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Petersburg People Are Proving
Generous in Their Con?
County Authorities Are Investi?
gating Recent Fire in
Prince George.
Times-Dispatch Bureau.
& Boiling broke street,
Phone u86,
Petersburg. Va. November 2*.
Saturday Is tbe busiest day In tbe
week, but tbe sum of ?t?,?7- was sub?
scribed to tbe fund by the y. M. c. a.
building. This raises the subscriptions
fur tbe first two ua>s of tbe campaign
Up to ?18.2.6. It IS expected to-mor?
row to run the amount to over $25.000.
With this amount reached to-morrow
end the solicitors expect to pass it. the
association home wl i be a certainty.
It is regarded as a certainty now, for
the people ot Petersburg; will n it al?
low the proposition to tail, now that
they have undertaken iL The subject
waa preached in the various churches
Ts Be lavgellgsSss
The destructive are Thursday night
sn the farm of Joseph VttbU. a pros?
perous Bohemian, In Prince George
County, details of which were published
la The Times-Dispatch, is to be n
vestlgated by the county authorities. 1
There Is strong suspicion that the fire.
waa aa act of malice. Bloodhounds
brought to the scans on Friday took
a trail and foUowad It to the resi?
dence of a dtlsen of the county. No ;
arrest waa mads, however. After con?
ference at the county courthouse to-'
morrow between the officials and Com?
monwealths Attorney Timothy Rivers,
decision will be reached as to what
course ta pursue, aad possibly an ar- j
rast may tallow. j
There seems aa question as ta the
fact that the Ore was the work of an
Incendiary. Aa has bean stated In The
TImea-Dlspatch, Mr. VtibiTe barn and
outbuildings ware destroyed. Ha lost
six mules, eleven oows. all of his farm- j
lag Implements aad machinery. 3M j
bags of peanuts, too bushels of corn i
and a large quantity of provender, and
HB laaa Is vary heavy. He la wall j
known In the county and in this city, j
?bare ha trade*. j
A qtsaaUty of lumber belonging ta]
the Virginia Lumber and Box Company, j
of this city, waa destroyed by are late j
Friday night, at Brook's Siding, on the
Seaboard Air Line Railway, near Mc
Kenney. In Dinwiddie County. Two
tlat cars belonging to the company, |
and one belonging to the railway, con?
taining lumber, were totally destroyed, j
Loss about 1500; partially insured. |
Origin of the are Is unknown.
A petition for the commutation of I
the sentence of Claude Allen, now In1
the penitentiary under sentence ot
d.ath. has been nnmerously signed and
arlll be presented to Governor Mann j
Slice of the signers ssk for clemency'
for Floyd Allen also, A number or
citizens of the adjacent oounttea who
were In the city on Saturday signed i
tbelr names ta the petition.
In accordance with a sugeetlon by
the Bav. FcDaaleL D. D . of Richmond,
who la leading the movement for the
oommatatlon of the sentences of the
Aliens, friends ot the movement will
appeal both by latter and In person to
Governor Mann to exercise clemency In
the cases, especially la the caae of
Claude Alisa. I
On account of his personal engage?
ments. Mayor Cameron baa declined the '
Invitation to act aa chief aide to the
marshal ta charge of the Democratic
parade In Richmond on Tuesday night-'
Mrs. M L. Wood, af Montgomery,!
Ala. ta visiting Hit W. L. Watklns. j
an Adams Street.
Mm Gibson L. Baker aad children.'
ea* Washington. D C. are visiting Mrs. I
Stewart D Bud*, aa Mara hall Street, j
TOO 6000
and ^vTv^KR?AD
Nearly 400 V. P. I. Students to
I Witness Game on
j Thanksgiving.
(Special to The Times-Dispatch.]
Blue Its burg. Va.. November 24.?In
tereat at the Virginia Polytechnic In?
stitute now centres about the trip of
the corps to Washington at Thanks?
giving, when nearly 400 of the stu?
dents will be on hand to cheer for the
Tech team In the football game with
Georgetown. The "cadet special" will
leave Blacksburg Wednesday evening,
go by way of Sbenandoah Junction,
and arrive la Washington at 7 o'clock ;
Thursday morning. Returning, the
special train will leave the capital city
at 10 o'clock Thursday night and reac.n
Blacksburg about noon Friday. Mem?
bers of the faculty and people of the
county will make the trip. No classes ]
wlU be held at the college Friday and
Saturday, though the usual military;
routine will be carried out for those
who remain.
1 Professor T. W. Shannon, of the
World's Purity Federation, made three
I addresses at the college this week
under the auspices af the Young Men's j
Christian Association. Professor Snan
non spoke Tuesday night and twice I
on Wednesday, and waa heard by large
audteaosa of the students and others.
The students that are taking the j
"dairyman's short course" In the agri- I
cultural department wars entertained
at an Informal reception by the dairy
department in the Agricultural Hall1
Thursday evening. Before the refresh?
ments warn served Dr. E. A. Smyths
gave an Illustrated lecture on "Birds,'
1 and the members of the junior and
senior classes la agriculture were also
Invited to meat the guests of honor.
I Speakers before the agricultural
! Club this week were Professor RawL
j chief of dairy inspection at Washing?
ton, who made an Informal talk to the
I members Monday afternoon, and Pro
i fessor W. K. Bralnerd, Dr. Bralnerd
Save an illustrated lecture Wednesday
? night on "Rural Life in England" and
told of bis experiences while studying
' agriculture and dairying in that coun?
try. I
A. K. Baker. State secretary of boys*
work, waa a visitor to the Young
Maa'a Christian Association this week
and responded to a toast at the hoys'
banquet In the dining hall Friday
night. This banquet waa given to the
boys of Blaeksburg aver fourteen
years old by the social service com?
mittee of the Young Men's Christian
Association, and la the beginning of a
plan to organise a branch of the Boy
Scouts here
C. P. Mile went to Richmond Satur?
day to referee the football game be?
tween Randolph-Macon and Riehmond |
College. I
Cigars may come,
And cigar, may go,
But none "goes" better
5 cent
For tnirty^nve years
been the IW-selliiig
5 cent Goar?ana
it still leads.
Commission to Bring Matter Be?
fore City Council at
Next Meeting.
Completing Arrangements for
I Virginia Horticulture So?
ciety Meeting.
I Lynch burg, Va.. November 24.?The
; John W. Daniel Monument CommiMion
will ask the City Councils at their next
1 meeting; to purchase a triangular lot
j near the High School for the location
' of the proposed monument to the
1 memory of the. late Senator John W.
! Daniel. The committee has $7.50u of
the 110,000 needed to erect the rnonu
' ment already in hand. Sir Moses
Ezekic-l. who 1* to execute the cora
: mission for a likeness of the deceased
statesman, has advised the committee
that his work 1* already well under
way. It Is not known when the monu?
ment can be made ready for unveil?
ing- I
The Montgomery Presbytery, which
embraces Presbyterian churches in
Southwest Virginia and a portion of
West Virginia, will hold its fall meet?
ing at Roanoke December 3 and 4
The location of mountain schools, which1
was taken up at the 8pring meeting
here last spring, will be one of the
interesting matters to come up at the
Roanoke meeting. It Is believed that:
two schools win be established In;
Carroll County for the instruction of,
the mountain people of that county, j
j Twenty thousand turkeys have been
; ahipped from Russell and Tazowell
counties to Baltimore, Washington,
Philadelphia and New Tork markets
for Thanksgiving trade. It is believed
that these birds will take at least
$50,000 to these two counties, as the
birds sold for 14 cents a pound live.
The Lynchburg Country Club has
completed arrangements for a goU
handicap tournament, which is to be
held on the Westerly links, in West
Lynchburg. on Thanksgiving Day, the
winner of which wUl get possession
1 of the Witt Cup for a year. The links
are splendidly arranged, and next year
will be maintained in connection with
a country club.
P. V. Devilbiss, formerly a resident
j of this city, who has been living in
! Hong Kong, China, and Manila since
j 1897, was here on a visit last week,
i In 1902 Mr. Devilbiss went from Hong
Kong to Baltimore to attend the meet
ins; of the Grand Lodge of Elks, win-,
nlng the prize offered to the Elk who
traveled the furthest to attend the
meeting He is In America for a six
months' vacation, at the end of which
he goes back to Manila.
The local Chamber of Commerce is
rapidly completing arrangements for
: the next annual meeUng of the Vir?
, ainla Horticulture Society, which Is to
j meet here January 8-10 at the City
I Auditorium. The convention is ex?
pected to bring at least 700 farmers
and fruit growers here. The exhibit
of applea competing tor cups snd
prises. It Is said, will be the best ever
. gotten together In Virginia. The prises
I are also said to be more numerous
< than heretofore The society met last
at Harrlsonburg.
The Lynchburg Home Guard, Com?
pany E. First Virginia Regiment, has
decided to go to the inauguration at
; Washington next March, regardless ot
I the action of the State relative to send
j Inn; the entire Virginia brigade to that
I event.
j Frank Brockman. of Amherst County,
; son of Herbert Brockman, thus far
j has the distinction of having the
largest yield of corn per acre of any
I boy in Virginia, his cultivation yield -
| ins 1?7 bushels to the acre. This fine
i snowing, it la thought, will be an ln
! centive to cause the Amherst Board of
! Supervisors to provide for county farm
. demonstration again next year.
Garland-Rodes Camp. United Confed
I crate Veterans, of lynchburg. will
I shortly petition the City Council for
authority to locate e slab In MlUer
Park to mark the spot where the Sec
. ond Virginia Cavalry waa mastered In
i end out of the Confederate army. Sev
I era! of the bronse tablets to he placed
on the shaft are already here and
others are to be secured. The Second:
Virginia was made up principally of
soldiers from this city and nearby
' counties. The camp wUl arrange for
fa big event upon the occasion of the
Ree. Joseph M_ Sea ton. of Boston.
Ms as. a minister of the Unitarian As?
sociation of America, is in Lynchburg
loos ting Unitarian members, intending,
hf possible, to perfect a permanent or?
ganisation la Lynchburg. a number
of members of that faith bare bean
located already.
Is is reported that a large ?ein of
slate haa been discovered en the farm
of Mrs. Anna Wbelan in Buckingham
County, net far from the James River.
Expert mineralogists are to examine
the property, and upon their report
depends whether or net the property
will be developed.
Federal authorities at Washington,
having just examined tke heads at
dogs killed here (or rabies, have re?
ported that in bo to oases tke report
waa that the doss had hydrophobia.
Probably never before to tke ahmst,
of Lynchburg baa there been ee muoh
hydrophubaa as waa sxporlsnosd beta
tale year, and this resulted in aU dags
setae mangled far stx montan, the ordi?
nance having expired only at the be?
ginning at thla month.
The petittonn for executive eteenasMp
far the Aliens, ander sentenos for
electrocution, whlok were circulated fee'
Lynchburg. have been returned to Dr.
O. W. McDsniel at Richmond, having)
signatures of about 1.200 Lynchburg
Tke opinion of the State Supreme
Court in the case of the city of Lynch
burg against John M Mitchell, which
went up fi sea the Amherst Circuit
Court, which a SI rated the judgment at
the lower court, means that Lynch
barg must pay Mitchell SS.PM and the
eeete of tke aalt gad appeal. MitcheU
owns a Souring saUl ea the Pedlar
River, tarn mOes below the site of the
_?? C.
Ftre startieg frees a gee stovs dam
sged the seems Soor of the b aldlag
of ft I* Heiland et Co.. on fVrsna
Street, aast did uawotOirahls mere dam
age- to the Brm'e dry gnash and cieth
ms eteeh at an early hour this mora?
ls*. Part off the.? wear M awed
... .
BE it known?that
properly fermented, is the
most wholesome and easily
digested food; that it is
the most healthful and
strengthening single food
you can eat; that it is the
most nourishing and also
the most economical; that
the best LIGHT BREAD
?the digestible kind?is
made with
Fleischmanets Yeast.
? ?tr
John Dough~~
raised on
nebchmann^s Yeact
2- L?g&53
Mark Noteworthy Feature of
of ifsav
*T the Cnr*>d ?1??? te 1*11 will be
mm mt tkm mmm w?i?orttT fact***
for nut octane te record at the beat*-,
a*a*r of the new year. la aaaoanctn??
the total? of the eapert and impart J
tr#*> of the eeeatry far the tea amatha 1
enrtla* with Ort eher, th* ?nreae - eTi
Uewwttc aaa Foreign Co earner? ee?
wools reach this
Mal by the
en4 ef Dtetoiber tta blrbrst former
mill wm St ?>? ?**,##* ta itil it
????i Um it.ssi.ees.see Uzm far aaa
taaerts la tta taa meat** amaaassd
ta t1.tlLees.se*. aaa] laairta ta tLSTt,
?ee.see. mekiaa; It sasarset that tha
Importe at the fall year anil aap teal
mate tl tee see tee aaa the exports ??..
tee.see,?ee. totaiiaa* et. i as,see.see.
Imports base practically aaableel at
?alee etaee INI aaafl sa?aiis he** area
tssalty aaahtaf sraae IPH. Taa sa
aeeta at Senssstlc area!acta which had
***** teaches* fha tf.set.sea.Asa marh
aarrtl mi win fa inj aperealmats th
! f4.Jte.sse.see merk, while the esaorts
, af ftwwttrn aier-handles rinrlae the yesy
'win probably fsll ?"cbtty below the
' Ma* record of tt7.jse.eea ee* la 1*11
Owe af the striata*; fee tore* of the
r*a**iy erla-elna tmaort trade hj the
increa??- In imports of noadof taste mer
arat Unas ta 1*M aaat
tat ta Uta.
?ee, end tn 1*12 seines likely to a?-!
proximate ft7S.eee.eee.
This ibotmh la fitaaaa trade, wall?
dlatrlbetedl aasen? all tee ?reo? eTete
tan. eaeent aftt?, I* snsicaa ly apper
?** to ^y^n^ Wtt aeicbeera an
Tan ?uanUe serte set the Bens
ehere ?ff the Hinan in t? ports, ket
W. u Mee aa4 a Jery Irrxt cn. i tke,
klltln? ?f N#l??n H Archer tha Tea-!
nrmmm nrnitiatea a. erbe eres killed ey,
William r. Pwre. a eheotlae? eslJ-r? [
man. early .Saturday evening
The evidence wee that P?oee bao.-ked.
Archer down, then tx?-ir?i..! hit? la tb<
face enth his net Archer was daaed I
I la that condition aocordin? to
CtafM who COadSCtod M
Bristol Vs_
death oMaaod ?V
ef e?v* to a
bowattoj tart* war* taja? a
caaao lata ta*
V.rgtala |M>
tr. to wnoai ft
was to
frnra mil
here was tak<
fataer. r*s??d

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