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From Coast to Coast
Victims Are Caught
in Drag Net.
- , j
Pott-Office Department Charges
Use of Mails to Promote Illegal
Medical Practices?Many of
Those in Law's Toils Are
Prominent Socially and
in Business.
Washington. November 70.?A nation?
wide raid, involving the practlcally-sl
multan'oua arrests of 17^ persons In
UM principal cities of the country.
w?s made to-day by post-office. Iuspec.
tors and United States marshals upon
doctors and drug iw-riu, charted
with misuse of the malls to solicit
criminal medical practice or to dts
p.jte of medicines and Instruments con
netted with auch practice.
The ra'd?the most extensive and
far-reaching ever made by any de?
partment of the government?waa
under the personal direction of post?
master-General Hitchcock and Inspec?
tor Robert ? Sharp, of the Post-Office
Department. So carefully had Us 6**
:ai;s been guarded that until the first
of the arrests were made at Indian?
apolis, early in the day. practically
nothing waa known of the govern?
ment's contemplated action. Working
with clock-like precision, the Inspec?
tion force spread over twenty-two
States carried out the prearranged
plans, and. at an early hour to-night,
the Post-Office Department had re?
ceived word thst nearly all of the
tiesiBnat?-<i persons had been arrested,
still Heart eg Keaalts.
Tli'-- results of the crusade axe still
being received to-night by the. inspec.
tors' division of the post-office In the
form of dozens of telegrams from vari?
ous divisional b?ad<juarters. In lso- J
Uted instances It was found for van-;
uu? reasons to be Impracticable to ef?
fect the arrests, but the suspected per.
aona against whom warrants have been
issued are under survell.ance and prob?
ably are unable to escape.
Chief Inspector Sharp and a large
part ?f bis force of 3?i> Inspectors had
been engaged for several months under
the orders of the Post master-General
in working up the scores of individual
case* in whlcn arrests) were made tor
?ay. Afaoy of the** taken Into custoay
wcre members of prominent wholesale
and r-taii drug concerns. The gOYern
ment will prosecute the cases vigor?
ously, according to a statement by
Postmaster-General Hitchcock to-night.
"The work of the post-office Inspec?
tors to-day is th~ culmination of the
erusade instituted more than two years
ago against the fraudulent and un?
lawful use of the mans." said Mr.
Hitchcock. -In that comparatively
brief time we have wiped out of exist?
ence concerns which have mulcted the
people of this country out of more than
glOtt. ?40.000 by frauds perpetrated
through the use of the mails, and the
courts have sent many of the promot?
ers of UM fraudulent schemes to the
penitentiary. where they Mre now serv?
ing time. The widv publicity given
to tne arrests made to-day will d<
more to put an end to this particular
sort of criminality than any number of
practical.y unknown prosecutions of
widely separated cases "
cute* Where RaM* As* Mils
The number of arrests made or to be
made in the respective cities follows:
New York. 2; Buffalo. 3. Pittsburgh, 7;
Indianapolis. 3; Chicago. ?. St. Paul. S;
1 ort Worth. 4. St. Louis. 3, Omaha. 4.
Oklahoma City, 5; Portland, Ore.
Denver, 6: Seattle, S. Spokane. 5; San
Francisco. 7; Oakland, Cha, a. Los An- j
gcies. I; San Jose. 3. Mobile. 3: Mariet- :
ta. 0. 3: Dallas. 3.
Two each in Albany. Washington.;
Memphis, Birmingham. Cleveland. Steu
benvllle. O.: Duluth. Winona. Minn.;'
Wan Antonio. Houston. New Orleans. -
Kansas City. Tope-ka. Alameda, CaX
One ?ach in Atlanta. Cincinnnti, To- j
ledo. Minneapolis. Geiveston. Salt Lake ;
City. Ithaca and Elmira, N. T.; East 1
Orange. N. J.. Lancaster and Pine,
Hank, fa: Cumberland. Md.. Charles?
ton and Columbia. 9. C. Jacksonville.!
* !a Columbus. Springfield. Mount
Vernon I?ayton and Convoy. O . Fort
Wayne and Terre Haute. Ind.. Feorla.
Ill . Katamasoo and Iron River. Mich.:
Holden. Mo.: Muskogee. Okla.; Wichita.
Kan.: Council Blairs, lows: belling-'
ham. <*rcscertt and Ti'OiM, Wash.. Sa?
crament'*. Petal'ima. Fresno and Glen?
ds.'. CMS
Kattre Ce?tij fswril
i his concerted otn ul action covered
the I'nlted States from the Atlantic to
the Pacific and from the lakes to trie
gulf Many of the persons arrested
are prominent, commercially and so?
cially, in their communities. f<om- are
leading? physicians, others are rich sad
Influent!*I business men: r. t ether*
are men whs live by tn-tr wits and
are comparatively little ka?wn without
their own small esterte or associates,
and one ?* s Chinaman, who Is alleged
t? have practiced his rail ins: upon
W'im'-n of his own race and upon those
?f the lower strata of society
All of the strests ..re for altosred
? o'.atlon of section 751 of the Penal
C"4e of the Cnlte? State?, wnim oar*
trr-m the malls vile or obscene matter,
whether sealed or unsealed aBr
?ertiaement. letter or ctrcnlar nronos-,
Irr Ar ??garestlog criminal practices,
?r sny packet contain In?; anr sah
Bianre, drug or thing Intended to be
n?e<| for Immoral Sf unlawful r,nr.
tVipes j
Approximately ninety of the persona
?rrested already have Seen Indicted by
rmted stales ?rand Juries In vnrWos
I arts off the ????l| j ami the) rase* of
the others will he presented is grand
|?rles n-w sirtln?; s? rsiddly as may
he feasible.
strict enforcement of mnnkisal and
State laws In the Fast t* said by the
SOStal authorities to Sfronnt for the
?BtnparstKety few arrises hi She targe
eCeelrtaetd ? ?Ith Ph??T?
PriM TaMes Made V? tar ???I
Washington, Xovember 20.?The tact
that price table*. u*ed as the baala for
the Bureau of Corporation*' report*,
and now offered in evidence at the ex.
aminer'a hearing* in the Federal gov?
ernment's suit for the dissolution of the
United Statea Steel Corporation, were
compiled from a trade Journal, wm
made the gist of the croas-examlnatlon
to-day of l>r Francis Walker, deputy
commiaaioner of corporations, before
Kxamlner Henry I?. Brown.
In response to gueatk>n? by R V.
Ltndabury. of counsel for th<? Steel
Corporation. Dr. Walker testified that
it would have been ? ?tupendou* task
to have collated th" prloea from figure*
new to the bureau by manufacturers,
because of variation In the sp.-<-;l<a
tl-ons of the products sold. He said
that where his table? showed prices
were constant, and. therefore. In his
judgment, there waa a lack of com?
petition, the real price* were not " ab-1
solutely" constant.
Pnder cross-examination, the witness
testified that the price of Southern
foundry Iron was higher before the
Tennessee iron and Coal Company was
taken over by the Ptfeel '"orporatlon
than It had been at any time since. !
Early in thj^- day J. M D.ckinaon. of
counsel for the government, succeeded
in getting into the record testimony
? objected to ) eeterday to the effect that
prices of steel product* before the date
of the organisation of the Steel Cor?
poration were lower tliaun they had
been from that time down to 1?0*. He
did not. however, have the witness
ref.-r directly to the organization.
Woman MeXaaaaan Wistei Murdered
(Uvea Her Teatlmeey.
Indianapolis. Ind.. ' November 20.?
Miss Marx C Dye, ? stenographer,
who. witnesses had said, was marked
for murder by .lames B. McXamara.
the Los Angeles Tlmea dynamiter, be?
cause she worked for the Iron Work?
ers* Union and "knew too much." tes?
tified at the "dynamite conspiracy"
trial to-day. She asserted she had been '
followed by detectives, and one occa- ,
sion one of the McXamara brothers ?
had foreel an entrance to her room '
at a hotel to search (or paperB which j
he destred to destroy.
Miss Dye identified hundreds of let- '
ters Introduced by the government to 1
sustain its contention that Frank M. ,
Ryan, president of the union, and the
forty-four other defendants conspired
to transport explosives illegally in '
furtherance of dynamite plots against ?
non-union firms. The letters were
written by John i. McXamara, secre?
tary or the union.
The witness teatifled she quit the
employ of the Iron workers before
the Lna Angeles explosion, but -she
had 'written many letters which the
government charges were in further- ;
ance of earlier explosion*.
?soon after I Wt- a boy at the:
doer or my room la a hotel at mld
n.aht called cat he [sad a telegram.'* ,
?aid Miss Dye. "but when I opened 1
the. door John j. Kr.V m?rt. much as-j
cited, forced his way in. He demand- f
ed certain paper* of which I knew j
nothing. Then be searched my bag
and departed. In going over letter*
at that office I had seen a letter that
somebody was going to "give away"
evidence unless money was forthcom?
ing. The government contends that the
Informant referred to w?? Herbert &
Hock in. who Is now on trial, and that
Hockln had already told of the hiding I
of nitroglycerine at Rochester. Pa.
and at Munc'e. Ind.
On his flight back from Los Angeles,
after causing the exploa'on there.
James B. McXamara planned to have j
V- Dye put to death and wanted 1
Frank Eckhoff to do It. according to
Eckhoffa testimony.
TakJasr ed giMtsit *? Xatteaal ? ash j
H?*as**r Case May Bests Te-Day.
Wt Louis. Mo.. November 2?.?After I
the dismissal of the entire sarond '
regular venire summoned in the cases '
of John H. Patterson and twenty-n'ne
other officials or former officials of the |
National Caen Register Company, of I
Dayton. Ohio. ? jury was completed 1
late to-day from twelve men. who had :
been called for Jury service by. Judge
Howard Rol lister personally with the ?
concent of both parties.
The case against the thirty-odd men
ts that they violated the criminal sec
tioa of the Sherman antitrust act.
The court refused to state why it
had dismissed the second venire, bat
admitted that It was at the request
of both the go-*rnm?nt and the de- .
'ense. i
Of the extra twelve men summoned,
six were examined and tun peremptory
rhal'.i-sc were exercised before the
court-el for both r'les agr.-el that tbev
were satisfied. aek had left an ad?
ditional peremptory challenge, which
was 'inexerctsed.
Court waa adionraed after Attorney
Harrison for the government an- i
nounced that he would be ready to
pr-sent the government's case when
the trial la resumed to-morrow, and
that thh? presentation would mriasnx
not loss than two hours. I
Attorneys for the defense also stater!
?hat they would be ready t - make
their statement at the conclusion of
the govern mint's presentation, and it
U> considered probable that the hearing
of testimony may he commenced before
the adjournment to-morrow. j
ri * spa Map B* ?ewt late !
Chari-stc.i. W. Va. November 2*.? '
occasional rifle nre d'rected from the
hillside into the West Virginia dis?
trict now under martial law. to-day
kept the mtl>tla anxloaa. There were
few development* of Importance To
niaht none of those concerned in the
rr.illtia iti?v. irent, to-day Is optimistic.
At a n-uro! ? - of isolated points where
militia has not yet penetrated prac
tlcallv a coniltion of ansrchy ex?sta
Reports te|| of bands of men traveling
in dosen*, bosrding trains and put?
ting passengers through a thorough
Inspection. A number of persons have ;
been severely beaten, some of whom ,
, were Innocent travelers.
Governor Olasococfc Is expected to |
a nnonnce soon the sentences paaaed
yeMerdav by the m'lltarv commission ?
follow.nx the trial* of the three men
tried for Intimidating workmen and 1
holding up passenger train* A fourth
mm waa tried and completed to-day. ,
but nothing has been mad* public
mmmi are ewrrent to-n?ght that taw .
Federal gevemm*** may take a band
in the situation T>e Federal grand !
lory convened to-day, gad I* *aM to
nave i mmmm? the matter of aoMlag
uP trains carrying mall.
It Is even rnmoved that Federal
troops may take a hand Two car
loads ed men were sent lute the strike
district to-nag** The train beartwg
the alleged strlhibraakaru waa keaaVy f
_An*C*m^^vaw^vvt &t ffef ?WvWSan I
In Broad Daylight They
Must Walk Forth
j From Tombs.
'they had hoped
! for darkness
Rose, Webber and Vallon, Who
j Convicted Becker and His Gun- ,
i men Tools, Will Be Liberated
To-Day, and Belief Reigns
I That Vengeance Will j
Be Swift and Sure.
i New York, November Me- it will >>e
in broad daylight, and n >t under cover
of darkness. a? iney had anxiously
hoped, that "Bald Jack" Kose.
"Bridgie" Webber and Harrr \'allon
will be set at llbTty. aCCCttwiaS to the
program f >r the releas ? of tue three
Informers agaJnst former Polire Deu
tenaru Charles Becker and his four
gunmen tools, t,o tar as it could be
learned to-night. Mid-afternoon to?
morrow is the time tentatively set. The
underworld has been awaiting with
interest and animation as to t.'.e time
they would be free, for the feeling nas
prevailed there that the friends of th^
four gangsters about to be sentenced
to death for the murder of Herman
"Rosenthal were only awaiting the lib?
eration of Ruse. Webber and Vallon
to take revenue up>n the trio.
The three men will be brought at 2
o'clock to-morrow before . Coroner
Feinberg, and District Attorney Whit?
man will present to that offlcl&l. It Is
said, stipulations signed by him with
counsel for the witnesses. If Mr.
Whitman declares that the three men
have kept faith with the State in giving
relevant testimony, the coroner will
release them from commitment.
Sam Schepps. fourth of the State's
valuable witnesses against Becker and
the gunmen, also probably will be re- ,
leased during da> light to-morrow. Ha j
Is being held on a charge of vagrancy.
William Shapiro, driver of the "muroer i
car." will go free shortly. Mr. Whit?
man will move to have the indictment
against Shapiro quashed in return for
his testimony for the Stat*.
Ready ta> Leave Prfesen.
Rose. Vallon. Schepps. Webber and
Shapiro spent to-day packing their
effects, anticipating release to-nlgnt. j
Schepps announced that he would re- j
i turn to Hot Springs. Ark., wf/ence ne
: fled from this city after Kosenthal
j was murdered The others did .tot
I talk of their immediate future, but
[ their friends are expected to hurry
j them from town to escape peril of re
j prisals by followers >>f Rosenthal's
I slayers.
! Mrs. Lillian Horowitz, wife of "Gyp
j the Blood." was brought to-day from
the House of Detention, where she had
t been held pending the outcome of the
i gunmen's trial, and dicharged fr?m
! custody by Justice Goff. She wept
while being arraigned. |
I An attempt will be made to bring; ,
I Becker from Sing Sing prison to this
1 city to-morrow or Friday to testify In
j the trial of Fabian B. MrKInney, '
' charged with bribery.
Sentences of death on the four gun
1 men convicted yesterday of murdering
\ Kosenthal will be pronounced by Jus
I tli e Goff on Jfevemmber ti. He so an- \
\ nounced when the .prisoners were ar- !
j raigned before him to-day. After sen- |
tence is passed the men will be taken '
to Sing Sing, where former Police Lieu- j
tenant Becker is awaiting death.
f smsalttf Is Appointed to Deal With
Car 9 asrt age
Washington. November 20.?The, car
i shortage problem wlU be dealt with
Immediately by s committee of th*
American Railway Association. The In?
terstate Commerce Commission, which
has undertaken to break up the prac?
tice of railroads making unwarranted
us* of the equipment of other line*,
was advised to-day that the American
Railway Association has appointed
Fairfax Harrison, president of the Mo
con Railway: R- H. Ashtone. of the'
Canadln Northwestern, and T. E.
Clarke, of the Dataware. Lackawanna
and Western Railroad, to enforce the
rules ?overnlng the interchange of
cars. The committee Is empowered to
Impose penalties on railroads that do
sot return equipment promptly.
*egr? Will BV Called to Bator Pleas
to rt*f Isdlctssfata.
Chicago. November JO.?Jack John
son. negro pugilist. und<r Federal in- '
1 dlctment for alleged violation* of the j
Mann act. will be arraigned before ?
Federal Judge Carpenter to-morrow
morning. Ho will he called on to ;
enter pleas to each of five indictments
recently returned against him chars tnir
that he caused th?* transportation of'
Belle Schreiber from Cnlcago to citien
In other Mates for purposes prohibited
by the Federa' statute An early trial
will be sought by the government in 1
the cases, it I? en pec ted An Indict?
ment against Johnson for the alleged'
smuggling of a diamond necklace for '
his late white wife. Ethel Duryea John- .
son. who committed suu ide \% held In j
sbeyance. He will he tried on the i
criminal change* of violating the Mann j
act trat. j
j Charleston. ? C November J*_
Th?nse ade of persona to-night throng?
ed the harbor front here to new the
leieren Illuminated battleship* ef th*
I Atlantic fleet *f th* ratted ?tst?s
I Navy, while Admiral Osterhaos and the
"ther ??gar* af the fleet were g marts
I at a hall given at the government aavy
yard here Th* fleet will remain here
IIa the barber until Sunday, wtton the
Cannon Ceases Roaring
and Hostile Armies
They Will Meet To-Day to Dis?
cuss Terms of Armistice, and It
May Be That End of War Is
Near?Turk's Fate Is at
Stake?Cholera Still
Is Spreading.
London. November 20.?The Turkish
Balkan war has shifted fjsjr a tint*
from the field of arms to that of di?
plomacy. It may be that the war is
near to an end. Plenipotentiaries for
the belligerent powers will moot to*
morrow at the village of Hadenikeui.
a feu moutside the capital, for a
pieiiminary discussion >f the terma of
an armistice
In the meantime the Turkish. Bul
atBjfiaa and Servian Commanders have
ordered a cessation of hostilities, al?
though cannonading, whi?*h Nazim Pa?
sha reports as unimportant, occurred
this morning.
The sweeping terms which the allies
were said to have demanded yesterday
as a b'isis for the armistice appear not
to have been advanced. The plempj
tcntlar>les may not know the terms of
the armistice until tney mett for dis?
cussion, but it Is almost certain that
it will be on the basis if the Balkan
States holding all the conq red coun?
try until a permanent treaty of peace
is signed.
How many vest I gag of bis former
piwer they are prepared to concede
the Turk depends largely upon two fas
tors, the strength and supplies of the
alllde army theatenJng the gates ol
Constantinople and the extent to which
the cholera has embarrassed their,
plans. It is cretain difficulties ham?
per the Bulgarian army on account of
the distance from its base and the
rough roads. The cholera is counted
on by the Turks to weaken the Bulga?
rian ambition for a triumphal inarch
into the capital and the celebration of
mass in St. Sophia. But to make
assurance doubly sure, the Turk has re?
sorted to the amaxing plan of trans?
forming the mosque Into a pesthouse.
: and has crowded 200 cholera-stricken
patients within tta walla,
la accordance wltb the suggestion
' contained In the Bulgarian note that
! the allied Balkan nations are prepared
meet the Turkish commander-in
I chief with a view of arranging an
(armistice, the Ottoman government has
I appointed Nazim Pasha to confer with
[ General Savoff. the Bulgarian leader.
Tasks ad TfcrkUa General.
The Turkish general, who has been
I putting up suck an excellent defense
! of the ramparts of the capital, now
I baa thrown on him the additional bur
| den of deciding whether or not a fur
| ther display of tenacity behind the for
I till cations of Tchatalja may bring
I easier terms and save to the Ottoman
I Empire more than Constantinople and
I a strip of Thrace along the shores of
! the Sea of Marmora, which seemingly
, is all that the conquerors are at pres
| ent disposed to leave to the van
I qulshed
! In the meanwhile the two armies
bold their respective positlona How
long- this armed truce will be main?
tained, however, will depend on the
terms of peace offered by the league
of the Balkan, nations, and on whether
the hitherto futile attacks by the Bul?
garians on the Tchatalja lines have In- j
splrad the Tarka with hopes that the
fortunes of war may yet turn in their
Reports regarding the conditions
proposed by the allies are conflicting
It la officially stated In Constantinople
that the agreement of the State to dis?
cus* the terms of an armistice and the
preliminaries of peace does not stipu?
late any conditions.
Simultaneously with the lull on the
battlefield comes news of a diminution
or tension in the Austro-Servtan dis?
pute by the compliance of Servla with
the demand of the Austrian govern?
ment for an investigation at Prlsrend.
On the other hand, there is nothing
y.-t to indicate a solution of the ques?
tion of Servla'? demand for ports on
the Adriatic Sea
If. as is threatened, she diverts her
army released by he fall of Monastlr
to the country of the Arnaut tribe*-1
men her relation* with Austria-Hun
gary will. It is thought, be further
The reports that orders for the mo?
bilization of the Aiistro-Hungartan]
army had been issued, are to-day
'tally declared untrue.
Constantinople. November 2# ?-The i
position at the Tchatalja lines waa'
described by Nazim Tasha. the Turkish j
? ommander-ln-chief. in a telegram to
the Turkish war office, timed 12.15 P
M to-day. as follows:
"Reports received at th?? moment
?rtate that the e-i-my fadna our left
wing withdrew completely last night
in the direction of the slope* of Panat
"Our reconnoitj-ir.* pxrtlee counted
over ".??? d-ad Bulgarian* on the s To pee
lo lb" environs of Tctiatlalja Railroad
station From their epanierte* K was
established that the dead soldiers be?
longed to the First Infantry Regiment
of Sofia a number of rifle*, aapa and
oSlcers- swords were beoughr in by oar
"According In state-neat* made by
Rule-art an prisoners, the enemy has
beta without food for three days, and
sM* to carry away aP their
The moral* of oar troops Is vary
A wtrilam dispatch from the ears
mender of rhe T?rVT?h battleship Tar?
get Rata timed i A. If. Nerensber 2S,
reports that a Turkish JiiaiihsaisH op?
erating from Oerko*. a*ded by She dre
af the *Mp** gsue. drove bach the Bel-<
Of 01 Mil?!
Mrs. Wilsons Social Secretary
Cincinnati. O.. November 20.?Ac?
cording: to the letters written to her
family. Miss Mary Bayless. the young
Ohio woman who has been made the
social secretary to Mrs. Woodrow Wil?
son, wife of the President-elect, is
much interested in her work.
A sister. Miss Gwendolyn Bayless.
?who is a student at the Conservatory of
Music, said to-day that she bad re?
ceived but one letter from her sister
since Miss Bayless became the secre?
tary to Mrs. Wilson. a?d that one
stated that she had been very busy
since the nomination of the Governor
of New Jersey for the presidency, but
that the work was very interesting.
M sg Bayless took a business course
[in Clnc'nnati at the same time that
she studied dramatic art in Mrs.
Frances Rolph Hayward's Dramatic
School, from which she was craduated.
and for a season was with Viola Allen
, in 'The Toast of the Town." It was
.while she was playing; in that piece
? in Cincinnati that the above photo
I graph was taken.
I She was secretary to Owen Johnson
.while he wrote "Stover at Yale."
I which wa? said by some to be taken
from Mayor Henry T. Hunt, who was
in Yale College with the author.
"Mv sister usually comes home once
a year." said Miss Gwendolyn Bayless.
'but last year she was too busy, so I
have not seen her for nearly two
?Reported That They Have Been
' Massacred in Jaffa.
I' Palestine.
Feared They Have Been Made
Victims of Vengeance of
Turks and Arabs. . .
Athens, Xoeasabsr 28.?Report* of
ahhhasMSM or oniimu in Jaffa, puj
estlne, caused tfao comma rrdcr of the
Pssslsn cruiser OSes; to weigh anchor
and depart hurriedly for that district
I to-day.
i Fire Christian missionary sod alas
are represented In Jaffa, Palestine. The
Christian and Missionary Alliance has
a station wtth one man: the Church
! Missionary Society for Africa and the
Bast, two men and two women; the
Ijondon Society for the Promotion of
Christianity Amon? the Jews, two men
and two women. the Seventh Day Ad
! vendsts* Missionary Board, one man
1 and one woman, and (he Tabetha Mis?
sion School, four women. There Is also
I an American orphanage.
j Thors are supposed to be about lo.edo
Christians among; the Inhabitants, the
I total of whom Is estimated at about
41. et*. There are etght Christian
churches and four Jewish synaeroarues.
There la aa English hospital and a
French hoapttal.
Washington. November ;., ?\ithouah
without sen fir mat 4on of the reported
borhood of Jaffa, the I'ntted State*
government officials here .idmit tbe>
aa 11 been apprehensive of such trou?
bles on th?- tayrlan coast, where MM
religious difference* betw-en the K"
haremtdans and the fTbrtsttan* are
more pronounced than in ar.y >ther
part of the Turkish empire
American interests in that ousrter
are large, owing to the eatensive fruit
trade, and because of the large num?
ber of American missionary sad edaca
tlonal institution* within tweat>
?riles of Jaffa which I* the port of
Jerusalem, are three American mis?
sionary stations. Tsvtahheh. RiamaJeh
sad Ala Arsch
There is also a larff* Jeartah pcpela
ttaa. hut so far It Is not known that
they have seen disturbed by the Tarhs
er Arabs, whose Hi feeing apoesr*
to be d:reded ? >lelv against the Chris -
Uana j
Two foreign warahlp? have been 1?
Ing at Beirut, about ICS mlteg north of
Jaffa, and sresumab y one of theaa ha
COigCaasM oa Marth rugs.) ]
of Christians In the nefg*)
! President-Klect Wilson Says All
Statements May Be
Not Asked to Take Place, and
Not Invited to
rT?,w?,ilton. Bermuda, November 20.?
"AU statements about selections for the
Cabinet may be disregarded until I
make the announcement myself." de?
clared President-elect Wilson to-night.
I when he was told of the reports pub
liahed In the 1'aited States
Governor Wilson said h.- had not
offered or intimated an ofT?-r of any
I position in his Cabient to any one.
William J. Bryan, it was learned to?
day, has not beer, invited to Ber
j rnuda. and it is said he is not ex?
pected here during Mr Wilsens stay.
Presidentelect Wiison is thoroughly
i enjoyln* his sojourn here. He spends
'much of Ms time driving and exploring
the islands
Ueutenant-Oenersl Sir George Mack
worth Bullock, governor and command
er-in-ehief of Bermuda, returned Mr
Wilson - visit this afternoon
?riia Wahes Denial.
Way cross. Ga. November 2? ? "I hav*
pot conferred With Governor Wilson
since the election, and have never dis?
cussed with him at any time, any po?
sition in connection with anv office,
and I have no intention <>f x?>ln? to
Herrn da
This answer was made to-night by
William J Bryan, tn response to nu
merou? mesaages regarding reports
published to-day that he proponed to
visit the President-elect in connection
with a Cabinet appointment.
"The public knows that Governor
Wilson hss gone to Bermuda to rest,
and that he is not selecting a Cabi?
net." added Colonel Bryan T>ey ought
to let blm do the selecting, sad not
spend their time tn guessing. |f thev
do gsess 1 see no reason why f should
spend my time discussing their
guesses **
Colonel Bryaa. accompanied Hr hts
wife, is en route to Miami Fla where
the* will -spend the winter
an AWT* ?.ws? ks?wi*?.h?w
s., o>*cTte<t N? WTTHftV R %!?.?? ?T
U?e%e gi-hw-ead i ? Pj.sertv. etlsaSS W ?
A ? PJwmasaham < P. Pi. Heetrv l.igat
e* a:eet>?n? rar. nahst sahee. sjr g Bets -j
AdssrtisssBSW. . I
I Young Tobacconist Had
Fired Bullet Through
His Heart.
I Picture of Girl, Found in Hm
Watch, Caused Police to As?
sume That Killing Followed
Unhappy Love Affair, but
Mother of Girl declares That
Her Daughter Was Not En?
gaged to Bell?Sealed Letter
Addressed to His Brother May
Give Reasons for Suicide.
The nude body of W. B Bell, fac?
tory manager of the Federal Cigar
Company, who lived at the. Hanover
Apartment?, was found with a bullet
through the heart and a .32-calibre
revolver lying near his right hand*
yesterday afternoon about 6 o'clock in
room No. 332 of Murphy's Hotel by
Detective-Sergeant Wiley after sus?
picion of a tragedy had lead the hotel
authorities to force the door. A simple
note directed that his brother, E. M.
Bell. Jr.. be notified of his death, hat
the reasons for the suicide are locked j
In a sealed letter, which Is to be read
only by the dead man's brother, who
i? expected to rea,ch Richmond this
Although the condition of the body
establishes the fact that the suicide
was accomplished Tuesday evening at
7 o'clock, the discovery of the body
was made only yesterday evening after
the maid had tried several times to
open the door of Bell'.- room. With
the exception of a possible affair af
the heart, no reason for Bell's act are
known by his friends. In the back
of his watch was found a picture oC
a beautiful young woman living oat
West Franklin Street, to whom Best
j had paid attentions
Was Net Engaged.
When asked last night at her hoesg
concerning possible motive for the
suicide, the young woman disclaimed)
any idea of what prompted the act..
According to her mother, she and Belt
i had never been engaged, or If thaw
had been It was unknown to the
"They were merely friends," th*
mother said. "We are terribly shocked]
over the affair. I cannot imagine why
he should have done It"
According to intimate friends. Bell
was in the best of health, never ap?
peared to be depressed, was in Una
standing with his employes, and at th*
time of bis suicide had a balance of
$30 In bank and $1.} in his pockethookv
Whatever may have been the motive
for the act. it will probably never be
known by the public. On the table in
his room an open note was found,
"I'iease notify F. I'. Smith or C. C,
Griffin, at the Hanover Apartments.
Also notify EL M. Bell. Jr.. 320 Twen?
tieth Street. New York City."
In plain view beside this paper was
a sealed envelope, written on the hotel
stationery, and bearing on the outside
the plaintive petition: "To be opened
by no one but E. M. Bell. Jr.. please."
? While the envelope was rather thick, a
1 cursory examination led to the belief
i that it contained nothing but written
: sheets. The Injunction of the dead man
' will be carried out scrupulously by the
j police, and pending the arrival of Be IT*
I brother from New York to-day the
envelope reposes unopened in the safe
at police headquarters.
! In addition to the watch containing
1 the picture of the girl. Bell's clothes
I were found to contain |1*.S3 In cash,
a check book on a local bank showing
.i balance of $30 to his credit, a knife,
1 bunch of Veys and a nail clipper. Tha
revolver found a.; his side was new,
and had e\idently heen purchased for
: the npsSUsc purpose of ending bis life,
i All six chamber, off the gun were filled.
but two had been fired,
j The police are at a loss tv account
lor but one of the expl-dcd shells.
! Belfa body showing but the one wound.
whit h n.ust ha v.- produced instant
; d?ath. It is thoucht that perhaps the
' other shell ?u rtred to Ust the re
' liability ?'f the gun, although the po
? lice then fac. the .niestton of where
and wh?n it was tired.
The suicide of this, young nun heal
' thv. active, prosperous and rising, wag
1 planned mtth a bloodcurdling calmsesg
; nnd derail Tuesday afternoon he left
j the fa< tory of th- F J-rad ~'-*ar Com.
' I any t ilklitK a:.<i oking with other
employs of th. - fti ? A short while
I lat?r he entered Murphy * Hote'. regia?
? lered und-r tils own name, and wag
? hosn to h-.s room This was the laaS
time he was sect, alive. s*om- time gar.
,nf the ?ucce-ding two buur, he ?rota
the two poie?? found ot the t?M?
?arefu'.ly remov-d his outer clothing?
' and laid th. n neatly on lh? bed ami
chairs, and put a * ullet through big
1 T'art.
The police b-lieve that he first
strctch-d himself o:it on the floor he
I fere firing the shot, his body beige
found with the head ander the wash
'? eland and the feet under the bed. Ills
j clothing had been .aid out With th*
' utmost care even his shoes aad socks
j were placed order!v hesldr the bed The
ted. however, had not be-a dtstur.ed,
showing that the euk-tde most ha es
taker, place shortly after he enters*
? he room. The mystery of th~ aCas?
I fron. tr> ?tandpotnt of the hotel people
I i? how a -ev.>!ver shot coaM have besaj
i nred 'r. the hotel st aay time ef tan
night or day and not have best
Sj hair a 4"?en Mrs"?n?
After trying a number of times 4
i .( the out-?? of yeeterds* te gats
mittaace to Bell's
nald hi asms aiarsnaS hp the

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