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Inflames the Joints, stiffens the mus
eies, and In some esses causes suffer?
ings that are almost unbearable.
Thousands of grateful people have
testified that th. > hav, been radically
and permanently cured of this painful
disease by the constitutional remedy.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
which neutralizes the seid In th. blood
on which the disease depends and ex?
pels It.
In usual liquid form or In chocolated
tablets known as siaraalaha.
i a lift rt:s. :u* nt I
(Continued From FPat Page.)
iT-ac-ha-d after cifc'ht months of serious
I onsideratlon.
Feared a >ell-Out.
At the outset pf the debate. Mr.
Gunst who frOOH UM hrsl has been an
uav.cat. ot the Haarte? Cnssnsay. saUS]
he bad eoaM InteadiBg ta oil* r an
an.? nimmt resjutrissS Iks Msatirn
Company to give Pond of $i '.<'0". to
be forfeited if in three years the com?
pany said oat the rights and fran
i aha granted in this ordinance, but
I :?? en iiitornuU tliai ISM) ordinance
kariag bsaa advertised for bids was
aot ii. ? subject to amendment.
Mr. Puller, the new nsesaber of the
? .ird of Aldt rnien from Clay ' Ward,
la what was his rirst extended speech I
in the Hoard, covered the situation ^
tboroaghly la his argument against'
the franchise, showing a clear grasp j
cf the sabject Having reaehed ?ertoue
< onelusio:,! as to detects in UM orditi-I
ancr, h?- felt that it would be a gross.'
breach of hjs duty as an Aldermen were j
he not to raise his voice against thci
present f. ru; and UM amount bid.
Tearing I p Mau> streets.
?. hailenging statements Iii the ml-'
r.ority repert of the Street Commltt-ve.
?hat the matter of policy hasl been
determinr-d when the ordinance was
SdTarflStd. ho said that the Council!
might deJermina to sell the <"ity Hall,
but that would not obligate the Council
I i glee *l away when only aoaalaal
1: Hotll con^rttees. which
liad thoroughly iHsmsaSfl the franchise,!
he said, had reported it adversely, the
rid< ace before both> having shown
adequate service and rates lower than
most cities similarly BttaagSd. From
his own investigation he had found
existing conduits nearly full, so that
practically nine ml tea of street paving
..ave to be torn up to introduce.
a duplicate and competing system. |
The Henrico Company's railway and .
Viaduct, he said. . o.st Ifgg.ggg, possibly j
II v.1. and had been capitaliz-d j
in sfock and bonds at ?2.r,'"'.000.
"They have taken a seven-mile j
street car franchise " said Mr. Puller.
'Hnd capitalized it at II.jOO.KOO in ex-j
cess of its cost. What <!?> you sup- j
peae they will do with a franchise
giving them practically unlimited use j
at ISO miles of streets? And they :
want you to give thorn rhat franchise '
for $101 There is no evidence, of a
tsncihle nature that they have the
raoasy to flaanrs this untit-rtakiua
The ordlnat:ce Hoes not say erhere ttiey
will run a line, or when. Any bidder
aa this franchise is taking i gaaabter's
i hnnce. for it Is left to a future Street
Committee to rise on their Initial
roi'te. but w-hen you are getting some
thing; for nothing you can afford to
tak<* a gambler's chance.
Cornier CeuarlU Sharply Scored.
"It is no business of tho Board of
Aldermen to enact laws Ic. make a
corporation's business ventures pro.it
: able. They are here to-day because of
the t deieUctlon of former Councils.
Mad Councllmen devoted more time to
.UTiag a free viaduct over Urn;.-!
Street, and less to voting extensions
to the old Citizens Rapid Transit
Company, we would not be i'aylntr
! toll to-day."
j Mr. fuller stated that he h.id made
: his investigation of the subject with?
out conference with either skie. hav?
ing :. gardesi himself as a juror in
f!ie case.
Mr. Grimes secured the reading of
r. s-c|ntionf, |)a.?sed by the Cast Bad
Citizens' Association. favoring the
-minting of the franchise.
Mr. Gunst spoke briefly la support
of the minority report fax'?ring the
franchise He expressed the belief
that there w;-s not a sane capitalist
in the Blatten States who weald Inves:
i money in _ fourteen-year light an.,
j power franchise naleai be had ;i "% - .
I product to sell He bad, therefore.]
i never Coaetdered seriously the offer of'
i Arthur Upper ?V Ca to pay l?.O?r) for \
! th. right* He admitted that It might
have been a mistake to grant the
? Ken rice road its original street ear ,
j Iranchlse. but ur.dtr the existing cir- !
[easaataaeed he I hough I it fair to gi^e'
; them en oppsrtaBstT to *ee what they ;
i ceeiM do.
The .I, '.ate lasted about as hour, af- I
I ter which the roll was called. I-'rotr. ?
Ith, moment of President Ad%SSS*S vote;
! there was cheering m the ohaather,
I sad llenrlco Hallway advocates sprang
j forward to shake the presiding OSheer's
I han 1. so that it was some minutes be- j
fare order could be restored and the j
; vats formally announced.
(Continued From First Page.)
the horrors of war. said that 'while
war was a very terrible evil. It was
not the greatest nor tho most ter?
rible, and that state of slavish and
BlUggfcBh indifference on the part of
the people that made it think there
could be nothing worth a war was a
worse, far worse, evil."
Ti"s. men of the jrrcat"st public
Influence ?OOMSge presidents, oollejr
professors, and these men who are the
molds of the rising generation, men
whose success is marked by the ?c- j
cumulation of great wealth?are Inj
increasing numbers engaged In a sys?
tematic effort to inculcate this very I
doctrine that ander no conceivable cir
C .instances can' there bo anything ?hat
is worth a war. There are greut rwm- I
her? of influential men among u? who
cherish the delusion and congratulate j
themselves that the new horrors added J
to war have made. It impossible, and
the fear and terror of it have accom- j
pitched what the spirit of love . nd I
reasonableness could not do
"And the evil of all this is that
while 't is easy to so Infe't th. mind '
of the ecg*ing generation in all v\es'-,
era n; tion- that both its idea of ma- .
terial interest and its physical fear
af death and mutilation will make It
thinh there can be nothing worth ?
war, there are eight hundred or a
thousand million of people t'? .
whom the Idea of oeath and mutl- '
lafion is the very breath of their nos?
trils. They represent a civilization ut?
terly antagonistic to ours, and to w.Mi'h
thejr cling perhaps more tenacious.y
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Deplores Lack of Military Training
than we do to ours. They retain their
Zivilisation whil. they adopt the ma-I
?? rial advantages of our own. They (
buy our dynamos to light with elee- :
Crictty the- temples of their gods and
: ? ' est weapons of precision to fight
their battle*
> at Ion Worth ! khnng For.
Before long we shall learn that the
great ? p'ch-making wars that are to
come will not be merely the 'growing
pa':.s.- as it were. th.> strains and
stresses by which one civilization
adapts itself to Its changed internal
?-?ir.dltlons. hut the wars of civilization
o'i ;< ctalUaattaa, ar.d I? will be an
*ell day for the one that we have
B hoped would dominate the world If
' We succeed in teaching its adherenta
I that it Is not worth fighting fcr. while i
I th?re are mar.v alien millions will j
I cheerfully die for theirs.
I 'And I am very grateful for the)
opportunity i baas r.;?d to ad'is*a*? an |
j association, the hounden ditty SS whose
m-mhers isnd If you fall done can |
I succeed i Is to k??f sVr? that mllt-tary
I a.n the strength of which some
i ?lax certsir.lv the honor and p?rhap? :
I the very eTisten. of our country will)
I de pend '
j General B?s-s was ?crorded s notable!
I ovation at the conclusion of his epeerh ,
I ?>ther addresses of the day were!
! made hy Tyteu'enar.t-Coloncj Charles r>. i
1 "ialther. of Marx'ar< I. and Captain
.Tames Ronayne. Cnlt-d States Army,
or. "Target Practice." and by Colonel
Kdward Schulze, of roTinect'Ttt. on th?
gereral heneflts from the joint Con?
necticut mano< 0? res
*tWcers r" I e 1 t erl
<"?ffWrs We- - - ? ' f a
? bet the vea- ?? follows
-.. Genera* Thewrat J. Sfew
1 j an f 1 jv1va*>1?
Secretary, rvne-ai mili'l r TMTt of
) ---a: " e-pti ? PfercX
, j Of N-b-ssVa
Tin eraetltati Ge-r-ai w ft Woeg. ?
?* Btlaueoll ' -ei ?T ?v Rates, of
\?.v .t r ?*. roster, of
dotiere. Pas 1 tee *? Martin, of
Kar ???.? Oeners Tames Mechlin. aT
v W E tinier, of
Oresjet \- Rumbo'd of Mis.
t Vaterhan Te. of
" r . .---?: r o ii??on of TT1I
? Ifarve a em'*h of In
ledarr of Mtchi
* s eel Austin Colgate, of
' n?r etlmson and Ms- ;
J (? ????-?: t ?'.?ard Wood
k I '- ?h' eipreaflon. but
> j wee. ijnab e to ho here. To morrow
? of thirty states now :r.
' , ' ? "~r
, j K e-'oe h?re for
1 V' ?'U ear'lde oyster roast
I Following e awe- trip this efter
noon by the National Guard delegates |
to Old Point Comfort, where, with '
spring-like Indian summer weather. I
they saw a dress parade by the coast I
artillerists. witnessed target firing
from the btg rwelve-inch guns of (
Fort ilonroe. and attended a reception I
at the Officers' Club of the fort, with ,
Colonel F. 3. Strong and th? officers
of the garrison as hosts, the conven?
tion returned to Norfolk at nightfall.
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O- V\ M r \ \1)ER. Maoafter.
?I? Went Main srrort
Richmond. Va.
The night feature was a conference
between Brigadier-General Albert JL
Mills, chief division of militia affairs
r. ? A. and the adjutant generals of
the State In attendance upon the con?
Konu Separate Orsanlsatlon.
Adjutnnt-Generals attending th?
convention of the National Guard As
socistlon now In session In this city,
to-rilght perfected a separat? organiz?
ation. Forty adjutant-generals from
as many States were present. It was
derided to hold annual meetings In
' connection with the annual convention
of the National Guard Association.
General C L Martin, of Kunsas, was
elected president, and General Wil?
liam G. Obear. of tieorgia. secretary.
Seattle appears to be making the
strongest fight for the 1913 conven?
tion "f the National Guard, and from
?jrsssnl indications, that city will be
Selected tO-mOTfOW BS the lie X t meet?
ing place.
(Continued Front First 1 age.)
r~t?Louis Termin -l . -.so. t,ow before the
In both cases four judges were call
id in under the "expedition act ' to try
(In government'^ charges In the cir?
cuit Court. In both cases the Supreme
Court sent the suits back to UM ?'tr?
enn Court to csrry out its man<late.
\\ >... r\ the T. rminul -decree went h.?. k
for enforcement, a controversy arose
as to whether the district Judge In the
circuit in which the suit was brought
should enforce the ?leerce of the Su
preras Court, or whether the four cir?
cuit Judges should be called In again.
The government has brought the Mi
1.oiils dispute to the Supreme Court for
a test decision.
? Continued From Fust i'arfe >
before the blaze would :?? c? mpletely
1 Irrnien Oeercnme.
About 1 o'clock, when the tire was
regarded as under control, members of
Companies 1 and 3. both automobile
engines, who were stationed in ths
narrow alley between the burning
f build.ng and that oocupted by the
plumbing supply house, were overcome
by smoke. They had to be carried out
by their eofraelcs and treated by Dr.
Dohtrty Htnchman. de-partment sur?
geon, and Dr. II T. Hawk'ns and Dr. O.
C. Page. City Hospital ambulance sur?
geons Fred I?awson. of No. 3, and It.
Earle Wilkinson, of No 1. were so batf
ly affected they had to 1*? removed to
their stations. Othwrw. including L. W,
Ptiffv and Barley Kaln. of No. 3, and
Myer Kali, of No 1. responded to oxy?
gen treatment, and were able to return
to their posts. Several other rwn
were also overcome
Wlth four lines of h^se stretched
across Main Street through Ninth,
traffic, especially that of street cars,
waa Interrupted Thy- emergency
wagon of the Virginia Uailway and
Power Company, was qnlekfe on the
scene. The hose was "bridged" and
cars permitted to rsenme their trips.
Th-- S->uthern express Company was
burned out by fire at tr?? same loca?
tion about six years ago. The upp<-r
floors of 'he buildings wore oerupva
aa an armory by the Richmond Ldght
Infantry Blurs' Battalion. The build-.
Ing which was destroyed las? night
was erected especially for the occu-1
pancy of the express company
Jndge Itlrhardaon Srnteaora Woman
He Proarruted Twelve Veant ((O.
Judge D C RIchardaon. in the!
Hustings' Court yesterday, sentenced I
the same negro woman to one year in!
?he penitentiary for larceny whom he
proseciit?d as Commonwealth's Attor?
ney twelve years ago on the sari:
date?l?..ember .?. i'..on_for th,. same'
The woman was Josephine Page 1
She was arraigned yesterday on an'
indictment charging her with steal
Fore-east: Virginia?laereaetw? cload
loeaa lArdaesria?. probably followed by
ra|B later Wednesday nlgkt or I hur?.
g?yi moderate aooth ?Tinos.
.forth Carolina?lacrrastag elcradl.
?ess v. rdneaday, probably followed by
rala late Wednesday wight and ea
SpreOol Loral Data for Teeterday.
12 r.oor temperature . SI
I P. M. temperature . 58
Maximum temperature up to 8
r. m.
-d^n'murr. temperature up to 8
P M. 44
Mean temperature .
Normal temperature. 44
Kxcess in temperature. ?
Deflciensy in temperature aince
March l . 197
Accum deflclencv In temperature
since January 1 . 52?
Deficiency in ralnfa'l since March
1. ?01
Accum, deficiency in ra'r.fall alnce
January 1 .?14
I.oral observation 8 t?. 38. Yesterday.
Temperature. 47
Humld'ty . 7f
Wind direction .S. TV.
Wind -voioett? . I
COvniTI??\% l> IMPORT 4VT riTIF-e.
(At 8 P. M. Eeetern Standard Time )
Place T?er H T L. T Weather.
A?he?llle .82 S3 UP. cloudy
Atlanta . 80 *2 83 P < loudy
Atlantic City. 4? 80 42 Clear
Boat on . 44 SO 44 Clear
Buffalo . SI ?? 24 Cloudy
Calgary . 14 4S P cjondy
chaneeton ... 8? "2 80. Clear
r-htcago . 4S 42 33 Rain
Denver .?4 *0 3? Clear
Duluth . 84 SO S* Snow
Oelreeton _ 80 80 ?0 Rain
H?rteres ._82 ?? ft <'\?*r
Havre.00 S3 P cloudy
Jacksonville . 52 tl *>3 rioudv
Kansa? cur 42 40 *<? T cloudy
I/xiior lie 80 80 4? < >ar
70 "0 * Rain
?? 7t 80 cloudy
New York 40 82 43 Clear
Norfolk . - . 48 52 4? Clear
Oklahoma _ 4? 81 42 Clear
Fl'tsb'irgh . . 4? 4? 34 Clear
Raleigh '-* *' r"*r
an Loalo . 80 82 32 Ooudy
?t fmmx ji* 4? :? riea
ften Francisco 83 8? 0? r. cloudy
?sovar.ra: f>"> ~2 ??*? Cleodj
Oeoharrr ... 0? 80 Od T. sloejaT
T mpa ? :l W ?? Cle*r
tA'ashiig'ot . ?4 B0 44 n??r
Winnipeg . 2* :2 10
wythevllle 4? OS ?0 Clear
Riai%Tt for. *i w??* ??.
f^omher j. 1013
gen rises .. .?:!? Mom.ng 12 ?*
?en .e.. .. 4 80 ?eee??0P? ... I:tf |
Paris. Texas Man
Who Is Grateful
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X'crv trulv yours,
J. If. DODD,
309 South 18th St., Paris, Texas
Sarofa ,ir?l Mask ribed to In-fore me, this
I9th dav ..f February, A. I). 1912.
Justice of the Peace and F.x-Offirio
.Votary Public in and for Lamar Co. T ex.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer & Co.,
iiinghaniton, N. Y.
Provt What Swamp-Root WiU Do For You.
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Bingham
tOB, N. Y? for a sample bottle, ft will
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in* tl? from tin- person of Wallace
As soon as she was brought Into
court Judge Richardson recalled her
former trial, arid remembered the
'???. She had stolen $5u from a man
Hy consulting ? record he kept while
Commonwealth's Attorney. Judge
ftirhardsnn discovered the coincidence
of the dates. She waa aentenced to
one year on her first trial. Being her
second offense. she win have to serve
an additional mvc jears.
The net operating revenue earne-i
by the Caesaneaks and Ohio Raiiwav
?luring the month of October list
amounted to $1,??1,342 15. an increase
over last year of 1125.162.13. or 13
per cent. The gross revenues :or Wie
.month were |3,li>7,?J9 75. and the
gross expenses. $'.'.-HI.277.60. The
Iproportion of expense to gross revenue
tor the month decreased by 3 per cent
for this year.
I In connection with the October state?
ment, the railway company also makes
public the fiKure- <>f receipts and ex?
penses for the first fuur months o"
the Current fiscal y^ar. and compares
the reealta with thoss of the same four
months In 1S11
The entire operating revenues re?
ceived since July 1 toral 112.05?.322 77.
an lurrsaas of $459.5a;, &<? over ItlL
The operating expenses reach |7.:<'.l -
195 77. leavlnK a net revenue of II.
155.127. Thu operating expenses for
the period show an ini rease over th*is?
for the same months last year amount?
ing to S450.tgu.lt. While for October
alone the proportion of expenses to
revenue decreased by I per cent, the
figures of the entire four months show
an increase of 2 per cent.
Court of Apprala.
The United States Circuit Court of
Appeals reconvened yesterday morn?
ing at li:3o o'clock. with Circuit
lu i~>n G</if and Pritchard and District
Judges Wadlili ar.d Rose in attend?
ance. J. P. Cessna, mi Erie. Pa.. Ar?
thur Drinkwater. of Boston. Mass . and
T. H. Clark, of Charleston. W. Va..
were admitted to practice in thi? court
The following oase was argued:
N?. 1117.?John M. Wright vs War?
ren Brothers Company: cross writs
of error to the District Court at
Charleston. W. Va. Cause argued by
Buckner Clay, of Charleston. W. Va.
and J. B Cessna, of Krle. Pa., for
John M Wright, and by Artiiur Drlr.k
water. of Bo ston Mass. and T S.
ci .rk. of Ckarleatoa, \:. Va.. for War?
ren Brothers Company, ar.d submitted.
'?ase in ra^l tav-dajr:
No. 1119 ? George II Leonard* Com?
pany, plaintiffs In error, vs. John F..
Koller, trading a* Kxceis'or Oak Ex?
tract Company, defendant In error, in
error to the District Court at Harrlson
burg, Va. To be argued by R. T Bar?
ton, of Winchester. Va., for the plain?
tiffs In err?r. and by Bumgardner &
Bumgarrtner of Staunton. Va. and
Cor.ra i A Ct nrad. of Harrlsonburg, Va..
fer the defendant in error.
In ?esatoD at ? olumbla.
Columbia. i*. C. ElSllUSkSI 3 ?The
South Carolina division of the Daugh
ters tks Cdr.'ederacy opened their
seventh annual convention here to-day.
The batlaiTS sessions here were fol?
lowed by the historical sessions this
evenine.. The convention will conver.e
through Thursday
Negro Pugilist Marries Whito
Woman While Curious
Crowd Gathers.
Chicago. December 3.?Jack John
eon, negro pugillet. this afternoon
irarrled Lucile Cameron, the. nineteen
year-old white girl of Minneapolis,
who recently appeared aa a witness
agalnat him before the Federal grand
Jury, which returned indictments
charging him with violation of tlx
Mann act.
The ceremony waa performed at the
borne of Johnson's mother by a negro
preacher In the presence of a dosen
negroes, and several uewspaper re?
The girl wore a suit of gray shep?
herd plaid. Johnson had a suit of
the same material especially made for
the occasion.
A curious crowd of nearly a thou?
sand men and WOSasn gathered out?
side the house, and a squad of police
was kept busy maintaining order.
The clerk of the marriage license
office declined to issue a permit to
Johnson because the Cameron girl was
not there to swear to her age Tho
county clerk, however, isaued the
license. Johnson gave his age aa
thirty-four. H<- said the Cameron girl
was eighteen, and that court recerdg
showed this
Frred on ? barge of Kllllaa father.
Will >iim He Tried for Murdering Son.
Fort Worth. Tex . December *3._J.
Beal Sneed waa to-day found not
guilty of the murder of Captain AJJ ?;
Boyce. Sr
Sneed shot Captain' Boyes to deat i
or. January 13 in Fort Worth, soon
after tinee.i had returned from Win?
nipeg. Canada, with his wife, with
whom AI GV Boyce. Jr.. son of Csptslr,
?oyce. had eloped.
Sneed claimed self-defense and also
a conspiracy on the part of the Uoyct
to rob him of his wife
Al Boyce. Jr. was killed by ISnecd
In Amarlllo September 13 Isat. Sneed
will be tried on this charge in Kep
ruary at Vernon.
The families Involved in the two
tragedies are wealthy and have hai
prominent parts In the upbuilding of
Texas. After the elopement Snee 1
spent 120,000 In a chase across the
continent to find his w-ife.
Sneeds first trial on tre charge of
killing Captain Bovce resulted In a
The demonstration by Sneed and hie
attorneys over the verdict was spec?
tacular. Walter Scott and W P. Mc?
Lean. defer.se lawyers, were fined for
throwing their hats over the chande?
liers in the courtroom.
Sneed emitted a cowboy veil, but thu
co :rt refused to censure him or to fine
Mrs Sneed awaited the verdict in a
dow ntown hotel. Sr.eed telephoned the
news tc her.
Poblle llearlaga.
Waahlngton. Decembf. 3 Public
hearings on tariff legislation txrobftblv
will be arranged at a meetinu of th ?
wavs and Means Committee Monda;..
Chairman lnderwood Is inclined to a. -
cord an opportunity to all who hav->
views on tariff legislation to express
thr-m within a definite period, as pre?
liminary to the taciff work of the in?
coming Congress.
Tanner Paint & Oil to
1417 and" MN East Main
Richmond. Va.
A perfect Tooth Wash and a safe and
efficient antiseptic for sore mouths. For?
mulated Ly the eminent
f^^seyO-A^a. eVfsrtaJEw
This wash will do for your mouth and
teeth what no sCbbW BfuanVStjoa can. It
is highly recommended and has stood the
test for 4t Years.
At Reliable Dealera.
25c. 50t and fl.M.
The Logical
Bank for
Convenient, tlme-sarinf*. strong
with aiifVls IsstMrin and a pol
(.ourtcs) .1: I helpfulness
Broad Street
Assets Over
Two Millions
W M HaWiston.
I W R-.thert
fet Vire-Pr.-.
Jon G Walk.r
?d VVe.prea.
Andrew M. Gtoeer.

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