe-* ?? Coort annownr-d and banded
I .low- t-f opinion In the follewn-.g ease:
I *?? nav-M ?' Oi'isi 11. seweieet. vs w r
?,'mrV?. irest-. o' e-tat. ?f I. Ha-vea.
... arupt. apt-"--, appeei frees the TWetrl.t
fvwrt St JTM'lppl w' *a In bankrupt, y.
?ZZ , n-ia-a opinion A sTlraaed. art?a cwats
Tbe MMtbt ease saps atwe-d. No M ri?
ll ft Harrtswn. sstwtlsnt. es j ? OlilessnV
?wri N-w Maajf and r*?-ebenusn raaaw,t>shtted
Cos retanaaay el at, apselsees; appeal fres?
! Aboat a half irsfrji ago Qm?a Victoria ossarat
aUdarwaya, tba work* fssssag Tea Mart has la. ?4
T.aadga, to prepart far bar personal sat, a
Maas oi over a doaaa llsWtst aaada of Tea, watch
parfectiy saitsd her Majesty's tasta. Thistaa was
? - m* r- - mi - -it mat ?y
Owasa Victoria, raaralariy, tafwaf ?a? laat 4} year.
0/ bar reign.
Bsactly taa ast taa ana ban aaM far a haV
acaaary, aad a aaw sola to che aasat aaasaaiaattea
taa drinkers la taa world, including the KaperM
of Gartsaay, tba Kiss; of Bulgaria aad lass of
thoaainas of artass as Barop? sad Asssricn.
Sherry-a, Fifth A venae. Now York, aasd - He
Msjeat/'* Bktad " exclusively for the five o'ckxt
?SM of Hew Tort's soar hondred for soar rweatj
Taa snoot gathlsashla and
?1.00 lh.
as Aar-Turht Pkgs.-in psnaas,
and quarters
Order Trial Package TO-DAT I
Writ* W9 kt yoo CaWttot yct h
tha Dlatrlct Court at Blue?eld. W. Va
Cauee submitted on briefs by Hits A Rita
of BluefiviJ. W. Va.. and <"<>ok. Liti & How?
ard, of Welch. W. Va.. for the appellant, and
argued by J W Chapman, of T.new?il. Va..
'for the appe.lees. and submitted
A motion was made to dismiss the writ
1 of error as to certain plaintiffs tn error In
j the following rase.
I No. Hit?Paai Beatty rt a! . plaintiffs in
error, it. United States, defendant :n error.
1 Id error to the District '"ourt at I.ynrhburg.
I Va. Motion ma.ie by D. C O'Flaherty, of
1 this city, for tne plaintiffs In error, to dis?
miss the writ of error in the rase as to cer?
tain plaintiffs in error Motion granted. d?
ferdant In error consenting, ami writ of er?
ror dismissed as to certain defendants in
ei tor
Case In call to-day Maryland casual t v
Company, plaintiff In error, is Hil l* Norvel:
Edcar. defendant In error: in error to the
District Court at char eston. W. Va. To bo
argued by Maieoim Je'kson. of Charleston.
V. Va.. for the plaintiff in error, and by
! Papas a f'syne. and W. E R Byrne, of
jCnarlestor W. Vs. for the defendant In er
I ror.
Marriage Ureases.
I The foi.owmg marr.age licenses a.re is?
sued yesterday la the Ork s office of th'
Hustings Court Jtn>i M Ball and Kati.
?Cecelia FrafiV: Ernest Victor Illig and Vir
girla Elizabeth Tlnsley; Isaac \ Wasserma?
j an Ethel Brauer
Two lined for Cruelty.
\ C H. West, white, and John Smith. co?
ored, were each fined IM and costs yester?
day morning in Police Court for cruelty M
I mules.
i W F Mercer was fined ?: for permitting
snoke to ls-ae from his automobile.
aot post Wette asses Vsr
fhss Punas elf sr. Tha
HJ ?.?otOssasrtsa. Ks.
The Best Eating
come rn?n
Shepherd Ice Cream
Company. Inc.,
Try TVs? Ts-Wsry.
RichardsoD. Inc.
Transfer DepartaMLt
WmWm mm* Bililiwi sea.
The most nioderw and orMo-date
Firtrprts- i Storage Building in the
Sooth; vaults fSr suVer and other
valuables; sndrvidual trunk rooms;
stem heated piano rooms and ("try
other modern convenience (or the
care of household goods Get our esti?
mate 00 erst sag and shipping your
luraiture Phone Monroe MJ
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