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?toes, whts* in th* ownership or con?
trol of tJve Union Pacific Company or
?ny corporation owned by it. or while
held by any corporation or person
for the Union Pacific Company, and
forbid any transfer or disposition
thereof in such wise to continue its
control, sn dshould provide an in?
junction against the payment of divi?
dends upon such slock while thus held,
except to a receiver to be sppoln*r i
by ths court who shall central and
bold 6iat.li dividends until disposed N
by decree of the court.
"As the court below dismissed the
government's <bii*. It was unnecessary
thsrs to consider the disposition ot
the shares of stock acquired by the
Union Pacific Company, which acqui?
sition, we hold, constituted an unlaw -
fill combination in violation of the
antitrust set In order to effectually
conclude the ont rating force of the
combliaation. sack disposition should
be nnadc subject to the approval and
decree of the court, and any plan for
the disposition of this stock must Ik
such a* to SaTootaalljr dissolve the
unlawful combination thus created.
The court shall proceed, upon the pre.
sentation of any plan, to hear the
government and defendants, and nuv
bring in any additional parlies whose
presence may be necessary to a final
disposition of the stock in conformity
to the views herein expressed
"A* to the suggestion made at the
orsl argumini by the Attorne> -OonornJ
as to the nature of the decree. Ihr I
one must Le entered which, while u- -
stroylng the unlawful combination la
so far as the l'nion Pacific secured
control of the competing lines of road
extending from New Orleans and Gal
verton la fan Francisco and Portland,
would permit the l'nion Pacific 10
retain the Central Padftc connection
from Ogden to San Francisco, ani
thereby to control that line to the
coast, thus i fleeting such a continuitv
t>f the Union Pacific and Central Pa
rific from the Missouri Itiver to Baa
Francisco as was contemplated by th
acts of Congress, under which the)
were constructed. It should be saoi
that nothing herein shall be l
sldered as preventing the govemme:.:
or sny party in Interest. If so de?'r
Ing, from presenting to the court :.
plan for accomplishing this result,
as preventing the court from adep-. -
ing and elving effect of any BUCB | ...
so presented.
r.lven Three Month*
"Any plan cr plane shall be pre?
sented to the court within thre*
months from the receipt of the mar
date of this court, failing wr.ich er
upon the rejection by th* us Oil
plans submitted within such time, the
court shall proceed by receivership a-i
sale. If necessary, to dispose of Baach
stock in such wise as to d.ssolw s_cr
unlawful tomMnthoc.
The government has appealed 11 I
the decree, which is a general one, dis?
missing the MIL So far as ronoerns
the attempt to acquire the North-rh
Pacific stock and the stork of the Atch
Ison. Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad
Company, afterward abandoned, and a
?ertain interest In the San Pedro, Los
Angeles asd Salt I<akc Railroad Com?
pany and other features of the case
dtait with and disposed of by the de- j
oree and opinion of the ourt below, it i
Is sufficient, without going Into thssi
matters in detail, to say as to them
Wo find r.o reason to disturb the aetlon ,
of the court below, but for the reasons
stated the decree shall be reversed and
one entered in conformity to the views
herein e\pressed. so far as concerns
the acquisition of the Southern Pacific
The court instructed "the Circuit
Court to retain Its Jurisdiction to see j
that the decree above outlined is i
made effectual."
History of (lue.
The governtner.t's fight against the
l'nion Pacific m? rger began in IMS.
In that year Attorney-General Bin?
Farte filed In the United States C.r
cuit Court for I'tah a petition to spilt
the transcontinental railroads brought
together by Edward H. Harriman.
fThi? powerful combination was allegea
to be In violation of the Sherman
antitrust law.
Harriman. Jacob H Fchiff. Otto If.
Kahn. James Stillman, Henry H. R->- l
orers. Henry C Frick and William A j
Clark were named by the gov. rnment
M ths rrsatOTB ef the combination
end the supporters of its existence.
The allegations set forth In the peti?
tion stret.hed over th* development M
j the entire nation and went far Into the
years of the past. Circuit Court Judges
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arrs ?prf called to pass ->n the suit. ]
TIM cotc rr.ir.ent 'a case was built
largely srtlBad tie purchase by the
I'nlon Pac.flc Railroad Company In
IM] and 1993 <?? IS per cent of the
stock of the Southern Pacific Comparfy,
referred to as ordinarily a controlling
merest. The main line of the L'nl?Tn
Pacific extended from Kansas City and
?'rr.aha to Ogden. By subsidiary com?
panies It reached Portland, Ore., ami
thence by steamers. San Franois.-o and i
the Orient. The Southern Pacific had
a line by sea and land from New York j
to Baa Francisco and Portland, by vva>
of New Orleans, and owned the Central
Pacific, extending from the terminus
of the Union Pacific at Ogden to San
Wright; Questions.
Two weighty questions were pre
B en ted by this phase of the case. Tive
tirst was a qusatlaa of law?Hoes the
purchase outright by one railroad com
puny of the rontrollng corporate stock J
of another result in a combination in j
\ to'.atlon of the Sherman antitrust
law? If 3 ease seemingly had arisen!
which decided the point. Judge Hook
reached the conclusion that since it
I a,i been decided in the Nortnera Se?
curities case that the holding of the
Btoch of two companies by a third
was a vloiat<on of the law. therefore
the holding by one of thflse two of
the stock of the other must likewise
he ,-i violation. Hut Judges Adams.
\':>n De Tan er and Sanborn did not pas-'s
on this question because they decided
the case against the government on
the sec nd question.
The second question was whether the
I'nlon Pacific and the Southern Pacific
were competitors for San Francisco
buainesa Th-? government presented
witnesses to show the two companies
before the merger maintained rival
BOUcttteaJ agents in the Fast, and that
they were commercially regarded us
competitors for transcontinental busi?
ness. The court reached the conclu
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N OW-2eh-O N E N OWl
.?.el * e 1
sion that the question of whether they
were competitors was not to be, decid?
ed entirely as a matter of fact gov?
erned by testimony, but waa partial?
ly a quea*fon o"f law. As a matter of
law. It was held that the two coul-L
not be competitors, because the Pnton
Pacific had to depend upon the Soutn
crn Pacific to get from Ogden to San
t- ranclsco and upon Independent rail?
roads to bring freight and passengers
from the Fast to It at Kansas City
und Omaha. In so finding, the court
concluded the Union Pacific's line from
ogden through Portland to San Fran?
cisco was impracticable.
Weight was given by the majorlty
of the court to the testimony for the
rnilroads that the purchase was made
not to throttle competition, but to pre?
vent the Union Pacific being bottled up
at Ogden. It was said that Mr. Han i
man, acting for the Union Pacific, llrst
tried to purchase from tho Southern
Pad Ac the old Central Pacific Line, ex?
tending from Ogden to San Francisco.
In tins he failed. Then he entered
into negotiations with C. P. Hunting
ton for the purchase of a large block
[ of the Southern Pacific's stock In
I that. too. he failed. After ?lr. Hunt?
ington ".led, efforts were renewed. The
Gould interests were said to have been
a rival bidder. This time Mr. Harrl
mau was successful. The motive of
the Union Pacific, It was insisted. w?a->
merely to have a friendly outlet to
Baa Francisco.
Complaint of Government.
The government also complain-.-1
that the two systems, the Union Pacific
and the Southern Pacific? were com?
petitors for business from Atlantic
Seaboard and Interior points of the
country, on the one hand, to Portland,
Ore.; on the other, between the At?
lantic Seaboard, on tho one hand, and
Colorado and Utah common points on
the other, between Portland on the
one hand and Utah, Colorado and Ne?
vada common points on the other; be
: tween San Francisco on one hand an 1
Portland on the other; between San
Francisco on the one hand and Mon?
tana anil Idaho common points on the
? ther. between New York and Interior
common points on the one hand and
the Orient on the other.
In each of these aubordlnato com
p aiiits, the majority of the court found
that the business of each of the rail?
roads to the respective areas in ques?
tion constituted so small a percentage
of their total traffic that It would not
be taken as a basis for a substantial
restraint on interstate commerce
Denounced by Judge Hook.
The test which the majority applied
In the subordinate complaints and In
the te?t determining whether the rail?
roads were competitors was denounced
by Judge Hook as probably allowing
the Union Pieiflo to purchase lawfully
control of all the great parallel rail?
road SySgOsaa of the United States.
AaaStassr complaint was addressed to
the construction of the San Pedro. Ixis
Angeles and BfcM lake Railroad Con. -
SaaYy. Defendant Clark and his ass>
rlataa started t ? i>uiM a road to eon
i e, i i^ns Angeles and Salt Lake City,
and so did the Union Pacific. Because
of the allege,! Impracticability of con
Mrm ting two lines through the canyon
Kriovn as "Meadow Valley Wash.'* one
l was butlt. the court found, ea'h
tr" ip of promoters taking one-half
I ??<" k The entire court found
nothing violatlve of the Sherman anti?
trust law In the rnlon Pacific's con?
ti ?! if this road
The arovernment complained of the
purchase by the UnSon Pacific of con
ag stock In the Northern Pacific
?'??rnpar.y. To? court declared It was
only necesstry to say the Union Pa?
nto r,?,d sold that stock.
s: iii another complaint was the
ptir. hase in 1%?4 bv IWcr, tants Ilar
r.n.ar.. Rogers. St Hinan. Schiff. Kahn
a'..I Will.a.m Rockefeller of ,ltn,?0?.a*a
In face value ?f the stock of the
Atchteon. Top< ks and Panta Fe Rsll
? ,- ?"ompanv. and th< l-.vrstment In
v tie ir.lon Pacific In S per cent
of that Block Tt-r coort found no
proof that any control was thus ob
tal-ed ever the rival Santa Fe
IS defeated In the Circuit Court,
the government brought the case
the asBjajajane fonrt attorney-General
niikcrsham. Frank R K?I>?? and
? -de- |o A Severance appeared for
C-c government A long Hat of ettor
r.era headed by P F Punne. of ftan
Francisco. ar-1 V H I<o?anls. of Otnehs.
rr r-reeented the defendants
ffjja. ff ?floatest* I mmmwm* ff -
?a-e-isi to The Tltnea-Disaate* 1
' eterl-hsbura V? Deoember t ?
M r an<1 Mrs P?vid T. Douglas of
Westmoreland Cunty. have haswsd
'?r.i? for the marrlsve of their daugh?
ter. M'.aa hfsad VI rar! als Peeugtaa to
?;? o M D'lano. of Warsaw, the <?er
?-.'.-.\ t*. t he p S'e T>ecetnh< r *. St
o - lock st Kheneter M E Charrh. In
v aotsaorelaad Coonty.
Chamber Sends Business Man?
ager Dabney to Annual Con?
ference in Philadelphia.
Local Agitation for Better Work
ingmen's Homes in Line With
Action of Big Cities.
Busin*??? Manager W. T. Dabney.
of the Chamber of Commerce, will
leave to-night for Philadelphia to at?
tend the second National Conference on
Housing in America, wtucli convenes in
Philadelphia to-morrow for a three
days' session. His attendance upon the
deliberations of this body la in line
with the recently announced Chamber
of Commerce campaign for the annexa?
tion of adjacent suburban areas to be
developed as home altes for working
"It Is the purpose of the Chamber,"
said Mr. Dabney yesterday, to gather
all the Information possible on this
subject, so that we may follow the
most approved methods. We shall
make an effort to have the City Coun?
cil send one or two representatives to
this meeting. It la the foremost body
of its kind in the country, and the
i'ouncil could not do a more progres?
sive thing at this time than to send a
delegate to the convention.
"If I And that the discussions bear
upon problems which now confront
Richmond, I shall make a special effort
to secure the next convention of the
asoclatlon for this city. I think it
would prove of Inestimable value to
I.lchmond, particularly at this time.
Cities Taktag 1 p Crusade.
Richmond is not alone in the hous?
ing crusade A few years ago the
Cleveland Chamber of Commerce found
it necessary to take up actively the
question of the housing of the working '
people. The Indianapolis Commercial'
Club soon took up the same work, as
did a.ls:> the Chambers of Commerce of'
Albany and Pittsburgh. More recently
the Chicago Association of Commerce
haa established a housing department
with a paid executive to do active
work la this field.
Philadelphia has been selected as
the place for lta conference by the Na?
tional Housing Association, because it
believe* that the Quaker City has more;
to show the housing workers of the
country in the direction of constructive
effort than any other American city. In
Its multitude of small houses, the ab?
sence of tenements, its economical lot
units, its ?ystem of minor streets, and
Its Octav'a H1U Association for improv?
ing the older houses. Philadelphia:
stands unique.
The conference will be held at the1
nellevue-Stratford Hotel, and will be'
presided over by Robrt W. De Korest, j
of New York, president of th* National
Htougtng Association. The discussions
will cover prar-ycally every feature of;
the housing problem, and will touch'
upon many phases at present engross-'
ing the attention of Richmond.
j Not Having Private Bath Installed In
.lall Before Beginn I ng Heatenee.
Bristol, Va., December I?Virgle
Wise, one of five women sentenced to
jail for conducting certain resorts here,
having lost in her effort to secure a
writ of error from the Supreme Court,
has n->w nonilnailv forfeited her bond
of Sl.f.oo by her failure to appear. It
Is understood she is deciding whether
she wifi go to Jail or do as the others
have done?leave Bristol permanently
rather than serve the Jail sentence.
Her attorney to-night denied the story
that she was having a private bath In?
stalled in the county Jail in Abingdon.
preparatory to beginning her ??ntence.
Benefited Many Who
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I irit toting my appetite and had become ao
thin and weak I oeuld not attend to my
4 du11?a A physician prononnred
ass case ronnumptloB. Not bring ?aitaflea. I
wa* examined by the phyelelan? of trie Poly
H->?;>.:-' They also pronounced the
dtrraae Consumption, which *u proven later
b- an examination of my eputum. as Tuber
.!? Bacii'i waa found. I was nrrtVred to
a f onsumptlv* Hospital. My n?ph?w ?i-ild
:.<?? a low me to go until f had tried Eck
HMBS'S i Alterative. Before I had taken the'
?BeeUrhaS flirre weeka. t had marked relief.'
nicht sweats r*a??el. pain In th? hreaat n?
Mrvrd. cough became loose and eaav. ferer
and I cnmm?"<-ed getting well. My
health bsCSSBS normal I am In ex>-e::^nt
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The Die "tend Merchant,
Comer of Seventh and Main Street*,
Richmond, Va.
News of South Richmond
Went Udermrn to I on. or With Lower
Branch on it. A II. franchise.
Petitions asking the Aldermen re?
presenting Madison Ward in the City
Council to vote to concur In an ordi?
nance recently passed by the lower
branch granting a light and rower
franchise to the Klclimond and HSB
rico Railroad Company have been cir?
culated throughout the Southside dur?
ing the past few days. The signa?
tures of several hundred voters were
affixed to the paper. Many, however,
refused to sign the petition.
The South Richmonders are in the
peculiar position of wanting some?
thing and having no place to put it.
Two car lines now traverse the
Southside, and even with a competi?
tive company would get the cream of
the business because of the narrow?
ness of this portion of the city. Onk
Orove and Swansboro are neither
large enough to make a new line pay
For lighting purposes the South
riders have no complaint. In addition
to well lighted streets, the homes are
well taken care of. The majority use
gas, which is manufactured in the
local plant. Those who use electricity
have Cow compiaints.
Realty Transfers Recorded.
The following deeds of bargain and
rale were offered ior regUtratbn la
the office of Clerk Walter E. Duval of
Hustings Court. Part 2, yesterday:
J. H. Patterson and Jesse A- Davis,
trusteis, to Miss May Rolln. two par?
cels of property, thirty-three feet on
the north line of Forter Street, be?
tween Eighth and Ninth, with im?
provements thereon, eighteen feet or.
the west line of Eighth Street, be?
tween Porter and Perry, with, im?
provements thereon. This property is
a portion of the estate of the late
W. S. Rolln. which was left In trust
until his daughter reached her ma?
jority. The consideration mention- d
in the deed was |L
Washington Terrace Corporation to
Selwin Klournoy. lot eight, block -'.
Bellvue Addition. thirty-two tagt
front on Belle Isle Street, for a con?
sideration Of $2,850.
Trial Is Ivntlanrd.
Another continuance In the case of
Dlllard Kierson. a young white man
t barged with non-support, occurred
yesterday in Polloje. Court, Part
owing to the alosence of Mrs. Kierson
who waa needed as a witness. Th
bearing was postponed until this
Threo negroes, Scott McCargo. Rich?
ard Woolrldge and Waiter MacMahon.
charged with shooting crap, were
granted a continuance until this
Claude Jones, charged with being
drunk and una1 !e to care for himself,
was fired 1? and costs by Justice
1! A. Maurice.
t arae Suit < ontlnned.
The personal Injury suit of j. T.
Chlldrey against the Southern Rail?
way Company, which was sat /or trial
this morning In Hustings Court, Part
II, has been continued until the next
term of the court. This was don-?
owing to another case In which the de?
fendant company's attorneys sre efT
gaged. Chlldrey. who Is seeking dam?
ages in the sum of Jin.('00 for the loss
of an arm. Is rerresent-d by OFlaherty
A Fulton and Montague A Montague.
l.ets Divorce From Haebead.
Ppon st.ituatory grounds. Judge Ern?
est H. Wells, of Hustings Court, Part
II.. yesterday granted a decree of ab?
solute divorce to Margaret Tingle
from her huebsnd. Ales Tingle. s>nth
parties are South Richmonders. The
plaintiff was represented by Atto-ney
Charles T. Morris. The drfendsnt en?
tered no pies.
Blens OB Planer.
While hunting with a parte of boys
yesterday afternoon alona the Ninth
Street Road, in Chesterfield County.
Eugene Mlkles. eighteen years "K of
(Seventh and Stockton Streets, was
slightly injured by the a-, 'dental ex?
plosion of g shotgun. <?ne of the
boy's fingers was blown off He waa
treated by hie family physician.
Faser* Seta 11 ?alt
Through, the law firm < f l.lghtfoot
A Tucker, suit <!? ve*tetde.v Instl
luted In Hosting* Court. Part II . h
T. Ilubbard against E A Catlla The
action is In assumpslt t??ma?e? in
the s-im of It** ?-? ?e-icht vo Oe
ciarstlon accompanied the lawyers'
memo rand-am
I Nsersi ef Bra. Jeer*.
The fnaeraJ of Mrs. Susie .1 tones,
who died Saterrdsy sight at trie home
of her erother. Wsverly U Nua
nally 1003 Porter Street. war?
held yesterday afternoon at 2 I?
o'clock. Kcv. B. M. White, the new
pastor of the Decatu/r Street Methodist
Church, officiated. The burial was In
Maury Cemetery.
Funeral of Mr. (.Iran.
The funeral of Fernando V. Glenn
was held Jesterday afternoon at 3
o'clock from Um home of hie eon. at
J.")10 Holland Street, Swansboro. Tne
services w? re, conducted by Kev. Deca
tu.- Fdware.8, pastor of the Clopton
Street Paptlst Church. The burial was
in Maury Cemetery. Mr. Glenn was
sixty-nine years okt He died sudden?
ly Saturday night at " o'clock from (
*usp*?1ed of Felony.
As a suspicious charactT, suspectedi
of felony, poynton RleJ was arrested
1 esterday afternoon. He was held
witnout bail for a hearing In Police
Court, Part IX, this morning.
C. L. Jewett was arrested yester- !
<iay afternoon on a warrant in whl- h
ho was accused of assaulting, striking
and beating the complaiuaut, K. C. I
I nlon Missionary viertln??
The Woman's Home Missionary So?
cieties of the Methodist Church will
hold union services to-night In the
Central Methodist Church. A special
musical program has been arranged,
as I other features will add to the eve?
ning's program.
?horch Still with on i Pastor.
Prayer meeting will be held to-mor?
row night at the Bainbridge Street
Paptist Caurch. The church is still
without a pastor, owing to the resigna?
tion of Rev. J. W. Durham. A commit?
tee has under consideration several
names, but have not as yet made a se?
Board Refuse* to Shorten <easoa for
KllltnK Birds.
1 Special to The TImes-Dtspatoh.]
I Wiiilamsburg. Vs., I>ecember 2?The
.Tames City County Board of Super- j
visors held Its resrular De-cember me-1- ,
Ina: here to-day. those present being
James Vaiden. chairman; Arthur John?
son, of Ston-house, and John A. Barnes,
j of Powhatan. Considerable routine
! business was transacted. The board
'refused to pass a resolution closing!
I the season for birds, because they felt
it would work a hardship on the clti- I
sens of the oounty. who would be de?
prived of the sport this month. The
board is considering a plan of oounty
and district road-work!ng for n?x;
t year.
I Ju'ge D. <T Tyler, of Charlea City.
? here to-day. and will leave to-mor?
row for York tow n. where he will con- ?
! vene the December term of the Tork
Oounty court. A number of cases of
Importance are on docket, and a spe?
cial grand Jury will be In session.
Southall Farrar, of Jetersville, dis?
trict demonstrator of boys* corn clubs, j
sppeared before The James City County ]
I>o;-rd of Supervisors to-day and asked ;
that body to make another appropria?
tion of $i>o", for demonstration work In
this county nest year The hoard com
pl:ed with the request, feeling that It
Is money weil spent, although the se
ve-e droughts of the past two years
have practically nullified the work
done by the hoys.
Hers t aeele t? F'lad ?in,-..? to
Testify of * Hesel Ylolatlnaa.
'.--:?-, ial to The Times-Dispatch.)
Bristol, Va.. December 2 ?Jndge H
A W Skeen convened the Clrcul* Court
at Jonesville. i^ee County, to-day. when
the regular strand Jury took up Its
work No witnesses acre summc.ned
with a view to Investigating the elec
lion of November ?? It was Jodsre
Fkeert's expressed purpose to -tart .in i
Investlratlon in thgt rn-inlv provided i
be was ab'e to And witnc*..-e who
fcnew anything that might reveal vio?
lations of the election laws Reins
thus far tinshle to get a s'arMnc point i
It now looks ?s though nothing Is (
Ifkely to dcve:op that mteht warrant
an Investlastion The effect ,? Judge
Sheen's wholesa'e Investigation of a
prevloti? elert'on, which 'eHsj;tc 1 It
som.-- je? Indictment*, seerr? ?o hsv*
put the vot rs u w-ra 1\ of that countr
Luncheon ind Sale of Fancy
Uesae?4ai. pre easier A
Franklin and Itlrch Btreeta
ne>t l uncheon Served fro-n 12 to IP M. I
Bl aed n ??????
(Advertisement.) i
Her Family Ravaged by Con?
sumption?Boys in Roanoke
Help in Work.
The announcement that a busy short
girl la one of Richmond's department
stores and a company of schoolboys
in Hoanoke ar? the Isaellng agents for
the sale of Herl i'ross Chii&tmas seals
proved an inspiration yesterday to tha
army now selling these Christmas to-,
In Richmond. It develops, one of ths
department stores kept calling for
seals from headquarters in a manner
thai mystified tnose in charge. Ths
? tore was a la-rgc one, but Its clerks
were all bus>, and there was no ex?
planation for such a tale as was in?
dicted. Inquiry developed the fact
that one of the saleswomen In a busy
department was responsible for the biff
SV maud fur sales. When ..*?? : wi>.y
she was to Interested in the sale, shu
told, in simple phrat-s. how her fam?
ily had been broken up by consump?
tion, and l;ow the ravages of the dis?
ease were responsible far financial
loss, sorrow and suffering. "I told our
manager about It." sho said, "and aafeaal
him if I could remind the shoppers of
the seals. He aatd 1 shade* and wnen
ever anybody buys one of me I t*-ii
them the seals can be bought at the
Jewelry counter, and somehow th.v
j'.iat bay Most people oclv want to
be. reminded of what the zeals rr..an.
Of course, I do all I can to help. I
know what consumption means."
From Roanoke Is reported a story
almost as appealing For a number
of years the sale in that city has been
In charge of a committee of the Free
Mednal Idsp.-nsary Hoard, and the
ladies d -viseI a plan of interesting
the school .-hiidren. All of the pupils
of the hools were told what the
seals meant and were urged to com?
pete for the prlzea ofTertid the chil?
dren selling the largest number of
seals As a result, a company of
boys agreed to sell the seals, and cart
now be s> en every afternoon making
a regular canvass of the city. Re?
ports are that this sacrifice of ti?*--r
playtime Is bringing many dolla'S
into the exchequer of the diap. r.sar:".
"vYith the children and the sales?
girls at work." said a member of tha
local committee yesterday, "we are
hoping for a aale that win put vat"
glnia In the front rank of antltubercu
losis leaders. Our needs are greater
every day. and the demands op us
are more pressing. We are hoping that
everybody will use the seals."
F.rgerT ( mmr* t unt .nued.
fas caees of Henry CSBftSS and 3 D An?
thony, a.i*s W ? Hurr.a. asM by the BSSBSS
a* suspicious characters, suspected of hav?
ing committed forgery. w?r? continued yes?
terday morning in Tollce Court uatl. De?
cember 11_a
UATEVIA, Turkish
*? blend ?all quality
and no frills. Simple
in package?reason?
able in price?20 for
15 cents. "Distinc?
tively individual**.

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