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? Differences of Opinion Over Con?
struction of Salary Clause
I in Charter.
If Not Acted On in December,
New Complications May
Difl erences of opinion have devel?
oped as to the proper contraction of
f the provisions of the new city charter
I In regard to flx'ng the pay of city
officials and employes not under the
Administrative Board. The dlscuss'ou
arises as a sequence to the remarks of
Mr. Puller In the committee on Orul
naiices. Charter and Ueform on Tues?
day night, in which he uharged a gSS>
<ral scramble on the part of certain
i?sser employes to get their pay raised
?efore the Administrative Board take* I
! .barge. At the same time, sitting in
secret session the Committee on Fi?
nance recommended to the Council ten
? or a dozen salary increase ordinances,
"chairman tirundy declining to make'
? public the names of those who win the I
? piuma For some reason not made
I public, the committee tabled the ord<-I
: nance increasing the salary of the)
iluyor. a maSJIer which it was bcl'evtd
' would have almost unanimous ap- j
proval. Several other papers are pend- |
-mg granting increases in pay. which!
i originated, as in the case ot the Mayor.
? :iot with the officials themselves, but
: w'th councilman who considered it a
wise policy to encourage progressive
? and active men. As these increases .
were not solicited by the incumbents ;
themselves, but were offered in tecog-j
nltion Of their services, they fhouid j
not be classed as "salary grabs "
What Charter States.
But the contention has now 3rlsen
whether after January 1 the Council
-an, without reference to the Admin
Ptrative Board, increase any salary
It was certainly the intention of the
ccmmit'.ee which drew the new plan
of government to give the new baaurd
large powers over the departments
- nder Its direct control, but over no
others. It was intended that the Ad- !
minlstraflve Board should fix the pay
of all errfleyes under its direction.
ar.d that the ?ay of such officers as the'
board elects, after once being t'.x-dj
hy the Council, should not be Increased '
w'tttvut reference to the Administra?
tive Board.
But lha SSW charter doesn't read
that ?*ay Sectior. St eaye
-The t try reaaetl anal I as the pay at
all eaVcerm. hat whea sseh pay ha* been
?zed. the sssae shaU net he la creased
by the City Cewartl astro the piepstet?
?f an* a tnereeae has bee* nKind ta
the A SaaJafcMrartve Board, ewastsered
hy far ay aad reported a bob ta the ?
fencfl: provided, ho we-es. that the
Ceaoaefl aar siligale ta the Aaaaaaae
rrarrve ?aar* the- pawai ta b the pay
at aU ?aasass ?whoss .they are aaw er j
aaay be hereafter aathertaed ta ag-;
11aal?, aad provided, farther, that the!
par of all esasleyes of the ctty shall
he axed hy the AdaazBdatrattve Board,
aad aaay. treat ttsae te Haan. he faa
BBBBBBd or eJariafahed hy aald beard.- j
Opinion* <?:f*->T a* to the proper con- i
stru-ctior. of this se-rtl^r.. It was held
resrerday by some members of the'
Council that should the pend.r.g propo-.
*:t:on for :.-.:reas-:-.c the salary of the
Mayor no*. be a -ted upon finally before
Jar.uary :. that before final action |
could ther. he taker, "the propriety of
such ir.crease" must be referred to the
Administrative Hoard for report, not
withena.r.d'.rr the fact that tha Admir.
?.stratlve RoarJ has no supervision over
the Mayor, he being. In fact, its rape
'Barry'? for ClotheV
You won't lose any sleep by
buying these pajamas to-day;
they are special, $1.25?of
French flannel, trimmed with
white braid and mother of
pearl buttons, liberal in cut,
all sizes.
Also madras, percale, soi
sette and silk. Prices. $1.50
to $6.
When you wake up you'll
enjoy getting next to our fall
weight long sleeve underwear,
balbriggan, linen mesh, all
wool, 50c to $4 per garment.
Union suits. Si to S6.50.
Silk lisle socks at 25c?
guaranteed by t'S.
Same way with stockings for
boys?WE guarantee 'em.
rior officer, with power of removal of
members of the board for cause.
To Ask far opinion.
It seems to be very clear from the
above section that the Administrative
Board wiU fix the pay of aSl employes
in all departments under it. and may
from time to time diminish or Increase
It?limited only by the general appro?
priation in the annual budget for pay
roll of that department. Further, the
Council may. If It sees fit. delegate to
th* Administrative Board the power to
e.x the pay of department heads whom'
the board is to appoint, such as the
City Engineer. Building Inspector, j
Superintendent of Gas or Water. And'
:f the Council doe* not see fit to dete- |
gate -his power, the pay of such officers.
:s agg to be increased until the pro-1
prie-y of so doing is referred to the
Administrative Board for report. But
from the broader construction placed
on rhe slaaee yesterday by a number
of Counci'.me-r.. !t appears that, regard?
less of the intent of the framej? of the
settlor. :t does provide in terms and
without limitation that when the pay
of all d'T officers has once been fixed,
it shaJl not be Increased by the Cowl?
's: until re5erer.ee has been made to
and report received from the Admin?
istrative Board If this view holds,
the Administrative Board might have
to report on the advisability of Jn
'-eases for the Chief of Police or the
Chief Health Officer, although the Po?
lice. Hearth and Fire Departments are
not under Its supervision, or it might
have to report on the advisability of
ir-reasJng the pay of th" Mayor, the
City Attorney, the Auditor, or other
officials whom it does not eieot, and
Mccors nwr
1000 imported Genome Meerschaum Pipes
THE $4, $6, $8 KIND
To be Sold Saturday Nov. 23rd. r*0 (\(\
The Great?t Pipe Bargain Ever Offered
Agent for Park * TilfordV Candies
Stil and Broad
MUWMS o^coHsaunvt wrocwcnruTt a >
(Like iHu^tra^ioftt ir. ire ar-or--erneTrt- fr-?n day ??> day )
This D-ctionary i? NOT pt-r*i,hed by the r,nfir.aJ pob
liihtn of Webster's Dictiorjary r>t by th*:r -n'-^ar^v
It it the W entirely ROT connHation by the wmM?
greaft authorities fr'.-rs )ea.i.rj- wer- ; i- trend rn
?_ loll Limp leather. flexible. stan-;>rd m *.'.<i on back and
m^m ?nies, printed on Bible paper, urh rrd e-ijei and carner?
_; beaaJtifoL mon*. durable. B>-de? the ?me-.1 rers?.?!., there
arc ? nil awd over f/O ?abjeett beatnifol'.y ?in-tra?ed iy three
color ?Ute*, naweron?. m '
ymxmhn? cfeam and the
at (hw oftcc SOI
w;ecu beantiro. r liin-tra'e?! ;? three. ?
?ab; reti bv av>r^'>tvev j?, p4B-e- ^.f
e latett L'n.ted State? Crnsav Prever.t IT"**
Dktenaary Ceapona sad tao 98C
Jtil 81c
ft?LM '* ?'???? ???*? MaO
-?M. *mipaa ta r*a
?aa nan*; baa aar-e
?* tha aat.
?"~ "-/a 48c
A Montenegrin IVarrtor
A tew ?he?e ?* Pftoe? ?? M..te.*?r. fmk*. I?< bef.M he
* fee the frout. _t
over whose work it baa no control orj
It la expected that ?he Olty Attor- i
nay's office will be asked to rive an.
immediate opinion on the point raised,
since if the contention stands efforts i
will be made to put through the Coun- j
ett in December inert as as in the pay of j
certain of the general officers of the I
olty whose work 1* const dared of spe- I
dal value, before the complication of
additional reference to the new board j
arises. j
lata afenhl \
(Specia. to The Time*-Dispatch J
Alexandria, Va.. November A?Christ Epis?
copal Church was the seen* of a brilliant
wedding at s s'cloek to-nigh: when Miss
Pauline Faontleroy Nice:. daurd> r of Judge
Charles Edgar Nico:, became . ne bride of
t- Benjamin Idea. Jr . of Manaasaa. The
ceremony was performed be Rev. William
J Morton, rector of the church, and waa
attended by a large gathering of relatives j
and friends, among thoae prasant being a
?nsssar of ruesta from out of the city.
The bride entered the church on the arm
of her father, by whom she was given la .
marriage, u> the strains of the wedding j
inarch played by Mm Simpson, of Washing- ;
The bride was attended by her sister. Mlas :
Jain Nico:, and the bridegroom had for hla I
bes; man. Dr. John Iden. 0. F. N The ?
bridesmaids were as follows: Misses!
Lnstla ?snatg and Margarlte Newhauser. f
Washington: Janette Powers. Tort Royal;!
De::ia Dudley. Washington. Tav; Virginia
lden. Manaasas: Ne.Iie t'hler. Com Jones.
Cr.rtitlna Kemper, this city.
The groomsmen were Harvey Jacobs sad
Jack Harper, o.' Washington: Milton French,
Jack Stevenson. Edmund Bunter. Aylet Jflcel
ar.-: Edgar Nico;.
Tin nfjpl tafism I
[Specia. to The T.mea-Dispatch.] |
I-crnchburg. Va, November JB.?At the
Hotel Carro:: to-day at noon Daalel Boone!
W right sad Miss China Bus mrglnneihaai.
both of Neiaon Oouaty. were united In mar- ,
riage. the ceremony being performed by the
Rev W. A Ayera ef College Hn; Baptist;
Church. The bride Is a daughter of Mr arfd
Mr* E. R. Higginbotdam. of N%aon County, i
aad the groom la engaged in fanning in that j
count*. j
Taaseg ahartjstl.
[Special ?e The Ttssee Dispatch]
Appotnatwx, Va., November 20.?Mrs,
Bum Baxtastt to-day him me the wife
ar Ta
11 noon temperature . CS
3 P. M. temperature . ?8
Maximum temperature up to ?
p jg. .t. gl
: Minimum temperature up to I
1*. U .-. 44
!Mean temperature. (4
[Kern*.] temperature . 47
' BajsgSg in temperature . 9
i'. ? -?? in temperature since March
' 1 .J-. 42
.A-'-im. deflc<ency In temperature
sir.ee January 1 . 334
:.r,cy in rainfall since March
l .s.i:
Accum defitpTicy In rainfall since
.:ar.u*rv i .C4?
Loral O aw irrst Ion ? P. te. Yd
Temperature. IS
Humidify . $1
Wind?direction. t
W-nd? velocity . 3
w e*?her .Clear
?(i^nmoji m important rrrrea,
> * V M Eastern Standard Time ?
Place Ther. H T. L? T Weather
Aahev?ni . Id 44 14 Casar
After ts .41 41 41 ?~.?ar
At.a:.-:c City . (4 41 44 _;;? \r
B ? . M tl 4? n.aT
B .' CJ 14 44 Clear
Calgary . .. t? 44 *? P cloudy
ciar.ertoa ... M 7t 4? P. cloudy
?'M'age _ I* 44 44 Cloudy
Denver . 44 '4 2? Cloudy
Dni th .44 ?: 2* P cloudy
OaJvestsa .... 44 M '?* Hur
Ifatterss .. It 44 6? Clear
Havre _ 4t 4? M near
Jacks'-nrllle 42 71 M Ooudy
PC*'.sea ch? 4* ?? 46 Clear
. . .. . v? ** 4* C>ar
Montgomery ** ?4 24 CKudy
New orieaas) . 42 77 ft P cloudy
New tor* . . ?4 It 44 Clear
W'.rfotfc . If 44 44 rjear
??> ?-ma ... at I* 42 Clear
? Mai -e?h . . |? 4 ? 44 f'lear
T-*?*.gh . ?? 7* 42 Clear
-t I '-'.'a .. 42 75 f Oasr
M Paaal 44 14 n Clear
??? r-ar.eUee 44 II Id near
gevennah 44 74 tl Oondy
?I <* a O.oudy
'??^pa .II 71 tt cioody
Wae>:r?fne. 4? ?4 42 Clear
Winnipeg; ?4 44 12 Ooady
W-.?r.eeii?s at % >4 Caar
nTiaiart ?? ??.??**?(.
NiT.rrt.er 21. 1112
n r'swe . . t |T Morning . |:M
? seta . . 4 It sjisslae . PdM
of W. C. Tanner, of Stonewall. thas;
oounty. The bride i? from Tennessee,
but has been residing In the county
during; the past year. The groom is a..
merchant at stonewall, wre?re they i
will reside. The ceremony was per-)
formed by Rev. J. C Lepp at the manse, j
Building and repair permits were Issued
yesterday as follows:
H I*. Sears, to erect a detached two-story
frame dwelling- on the south side of Lewis
Street between Gll?am Street and the cor- j
poration limits, to cost $1.000.
Mrs E. A. Leonard, to erect a two-story ?
brirk store on the eaat aide of WllllamsSurg'
Avenue between Orleans and Virginia I
J. VV. Stewart, to repair a frame dwelling. V
:-t:s VenabU Street te coat fMO.
THE enor?
mous sale
proves that
blend satisfies
more smokers
than any other.
That extra qual?
ity is made pos?
sible by the plain,
of sachlsgr hsaaehald gat as aad
o?. shir
Cherrj Cs.ssT*tisi
M1.tfa.tIS West ?---sd -eree*.
Globe QothiuE
la sbfsst ot/hsa.
Sydaor i ^mvStjfhx^
One True Medfctaal Whiskey!
Beware of Imitations
?Bjbaf ? While substitution is not a part of mod
flK?i|H ? crn merchandising, it is still practiced to a
IQS^Bl ? greater or less degree by a few merchants
VkSKv who haven't the courage to compete
?l^t-H with their fellows along legitimate, fair,
O-SBf eil^v nnes> or who do not care for their
^^Mj^y|L customers' health, but their own
jf?UBSK Substitutes
wj'^^^^^^^^^^^j^mL tne public for more than half a cen
mmS^mBUx^BmS^S^u *JV t*ie ^>est doctors an(* m Prorn|
, ?F^VjmViV-VVf'lJ^misal "ent nosP?ta's- wnen n nas carried
lBi,?/jyjfaMMt'jlrLtCll the blessings of health into as
I\Hi! atSaVn s aVrVW-sijlI many thousands of homes of the
Itt^lRJM^ISw a| ?ck as Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
^Hjjgy^BB MW has, imitations are bound to arise.
BUSI DUfly S Malt Whiskey
fflW Hi Mad* for Medicinal Purposes Only.
2?Jo?ML5r^iw stances usually found in beverage
KWR^cf6>>*^^ft-CVHl I whiskies. It has given remarkable
mjrfi&f ^^^?^^^SH8 resu'ts m tne prevention and relief
fte?urij|^^ the only whiskey that was taxed
K^F^^^^?^^<^t^.-f^TyJ^ b* tn* Government a* ? n>edi
??^<^2v^^^?^^^>?j?irxle? cine during the Spanish War.
KB T^^K^^^^SL^-^Sff^MM The Kenuine '? i" sealed bottle*
HB^KmS^bw^ only. The "Old Chemist's Head" is on
^SSzXS&^mH^BwH Tr?e label 3r|d over the cork is an in
^*^si HflLfJasUr' graved seal, lie certain teal unbroiten
K^pw S..|il by druggists, grocers and dealers,
^^^^""^?^^^^ $1.00 a large bottle.
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co.,
Facsimile one-third regular siae Rochester, N. Y.
Murder Case of Henry Sink Will
Come Up at February
[Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Rocky Mount. Va. November 20_
Henry Sink, the slayer or Major Board,
cave up all thought of hall wb.j
Judge Campbell raised his ball bond
from flv.000 to $20,008. His case w<il
come up at the February term, and
will be one of the hcrdest-fought icaVJi
battles that has come before the couri
In years. H. ML 1? Hard, the attorney
(or tao Commonwealth, will have as?
sociated with blm H. D. DlUard. and
Jud&e Hairsi.ua. 8nk will be defended
by Dillard au?i I>-e, who will have it -
sociated wrh then.. Hughes Dill<ird.
Common wealth attorney of P'.tsyl
vania County
Sink 1* ibjut forty years old a..J
has a larg. famOy He Is fond of|
n uslc and has his phonograph and |
zither with him at the Jail, sper-dir.x
much time in Jinging hymns and other
> id songs, with zither accompau:ni?n..
He has a voice of unusual sweetness,
which bs hauuies well. HI* father, the
late Reed oinlt, was a member of the
?hoard of sttperv'sa. a
His victim. M.n?i Board, was und>*r
thirty, and left a young widow and a
boy of six.
The murder, which occurred In Oc?
tober, was a great shock to the county.
The Immediate cause was a load of
blabs which Board waa putting 3n n'9
wagon. Sink came up and ordered
him to take them off. Board refused,
whereupon he advanced to the ?t;or.
saying that be*d take them off blm
self. Tae shooting followed. S*nh
claimed self-defense, but no pistol was
found beside the lifeless body of
Board, whose body contained foar oul
leta from Sink's pistol. A half* be
, side the body was the ealy wsepea
found. Blah gave himself up.
The tragedy 'occurred aa Board's
hud. vary class to his bouse, aad his
srtfe waa the am to rsaeh the spot,
j Mot knowing ha was dead, she ran
for aid. and meanwhile ue'gbbcra ar?
rived an the scene.
The lumber was some worthless slabs
on land which Board had b-iaght of
?rah aad paid for. and which ne con?
st J seed bs* own.
IVesident Not Likely to Come to
RirtnnonfJ for Conference
?I Governors.
rSBoclal to The Times- Dispatch. 1
Washington, November 2S?OoverMT
Manas invitation to President Taft
to es to Richmond oa Deeeonber * ta
the conference of Oovernore to be
held there at that Urne was received
at the White House to-day. It ha*
not yet bssa ?fnoiai'y brought to the
President's attention, but ueoaseiaJiy M
, waa stated that It was sot likely it
I coald be accepted Congress meets oa
December X. hat does nothing bad
swear la aew members sod sdtoura.
The following day. December % the day
he Is asked to go to Richmond, the
President a aaaaal mil sags will be
read, and for this reasoa he will not
wash ta leave Washington However.
C definite answer will be rortbessattaf
within the sort day or two.
r H. Ms*
d psUUSa ta veteatarv beakreetey Wat
Cfcag nmrdsg fe the rtattea States Wajgjj
Caen by Senate T ffabbsed a tea! '?tat?
ef this etty Tbe sebedsh)
Woman Killed In Chicago Is
Identified as Mrs. Kraft,
of Cincinnati
CanclntlStl. Ohio. November 20.?That
Mrs. Emma. Kraft, of thin city, waa the
womaa who waa killed in a Chicago
hotel laat Thursday; that the police
know the name of a man who wak for?
merly engaged to marry Mrs Kraft and
wb) Is known to have borrowed $s00
from her, aad whom tkey sue pert of
having killed her, aad that every po?
liceman and detective in this city has
been ordered to watch for this man
were to-day's developments In the mys?
tery that for six days had puzzled the
Chicago police.
Mrs. Kraft, who was sixty years old.
was known recently to have s >ld prop?
erty In this city amounting to I4.87C.
and the police believe she had part of
this money In her possession Just pre
rious to her death. This leads to the
theory of robbery as a motive, accord- i
ing to the police, although they claim
the man got rid of Mrs. Kraft because
she had therateued to prosecute him
for the money she bad loaned blm
when the two were engaged.
The man whom the police have in
mind la prominent la thin city and
was seen here on last election day.
Nothing is known to the police- of nls
whereabouts since thst time, but Chlet
of Detectives Crawford, or this city,
late to-day said it was ->n!y a matter
of h>urs before the authorities would
lay their hands upon the man. la the
meantime his name and description
have been sent to the police of Chi?
cago, aad the hunt has been taken op
Recognition of Mrs. Kraft's umbrella
led to the positive Identification of her
clothes by a alsoe and the letter's
Arrest Is Waas.
Chicago, DA. November N.?A war?
rant for the alleged slayer of Emm*
Kraft, of Cincinnati, is la the hands
of the Chicago detective department
Captain John Oa Hal pin said to-day
that the suspect had been under sur?
veillance for several days aad that hts
arrest Is near.
Mrs. Jacob Hoffman, of this city, said
to be a slater of the dead woman, is
sought by the police ti confirm the
Resorts from the Memorial Rsspital early
this morn In? stated that ttte condition er
Hasan M. Baker, the Medics! Celles? of
Vlrgtala student, who waa laJIred la auto?
mobile accident Sunday, was improving. He
had iveoTored partial consciousness, aad
while not yet eat of danger Ma condition
was proaeaaeed escesragmg by attendant
fTi i?! lass
Twenty-Tliird Session of Metho?
dist Body Is Opened at
High Point.
* [Special to Tho Times-Dispatch.!
High Point. N. Cm November 20.?The
opening day of tbe twenty.third ses?
sion of the Western North Carolina
Conference of the Methodist Eplsoo
pal Church. South, was characterised
by several special features. Bishop
Collins Denny, of Richmond. Is pre
siding over the conference for the first
time, and h*b devotional addreaa this
morning on the subject of tbe Import?
ance of the spirit of brotherhood in the
church was heard with special interest,
and the conference is gratified to know
that he will deliver a similar address
every morning during the session.
Bishop Denny referred to the class
meeting, which was a prominent fac?
tor in the early days of Methodism,
as one of the means for the cultiva?
tion of the spirit of brotherhood in
the church, and said the church has
lost Immeasurably by fiavlng neglect?
ed the holding of the class meeting
in later years. He said also that Iba
frreatest hour that comes to the church
comes from w'thln and nut from the
From time to time during the morn
ing. Bishop Denny emphasized the Im?
portance of pastoral visiting. Infant
baptism and family worship.
The call of the twenty-second ques?
tion was begun, and seven af the pre?
siding elders, having passed tho ex?
amination of ? laraeters. submitted
their reports '1 he names of the othei
five presiding eider? will be called to?
morrow. Complaint was brought
agatnat Q. K tianes tor leaving his
charge a few weeks after the confer
ence session of last year without hav
Ing consulted hi* presiding eidet. gad
for having taken with him money be?
longing to the church. A committee
of investigation was appointed, ? >..
conference having ordered the appoint?
ment to determine whether the com
plaint ia sustained.
Charges having been preferred touc ?
ing the moral character of b. M Jack
sen. another member of the confer
ence. 1t was not necessary for the con?
ference to order the appointment of
a committee of investigation to de?
termine whether a trial is necessai;
the discipline having provided for a
committee to be appointed In a cis
of this kind, and it was appointed
B. W. Brown was received by trans?
fer from the Halslon Conference, and
J. P. Powell, from the South Carollti-i
W. L. Sherrll! was re-elected secre?
tary of the conference unanimously,
this oeing the nineteenth time consecu?
tively ho has been elected t < this
The anniversary of the Kpwortli
Leageu Board was held this ereninK
n?? Tawiham la Basd-Tlger Cases st Gay
tea Mines
On motion of Jamea T. L**lt. counsel Is*
Will Stone, the negro arraigned yeeterday
mornlsg In Henrico <~ounty on the charg?
er selling liquor at the Oayton Mines with?
out llcena?. Magistrate T. J Puryear before
whom the hearing wsa tone-J suspended
sSSaSaea until a further Im f tlg-ation can be
made Stone waa ?n<d t3h ?n a gamed -nan:.
whieb charged htm with carrying a con?
cealed weapon.
The evidence entered yesterday tended to
ahow that Stone purcsas?-d the liquor, which
he la alleged to hive eo.d Po Iceman Sho. -
maker, from another negro named William?,
and that the latt.r t* the party wanted f"r
the offense. It was aald that Wiliiama had
packed up hia be.jnglrss and prepared M
lasse 'he O.iytoa district whoa i.ot:Bed <?*
Stone's -rr?-at.
Stone was one of the five prisoners taken
on Monday at (iayion ktlnea by Deputy
Sherlff W W. Sydnor. Policeman Shoemaker
and Constable Davis. Three of the ethers
were arraigned yesterday afternoon, but the
I eaess were all continued next We<lneeda>.
i November 17
A sixth arrest, arialr.r from the origin.,
j raid, waa made yes*?r lay morning while the
I trial ef Stone waa In prog-reea. X. Sxnitr .
' a liar "Shine" Smith, who had been sum
! moned aa a witness Ir. the case, waa resting
I cor t?nted:>- en a seat la the rear of the
j magistrate's court-room. He waa attired in
: hia Sunday beat, and the thumb of one
rioted band waa concealed behind a flaabv
I ?est. Peputy Sheriff Sydaor told him he was
; ueder arrest, and the !?ini i spirits dropped
j I!k?- the thermometer on a J-ir. jary sjgsaSj
. Officera ar? now directing tiiair efforta :??
j the capture of the n?sro named Wii'lam?.
I who wlli probably be rhar?td ?Ith tetaillnaT
liquor without a license It is reported that
I he haa come to Richmond.
Kx-rahed "team gsldln Inder rentraet te
rest It Ac rasa Coattswat sag Back
Harvey Thoren, a ran-burned pedestrian
from Vklab. Meadaciao County Cel.. arrived
la town at erst o'clock yesterday afternoon
from Alexandria. He claims Is have made
the distance from Alexandria over the T. P.
a W.? the take pains and walk?ia eaactly
fee.- says
Thore* differs from the rest of the walking;
tribe, la that he sears credential from the
United States Army showing htm te have
j seen a member of Company O. Forty-slata
Vcluateer lafaatry. and letters from msyoea
?f leading American cities attesting visits
paid to them. Amens these are one from
Mayer Qaynor. of New York, and Mayor
carter Harrises. *>f Oh tease.
The rslaon d'etre of m- long bike?to put
It elegantly?Is a prise of lias for the round
trip from Cklak te New York aad return
Al. of It haa to be made on foot Thoren
says be haa been footing It now for eight
months aad fifteen days, and ia now on tbe
last half ef his Journey in addition to tbe
price money he receives farther emolument
frem the t'klab Hepabilcan Press la return
fee articles describing bis aaperlcBcea Tho
SSM leaves at no^n to-day fer Petersburg.
Estimated earnings of th?> Southern Rail?
way system for the second week Is Novem?
ber, jnx werer This year. Sl.Ma.cas last
year. II.rM.tgs: harness. PM*M

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