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Matter Will Bt Taken Up With
CepheOkto Other Culpeper
[Special to The Tl mes-Dlspatoh.)
Culpeper. V?.. November $4?At a
meeting ef the ?Ulla? Maas Asso?
ciation la Orange Monday night a cam- j
mit tee waa appointed to confer with
the bualaeaa men of Madison and I
Greene Counties and to get lato com?
munication with the capitalists who
are Interested la the promotion of the
proposed railroad through these three
counties. The following members wsrs
nominated on the committee: A- T. j
Browning. 8. A. Carpenter. H. O. Lome,
Bero.ay Tallaferro and Richard N. i
Tar king ton. Much Interest la felt la
this section over ths report that W. B.
D. Stokes, af New Ter?, 'ntends to
build a railroad from Eikton. Recking-1
ham County, to deep water somewhere j
on the Potomac or Rappshan nock Riv?
Miss Corrte Norrie, who loft Cul?
peper last week, tailing her frleads
She was fslag to seek* an extended
visit to her brother and his wife, Mr.
and litt John Norrie, of Baltimore.'
waa married in that ally Wednesday;
afternoon to C. Edward Wager, a one-1
time resident of this county, who has
for some years been tasking his home
in Washington. The ceremony was j
performed by the Rev. W. 11. Wee eh, of
Strewbiidgs Methodist Church. Re?
freshments were served after the cere?
mony and the bride's cake waa cut by
Miss Sandford Morris, a niece of the
bride. Mrs. Weder is a cousin and
one af the heirs-at-law of the late Wil?
liam Nereis, a wealthy resident sf Cul?
peper. whose large estate has been la
litigation ever sines his death, three
years age. ea account of an eccentric
will In which he left all ef his proper?
ty to ths ?jasCMxJ Churoh ef this
The home treat af "Milton.- aas sf
the eld Pitshngh besaas. paar Brady
Station, constating sf the house and;
t?S aar as. wss recently sold hp the!
prssent owner. J. J. Thompson, te
Carey Humphreys, a merchant of Bran- j
dy. This Is part ef a large tract
sought by Oeorge Fltzhugh. a cousin j
of General Pitshngh Lee. la the yesr |
1307, snd has been In the possession of I
his family sver since, until the Isst 1
owner. Mm Washington Peace, sold
tt to Mr. Thompson about a half-dosen
years ago. The old mansion waa de-,
etroyed by Are and Mr. Thompson '
had an attractive new house, with all '
modern conveniences, erected la Its!
The Rev. C. E. Pleasants, who has'
had charge of the Culpeper Methodist
Church for three years, was assigned.
at the last conference to the church I
at Liberty. In Berkeley County. Rev.
R. P. Lsimphln. ef Chariottesvtlle. waa
appointed his successor hers.
John Washington Jollffe died last
wash at hie homo near Hasel, River,
after an illness of several months. Hs
la survived by his widow, one da ugh- i
ter and three sons. The funeral ser- j
vices were conducted from his hams by'
ths Rsv. Mr. Giimsley.
The old "View Tree," ens of the land?
marks of the country, standing as It'
does en View Tree Hill, the highest
point In Pauejuler. waa almost destroy?
ed by Are one night last wsek through
the carelessnsss of some 'possum hunt
era who had hallt a fire near Its base.
This old tree Is s giant chestnut, and
tt took persistent effort dag more/
than fear hours to extinguish the
Among ths bequests In the will of
the late John W. Klneheloe. of Dela
plane. which waa recently probated in
the clerk's office In Warrenton. was s
bequest to ths Cemetery Company, ot!
Mlddieburg. and a fund ef $4.000 to the
trustees of the Bastlet Orphanage .at
Salem. James M Klneheloe. of Wash?
ington, qualified as executor, with the
American Surety Company as secarlty.
Tide estate la valued at sheet its.os?. |
tnether will recently probated is the'
same office area that of the late Judge i
W. B. O. Shumate, ef Caleerten, who
devised all of bis property to his six
children, his wife being dead.
The Rev. W. J. McMillan, of Balti?
more, haa been conducting during the
past week a miaston at the Culpeper
Presbyterian Church, returned to Bal
When Mrs. C K. Stanford, the wife
at the freight agent la Orange, was j
walking with her husband an the tree- \
tie ea the Chesapeake and Ohio Rail-1
read, opposite Lyae's Mm. she fell a
distance af tan feet and broke her col
larheas. Mr. and Mrs. Stanford were
sheet la the middle af the trestle when
they ware startled by a train earning
up behind them. Grabbing his wife's
arm, he stastifl to rwa as the other
Judging a
?poo warnt boats do yen Judge
? plane? Do yea rely on your
o*a personal musical knowledge
or upon the reputation of the
manufacturer '
If thft manufacturer of the In?
strument you purchased had a
reputation of over four aaaeeev
?tea* Of successful pianoforte
construction, wouldn't you feel
secure la she knowledge that che
in at rumen t wee reliable?
Buch Is the reputation of the
ft is the acknowledged
BT AN DA HD of pianoforte con?
struction. Vor over four gen?
eration* it has maintained Its
reputation as the piano supreme
In the musical world.
Send for free catalogue of
Btelnway and other high
grade pianos.
Waller D. Moses & Co.
IdB Ease Bread Street,
Otdeat Manic House In Virginia
and North Carolina.
lend, when Mrs. Stanford (ripped and
fell, breaking the hold he had on
i her arm.
i John Peyton DeButts, an old Con?
federate soldier, died at bis beme near
, Welbourne en Sunday, aged seventy
seven yearn He was a member of
Meeby'e famous rangers during the war
and served with conspicuous bravery.
Surviving him are live sons and two
j daughter* \
i Miss KUle By land Woolfolk. daugh?
ter of Mr. mad Mrs. Morton Woolfolk.
and Dr. Henry Yager were married
'la the atta* Ran Baptist Church, at
Bsaasreel ea Wednesday The cere?
mony was performed by Rev. R. P.
Staples, af the Orange Baptist Church.
Miss Susis Woolfolk waa maid of honor
nnd Dr. Sterling Wllhott, of Richmond,
best man.
Fred Hutcherson. of Madison, who
' waa so sadly injured in a railroad
wreck near Indianapolis some days ago,
succumbed to the Injuries last Satur?
day, dying in the hospital, wher* he
had been taken for treatment. His
father. K. P. Hutcherson. who had gone
to Indianapolis to see his son, h;-d re?
turned to his home In Madison, think?
ing the young man much better, when
a telegram was received announcing
his death. Tbe remains were brought
to hie old borne la Madison for inter?
? Two representatives from the De?
partment of the Interior, in Washing-!
tea. were In Madison County this week, j
investigating the chestnut tree blight,
some signs of which have been ob?
served In this and adjoining counties.;
They any that this disease is quite
prevalent among the cbeetnut trees
In tbe North and la fatal la its ef
i facts. The loss of the chestnut trees
would be a serious one to this sec?
tion, where hundreds of tons of choice
nuts are harvested annually.
Mrs. Pansy Ellen Lcsh Wfll
Plead Not Guilty When
Sedalla, Mo. November 24.?When
Mrs. Pansy Kllen Dash, charged with
poisoning two women In Pettls County,
Mo., several year* ago. appears in the
criminal Court here to-morrow she will
plead not guilty, her attorney said
to-alght to the charge of having
caused tbe death of Mrs. Elisabeth
Qua in tan ce at Green Ridge, Mo, In
July, 1*04. After ehe Is tried on the
charge, the case la which she is ac?
cused of poisoning Mrs. Elisa Coe. of
Sedalla. will be taken np. Louis Dot?
trel I. a Texaa fanner, and an uncle of
Mm Dean, arrived here to-day to re?
main uaUl Ute conclusion of her trial.
Luttreil and Mrs. Desh had never met j
before. Dattreti said be bad not heard
of Ms sinter, tke mother of Mrs. Dash,
for twenty years, and he de a* not!
know whether the father of Mm. Desh
la imssj._
In Senne? He Pays Glowing
Tribute to Memory of George
f Speed*! to The Tlme*-Dlspeteh.]
Alexandria. Va>. November 24.?A
j glowing tribute to tbe memory of
j George Washington was paid to-day
In a sermon delivered by Rt Rev. L> J.
O'Connell, Bishop of the Diocese of
! Richmond, in a sermon at the late
i mass at St. Mary's Catholic Church,
i The bishop laude? Washington lor his
j principles for religious tolerance.
I He also outlined the history of St.
: Mary's Church, which, be said, was
: especially endeared to him by reason
of his association. The cburc.i, he
, said, was established in 1788. on March
IV. through tne efforts of Colonel i itz
? gerald, of this city, and its establish?
ment met with the approbation of
I George Washington. It was, he said.
located at what was known as Church
' and Washington Streets, the Town
: Council of the city having named one
: street because of tbe erection of the
! church as Church Street, and the other
: after Washington.
I The bishop this morning, at the first
i mas* confirmed a large class of chll
i dren and adulta There was an un
i usually large attendance at both
: masses, and especially (\e. first mass,
i This afternoon the bishop waa ten
' dere-d a reception at St. Mary's Hall by
the Ancient Order of Hibernians. He
' made a short address to the members
of that order.
Appointments to Be Read Before
Noon?Bishop Denny Preaches
[Special to The Times-Dispatch]
High Point. N. C. November 24?So
rapidly has the business of the West?
ern North Carolina Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal Church. South
been transacted that Bishop Colins
Denny announced to-day that he would
read the appointment of iuiiiibters by
noon to-morrow, and bring to a close
the twenty-third annual seasion.
; The largest congregation that ever
I heard a minister here listened to
, Bishop Denny's sermon this mornina
j The bishop, in the course of his open
| lng prayer, prayed tor the national
! officials who will soon take office, and
J that only righteous men be appointed <
tc office.
For almost two hours tbe bishop held
the close attention of his audience, j
while he preached a sermon : as-.-d on
these words: "Whatsoever a man1
soweth. that also shall he reap." His
chief theme was human responsibility,
and his appeal was for men to shun
ain because of the ruin which the in?
dulgence In ?in brings to man througn
eternity, and to shun U also bemuse of
the havoc It work* to physical, men?
tal, moral being In this life, and be
, cause of the retribution which comes
I in this life, as well into the life to
j come as the result of sin. i
At the close of tbe sermon the I
bishop conducted the ordination der-1
vice for the preachers ordained to
deacons orders, and to elders orders.
He ordained at this Ume six travel?
ing preacners and ave local preachers
and deacons, and nine traveling
preachers sod e-ders.
This afternoon the conference mem?
orial service was held. During the
rast year four members of the con?
ference Have died. Rev. J. H. Weaver,
of Monroe, conducted this service.
Tbe conference love-fesst this morn?
ing at ? o'clock was conducted by Rev.
Frank Wood, of Trinity, and Rev. R. M.
Taylor, of Mt. Airy. The memorial
set vice and the love-feast were attend?
ed by large congregations also.
[Special to The Time*-Dispatch.] |
FayetteviU*. N C. November 24.?
Foour freight cars passed over the
body of Rastus Thompson, a negro,
without Injuring him, when he waa
knocked down by the rear car of a
train backing Into the Atlantic Coaat
Dine yards last night. Thompson Is
employed at tbe Atlantic* Coast Dine
freight warehouse, and waa going
home from bis work when he waa
struck by tbe train, falling prostrate
between tbe rail*, where he lay until
the brake rigging of tke fourth ear
eaughj his clothe* and dragged htm
twenty feet until the train waa stop-,
+*?_ I
j Matter Will Be Pressed To-Day
for Ruling in Case of
Indianapolis. Ind.. November 24.?
Whether the bonda of nix more of the
I' accused "dynamite plotters" nre to be
Increased Is to bs placed before ths
I Federal court at the resumption if the
trial to-morrow. District Attorney
! Charles W. Miller seid to-maht bs
. would ask the court to rule on s mo
j tlon for doubling the presenet bonds
! of Frank M Ryan, president of the
; Iron Workers' Union: John T. Butler.
; Bulfalo, vice-president; Michael J.
Young, Boston: I'm lip A. Cooley. Now
Orleans; Uugene a. Clancey and Olaf
' A. Tveltmoe, ban Francisco.
Herbert S. liockin. secretary of the
union, 'whose fle.uUO band waa In?
creased to fnu.Cuo after a witness had
testiiied he bad been accepting pay
ior Information about the oyuamiters
. before they were arrested, was still
i in jail to-night.
i The testimony of Lindsay I? Jewet.
an official i f a constructing firm In
Pittsburgh. :uat Hockln had diacloaed
the location of hidden nttroglycerin as
early as August, lslv, and had lully
described the less Angeles Times dy?
namiters to William J. Burns, ? deteo
tive. shortly after tbs explosion, al?
though arrests were not made until
four months later, and tnat Hockln had
trailed the. dynamiters about the coun?
try, at the direction of Burns, called
attention to McManlgaJ's confession.
While on a hunting trip. McManlgal
said he and James B. McNamara found
? themselves in a room with detectives,
but they continued hunting without
being arrested.
A lstter wss introduced In connec?
tion with Jewet'e testimony purport?
ing to show that Hockln stated the
dynamiters wsre la the woods and that
be i Hockln) wanted to knew why the
agent, meaning Burns, did oat arrest
I them.
Lyme* Dealas the essay.
Syracuse, N. Y, November 14.?Rs
ferring to the mention of bis nams
j Saturday In the testimony of Lindsay
1 L Jewet in the trial of the alleifed
dynamite consplratora at Indianapolis.
James M. Lynch, of this city, president
I of the International Typographical
? Union, to-night made the following
' statement:
j "The story as It somes over ths
1 wire Is that a witness named Jswst
testified that Hockln. one of the de?
fendants, told Jewet that he (Hockin>
overheard a conversation between J. J.
McNamara and myself In the lobby
of an Indianapolis hotel. In which Jc
Namara Is alleged to have asked me.
'Why don't you fellows pull something
off on the coast T That I mads a reply
that was Inaudible to Hockln. and that
McNamara then said, "Well. I can give
1 you a man that haa got the nerve If
you can get the money,' and that Mc
I Namara and 1 walked away together.
! "This story has all ths elements of
' sensationalism, both by Implication
j and imputation But the facts are I
. never met McNamara In the lobby of
1 an Indianapolis hotel or any other
I hotel, that I don't know Je wet, and to
the best of my recollection, never met
"Furthermore. I never discussed Los
Angeles or the cosst with McNamara
either In Indianapolis or elsewhere."
After the Big Fellevre.
Chicago. November 24.?"I waa after
the big fellows." This remark was
made to-day by William J. Burns, ths
detective, when questioned In regard
to why arrests did not take place
sooner in the case af the perpetrators
of the Los Angeles Times dynamite
Mr. Burns had Just stepped oB a
train on arrival here from New York
He was finishing a perusal af an ac?
count of the latest court developments
at Indianapolis.
"I intend to make my statements
when I get on the witness stand at
Indianapolis." he said "Then I shall
testify to far more than haa yst been
brought to light and to a grast deal
more than some persons woulc pr?..?r." ,
[Special to The Times-Dispatch]
Onaacock. Va. November 24.?Dp to
date, there are thirty-two applicants
for the Chincoteague post-office.
Superintendent Joynee and 'quits s
number of his teachers will attend the
conference of teachers to be held In
Richmond on Thanksgiving.
Friday, the wind being In the right
direction, was an unusually good day
for the sportsmen Parker Jester
bagged 144 ducks. Prank Wenlckaen
144; Daniel Bowden, ninety-two.
Charles Munford, seventy-two. Many
a poor shot brought homo from thirty
to sixty bias bilk*.
An ox roast was held at Greenback
ville Saturday In celebration sf the
Democratic victory There waa e
I parade at 2 o'clock, headed by a don
j key. which attracted much attention
I There were several floats One haa
grad school children, carrying American
aad Virginia flags, were In the Una
They aaag "America," "Dixie." "Bon?
nie Baa F^ag" aad "Maryland. My
I Maryland" Addresses were made by
Alfred Price DennU. Ph. P. D.. of
Pocomoke City, aad Henry Coaaat, af
I Chtacsteague.
A telogism waa receteed Bars
Thursday annoanelng tbs marriage sf
Malkery Lowry Fletcher, son of Mr
and Mrs. Thomae E. Fletcher, aad Mass
Leila K Martin, of Hachettatowa. N
Iat Grace Episcopal Chorea, Jersey
City. Res. J D. Bennett officiated
Captain Alfred J. Lewie, a well
known cltlsen. died at bra home en
Hunting Creek, la the eighty-eecead
year ef ate eg-. Funeral services
were conducted at Leemout M P.
Chares, of which Captain Lew? bad
beea a faithful member for a number
sf yearn, by the pastor. Ree. H. H
Green, aad Rae. R. L Stripley. af
Park si ay. Surviving aim are three
daughters. Men. 1 H. Hopkins, Mrs
A. J Watts, Mrs. J R. EwsD, aad
three eons, Alfred L. Heary A., aad
Benjamin Lewis
The new gasolene yacht Maigaerils,
Cssjlala Baker, which was built la
Beer Terfc ta ply bstwisa Chaass
liaejeji aad Preaklia dtp. haa ar?
rived The trap Is anede dairy, saafl la
thirty asleetcn.
Yon smoke
a Jimmy
Prince Albert is always the same iden?
tical smoke?today, tomorrow?and
everywhere! Natural thing, Isn't It, lor
men to call It the national Joy smoke.
Yon boy P. A, in any part of your town or your courrty-or airjrwhcre in tbe United
States. Ift always just as fresh, just as delicious, in Maine or California.
P. A. smokers don't rain their teste lor a bully smoke by being forced to buy mdaxrwn,
untried, untrue brands! No, sir, right down at the corner they get the goods.
Some fine day you'll smoke a pipe. Then it will dawn upon yon that P. A wont bora
your tongue, because the sting's removed by a patented process. Other men millkmt of
W-smoke P. A to their heart's content and so will jwir?-sure thing!
Fringe Albert
the natunsal joy smoke
Here's tobacco that makes a wonder of a cigarette. Just as good
rolled up as packed brimful in a jimmy pipe.
Yot jump at this red-hot tip, invest in one package of P. A and get
a cigarette smoke like you never did know before.
None of the -Tunning" ena//-brands cr/fo^brands for you after you get
acquainted with P. A-all sweet and fragrant Rolls up, easy like, be?
cause if s fresh and crimp cut And it tickles your grouch generator1
JUT.-L ianaja#ksa *? **? tidy IV? rW fm.; 5c ^hbmgm
R. j. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CD, Wta^on-Salem, N. C
_ _ .iiiiiiimitinniiiiiiiiim]
But Danville Citizens Feel Sure
That Missing City Treasurer
Haa Been Located.
[Special to The Times-Dispatch]
Danville. V?-. November 1?.?There
is a strong feeling here that WUliamj
S Parlor, the fuslUvo city treaaurer
missing .lace July 17, and ******* J?! I
dieted for the embeaslement ?*???*?*
ot State foods, haa been located, and
that for some reasons unknown, ths
facts relative to thle discovery are
baton- withhold. The rumor haa M
that Pay lor baa been ??^>"J^.
Ayres. Aagentlne. South *^rtom' '
place in which ha waa known to as
deeply interested before ha left Daa
vtlie. The utsiercerreat af f?1?? ansa
itarted three days ego whoa the mi
noU Surety Company af Ch-caeTo,
ptTl^Vhoadsaaan wired ta Use elerh
of the Corporation Court for a copy
or the Indictment against ?*nrl?r ?
be ferwaxded to them an quickly ae
*?ol Saturday this feeSng .seems la
tenaiaod when, la the aserelng Caas
monwealth's Attorney Hamila receive*
a wire from ^LmT^a
It Papier had euer been ladactad. aad
If so. on what charge. The necessary
information waa rmmee^y jvlrvd t.
the State's chief eaecaUve. aad ssjals
Ute ea Satarday eight the Oovernor
wired that a aepy ef the Indictment
asainat Paylar. asm aase a copy of the
certified warrant ha posted ta him Ire
a!eduu.ly. Both the eogdae osetjod
aar? seat ta the Oaemaae^-day The
warrant haa basal ta the aandaof r~
pelles aathorttiea hare staes aapte
her >. the day aaem which H was
"Se* ' asUiBj aa ths part at
nil Bete Sarsty
?, _ araed la tae|
af the people here that Payie.
spsajsaapal between these tbree?nrties
are arslimlaartee ta the preparation
of raaessKlea paw ere. _
The Cemmian-1-'"**- atteraey, haw-1
ever, aasssers to seedf at the rumor, and
he stated to-day that he wse^ he th*
?rat parses ta he ealclally notified In'
the aeaat ef Papier bed as captor d. ee
It we?M ha ale daty to draft the re
?etatOsn papers basses asadiag ?hem;
to the Osesrase._ _
August LH i BBjBB ahstimss ef the
City Cenectl oosaaUttee ea health, vrl.i1
probably call a apssaal meeUmj ef the
Common Council darin? ths B?BBBJ)|
week to take ap far sssasdsrailss tM,
reeeasnaeedattea made hp the health
ceaimittee that e*^ hensse^rieted
fee the eecwrlag ef e campet sen health
oeacer aad ^tertolesjlsv a las? aad
mere-felt need la n?^*
last meeting- ef the Coeactl Dr. ft, C
Kr-ae?T prssaiaeat DaavQIs phy
that Bam
Bast Tharaday hetaej
Dsy. preparations are being
aU sides for a day af
joislag The samhw
ssass ef the haetaeaa
the sehssl aethoritlea has*
I \
I his fourth year, as pastor of Monat
? Vernon Methodist trhuroh. While the
Methodist Conroffoaos was in session
at Lynchttmrs; it became known here I
that Dr. Wtnn waa slated to be trans?
ferred to tbe Baltimore conference
with a view of eventually stationing
hint in Washington City, where e
movement le en foot to build a $2(0.000
church to represent tbe Southern
Methodist Church at the national capi?
tal. It waa also understood that
Bishop Denny, who now resides In
Richmond, was anxious to have Dr.
Wlnn for Monument Church In that
city. A delegation ef Mount Vernon
church stewards set out In hot haste
for Lynchburg before the conference
dosed, and ultimately succeeded In!
making their mission successful by
petitioning Bishop Wilson to return
Dr. Wlnn to Dan villa
jfljffl RACES
Greensboro, M. C. Tfovemhe i Je.?
Rose Butler received gunshot wounds
which It Is said will result fatally,
and eleven No. ? shot have been picked
from the body of J. A. Michael, aa the
rennst of a desperate encounter which
the two men staged with several ne?
groes at a rat I read camp la n remote
section ef Davids en County early this
laureled Twe of the nagreee were
wounded, and latter taken by oncers,
while a psese la said to be class agon
the trail ef Ovo ethers Implicated la
the affair.
Details ef the encounter wore
brought here to-night Oy n physician
who accompanied twe ef the wsnndsd
men te a toe si hospital 1
CoIMns. Mis*.. Not?
totaling nearly 8X)
pack* of hloodnounde, da i
searching the swamps twelve i
south of here for a lone ssighu
early to-day shot end
wounded two men and
half dozen residence* and
hunted man Is heavily
firearm* taken from the
place*. He Is without shoes, aad f*v
this reason bis pursuer* believe ho
will soon b* captured, as the dean* sea*,
tlnue to keep the trail. ,
Before day lieht to-day i
bad been ransacked at Ore.
residence of W T- Jones, a
merchant, was visited. Mr.
veetlgated aad surprised she
busy rifling n cabinet, The
fired, aad Mr. Jone* fell with two
lets In his body. He ?rill reoae
burglar took a revolver aad
pieces of Jewelry. Shortly
at Ore, near hero.
M La wry we
Lrewry. twenty-two, son of
waa shot In the
Is expected to die.
The new* of the
glartee spread over the
rapidly, and within an tnc
time hundreds of armed
lowing a trail to the sw
howada from the State Farm
rushed here, and they ti
took up the hunt Barefoot
Moved to be that of the burglar.!
the imprint of a lalashspia trstB
which is expected to aid In the
New York
Phllliarm Society
Flui Cioccftf WcdBCSiUy, HoYCfttlcf 27ttt?
> 12, wtth RUDOLFH GANZ. PlnlU
i far Serie?, Three Gnsjcsjrts. SB. $4, SI end S3?
! HI 1 " i Tickets, SI, SEJS, fI.SS sed 7Sc
Oa sede at WeMer O. Meews St Co.. ISS See*

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